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100 Meters
1.12Dean Sise11.34aApr 222017 NIKE Eason Invitational
2.11Andrez Trahan11.44cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
3.12Sam Rice11.52aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
4.10Ryan Greenwalt11.64cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
5.11Santiago Varela11.95aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
6.12James Leuthold12.02aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
7.11Giavoni Caggiano12.06aApr 15Terrace Invite
11Gavin Casebier12.06aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
9.10Raphael Buosi12.13aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
10.11Ethan Bard12.24aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
11.10Andrew Hamilton12.26aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
12.12Nelson Tan12.35aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
13.10Jaron Edwards12.42aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
14.9Kye Nelson12.51aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
15.11Diego Moctezuma12.52aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
16.9George Suzuki12.54cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
17.12Trevor Williams12.74aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
18.9Ryan Hamby12.95aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
19.12Shayan Nathan13.04cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
20.11Gabriel Lopardo13.06aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
21.9Thomas Marici-Ware13.18aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
22.11Gabe Fisher13.19aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
23.10Tyr Andrews13.36aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
24.10Hubert Huang13.44cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
25.9Alex Huynh13.64aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
26.10Kong Lor13.70aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
9Kamal Sharif13.70aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
28.10Nicholas Handfelt13.74cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
29.10Jack Evanson14.22aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
200 Meters
1.10Ryan Greenwalt22.86aMay 193A and 4A District II Track Meet Day1
2.12Sam Rice23.33aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
3.12Dean Sise23.39aApr 222017 NIKE Eason Invitational
4.11Scott Glickman24.44aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
5.11Andrez Trahan24.74cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
6.10Raphael Buosi24.89aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
7.11Giavoni Caggiano25.05aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
8.12James Leuthold25.09aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
9.12Jacky Chen25.14aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
10.11Ethan Bard25.33aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
11.10Andrew Hamilton25.51aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
12.11Diego Moctezuma25.52aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
13.11Nathan Greenhaw25.81aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
14.9George Suzuki25.84cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
15.10Jaron Edwards26.02aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
16.12Shayan Nathan26.41aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
17.9Kye Nelson26.49aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
18.9Ryan Hamby26.73aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
19.11David McKinnon26.89aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
20.12Trevor Williams27.18aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
21.10Tyr Andrews27.22aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
22.11Gabriel Lopardo27.28aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
23.9Henry Stirrat27.38aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
24.9Geoffory Stipe27.46aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
25.9Alex Huynh28.29aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
26.10Hubert Huang28.64cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
27.11Gabe Fisher28.77aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
28.9Thomas Marici-Ware29.02aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
29.10Jack Evanson29.58aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
30.10Kong Lor29.72aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
31.9Kamal Sharif30.13aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
400 Meters
1.11Scott Glickman52.84aApr 29Shoreline Invitational (boys)
2.11Gavin Casebier53.75aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
3.12Michael Gengo53.83aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
4.10Ryan Greenwalt54.16aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
5.12Sam Rice54.46aMay 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
6.11Nathan Greenhaw54.65aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
7.12Dean Sise55.09aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
8.12Jacky Chen55.24cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
9.11Santiago Varela56.04cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
10.10Raphael Buosi57.07aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
11.12Kegan Wilks57.34cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
12.11Ethan Bard57.54aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
13.10Jaron Edwards57.64aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
14.11Diego Moctezuma57.79aMay 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
15.9Henry Stirrat57.84aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
16.12James Leuthold58.15aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
17.11Andrez Trahan58.20aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
18.11Giavoni Caggiano58.44aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
19.9Gabe Lawrence60.98aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
20.10Hubert Huang61.01aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
21.11Gabriel Lopardo61.53aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
22.12Shayan Nathan62.20aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
23.9George Suzuki62.24cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
24.10Tyr Andrews62.73aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
25.9Thomas Marici-Ware63.44aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
26.11Gabe Fisher63.65aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
27.10Jack Evanson66.43aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
800 Meters
1.12Michael Gengo1:57.63aMay 193A and 4A District II Track Meet Day1
2.11Scott Glickman2:01.22aMay 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
3.12Adrian Goodwin2:01.46aMay 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
4.12Jacky Chen2:03.47aMay 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
5.10Eric Marnadi2:06.13aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
6.9Henry Stirrat2:20.43aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
7.9James Friebert2:27.29aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
8.11Nathan Greenhaw2:29.73aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
9.10Jonah Kern2:30.52aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
10.10Pavlo Sotskyi2:31.98aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
11.9Geoffory Stipe2:41.06aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
12.9Liam Schill2:43.70Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
13.9Gabe Lawrence3:08.80Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
14.9Gavin Haynes3:23.08aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
1600 Meters
1.12Adrian Goodwin4:22.31aMay 193A and 4A District II Track Meet Day1
2.12Michael Gengo4:37.20aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
3.10Eric Marnadi4:39.35aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
4.12Jacky Chen4:39.80aMay 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
5.11Scott Glickman4:51.40Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
6.9James Friebert5:17.29aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
7.10Jonah Kern5:21.20Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
8.11Nathan Greenhaw5:22.00Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
9.9Geoffory Stipe5:22.80Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
10.9Henry Stirrat5:24.62aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
11.10Pavlo Sotskyi5:29.12aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
12.9Liam Schill6:03.74aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
13.9Gavin Haynes6:32.18aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
14.9Gabe Lawrence6:36.60Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
3200 Meters
1.12Adrian Goodwin9:32.15aMay 203A and 4A District II Track Meet -Day 2
2.10Eric Marnadi10:16.25aApr 15Terrace Invite
3.12Michael Gengo10:31.39aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
4.12Jacky Chen11:10.98aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
5.9James Friebert11:27.80aMay 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
6.10Jonah Kern11:41.40Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
7.9Geoffory Stipe11:41.80Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
8.11Nathan Greenhaw12:09.13aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
9.9Henry Stirrat14:14.67aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Santiago Varela15.87aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
2.12Nelson Tan17.02aMay 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
12Kegan Wilks17.02aMay 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
4.12Luke Berner17.35aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
5.12Andrew Jawort19.16aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
6.10Jaron Edwards19.79aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
7.11David McKinnon20.42aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
8.11Andrew Johnson22.95aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Kegan Wilks41.31aMay 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
2.11Santiago Varela42.59aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
3.11David McKinnon44.37aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
4.12Nelson Tan46.44aApr 15Terrace Invite
5.12Andrew Jawort46.81aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
6.12Luke Berner47.48aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
7.10Kong Lor53.74aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
8.11Andrew Johnson54.78aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
4x100 Relay
1.Sam Rice
Ryan Greenwalt
Gavin Casebier
Dean Sise
44.83aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
2.Relay Team 44.84cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
3.Sam Rice
Dean Sise
Santiago Varela
Ryan Greenwalt
45.52aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
4.Sam Rice
Ethan Bard
Nelson Tan
Ryan Greenwalt
45.79aMay 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
5.Sam Rice
Dean Sise
Andrez Trahan
Ryan Greenwalt
45.93aApr 222017 NIKE Eason Invitational
6.Giavoni Caggiano
Raphael Buosi
Andrez Trahan
George Suzuki
46.98aApr 15Terrace Invite
7.Andrew Hamilton
Nicholas Handfelt
Alex Huynh
Trevor Williams
51.21aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
8.Alex Huynh
Nicholas Handfelt
Joao Nascimento
Trevor Williams
55.52aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
4x400 Relay
1.Scott Glickman
Ryan Greenwalt
Jacky Chen
Michael Gengo
3:30.19aMay 203A and 4A District II Track Meet -Day 2
2.Jacky Chen
Michael Gengo
Ryan Greenwalt
Scott Glickman
3:31.07aMay 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
3.Scott Glickman
Michael Gengo
Ryan Greenwalt
Dean Sise
3:33.86aMay 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
4.Scott Glickman
Jacky Chen
Michael Gengo
Adrian Goodwin
3:35.01aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
5.Gavin Casebier
Scott Glickman
Jacky Chen
Michael Gengo
3:39.50aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
Relay Team 3:39.50Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
7.Scott Glickman
Jacky Chen
Eric Marnadi
Michael Gengo
3:40.20aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
8.Scott Glickman
Eric Marnadi
Jacky Chen
Michael Gengo
3:47.64aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
9.Jacky Chen
Santiago Varela
Scott Glickman
Gavin Casebier
3:48.44aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
10.Nathan Greenhaw
Giavoni Caggiano
Ethan Bard
Scott Glickman
3:49.83aApr 15Terrace Invite
11.Jack Evanson
Andrew Johnson
Kamal Sharif
David McKinnon
4:22.04aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
12.Luke Berner
Raphael Buosi
David McKinnon
Diego Moctezuma
4:22.40aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
13.Hubert Huang
Kong Lor
Kamal Sharif
Jack Evanson
4:23.06aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
14.Nathan Greenhaw
Henry Stirrat
Pavlo Sotskyi
Geoffory Stipe
4:31.60aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Joao Nascimento47' 4.50Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
2.12Dean Sise44' 7.75May 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
3.12Trevor Williams43' 3.50Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
4.10Nicholas Handfelt38' 9.00Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
5.11Giavoni Caggiano35' 8.50Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
6.11Gavin Casebier33' 2.25Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
7.10Tyr Andrews31' 10.00Mar 16Liberty @ Juanita
8.10Andrew Hamilton29' 11.50Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
9.11Andrez Trahan29' 10.50Mar 16Liberty @ Juanita
10.9Alex Huynh24' 1.00Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Joao Nascimento111' 9.00May 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
2.11Gavin Casebier104' 8.00Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
3.12Trevor Williams102' 11.00Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
4.10Nicholas Handfelt93' 10.00Apr 15Terrace Invite
5.10Andrew Hamilton82' 8.00Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
6.9Alex Huynh58' 8.00Mar 30Redmond @ Juanita
Javelin - 800g
1.11Gavin Casebier142' 10.00Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
2.10Nicholas Handfelt142' 3.00May 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
3.12Sam Rice127' 9.00Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
4.10Andrew Hamilton123' 0.00Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
5.12Shayan Nathan110' 11.00May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
6.12Kegan Wilks108' 2.00Mar 16Liberty @ Juanita
7.9Alex Huynh90' 6.00May 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
8.11Joao Nascimento69' 10.00Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
High Jump
1.11Santiago Varela5' 10.00Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
2.12Luke Berner5' 4.00May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
3.12Kegan Wilks5' 0.00Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
11David McKinnon5' 0.00May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
Pole Vault
1.12James Leuthold9' 0.00May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
11Gavin Casebier9' 0.00Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
12Andrew Jawort9' 0.00May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
4.9Geoffory Stipe8' 6.00Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
Long Jump
1.12Dean Sise21' 6.25Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
2.10Ryan Greenwalt21' 4.50May 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
3.11Ethan Bard17' 6.00May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
4.12Shayan Nathan17' 4.00May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
5.11Gabriel Lopardo13' 7.25Mar 30Redmond @ Juanita
Triple Jump
1.12Nelson Tan38' 8.00Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
2.12Andrew Jawort36' 9.50May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
3.12Kegan Wilks35' 11.00Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
4.9Geoffory Stipe34' 3.00Apr 15Terrace Invite


100 Meters
1.10Belle Jordan13.34cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
2.11Milena Kolesnikova13.41aMay 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
3.11Megan Taylor13.52aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
4.12Shelby Wilks13.71aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
12Katie Ryan13.71aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
6.10Jayla Kidd13.74cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
7.12Madeline Ingersoll13.86aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
8.10Kaya Schubiger-Lewis14.25aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
9.9Clarisse Absalon14.47aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
10.12Jenny Kim14.82aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
11.12Taylor-Ann Kacatin15.04aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
12.9Gabriela Lenkov15.14aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
13.11Kerry Larson15.17aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
14.12Jessica Clark15.29aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
15.10Sydney Cronk15.47aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
16.10Kaitlyn Nguyen16.08aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
17.12Claire Jacobsen16.44aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
18.10Sophia Tate17.70aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
200 Meters
1.11Megan Taylor27.46aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
2.10Jayla Kidd28.03aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
3.11Milena Kolesnikova28.23aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
4.12Katie Ryan28.50aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
5.11Sophia Collins28.56aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
6.12Madeline Ingersoll28.61aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
7.10Belle Jordan28.77aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
8.12Shelby Wilks28.81aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
9.9Clarisse Absalon29.92aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
10.9Gabriela Lenkov30.56aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
11.12Jenny Kim31.73aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
12.12Jessica Clark32.14aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
13.11Kerry Larson32.16aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
14.12Taylor-Ann Kacatin32.47aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
15.12Claire Jacobsen34.17aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
16.11Selena Gabrielle35.85aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
17.10Sophia Tate37.87aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
400 Meters
1.12Shelby Wilks62.05aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
2.11Sophia Collins63.38aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
3.10Belle Jordan65.92aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
4.12Katie Ryan67.54aMay 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
5.9Gabriela Lenkov68.24aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
6.10Jayla Kidd68.66aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
7.12Madeline Ingersoll69.54cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
8.10Sydney Cronk71.27aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
9.10Kaya Schubiger-Lewis72.66aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
10.9Clarisse Absalon74.43aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
11.9Chloe Cochener74.95aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
12.11Kerry Larson75.01aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
13.12Jenny Kim76.64aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
14.9Dakota Langlois78.78aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
15.9Caroline Squires80.04aApr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
800 Meters
1.11Sophia Collins2:24.01aMay 193A and 4A District II Track Meet Day1
2.10Laura Benson2:41.18aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
3.9Erin Petrov2:41.81aApr 222017 NIKE Eason Invitational
4.9Felicity Strzelec2:42.43aApr 15Terrace Invite
5.9Chloe Cochener2:53.71aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
6.11Clara Pfundt2:54.23aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
7.9Dakota Langlois3:00.23aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
8.9Caroline Squires3:01.34aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
9.10Grace Burt3:02.60Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
10.12Madeline Ingersoll3:08.00Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
1600 Meters
1.9Erin Petrov5:26.78aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
2.10Laura Benson5:36.40Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
3.11Sophia Collins5:44.50Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
4.9Felicity Strzelec5:49.70Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
5.9Chloe Cochener6:16.35aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
6.11Clara Pfundt6:36.28aMay 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
7.10Grace Burt6:55.44aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
8.9Caroline Squires6:58.20Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
9.9Dakota Langlois7:03.38aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
10.10Brynn Baker7:13.40Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
3200 Meters
1.10Laura Benson12:23.30Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
2.9Felicity Strzelec12:41.06aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
3.11Sophia Collins12:45.87aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
4.9Erin Petrov13:37.60Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
5.11Clara Pfundt14:15.19aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
6.9Caroline Squires16:03.00Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
7.9Dakota Langlois16:11.90Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Shelby Wilks15.57aMay 203A and 4A District II Track Meet -Day 2
2.10Jayla Kidd16.73aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
3.10Allyson Ingersoll17.14cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
4.12Katie Ryan17.59aApr 2941st Annual Lake Washington Girls Invitational
5.9Melisa Guilliams19.69aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
6.9Julia Ryan20.74aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
7.10Hadley Boyce23.71aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
8.12Claire Jacobsen25.34cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
9.11Selena Gabrielle25.43aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Shelby Wilks44.83aMay 25WIAA 2A, 3A, 4A State Championship Meet
2.10Jayla Kidd49.79aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
3.12Katie Ryan51.18aApr 2941st Annual Lake Washington Girls Invitational
4.11Katrina Teo53.80aMay 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
5.9Julia Ryan56.32aApr 15Terrace Invite
6.9Melisa Guilliams56.52aMay 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
7.10Allyson Ingersoll57.58aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
8.12Claire Jacobsen61.94cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
9.11Selena Gabrielle66.90aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
10.10Hadley Boyce68.34aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
4x100 Relay
1.Megan Taylor
Milena Kolesnikova
Katie Ryan
Shelby Wilks
52.15aApr 2941st Annual Lake Washington Girls Invitational
2.Megan Taylor
Milena Kolesnikova
Allyson Ingersoll
Madeline Ingersoll
55.82aApr 15Terrace Invite
3.Katie Ryan
Melisa Guilliams
Clarisse Absalon
Kerry Larson
57.65aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
4.Relay Team 58.84cMar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
4x200 Relay
1.Megan Taylor
Sophia Collins
Jayla Kidd
Shelby Wilks
1:48.24aMay 203A and 4A District II Track Meet -Day 2
2.Megan Taylor
Belle Jordan
Katie Ryan
Shelby Wilks
1:50.28aMay 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
3.Belle Jordan
Madeline Ingersoll
Katie Ryan
Shelby Wilks
1:51.72aApr 222017 NIKE Eason Invitational
4.Belle Jordan
Katie Ryan
Shelby Wilks
Sophia Collins
1:51.79aApr 2941st Annual Lake Washington Girls Invitational
5.Megan Taylor
Milena Kolesnikova
Gabriela Lenkov
Madeline Ingersoll
1:55.83aApr 15Terrace Invite
6.Taylor-Ann Kacatin
Kerry Larson
Gabriela Lenkov
Megan Taylor
2:02.52aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
4x400 Relay
1.Sophia Collins
Belle Jordan
Katie Ryan
Shelby Wilks
4:16.40aMay 203A and 4A District II Track Meet -Day 2
2.Sophia Collins
Erin Petrov
Gabriela Lenkov
Shelby Wilks
4:22.70aMay 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
3.Belle Jordan
Erin Petrov
Gabriela Lenkov
Sophia Collins
4:27.58aApr 222017 NIKE Eason Invitational
4.Relay Team 4:30.40Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
5.Belle Jordan
Gabriela Lenkov
Katie Ryan
Sophia Collins
4:33.04aApr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
6.Gabriela Lenkov
Sophia Collins
Laura Benson
Belle Jordan
4:34.90aMar 16Liberty @ Juanita
7.Madeline Ingersoll
Felicity Strzelec
Gabriela Lenkov
Shelby Wilks
4:43.88aApr 15Terrace Invite
8.Madeline Ingersoll
Felicity Strzelec
Erin Petrov
Gabriela Lenkov
4:48.73aApr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
9.Selena Gabrielle
Julia Ryan
Hadley Boyce
Kerry Larson
5:17.59aMar 30Redmond @ Juanita
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Belle Jordan27' 7.00May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
2.9Julia Ryan27' 6.75May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
3.12Madeline Ingersoll25' 11.50May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
4.10Sydney Cronk24' 3.50May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
5.9Callie Craig21' 9.25Mar 16Liberty @ Juanita
6.12Jenny Kim19' 11.00Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
7.12Taylor-Ann Kacatin19' 5.50Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
12Melissa Shavey19' 5.50Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
9.9Dakota Langlois18' 9.00May 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
10.9Caroline Squires16' 6.00May 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
11.10Kirstin Bornemeier16' 1.00Mar 16Liberty @ Juanita
12.9Chloe Cochener15' 9.50May 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
13.10Sophia Tate12' 0.50Mar 30Redmond @ Juanita
Discus - 1kg
1.9Julia Ryan82' 7.00May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
2.10Sydney Cronk72' 4.00May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
3.10Jayla Kidd70' 0.00May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
4.12Taylor-Ann Kacatin61' 0.00May 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
5.9Callie Craig51' 5.00Mar 16Liberty @ Juanita
6.12Melissa Shavey47' 10.00May 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
7.10Kirstin Bornemeier43' 3.00Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
Javelin - 600g
1.12Madeline Ingersoll90' 10.00May 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
2.10Belle Jordan90' 1.00May 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
3.10Sydney Cronk88' 4.00May 123A Kingco Championships - Day 2
4.9Julia Ryan85' 9.00Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
5.11Kerry Larson48' 8.00May 112A/3A JV KingCo @ Redmond
6.12Melissa Shavey42' 0.00Apr 20Juanita @ Mercer Island
7.10Kirstin Bornemeier34' 7.00Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
High Jump
1.11Milena Kolesnikova4' 6.00Apr 222017 NIKE Eason Invitational
2.9Julia Ryan4' 4.00Apr 15Terrace Invite
3.10Grace Burt4' 2.00Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
4.12Madeline Ingersoll4' 0.00Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
Pole Vault
1.11Katrina Teo11' 6.00May 25WIAA 2A, 3A, 4A State Championship Meet
2.12Jessica Clark9' 0.00Apr 222017 NIKE Eason Invitational
3.12Shelby Wilks7' 0.00Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
12Claire Jacobsen7' 0.00Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
Long Jump
1.10Jayla Kidd15' 8.00May 103A Kingco Championships - Day 1
2.12Jessica Clark14' 2.50Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
3.10Allyson Ingersoll14' 2.00Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
4.12Jenny Kim13' 8.00Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
5.10Kaya Schubiger-Lewis12' 4.75Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish
6.9Caroline Squires12' 4.00Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
7.9Melisa Guilliams11' 10.25Mar 16Liberty @ Juanita
Triple Jump
1.10Jayla Kidd34' 10.50May 203A and 4A District II Track Meet -Day 2
2.9Melisa Guilliams29' 6.00Apr 27Juanita @ Bellevue
3.10Allyson Ingersoll28' 9.00Apr 13Lake Washington/Redmond @ Juanita
4.9Erin Petrov28' 8.25May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
5.12Jenny Kim28' 7.75May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
6.9Clarisse Absalon27' 0.50May 5MIHS, JHS, IHS @ Redmond
7.10Kaya Schubiger-Lewis26' 10.75Mar 23Juanita @ Sammamish

*Recent improvement