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Event Records

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100 Meters
1.15-16Grant Richter12.02PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
2.13-14Lance Knieriem12.23PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
3.13-14Caden Terry12.32PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
4.13-14Delon Thompson12.50Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
5.13-14Quinn Haggarty12.63PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
6.15-16Matty Thomas12.72PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
7.13-14James Grandpre12.91PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
8.13-14Khalil Rasheed12.95PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
9.11-12Chase Hansen13.21PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
10.15-16Kadin Howe13.29PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
11.13-14Lexington Leffall13.36Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
12.15-16Jack Martino13.46PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
13.15-16Matthew Lippert13.50Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
14.13-14Ethan Wing13.62PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
15.11-12Jaxsen Stokes13.73PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
16.13-14Jacob Richey13.86Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
17.15-16Jake Reed13.97PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
13-14Chase Bierig13.97PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
19.15-16Dajan Ahmad13.98PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
20.13-14Christian Merrill14.07PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
21.13-14Brady Karsten14.14Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
22.9-10Carson Richter14.24PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
23.15-16Derik Galbawy14.28PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
24.11-12Brent Johnson14.32PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
25.15-16Weston McLeod14.33PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
26.15-16Benito Canepa14.37Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
27.13-14Aidan Scarpace14.45PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
28.13-14Jake McIntire14.51Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
29.13-14William Harrington14.52PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
30.9-10Jake Sabatini14.55PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
31.11-12Seth Jordan14.71PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
11-12Alex Karsten14.71Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
33.11-12Carter Wilson14.89PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
34.13-14Keene Debler15.00PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
35.13-14Turner Hayes15.06PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
36.11-12Jaden Beal15.17PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
11-12Colin Lorentz15.17Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
38.13-14Harrison Aber15.18PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
39.13-14Jonah Judd15.25PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
40.13-14Shaan Jhingan15.28PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
41.13-14Aram Sarkissian15.32Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
42.13-14Owen Poynter15.33Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
43.11-12Shandler Bawa15.36PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
44.15-16Owen Greding15.38PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
45.11-12Graham Christopher15.39PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
46.11-12Sean Henry15.43Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
47.13-14Benjamin Konopka15.55PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
48.13-14Nathan Villela15.59Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
49.9-10Christian Prater15.73Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
50.11-12Rayhan Mohamed15.79Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
51.9-10Thomas Sobrino15.80Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
52.13-14Dane Johnson15.81PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
53.11-12Beckett Packman15.86Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
54.11-12Trenton McLeod15.95Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
55.11-12Ismael Perez15.96PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
56.11-12Luke Pace15.98PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
57.9-10Jude Beal16.01Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
58.9-10Isaiah Achberger16.02Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
59.13-14Trevor Ewing16.03Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
60.9-10Beckett Lehto16.16Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
61.13-14Jacob Pa'au16.17PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
62.9-10Cody Knorr16.21Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
63.11-12Braeden Smith16.24PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
64.11-12Logan Harrington16.26Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
65.11-12Ben Morales16.30Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
66.11-12Isaias Perez16.35PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
67.7-8Carsten Hayes16.37May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
68.9-10Jaxson Marino16.40Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
69.9-10Renden Thomas16.48Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
70.11-12Braden Bauwens16.56PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
71.9-10Jonah Cohen16.70PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
13-14Colin Tipton16.70PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
73.11-12Oliver Mockridge16.73Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
74.9-10Eric Zhang16.74PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
75.9-10Caleb Knauer16.82PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
76.9-10Owen Young17.05Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
77.9-10Tommy Grande17.08Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
78.11-12Julian Date17.10PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
79.11-12Tyler Messing17.13PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
80.11-12Jakan Rancourt17.16PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
81.11-12Jack Fortune17.17PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
82.9-10Paul Kamboj17.21Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
83.11-12Matthew Kennedy17.33PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
84.9-10Adam Morgenstern17.38Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
85.11-12Gabriel Bernardino17.39Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
86.9-10Tyler Childers17.45Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
87.11-12Matthew Larson17.49Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
88.7-8Mateo Silander17.51Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
89.9-10Chris Knoedler17.52PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
90.9-10Erik McMahon17.56Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
91.7-8Tyler Smith17.69Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
92.9-10Ryan Bartlett17.75PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
93.9-10Aydin Blunt17.96PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
94.11-12Velvinayak Jagadish Babu17.97PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
95.11-12Isaac Gillard18.01PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
96.9-10Landon Stuart18.14PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
97.7-8Max Mahone18.39Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
98.9-10Elijah DeLaCruz18.54PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
99.9-10Bryan Wang18.58PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
100.9-10Braxton McLeod18.59Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
101.11-12Joshua Wang18.70PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
102.9-10Jonathan Mackay18.74Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
103.7-8Shant Sarkissian18.80Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
104.9-10Viktor Trotman18.81Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
105.9-10Rohan Kaushik18.99PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
106.9-10Max Malcolm19.05PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
107.7-8Tristen Duran19.08Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
108.7-8Finn Greding19.10Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
109.9-10Felipe Gaitan19.22PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
110.9-10Ayden De Voney19.28PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
7-8Grant Kalish19.28Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
112.7-8Smith Thayne19.43Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
113.7-8Andrew Shearer19.61Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
114.7-8Brennan Bechthold19.63PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
115.7-8Tom Kamboj20.07Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
116.7-8Ryan Henry20.19Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
117.9-10Andysheh Behziz20.65PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
118.7-8Jax Matson20.77PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
119.7-8Caleb Phelps20.95PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
120.9-10Johnny Means21.15PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
121.9-10Micah Phelps21.32Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
122.9-10Jensen Clarke21.38Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
123.11-12Kusa Nguyen22.29Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
124.9-10Spencer Lynn22.81Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
125.9-10Alex Rodriguez22.85PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
126.7-8Rhys Healy22.99Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
127.7-8Jesse Warren23.80PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
128.7-8Andrew Shah24.99Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
200 Meters
1.15-16Grant Richter24.56PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
2.13-14Quinn Haggarty24.87PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
3.15-16Caden Prater25.06PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
4.13-14Lance Knieriem25.35PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
5.15-16Matty Thomas25.97PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
6.13-14James Grandpre26.10PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
7.15-16Kadin Howe26.34PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
8.13-14Zaki Blunt26.39PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
9.11-12Chase Hansen26.55May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
10.13-14Delon Thompson26.72Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
11.13-14Khalil Rasheed26.82PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
12.15-16Matthew Lippert27.15PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
13.15-16Jack Martino27.46PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
14.15-16Daniel Appleford27.70PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
15.13-14Lexington Leffall28.15Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
16.13-14Jacob Richey28.53Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
17.13-14Brady Karsten28.86Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
18.11-12Jaxsen Stokes28.90PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
19.15-16Dajan Ahmad28.91PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
20.9-10Carson Richter29.54PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
21.13-14Aidan Scarpace29.72Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
22.11-12Seth Jordan29.75PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
23.11-12Brent Johnson29.76Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
24.15-16Derik Galbawy29.78PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
25.11-12Alex Karsten29.99Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
26.13-14William Harrington30.20PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
27.9-10Jake Sabatini30.25PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
28.13-14Owen Poynter30.35Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
29.11-12Sean Henry30.47Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
30.13-14Turner Hayes30.49PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
31.15-16Benito Canepa30.59PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
32.11-12Carter Wilson30.89PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
33.13-14Jonah Judd31.07PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
34.11-12Jack Watson31.16PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
35.11-12Dev Doshi31.55PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
36.13-14Benjamin Konopka31.77PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
37.13-14Keene Debler32.30Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
38.9-10Christian Prater32.31Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
39.11-12Graham Christopher32.53PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
40.13-14Nathan Villela33.01Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
41.9-10Cody Knorr33.22Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
42.13-14Shaan Jhingan33.30PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
13-14Jacob Pa'au33.30PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
44.11-12Isaias Perez33.84PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
45.11-12Logan Harrington34.00Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
46.9-10Jude Beal34.03PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
47.11-12Braden Bauwens34.11PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
48.9-10Isaiah Achberger34.19Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
49.11-12Rayhan Mohamed34.27Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
50.9-10Beckett Lehto34.38PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
51.11-12Ismael Perez34.40PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
52.13-14Trevor Ewing34.59PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
9-10Jaxson Marino34.59Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
54.9-10Renden Thomas34.65Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
55.9-10Eric Zhang34.69PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
56.7-8Carsten Hayes34.70May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
57.9-10Thomas Sobrino34.89PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
58.11-12Oliver Mockridge35.28Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
59.9-10Owen Young35.60PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
60.11-12Tyler Messing35.82PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
61.11-12Gabriel Bernardino36.45PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
62.9-10Paul Kamboj37.07Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
63.7-8Mateo Silander37.49Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
64.11-12Matthew Kennedy37.56PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
65.9-10Adam Morgenstern37.62Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
66.9-10Caleb Knauer37.87PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
67.9-10Aydin Blunt39.04PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
68.9-10Tyler Childers39.70Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
69.9-10Ayden De Voney39.71PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
70.11-12Julian Date39.74PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
71.11-12Velvinayak Jagadish Babu39.87PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
72.7-8Finn Greding40.13Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
73.7-8Max Mahone40.40PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
74.7-8Andrew Shearer40.60PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
75.11-12Joshua Wang40.77PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
76.9-10Rohan Kaushik41.09PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
77.9-10Felipe Gaitan41.17PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
78.7-8Smith Thayne41.24Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
79.9-10Viktor Trotman41.66PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
80.7-8Shant Sarkissian42.30Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
81.7-8Tristen Duran42.31Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
82.7-8Ryan Henry43.02Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
83.9-10Elijah DeLaCruz43.35PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
84.7-8Brennan Bechthold43.36PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
85.9-10Jensen Clarke44.74Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
86.7-8Tom Kamboj45.02Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
87.9-10Micah Phelps47.93PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
88.7-8Rhys Healy49.29Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
89.7-8Grant Kalish50.59Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
90.7-8Caleb Phelps51.13PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
91.9-10Johnny Means55.08PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
92.9-10Alex Rodriguez55.81PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
93.7-8Andrew Shah1:01.32PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
400 Meters
1.13-14Quinn Haggarty55.27PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
2.15-16Grant Richter55.67PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
3.15-16Caden Prater55.68PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
4.13-14James Grandpre57.34PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
5.15-16Kadin Howe57.69PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
6.15-16Daniel Appleford58.14PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
7.15-16Matty Thomas59.13PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
8.13-14Zaki Blunt59.69PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
9.13-14Lance Knieriem1:01.10PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
10.11-12Chase Hansen1:02.94Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
11.13-14Caden Terry1:03.07PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
12.11-12Dev Doshi1:05.36PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
13.11-12Liam Papavasiliou1:06.13Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
14.13-14Delon Thompson1:06.16Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
15.13-14Brady Karsten1:06.19Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
16.9-10Carson Richter1:06.64PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
17.13-14Turner Hayes1:06.82PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
18.13-14Aram Sarkissian1:06.90Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
19.11-12Seth Jordan1:06.92PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
20.13-14Lexington Leffall1:06.99Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
21.13-14Aidan Scarpace1:07.14Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
22.11-12Alex Karsten1:07.67Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
23.13-14William Harrington1:08.41PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
24.13-14Owen Poynter1:08.62Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
25.15-16Matthew Lippert1:08.91Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
26.11-12Jack Watson1:10.53Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
27.9-10Jake Sabatini1:10.68PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
28.9-10Christian Prater1:10.99PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
29.11-12Shandler Bawa1:12.22PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
30.13-14Benjamin Konopka1:15.14Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
31.11-12Sean Henry1:15.95Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
32.9-10Renden Thomas1:16.42PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
33.11-12Isaias Perez1:16.81PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
34.11-12Ismael Perez1:17.22PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
35.11-12Zachary McWhorter1:17.98Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
36.13-14Jake McIntire1:18.53PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
37.11-12Logan Harrington1:18.96PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
38.7-8Carsten Hayes1:18.99May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
39.13-14Jacob Pa'au1:19.13PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
40.9-10Ethan Shearer1:19.47PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
41.9-10Beckett Lehto1:19.57Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
42.9-10Eric Zhang1:19.95PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
43.11-12Beckett Packman1:20.07PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
44.11-12Gabriel Bernardino1:20.35Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
45.9-10Jude Beal1:22.23PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
46.11-12Jack Fortune1:22.38PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
47.9-10Jonah Cohen1:22.66PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
48.9-10Isaiah Achberger1:22.90Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
49.9-10Thomas Sobrino1:22.98PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
50.9-10Jaxson Marino1:23.11PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
51.11-12Oliver Mockridge1:23.63PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
52.9-10Landon Stuart1:23.65PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
53.9-10Cody Knorr1:24.08PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
54.11-12Jakan Rancourt1:24.82PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
55.9-10Bryan Wang1:24.89PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
56.11-12Rayhan Mohamed1:25.02Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
57.9-10Tommy Grande1:25.94Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
58.9-10Aydin Blunt1:26.29PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
59.11-12Philip Joh1:26.37PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
60.9-10Paul Kamboj1:26.88Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
61.7-8Finn Greding1:30.26PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
62.7-8Andrew Shearer1:31.14Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
63.9-10Erik McMahon1:31.24PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
64.9-10Jonathan Mackay1:31.34Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
65.11-12Velvinayak Jagadish Babu1:31.52PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
66.9-10Caleb Knauer1:31.96PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
67.7-8Mateo Silander1:32.27PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
68.9-10Ayden De Voney1:32.76PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
69.9-10Viktor Trotman1:34.26Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
70.7-8Grant Kalish1:36.15PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
71.9-10Jensen Clarke1:36.65Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
72.7-8Tyler Smith1:37.21PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
73.7-8Smith Thayne1:37.84Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
74.7-8Brennan Bechthold1:38.46Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
75.9-10Andysheh Behziz1:39.58PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
76.7-8Shant Sarkissian1:40.05Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
77.9-10Ryan Bartlett1:40.13Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
78.7-8Tom Kamboj1:40.36Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
79.7-8Ryan Henry1:40.94Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
80.7-8Tristen Duran1:42.78PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
81.9-10Felipe Gaitan1:44.73Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
82.7-8Jax Matson1:45.22PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
83.9-10Elijah DeLaCruz1:48.40PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
84.9-10Max Malcolm1:53.20PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
85.7-8Connor Rains1:57.25PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
86.9-10Micah Phelps1:57.87PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
87.7-8Rhys Healy2:02.82Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
88.7-8Caleb Phelps2:07.53PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
89.7-8Andrew Shah2:09.60Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
90.7-8Jesse Warren2:13.54PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
800 Meters
1.15-16Daniel Appleford2:15.48PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
2.13-14Zaki Blunt2:15.88PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
3.15-16Caden Prater2:17.74PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
4.11-12Dev Doshi2:26.66May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
5.11-12Liam Papavasiliou2:27.27May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
6.13-14Owen Poynter2:27.98Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
7.13-14James Grandpre2:29.23PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
8.13-14William Harrington2:31.69PRApr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
9.15-16Matthew Lippert2:34.21PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
10.13-14Turner Hayes2:36.44PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
11.11-12Alex Karsten2:45.91Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
12.11-12Jack Watson2:46.68Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
13.11-12Seth Jordan2:48.35Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
14.13-14Benjamin Konopka2:48.90Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
15.13-14Brady Karsten2:50.45Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
16.11-12Chase Hansen2:53.21PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
17.9-10Renden Thomas2:53.32May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
18.9-10Beckett Lehto2:54.88Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
19.9-10Ethan Shearer2:55.87Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
20.11-12Jaxsen Stokes2:56.53PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
21.13-14Aram Sarkissian2:56.83Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
22.11-12Zachary McWhorter3:00.16Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
23.11-12Gabriel Bernardino3:00.37Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
24.13-14Jonah Judd3:00.70PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
25.11-12Ismael Perez3:09.71PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
26.13-14Trevor Ewing3:11.92PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
27.13-14Nathan Villela3:12.75PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
28.9-10Jensen Clarke3:14.09PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
29.9-10Caleb Knauer3:15.66PRApr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
30.9-10Paul Kamboj3:15.68PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
31.11-12Isaias Perez3:16.53PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
32.11-12Rayhan Mohamed3:20.59PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
33.9-10Ayden De Voney3:21.64PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
34.7-8Finn Greding3:25.58Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
35.7-8Ryan Henry3:25.90Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
36.9-10Ryan Bartlett3:30.49Apr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
37.9-10Thomas Sobrino3:31.89PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
38.7-8Andrew Shearer3:34.83Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
39.9-10Tommy Grande3:40.21Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
40.7-8Brennan Bechthold3:44.56Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
41.9-10Jonathan Mackay3:46.64PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
42.9-10Elijah DeLaCruz3:52.44PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
43.7-8Grant Kalish3:57.55Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
44.7-8Shant Sarkissian4:02.03Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
45.7-8Tristen Duran4:29.16PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
1500 Meters
1.10Jace Aschbrenner4:13.49PRMar 10Oxy Distance Carnival
1600 Meters
1.15-16Daniel Appleford4:52.67PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
2.13-14Zaki Blunt4:55.67PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
3.15-16Caden Prater5:10.40PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
4.15-16Matty Thomas5:14.81PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
5.13-14Turner Hayes5:21.33PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
6.11-12Dev Doshi5:22.16Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
7.11-12Liam Papavasiliou5:23.00Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
8.13-14Owen Poynter5:24.47Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
9.13-14William Harrington5:43.08PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
10.13-14Benjamin Konopka5:54.74Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
11.13-14Aram Sarkissian6:01.60Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
12.11-12Jack Watson6:02.11Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
13.9-10Renden Thomas6:02.57May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
14.11-12Alex Karsten6:03.98Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
15.9-10Ethan Shearer6:14.42Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
16.13-14Brady Craven6:21.99Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
17.11-12Zachary McWhorter6:23.17PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
18.11-12Gabriel Bernardino6:23.70Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
19.9-10Jensen Clarke6:30.21Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
20.9-10Cody Knorr6:30.26PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
21.9-10Jonah Cohen6:48.77PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
22.9-10Aydin Blunt6:49.68PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
23.9-10Caleb Knauer7:01.31PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
24.7-8Carsten Hayes7:05.67PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
25.9-10Ayden De Voney7:24.16PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
26.11-12Rayhan Mohamed7:32.61PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
27.7-8Finn Greding7:36.47Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
28.7-8Brennan Bechthold7:45.38Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
29.9-10Elijah DeLaCruz8:23.00PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
30.7-8Grant Kalish8:23.43Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
31.7-8Tristen Duran10:44.62Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
3200 Meters
1.15-16Daniel Appleford10:54.86PRApr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
2.13-14Zaki Blunt11:08.47PRApr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
3.13-14William Harrington11:46.21PRApr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
4.11-12Liam Papavasiliou11:54.90Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
5.11-12Dev Doshi12:00.41PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
6.11-12Gabriel Bernardino13:26.91Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
7.11-12Zachary McWhorter13:34.75Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
8.13-14Benjamin Konopka13:35.37Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
9.11-12Alex Karsten13:48.06PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
10.13-14Brady Craven14:10.16PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
11.13-14Keene Debler14:36.94Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
12.11-12Rayhan Mohamed15:42.62PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
80m Hurdles - 30"
1.11-12Sean Henry16.45PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
2.11-12Luke Pace16.75PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
3.11-12Jaxsen Stokes16.79PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
4.11-12Beckett Packman18.34Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
5.11-12Julian Date25.26PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.13-14Caden Terry16.41PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
2.13-14James Grandpre18.35PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
3.13-14Keene Debler20.21PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
4.15-16Owen Greding20.35PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
5.15-16Weston McLeod20.52PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
6.13-14Delon Thompson20.58PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
7.13-14Benjamin Konopka20.76PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
8.13-14Christian Merrill21.37PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
9.13-14Jacob Richey21.68PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
10.13-14Jake McIntire22.59Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
11.13-14Harrison Aber24.32PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
12.15-16Benito Canepa28.55PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
4x100 Relay
1.Lance Knieriem
Quinn Haggarty
Delon Thompson
Grant Richter
47.83Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
2.Delon Thompson
Lance Knieriem
Quinn Haggarty
James Grandpre
47.89May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
3.Lance Knieriem
James Grandpre
Delon Thompson
Grant Richter
48.42Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
4.Lance Knieriem
Caden Prater
Delon Thompson
Grant Richter
48.54Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
5.James Grandpre
Delon Thompson
Lance Knieriem
Grant Richter
48.55Apr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
6.Lance Knieriem
Caden Prater
James Grandpre
Quinn Haggarty
49.11Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
7.Matty Thomas
Ethan Wing
Lexington Leffall
Jacob Richey
50.93May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
8.Lexington Leffall
Caden Terry
Ethan Wing
James Grandpre
51.07Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
9.Lexington Leffall
Caden Terry
James Grandpre
Quinn Haggarty
51.17Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
10.Chase Bierig
Caden Terry
Ethan Wing
Lexington Leffall
52.66Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
11.Delon Thompson
Jacob Richey
Aidan Scarpace
Lexington Leffall
53.79Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
12.Aidan Scarpace
Chase Bierig
Jack Martino
Delon Thompson
54.98Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
13.Aidan Scarpace
Benjamin Konopka
Lexington Leffall
Chase Bierig
56.45Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
14.Jaden Beal
Colin Lorentz
Seth Jordan
Alex Karsten
56.93May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
15.Thomas Sobrino
Christian Prater
Carson Richter
Jake Sabatini
59.21May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
16.Jude Beal
Jake Sabatini
Christian Prater
Carson Richter
59.87Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
17.Shaan Jhingan
Nathan Villela
Jake McIntire
Aidan Scarpace
59.98Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
18.Jaden Beal
Graham Christopher
Sean Henry
Colin Lorentz
1:00.19Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
19.Jaden Beal
Brent Johnson
Colin Lorentz
Braeden Smith
1:00.25Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
20.Jake McIntire
Jacob Richey
Weston McLeod
Aidan Scarpace
1:00.86Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
21.Jaden Beal
Sean Henry
Colin Lorentz
Braeden Smith
1:00.97Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
22.Colin Tipton
Turner Hayes
Nathan Villela
Jacob Richey
1:02.26Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
23.Colin Tipton
Dane Johnson
Nathan Villela
Trevor Ewing
1:02.29Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
24.Dane Johnson
Trevor Ewing
Nathan Villela
Turner Hayes
1:02.41Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
25.Sean Henry
Jaden Beal
Rayhan Mohamed
Colin Lorentz
1:02.67Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
26.Relay Team 1:03.42Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
27.Dane Johnson
Trevor Ewing
Turner Hayes
Jacob Richey
1:04.65Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
28.Renden Thomas
Jude Beal
Isaiah Achberger
Christian Prater
1:05.66Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
29.Thomas Sobrino
Jude Beal
Owen Young
Jake Sabatini
1:06.22Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
30.Braeden Smith
Braden Bauwens
Tyler Messing
Isaac Gillard
1:07.46Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
31.Erik McMahon
Chris Knoedler
Thomas Sobrino
Christian Prater
1:07.81Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
32.Jaden Beal
Tyler Messing
Gabriel Bernardino
Julian Date
1:09.31Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
33.Jack Fortune
Tyler Messing
Isaac Gillard
Braden Bauwens
1:10.28Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
34.Mateo Silander
Finn Greding
Carsten Hayes
Max Mahone
1:10.70May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
35.Ryan Bartlett
Owen Young
Erik McMahon
Cody Knorr
1:11.37Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
36.Tyler Messing
Braden Bauwens
Kusa Nguyen
Julian Date
1:12.09Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
37.Spencer Lynn
Isaiah Achberger
Cody Knorr
Christian Prater
1:12.63Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
38.Ayden De Voney
Tyler Childers
Renden Thomas
Jude Beal
1:12.65Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
39.Erik McMahon
Viktor Trotman
Caleb Knauer
Isaiah Achberger
1:12.77Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
40.Tyler Smith
Finn Greding
Mateo Silander
Carsten Hayes
1:13.35Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
41.Mateo Silander
Finn Greding
Tyler Smith
Max Mahone
1:13.64May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
42.Max Mahone
Finn Greding
Carsten Hayes
Mateo Silander
1:13.75Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
43.Kusa Nguyen
Isaac Gillard
Tyler Messing
Braden Bauwens
1:13.95Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
44.Thomas Sobrino
Tyler Childers
Viktor Trotman
Erik McMahon
1:14.11Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
45.Max Mahone
Finn Greding
Mateo Silander
Carsten Hayes
1:14.46Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
46.Caleb Knauer
Aydin Blunt
Chris Knoedler
Landon Stuart
1:14.68Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
47.Elijah DeLaCruz
Landon Stuart
Jude Beal
Ayden De Voney
1:14.78Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
48.Ryan Bartlett
Andysheh Behziz
Landon Stuart
Thomas Sobrino
1:15.08Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
49.Max Mahone
Tyler Smith
Mateo Silander
Finn Greding
1:15.10Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
50.Jack Fortune
Tyler Messing
Braden Bauwens
Kusa Nguyen
1:15.32Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
51.Jonah Cohen
Felipe Gaitan
Jensen Clarke
Paul Kamboj
1:15.85Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
52.Jensen Clarke
Viktor Trotman
Erik McMahon
Jonah Cohen
1:15.87Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
53.Andrew Shearer
Mateo Silander
Carsten Hayes
Max Mahone
1:16.25Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
54.Cody Knorr
Micah Phelps
Owen Young
Landon Stuart
1:16.55Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
55.Max Mahone
Mateo Silander
Carsten Hayes
Finn Greding
1:17.17Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
56.Jonah Cohen
Felipe Gaitan
Jensen Clarke
Tommy Grande
1:17.44Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
57.Alex Rodriguez
Ryan Bartlett
Bryan Wang
Beckett Lehto
1:17.78Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
58.Paul Kamboj
Aydin Blunt
Ryan Bartlett
Landon Stuart
1:18.29Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
59.Tyler Childers
Max Malcolm
Alex Rodriguez
Chris Knoedler
1:19.81Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
60.Jax Matson
Smith Thayne
Tristen Duran
Tyler Smith
1:20.41Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
61.Alex Rodriguez
Tyler Childers
Jensen Clarke
Tommy Grande
1:20.50Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
62.Alex Rodriguez
Micah Phelps
Ayden De Voney
Christian Prater
1:21.93Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
63.Ayden De Voney
Erik McMahon
Thomas Sobrino
Viktor Trotman
1:25.57Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
64.Spencer Lynn
Tyler Childers
Alex Rodriguez
Tommy Grande
1:25.80Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
65.Spencer Lynn
Felipe Gaitan
Jensen Clarke
Cody Knorr
1:26.47Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
66.Brennan Bechthold
Smith Thayne
Tristen Duran
Caleb Phelps
1:27.19Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
67.Jesse Warren
Brennan Bechthold
Tristen Duran
Jax Matson
1:28.42Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
68.Spencer Lynn
Alex Rodriguez
Viktor Trotman
Jonah Cohen
1:30.27Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
69.Jax Matson
Andrew Shah
Connor Rains
Grant Kalish
1:30.97Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
70.Brennan Bechthold
Connor Rains
Shant Sarkissian
Jesse Warren
1:32.63Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
71.Jesse Warren
Tom Kamboj
Connor Rains
Grant Kalish
1:32.77Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
72.Connor Rains
Tom Kamboj
Caleb Phelps
Andrew Shah
1:33.17Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
73.Rhys Healy
Grant Kalish
Andrew Shearer
Jax Matson
1:37.96Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
74.Rhys Healy
Tyler Smith
Ryan Henry
Tristen Duran
1:39.19Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
4x400 Relay
1.Lance Knieriem
Quinn Haggarty
Zaki Blunt
James Grandpre
3:55.17May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
2.Grant Richter
James Grandpre
Caden Prater
Quinn Haggarty
3:58.06Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
3.Owen Poynter
Daniel Appleford
Zaki Blunt
Caden Prater
4:10.04Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
4.Daniel Appleford
Lexington Leffall
Delon Thompson
Kadin Howe
4:17.07May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
5.Liam Papavasiliou
Dev Doshi
Seth Jordan
Chase Hansen
4:22.26May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
6.Brady Karsten
Delon Thompson
Owen Poynter
Zaki Blunt
4:28.22Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
7.Seth Jordan
Alex Karsten
Dev Doshi
Chase Hansen
4:33.20Apr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
8.Delon Thompson
Owen Poynter
Daniel Appleford
Zaki Blunt
4:37.23Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
9.Alex Karsten
Liam Papavasiliou
Seth Jordan
Chase Hansen
4:37.47Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
10.Rayhan Mohamed
Liam Papavasiliou
Alex Karsten
Chase Hansen
4:53.66Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
11.Jaxsen Stokes
Rayhan Mohamed
Alex Karsten
Dev Doshi
5:03.78Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
12.Liam Papavasiliou
Velvinayak Jagadish Babu
Alex Karsten
Chase Hansen
5:05.53Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
13.Ethan Shearer
Renden Thomas
Christian Prater
Jake Sabatini
5:06.28May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
14.Jude Beal
Renden Thomas
Cody Knorr
Caleb Knauer
5:51.3hMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
15.Ethan Shearer
Paul Kamboj
Jensen Clarke
Cody Knorr
6:07.22Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
16.Jude Beal
Paul Kamboj
Cody Knorr
Jensen Clarke
6:15.30Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
17.Ayden De Voney
Cody Knorr
Caleb Knauer
Elijah DeLaCruz
6:15.71Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
18.Jensen Clarke
Paul Kamboj
Tyler Childers
Cody Knorr
6:22.24Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
19.Cody Knorr
Ryan Bartlett
Paul Kamboj
Ethan Shearer
6:22.29Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
20.Tyler Childers
Paul Kamboj
Jensen Clarke
Cody Knorr
6:26.85Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
Shot Put - 6lb
1.11-12Braeden Smith28' 9PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
2.11-12Colin Lorentz25' 9Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
3.11-12Matthew Kennedy23' 5Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
4.11-12Ben Morales21' 9.5PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
5.9-10Cody Knorr20' 11May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
6.11-12Logan Harrington19' 6Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
7.11-12Kusa Nguyen17' 5.75PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
8.9-10Isaiah Achberger17' 3.75PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
9.9-10Chris Knoedler16' 7Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
10.9-10Ryan Bartlett16' 2PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
11.9-10Christian Prater15' 6Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
9-10Paul Kamboj15' 6PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
13.9-10Max Malcolm14' 9PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
14.9-10Erik McMahon14' 8PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
15.9-10Ayden De Voney13' 6.5PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
16.9-10Caleb Knauer13' 4PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
17.9-10Thomas Sobrino13' 3Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
18.9-10Braxton McLeod12' 2PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
19.9-10Jonathan Mackay11' 9.75Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
Shot Put - 4kg
1.13-14Caden Terry36' 7PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
2.15-16Caden Prater35' 8.5PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
3.13-14Jacob Richey34' 6May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
4.15-16Thomas Navratil27' 10.5PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
5.13-14Colin Tipton27' 9.5PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
6.13-14Lance Knieriem27' 5.75PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
7.13-14Nathan Villela23' 11.5PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
8.13-14Jacob Pa'au23' 2.5Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
Shot Put - 10lb
1.15-16Caden Prater37' 3PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
2.15-16Thomas Navratil32' 2.75PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
3.15-16Dajan Ahmad24' 8.5PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
High Jump
1.15-16Jake Reed5' 2PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
15-16Weston McLeod5' 2PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
3.11-12Sean Henry5' 0May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
4.13-14James Grandpre4' 9PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
13-14Christian Merrill4' 9PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
6.11-12Trenton McLeod4' 8May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
7.13-14Jonah Judd4' 7PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
8.11-12Carter Wilson4' 6PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
9.13-14Brady Craven4' 2Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
10.15-16Owen Greding4' 1PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
11.11-12Luke Pace4' 0PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
11-12Alex Karsten4' 0PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
13-14Chase Bierig4' 0PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
14.9-10Paul Kamboj3' 9May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
15.9-10Adam Morgenstern3' 8PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
16.9-10Micah Phelps3' 6PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
17.9-10Tommy Grande3' 5Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
18.9-10Ryan Bartlett3' 3PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
19.9-10Chris Knoedler3' 1Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
9-10Eric Zhang3' 1PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
21.9-10Thomas Sobrino3' 0Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
22.9-10Landon Stuart2' 11PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
9-10Owen Young2' 11PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
Long Jump
1.13-14Quinn Haggarty18' 4.25PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
2.13-14Ethan Wing16' 9.5PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
3.13-14Delon Thompson16' 8Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
4.13-14Zaki Blunt16' 7.75PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
5.15-16Jake Reed16' 7.25PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
6.13-14James Grandpre16' 5.5PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
7.11-12Chase Hansen15' 9PRApr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
8.15-16Matthew Lippert15' 6.75PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
9.15-16Matty Thomas15' 5.25PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
10.15-16Jack Martino14' 11.75PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
11.13-14Lexington Leffall14' 8PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
12.13-14Jacob Richey14' 5PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
13.11-12Seth Jordan14' 4PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
14.13-14Chase Bierig14' 1PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
15.15-16Thomas Navratil13' 11PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
16.13-14Christian Merrill13' 10.25PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
17.15-16Owen Greding13' 7.25PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
18.13-14Harrison Aber13' 6.5PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
19.11-12Brent Johnson13' 6Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
20.15-16Derik Galbawy13' 2.5PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
21.11-12Alex Karsten13' 0PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
22.11-12Carter Wilson12' 11.25PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
23.11-12Liam Papavasiliou12' 10PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
24.11-12Colin Lorentz12' 6.5PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
25.11-12Shandler Bawa12' 5PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
26.13-14Owen Poynter12' 4PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
27.11-12Trenton McLeod12' 3.75Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
28.9-10Jake Sabatini12' 3PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
29.11-12Beckett Packman12' 2.75PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
30.13-14Aidan Scarpace12' 2.5Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
31.13-14Jonah Judd12' 1PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
32.13-14Keene Debler12' 0Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
33.13-14Benjamin Konopka11' 10Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
34.9-10Carson Richter11' 6PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
35.15-16Benito Canepa11' 5Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
36.11-12Braeden Smith11' 4PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
37.13-14Trevor Ewing11' 2.25Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
38.11-12Isaias Perez11' 1.75PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
39.13-14William Harrington11' 1.5PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
40.11-12Ben Morales11' 1Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
9-10Jude Beal11' 1Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
42.11-12Jack Fortune10' 9PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
43.11-12Velvinayak Jagadish Babu10' 8PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
44.11-12Jaden Beal10' 7.75Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
45.13-14Dane Johnson10' 7PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
46.11-12Ismael Perez10' 6.75PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
9-10Isaiah Achberger10' 6.75Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
48.11-12Oliver Mockridge10' 6.25PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
49.11-12Rayhan Mohamed10' 6Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
50.9-10Owen Young10' 5PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
51.13-14Jake McIntire10' 4.25Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
52.9-10Renden Thomas10' 4PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
11-12Tyler Messing10' 4PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
54.11-12Zachary McWhorter10' 3.25Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
55.9-10Cody Knorr10' 2.5Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
56.7-8Max Mahone10' 1Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
57.13-14Shaan Jhingan9' 11.75PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
58.11-12Braden Bauwens9' 11.5PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
59.7-8Carsten Hayes9' 11.25May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
60.11-12Julian Date9' 9.75PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
61.9-10Tyler Childers9' 9PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
62.7-8Tyler Smith9' 8PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
63.11-12Gabriel Bernardino9' 7Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
64.11-12Isaac Gillard9' 5.5PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
65.9-10Paul Kamboj9' 5.25Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
66.9-10Christian Prater9' 4Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
67.7-8Mateo Silander9' 3.5Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
68.11-12Matthew Kennedy9' 2.75Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
69.9-10Jonah Cohen9' 2PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
70.9-10Erik McMahon9' 0.75Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
71.9-10Chris Knoedler9' 0.5Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
72.9-10Adam Morgenstern9' 0.25Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
73.9-10Thomas Sobrino8' 10.75Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
74.11-12Jakan Rancourt8' 9.5PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
75.9-10Bryan Wang8' 8.25PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
9-10Beckett Lehto8' 8.25Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
77.9-10Andysheh Behziz8' 8PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
78.7-8Finn Greding8' 7Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
79.7-8Grant Kalish8' 5.75Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
80.9-10Viktor Trotman8' 4.75Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
81.13-14Colin Tipton8' 3.75PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
82.7-8Shant Sarkissian8' 3.5PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
83.7-8Brennan Bechthold8' 3.25PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
84.9-10Rohan Kaushik8' 0.25PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
85.11-12Logan Harrington7' 11.75PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
86.9-10Braxton McLeod7' 11Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
87.7-8Smith Thayne7' 10.25Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
88.9-10Tommy Grande7' 10PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
9-10Max Malcolm7' 10PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
90.7-8Rhys Healy7' 8PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
91.9-10Aydin Blunt7' 7.5Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
92.7-8Tom Kamboj7' 6.25Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
93.7-8Connor Rains7' 6PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
94.9-10Jensen Clarke7' 5.5Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
95.7-8Jax Matson7' 5PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
96.7-8Ryan Henry7' 3.5Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
97.7-8Andrew Shearer7' 2Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
98.11-12Matthew Larson7' 0PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
9-10Micah Phelps7' 0PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
100.9-10Felipe Gaitan6' 11PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
101.9-10Jonathan Mackay6' 10.5Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
102.7-8Caleb Phelps6' 8.25Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
103.7-8Jesse Warren6' 8PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
9-10Elijah DeLaCruz6' 8PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
105.7-8Tristen Duran6' 5Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
106.9-10Alex Rodriguez6' 3.25PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
107.9-10Johnny Means5' 3PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
108.7-8Andrew Shah5' 1.5Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
109.9-10Spencer Lynn4' 8.75PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP


100 Meters
1.13-14Ailish Hawkins13.69Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
2.13-14Lauren Scully13.83Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
3.13-14Hannah Waggoner13.89PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
4.13-14Samantha McDonnell14.04PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
5.13-14Anja Slattum14.25Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
6.13-14Autumn Sloboda14.28Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
7.13-14Paige Scully14.29Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
8.11-12Lina Saley14.39PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
9.13-14Sophie Wright14.56Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
10.11-12Baylie Sparks14.64PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
13-14Sini Utermohlen14.64Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
12.13-14Madeline Pace14.69Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
13.11-12Ashlyn Merrill14.79Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
14.15-16Catrina Wolfe14.80PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
15.11-12Kyra Terry14.88Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
16.13-14Kailani Chisholm14.90Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
17.15-16Zara Rancourt15.30PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
18.13-14Grace Hernandez15.38Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
19.13-14Ashlee Lorentz15.42Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
20.13-14Georgia Kalpogianni15.44PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
21.13-14Grace Gillard15.46Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
22.11-12Summer Hayes15.49Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
23.13-14Isabella Date15.52PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
24.11-12Zoey Haggarty15.60Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
25.11-12Jenna Katelyn Gomez15.61PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
26.13-14Linnea Trotman15.67Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
27.11-12Grace Villela15.69Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
28.9-10Charley Nystrom15.70Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
29.13-14Anna Mackay16.24PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
30.9-10Alexa Caulfield16.25Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
31.11-12Abigail Pace16.26Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
32.11-12Ella Trotman16.28Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
33.13-14Kylie Whitcomb16.39PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
34.9-10Gwen Suh16.45Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
35.11-12Allie Mohelnitzky16.61PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
36.11-12Kailtyn Mackay16.63PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
37.13-14Callie-Jane Greding16.69Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
38.13-14Cassandra Chavarria16.73Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
39.11-12Mika Silander16.77Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
40.11-12Ava Ewing16.81Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
41.11-12Cassidy McIntire17.11Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
42.11-12Nora Lehto17.13PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
43.11-12Ivy Waters17.14PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
44.11-12Juliana Krostag17.21PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
45.9-10Brooke Norman17.24PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
46.13-14Elise Jones17.27Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
47.9-10Scarlett Christopher17.34PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
48.9-10Keira Overbeck17.36PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
49.13-14Kiri Murdock17.47Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
50.7-8Kate McIntosh17.58Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
51.13-14Laura Means17.60PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
52.11-12Sarah Kavanagh17.84Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
53.9-10Keelan Nygren17.86PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
54.11-12Elena Judd17.91Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
55.11-12Sophia Joh18.01PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
56.9-10Lila Papavasiliou18.03PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
57.9-10Brenna Bauwens18.20PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
58.11-12Bailey Gilroy18.28Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
59.13-14Lia Leizerovich18.30PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
60.9-10Jolie Peyton18.43Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
61.11-12Scarlett Malcolm18.70Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
62.9-10Laura Pace18.74Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
63.7-8Chloe Goren19.00PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
64.9-10Lucy Judd19.01Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
65.7-8Avery Harrington19.08Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
66.7-8Justice McKinney19.09PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
67.11-12Lucy Shah19.20PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
68.7-8Ella Muskat19.24Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
69.9-10Ericka Norman19.26PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
70.9-10Sydney Redline19.38PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
71.7-8Scarlett Overbeck19.44PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
72.9-10Riley Nuzzolo19.52Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
73.9-10Brianna Kimock19.54PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
74.11-12Trinity Tipton19.56PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
75.9-10Summer Greding19.65Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
76.11-12Ana Chow19.72Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
77.7-8Cedar Sparks19.90PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
78.7-8Kensie Redline19.95Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
79.7-8Alex Watson20.26Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
80.7-8Claire Vasquez20.63PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
81.7-8Hannah Young20.91PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
82.7-8Ruby Hise21.16PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
83.7-8Faith Villela21.19Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
84.9-10Emma Kilgore21.33PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
85.7-8Niamh Kavanagh21.43PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
86.9-10Dylan Gilroy21.65Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
87.7-8Olivia Pace21.74Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
88.7-8Aylin Oruklu22.11PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
89.7-8Grace Kennedy22.19Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
90.7-8Farah Najjarpour23.67PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
91.9-10Layla Najjarpour24.38Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
92.7-8Lily Mackay26.36Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
200 Meters
1.13-14Ailish Hawkins27.58Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
2.13-14Lauren Scully28.02May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
3.13-14Hannah Waggoner28.64PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
4.11-12Lina Saley28.66PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
5.13-14Autumn Sloboda29.26PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
6.13-14Anja Slattum30.05Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
7.13-14Sini Utermohlen30.98Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
8.13-14Madeline Pace31.66PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
9.13-14Naomi Bernardino32.17Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
10.13-14Georgia Kalpogianni32.45PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
11.13-14Isabella Date32.48PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
12.9-10Makayla Knauer32.55PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
13.15-16Catrina Wolfe32.72PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
13-14Grace Hernandez32.72PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
15.11-12Grace Villela32.82Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
16.13-14Taylor Watson33.11PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
17.11-12Jenna Katelyn Gomez33.26PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
18.13-14Cassandra Chavarria33.28Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
19.13-14Grace Gillard33.32PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
20.13-14Linnea Trotman33.34PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
21.11-12Zoey Haggarty33.51Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
22.9-10Gwen Suh33.98Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
23.11-12Nora Lehto34.54Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
11-12Katie Knoedler34.54PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
25.11-12Brianna Bergstrom34.80PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
26.13-14Monica Reverente35.02Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
27.11-12Allie Mohelnitzky35.43PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
28.9-10Charley Nystrom35.56Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
29.13-14Anna Mackay35.88Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
30.11-12Sophia Nuzzolo36.08Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
9-10Alexa Caulfield36.08Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
32.11-12Ella Trotman36.28Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
33.11-12Ivy Waters36.31PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
34.11-12Kailtyn Mackay36.36PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
35.11-12Mika Silander36.48PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
36.11-12Juliana Krostag36.59PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
37.9-10Brooke Norman38.15PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
38.9-10Keelan Nygren38.42PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
39.9-10Ericka Norman38.46PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
40.7-8Kate McIntosh38.47Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
41.9-10Lila Papavasiliou39.16PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
42.11-12Sarah Kavanagh39.72Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
43.9-10Scarlett Christopher39.84PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
44.9-10Jolie Bakholdin40.20PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
45.9-10Brianna Kimock40.28PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
46.7-8Justice McKinney40.61PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
47.9-10Keira Overbeck41.09Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
48.7-8Scarlett Overbeck41.28PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
49.11-12Lucy Shah41.29PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
50.9-10Riley Nuzzolo41.39PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
51.7-8Chloe Goren41.86PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
52.7-8Hannah Young42.02Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
53.9-10Brenna Bauwens42.31Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
54.9-10Summer Greding42.64PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
55.7-8Ella Muskat43.26Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
56.7-8Avery Harrington43.47Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
57.7-8Cedar Sparks43.99PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
58.9-10Sydney Redline44.01PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
59.11-12Ana Chow44.16PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
60.7-8Kensie Redline45.00Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
61.7-8Grace Kennedy45.86PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
62.9-10Emma Kilgore46.70PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
63.7-8Aylin Oruklu47.35PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
64.7-8Claire Vasquez47.82PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
65.7-8Alex Watson48.17Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
66.7-8Faith Villela48.99Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
67.7-8Ruby Hise50.33PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
68.7-8Olivia Pace52.49PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
69.7-8Niamh Kavanagh53.94Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
70.7-8Farah Najjarpour56.57PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
71.7-8Lily Mackay1:03.83Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
400 Meters
1.13-14Ailish Hawkins1:01.64PRApr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
2.13-14Lauren Scully1:02.67PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
3.13-14Anja Slattum1:04.90PRApr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
4.13-14Morgan Nygren1:05.13PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
5.13-14Paige Scully1:05.40Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
6.13-14Autumn Sloboda1:07.31PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
7.11-12Baylie Sparks1:08.97PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
8.13-14Grace Hernandez1:10.78PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
9.13-14Sini Utermohlen1:10.99Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
10.11-12Lina Saley1:12.03PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
11.13-14Naomi Bernardino1:13.48Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
12.9-10Makayla Knauer1:13.55PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
13.11-12Kyra Terry1:13.93Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
14.15-16Zara Rancourt1:14.61PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
15.11-12Jenna Katelyn Gomez1:15.07PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
16.13-14Taylor Watson1:15.22Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
17.11-12Anna Reed1:15.61PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
18.11-12Ashlyn Merrill1:16.04PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
19.13-14Anna Mackay1:16.42Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
20.11-12Nora Lehto1:16.93Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
21.13-14Monica Reverente1:17.23PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
22.11-12Sophia Nuzzolo1:17.69PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
23.15-16Natalie Benic1:17.78PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
24.11-12Summer Hayes1:17.95Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
25.13-14Grace Gillard1:18.45PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
26.11-12Allie Mohelnitzky1:20.00PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
27.11-12Ella Trotman1:21.00Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
28.13-14Kiri Murdock1:21.37Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
29.11-12Kailtyn Mackay1:21.45PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
30.9-10Gwen Suh1:21.90PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
31.9-10Alexa Caulfield1:22.56PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
32.13-14Isabella Date1:22.90PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
33.9-10Charley Nystrom1:24.18Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
34.9-10Brooke Norman1:24.63PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
35.9-10Keelan Nygren1:24.97PRApr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
36.11-12Ava Ewing1:26.45PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
37.9-10Ericka Norman1:27.15PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
38.11-12Elena Judd1:27.77PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
39.9-10Lila Papavasiliou1:28.21Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
40.13-14Lia Leizerovich1:28.24PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
41.11-12Lucy Shah1:28.25PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
42.7-8Kate McIntosh1:29.22Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
43.9-10Keira Overbeck1:30.41Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
44.11-12Cassidy McIntire1:31.43PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
45.11-12Scarlett Malcolm1:32.17PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
46.9-10Jolie Peyton1:33.06Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
47.7-8Avery Harrington1:34.71PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
48.7-8Hannah Young1:35.64PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
49.7-8Scarlett Overbeck1:36.97PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
50.9-10Brenna Bauwens1:37.12PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
51.9-10Sydney Redline1:37.68PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
52.9-10Lucy Judd1:37.77PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
53.9-10Riley Nuzzolo1:39.26PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
54.7-8Ella Muskat1:39.88Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
55.7-8Kensie Redline1:40.47Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
56.11-12Ana Chow1:41.80Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
57.9-10Summer Greding1:41.99PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
9-10Emma Kilgore1:41.99PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
59.9-10Layla Najjarpour1:42.24PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
60.7-8Cedar Sparks1:43.21PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
61.7-8Justice McKinney1:43.96PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
62.7-8Chloe Goren1:46.59PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
63.7-8Alex Watson1:47.45PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
64.7-8Faith Villela1:51.73Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
65.7-8Aylin Oruklu1:52.54PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
66.7-8Olivia Pace1:54.85PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
67.7-8Ruby Hise1:55.00PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
68.7-8Claire Vasquez1:58.99PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
69.7-8Grace Kennedy1:59.76Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
70.7-8Lily Mackay2:04.36Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
71.7-8Farah Najjarpour2:14.98PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
800 Meters
1.13-14Ailish Hawkins2:26.26PRApr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
2.13-14Morgan Nygren2:28.48May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
3.13-14Paige Scully2:35.17May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
4.11-12Eleanor Borchard2:37.89Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
5.9-10Makayla Knauer2:49.74PRApr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
6.11-12Anna Reed2:55.72PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
7.13-14Taylor Watson2:56.45Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
8.15-16Natalie Benic2:58.09PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
9.13-14Naomi Bernardino2:58.33Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
10.13-14Kylie Whitcomb2:58.99PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
11.13-14Kiri Murdock3:00.56Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
12.9-10Jolie Bakholdin3:03.99Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
13.11-12Nora Lehto3:05.55Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
14.9-10Ericka Norman3:07.27PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
15.11-12Katie Knoedler3:08.20PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
16.9-10Brooke Norman3:09.14PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
17.11-12Baylie Sparks3:10.76PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
18.11-12Bailey Gilroy3:12.70Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
19.9-10Alexa Caulfield3:12.86Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
20.9-10Charley Nystrom3:16.47Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
21.11-12Sophia Nuzzolo3:17.71Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
22.13-14Monica Reverente3:18.85PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
23.9-10Scarlett Christopher3:19.52PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
24.11-12Summer Hayes3:21.51Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
25.9-10Lila Papavasiliou3:23.15Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
26.11-12Ella Trotman3:23.66PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
27.13-14Lia Leizerovich3:25.09PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
28.11-12Juliana Krostag3:26.86PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
29.11-12Kailtyn Mackay3:27.52PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
30.9-10Keira Overbeck3:29.52Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
31.11-12Cassidy McIntire3:32.96PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
32.7-8Avery Harrington3:37.43May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
33.11-12Elena Judd3:37.92PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
34.7-8Hannah Young3:46.53PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
35.7-8Scarlett Overbeck3:46.66PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
36.9-10Jolie Peyton3:47.78PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
37.7-8Justice McKinney3:50.10PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
38.9-10Emma Kilgore3:50.26PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
39.7-8Kate McIntosh3:50.52Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
40.9-10Sydney Redline3:52.75PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
41.9-10Summer Greding3:52.95Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
42.7-8Ella Muskat3:53.01Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
43.7-8Alex Watson3:57.99PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
44.9-10Dylan Gilroy3:59.77Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
45.7-8Kensie Redline4:02.94PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
46.9-10Brianna Kimock4:03.35PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
47.7-8Cedar Sparks4:11.41PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
48.7-8Aylin Oruklu4:11.70PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
49.7-8Faith Villela4:13.51PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
50.7-8Niamh Kavanagh4:23.40PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
51.7-8Grace Kennedy4:24.31PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
52.7-8Claire Vasquez4:29.16PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
53.7-8Olivia Pace4:31.79PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
54.7-8Lily Mackay4:59.78PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
1600 Meters
1.13-14Morgan Nygren5:31.14PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
2.9-10Makayla Knauer5:56.25PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
3.13-14Taylor Watson5:59.41PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
4.15-16Natalie Benic6:08.48PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
5.13-14Kiri Murdock6:26.91Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
6.13-14Naomi Bernardino6:26.94Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
7.9-10Ericka Norman6:29.11PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
8.9-10Brooke Norman6:30.19PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
9.9-10Jolie Bakholdin6:30.61Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
10.11-12Katie Knoedler6:40.93PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
11.9-10Keira Overbeck6:44.38PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
12.11-12Juliana Krostag7:03.57PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
13.13-14Monica Reverente7:15.70PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
14.13-14Anna Mackay7:16.08Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
15.9-10Charley Nystrom7:16.41PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
16.7-8Ella Muskat7:17.07May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
17.9-10Lila Papavasiliou7:17.70Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
18.11-12Abigail Pace7:24.54PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
19.11-12Ella Trotman7:33.49PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
20.11-12Bailey Gilroy7:36.28Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
21.7-8Hannah Young7:36.64May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
22.9-10Summer Greding7:43.41Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
23.9-10Lucy Judd7:43.89PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
24.11-12Cassidy McIntire7:44.25PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
25.9-10Jolie Peyton7:50.07PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
26.7-8Avery Harrington7:53.31Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
27.11-12Kailtyn Mackay7:59.23PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
28.7-8Aylin Oruklu8:06.96PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
29.7-8Kate McIntosh8:12.38Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
30.7-8Justice McKinney8:15.14PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
31.9-10Dylan Gilroy8:22.65Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
32.7-8Chloe Goren8:31.13PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
33.7-8Cedar Sparks8:31.61PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
34.7-8Kensie Redline8:34.37PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
35.7-8Niamh Kavanagh8:55.69PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
36.7-8Scarlett Overbeck8:59.22PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
37.7-8Faith Villela9:12.92Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
38.7-8Alex Watson9:13.04PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
39.11-12Madison Rains9:17.77PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
40.7-8Ruby Hise9:30.18PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
41.9-10Brianna Kimock9:32.87PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
42.7-8Grace Kennedy9:45.92PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
43.7-8Olivia Pace9:52.53PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
44.7-8Claire Vasquez10:44.54PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
45.7-8Lily Mackay11:29.10Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
3200 Meters
1.13-14Morgan Nygren12:58.40Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
2.13-14Naomi Bernardino13:35.62PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
3.15-16Natalie Benic13:42.13PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
4.13-14Taylor Watson13:51.75Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
5.13-14Kiri Murdock14:14.75Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
6.11-12Juliana Krostag15:17.57PRApr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
80m Hurdles - 30"
1.11-12Eleanor Borchard16.48PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
2.11-12Abigail Pace18.00Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
3.11-12Anna Reed18.20PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
4.11-12Katie Knoedler18.36PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
5.11-12Allie Mohelnitzky19.51PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
6.11-12Ava Ewing19.73PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
7.11-12Sarah Kavanagh19.94Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.13-14Sophie Wright17.17PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
2.15-16Catrina Wolfe19.86PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
3.13-14Cassandra Chavarria20.26PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
4.13-14Madeline Pace20.44Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
5.13-14Isabella Date21.50PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
6.13-14Grace Hernandez22.30PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
7.13-14Anna Mackay24.49Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
4x100 Relay
1.Samantha McDonnell
Anja Slattum
Lauren Scully
Ailish Hawkins
52.45May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
2.Samantha McDonnell
Lauren Scully
Paige Scully
Ailish Hawkins
54.16Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
3.-Lauren Scully
Anja Slattum
Paige Scully
Ailish Hawkins
54.70Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
4.Eleanor Borchard
Ashlyn Merrill
Baylie Sparks
Lina Saley
56.77May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
5.Eleanor Borchard
Ashlyn Merrill
Baylie Sparks
Kyra Terry
58.70Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
6.Kailani Chisholm
Grace Hernandez
Ashlee Lorentz
Sini Utermohlen
58.81Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
7.Kailani Chisholm
Autumn Sloboda
Georgia Kalpogianni
Samantha McDonnell
58.85Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
8.Kailani Chisholm
Sini Utermohlen
Grace Hernandez
Madeline Pace
1:00.66Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
9.Eleanor Borchard
Kyra Terry
Jenna Katelyn Gomez
Baylie Sparks
1:00.98Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
10.Kailani Chisholm
Ashlee Lorentz
Naomi Bernardino
Madeline Pace
1:01.01Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
11.Kailani Chisholm
Autumn Sloboda
Madeline Pace
Samantha McDonnell
1:01.03Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
12.Ashlee Lorentz
Grace Gillard
Linnea Trotman
Madeline Pace
1:01.68Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
13.Isabella Date
Catrina Wolfe
Linnea Trotman
Ashlee Lorentz
1:01.69Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
14.Catrina Wolfe
Elise Jones
Cassandra Chavarria
Isabella Date
1:02.16Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
15.Catrina Wolfe
Grace Hernandez
Cassandra Chavarria
Isabella Date
1:02.24Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
16.Kailani Chisholm
Catrina Wolfe
Naomi Bernardino
Cassandra Chavarria
1:02.41Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
17.Katie Knoedler
Grace Villela
Zoey Haggarty
Kyra Terry
1:02.48Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
18.Kiri Murdock
Monica Reverente
Naomi Bernardino
Catrina Wolfe
1:02.64Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
19.Jenna Katelyn Gomez
Grace Villela
Katie Knoedler
Summer Hayes
1:03.04Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
20.Katie Knoedler
Grace Villela
Summer Hayes
Zoey Haggarty
1:03.08Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
21.Zoey Haggarty
Grace Villela
Ella Trotman
Jenna Katelyn Gomez
1:03.14Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
22.Sini Utermohlen
Linnea Trotman
Anna Mackay
Grace Hernandez
1:03.40Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
23.Katie Knoedler
Jenna Katelyn Gomez
Zoey Haggarty
Grace Villela
1:04.23Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
24.Ella Trotman
Mika Silander
Sophia Nuzzolo
Summer Hayes
1:04.88Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
25.Brooke Norman
Gwen Suh
Alexa Caulfield
Charley Nystrom
1:05.10May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
26.Catrina Wolfe
Grace Gillard
Elise Jones
Cassandra Chavarria
1:05.12Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
Ashlee Lorentz
Kylie Whitcomb
Cassandra Chavarria
Anna Mackay
1:05.12Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
28.Catrina Wolfe
Paige Johnson
Elise Jones
Eliana Morris
1:05.19Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
29.Allie Mohelnitzky
Mika Silander
Sophia Nuzzolo
Summer Hayes
1:05.72Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
30.Ella Trotman
Kailtyn Mackay
Sophia Nuzzolo
Jenna Katelyn Gomez
1:05.79Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
31.Allie Mohelnitzky
Katie Knoedler
Zoey Haggarty
Ella Trotman
1:05.93Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
32.Abigail Pace
Nora Lehto
Sophia Nuzzolo
Summer Hayes
1:06.44Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
33.Abigail Pace
Kailtyn Mackay
Mika Silander
Allie Mohelnitzky
1:06.46Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
34.Grace Hernandez
Lia Leizerovich
Laura Means
Linnea Trotman
1:07.48Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
35.Abigail Pace
Allie Mohelnitzky
Kailtyn Mackay
Juliana Krostag
1:07.75Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
36.Ava Ewing
Sophia Nuzzolo
Allie Mohelnitzky
Summer Hayes
1:07.83Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
37.Ella Trotman
Juliana Krostag
Abigail Pace
Mika Silander
1:08.14Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
38.Keira Overbeck
Gwen Suh
Alexa Caulfield
Charley Nystrom
1:08.72Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
39.Ashlee Lorentz
Linnea Trotman
Lia Leizerovich
Anna Mackay
1:09.86Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
40.Mika Silander
Sarah Kavanagh
Sophia Nuzzolo
Summer Hayes
1:10.22Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
41.Scarlett Malcolm
Lucy Shah
Kailtyn Mackay
Grace Villela
1:11.12Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
42.Lucy Shah
Mika Silander
Trinity Tipton
Allie Mohelnitzky
1:11.49Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
43.Brenna Bauwens
Jolie Peyton
Brooke Norman
Gwen Suh
1:12.55Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
44.Ana Chow
Sarah Kavanagh
Cassidy McIntire
Mika Silander
1:13.87Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
45.Jolie Bakholdin
Summer Greding
Jolie Peyton
Lila Papavasiliou
1:14.76Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
46.Sydney Redline
Brenna Bauwens
Riley Nuzzolo
Gwen Suh
1:15.01Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
47.Trinity Tipton
Cassidy McIntire
Bailey Gilroy
Allie Mohelnitzky
1:15.09Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
48.Jolie Bakholdin
Brenna Bauwens
Ericka Norman
Brooke Norman
1:15.78Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
49.Trinity Tipton
Lucy Shah
Ana Chow
Ava Ewing
1:15.85Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
50.Summer Greding
Laura Pace
Ericka Norman
Lila Papavasiliou
1:16.46Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
51.Trinity Tipton
Bailey Gilroy
Ana Chow
Cassidy McIntire
1:16.62Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
52.Sydney Redline
Jolie Bakholdin
Lucy Judd
Summer Greding
1:16.87Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
53.Jolie Bakholdin
Brenna Bauwens
Scarlett Christopher
Ericka Norman
1:17.40Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
54.Sydney Redline
Brianna Kimock
Riley Nuzzolo
Charley Nystrom
1:17.46Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
55.Hannah Young
Scarlett Overbeck
Justice McKinney
Kate McIntosh
1:17.97Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
56.Ana Chow
Bailey Gilroy
Cassidy McIntire
Trinity Tipton
1:17.99Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
57.Laura Pace
Sydney Redline
Riley Nuzzolo
Jolie Bakholdin
1:18.21Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
58.Ella Muskat
Justice McKinney
Scarlett Overbeck
Hannah Young
1:18.60Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
59.Kate McIntosh
Grace Kennedy
Kensie Redline
Avery Harrington
1:21.83Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
60.Sydney Redline
Riley Nuzzolo
Dylan Gilroy
Lucy Judd
1:22.33Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
61.Justice McKinney
Hannah Young
Cedar Sparks
Kate McIntosh
1:22.46Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
62.Sydney Redline
Emma Kilgore
Riley Nuzzolo
Lila Papavasiliou
1:22.67Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
63.Dylan Gilroy
Lucy Judd
Riley Nuzzolo
Jolie Bakholdin
1:22.84Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
64.Ella Muskat
Claire Vasquez
Faith Villela
Justice McKinney
1:23.29Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
65.Ella Muskat
Justice McKinney
Scarlett Overbeck
Claire Vasquez
1:25.16Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
66.Alex Watson
Kensie Redline
Aylin Oruklu
Avery Harrington
1:25.25Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
67.Hannah Young
Faith Villela
Chloe Goren
Scarlett Overbeck
1:26.46Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
68.Chloe Goren
Kensie Redline
Faith Villela
Grace Kennedy
1:28.43Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
69.Dylan Gilroy
Jolie Bakholdin
Emma Kilgore
Layla Najjarpour
1:28.59Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
70.Grace Kennedy
Farah Najjarpour
Kensie Redline
Ruby Hise
1:30.18Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
71.Cedar Sparks
Kensie Redline
Lily Mackay
Claire Vasquez
1:36.17Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
72.Farah Najjarpour
Lily Mackay
Olivia Pace
Grace Kennedy
1:41.77Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
73.Lily Mackay
Cedar Sparks
Farah Najjarpour
Alex Watson
1:46.35Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
4x400 Relay
1.Lauren Scully
Anja Slattum
Morgan Nygren
Ailish Hawkins
4:21.11May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
2.-Lauren Scully
Anja Slattum
Paige Scully
Ailish Hawkins
4:24.54Apr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
3.Paige Scully
Morgan Nygren
Lauren Scully
Ailish Hawkins
4:28.90Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
4.Paige Scully
Anja Slattum
Lauren Scully
Ailish Hawkins
4:40.88Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
5.Lauren Scully
Autumn Sloboda
Paige Scully
Ailish Hawkins
4:42.57Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
6.Paige Scully
Lauren Scully
Linnea Trotman
Ailish Hawkins
4:44.47Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
7.Paige Scully
Grace Hernandez
Autumn Sloboda
Ailish Hawkins
4:46.17Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
8.Lauren Scully
Natalie Benic
Morgan Nygren
Anja Slattum
4:47.51Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
9.Hannah Waggoner
Natalie Benic
Autumn Sloboda
Morgan Nygren
5:00.20Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
10.Eleanor Borchard
Kyra Terry
Ashlyn Merrill
Baylie Sparks
5:04.72May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
11.Autumn Sloboda
Madeline Pace
Cassandra Chavarria
Grace Hernandez
5:11.64Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
12.Paige Scully
Natalie Benic
Naomi Bernardino
Grace Hernandez
5:19.36Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
13.Summer Hayes
Bailey Gilroy
Nora Lehto
Katie Knoedler
5:32.07Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
14.Jenna Katelyn Gomez
Ella Trotman
Ashlyn Merrill
Katie Knoedler
5:34.67Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
15.Sophia Nuzzolo
Jenna Katelyn Gomez
Katie Knoedler
Nora Lehto
5:39.56Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
16.Summer Hayes
Katie Knoedler
Ashlyn Merrill
Kyra Terry
5:48.36Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
17.Baylie Sparks
Katie Knoedler
Ashlyn Merrill
Nora Lehto
5:48.90Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
18.Lucy Shah
Nora Lehto
Sophia Nuzzolo
Katie Knoedler
5:49.85Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
19.Lucy Shah
Bailey Gilroy
Ella Trotman
Summer Hayes
6:01.11Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
20.Ava Ewing
Bailey Gilroy
Ella Trotman
Nora Lehto
6:07.26Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
21.Alexa Caulfield
Ericka Norman
Brooke Norman
Gwen Suh
6:15.36Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
22.Brooke Norman
Ericka Norman
Emma Kilgore
Gwen Suh
6:24.52Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
23.Alexa Caulfield
Summer Greding
Ericka Norman
Jolie Bakholdin
6:32.46Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
24.Lila Papavasiliou
Ericka Norman
Dylan Gilroy
Charley Nystrom
6:37.55Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
25.Ericka Norman
Summer Greding
Brooke Norman
Lila Papavasiliou
6:38.51Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
26.Keira Overbeck
Summer Greding
Emma Kilgore
Brooke Norman
6:43.70Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
27.Keira Overbeck
Dylan Gilroy
Emma Kilgore
Summer Greding
7:15.28Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
Shot Put - 6lb
1.11-12Ashlyn Merrill27' 6May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
2.11-12Trinity Tipton26' 10.5PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
3.13-14Ashlee Lorentz22' 11.5PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
4.13-14Linnea Trotman22' 1.75Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
5.9-10Gwen Suh21' 7PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
6.11-12Kyra Terry20' 6Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
7.11-12Zoey Haggarty18' 0Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
8.13-14Grace Gillard16' 2.25Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
9.11-12Cassidy McIntire14' 7Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
10.9-10Summer Greding12' 5.5Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
9-10Keira Overbeck12' 5.5PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
12.9-10Charley Nystrom11' 4PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
13.9-10Riley Nuzzolo11' 1Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
14.9-10Layla Najjarpour10' 11PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
15.9-10Lucy Judd8' 10PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
16.9-10Emma Kilgore8' 9PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
High Jump
1.11-12Eleanor Borchard4' 7PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
2.13-14Anja Slattum4' 6May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
3.11-12Anna Reed4' 5PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
4.13-14Callie-Jane Greding4' 1Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
5.13-14Samantha McDonnell3' 11PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
6.11-12Jenna Katelyn Gomez3' 10PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
11-12Ella Trotman3' 10Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
8.11-12Ava Ewing3' 8PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
9-10Charley Nystrom3' 8Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
10.9-10Alexa Caulfield3' 7PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
11.9-10Keira Overbeck3' 4PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
12.9-10Lucy Judd3' 0PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
Long Jump
1.13-14Hannah Waggoner15' 10PRMay 5VCYTC Conference Championships
2.13-14Ailish Hawkins15' 0.25May 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
3.13-14Lauren Scully14' 9.25May 5VCYTC Conference Championships
4.13-14Anja Slattum14' 5.5Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
5.13-14Paige Scully14' 0Apr 89th Annual SoCal Youth Invite SCYTFC/VCYTC
6.11-12Baylie Sparks13' 3.5PRMay 12SCYTFC-VCYTC Co-Conference Championships
7.13-14Samantha McDonnell12' 9PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
8.13-14Kailani Chisholm12' 8Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
9.13-14Callie-Jane Greding12' 7Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
10.11-12Summer Hayes12' 1PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
11.15-16Zara Rancourt11' 11Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
12.13-14Grace Gillard11' 10.25PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
13.11-12Anna Reed11' 9.5PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
14.13-14Linnea Trotman11' 7Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
15.11-12Ella Trotman10' 10.5Mar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
16.13-14Georgia Kalpogianni10' 10.25Mar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
17.11-12Ashlyn Merrill10' 10PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
18.13-14Ashlee Lorentz10' 8.25PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
19.9-10Alexa Caulfield10' 7.75Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
20.13-14Anna Mackay10' 7PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
21.9-10Charley Nystrom10' 6.5Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
22.11-12Katie Knoedler10' 2PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
23.11-12Sarah Kavanagh9' 9Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
24.11-12Cassidy McIntire9' 5.5Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
11-12Sophia Joh9' 5.5PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
26.11-12Sophia Nuzzolo9' 4.75PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
27.9-10Jolie Peyton9' 4PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
28.11-12Kailtyn Mackay9' 3PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
29.11-12Juliana Krostag9' 2.5PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
30.11-12Allie Mohelnitzky9' 1PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
31.9-10Lila Papavasiliou8' 10Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
32.7-8Hannah Young8' 9Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
33.9-10Summer Greding8' 8.75Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
34.9-10Keira Overbeck8' 8.5PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
35.11-12Scarlett Malcolm8' 6.75Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
36.7-8Kate McIntosh8' 6Apr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
7-8Chloe Goren8' 6PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
38.9-10Scarlett Christopher8' 5PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
39.13-14Laura Means8' 4.75PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
40.9-10Ericka Norman8' 0.5PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
41.7-8Ella Muskat8' 0.25Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
42.9-10Brooke Norman8' 0PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
43.11-12Ava Ewing7' 11.75PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
44.13-14Lia Leizerovich7' 11Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
45.11-12Ana Chow7' 10Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
46.7-8Scarlett Overbeck7' 9PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
47.9-10Jolie Bakholdin7' 8.75Mar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
48.11-12Trinity Tipton7' 8PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
49.9-10Brenna Bauwens7' 7.5PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
50.7-8Justice McKinney7' 6.5PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
51.7-8Avery Harrington7' 6.25PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
52.7-8Faith Villela7' 3.5Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
53.9-10Lucy Judd7' 2.75Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
54.9-10Keelan Nygren7' 2PRMar 17VCYTC NP @ OX
55.9-10Sydney Redline7' 1PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
9-10Emma Kilgore7' 1PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
57.7-8Claire Vasquez6' 11.25PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
58.7-8Kensie Redline6' 8.5Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
59.7-8Cedar Sparks6' 8PRMar 31VCYTC NP @ CAM
60.7-8Grace Kennedy6' 6PRApr 28VCYTC League Finals West
61.7-8Alex Watson6' 5PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
62.7-8Aylin Oruklu6' 1.75PRMar 24VCYTC MP @ NP
63.7-8Ruby Hise6' 0PRApr 14VCYTC HV @ NP
64.9-10Laura Pace5' 9.5Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
65.9-10Dylan Gilroy5' 9.25Apr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
66.9-10Brianna Kimock5' 8.5PRMar 10VCYTC NP @ TO
67.7-8Olivia Pace5' 6.5Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
68.7-8Niamh Kavanagh5' 5.75Apr 28VCYTC League Finals West
69.9-10Layla Najjarpour5' 4PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
70.7-8Farah Najjarpour4' 9PRApr 21VCYTC OJ @ NP
71.7-8Lily Mackay4' 6Mar 10VCYTC NP @ TO

*Recent improvement