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100 Meters
1.10*Aidan Hauser11.62 PRMay 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
2.12*Alex Kozuhowski11.65 PRMay 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
3.10Aidan Houser11.66 PRApr 13Molly Dry Invite
4.11Brett Rudy12.02 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
5.9Joseph Grab12.33 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
6.10Clayton Orsbrn12.84 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
7.12Devin Webster12.90 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
8.9Jonathan Wetzel13.45 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
9Bayley Wilcox13.45 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
10.9Anthony Dunkle13.68 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
11.10Conner Ramsey13.76 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
12.9Daniel Swanson14.26 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
200 Meters
1.12*Alex Kozuhowski23.57 PRMay 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
2.10*Aidan Hauser23.70 PRMay 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
3.9Joseph Grab24.94 PRMay 11NTL Championships
4.9Bayley Wilcox27.55 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
5.9Zach Singer27.90 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
6.9Anthony Dunkle28.05 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
7.10Frank Kewitt28.08 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
8.12Devin Webster28.52 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
9.9Daniel Swanson29.06 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
400 Meters
1.11Brett Rudy57.74cApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
2.9Jonathan Wetzel58.87 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
3.9Zach Singer1:00.64 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
4.11Bergen Weiner1:00.89 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
5.9Aidan Fletcher1:01.97 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
6.11Isaac Wagner1:03.14c PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
7.9Anthony Dunkle1:03.83 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
8.9Tylar Wright1:05.60 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
9.11Trevor Weaver1:06.90 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
10.9Daniel Swanson1:07.39 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
800 Meters
1.11Aidan Perry2:22.91 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
2.11Trevor Weaver2:23.02 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
3.11Bergen Weiner2:23.90 PRMay 11NTL Championships
4.9Tylar Wright2:32.73 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
5.9Anthony Romania2:45.1h PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
6.10Tyren Wetzel3:09.00 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
1600 Meters
1.11Aidan Perry5:11.63May 11NTL Championships
2.10Austin Richards5:24.58May 11NTL Championships
3.9Tylar Wright5:30.54 PRMay 11NTL Championships
4.11Taylor Wheeler6:04.11 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
5.9Aidan Fletcher6:05.75 PRApr 13Molly Dry Invite
6.9Anthony Romania6:15.3h PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
7.10Tyren Wetzel6:58.1h PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
3200 Meters
1.9Tylar Wright11:40.95 PRMay 11NTL Championships
2.11Aidan Perry12:12.84Apr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
3.9Aidan Fletcher12:59.27 PRMay 11NTL Championships
4.11Taylor Wheeler13:00.60 PRMay 11NTL Championships
5.9Anthony Romania14:09.1h PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Alex Burrell17.95 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
2.9Evan Hoover18.29 PRMay 11NTL Championships
3.11Elijah Cruz20.90 PRMay 11NTL Championships
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Brennan Warner45.11 PRMay 11NTL Championships
2.9Evan Hoover49.58 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
3.11Elijah Cruz53.43 PRMay 11NTL Championships
2k Steeplechase
1.11Taylor Wheeler9:30.25 PRApr 13Molly Dry Invite
4x100 Relay
1.Brett Rudy
Alex Kozuhowski
Joseph Grab
Aidan Hauser
44.93May 11NTL Championships
2.*Aidan Hauser
Joseph Grab
Brett Rudy
Alex Kozuhowski
45.02May 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
3.Joseph Grab
Aidan Hauser
Alex Kozuhowski
Brett Rudy
45.90May 4Coudersport Invite
4x400 Relay
1.*Bergen Weiner
Brett Rudy
Brennan Warner
Jonathan Wetzel
3:45.24May 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
2.Jonathan Wetzel
Brennan Warner
Bergen Weiner
Brett Rudy
3:53.09Apr 13Molly Dry Invite
3.Brett Rudy
Brennan Warner
Bergen Weiner
Jonathan Wetzel
3:54.15May 4Coudersport Invite
4.Relay Team 4:01.4hApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
4x800 Relay
1.*Bergen Weiner
Aidan Perry
Trevor Weaver
Tylar Wright
9:05.53May 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
2.Relay Team 9:40.8hApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
3.Aidan Perry
Trevor Weaver
Bergen Weiner
Tylar Wright
9:45.60May 4Coudersport Invite
4.Aidan Perry
Tylar Wright
Trevor Weaver
Bergen Weiner
9:50.56Apr 13Molly Dry Invite
5.Bergen Weiner
Aidan Perry
Austin Richards
Trevor Weaver
9:59.14Apr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Hunter Brown37' 10 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
2.10Keegan Clemens34' 1 PRMay 11NTL Championships
3.9Danny Timmons28' 7 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
4.9Axil Mattison27' 2.5 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Hunter Brown132' 6 PRMay 11NTL Championships
2.11Aidan Perry94' 2Apr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
3.10Keegan Clemens78' 9 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
4.9Danny Timmons73' 5 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
5.9Axil Mattison71' 10 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
Javelin - 800g
1.11*Hunter Brown152' 11 PRMay 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
2.10*Austin Richards146' 7 PRMay 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
3.10Karter Witmer120' 0 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
4.10Alex Burrell112' 2Apr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
5.9Axil Mattison83' 9.25 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
6.10Keegan Clemens83' 9 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
9Danny Timmons83' 9 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
High Jump
1.11Holden Kennedy5' 6 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
10Frank Kewitt5' 6 PRApr 13Molly Dry Invite
3.11Hunter Brown5' 2 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
4.11Isaac Wagner5' 0 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
9Zach Singer5' 0 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
6.10Aidan Hauser4' 10 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
Pole Vault
1.12Devin Webster10' 6 PRMay 11NTL Championships
2.10Clayton Orsbrn9' 6 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
3.10Conner Ramsey8' 6 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
Long Jump
1.10Aidan Hauser20' 2 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
2.10Aidan Houser20' 0 PRApr 13Molly Dry Invite
3.12Alex Kozuhowski19' 2.5 PRMay 11NTL Championships
4.10Frank Kewitt18' 5 PRMay 11NTL Championships
5.10Clayton Orsbrn17' 10 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
6.11Isaac Wagner17' 5 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
7.10Karter Witmer17' 2.5 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
8.11Holden Kennedy16' 11 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
9.11Elijah Cruz14' 7 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
Triple Jump
1.10Karter Witmer37' 8.5 PRApr 13Molly Dry Invite
2.11Bergen Weiner37' 7 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
3.10Frank Kewitt37' 5 PRMay 11NTL Championships
4.11Holden Kennedy31' 9.5 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
5.11Isaac Wagner31' 7 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing


100 Meters
1.10Caitlyn Callahan13.32 PRApr 13Molly Dry Invite
2.11Dahlia Hosey13.53Apr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
3.10Savana Baltzley14.44 PRMay 11NTL Championships
4.10Megan Starkweather14.47 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
5.12Grace Heckman14.53 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
6.11Zoe Iseri14.70Apr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
7.10Lauren Singer14.81 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
8.11Alaina Goetsch14.98 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
9.9Alexis Banik15.31 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
200 Meters
1.10Caitlyn Callahan29.07 PRApr 13Molly Dry Invite
2.10Savana Baltzley29.80May 11NTL Championships
3.10Lauren Singer30.29 PRMay 11NTL Championships
4.10Megan Starkweather31.15 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
5.9Hope Sampson31.31 PRMay 11NTL Championships
6.9Alexis Banik31.53 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
7.12Grace Heckman31.86Apr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
400 Meters
1.9Alexis Banik1:08.73 PRMay 11NTL Championships
2.11Zoe Iseri1:09.96Apr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
3.10Alexandra Chilson1:10.95 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
4.9Kathryn Burnett1:13.43 PRMay 11NTL Championships
5.9Aislinn Hoose1:14.70 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
800 Meters
1.10Kylie Butler2:56.74 PRMay 11NTL Championships
2.9Aislinn Hoose2:58.82 PRMay 11NTL Championships
3.11Kara Doane3:00.15 PRMay 11NTL Championships
4.11Rachel Chamberlain3:14.51 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
1600 Meters
1.12Anna Bleggi6:24.7hApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
2.11Elizabeth Macias6:27.9hApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
3.11Elizabeth Macias6:30.01Apr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
3200 Meters
1.11*Elizabeth Macias13:19.74 PRMay 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
11Elizabeth Macias13:19.74May 18PIAA District 4 AA Championships
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Grace Heckman18.24 PRMay 11NTL Championships
2.11Zoe Iseri20.32 PRMay 11NTL Championships
3.9Kathryn Burnett20.59 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
4.10Kylie Butler20.64Apr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
5.11Kara Doane22.78 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Savana Baltzley57.97Apr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
2.10Kylie Butler58.16 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
3.11Kara Doane1:02.08 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
4.11Zoe Iseri1:03.99 PRApr 13Molly Dry Invite
2k Steeplechase
1.11Elizabeth Macias9:45.52Apr 13Molly Dry Invite
2.12Anna Bleggi9:45.54Apr 13Molly Dry Invite
4x100 Relay
1.*Grace Heckman
Caitlyn Callahan
Savana Baltzley
Dahlia Hosey
52.59May 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
2.Relay Team 53.57Apr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
4x400 Relay
1.*Alexandra Chilson
Zoe Iseri
Kayla Mengee
Savana Baltzley
4:32.75May 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
2.Kylie Butler
Zoe Iseri
Kayla Mengee
Savana Baltzley
4:43.06May 11NTL Championships
3.Zoe Iseri
Alexandra Chilson
Kayla Mengee
Savana Baltzley
4:43.84May 4Coudersport Invite
4.Savana Baltzley
Kayla Mengee
Zoe Iseri
Anna Bleggi
4:48.01Apr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
5.Relay Team 4:53.3hApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
6.Kayla Mengee
Aislinn Hoose
Zoe Iseri
Alexandra Chilson
5:05.51Apr 13Molly Dry Invite
4x800 Relay
1.Aislinn Hoose
Elizabeth Macias
Kayla Mengee
Anna Bleggi
11:24.07May 11NTL Championships
2.*Kayla Mengee
Elizabeth Macias
Aislinn Hoose
Anna Bleggi
11:29.38May 19District 4 Championships (Day 2)
3.Kayla Mengee
Elizabeth Macias
Kara Doane
Anna Bleggi
12:00.76May 4Coudersport Invite
4.Relay Team 12:06.6hApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
5.Kayla Mengee
Elizabeth Macias
Rachel Chamberlain
Anna Bleggi
12:19.04Apr 13Molly Dry Invite
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Nina Coolidge24' 7.25 PRMay 11NTL Championships
2.12Abby Feil24' 1.25 PRMay 11NTL Championships
3.12Rebecca Janelli23' 9 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
4.12Grace Feil21' 9.5 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
5.-Georgia Macensky19' 6 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
6.11Haleigh Hunt15' 0 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
Discus - 1kg
1.12Abby Feil72' 2 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
2.12Rebecca Janelli69' 4 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
3.10Nina Coolidge60' 3May 11NTL Championships
4.12Grace Feil52' 2 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
5.11Haleigh Hunt46' 3Apr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
Javelin - 600g
1.10Lauren Singer87' 4 PRMay 11NTL Championships
2.12Abby Feil86' 8.5 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
3.12Grace Feil82' 1May 4Coudersport Invite
4.10Kayla Mengee66' 2 PRApr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
5.10Nina Coolidge61' 1Apr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
6.12Grace Heckman58' 6Apr 17Troy, Wellsboro, and Wyalusing
7.12Rebecca Janelli41' 0.25 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
8.11Haleigh Hunt40' 5.5 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
High Jump
1.10Caitlyn Callahan4' 10 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
2.9Hope Sampson4' 2 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
Pole Vault
1.12Kaitlynne Kramer8' 6Apr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
Long Jump
1.11Dahlia Hosey17' 10.75 PRMay 11NTL Championships
2.10Caitlyn Callahan16' 10.25 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
3.10Megan Starkweather15' 6.5 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
4.10Alexandra Chilson14' 0 PRMay 4Coudersport Invite
5.9Alexis Banik13' 0 PRApr 23Athens @ Wellsboro
Triple Jump
1.11Dahlia Hosey36' 10.5 PRMay 11NTL Championships
2.11Alivia Kennedy28' 11.5 PRMay 11NTL Championships

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