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100 Meters
1.11Adarius Gallon11.54aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
2.12Eric Lundgren11.79aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
3.12Jackson Rudolph11.94aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
4.11Tyler Iverson12.35aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
5.11Connor Lockhorn12.62aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
6.10Kaycee Clark-Mellott12.86aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
7.11Trace Ketterling13.19aApr 13South Twilight
8.11Ethan Sipe13.48aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
9.12Mark Dennison13.53aApr 13South Twilight
10.-Dylan Miller13.67aApr 13South Twilight
200 Meters
1.11Adarius Gallon23.04aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
2.12Eric Lundgren23.66aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
3.12Dawson Cooley23.73aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
4.12Chris Murray23.93aApr 13South Twilight
5.12Jackson Rudolph24.22aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
6.11Tyler Iverson24.87aApr 13South Twilight
7.12Joe Melia25.47aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
8.10Kaycee Clark-Mellott25.69aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
9.12Mark Dennison25.95aApr 13South Twilight
10.11Trace Ketterling26.35aApr 13South Twilight
11.-Dylan Miller26.84aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
12.11Ethan Sipe27.30aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
13.-Noah Forbes27.80aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
400 Meters
1.12Dawson Cooley51.57aApr 13South Twilight
2.12Jackson Rudolph51.94cApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
3.11Connor Lockhorn53.62aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
4.10Kaycee Clark-Mellott56.49aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
5.12Mark Dennison57.59aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
6.-Dylan Miller59.59aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
7.-Anthony Aguiar62.11aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
8.-Ethan Rees64.02aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
800 Meters
1.11Connor Lockhorn2:04.38aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
2.11Ryan Leach2:15.92aApr 13South Twilight
3.-Dylan Miller2:16.69aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
4.10Austin Stephen2:16.70aApr 13South Twilight
5.10Kaycee Clark-Mellott2:17.70aApr 13South Twilight
6.12Jackson Rudolph2:21.17aApr 13South Twilight
7.10Matthew Pacheco2:22.24aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
8.11Ryan Ruiz2:22.80aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
9.10Joshua Broomfield2:24.84aApr 13South Twilight
10.9Trevor Stephen2:27.06aApr 13South Twilight
11.10Colter Anderson2:32.26aApr 13South Twilight
12.-Logan Schaad2:35.85aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
1600 Meters
1.11Ryan Leach5:01.11aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
2.10Austin Stephen5:03.84aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
3.10Colter Anderson5:05.85aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
4.10Matthew Pacheco5:15.96aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
5.10Joshua Broomfield5:19.96aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
6.9Trevor Stephen5:40.49aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
7.-Logan Schaad5:42.61aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
8.11Ryan Ruiz6:08.71aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
3200 Meters
1.10Joshua Broomfield11:03.15aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
2.10Colter Anderson11:10.34aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
3.11Ryan Leach11:13.11aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
4.9Trevor Stephen12:13.78aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Dawson Cooley14.87aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
2.12Chris Murray16.09aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
3.10Blain Dilly16.85aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
4.10Tanner Pafford17.23aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Dawson Cooley40.24aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
2.12Chris Murray40.94aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
3.10Blain Dilly43.45aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
4.10Tanner Pafford47.29aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 43.68aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
2.Chris Murray
Dawson Cooley
Jackson Rudolph
Adarius Gallon
43.86aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:29.86aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.Ryan Leach
Matthew Pacheco
Ryan Ruiz
Austin Stephen
9:13.46aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
2.Colter Anderson
Kaycee Clark-Mellott
Ryan Leach
Matthew Pacheco
9:27.85aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
3.Relay Team 9:37.04aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Eric Lundgren54' 2.50Mar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
2.9Tanner Bullock39' 10.50Apr 13South Twilight
3.10David Martinez37' 11.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
4.10David Weese35' 10.50Mar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
5.-Tanner Martin33' 11.50Apr 13South Twilight
6.10Matt Millin33' 2.00Apr 13South Twilight
7.11Chris Hood31' 1.50Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
8.10Mikel Hill30' 9.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
9.-Hunter Bjorkquist28' 7.50Apr 13South Twilight
10.-Val Herd28' 6.75Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
11.-Aden Gallon26' 10.00Apr 13South Twilight
12.-Pierson Linde26' 0.50Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
-Mason Newman26' 0.50Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
14.-Aaron Cross24' 2.25Apr 13South Twilight
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Eric Lundgren160' 9.00Apr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
2.11Chris Hood116' 3.00Apr 13South Twilight
3.10David Martinez116' 0.00Apr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
4.10David Weese110' 5.00Apr 13South Twilight
5.9Tanner Bullock97' 8.00Apr 13South Twilight
6.10Matt Millin95' 9.00Mar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
7.-Tanner Martin85' 7.00Apr 13South Twilight
8.-Pierson Linde84' 0.00Apr 13South Twilight
9.10Mikel Hill81' 1.00Apr 13South Twilight
10.-Aden Gallon76' 11.00Apr 13South Twilight
11.-Hunter Bjorkquist66' 9.00Apr 13South Twilight
12.-Val Herd64' 1.00Apr 13South Twilight
13.-Mason Newman61' 3.00Apr 13South Twilight
14.-Aaron Cross59' 1.00Apr 13South Twilight
High Jump
1.12Eric Lundgren6' 3.00Apr 1Altitude Running Invitational
2.11Riley Fraley5' 8.00Apr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
3.11Chris Hood5' 6.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
4.-Pierson Linde4' 8.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
Pole Vault
1.12Joe Melia13' 9.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
2.10Blain Dilly9' 0.00Mar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
Long Jump
1.11Adarius Gallon22' 4.00Apr 1Altitude Running Invitational
2.12Eric Lundgren20' 9.25Apr 13South Twilight
3.10Sam Spiker19' 5.00wApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
4.11Keaton Bell19' 0.00Apr 1Altitude Running Invitational
5.11Trace Ketterling18' 4.50Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
6.-Noah Forbes16' 1.00Apr 13South Twilight
Triple Jump
1.10Blain Dilly41' 6.50Apr 13South Twilight
2.10Sam Spiker41' 3.25Apr 13South Twilight
3.11Trace Ketterling39' 6.25Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
4.9Tanner Bullock35' 0.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
5.-Noah Forbes33' 6.25Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
6.-Anthony Aguiar33' 4.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational


100 Meters
1.10Jenna Goodrich13.74aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
2.11Maeci Jackson13.76aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
3.-Charleston Tidwell14.01aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
4.12Aysia Espinoza14.13aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
5.11Tessa Martino14.25aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
6.11Jada Ybarra14.50aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
7.9Kenzie Boltz14.54aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
8.10Taylen Sewell14.63aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
9.-Nikki Sargent14.80aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
10.11Marlaina Mills14.85aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
11.9Jess Salinas15.03aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
12.10Piper Barrett15.06aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
13.-Andraya Gallegos15.14aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
14.10Hannah Dempsey15.93aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
15.11Lauryn Perkins15.94aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
16.-Hayden Franek16.97aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
200 Meters
1.10Jenna Goodrich27.11aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
2.11Maeci Jackson28.57aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
3.11Tessa Martino29.77aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
4.9Kenzie Boltz30.35aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
5.9Katheryne Carrier30.70aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
6.10Piper Barrett31.26aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
7.9Jess Salinas31.35aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
8.-Andraya Gallegos31.67aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
9.10Kamlin Grimm32.57aApr 13South Twilight
10.10Hannah Dempsey33.17aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
11.-Hayden Franek35.94aApr 13South Twilight
400 Meters
1.11Tessa Martino62.62aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
2.9Katheryne Carrier66.15aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
3.11Aubrey Frentheway66.80aApr 13South Twilight
4.10Claudia Miller66.99aApr 13South Twilight
5.10Jenna Goodrich67.07aApr 13South Twilight
6.10Taylen Sewell68.64aApr 13South Twilight
7.11Rachel Pietsch72.71aApr 13South Twilight
8.9Jess Salinas72.85aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
9.10Hannah Dempsey75.62aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
800 Meters
1.11Aubrey Frentheway2:23.92aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
2.11Emma Brownell2:27.52aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
3.11Tessa Martino2:30.92aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
4.10Claudia Miller2:32.85aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
5.9Katheryne Carrier2:41.07aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
6.11Jada Ybarra2:45.69aApr 13South Twilight
7.10Kamlin Grimm2:54.18aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
8.11Rachel Pietsch2:55.40aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
1600 Meters
1.11Aubrey Frentheway5:14.80aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
2.10Claudia Miller5:28.90aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
3.9Katheryne Carrier6:09.28aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
4.11Rachel Pietsch6:20.74aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Aubrey Frentheway10:46.31aApr 7Arcadia Invitational (Fri/Sat)
2.10Claudia Miller11:39.31aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
3.11Rachel Pietsch13:36.37aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Jada Ybarra18.01aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
2.10Piper Barrett18.07aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
3.10Taylen Sewell18.33aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
4.10Hannah Dempsey19.04aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
5.10Kamlin Grimm20.49aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Jada Ybarra50.01aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
2.11Emma Brownell50.64aApr 13South Twilight
3.10Taylen Sewell50.85aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
4.10Piper Barrett54.66aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
5.10Kamlin Grimm57.12aApr 13South Twilight
6.10Hannah Dempsey59.13aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.Aysia Espinoza
Maeci Jackson
Kenzie Boltz
Jenna Goodrich
52.50aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
2.Relay Team 53.74aApr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
3.Kenzie Boltz
Jenna Goodrich
Aysia Espinoza
Maeci Jackson
53.82aApr 13South Twilight
4.Aysia Espinoza
Maeci Jackson
Tessa Martino
Jada Ybarra
53.99aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.Aysia Espinoza
Emma Brownell
Jenna Goodrich
Tessa Martino
4:16.53aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
2.Relay Team 4:23.26aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
3.Katheryne Carrier
Aubrey Frentheway
Tessa Martino
Jada Ybarra
4:24.77aMar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 10:02.97aApr 1Altitude Running Invitational
2.Katheryne Carrier
Aubrey Frentheway
Tessa Martino
Rachel Pietsch
10:27.88aApr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Kaitlyn Migneault34' 1.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
2.-Charleston Tidwell33' 2.50Apr 1Altitude Running Invitational
3.9Kyla Bush31' 11.00Apr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
4.12Melinda Cool30' 7.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
5.11Elizabeth Erickson28' 0.25Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
6.-Mackenzie Dryden25' 1.50Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
7.10Kate Hayes-Siltzer23' 8.00Apr 13South Twilight
Discus - 1kg
1.9Kyla Bush95' 3.00Apr 13South Twilight
2.11Elizabeth Erickson89' 11.00Apr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
3.12Melinda Cool85' 5.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
9Kaitlyn Migneault85' 5.00Apr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
5.10Kate Hayes-Siltzer72' 5.00Apr 13South Twilight
6.-Mackenzie Dryden70' 4.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
High Jump
1.-Charleston Tidwell4' 8.00Mar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
2.-Nikki Sargent4' 6.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
Pole Vault
1.12Alayna Stevenson9' 6.00Apr 1Altitude Running Invitational
2.11Lauryn Perkins7' 4.00Apr 15Mountain Range Mustang Invitational
3.9Lexi Arbuckle6' 6.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
4.-Andraya Gallegos6' 0.00Mar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
Long Jump
1.10Jenna Goodrich17' 4.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
2.11Maeci Jackson16' 10.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
3.12Aysia Espinoza16' 0.50Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
4.9Kenzie Boltz15' 4.50Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
5.-Andraya Gallegos14' 6.50Apr 13South Twilight
6.11Marlaina Mills13' 9.50Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
7.12Mikey Castillion13' 8.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
Triple Jump
1.11Maeci Jackson33' 10.75Mar 25Runners Roost of Fort Collins Invitational
2.12Aysia Espinoza32' 10.50Apr 13South Twilight
3.10Jenna Goodrich32' 8.25Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational
4.12Mikey Castillion30' 10.25Apr 13South Twilight
5.11Marlaina Mills30' 5.00Apr 7Okie Blanchard Invitational

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