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100 Meters
1.12Garrett Sears11.84cApr 12Eastlake Invitational
2.11Drew Goodman11.97aApr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
3.11Nathan Garza12.27aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
4.10Jakob Smith12.62aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
5.11Michael Risley12.66aApr 22WV JV Invitational
6.10Dylan Hudson12.68aApr 22WV JV Invitational
7.9Kevin Blair12.78aApr 22WV JV Invitational
8.10Josef Fuerst12.79aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
9.11Evan Smith12.82aApr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
10.10Scott Epperheimer13.22aApr 22WV JV Invitational
11.10Weston Green13.28aApr 22WV JV Invitational
12.9Stephen Fitzgerald13.46aApr 22WV JV Invitational
200 Meters
1.11Drew Goodman23.43aMay 93A CBL District Championships
2.10Taylor McDowell24.14cApr 12Eastlake Invitational
3.12Garrett Sears24.38aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
4.11Nathan Garza24.77aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
5.11Evan Smith25.52aApr 22WV JV Invitational
6.10Jakob Smith25.81aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
7.11Michael Risley25.96aApr 22WV JV Invitational
8.10Scott Epperheimer27.48aApr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
9.9Stephen Fitzgerald27.63aApr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
400 Meters
1.10Taylor McDowell51.54cApr 12Eastlake Invitational
2.12Garrett Sears52.89aApr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
3.11Drew Goodman53.44cApr 12Eastlake Invitational
4.10Jakob Smith58.49aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
5.10Scott Epperheimer62.53aApr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
800 Meters
1.10Kyle Mellander1:56.87aMay 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
2.11Ryley Hausken02:04.94aMay 93A CBL District Championships
3.12Tim Kruse02:07.68aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
4.11Brian Stump02:09.16aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
5.9Joseph Matheson02:18.42aApr 22WV JV Invitational
6.11Hunter Olden02:22.35aApr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
7.11Paul Schneider2:23.24aMay 2CBL JV Championships
1600 Meters
1.10Kyle Mellander4:42.67aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
2.12Tim Kruse04:43.40aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
3.11Brian Stump04:46.09aMay 93A CBL District Championships
4.11Ryley Hausken4:48.43aMay 2CBL JV Championships
5.9Joseph Matheson4:55.00aMay 2CBL JV Championships
6.11Paul Schneider5:29.30aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
7.11Hunter Olden5:31.93aApr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
8.11Cody Borup05:40.25aApr 22WV JV Invitational
9.12Chad Carman05:48.15aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
3200 Meters
1.9Joseph Matheson10:39.64aMay 93A CBL District Championships
2.12Tim Kruse10:39.70aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
3.11Brian Stump10:51.33aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
4.11Ryley Hausken10:54.25aApr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
5.11Hunter Olden12:02.13aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
6.11Paul Schneider12:04.99aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Michael Risley16.88aMay 93A CBL District Championships
2.11Cody Borup18.80aApr 22WV JV Invitational
3.10Matthew Hanses19.51aMay 2CBL JV Championships
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Garrett Sears40.40aMay 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
2.11Michael Risley43.98aMay 93A CBL District Championships
3.10Taylor McDowell44.11aApr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
4.11Evan Smith46.74aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
5.10Matthew Hanses47.30aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
6.11Cody Borup49.33aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
4x100 Relay
1.-Nathan Garza
Drew Goodman
Ethan Porter
Garrett Sears
45.08aMay 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
2.-Drew Goodman
Garrett Sears
Evan Berndt
Taylor McDowell
45.24aMay 93A CBL District Championships
3.-Relay Team 45.41aApr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
4.-Nathan Garza
Drew Goodman
Taylor McDowell
Garrett Sears
45.64cApr 12Eastlake Invitational
5.-Nathan Garza
Colton Wilkins
Garrett Sears
Drew Goodman
46.06aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
6.-Nathan Garza
Garrett Sears
Drew Goodman
Josef Fuerst
46.58aMar 22Ram Relays XVI
7.-Garrett Sears
Drew Goodman
Nathan Garza
Ethan Porter
48.34aMay 3Stanwood Invitational
8.-Jakob Smith
Stephen Fitzgerald
Dylan Hudson
Weston Green
50.40aApr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
4x200 Relay
1.-Slate Diessner
Taylor McDowell
Drew Goodman
Nathan Garza
01:38.76aMar 22Ram Relays XVI
4x400 Relay
1.-Taylor McDowell
Drew Goodman
Garrett Sears
Kyle Mellander
3:27.06aMay 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
2.-Taylor McDowell
Kyle Mellander
Garrett Sears
Drew Goodman
03:28.75aMay 93A CBL District Championships
3.-Garrett Sears
Drew Goodman
Kyle Mellander
Taylor McDowell
3:32.96aApr 19Pasco Invitational Track Meet
4.-Relay Team 03:34.99aMar 22Ram Relays XVI
5.-Garrett Sears
Drew Goodman
Kyle Mellander
Tim Kruse
3:35.84aMay 3Stanwood Invitational
6.-Nathan Garza
Drew Goodman
Taylor McDowell
Garrett Sears
3:36.5Apr 12Eastlake Invitational
7.-Taylor McDowell
Drew Goodman
Kyle Mellander
Garrett Sears
03:38.66aApr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
8.-Taylor McDowell
Tim Kruse
Drew Goodman
Garrett Sears
3:40.89aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
9.-Brian Stump
Kyle Mellander
Ryley Hausken
Joseph Matheson
3:50.19aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 8:41.80aMar 29Southridge Relays
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Slate Diessner
Josef Fuerst
Taylor McDowell
Nathan Garza
01:41.43aMar 22Ram Relays XVI
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Drew Goodman
Kyle Mellander
Brian Stump
Michael Risley
11:19.26aApr 19Pasco Invitational Track Meet
4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30"
1.-Relay Team 75.49aMar 22Ram Relays XVI
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Chad Carman43' 2May 93A CBL District Championships
2.12Mike Marshall42' 10May 93A CBL District Championships
3.12Nicholas Heilman41' 7Apr 22WV JV Invitational
4.12Wade Brummett40' 4.75Apr 12Eastlake Invitational
5.12Tyler Winterholler40' 2May 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
6.10Dylan Hudson37' 5.75Apr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
7.9Josh Galland36' 10Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
8.12Travis Monoian35' 1Apr 22WV JV Invitational
9.9Ryan Clark33' 2.5Apr 22WV JV Invitational
10.11Brad Overand32' 11Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
11.10Weston Green30' 8Apr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
12.9Thomas Karel27' 6Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
13.9Todd Cozzocrea19' 8.5Apr 22WV JV Invitational
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Mike Marshall128' 8Mar 22Ram Relays XVI
2.12Wade Brummett115' 6Mar 22Ram Relays XVI
3.11Brad Overand105' 4May 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
4.12Tyler Winterholler101' 3May 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
5.12Chad Carman96' 11Apr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
6.9Ryan Clark92' 6Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
7.10Weston Green89' 6Apr 22WV JV Invitational
8.9Josh Galland89' 2Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
9.12Travis Monoian87' 0Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
10.12Nicholas Heilman69' 5Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
11.9Thomas Karel68' 8Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
12.9Todd Cozzocrea37' 2Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
Javelin - 800g
1.12Mike Marshall183' 9May 243A State Championships-All Events
2.12Tyler Winterholler150' 11Mar 22Ram Relays XVI
3.12Chad Carman126' 6May 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
4.12Nicholas Heilman109' 1Apr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
5.10Weston Green107' 11Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
6.9Josh Galland105' 4Apr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
7.9Ryan Clark105' 3May 2CBL JV Championships
8.11Brad Overand105' 0Apr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
9.12Wade Brummett98' 5Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
10.10Dylan Hudson98' 0Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
11.11Dan Clark96' 4Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
12.11Paul Schneider83' 9Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
13.9Thomas Karel83' 0Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
14.9Todd Cozzocrea55' 8Apr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
High Jump
1.12Greg Kearby5' 10May 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
2.9Kevin Blair5' 8Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
11Cory Leman5' 8Mar 22Ram Relays XVI
12Evan Berndt5' 8Mar 22Ram Relays XVI
5.9Alex Guernsey5' 6Apr 22WV JV Invitational
11Matt Borton5' 6Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
7.9Marc Montez5' 2Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
Pole Vault
1.11Evan Wolff12' 9May 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
2.11Caleb Gibson11' 6Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
3.11Benjamin Johnson11' 0Apr 12Eastlake Invitational
10Ryan Tollackson11' 0May 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
5.11Creston Grant10' 0Mar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
6.10Connor Griffin9' 6May 2CBL JV Championships
7.10Michael Fair8' 0Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
Long Jump
1.12Evan Berndt19' 7Mar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
2.11Ethan Porter19' 2Apr 12Eastlake Invitational
3.12Greg Kearby18' 10Mar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
4.9Kevin Blair17' 11.5Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
5.9Hayden Rouse17' 8.5Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
6.11Matt Borton16' 9Apr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
7.9Alex Guernsey16' 4Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
8.9Marc Montez15' 11Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
Triple Jump
1.11Matt Borton40' 5.5Mar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
2.11Ethan Porter37' 8.5Apr 12Eastlake Invitational
3.9Alex Guernsey36' 1Apr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
4.9Kevin Blair35' 7Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
5.11Cory Leman35' 6Mar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis


100 Meters
1.10Haley Curtis12.90aMay 3Stanwood Invitational
2.9Chantel Jaeger13.39aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
3.11Laura Tangeman13.65aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
4.10Chelsea Nell13.77aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
5.9Mikele Cluff13.84aMay 93A CBL District Championships
6.12Jocelynn Smith14.17aApr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
7.9Julia Price15.03aMay 2CBL JV Championships
8.9Shay Young15.40aMay 2CBL JV Championships
200 Meters
1.9Chantel Jaeger25.72aMay 93A CBL District Championships
2.10Haley Curtis26.44aMay 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
3.9Ashley Packard27.42aMay 93A CBL District Championships
4.11Laura Tangeman28.58aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
5.9Mikele Cluff28.61aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
6.10Chelsea Nell28.83aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
7.9Julia Price29.64cApr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
8.9Araceli Arambul29.89aApr 22WV JV Invitational
9.12Melissa Trammell30.03aApr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
10.9Shay Young31.73aApr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
400 Meters
1.10Chelsea Nell60.75aMay 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
2.9Ashley Packard61.84aMay 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
3.12Stephanie Shuel62.94aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
4.9Mikele Cluff68.67aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
5.11Maria Pereira86.22aApr 22WV JV Invitational
800 Meters
1.11Lisa Olander2:13.17aMay 243A State Championships-All Events
2.12Stephanie Shuel2:27.62aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
3.10Audrey Urlacher02:31.49aApr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
4.11Megan LaRiviere2:42.79aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
5.11Amy Larson02:46.54aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
6.10Alisha Maissen2:54.68aApr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
7.12Meghann Sunwold03:04.62aApr 22WV JV Invitational
8.10Cecilia Arellano3:06.14aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
9.10Tia Dearinger3:07.51aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
1600 Meters
1.11Lisa Olander5:06.20aMay 31Brooks WA/OR Meet of Champions
2.12Stephanie Shuel5:18.03aMay 243A State Championships-All Events
3.10Audrey Urlacher5:28.40aApr 19Pasco Invitational Track Meet
4.11Amy Larson06:03.02aMay 93A CBL District Championships
5.11Megan LaRiviere06:22.53aApr 22WV JV Invitational
6.12Meghann Sunwold6:30.41aMay 2CBL JV Championships
7.10Cecilia Arellano06:37.52aApr 22WV JV Invitational
8.10Alisha Maissen06:45.71aApr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
3200 Meters
1.12Stephanie Shuel11:33.83aMay 243A State Championships-All Events
2.10Audrey Urlacher11:41.40aMay 243A State Championships-All Events
3.10Cecilia Arellano13:50.18aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
4.11Amy Larson14:04.87aApr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Jocelynn Smith16.56aMay 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
2.12Melissa Trammell16.74cApr 12Eastlake Invitational
3.9Araceli Arambul18.00aMay 93A CBL District Championships
4.10Laceigh Strunk18.72aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
5.10Halie Manning19.45aApr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Jocelynn Smith47.51aMay 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
2.12Melissa Trammell47.93aMar 22Ram Relays XVI
3.9Araceli Arambul51.58aMay 2CBL JV Championships
4.10Halie Manning54.83aMay 93A CBL District Championships
4x100 Relay
1.-Haley Curtis
Melissa Trammell
Laura Tangeman
Jocelynn Smith
50.71aMay 93A CBL District Championships
2.-Relay Team 51.15aMar 22Ram Relays XVI
3.-Laura Tangeman
Haley Curtis
Melissa Trammell
Chantel Jaeger
51.61aMay 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
4.-Chantel Jaeger
Jocelynn Smith
Melissa Trammell
Haley Curtis
51.98aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
5.-Laura Tangeman
Jocelynn Smith
Melissa Trammell
Haley Curtis
52.31aApr 19Pasco Invitational Track Meet
6.9Araceli Arambul
Julia Price
Ashley Packard
Mikele Cluff
56.64aApr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
4x200 Relay
1.-Chantel Jaeger
Chelsea Nell
Ashley Packard
Melissa Trammell
01:47.74aMay 93A CBL District Championships
2.-Jocelynn Smith
Melissa Trammell
Haley Curtis
Chantel Jaeger
1:48.06aMay 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
3.-Chelsea Nell
Haley Curtis
Jocelynn Smith
Melissa Trammell
1:48.82aMay 3Stanwood Invitational
4.-Relay Team 01:49.13aApr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
5.-Ashley Packard
Melissa Trammell
Haley Curtis
Jocelynn Smith
1:50.5Apr 12Eastlake Invitational
6.-Melissa Trammell
Haley Curtis
Chantel Jaeger
Chelsea Nell
1:51.69aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
4x400 Relay
1.-Ashley Packard
Chelsea Nell
Stephanie Shuel
Lisa Olander
4:07.57aMay 17Eastern Wash 3A Regionals
2.-Ashley Packard
Melissa Trammell
Chelsea Nell
Lisa Olander
4:11.42aMay 243A State Championships-All Events
3.-Relay Team 04:11.79aMay 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
4.-Lisa Olander
Ashley Packard
Chelsea Nell
Jocelynn Smith
04:18.54aMay 93A CBL District Championships
5.-Chelsea Nell
Jocelynn Smith
Lisa Olander
Stephanie Shuel
4:21.34aMay 3Stanwood Invitational
6.-Ashley Packard
Audrey Urlacher
Jocelynn Smith
Melissa Trammell
4:29.5Apr 12Eastlake Invitational
7.-Audrey Urlacher
Ashley Packard
Stephanie Shuel
Jocelynn Smith
04:33.17aMar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
8.-Ashley Packard
Audrey Urlacher
Jocelynn Smith
Lisa Olander
4:33.37aMar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 01:58.55aMar 22Ram Relays XVI
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Lisa Olander
Stephanie Shuel
Jocelynn Smith
Audrey Urlacher
13:05.80aApr 19Pasco Invitational Track Meet
4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 30"
1.-Relay Team 72.58aMar 22Ram Relays XVI
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Loegan Silliman31' 11.5Mar 22Ram Relays XVI
2.11Megan Hawkins30' 5.25Apr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
3.9Sierra Hoffine28' 7.25May 93A CBL District Championships
4.9Aleia Gefre28' 6Mar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
5.10Quianna Winkfield25' 8Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
6.10Kellee Toner25' 4.25Apr 12Eastlake Invitational
7.10Taylor Herzog24' 2.25Apr 22WV JV Invitational
8.9Madeline McDonald22' 0.5Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
9.11Ariel Permann19' 8Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
10.10Ariel Villasenor18' 6.25Apr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
11.9Alayna Sowder18' 4Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
12.9Morghan Leetch17' 4Apr 22WV JV Invitational
13.9Chelsea Bolin16' 3Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
Discus - 1kg
1.9Aleia Gefre93' 8Mar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
2.10Taylor Herzog86' 8May 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
3.11Megan Hawkins76' 4May 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
4.10Quianna Winkfield74' 6Apr 12Eastlake Invitational
5.9Sierra Hoffine67' 8Apr 12Eastlake Invitational
6.9Alayna Sowder60' 11Apr 22WV JV Invitational
7.9Madeline McDonald58' 4May 2CBL JV Championships
8.10Ariel Villasenor55' 4May 2CBL JV Championships
9.10Kellee Toner53' 6Apr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
10.11Ariel Permann50' 10Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
11.10Loegan Silliman48' 0Apr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
12.9Chelsea Bolin47' 0Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
13.9Morghan Leetch46' 11Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
Javelin - 600g
1.10Taylor Herzog108' 10May 93A CBL District Championships
2.10Quianna Winkfield105' 5May 93A CBL District Championships
3.10Loegan Silliman86' 4May 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
4.10Kellee Toner72' 9May 2CBL JV Championships
5.9Aleia Gefre69' 7Apr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick
6.11Megan Hawkins68' 8Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
7.9Chelsea Bolin63' 5Mar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
8.9Madeline McDonald54' 2Apr 29Eisenhower JV Invitational
9.9Sierra Hoffine50' 0Apr 22WV JV Invitational
10.9Morghan Leetch49' 9Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
11.10Ariel Villasenor45' 2Mar 22Ram Relays XVI
12.9Alayna Sowder45' 1Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
13.11Ariel Permann43' 2Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
High Jump
1.11Vida Rezaie4' 4Mar 22Ram Relays XVI
2.10Laceigh Strunk4' 2Mar 22Ram Relays XVI
Pole Vault
1.11Kira Lewis9' 0Mar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
Long Jump
1.11Kira Lewis17' 1Mar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
2.9Chantel Jaeger16' 11.5Mar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
3.11Vida Rezaie15' 11.25Mar 20Eisenhower/West Valley/Sunnyside @ Davis
4.11Laura Tangeman13' 8Mar 18Davis JV Invitational
5.11Megan Milford12' 6.5Apr 10Prosser/Riverside/LaSalle/Selah @ WV
6.11Maria Pereira10' 10.5Apr 22WV JV Invitational
Triple Jump
1.11Kira Lewis36' 3.25May 1Eastmont/Southridge/WV @ Kamiakin
2.11Vida Rezaie30' 10Mar 27Kamiakin/Hanford @ WV
3.11Laura Tangeman26' 7Mar 22Ram Relays XVI
4.11Megan Milford25' 7Apr 24Sunnyside/Kamiakin/WV @ Kennewick

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