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100 Meters
1.12Jack Thomas11.16 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
2.10Jalynnee Mcgee11.35 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
3.11Casey Murray11.62 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
4.10Gavin Baskette11.88 PRMar 24Tiger Invite
5.10Eric Prihodiko11.94cMar 15Skyview Invitational
6.11Robert Mosley11.97 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
7.10Peter Cairel12.09 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
8.10Thomas Bieniewicz12.24c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
9.11Mason Burback12.31 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
10.12Manny Dockery12.34c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
9Cole Kaysner12.34c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
11Gregory Montague12.34cApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
10Khovany Kem12.34c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
11Angelo Lara12.34c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
15.11Owen Axling12.44cApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
10Ahmani Williams12.44c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
17.9Jordan Moreno12.49 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
18.10Yaro Duvalko12.51 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
19.10Michael Pierre12.53Mar 29Camas @ Skyview
20.10Dustin Hawkins12.54c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
11Cole Anderson12.54cApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
22.9William Kononenko12.57 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
23.9Edwin Zamora12.64c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
10Jaleel Amusa12.64c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
11Trenton Tomlin12.64 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
26.9Royce Pascua-Aganon12.89 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
27.10Payton Bader12.94c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
28.10Daniel Johnston13.14c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
29.-Boean Marquardt13.36 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
30.12Ben Sabo13.54c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
31.11Patricio Mosqueda13.58 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
32.12Andrew Hester13.64c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
200 Meters
1.12Jack Thomas22.13 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
2.10Jalynnee Mcgee23.39 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
3.11Nathan O'Connor24.17 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
4.11Casey Murray24.30Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
5.9Cole Kaysner24.54c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
6.10Thomas Bieniewicz24.84c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
7.11Kyle Oehler24.98 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
8.11Gregory Montague25.04c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
9.10Michael Pierre25.13 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
10.12Mason Holder25.14c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
11.12Manny Dockery25.24c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
12.11Angelo Lara25.54c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
13.11Owen Axling25.55Apr 24Union @ Skyview
14.10Khovany Kem25.70 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
15.10Dustin Hawkins26.04 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
16.-Boean Marquardt27.84c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
12Ben Sabo27.84 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
18.10Josh Hester28.24c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
19.12Andrew Hester29.34c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
400 Meters
1.12Jack Thomas50.03 PRMay 26WIAA 2A, 3A, 4A State Championship Meet (HS
2.12Sean Flynn53.44 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
3.11Casey Murray53.94c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
4.9Cole Kaysner54.00 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
5.10Yaro Duvalko54.85 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
6.12Bruce Erickson55.84cApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
7.11Spencer Pugh56.34c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
8.11Nathan O'Connor56.94cApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
9.9William Kononenko1:00.45 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
10.9Royce Pascua-Aganon1:02.01 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
11.10Josh Hester1:16.14c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
800 Meters
1.12Bruce Erickson1:58.70May 174A WCD III Championships
2.11Spencer Pugh2:05.10 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
3.9Jonathan Riley2:08.04 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
4.9Jonathon Riley2:09.31 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
5.10Hunter Davenport2:11.94Apr 2154th Centennial Invitational
6.12Sean Flynn2:12.49Apr 24Union @ Skyview
7.10Vikram Sahgal2:13.47 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
8.10Lorenzo Sobolewski2:15.75 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
9.11Emerson Johnson2:19.35 PRApr 13John Ingram Twilight Invitational
10.10Andrew Thurston2:20.89 PRMar 24Tiger Invite
11.9George Lowe2:26.53 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
12.9Luke Dojan2:27.2h PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
13.10Blake Riley2:39.40Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
14.9Gavin Bacon2:56.6h PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
1500 Meters
1.11Spencer Pugh4:26.61 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
2.12Sean Flynn4:27.11Apr 2154th Centennial Invitational
1600 Meters
1.12Bruce Erickson4:24.09 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
2.11Spencer Pugh4:47.13 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
3.12Sean Flynn4:47.89May 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
4.10Vikram Sahgal4:57.13 PRApr 13John Ingram Twilight Invitational
5.10Andrew Thurston4:57.78 PRApr 13John Ingram Twilight Invitational
6.9Jonathon Riley4:57.8h PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
7.10Terren Hillstrom4:58.2h PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
8.10Hunter Davenport5:02.8hApr 24Union @ Skyview
9.9Ryan Harris5:05.60 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
10.9Connor Goaring5:27.1h PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
11.9Luke Dojan5:28.23 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
12.9George Lowe5:28.82 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
13.10Chris Amato5:30.1h PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
14.12Kody Freeman5:37.83Mar 29Camas @ Skyview
15.9Killian Fowke5:40.49 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
16.10Nathan Greenwood5:44.1h PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
17.9Gavin Bacon6:17.68 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
18.10Sebastian Freitas6:33.6hApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
19.12Brandon Hansen6:37.52Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
20.10Chris Foulke7:00.8h PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
21.9Josh Breuer7:02.2h PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
22.12Andrew Hester7:16.8h PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
3000 Meters
1.9Jonathon Riley10:57.40 PRMar 24Tiger Invite
2.9Jonathan Riley11:03.41 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
3.9Connor Goaring11:03.67 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
4.10Chris Amato11:35.60 PRMar 24Tiger Invite
3200 Meters
1.12Bruce Erickson10:06.9h PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
2.11Spencer Pugh10:42.42 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
3.10Andrew Thurston10:45.9h PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
4.12Sean Flynn11:10.4hApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
5.9Connor Goaring11:54.88 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
6.10Chris Amato11:58.89 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
7.9Aaron Wise12:29.6h PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
8.10Nathan Greenwood12:36.7h PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
9.9Gavin Bacon14:23.87 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
10.10Chris Foulke18:51.25 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Zach Maier15.87 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
2.10Ahmani Williams16.74c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
3.10Jaleel Amusa17.31Apr 24Union @ Skyview
4.11Kyle Oehler19.12 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
5.10Isaiah Hollins19.20Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
6.11Gregory Montague19.33 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
7.10Daniel Johnston20.54cMar 15Skyview Invitational
8.11Jean Mansangkay20.55Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
9.12Andrew Hester21.85 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Zach Maier41.49 PRMay 174A WCD III Championships
2.11Casey Murray43.29Apr 24Union @ Skyview
3.11Gregory Montague44.04c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
4.10Jaleel Amusa47.75Apr 24Union @ Skyview
5.11Kyle Oehler48.47 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
6.10Daniel Johnston48.94c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
7.10Isaiah Hollins49.45Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
8.12Andrew Hester53.30 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
9.9Ryan Oehler1:04.80 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
2k Steeplechase
1.11Spencer Pugh7:15.50 PRApr 14Oregon Relays
4x100 Relay
1.Casey Murray
Jack Thomas
Gavin Baskette
Jalynnee Mcgee
43.15May 26WIAA 2A, 3A, 4A State Championship Meet (HS
2.Thomas Bieniewicz
Khovany Kem
Manny Dockery
Gregory Montague
44.94Apr 13John Ingram Twilight Invitational
3.Peter Cairel
Gavin Baskette
Manny Dockery
Jack Thomas
45.06Mar 24Tiger Invite
4.Cole Kaysner
Royce Pascua-Aganon
Brendan Feeney
Jordan Moreno
48.02May 5Freshman Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.Cole Kaysner
Sean Flynn
Casey Murray
Jack Thomas
3:29.21May 174A WCD III Championships
2.Bruce Erickson
Sean Flynn
Cole Kaysner
Yaro Duvalko
3:34.29May 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
3.Bruce Erickson
Yaro Duvalko
Gregory Montague
Jack Thomas
3:41.38Mar 24Tiger Invite
4.Relay Team 3:44.8hApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
5.Bruce Erickson
Yaro Duvalko
Cole Kaysner
Spencer Pugh
3:50.75Mar 29Camas @ Skyview
6.Yaro Duvalko
Nathan O'Connor
Royce Pascua-Aganon
Josh Hester
3:52.46Apr 13John Ingram Twilight Invitational
7.Jonathon Riley
Cole Kaysner
Ryan Harris
Royce Pascua-Aganon
3:53.60May 5Freshman Invitational
8.Gregory Montague
Zach Maier
Bruce Erickson
Yaro Duvalko
3:53.61Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Spencer Pugh
Casey Murray
Sean Flynn
Bruce Erickson
11:07.00Apr 14Oregon Relays
2.Bruce Erickson
Cole Kaysner
Spencer Pugh
Sean Flynn
11:26.91Mar 24Tiger Invite
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Taylor Vo49' 5 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
2.12Tanner Greene43' 8 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
3.11Cade Bateman41' 5 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
4.10Ahmani Williams40' 4 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
5.12Levi Hoppes38' 2.5 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
6.12Noah Hellyer37' 9Mar 15Skyview Invitational
7.12Cristopher Barron37' 3 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
8.11Savon Batties34' 9 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
9.11Thomas Schmidt31' 2Apr 24Union @ Skyview
10.9Kyree Amusa30' 10 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
11.12Robert Kalani30' 9.5 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
12.11Teibaba Eria29' 9 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
13.11Agustin Segura25' 7 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
14.11Stuart Skyles25' 3Mar 29Camas @ Skyview
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Cristopher Barron147' 1 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
2.12Tanner Greene126' 6 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
3.12Levi Hoppes123' 0 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
4.12Taylor Vo121' 5 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
5.9Kyree Amusa108' 4 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
6.10Payton Bader103' 7 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
7.11Thomas Schmidt101' 5 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
8.12Noah Hellyer100' 1 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
9.11Cade Bateman90' 4 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
10.9Devon Mclitus84' 6 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
11.11Stuart Skyles83' 10Mar 29Camas @ Skyview
12.10Richard Klucas78' 1 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
13.11Teibaba Eria75' 5 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
14.9Alexander Andre73' 7 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
15.11Agustin Segura68' 0 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
16.9Killian Fowke67' 4 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
17.10Brock Pierce66' 1 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
18.9Colt Taub65' 1 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
19.9Caleb Villa64' 11 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
20.9Corran Gustafson51' 3 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
21.11Jose Castaneda47' 8 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
Javelin - 800g
1.11Zach Maier148' 11 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
2.12Jeffrey Hunter-Lee127' 1 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
3.12Levi Hoppes123' 5 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
4.12Robert Kalani112' 4 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
5.12Timoffey Tokar107' 10 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
6.12Ben Sabo101' 1 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
7.11Brooks Green97' 5 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
8.9Devon Mclitus97' 0 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
9.10Brock Pierce92' 2 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
10.9Cooper Green91' 1 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
11.12Zane Parks83' 10 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
12.10Rattanak Ly79' 11 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
13.10Michael Pierre76' 3Apr 17Skyview @ Heritage
14.9Kyree Amusa70' 1 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
15.11Gabriel Coleman66' 11 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
16.10Justin Legg65' 4Mar 15Skyview Invitational
17.11Quinton Batties63' 10 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
18.10Chris Foulke63' 4 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
19.9Daniel Ramirez61' 8 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
20.9Dallas Baltzegar33' 2 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
High Jump
1.12Ethan Gould6' 5May 26WIAA 2A, 3A, 4A State Championship Meet (HS
2.12Mason Holder5' 10Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
3.10Michael James5' 8 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
4.11Nathan O'Connor5' 6Apr 17Skyview @ Heritage
5.10Cameron Nielson5' 4 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
6.10Khovany Kem5' 2 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
10Dustin Hawkins5' 2Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
9Royce Pascua-Aganon5' 2 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
Pole Vault
1.11Thomas Selfridge12' 0 PRMay 174A WCD III Championships
2.9Royce Pascua-Aganon11' 6 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
3.10Brock Pierce9' 6 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
9William Thompson9' 6 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
11Kyle Oehler9' 6 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
6.11Tallon Lobbestael9' 0 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
11Christopher Harrell9' 0 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
8.9Miles Monfort8' 6 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
9.11Johnathan Phan8' 0 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
9Ryan Oehler8' 0 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
11.11Emerson Johnson7' 6Mar 15Skyview Invitational
12Andrew Hester7' 6 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
11Blake MacPherson7' 6 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
Long Jump
1.10Gavin Baskette20' 2 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
2.12Mason Holder19' 10.5Mar 29Camas @ Skyview
3.12Ethan Gould19' 5 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
4.11Robert Mosley19' 2.5 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
5.10Eric Prihodiko18' 10.5 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
6.10Jalynnee Mcgee18' 7 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
7.11Johnathan Phan17' 9.5 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
8.12Zane Parks17' 7Mar 15Skyview Invitational
9.12Ethan Carroll16' 11 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
10.10Michael James16' 10 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
11.10Payton Bader16' 9.5 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
12.9Brendan Feeney16' 5.5 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
13.11Angelo Lara16' 3 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
14.10Blake Riley16' 2.5Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
15.10Daniel Johnston16' 1 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
16.11Thomas Selfridge15' 8 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
17.11Hector Bustos15' 2.5 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
18.12John Courter14' 10.5 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
19.12Timoffey Tokar14' 9 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
12Ben Sabo14' 9 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
21.11Emerson Johnson13' 11.5 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
22.12Andrew Hester13' 6.5 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
23.11Christopher Harrell13' 1.5 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
24.9Jordan Moreno13' 0 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
25.11Cole Anderson12' 10 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
Triple Jump
1.12Mason Holder39' 8.5Apr 17Skyview @ Heritage
2.12Ethan Carroll38' 9 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
3.12Zane Parks36' 4 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
4.9Brendan Feeney34' 10 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
5.12Timoffey Tokar32' 10.5 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage


100 Meters
1.12Breann Porter13.22 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
2.11Remingtin Riley13.44cMar 15Skyview Invitational
3.12Lydia Dillon13.54cApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
4.9Olivia Green13.60 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
5.9Genevieve Fisher13.79 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
6.10Taylor Witthauer14.36 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
7.10Taylor Samuel14.50Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
8.10Bailee Lopez14.69Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
9.9Sam Norris14.74c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
10.10Maegan Rowles14.81 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
11.9Arianna Cranston15.24c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
12.9Kenna Remmers15.34c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
13.12Ashleigh Eubanks15.74cApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
14.10Giesselle Ruiz15.94c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
15.11Andrada Grindeanu17.04cMar 15Skyview Invitational
16.12Kiera Burleigh17.34cApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
17.12Bre'Anna Richardson18.64cMar 15Skyview Invitational
200 Meters
1.11Remingtin Riley25.74c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
2.12Breann Porter27.37 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
3.12Lydia Dillon28.40 (-.7)Apr 14Oregon Relays
4.11Presley Timmons28.64c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
5.10Madeline Clark29.34cMar 15Skyview Invitational
6.11Abby Davis29.39 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
7.9Genevieve Fisher29.74 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
8.10Taylor Samuel30.53Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
9.9Brittney Harrell30.74c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
10.12Ellen Burbank30.84c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
11.9Jameson Adams30.87 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
12.11Gwen Mistretta30.92 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
13.10Bailee Lopez31.09Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
14.9Sam Norris31.46 PRApr 13John Ingram Twilight Invitational
15.10Holly Hutchison31.99 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
16.12Ashleigh Eubanks32.28 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
17.9Arianna Cranston32.94c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
18.10Ashlyn Macho33.19 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
19.11Abigail Haug33.35 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
20.10Giesselle Ruiz33.74c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
21.12Kaylie Bacon35.14cMar 15Skyview Invitational
400 Meters
1.11Presley Timmons1:01.95 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
2.12Krystal Kaufman1:02.54cApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
3.9Riley Bowen1:04.54 PRApr 13John Ingram Twilight Invitational
4.9Sophie Green1:05.04c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
5.10Karsyn Brinkley1:12.25Apr 24Union @ Skyview
6.9Molly Clink1:14.73 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
7.10Holly Hutchison1:18.14c PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
800 Meters
1.12Krystal Kaufman2:14.52May 174A WCD III Championships
2.11Presley Timmons2:16.76 PRMay 174A WCD III Championships
3.9Sophie Green2:27.31 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
4.12Ellen Burbank2:27.88Mar 24Tiger Invite
5.9Riley Bowen2:42.65 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
6.10Ella Zachary3:06.58 PRApr 13John Ingram Twilight Invitational
1500 Meters
1.11Presley Timmons4:58.12 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
2.12Ellen Burbank5:02.95Apr 14Oregon Relays
1600 Meters
1.12Krystal Kaufman5:05.66 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
2.12Ellen Burbank5:15.00May 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
3.11Presley Timmons5:31.96 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
4.11Abigail Haug6:34.01 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
5.10Andrea Azar7:40.0h PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
6.12Kaylie Bacon7:48.06Mar 24Tiger Invite
3000 Meters
1.12Ellen Burbank10:40.26Apr 14Oregon Relays
3200 Meters
1.12Ellen Burbank11:24.91May 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
2.11Presley Timmons12:13.8h PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
3.10Andrea Azar16:26.38Apr 13John Ingram Twilight Invitational
4.12Kaylie Bacon17:32.84 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Olivia Green16.50 PRApr 2154th Centennial Invitational
2.11Gwen Mistretta18.19 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
3.9Mackenzie Armstrong19.84c PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
4.10Maegan Rowles20.48 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
5.9Jayda Bennett20.68 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Madison Merrill52.46May 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
2.12Kirsi Lundhagen59.24cMar 15Skyview Invitational
3.9Mackenzie Armstrong1:00.02 PRApr 13John Ingram Twilight Invitational
4.9Jayda Bennett1:01.07 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
4x100 Relay
1.Lydia Dillon
Tanariea Deloney
Breann Porter
Remingtin Riley
51.72Mar 29Camas @ Skyview
2.Olivia Green
Tanariea Deloney
Breann Porter
Remingtin Riley
51.95Mar 24Tiger Invite
3.Bailee Lopez
Genevieve Fisher
Sam Norris
Taylor Witthauer
55.82Apr 13John Ingram Twilight Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.Sophie Green
Krystal Kaufman
Presley Timmons
Breann Porter
1:47.87Apr 24Union @ Skyview
2.Sophie Green
Lydia Dillon
Presley Timmons
Breann Porter
1:48.78May 174A WCD III Championships
3.Lydia Dillon
Presley Timmons
Breann Porter
Remingtin Riley
1:49.01Mar 29Camas @ Skyview
4.Presley Timmons
Tanariea Deloney
Breann Porter
Remingtin Riley
1:50.51Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
4x400 Relay
1.Sophie Green
Breann Porter
Presley Timmons
Krystal Kaufman
4:04.52May 174A WCD III Championships
2.Sophie Green
Ellen Burbank
Presley Timmons
Krystal Kaufman
4:15.49Apr 14Oregon Relays
3.Sophie Green
Ellen Burbank
Krystal Kaufman
Presley Timmons
4:15.73Mar 29Camas @ Skyview
4.Sophie Green
Riley Bowen
Ella Abbruzzese
Presley Timmons
4:25.24Mar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Presley Timmons
Sophie Green
Krystal Kaufman
Ellen Burbank
13:00.29Apr 14Oregon Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Elle Raunig34' 5 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
2.11Remingtin Riley32' 6Mar 15Skyview Invitational
3.9Gracen Kaufman28' 2 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
4.12Cece Sayler23' 11.25Apr 17Skyview @ Heritage
5.10Madeline Clark22' 9 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
6.9Kenna Remmers22' 4.5 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
7.12Gabi Culbertson22' 1 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
Discus - 1kg
1.12Elle Raunig111' 1 PRMay 174A WCD III Championships
2.12Cece Sayler94' 8 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
3.9Jordan Mann94' 2 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
4.12Gabi Culbertson71' 11 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
5.11Shelby Graham70' 3Apr 24Union @ Skyview
6.11Gennifer Schlotz68' 10 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
7.9Gracen Kaufman62' 5 PRMar 15Skyview Invitational
8.10Cameryn Rasmussen48' 1 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
Javelin - 600g
1.10Alexis Perez89' 4 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
2.11Gennifer Schlotz80' 9Apr 17Skyview @ Heritage
3.12Cece Sayler74' 5Apr 24Union @ Skyview
4.9Jordan Mann63' 5 PRMay 5Freshman Invitational
5.10Katelyn Quan61' 2 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
6.11Madison Christensen56' 4 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
7.11Shelby Graham56' 2Apr 17Skyview @ Heritage
8.11Shailee Graham51' 8 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
9.10Cameryn Rasmussen50' 3 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
10.12Gabi Culbertson39' 2 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
High Jump
1.11Alina Fay4' 9 PRMay 10GSHL 3A/4A District Track and Field Meet
2.11Gwen Mistretta4' 8 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
3.11Abby Davis4' 6 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
Pole Vault
1.10Madeline Clark9' 0 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
2.10Madison Merrill8' 6 PRApr 13John Ingram Twilight Invitational
11Remingtin Riley8' 6 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
4.12Ashleigh Eubanks7' 0 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
5.10Holly Hutchison6' 6 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
12Kiera Burleigh6' 6Mar 29Camas @ Skyview
7.12Kaylie Bacon6' 0Mar 15Skyview Invitational
Long Jump
1.11Gwen Mistretta14' 7 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
2.10Alexis Perez14' 4.5 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
3.9Hagan Thompson14' 4 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
4.10Jemima Dougherty14' 0 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
5.10Bailee Lopez13' 6 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
6.12Kirsi Lundhagen12' 11 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
7.10Katelyn Quan12' 7.5 PRApr 17Skyview @ Heritage
8.10Eileen Sumtsov11' 11 PRMar 20Skyview at Battle Ground
Triple Jump
1.10Katelyn Quan29' 0.5 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
10Jemima Dougherty29' 0.5 PRApr 24Union @ Skyview
3.12Kirsi Lundhagen25' 10.5 PRMar 29Camas @ Skyview
4.10Eileen Sumtsov24' 6.5 PRMar 24Tiger Invite

*Recent improvement