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100 Meters
1.12Michael Malone11.00 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.12Carter Webb11.13Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
3.12Ryan Olson11.42 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
4.12Bo Nix11.48May 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
5.12Nicholas Rich11.68 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
6.11Marve Nyembo11.70 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
7.9Ian Hwang11.77 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
8.11Brody Moore11.91Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
9.12Jadon Folmar11.99 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
10.11Tyler Kime12.00 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11.12Cole Cadsawan12.02 PRMar 14Time Trial
12.9Ludwic Rumualdo12.03 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
13.12Liam Collins12.04 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
14.12Nicholas Cizik12.07Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
15.9Jalen Owens12.12 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
16.10Kylie Sagon12.24 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
12Ben Goetsch12.24 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
18.11Hayden Skiba12.25 PRMar 14Time Trial
19.10Mark Daniloff12.26 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
20.11Jeremiah Son12.31 PRMar 14Time Trial
21.11Kadin Williams12.32 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
22.10Izaya Williams12.34 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
23.11Trey Marchesi12.35 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
24.10Mason Lauer12.36 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
25.11David Gendron-Herndon12.38 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
26.12Cole Fontaine12.39May 4Metro League JV Districts
27.9Matt Johnson12.40 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
28.10Joey Fernandez12.41Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
12Luke Schwartz12.41 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
30.12Rujul Kumar12.44Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
10Sachin Pillai12.44 PRMar 14Time Trial
32.11Will Reese12.45 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
33.9Tom McMillan12.46 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
34.12Mitchell Godwin12.47 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
35.11Elijah Russell12.50 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
36.9Grant Baker12.52 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11Alex Garcia12.52 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
38.10Hangyul Yun12.57 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
39.11Ashis Ramtel12.65 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
40.9Jacob Lambert12.67 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
10Sam Glassman12.67 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
42.10Nate Archibald12.69 PRMar 14Time Trial
43.12Jack Seely12.71Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
44.9Aidan Hull12.74 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
45.9Jackson Wiencken12.76 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
46.9Seth Young12.87 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
47.9Matthew Leiton12.88 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
48.12Nathan Kimball12.90 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
49.9Charlie Chen12.95 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12Jeremy Custodio12.95 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
51.10Tim Barthel12.96 PRMar 14Time Trial
52.11Kenton Tran12.97May 2Sunset @ Century
53.9Isen Padbury12.99 PRMar 14Time Trial
54.9Leo Hsu13.00 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
55.9Cole Hansen13.01 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
56.12Kian Patton13.02Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
57.12Nick Van Gordon13.06 PRMar 14Time Trial
58.10Josh Aroche13.08 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
9Stanley Wang13.08 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
60.10Justin Guptill13.10 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
9Tanner Auzas13.10 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
62.9Jacob Tran13.11 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
63.11Kainoa Vargas13.12 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
64.9Justin Gaw13.13 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
65.9Benjamin Rich13.14 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
66.9Mostafa Osman13.17 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
67.9Will Zupancic13.19 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
68.12Jackson Petitt13.21Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
9Alex Gadawski13.21 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
70.11Rian Kelley13.25 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
71.9Kevin Seog13.33 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
72.9Pierce Walker13.40 PRMar 14Time Trial
73.11Alex Davis13.42 PRMar 14Time Trial
74.10Alex Jackson13.44 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
75.9Zeeman Shuai13.50 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
76.10Daniel Mendes13.54 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
12Ryan Tran13.54 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
10Eric Fan13.54Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
79.9Connor Kurland13.60 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
80.9Justin He13.63 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
81.10Christian Hall13.65 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
82.9Luke Wheeler13.77 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
83.11Neleesh Moudgil13.82 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
84.10Thai Pham13.84 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
85.9Tate Reese13.89 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
86.10Eric Tubby13.90 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
87.9Nathan Lovings13.97 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
88.9Liam Brown13.99 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
89.9Hayden Robley14.04 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
90.12Michael Hardebeck14.06 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
91.10Sandon Sylva14.18 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
92.10Mario Rodriguez Cruz14.24 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
93.11John Fey14.28 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
94.11Jackson Komolofske14.30 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
95.10Ika Ngauamo14.37Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
96.10Duy Pham14.46 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
97.9Jonathan McElravey14.74 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
98.11Hunter Newcomb15.14Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
99.10Alex Teran15.28 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
100.10AJ Middleton15.35 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
101.10Gustavo Galindo Mendez15.37 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
102.9Kanen Rossi15.78 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
103.11Zachary Fox16.32 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
104.9MacKelvey Robbins16.77 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
105.11Joshua Folino20.07Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
200 Meters
1.12Michael Malone22.38 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.12Carter Webb22.81Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
3.12Bo Nix23.44May 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
4.11Brody Moore23.75 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
5.12Ryan Olson23.78 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
6.12Nicholas Rich24.06 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
7.11Hayden Skiba24.11 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
8.9Ian Hwang24.31 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
9.11Jeremiah Son24.38 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
10.12Cole Cadsawan24.46 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
11.9Ludwic Rumualdo25.00 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12.12Luke Schwartz25.10 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12Liam Collins25.10Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
14.9Tom McMillan25.13 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
15.11David Gendron-Herndon25.14 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9Grant Baker25.14 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
17.12Ben Goetsch25.18 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
18.10Joey Fernandez25.28 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
19.12Cole Fontaine25.42May 4Metro League JV Districts
20.12Parsa Aghel25.48 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
21.9Jalen Owens25.52 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
22.11Tyler Kime25.56 PRMar 14Time Trial
23.10Mark Daniloff25.60 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
24.12Rujul Kumar25.82 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9Seth Young25.82 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
26.10Kylie Sagon25.98 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
27.10Mason Lauer26.06 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
28.9Isen Padbury26.07 PRMar 14Time Trial
29.10Izaya Williams26.23 PRMar 14Time Trial
30.9Charlie Chen26.46 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12Jack Seely26.46 PRMar 14Time Trial
32.9Jackson Wiencken26.52 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
33.10Justin Guptill26.61 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
34.11Trey Marchesi26.66 PRMar 14Time Trial
35.9Pierce Walker26.68 PRMar 14Time Trial
36.9Matthew Leiton26.74 PRMar 14Time Trial
37.9Jacob Lambert26.77 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
38.11Will Reese26.80Mar 14Time Trial
39.9Cole Hansen26.82 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
40.10Josh Aroche26.94 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
9Leo Hsu26.94 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
42.11Alex Garcia27.10 PRMar 14Time Trial
43.11Alex Davis27.14 PRMar 14Time Trial
44.9Jacob Tran27.16 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
45.11Kenton Tran27.19Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
46.9Mostafa Osman27.24 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
47.10Tim Barthel27.29 PRMar 14Time Trial
48.10Hangyul Yun27.38 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
49.9Kevin Seog27.39 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
50.9Stanley Wang27.56 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
51.10Daniel Mendes27.72 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
52.12Ryan Tran27.74c PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
53.11Marve Nyembo27.76Mar 14Time Trial
54.9Benjamin Rich27.86 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
55.10Christian Hall27.97 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
56.9Tanner Auzas28.01 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
57.9Zeeman Shuai28.24 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
58.9Justin He28.39 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
59.10Thai Pham28.60 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
60.9Will Zupancic28.68 PRMar 14Time Trial
61.9Justin Gaw28.69 PRMar 14Time Trial
62.12Jackson Petitt28.70Mar 14Time Trial
63.10Mario Rodriguez Cruz29.11 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
64.9Tate Reese29.13 PRMar 14Time Trial
65.9Hayden Robley29.53 PRMar 14Time Trial
66.9Alex Gadawski29.72 PRMar 14Time Trial
67.9Luke Wheeler30.03 PRMar 14Time Trial
68.9Connor Kurland30.10 PRMar 14Time Trial
69.10Duy Pham30.31 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
70.10Alex Teran31.17 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
71.11Joshua Folino38.75 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
400 Meters
1.11Ethan Reese50.11 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
2.12Ryan Olson52.22 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.12Parker MacMillan53.67 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
4.12Pratheek Makineni54.02 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
5.12Bo Nix54.16 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
6.11Cole Pearson54.86 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
7.11Hayden Skiba55.02 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
8.10Sachin Pillai55.12May 4Metro League JV Districts
9.12Nicholas Rich55.34 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
10.12Liam Collins56.03 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
11.9Pierce Walker56.07 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12.11David Gendron-Herndon56.21 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
13.9Isen Padbury57.12 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
14.12Marcus Curlin57.25 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
15.12Parsa Aghel57.55 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
16.10John Migchelbrink57.60 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
17.11Ashis Ramtel58.82 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
18.11Tyler Kime59.56 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
19.10Ashwin Subramanian59.76 PRMar 14Time Trial
20.9Seth Young59.95 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
10Carson Cummins59.95 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
22.9Justin Gaw1:00.55 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
23.11Mihira Sogal1:00.61 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
24.9Benjamin Rich1:01.69 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
25.9Zareef Amyeen1:01.96 PRMar 14Time Trial
26.10Josh Aroche1:02.16 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
27.9Patrik Balazs1:04.15 PRMar 14Time Trial
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Ethan Reese50.0h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.12Ryan Olson52.0h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.12Parker MacMillan52.9h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
4.12Pratheek Makineni53.1h PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
5.12Bo Nix53.2hMay 2Sunset @ Century
6.11Brody Moore53.4h PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
12Nicholas Rich53.4h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
8.11David Gendron-Herndon54.0h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9.10Mason Gerwig54.2h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
10.11Jeremiah Son54.8h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11.10Sachin Pillai55.3h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
12Luke Schwartz55.3h PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
13.10John Migchelbrink55.4h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
14.11Will Reese55.6h PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
15.12Jack Seely55.8h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
16.11Tyler Kime55.9h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
12Michael Malone55.9h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
12Liam Collins55.9h PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
19.11Cole Pearson56.0h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
20.11Elijah Russell56.3h PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
9Cooper Kingsbury56.3h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
22.11Collin Shum56.5h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11Jordan Taylor56.5h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12Marcus Curlin56.5h PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
25.12Ben Goetsch56.6h PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
26.10Ashwin Subramanian56.7h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12Parsa Aghel56.7h PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
28.12David Chen56.8hMay 4Metro League JV Districts
29.10Carson Cummins56.9h PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
30.9Stathi Davis57.0h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
31.12Nathan Kimball57.4h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9Nabhan Abedin57.4h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
33.9Isen Padbury57.5h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
10Izaya Williams57.5h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
9Jacob Lambert57.5h PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
36.10Jackson Lewis57.6h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11Alex Davis57.6h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9Jonah Chang57.6h PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
39.9Zareef Amyeen57.7h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
40.12Rujul Kumar57.8h PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
41.10Ben Nichols57.9h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
42.11Gota Koyama58.0h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
43.11Trey Marchesi58.1h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
44.12Nicholas Cizik58.4h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
45.12Kian Patton58.6h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
46.11Mihira Sogal58.9h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
47.12Cole Fontaine59.0h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
48.9Quinn Beckley59.3h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9Alex King59.3h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12Simon Bennett59.3h PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
51.9Charlie Chen59.4h PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
52.11Ashis Ramtel59.7h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
53.11Kainoa Vargas59.9h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
10David Cummings59.9h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
55.10Khaled Mahmoud1:00.1h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
56.10Lars Deboutte1:00.3h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
11Vikram Kashyap1:00.3h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
9Patrik Balazs1:00.3h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
59.10Eric Fan1:00.4h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
60.10Justin Guptill1:00.5h PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
61.10Michael Graham1:00.6h PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
62.10Skyler Tomseth1:00.7h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
63.12Jackson Petitt1:01.4h PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
64.12Logan Casali1:01.6h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11Wesley Cheng1:01.6h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
66.9Collin Beyer1:02.1h PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
67.12Ryan Tran1:02.7h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
68.9Payton Cook1:03.0h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
69.9Alex Tubby1:03.5h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
70.9Tanner Auzas1:04.1h PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
71.9Andrew Connell1:05.0h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
72.10Timothy Shortell1:05.3h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11Tommy Navarre1:05.3h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
74.9Kevin He1:06.4h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
75.10Dhruva Sogal1:07.1h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
76.11Issa Malik1:07.4h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
77.9Joey Lee1:17.0h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
800 Meters
1.11Ethan Reese1:53.45 PRMay 19OSAA 6A State Championships
2.12Parker MacMillan1:57.09 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.12Pratheek Makineni2:02.85 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
4.10Mason Gerwig2:04.79 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
5.9Cooper Kingsbury2:05.43 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
6.11Collin Shum2:05.49 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
7.9Stathi Davis2:05.9h PRMay 14Portland Post Season 800m
8.11David Gendron-Herndon2:06.88 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9.12Marcus Curlin2:08.32 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
10.11Jordan Taylor2:08.51 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
11.9Alex King2:08.78 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
12.10John Migchelbrink2:09.65 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
13.9Jonah Chang2:10.15 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
14.10Ben Nichols2:10.27 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
15.11Cole Pearson2:12.15 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
16.10Khaled Mahmoud2:12.17 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
17.10Ashwin Subramanian2:12.22 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
18.9Nabhan Abedin2:12.68 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
19.10Carson Cummins2:12.70 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
20.11Vikram Kashyap2:12.84 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
21.10Lars Deboutte2:12.87 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
22.9Zareef Amyeen2:12.94 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
23.9Collin Beyer2:13.45 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
24.9Luke Wiley2:14.27 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
25.11Gota Koyama2:14.48 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
26.12Simon Bennett2:14.76 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
27.10Jackson Lewis2:15.73 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
28.12David Chen2:16.23May 2Sunset @ Century
29.11Mihira Sogal2:16.62Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
30.9Patrik Balazs2:17.4h PRMay 14Portland Post Season 800m
31.10Michael Graham2:18.15 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
32.11Wesley Cheng2:19.15 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
33.10Eric Fan2:19.59Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
34.10Skyler Tomseth2:21.45 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
35.9Payton Cook2:23.25 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
36.12Logan Casali2:24.33 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
37.9Quinn Beckley2:25.10 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
38.12Max Faust2:26.04 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
39.10Jack Brynildson2:27.37Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
40.10Dhruva Sogal2:29.31 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
41.9Alex Tubby2:29.59 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
42.9Andrew Connell2:29.78 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
43.11Kyle Schrift2:30.74 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
44.9Kevin He2:31.31 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
45.11Tommy Navarre2:32.07Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
46.10Timothy Shortell2:32.96 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
47.12Ryan Suits2:36.08Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
48.9Joey Lee2:37.40 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
49.11Issa Malik2:40.33 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Ethan Reese2:02.9hApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
2.10Mason Gerwig2:06.6h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.9Cooper Kingsbury2:06.8h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.12Pratheek Makineni2:06.9hApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
5.9Luke Wiley2:09.0h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
6.9Alex King2:09.4h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
7.12Marcus Curlin2:12.9hApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
8.10John Migchelbrink2:13.3h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
9.10Khaled Mahmoud2:13.7h PRApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
10.10Ben Nichols2:14.9h PRApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Lars Deboutte3:29.0h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
1500 Meters
1.11Ethan Reese4:00.98 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.10Mason Gerwig4:11.37 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.11Collin Shum4:15.32 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
4.9Stathi Davis4:19.46 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
5.10Ben Nichols4:20.93 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
6.10Carson Cummins4:21.68 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
7.11Mihira Sogal4:24.20 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
8.12Parker MacMillan4:24.81 PRApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
9.10Lars Deboutte4:27.29 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
10.9Collin Beyer4:27.69 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
11.9Cooper Kingsbury4:28.02 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12.10Khaled Mahmoud4:28.36 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
13.12Marcus Curlin4:29.09 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
14.9Luke Wiley4:29.35 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
15.9Alex King4:29.61 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
16.11Vikram Kashyap4:31.03 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
17.10John Migchelbrink4:31.73 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
18.9Nabhan Abedin4:32.69 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
19.9Jonah Chang4:33.88 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
20.11Jordan Taylor4:37.15 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
21.10Skyler Tomseth4:38.23 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
22.10Michael Graham4:38.69 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
23.9Patrik Balazs4:40.90 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
24.12David Chen4:43.88May 4Metro League JV Districts
25.10Jackson Lewis4:44.23 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
26.12Simon Bennett4:45.06May 4Metro League JV Districts
27.10David Cummings4:45.35 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
28.11Gota Koyama4:45.92 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
29.10Eric Fan4:46.13 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
30.11Cole Pearson4:46.36 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
31.9Payton Cook4:46.39 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
32.9Zareef Amyeen4:48.26 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
33.10Ashwin Subramanian4:48.98 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
34.9Quinn Beckley4:49.92 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
35.11Wesley Cheng4:54.47 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
36.9Alex Tubby4:55.89 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
37.9Andrew Connell4:57.98 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
38.10Dhruva Sogal4:59.28 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
39.10Jack Brynildson5:02.41Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
40.12Logan Casali5:05.48 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
41.10Timothy Shortell5:05.62 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
42.9Kevin He5:16.09 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
43.11Tommy Navarre5:16.78Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
44.9Joey Lee5:18.95 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
45.12Max Faust5:27.48 PRMar 14Time Trial
46.9Tanner Auzas5:30.08 PRMar 14Time Trial
47.10Daniel Mendes5:37.35 PRMar 14Time Trial
48.11Issa Malik5:55.77 PRMar 14Time Trial
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Khaled Mahmoud4:46.3h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
1 Mile
1.11Ethan Reese4:17.37 PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3000 Meters
1.10Mason Gerwig9:06.76 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.9Stathi Davis9:07.29 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.11Mihira Sogal9:10.89 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
4.10Ben Nichols9:21.57 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
5.10Khaled Mahmoud9:22.82 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
6.10Carson Cummins9:30.14 PRApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
7.10Lars Deboutte9:31.83 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
8.11Collin Shum9:38.15 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9.9Cooper Kingsbury9:41.70 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
10.9Collin Beyer9:42.55 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11.9Alex King9:54.90 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
12.11Vikram Kashyap10:03.65 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
13.9Payton Cook10:05.50 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
14.9Luke Wiley10:07.77 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
15.9Patrik Balazs10:09.7h PRMay 16Portland Post Season 3k
16.10Michael Graham10:11.05 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
17.9Nabhan Abedin10:28.85 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
18.10David Cummings10:30.88 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
19.10Skyler Tomseth10:34.37 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
20.10Dhruva Sogal10:51.52 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
21.10Ashwin Subramanian10:56.20 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
22.9Andrew Connell11:05.15 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Elijah Russell16.95 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.9Tanner Auzas17.02 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.10Nate Archibald17.23 PR (-.9)Apr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.11Ashis Ramtel17.29 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
5.12Ryan Tran18.80 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
6.11Alex Davis18.87 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
7.11Kainoa Vargas19.06 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
8.9Jacob Tran19.41 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9.10Justin Guptill19.52 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
10.10Sandon Sylva20.68 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11.10Hangyul Yun21.76 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
200m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Ashis Ramtel28.79 PRMar 14Time Trial
2.12Nicholas Cizik29.13 PRMar 14Time Trial
3.10Nate Archibald29.23 PRMar 14Time Trial
4.10Sachin Pillai29.98 PRMar 14Time Trial
5.11Kainoa Vargas30.78 PRMar 14Time Trial
6.12Ryan Olson30.98 PRMar 14Time Trial
7.12Ryan Tran31.87 PRMar 14Time Trial
8.12Luke Schwartz32.99 PRMar 14Time Trial
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Elijah Russell43.21 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.10Nate Archibald43.77 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.11Ashis Ramtel45.62Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
4.11Kainoa Vargas46.41 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
5.11Alex Davis46.68 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
6.9Tanner Auzas47.51 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
7.12Ryan Olson47.90 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
8.10Sachin Pillai48.95 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
9.10Justin Guptill49.21 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
10.12Ryan Tran50.11 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
11.10Hangyul Yun50.26 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
12.11Kenton Tran51.61 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
13.10Sandon Sylva54.41 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
4x100 Relay
1.Ryan Olson
Bo Nix
Nicholas Rich
Michael Malone
43.37May 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.Ryan Olson
Bo Nix
Michael Malone
Nicholas Rich
43.88Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
3.Carter Webb
Ryan Olson
Michael Malone
Nicholas Rich
43.99Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
4.Ryan Olson
Bo Nix
Ian Hwang
Marve Nyembo
44.59Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
5.Liam Collins
Marve Nyembo
Ian Hwang
Hayden Skiba
45.18May 4Metro League JV Districts
6.Liam Collins
Hayden Skiba
Bo Nix
Brody Moore
45.25Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
7.Liam Collins
Jeremiah Son
Kylie Sagon
Hayden Skiba
46.27Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
8.Tom McMillan
Ian Hwang
Grant Baker
Ludwic Rumualdo
46.59Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
Liam Collins
Marve Nyembo
Kylie Sagon
Hayden Skiba
46.59Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
10.Jeremiah Son
Marve Nyembo
Kylie Sagon
Hayden Skiba
46.65Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
11.Grant Baker
Ian Hwang
Matt Johnson
Ludwic Rumualdo
47.33Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
12.Tom McMillan
Ian Hwang
Matt Johnson
Ludwic Rumualdo
49.30Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
4x200 Relay
1.Ian Hwang
Tom McMillan
Jeremiah Son
Hayden Skiba
1:37.46Apr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Ryan Olson
Parker MacMillan
Pratheek Makineni
Ethan Reese
3:28.60Apr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.Bo Nix
Parker MacMillan
Pratheek Makineni
Ethan Reese
3:33.39May 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.Mason Gerwig
Pratheek Makineni
Sachin Pillai
Bo Nix
3:38.89Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
4.Ryan Olson
Ethan Reese
Brody Moore
Stathi Davis
3:41.4hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
5.Pratheek Makineni
Marcus Curlin
Elijah Russell
Bo Nix
3:41.62Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
6.Ben Nichols
Ashwin Subramanian
Mason Gerwig
Sachin Pillai
3:44.73May 2Sunset @ Century
7.Jack Seely
Ben Goetsch
Liam Collins
Luke Schwartz
3:45.35May 2Sunset @ Century
8.Liam Collins
Ben Goetsch
Tyler Kime
Luke Schwartz
3:47.10May 4Metro League JV Districts
9.David Chen
Marcus Curlin
Rujul Kumar
Parsa Aghel
3:48.14May 4Metro League JV Districts
10.Jack Seely
Ben Goetsch
Rujul Kumar
Luke Schwartz
3:48.72Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
11.Parsa Aghel
Liam Collins
David Chen
Tyler Kime
3:48.87Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
12.Cole Fontaine
Nathan Kimball
Kian Patton
Nicholas Rich
3:49.45May 2Sunset @ Century
13.Jack Seely
Ben Goetsch
Izaya Williams
Luke Schwartz
3:49.59Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
14.Sachin Pillai
Mason Gerwig
Jacob Lambert
Isen Padbury
3:49.63Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
15.Michael Malone
Nicholas Rich
Ashis Ramtel
Tyler Kime
3:50.18Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
16.Collin Shum
Mihira Sogal
Gota Koyama
Cole Pearson
3:50.50May 2Sunset @ Century
17.Jonah Chang
Alex King
Cooper Kingsbury
Stathi Davis
3:51.65May 2Sunset @ Century
18.Ashwin Subramanian
Zareef Amyeen
Nabhan Abedin
Sachin Pillai
3:51.84Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
19.David Chen
Liam Collins
Parsa Aghel
Will Reese
3:52.52Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
20.Kainoa Vargas
Justin Guptill
Alex Davis
Bo Nix
3:52.59May 2Sunset @ Century
21.Marcus Curlin
Simon Bennett
Michael Graham
Cole Pearson
3:53.04Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
22.Trey Marchesi
Jackson Petitt
Jeremiah Son
Isen Padbury
3:53.77May 2Sunset @ Century
23.David Chen
Liam Collins
Parsa Aghel
Tyler Kime
3:53.81Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
24.Cole Fontaine
Nicholas Cizik
Nathan Kimball
Kian Patton
3:54.31Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
25.Nabhan Abedin
Zareef Amyeen
Patrik Balazs
Quinn Beckley
3:54.91May 2Sunset @ Century
26.Ben Nichols
Gota Koyama
Marcus Curlin
Lars Deboutte
3:55.51Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
27.Rujul Kumar
Ben Goetsch
Bo Nix
Jack Seely
3:55.8hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
28.Carson Cummins
Mihira Sogal
Collin Shum
John Migchelbrink
3:55.95Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
29.David Chen
David Gendron-Herndon
Simon Bennett
Jackson Lewis
3:56.31Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
30.Simon Bennett
David Chen
Logan Casali
Marcus Curlin
3:56.39May 2Sunset @ Century
31.Ashwin Subramanian
Vikram Kashyap
David Gendron-Herndon
John Migchelbrink
3:57.72Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
32.David Cummings
Collin Beyer
Khaled Mahmoud
John Migchelbrink
3:57.76May 2Sunset @ Century
33.Carson Cummins
Lars Deboutte
Khaled Mahmoud
Mason Gerwig
3:57.8hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
34.Ashis Ramtel
Alex Davis
Kainoa Vargas
Jacob Lambert
3:59.42Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
35.John Migchelbrink
Ben Nichols
Ashwin Subramanian
Michael Graham
3:59.5hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
36.Jordan Taylor
Issa Malik
Wesley Cheng
David Gendron-Herndon
4:00.76May 2Sunset @ Century
37.Jordan Taylor
Wesley Cheng
Tommy Navarre
Eric Fan
4:00.84Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
38.Jordan Taylor
Marcus Curlin
David Chen
Wesley Cheng
4:02.3hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
39.Lars Deboutte
Collin Beyer
Jonah Chang
Khaled Mahmoud
4:02.85Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
40.Khaled Mahmoud
Vikram Kashyap
Cole Pearson
Skyler Tomseth
4:04.69Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
41.Zareef Amyeen
Patrik Balazs
Nabhan Abedin
Ashwin Subramanian
4:04.77Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
42.Alex King
Cooper Kingsbury
Luke Wiley
Nabhan Abedin
4:04.8hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
43.Justin Guptill
Alex Davis
Tanner Auzas
Kainoa Vargas
4:06.08Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
44.Quinn Beckley
Collin Beyer
Jonah Chang
Payton Cook
4:07.5hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
45.Zareef Amyeen
Patrik Balazs
Kevin He
Joey Lee
4:08.1hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
46.Jonah Chang
Collin Beyer
Alex Tubby
Vikram Kashyap
4:09.17Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
47.Payton Cook
Alex King
Alex Tubby
Cooper Kingsbury
4:10.33Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
48.Jackson Lewis
Eric Fan
Logan Casali
Timothy Shortell
4:11.9hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
49.Timothy Shortell
Dhruva Sogal
Skyler Tomseth
Jackson Lewis
4:11.96May 2Sunset @ Century
50.Kevin He
Nabhan Abedin
Patrik Balazs
Andrew Connell
4:14.05Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
51.Dhruva Sogal
Payton Cook
Timothy Shortell
Stathi Davis
4:15.22Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
52.Patrik Balazs
Quinn Beckley
Andrew Connell
Payton Cook
4:15.48Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
53.Zareef Amyeen
Quinn Beckley
Alex Tubby
Andrew Connell
4:16.61Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
54.Mihira Sogal
Collin Shum
Gavin Ross
Gota Koyama
4:17.5hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
55.Alex Tubby
Payton Cook
Joey Lee
Ryan Tran
4:26.35May 2Sunset @ Century
4x800 Relay
1.Mason Gerwig
Alex King
Cooper Kingsbury
Luke Wiley
8:32.12Apr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.Pratheek Makineni
Mason Gerwig
Ben Nichols
Ethan Reese
8:33.10Apr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
3.John Migchelbrink
Marcus Curlin
Alex King
Khaled Mahmoud
8:57.48Apr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Bo Nix
Michael Malone
Ryan Olson
Ethan Reese
1:36.43Apr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Lars Deboutte
David Gendron-Herndon
John Migchelbrink
Khaled Mahmoud
11:23.78Apr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Ika Ngauamo44' 11.25 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
2.11Hunter Newcomb42' 0.5 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.9Liam Brown40' 9.75 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
4.10Eric Tubby38' 7.75 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
5.9Kanen Rossi37' 2 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
6.11Kadin Williams36' 8 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
7.12Michael Hardebeck35' 6.25 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
8.11Kieran McLain35' 3 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
9.11Adam Bilovesky34' 11.25 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
10.11Zachary Fox34' 5.75 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11.11Ido Mevorach34' 3 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12.10Gustavo Galindo Mendez33' 11.75 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
13.11John Fey33' 7.75 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
14.9Jonathan McElravey31' 4 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
15.11Jackson Komolofske30' 5.25 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
16.9MacKelvey Robbins29' 9.25 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
17.9Nathan Lovings29' 6.25 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
18.11Jason Hillier28' 4 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
19.9Matthew Engholm26' 6 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
20.11Rian Kelley23' 5 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
21.11Michael Davies22' 11 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
22.9Daniel Dang21' 2 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Hunter Newcomb110' 6 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
2.11Kadin Williams109' 1 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
3.9Liam Brown108' 11 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
4.10Ika Ngauamo101' 0.5 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
5.11Adam Bilovesky93' 2 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
6.11Kieran McLain92' 8 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
7.11Ido Mevorach90' 6 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
8.10Gustavo Galindo Mendez88' 2.25 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9.11Jason Hillier87' 3 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
10.12Michael Hardebeck86' 7.5 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
11.11John Fey85' 9.5 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
12.10Eric Tubby80' 9 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
13.11Jackson Komolofske80' 2 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
14.11Zachary Fox78' 8 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
15.9Kanen Rossi76' 9 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
16.9Matthew Engholm73' 2 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
17.9Jonathan McElravey70' 1 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
18.9MacKelvey Robbins67' 4 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
19.9Nathan Lovings63' 10 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
20.9Daniel Dang59' 2 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
21.11Michael Davies44' 2 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
Javelin - 800g
1.12Nick Van Gordon148' 5 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
2.12Kian Patton127' 0 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
3.11Ido Mevorach123' 10 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
4.11John Fey119' 9 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
5.11Kenton Tran118' 3 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
6.11Hayden Skiba114' 1 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
7.12Nathan Kimball108' 0 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
8.10Sam Glassman106' 2 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9.11Jason Hillier105' 11 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
10.11Jackson Komolofske102' 6 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11.11Kieran McLain101' 6 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
12.11Rian Kelley99' 0 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
13.9Daniel Dang97' 5 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
14.11Zachary Fox93' 5 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
15.12Cole Fontaine90' 10 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
16.10Sandon Sylva84' 4 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
17.11Adam Bilovesky72' 1 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
High Jump
1.9Aidan Hull6' 0 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.12Jack Seely5' 11 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
3.10Corin Tobey5' 8 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
11Will Reese5' 8Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
5.10Sachin Pillai5' 6May 2Sunset @ Century
12Kian Patton5' 6 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
7.12Mitchell Godwin5' 4 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
9Jacob Lambert5' 4 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9.9Tom McMillan5' 2 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
12Luke Schwartz5' 2Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
10Nate Archibald5' 2 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
12.12Liam Collins5' 0 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
11Tyler Kime5' 0 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
14.9Tate Reese4' 10 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
Pole Vault
1.11Trey Marchesi13' 0 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
2.11Jeremiah Son10' 6 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
3.12Jackson Petitt10' 0Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
4.9Jacob Lambert9' 0 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9Matthew Leiton9' 0 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9Isen Padbury9' 0 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
7.9Pierce Walker8' 0 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
Long Jump
1.10Nate Archibald20' 11.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
2.10Corin Tobey19' 11.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
3.12Nicholas Cizik19' 9.5 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
4.12Jadon Folmar19' 7 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
5.9Aidan Hull19' 6.75 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
6.11Marve Nyembo18' 11 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
7.10Izaya Williams18' 1.75 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
8.11Tyler Kime18' 1.25 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
9.10Tim Barthel18' 0.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
10.10Sachin Pillai18' 0 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
11.9Ian Hwang17' 10 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
12.12Cole Cadsawan17' 6.5 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
13.10Alex Jackson17' 4.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
14.12Jeremy Custodio17' 3.75 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
15.10Brody Aiken17' 0.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
16.9Jalen Owens17' 0 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
17.9Will Zupancic16' 11.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
18.9Jacob Tran16' 7.5 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
19.9Ludwic Rumualdo16' 7 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
20.12Cole Fontaine16' 3.25 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
21.9Cole Hansen16' 1.75 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
22.9Alex Gadawski16' 1.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
23.9Tom McMillan16' 1 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
24.11Hayden Skiba16' 0 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
9Seth Young16' 0 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
9Justin Gaw16' 0 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
27.9Luke Wheeler15' 11.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
28.11Rian Kelley15' 10 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
29.9Benjamin Rich15' 6.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
30.10Christian Hall14' 11 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
31.10Mark Daniloff14' 10 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
32.11Neleesh Moudgil14' 7 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
33.9Connor Kurland14' 5.25 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
34.9Hayden Robley14' 5 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
35.10Thai Pham13' 7.5 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
36.10Duy Pham12' 7 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
37.11Joshua Folino7' 10Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
Triple Jump
1.12Nicholas Cizik41' 6.5Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
2.12Jadon Folmar41' 4.5 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.11Tyler Kime39' 0.5 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
4.12Nick Van Gordon39' 0Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
10Nate Archibald39' 0 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
6.10Tim Barthel38' 8.25 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
7.9Aidan Hull38' 2 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
8.10Izaya Williams37' 9.25 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
9.11Alex Garcia36' 8.5May 4Metro League JV Districts
10.9Will Zupancic35' 9.5 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
11.10Corin Tobey35' 8.75 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
12.9Justin Gaw35' 6.5 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
13.10Alex Jackson35' 5.5 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
14.12Jeremy Custodio33' 8 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
15.10Mark Daniloff32' 4.75 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
16.9Tate Reese30' 8.75 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
17.11Neleesh Moudgil30' 5.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
18.9Jacob Tran26' 5.25 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset


100 Meters
1.12Bridgette Skiba12.48 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.12Ally Thom12.72 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.10Salma Alsheba12.85 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
4.9Lydia Barnett13.04 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
5.12Darby Olson13.32 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
6.9Charlotte Robertson13.58 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
7.11Jordan Wheeler13.59May 4Metro League JV Districts
10Emma Hamilton13.59 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
9.9Dale Thompson13.61 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
10.12Aesha Mokashi13.77 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11.9Shelby Lotina13.98 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
12.11Schuyler Dull14.02 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
13.11Courtney Smith14.11 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
14.12Sophia Nordyke14.12May 2Sunset @ Century
15.10Stella Holcomb14.13 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
12Kendsy Carmichael14.13Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
17.10Bianca Webb14.15 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
18.10Kira Fleischer14.17 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
19.9Kendra Saunders14.35 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
20.11Izabela Aranda-Dooley14.42 PRMar 14Time Trial
21.12Nina Powers14.43Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
9Alex Albrecht14.43 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
23.10Camden Masanga14.46 PRMar 14Time Trial
24.10Rachel Cheon14.47 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
25.12Georgie Fitch14.48 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
11Grace Yang14.48 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
9Lexie Lewis14.48 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
28.12Clancy Gerwig14.55Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
29.10Elise Bangerter14.65 PRMar 14Time Trial
30.9Renee Geib14.69 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
10Monika Gonzalez14.69 PRMar 14Time Trial
32.9Violet Goodman14.70 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
33.10Morgan Page14.77 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
34.9Maggie Parks14.80 PRMar 14Time Trial
35.11Andrea Haddadin14.81 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
36.12Emily Sundara14.82 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
37.10Ashley Van Gordon14.86 PRMar 14Time Trial
38.9Sydney Stark14.87 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
39.12Emily Wenzel14.90 PRMar 14Time Trial
40.11Cecilia Calvin14.91Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
41.12Abby Dent14.92 PRMar 14Time Trial
42.10Nicole Stoffels14.96 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
43.11Ellie Nees14.98 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
44.10Mayukha Kashyap15.00 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
45.9Gisele Aranda-Dooley15.02 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
46.10Isabelle Neal15.05Mar 14Time Trial
47.11Zsoee Eisel15.06Mar 14Time Trial
48.9Ramya Reddy15.11 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
49.10Sheridan Spelbring15.16Mar 14Time Trial
50.10Birdie Zevenbergen15.22 PRMar 14Time Trial
51.9Lucy Vanveldhuisen15.23 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
52.11Jackie Zhang15.25 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
53.10Heidi Chuc15.30 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
54.10Savina Dock15.34 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
55.10Arianna Khan15.35 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
56.9Trisha Gopinath15.36 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
57.11Gabby Burke15.39Mar 14Time Trial
58.12Sophie Rupp15.50 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
59.10Gabriella Pavlatos15.52 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
60.10Tahne Larson15.63 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
61.12Martha Nguyen15.71Mar 14Time Trial
62.10Maddie Midghall15.73 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
10Antonia Gaete15.73 PRMar 14Time Trial
64.9Catherine Nguyen15.74 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
65.9Abby Amato15.75 PRMar 14Time Trial
66.9Anagha Srikanth15.90 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
67.9Kaitlyn Gingell15.96 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
68.10Lucy Akenson15.98 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
69.10Alaina Evans16.09 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
70.9Ella Gottschalk16.11 PRMar 14Time Trial
71.9Maya Nordstrom16.15 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
72.9Narmeen Rashid16.45 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
73.9Harper Putna16.72 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
74.10Lauren Sears16.79 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
75.9Natalie Robinson16.80 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
76.9Rhea Oommen16.97 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
77.9Anna Jiang17.31 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
78.9Julia Lin17.88 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
79.9Maia Ross18.68 PRMar 14Time Trial
200 Meters
1.12Bridgette Skiba25.98 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.12Kelly Makin26.62 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
3.9Charlotte Robertson26.96 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
4.10Salma Alsheba27.06 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
5.12Ally Thom27.59Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
6.9Lydia Barnett27.68 PRMar 14Time Trial
7.10Emma Hamilton28.05 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
8.11Jordan Wheeler28.35May 4Metro League JV Districts
9.9Dale Thompson28.51 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
10.10Bianca Webb29.40 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11.12Sophia Nordyke29.52May 2Sunset @ Century
12.10Ashley Van Gordon29.84 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
13.11Schuyler Dull29.95Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
14.9Kendra Saunders30.11 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
15.10Stella Holcomb30.13 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
16.12Abby Dent30.14 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
12Clancy Gerwig30.14 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
18.9Abby Amato30.42 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
19.12Nina Powers30.50 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
20.10Isabelle Neal30.68 PRMar 14Time Trial
21.11Andrea Haddadin30.69 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
22.12Kendsy Carmichael30.83 PRMar 14Time Trial
23.12Emily Wenzel30.92 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
24.12Emily Sundara31.17 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
25.9Trisha Gopinath31.41 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
26.12Martha Nguyen31.59May 2Sunset @ Century
27.9Catherine Nguyen31.67 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
28.11Ellie Nees31.97 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
29.12Abby Gilstrap32.56Mar 14Time Trial
30.10Tahne Larson32.67 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
31.9Lexie Lewis32.99 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
32.9Kaitlyn Bushey33.04 PRMar 14Time Trial
33.9Kaitlyn Gingell33.05 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
34.10Nicole Stoffels33.37Mar 14Time Trial
35.9Gisele Aranda-Dooley33.74 PRMar 14Time Trial
36.9Violet Goodman34.18 PRMar 14Time Trial
10Antonia Gaete34.18 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
38.9Harper Putna34.22 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
39.11Cecilia Calvin34.25 PRMar 14Time Trial
40.11Jackie Zhang34.88 PRMar 14Time Trial
41.10Alaina Evans35.05 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
42.9Narmeen Rashid35.75 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
43.9Ramya Reddy36.51 PRMar 14Time Trial
44.9Maya Nordstrom38.29 PRMar 14Time Trial
45.9Maia Ross40.17 PRMar 14Time Trial
46.9Rhea Oommen43.61 PRMar 14Time Trial
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Bridgette Skiba25.6h PRApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
400 Meters
1.12Kelly Makin56.97 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
2.12Bridgette Skiba59.59 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
3.12Georgie Fitch1:02.03Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
4.12Ally Thom1:03.17 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
5.9Lydia Barnett1:03.54 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
6.10Lucy Huelskamp1:03.66 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
7.12Darby Olson1:03.68Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
8.11Izabela Aranda-Dooley1:03.96 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9.11Grace Yang1:04.15Apr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
10.10Isabelle Neal1:05.86 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11.11Jordan Wheeler1:06.01 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12.12Sophia Bigio1:06.67 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
13.9Maggie Parks1:07.73 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
14.12Emily Wenzel1:08.13 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
15.9Kaitlyn Bushey1:08.25 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
16.10Heidi Chuc1:09.91 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
17.9Lucy Vanveldhuisen1:10.55 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
18.11Gabby Burke1:12.01 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
19.9Gisele Aranda-Dooley1:12.37 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
20.12Martha Nguyen1:15.40 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Kelly Makin57.9hMay 19OSAA 6A State Championships
2.12Bridgette Skiba58.8h PRMay 19OSAA 6A State Championships
3.12Georgie Fitch1:00.7h PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
4.12Darby Olson1:01.5hApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
5.10Lucy Huelskamp1:02.0h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
6.11Izabela Aranda-Dooley1:02.5h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
7.12Cali Corkran1:03.7hMay 2Sunset @ Century
8.11Grace Yang1:04.1h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
9.10Isabelle Neal1:06.0h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9Anna Cummings1:06.0h PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
11.10Jasmine Wang1:06.3h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
12.9Kaitlyn Bushey1:06.5h PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
13.10Oviya Chennai1:06.7h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11Danielle Mendoza1:06.7h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
15.12Grace Braun1:07.1h PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
11Schuyler Dull1:07.1h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
17.10Salma Alsheba1:07.2h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
10Jasmin Fitch1:07.2h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
19.10Jitse Deboutte1:07.3h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
20.10Monika Gonzalez1:07.4h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
21.12Emily Wenzel1:07.7h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
12Sophia Bigio1:07.7hMay 2Sunset @ Century
23.12Jolien Deboutte1:08.6hMay 2Sunset @ Century
24.10Elise Bangerter1:09.3h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
25.10Heidi Chuc1:09.9h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
26.12Kendsy Carmichael1:10.0h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
27.12Abby Dent1:10.7h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9Dale Thompson1:10.7h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
29.10Sheridan Spelbring1:11.1h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
30.12Chantel Berger1:11.2h PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
31.9Alex Albrecht1:11.3h PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
32.10Mayukha Kashyap1:11.6h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9Samhita Tovinkere1:11.6h PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
34.9Natalie Taylor1:11.7h PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
35.11Grace Beal1:11.8hMay 2Sunset @ Century
10Kira Fleischer1:11.8h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
12Shahar Tsameret1:11.8h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
38.11Jackie Zhang1:12.0h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
39.11Kelley Traller1:12.5h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
40.11Cecilia Calvin1:13.3h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
41.11Sophia Anderson1:13.4h PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
42.10Kayah Ryerson1:13.5hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
43.11Riley Hansen1:13.8h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
44.9Catherine Nguyen1:13.9h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
45.11Zsoee Eisel1:14.7h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
46.12Jordan Kellerman1:14.8h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
47.10Jacquelyn Jacobson1:14.9h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
48.12Martha Nguyen1:15.1h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
49.11Colby Goodrich1:15.2h PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
50.11Courtney Smith1:15.3h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
51.10Nicole Stoffels1:15.5h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
52.12Nicole Churchill1:15.9h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
53.9Lillian Sandmeier1:17.6h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
54.10Antonia Gaete1:18.3h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
55.11Ellie Nees1:18.5h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
56.10Morgan Page1:19.6h PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
57.9Narmeen Rashid1:23.4h PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
800 Meters
1.12Kelly Makin2:10.87May 25El Jefe
2.10Lucy Huelskamp2:14.61 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
3.12Cali Corkran2:23.35 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
4.12Sophia Bigio2:26.15 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
5.12Jolien Deboutte2:28.68 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
6.12Georgie Fitch2:29.56 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
7.9Anna Cummings2:30.62 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
8.10Jasmine Wang2:30.73 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
9.11Danielle Mendoza2:31.11 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
10.12Grace Braun2:33.86 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11.11Na'ama Nevo2:35.53Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
12.9Kaitlyn Bushey2:35.70 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
13.10Jitse Deboutte2:36.97 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
14.10Oviya Chennai2:38.04 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
15.10Kayah Ryerson2:40.13May 2Sunset @ Century
16.10Jacquelyn Jacobson2:41.39 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
17.11Grace Beal2:42.45May 4Metro League JV Districts
18.10Jasmin Fitch2:42.59 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
19.11Kelley Traller2:43.18May 4Metro League JV Districts
20.11Colby Goodrich2:46.12 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
21.9Natalie Taylor2:47.09 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
22.11Grace Yang2:47.12 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
23.9Samhita Tovinkere2:48.87 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
24.12Chantel Berger2:49.59 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
25.11Sophia Anderson2:50.99 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
26.11Riley Hansen2:52.40Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
27.9Lillian Sandmeier2:59.63 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Cali Corkran2:23.7h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.12Sophia Bigio2:30.4h PRApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
3.9Anna Cummings2:30.8h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.11Danielle Mendoza2:31.9h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
5.12Georgie Fitch2:33.4h PRApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
6.10Jitse Deboutte2:34.8h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
7.12Grace Braun2:35.0h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
8.11Grace Beal2:40.9hApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
9.11Colby Goodrich2:53.3h PRApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Kelly Makin3:40.3hApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
1500 Meters
1.12Kelly Makin4:26.47 PRMay 19OSAA 6A State Championships
2.10Lucy Huelskamp4:30.13 PRMay 19OSAA 6A State Championships
3.12Cali Corkran4:53.56 PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.10Jasmine Wang4:59.32 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
5.12Jolien Deboutte4:59.93May 2Sunset @ Century
6.12Sophia Bigio5:05.27 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
7.10Jitse Deboutte5:17.31May 4Metro League JV Districts
8.11Danielle Mendoza5:17.96 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9.11Na'ama Nevo5:19.49Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
10.12Grace Braun5:20.69Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
11.10Kayah Ryerson5:21.73Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
12.9Anna Cummings5:29.70 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
13.11Grace Beal5:32.02Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
14.10Jacquelyn Jacobson5:33.14 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
15.12Shahar Tsameret5:38.07 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
16.11Colby Goodrich5:39.87 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
17.9Samhita Tovinkere5:46.03 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
18.9Natalie Taylor5:46.16 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
19.10Jasmin Fitch5:46.41May 2Sunset @ Century
20.11Riley Hansen5:47.15Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
21.10Oviya Chennai5:48.01 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
22.11Kelley Traller5:53.95Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
23.9Lillian Sandmeier5:55.32 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
24.12Asha Gehring5:56.27 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
25.12Chantel Berger6:05.32 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
26.11Sophia Anderson6:07.08 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
1600 Meters
1.12Kelly Makin5:04.31 PRApr 7Arcadia Invitational
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Lucy Huelskamp4:55.6h PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
1 Mile
1.10Lucy Huelskamp4:52.45 PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.12Kelly Makin4:55.74 PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3000 Meters
1.10Lucy Huelskamp9:48.01 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.12Cali Corkran10:31.54 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.12Jolien Deboutte10:35.20Apr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.10Jasmine Wang10:57.95 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
5.11Na'ama Nevo11:29.44Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
6.10Kayah Ryerson11:35.34Apr 2154th Centennial Invitational
7.10Jitse Deboutte11:36.83May 2Sunset @ Century
8.12Shahar Tsameret11:49.10 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
9.9Anna Cummings11:56.65 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
10.11Grace Beal12:06.52Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
11.12Asha Gehring12:29.98 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
12.11Colby Goodrich12:35.22 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
13.12Grace Braun12:46.38Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
3200 Meters
1.10Lucy Huelskamp10:35.46 PRApr 7Arcadia Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Izabela Aranda-Dooley16.35 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.10Sheridan Spelbring17.13 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.10Elise Bangerter17.32 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
4.10Monika Gonzalez17.87 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
5.11Zsoee Eisel18.06 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
6.10Camden Masanga18.07Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
7.9Maggie Parks18.47 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
8.9Alex Albrecht18.64 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9.12Jordan Kellerman18.84 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
10.10Kira Fleischer18.90 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
11.10Antonia Gaete19.21 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
12.11Gabby Burke19.40 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
13.9Anagha Srikanth19.42 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
14.12Darby Olson19.45 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
15.12Nicole Churchill19.54Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
16.10Heidi Chuc19.83 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
17.10Morgan Page19.88 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
18.10Rachel Cheon20.00 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
19.9Ella Gottschalk20.02 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
20.9Abby Amato20.22 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
21.12Sophie Rupp20.27 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
22.11Courtney Smith20.43 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
23.9Kaitlyn Gingell20.58 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
24.10Mayukha Kashyap20.86 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
25.11Jackie Zhang21.11 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
26.11Andrea Haddadin21.37 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
27.9Gisele Aranda-Dooley21.68 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
28.11Ellie Nees22.01 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
29.9Kendra Saunders22.13 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
30.9Lucy Vanveldhuisen22.29 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
31.9Trisha Gopinath22.77 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
32.9Harper Putna22.80 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
33.9Natalie Robinson23.37 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
34.10Alaina Evans23.80 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
35.10Tahne Larson25.10 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
36.10Savina Dock25.38 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
37.9Narmeen Rashid28.31 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
200m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Darby Olson32.14 PRMar 14Time Trial
2.11Izabela Aranda-Dooley32.81 PRMar 14Time Trial
3.10Camden Masanga33.28 PRMar 14Time Trial
4.10Sheridan Spelbring34.05 PRMar 14Time Trial
5.10Monika Gonzalez34.18 PRMar 14Time Trial
6.10Elise Bangerter34.21 PRMar 14Time Trial
7.10Morgan Page34.47 PRMar 14Time Trial
8.9Maggie Parks34.77 PRMar 14Time Trial
9.11Zsoee Eisel34.91 PRMar 14Time Trial
10.11Gabby Burke35.21 PRMar 14Time Trial
11.12Nicole Churchill35.43 PRMar 14Time Trial
12.10Mayukha Kashyap35.80 PRMar 14Time Trial
13.9Alex Albrecht36.05 PRMar 14Time Trial
14.11Courtney Smith36.58 PRMar 14Time Trial
15.10Kira Fleischer36.85 PRMar 14Time Trial
16.10Antonia Gaete36.90 PRMar 14Time Trial
17.12Emily Wenzel36.91 PRMar 14Time Trial
18.10Heidi Chuc37.58 PRMar 14Time Trial
19.12Jordan Kellerman37.68 PRMar 14Time Trial
20.10Maddie Midghall37.80 PRMar 14Time Trial
21.9Ella Gottschalk37.84 PRMar 14Time Trial
22.12Sophie Rupp41.22 PRMar 14Time Trial
23.9Trisha Gopinath42.64 PRMar 14Time Trial
24.10Rachel Cheon43.64 PRMar 14Time Trial
25.10Savina Dock44.02 PRMar 14Time Trial
26.9Julia Lin46.14 PRMar 14Time Trial
27.9Natalie Robinson47.02 PRMar 14Time Trial
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Izabela Aranda-Dooley47.18 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.12Darby Olson47.28May 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.10Monika Gonzalez50.80 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
4.10Elise Bangerter51.35 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
5.9Maggie Parks51.42 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
6.10Sheridan Spelbring52.14 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
7.9Alex Albrecht53.41 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
8.10Heidi Chuc53.73 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9.11Gabby Burke53.86 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
10.10Mayukha Kashyap54.17 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
11.10Kira Fleischer54.22 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12.10Camden Masanga54.31Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
13.12Emily Wenzel54.34 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
14.11Zsoee Eisel55.84 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
15.12Nicole Churchill56.08Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
16.12Sophie Rupp56.09 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
17.11Courtney Smith56.35 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
18.9Lucy Vanveldhuisen57.01 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
19.10Rachel Cheon57.69 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
20.9Abby Amato57.70 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
21.9Ella Gottschalk57.89 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
22.9Gisele Aranda-Dooley57.97 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
23.10Antonia Gaete58.37 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
24.11Jackie Zhang58.61 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
25.9Anagha Srikanth59.51 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
26.9Kendra Saunders59.57 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
27.10Morgan Page60.00Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
28.9Kaitlyn Gingell1:01.52 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
29.9Trisha Gopinath1:01.61 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
30.10Savina Dock1:03.20 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
31.11Ellie Nees1:03.48Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
32.9Harper Putna1:05.91 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
33.9Narmeen Rashid1:10.23 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
2k Steeplechase
1.12Jolien Deboutte7:35.64 PRMay 25El Jefe
2.11Grace Beal8:46.22 PRMay 25El Jefe
3.11Danielle Mendoza9:11.00 PRMay 25El Jefe
4.10Jitse Deboutte9:11.35 PRMay 25El Jefe
4x100 Relay
1.Salma Alsheba
Bridgette Skiba
Darby Olson
Ally Thom
49.34May 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.Ally Thom
Bridgette Skiba
Lydia Barnett
Salma Alsheba
49.54Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
3.Salma Alsheba
Bridgette Skiba
Darby Olson
Dale Thompson
50.56Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
4.Salma Alsheba
Bridgette Skiba
Charlotte Robertson
Kelly Makin
50.99Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
5.Bridgette Skiba
Ally Thom
Darby Olson
Salma Alsheba
52.93Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
6.Sophia Nordyke
Jordan Wheeler
Schuyler Dull
Stella Holcomb
53.46May 2Sunset @ Century
7.Sophia Nordyke
Schuyler Dull
Charlotte Robertson
Kendsy Carmichael
53.60Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
8.Jordan Wheeler
Aesha Mokashi
Darby Olson
Kendsy Carmichael
53.61Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9.Sophia Nordyke
Kendsy Carmichael
Charlotte Robertson
Emma Hamilton
53.73Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
10.Sophia Nordyke
Jordan Wheeler
Charlotte Robertson
Emma Hamilton
54.31Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
4x200 Relay
1.Salma Alsheba
Dale Thompson
Charlotte Robertson
Jordan Wheeler
1:50.86Apr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Bridgette Skiba
Georgie Fitch
Darby Olson
Kelly Makin
4:00.19May 19OSAA 6A State Championships
2.Bridgette Skiba
Izabela Aranda-Dooley
Grace Yang
Darby Olson
4:08.55Apr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.Bridgette Skiba
Georgie Fitch
Lydia Barnett
Kelly Makin
4:09.20Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
4.Bridgette Skiba
Darby Olson
Izabela Aranda-Dooley
Kelly Makin
4:12.30Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
5.Darby Olson
Lucy Huelskamp
Georgie Fitch
Kelly Makin
4:14.12May 2Sunset @ Century
6.Darby Olson
Georgie Fitch
Lucy Huelskamp
Sophia Bigio
4:18.49Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
7.Lucy Huelskamp
Dale Thompson
Bridgette Skiba
Isabelle Neal
4:27.22Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
8.Jasmin Fitch
Jitse Deboutte
Anna Cummings
Grace Braun
4:27.67May 4Metro League JV Districts
9.Kendsy Carmichael
Schuyler Dull
Sophia Nordyke
Bridgette Skiba
4:28.86Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
10.Lucy Huelskamp
Jitse Deboutte
Salma Alsheba
Isabelle Neal
4:29.04Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
11.Danielle Mendoza
Grace Yang
Jitse Deboutte
Jasmine Wang
4:34.50Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
12.Sophia Bigio
Jolien Deboutte
Grace Braun
Cali Corkran
4:35.47May 2Sunset @ Century
13.Monika Gonzalez
Sheridan Spelbring
Elise Bangerter
Emily Wenzel
4:35.74Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
14.Monika Gonzalez
Sheridan Spelbring
Emily Wenzel
Izabela Aranda-Dooley
4:36.48Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
15.Jasmin Fitch
Oviya Chennai
Jacquelyn Jacobson
Grace Yang
4:38.57May 2Sunset @ Century
16.Natalie Taylor
Samhita Tovinkere
Lillian Sandmeier
Anna Cummings
4:41.07May 2Sunset @ Century
17.Monika Gonzalez
Sheridan Spelbring
Heidi Chuc
Emily Wenzel
4:42.6hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
18.Chantel Berger
Sophia Anderson
Jasmin Fitch
Schuyler Dull
4:46.09Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
19.Chantel Berger
Sophia Anderson
Oviya Chennai
Jasmin Fitch
4:49.15Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
20.Samhita Tovinkere
Lillian Sandmeier
Natalie Taylor
Kaitlyn Bushey
4:49.23Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
21.Colby Goodrich
Riley Hansen
Sophia Anderson
Chantel Berger
4:49.68May 2Sunset @ Century
22.Chantel Berger
Sophia Anderson
Danielle Mendoza
Jasmin Fitch
4:50.67Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
23.Riley Hansen
Kelley Traller
Colby Goodrich
Anna Cummings
4:51.28Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
24.Morgan Page
Kira Fleischer
Heidi Chuc
Alex Albrecht
4:55.47Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
25.Abby Dent
Martha Nguyen
Nicole Churchill
Catherine Nguyen
4:55.69May 2Sunset @ Century
26.Sophia Bigio
Anna Cummings
Colby Goodrich
Riley Hansen
4:55.94Apr 11Sunset @ Westview
27.Heidi Chuc
Morgan Page
Zsoee Eisel
Alex Albrecht
4:55.96Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
28.Jitse Deboutte
Kayah Ryerson
Jasmin Fitch
Jacquelyn Jacobson
4:56.1hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
29.Relay Team 4:56.74May 2Sunset @ Century
30.Antonia Gaete
Mayukha Kashyap
Gabby Burke
Kira Fleischer
4:56.87Apr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
31.Anna Cummings
Natalie Taylor
Lillian Sandmeier
Samhita Tovinkere
5:09.0hMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
4x800 Relay
1.Anna Cummings
Jitse Deboutte
Danielle Mendoza
Grace Braun
10:12.75Apr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.Jitse Deboutte
Danielle Mendoza
Georgie Fitch
Sophia Bigio
10:16.31Apr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
3.Grace Beal
Anna Cummings
Kelley Traller
Colby Goodrich
11:39.52Apr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Emma Hamilton
Salma Alsheba
Bridgette Skiba
Georgie Fitch
1:53.61Apr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Kelly Makin
Georgie Fitch
Cali Corkran
Lucy Huelskamp
12:01.00Apr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Kate Wilson35' 7 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.11Ellie Mead34' 9 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.12Emily Wenzel27' 9 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
4.12Maria Fossnes27' 6 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
5.11Karleigh Goertz26' 10.75 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
6.11Sophie Sargeant25' 11.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
7.10Riley Huntington25' 9.5 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
8.11Kanissa Vandepol25' 4.25 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9.11Chloe Cozzocrea23' 7 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
10.9Hanaa Al Baradan22' 9 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
11.9Sami Ford21' 5 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
12.11Courtney Smith21' 4.5 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
13.11Natalie McIntyre21' 3.25 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
14.12Jordan Kellerman20' 11.5 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
15.10Mayukha Kashyap19' 11 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
16.10Savina Dock19' 7.25 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
17.11Erin McIntire18' 7.5 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
18.10Morgan Page18' 5.25 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
19.10Lauren Sears14' 11 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
Discus - 1kg
1.12Kate Wilson112' 1 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.11Ellie Mead93' 8 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.9Hanaa Al Baradan76' 3 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
4.11Natalie McIntyre71' 1 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
5.11Sophie Sargeant67' 8 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
6.10Lauren Sears67' 7 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
7.11Kanissa Vandepol66' 0 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
8.11Chloe Cozzocrea62' 3 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9.10Riley Huntington61' 9 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
10.11Karleigh Goertz60' 8 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
11.12Maria Fossnes59' 8 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
12.12Eliza Tesch47' 6 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
13.11Erin McIntire40' 8.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
Javelin - 600g
1.12Kate Wilson119' 6Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
2.10Ashley Van Gordon116' 0 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
3.12Martha Nguyen88' 11 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
4.9Sami Ford86' 9.5 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
5.9Catherine Nguyen84' 0 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
6.11Natalie McIntyre77' 0 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
7.12Emily Sundara75' 11 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
8.9Hanaa Al Baradan73' 0 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
9.11Sophie Sargeant71' 11 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
10.10Stella Holcomb71' 6 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
11.10Lauren Sears70' 10 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
12.12Abby Dent67' 8 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
13.12Eliza Tesch62' 1 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
14.10Riley Huntington59' 8 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
15.10Elise Bennett55' 11 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
16.9Anna Jiang42' 5 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
17.10Arianna Khan40' 4 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
18.11Kelley Traller39' 4 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
19.9Rhea Oommen30' 3 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
High Jump
1.10Birdie Zevenbergen4' 10 PRApr 6Chehalem Field and Track Classic
2.10Maddie Midghall4' 8 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.9Maggie Parks4' 6 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
9Ella Gottschalk4' 6 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
9Renee Geib4' 6 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
6.12Abby Dent4' 4 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
7.12Nicole Churchill4' 2 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
10Lauren Sears4' 2 PRApr 11Sunset @ Westview
9Catherine Nguyen4' 2 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
Pole Vault
1.12Nina Powers10' 11 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.9Dale Thompson10' 0 PRApr 27Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.10Ashley Van Gordon9' 6 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
10Isabelle Neal9' 6 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
5.10Rachel Cheon9' 0 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
6.10Nicole Stoffels7' 6 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
11Cecilia Calvin7' 6 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
9Sydney Stark7' 6 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
9.9Lexie Lewis6' 6 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
10.9Shelby Lotina6' 0 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
Long Jump
1.12Kendsy Carmichael16' 0.75 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
2.12Aesha Mokashi15' 6 PRMay 116A-2 Metro League Championship Day 2
3.10Birdie Zevenbergen14' 9.5 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
4.12Fernanda Gaete14' 5Apr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
5.10Camden Masanga14' 4.75 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
6.12Abby Gilstrap14' 0.75 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
7.11Schuyler Dull14' 0 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
8.12Clancy Gerwig13' 11.5Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
9.12Emily Wenzel13' 10 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
10.11Zsoee Eisel13' 6.5Mar 21Aloha @ Sunset
11.10Gabriella Pavlatos13' 4 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
12.9Renee Geib13' 3.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
13.12Jordan Kellerman13' 3 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
14.9Charlotte Robertson13' 2 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
15.9Ramya Reddy13' 1.75 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
16.9Kaitlyn Bushey13' 0.75 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
17.10Bianca Webb13' 0.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
18.10Maddie Midghall12' 10.5 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
19.9Maggie Parks12' 10.25 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
20.9Ella Gottschalk12' 9.25 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
21.9Kendra Saunders12' 9 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
22.10Antonia Gaete12' 1 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
23.11Jackie Zhang12' 0 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
24.9Violet Goodman11' 4.5 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
25.9Sami Ford11' 4 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset
26.9Trisha Gopinath11' 3 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
27.9Maya Nordstrom10' 9 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
28.9Rhea Oommen10' 8 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
29.9Lucy Vanveldhuisen10' 7.5 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
30.9Anna Jiang10' 3 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
Triple Jump
1.12Kendsy Carmichael34' 3Apr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
2.12Aesha Mokashi33' 10 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
3.10Camden Masanga33' 6.25 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
4.12Clancy Gerwig33' 3May 2Sunset @ Century
5.10Birdie Zevenbergen32' 11 PRApr 18Mountainside @ Sunset
6.12Fernanda Gaete30' 8 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
7.9Renee Geib30' 6 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
8.11Schuyler Dull30' 5May 4Metro League JV Districts
9.12Abby Gilstrap30' 2 PRMay 4Metro League JV Districts
10.11Zsoee Eisel29' 7.75 PRApr 4Sunset @ Jesuit
11.12Jordan Kellerman28' 8 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
12.10Maddie Midghall28' 3 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
13.9Ramya Reddy27' 9 PRMay 2Sunset @ Century
14.10Bianca Webb27' 4.5 PRApr 25Tigard @ Sunset (non-scored)
15.10Antonia Gaete25' 3 PRMar 21Aloha @ Sunset

*Recent improvement