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100 Meters
1.10Andreas Litton11.18aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
10Xavier Thomas11.18aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
3.11Andy Wu11.38aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
4.12Robert Britschgi11.57aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
5.11Andrew Langston11.62aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
6.11Asante Moore11.79aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
7.10Jeff Cho11.86aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
8.9Alan Medina11.95aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
9.9Ethan Tarrer12.04aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
10.11Dylan Barger12.33aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
11.10Drake Callender12.42aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
12.12Evan Jones12.63aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
13.11Bryce Amyx12.67aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
14.11Austin Pless12.69aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
9Chad Mowers12.69aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
16.9Eugene Kim12.73aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
17.12Bryce Gwaltney12.77aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
18.12Darren Myers12.79aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
19.10Duncan McGrath12.80aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
20.11Arash Yadyasar12.84aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
21.10Keegan Kim12.89aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
22.10Jaleel Baker12.91aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
23.11Kyle Sunzeri13.02aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
24.11Benjamin Thomas13.03aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
25.10Cole Younger13.22aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
26.9Juan Godoy13.36aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
27.10Eric Tennyson13.40aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
28.11Dustin Morgan13.45aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
29.12Logan Ives13.51aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
30.11Marvin Lim13.54aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
11Austin Kurth13.54aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
32.9Raul Steed13.71aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
33.12Frank Mammano13.76aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
34.10Ryan Becker13.86aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
35.11Neema Moeini13.91aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
36.11Cody Martinson13.92aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
37.12Jacob Watts14.16aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
9Kevin Grush14.16aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
39.11Alex Rintoul14.21aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
40.12Robert Dayringer14.23aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
41.12Charles Harris14.27aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
42.11Cooper Holstein14.33aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
9Caleb Duckett14.33aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
44.9Tyler Nelson14.41aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
45.11Miguel Orozco14.43aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
46.11Wyatt Doughty14.52aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
47.11Phillip Gwin14.80aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
48.10Anwar Anwar14.86aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
49.9Jalen Johnson15.03aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
50.11David Perez15.23aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
51.9Isaiah Rogers15.27aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
52.9Thomas Roussel15.37aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
53.11Thomas McDonald15.45aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
54.10Luis Guzman15.49aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
55.12Andre Henderson16.33aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
200 Meters
1.10Andreas Litton22.71aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
2.11Andy Wu23.06aMay 9Nevada Union Invitational
3.12Robert Britschgi23.22aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
4.10Xavier Thomas23.69aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
5.11Kyle Sunzeri23.90aMay 21Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Trials
6.10Jeff Cho24.05aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
7.11Andrew Langston24.22aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
8.10Drake Callender24.25aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
9.9Ethan Tarrer24.37aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
10.10Jaleel Baker25.05aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
11.11Asante Moore25.16aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
12.9Alan Medina25.30aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
13.11Austin Pless25.47aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
14.9Chad Mowers25.56aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
15.11Arash Yadyasar26.20aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
16.12Thomas Cho26.29aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
17.10Duncan McGrath27.01aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
18.10Eric Tennyson28.24aMar 15Folsom Depth Charge
400 Meters
1.12Robert Britschgi50.13aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
2.11Kyle Sunzeri52.94aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
3.11Austen Hvidsten53.15aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
4.12Matt Coss53.98aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
5.9Eugene Kim55.48aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
6.9Chad Mowers55.78aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
7.11Connor Zari57.72aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
8.9Raul Steed58.05aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
9.11Arash Yadyasar63.28aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
800 Meters
1.12Matt Coss1:57.81aMay 21Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Trials
2.11Austen Hvidsten2:00.46aMay 3Sacramento Meet of Champions
3.11Drew Childs2:01.96aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
4.12Spencer Doty2:02.32aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
5.11Chandler Wells2:07.47aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
6.10Brendon Henkel2:08.91aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
7.12Evan Jones2:09.00aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
8.11Erik Lauritzen2:09.49aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
9.11Connor Marotte2:11.23aMar 15Dublin Distance Fiesta
10.10Tyler McCown2:11.98aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
11.10Jesse Smith2:12.02aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
12.10Brian Ford2:12.54aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
13.9David Gonzalez2:12.72aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
14.11Jonathan Gow2:14.52aMar 15Dublin Distance Fiesta
15.10Hunter Childs2:14.62aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
16.9Cameron Holland2:14.95aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
17.9Kevin Gonzalez2:15.08aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
18.11Garrett Schmidt2:16.49aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
19.12Robert Britschgi2:16.55aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
20.10Alex Puentes2:17.27aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
21.10Jackson Contreras2:18.16aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
22.9Dayton Miers2:18.30aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
23.11Joshua Sebilla2:18.38May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
24.11Scott Kuphaldt2:20.00aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
25.9Juan Godoy2:20.73aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
26.12Bryce Gwaltney2:20.93aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
27.11Travis York2:21.18aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
28.9Dylan Armistead2:22.47aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
29.9Benjamin Sharer2:23.26aMar 15Dublin Distance Fiesta
30.11Kyle Sunzeri2:25.42aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
31.9Mason McIver2:26.91aMar 15Dublin Distance Fiesta
32.9Orrin Weaver2:26.92aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
33.9Jason Kuphaldt2:28.25aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
34.9Eugene Kim2:28.49aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
35.11Franco Ghadiri2:28.71aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
36.9Tyler McJunkin2:30.01aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
37.9Nathaniel Slaughter2:31.10aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
38.12Garrett Kloth2:31.16aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
39.11Jeshua Holmes2:32.52aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
40.9Raul Steed2:32.63aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
41.12Robert Dayringer2:33.98aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
42.10Keegan Kim2:34.63aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
43.10Drake Callender2:36.22aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
44.11Dustin Morgan2:36.44aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
45.11Andy Wu2:37.70aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
46.11Nolan Bourassa2:38.41aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
47.9Hayden Luke2:42.25aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
48.10Jeff Cho2:44.62aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
49.11Neema Moeini2:44.97aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
50.9Chad Mowers2:45.38aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
51.12Frank Mammano2:46.84aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
52.9Ethan Tarrer2:47.15aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
53.9Caleb Duckett2:48.12aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
54.9Thomas Roussel2:49.17aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
55.11Austin Kurth2:54.23aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
56.9Jalen Johnson2:54.45aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
57.9Kevin Grush2:56.10aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
58.9Tyler Nelson2:58.11aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
59.11Dylan Barger2:58.74aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
60.10Ryan Becker3:00.27aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
61.10Eric Tennyson3:02.87aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
1600 Meters
1.12Matt Coss4:16.69aMay 30Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.11Drew Childs4:26.49aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
3.12Spencer Doty4:30.12aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
4.10Brendon Henkel4:36.26aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
5.11Connor Marotte4:38.86aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
6.10Brian Ford4:51.57aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
7.12Auston Tague4:52.40aMay 28Bella Vista Distance Time Trial
8.10Jesse Smith4:52.96aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
9.11Erik Lauritzen4:54.96aMay 9Nevada Union Invitational
10.11Garrett Schmidt4:55.50aMay 28Bella Vista Distance Time Trial
11.10Tyler McCown4:56.11aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
12.10Hunter Childs4:56.35aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
13.10Alex Puentes4:56.90aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
14.11Travis York4:58.46aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
15.9David Gonzalez4:58.90aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
16.11Austen Hvidsten4:59.10aMay 28Bella Vista Distance Time Trial
17.11Scott Kuphaldt5:00.46aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
18.11Jonathan Gow5:02.12aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
19.9Kevin Gonzalez5:02.89aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
20.11Joshua Sebilla5:03.33aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
21.11Chandler Wells5:05.56aMar 15Dublin Distance Fiesta
22.9Dayton Miers5:06.70aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
23.9Cameron Holland5:07.61aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
24.9Mason McIver5:08.05aMar 15Dublin Distance Fiesta
25.11Scotty Kuphaldt5:11.61May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
26.9Benjamin Sharer5:13.62aMar 15Dublin Distance Fiesta
27.10Jackson Contreras5:16.06aMar 15Dublin Distance Fiesta
28.9Orrin Weaver5:18.99aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
29.11Nolan Bourassa5:19.67aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
30.9Nathaniel Slaughter5:27.86aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
31.9Dylan Armistead5:28.67aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
32.9Jason Kuphaldt5:30.71aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
33.9Tyler McJunkin5:37.67aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
34.11Jeshua Holmes5:55.16aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
35.9Hayden Luke5:56.18aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
36.10Garrett Salyer6:14.72aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
1 Mile
1.12Matt Coss4:26.07aApr 5Stanford Invitational Day 2
3000 Meters
1.11Drew Childs8:54.46aApr 4Stanford Invitational Day 1
3200 Meters
1.11Drew Childs9:22.98aMay 30Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.12Matt Coss9:47.65aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
3.12Spencer Doty10:12.05aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
4.10Brian Ford10:24.56aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
5.10Tyler McCown10:42.10aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
6.11Connor Marotte10:54.21aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
7.11Garrett Schmidt10:55.62May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
8.11Jonathan Gow10:56.49aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
9.12Auston Tague11:01.14aMay 9Nevada Union Invitational
10.11Scott Kuphaldt11:08.95aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
11.9Benjamin Sharer11:28.39aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
12.11Travis York11:32.90aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
13.11Joshua Sebilla11:43.09aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
14.11Chandler Wells11:47.96aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
15.11Nolan Bourassa11:51.52aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
16.9Nathaniel Slaughter11:56.73aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
17.9Dayton Miers11:59.95aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
18.10Alex Puentes12:00.53May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
19.9Jason Kuphaldt12:12aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
20.9David Gonzalez12:21.59May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
21.9Kevin Gonzalez12:23.84May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
22.10Brendon Henkel12:32.03May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
23.9Orrin Weaver12:36.05aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
24.9Tyler McJunkin12:57.47aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
25.9Hayden Luke13:49.70aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Jaleel Baker16.76aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
2.10Eric Tennyson17.28aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
3.9Raul Steed17.96aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
4.9Caleb Duckett20.60aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Darren Myers15.55aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
2.11Alex Skondras16.30aMar 15Folsom Depth Charge
3.10Jaleel Baker16.80aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
4.10Eric Tennyson17.98aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
5.12Bryce Gwaltney18.10aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
6.9Raul Steed18.15aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
7.11Dustin Morgan20.55aMar 15Folsom Depth Charge
8.9Caleb Duckett20.71aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
9.12Logan Ives21.50aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Jaleel Baker41.71aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
2.9Raul Steed44.60aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
3.10Eric Tennyson48.47aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
4.9Caleb Duckett48.90aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
300m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Jaleel Baker42.51aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
2.9Raul Steed44.90aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
3.9Caleb Duckett49.40aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
4.10Eric Tennyson49.85aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Darren Myers39.92aMay 23Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Finals
2.10Jaleel Baker42.17aMay 21Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Trials
3.11Alex Skondras44.74aMar 15Folsom Depth Charge
4.12Logan Ives45.96aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
5.11Dustin Morgan50.04aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Darren Myers58.71aApr 4Stanford Invitational Day 1
4x100 Relay
1.-Robert Britschgi
Andreas Litton
Andy Wu
Xavier Thomas
43.20aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
2.-Robert Britschgi
Andy Wu
Darren Myers
Xavier Thomas
43.53aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
3.-Robert Britschgi
Darren Myers
Andreas Litton
Xavier Thomas
43.71aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
4.-Andy Wu
Xavier Thomas
Robert Britschgi
Andrew Langston
43.74aMay 21Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Trials
5.-Relay Team 43.79aMar 15Folsom Depth Charge
6.-Andy Wu
Xavier Thomas
Robert Britschgi
Darren Myers
44.20aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
7.-Xavier Thomas
Andy Wu
Darren Myers
Robert Britschgi
44.28aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
8.-Jeff Cho
Keegan Kim
Jaleel Baker
Ethan Tarrer
45.81aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
9.-Ethan Tarrer
Drake Callender
Jeff Cho
Keegan Kim
46.21aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
10.-Ethan Tarrer
Keegan Kim
Jeff Cho
Jaleel Baker
46.40aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
11.-Alan Medina
Ethan Tarrer
Jeff Cho
Jaleel Baker
46.49aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
12.-Chad Mowers
Ethan Tarrer
Jeff Cho
Duncan McGrath
46.89aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
13.-Ethan Tarrer
Keegan Kim
Jaleel Baker
Jeff Cho
49.19aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:34.93aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Spencer Doty
Robert Britschgi
Austen Hvidsten
Darren Myers
3:26.49aMay 23Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Finals
2.-Andreas Litton
Darren Myers
Robert Britschgi
Austen Hvidsten
3:31.02aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
3.-Kyle Sunzeri
Spencer Doty
Robert Britschgi
Austen Hvidsten
3:37.90aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
4.-Robert Britschgi
Matt Coss
Austen Hvidsten
Spencer Doty
3:39.04aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
5.-Relay Team 3:39.42aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
6.-Raul Steed
Chad Mowers
Eugene Kim
Alex Puentes
3:47.40aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
7.-Alex Puentes
Raul Steed
Eugene Kim
Chad Mowers
3:49.16aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
8.9Raul Steed
Eugene Kim
Cameron Holland
Kevin Gonzalez
3:56.80aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
9.-Mason McIver
Hunter Childs
Raul Steed
Cameron Holland
4:00.59aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 8:13.56aApr 5Stanford Invitational Day 2
4x1600 Relay
1.-Brendon Henkel
Matt Coss
Spencer Doty
Connor Marotte
18:06.73aApr 11Arcadia Invitational Day 1
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 1:37.70aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Andy Wu
Robert Britschgi
Xavier Thomas
Matt Coss
3:38.87aApr 11Arcadia Invitational Day 1
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 10:39.50aApr 4Stanford Invitational Day 1
2.-Robert Britschgi
Matt Coss
Spencer Doty
Austen Hvidsten
10:49.95aApr 12Arcadia Invitational Day 2
3.-Tyler McCown
Alex Puentes
Brian Ford
Jackson Contreras
11:37.32aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
4.-Garrett Schmidt
Erik Lauritzen
Chandler Wells
Evan Jones
11:51.87aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39"
1.-Relay Team 40.30aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Drake Callender50-02.75Mar 15Folsom Depth Charge
2.10Anwar Anwar43-05.00May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
3.9Kevin Grush36-06.00May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Cody Martinson48-00.50Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
2.10Drake Callender42-05.75Mar 1Clarke Massey Relays
3.11David Perez41-09.25Mar 15Folsom Depth Charge
4.11Wyatt Doughty41-07.25May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
5.11Benjamin Thomas40-06.00Mar 15Folsom Depth Charge
6.12Andre Henderson37-08.00Apr 30CVC Center Meet 3
7.12Charles Harris34-11.00Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
8.11Thomas McDonald31-03.00Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
9.11Wei Jiang28-08.50Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Wyatt Doughty162-10May 3Sacramento Meet of Champions
2.11Cody Martinson151-02Mar 1Clarke Massey Relays
3.11David Perekopskiy124-09.50Apr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
4.12Charles Harris114-10Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
5.12Andre Henderson107-11Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
6.11Benjamin Thomas106-00.50Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
7.11David Perez98-09.25Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
8.10Anwar Anwar95-03.75Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
9.9Kevin Grush88-01May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
10.11Wei Jiang86-03.25Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
11.11Thomas McDonald75-02.50Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
12.11Miguel Orozco60-01Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
High Jump
1.11Dylan Barger6-00.00May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
2.11Phillip Gwin5-10.00Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
3.11Alex Rintoul5-06.00Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
11Dustin Morgan5-06.00Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
12Robert Dayringer5-06.00Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
6.12Frank Mammano5-04.00Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
9Juan Godoy5-04.00Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
8.10Ryan Becker5-02.00Mar 1Clarke Massey Relays
9Tyler Nelson5-02.00Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
10.9Kevin Grush4-10.00Mar 1Clarke Massey Relays
Pole Vault
1.11Phillip Gwin14-08.00May 30Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.11Austin Kurth13-04.00Apr 30CVC Center Meet 3
3.10Cole Younger11-07.00May 9Nevada Union Invitational
4.9Isaiah Rogers8-09.00May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
Long Jump
1.11Dylan Barger21-02.00May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
2.10Keegan Kim20-07.00May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
3.10Xavier Thomas20-01.00Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
4.12Robert Dayringer19-10.00May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
5.10Drake Callender19-09.00Mar 1Clarke Massey Relays
6.10Jaleel Baker19-07.50Mar 1Clarke Massey Relays
7.11Alex Skondras19-06.75Mar 15Folsom Depth Charge
8.9Juan Godoy19-03.50May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
9.10Jeff Cho18-05.00Apr 30CVC Center Meet 3
10.12Frank Mammano18-04.50Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
11.12Thomas Cho17-10.75Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
12.11Cooper Holstein17-05.50May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
13.9Jalen Johnson16-09.50Apr 30CVC Center Meet 3
14.9Tyler Nelson16-01.00Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
15.11Neema Moeini16-00.25Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
16.11Bryce Amyx15-01.00Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
17.12Jacob Watts14-01.50Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
Triple Jump
1.10Keegan Kim40'02.50May 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
2.11Dylan Barger40-02.00Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
3.9Juan Godoy39'01.00May 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
4.12Frank Mammano37-07.00Apr 30CVC Center Meet 3
5.12Robert Dayringer34-08.50Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
12Thomas Cho34-08.50Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
7.9Raul Steed33-08.50Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
8.9Thomas Roussel33-00.50May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals


100 Meters
1.11Hanna Johnson13.62aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
2.10Haily Molina13.63aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
3.12Emily Sutter13.69aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
12Mari Coulter13.69aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
5.12Amanda Nichols13.81aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
6.11Destiny Galvan13.99aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
7.9Leah Brown14.00aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
8.12Jackie Healey14.15aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
9.12McKenzie Sup14.19aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
10.10Kayla Nicholas14.26aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
11.10Kendall Derry14.51aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
12Gabby Rainey14.51aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
13.11Jasmine Horn14.53aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
14.12Makenna Meeks14.65aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
15.9Isabella Bangs14.88aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
16.12Sierra Fisher14.90aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
17.11Abigail Lauten-Scrivner14.97aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
18.12Sophia Vivaldi15.01aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
19.10Emily Smith15.21aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
20.12Kayla Tennyson15.28aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
21.12Jenna Williams15.31aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
22.11Mariah Rogers15.34aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
23.10Shelby Dozier15.35aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
24.12Carrie Khamphoumy15.47aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
25.10Hannah Wohlenberg15.55aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
26.11Haley Wahlstrom15.57aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
27.10Brook Eberle15.58aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
28.10Jenna Vivaldi15.71aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
29.11Hope Coulter15.75aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
30.11Tori Pope15.80aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
31.10Sedona McNerney15.84aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
32.10Julia Sutter15.89aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
33.10Emily Akins15.91aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
34.10Kaitlin Derry15.93aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
35.9Madison Todd16.24aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
36.9Madison Feaver16.29aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
37.12Chelsea Peterson16.41aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
38.9Victoria Chavez16.54aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
39.9Alyssa Egbert16.56aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
40.10Darynne Cross16.80aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
41.9Cessair McKinney16.86aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
42.10Tara Kalemba16.90aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
43.9Emily Gottardi16.91aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
44.9Hannah Robinson16.95aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
45.12Sidny Elliot16.96aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
46.9Hannah Sims16.98aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
47.11Amy Chavez17.02aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
48.11Renny Castanon17.12aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
49.10Elisa Schurr17.13aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
50.10Kourtney Gwin17.18aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
51.11Shelby Reynolds17.19aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
52.9Linda Solt17.52aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
53.11Lindsay Floyd18.19aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
54.9Selena Brown-Rios18.68aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
55.11Amber Thompson18.69aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
56.11Autumn Fitzsimmons19.40aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
57.10Bianca Gherasim19.55aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
58.11Jazmine Nunez20.77aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
59.10Michal Hanson22.19aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
200 Meters
1.12Jackie Healey28.50aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
2.12Mari Coulter28.54aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
3.12Emily Sutter28.87aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
4.12Sophia Vivaldi28.97aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
5.12Jenna Williams29.10aMar 15Folsom Depth Charge
6.11Hanna Johnson29.17aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
7.11Destiny Galvan29.51aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
8.12Amanda Nichols29.56aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
9.11Hope Coulter30.50aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
10.10Haily Molina30.67aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
11.12Gabby Rainey31.04aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
12.11Abigail Lauten-Scrivner31.63aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
13.11Amy Chavez32.43aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
14.9Madison Todd32.59aMar 15Folsom Depth Charge
15.11Mariah Rogers32.61aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
400 Meters
1.10Kendall Derry59.66aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
2.12McKenzie Sup1:00.98aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
3.10Brook Eberle1:02.31aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
4.10Kaitlin Derry1:02.93aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
5.10Hannah Wohlenberg1:03.28aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
6.12Jackie Healey1:04.45aMay 21Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Trials
7.12Makenna Meeks65.87aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
8.11Renny Castanon1:06.01aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
9.10Emily Smith1:06.52aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
10.9Cessair McKinney1:07.23aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
11.9Madison Todd1:09.33aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
12.11Haley Wahlstrom1:10.58aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
13.9Madison Feaver1:11.85aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
14.9Selena Brown-Rios1:16.95aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
15.9Edryanna Lascala1:18.06aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
800 Meters
1.10Kendall Derry2:14.72aMay 21Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Trials
2.10Brook Eberle2:19.51aMay 21Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Trials
3.10Kaitlin Derry2:20.97aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
4.10Hannah Wohlenberg2:21.40aMay 23Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Finals
5.11Renny Castanon2:26.32aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
6.12Makenna Meeks2:26.42May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
7.9Cessair McKinney2:26.69aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
8.10Sedona McNerney2:27.32aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
9.10Emily Smith2:30.27May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
10.9Emily Gottardi2:37.00May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
11.10Elisa Schurr2:42.87aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
12.9Sara Holm2:42.93aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
13.9Alyssa Egbert2:43.21aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
14.9Linda Solt2:43.71aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
15.12McKenzie Sup2:43.90aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
16.12Sidny Elliot2:44.59aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
17.9Hannah Sims2:46.99May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
18.10Bianca Gherasim2:50.06aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
19.9Hannah Robinson2:51.13aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
20.9Cayla Crockell2:51.76aMar 15Dublin Distance Fiesta
21.10Darynne Cross2:52.54May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
22.11Nicki Schedler2:52.88May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
23.9Madison Feaver2:55.08May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
24.11Lindsay Floyd2:55.30May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
25.12Jenna Williams2:57.46aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
26.12Emi Calvo2:59.29May 2Sheldon Distance Carnival
27.12Sierra Fisher3:00.84aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
28.9Selena Brown-Rios3:05.32aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
29.11Destiny Galvan3:07.80aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
30.10Kourtney Gwin3:10.27aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
31.9Edryanna Lascala3:11.19aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
32.11Hope Coulter3:15.54aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
33.10Shelby Dozier3:23.64aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
34.10Emily Akins3:24.77aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
35.9Leah Brown3:26.22aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
36.11Jasmine Horn3:39.57aFeb 26Bella Vista Intra-Squad
1600 Meters
1.10Kendall Derry4:52.00aJun 6CIF State Championship Prelims
2.10Kaitlin Derry5:09.46aMay 30Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
3.10Brook Eberle5:10.78aMay 23Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Finals
4.11Renny Castanon5:16.97aMay 23Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Finals
5.10Sedona McNerney5:21.25aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
6.9Cessair McKinney5:23.04aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
7.10Hannah Wohlenberg5:23.92aMar 15Dublin Distance Fiesta
8.10Emily Smith5:41.41aMay 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
9.9Emily Gottardi5:57.81aMar 15Dublin Distance Fiesta
10.9Cayla Crockell5:59.59aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
11.9Linda Solt6:01.38aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
12.9Alyssa Egbert6:02.14aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
13.9Sara Holm6:05.72aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
14.10Bianca Gherasim6:08.67aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
15.9Hannah Sims6:20.69aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
16.10Elisa Schurr6:22.67aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
17.11Nicki Schedler6:34.18aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
18.11Lindsay Floyd6:35.52aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
19.9Hannah Robinson6:36.44aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
20.10Darynne Cross6:36.77aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
21.9Edryanna Lascala6:42.20aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
22.9Madison Feaver6:47.78aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
23.12Emi Calvo6:55.32aMar 28Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
24.9Selena Brown-Rios6:56.21aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
1 Mile
1.10Kendall Derry5:04.35aApr 5Stanford Invitational Day 2
2.10Kaitlin Derry5:09.88aApr 5Stanford Invitational Day 2
3000 Meters
1.10Sedona McNerney10:26.75aApr 4Stanford Invitational Day 1
3200 Meters
1.10Kendall Derry10:50.02aApr 12Arcadia Invitational Day 2
2.9Cessair McKinney11:24.72aMay 30Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
3.10Sedona McNerney11:35.52aMay 30Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
4.11Renny Castanon12:25.75aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
5.9Emily Gottardi13:16.49aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
6.9Linda Solt13:51.02aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
7.9Cayla Crockell13:58.93aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
8.10Darynne Cross15:10.13aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Jenna Williams16.51aMay 23Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Finals
2.12Sophia Vivaldi16.79aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
3.12Kayla Tennyson17.83aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
4.11Hope Coulter17.98aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
5.9Leah Brown18.20aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
6.10Jenna Vivaldi18.52aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
7.12Carrie Khamphoumy19.15aMay 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
8.9Isabella Bangs19.72aMar 15Folsom Depth Charge
9.10Haily Molina20.53aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
10.9Victoria Chavez20.63aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
11.9Madison Feaver21.55aMar 15Folsom Depth Charge
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Jenna Williams47.70aMay 30Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.12Sophia Vivaldi50.42aMay 21Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Trials
3.11Hope Coulter52.02aMay 9Nevada Union Invitational
4.10Jenna Vivaldi54.40aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
5.9Madison Feaver56.00aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
6.12Carrie Khamphoumy56.93aMar 15Folsom Depth Charge
7.9Madison Todd58.41aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
4x100 Relay
1.-Mari Coulter
Emily Sutter
Hanna Johnson
Jackie Healey
51.96aMay 21Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Trials
2.-Emily Sutter
McKenzie Sup
Hanna Johnson
Jackie Healey
52.02aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
3.-Amanda Nichols
Emily Sutter
Hanna Johnson
Jackie Healey
52.70aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
4.-Hanna Johnson
Emily Sutter
McKenzie Sup
Jackie Healey
52.86aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
5.-Relay Team 53.16aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
6.-Hanna Johnson
Jackie Healey
Amanda Nichols
McKenzie Sup
53.38aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
7.-Mari Coulter
Jackie Healey
Amanda Nichols
Emily Sutter
54.09aMar 15Folsom Depth Charge
8.-Jackie Healey
Emily Sutter
Amanda Nichols
Hanna Johnson
54.21aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
9.-Leah Brown
Haily Molina
Destiny Galvan
Mari Coulter
54.81aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
10.-Mari Coulter
Leah Brown
Haily Molina
Kayla Nicholas
55.32aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
11.-Kayla Nicholas
Isabella Bangs
Leah Brown
Haily Molina
57.26aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:56.57aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-McKenzie Sup
Kaitlin Derry
Brook Eberle
Kendall Derry
4:00.48aMay 30Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.-Brook Eberle
Kendall Derry
Kaitlin Derry
McKenzie Sup
4:04.95aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
3.-Hannah Wohlenberg
Brook Eberle
Kendall Derry
Kaitlin Derry
4:10.01aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
4.-McKenzie Sup
Kaitlin Derry
Kendall Derry
Hannah Wohlenberg
4:14.44aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
5.-Relay Team 4:18.15aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
6.-Renny Castanon
Emily Smith
Makenna Meeks
Jackie Healey
4:28.74aApr 30CVC Center Meet 3
7.-Kaitlin Derry
McKenzie Sup
Makenna Meeks
Jackie Healey
4:30.66aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
8.-Renny Castanon
Emily Gottardi
Cessair McKinney
Emily Smith
4:31.59aApr 9CVC Center Meet 2
9.-Renny Castanon
Sedona McNerney
Emily Smith
Linda Solt
4:46.90aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
10.-Madison Todd
Linda Solt
Emily Gottardi
Bianca Gherasim
4:52.41aMar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
11.9Hannah Robinson
Linda Solt
Hannah Sims
Emily Gottardi
4:58.48aApr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
12.-Hope Coulter
Sophia Vivaldi
Jenna Williams
Carrie Khamphoumy
5:06.00aMar 19CVC Center Meet 1
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 9:26.64aApr 5Stanford Invitational Day 2
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 2:13.82aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 12:45.06aApr 4Stanford Invitational Day 1
2.-Kaitlin Derry
Cessair McKinney
Hannah Wohlenberg
Renny Castanon
12:45.52aApr 12Arcadia Invitational Day 2
4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 33"
1.-Relay Team 41.70aMar 1Clarke Massey Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Anastasiya Makoyed30-04.00Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
2.11Shelby Reynolds27-09.50Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
3.11Autumn Fitzsimmons27-02.25May 9Nevada Union Invitational
4.10Tara Kalemba26-06.50May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
5.11Amber Thompson26-04.00Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
6.11Jazmine Nunez20-11.00Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
7.11Jasmine Horn20-05.00Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
8.10Michal Hanson18-06.00Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
Discus - 1kg
1.12Anastasiya Makoyed106-04.50Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
2.10Tara Kalemba87-02Apr 30CVC Center Meet 3
3.11Autumn Fitzsimmons81-01May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
4.11Shelby Reynolds77-07May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
5.11Amber Thompson76-03Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
6.12Kayla Tennyson69-08.50Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
7.11Jazmine Nunez60-01.50Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
8.10Michal Hanson46'10.00May 10Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
High Jump
1.10Shelby Dozier5-06.00Apr 11Arcadia Invitational Day 1
2.10Julia Sutter4-10.00Mar 1Clarke Massey Relays
3.10Kourtney Gwin4-08.00Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2
4.9Leah Brown4-04.00Mar 1Clarke Massey Relays
Pole Vault
1.12Amanda Nichols11-07.00Apr 26Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
2.10Kourtney Gwin10-04.00Apr 30CVC Center Meet 3
3.12Sierra Fisher10-01.00May 30Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
4.12Gabriella Romano9-03.00May 21Sac Joaquin Section Div II-III Trials
5.11Tori Pope9'01.00Apr 30CVC Center Meet 3
Long Jump
1.12McKenzie Sup17-08.00Mar 1Clarke Massey Relays
2.11Hanna Johnson16-08.00May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
3.9Leah Brown16-02.00May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
4.12Sierra Fisher15-06.00Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
5.10Sedona McNerney15-02.00May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
6.10Emily Akins15-00.00May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
7.10Kayla Nicholas12-10.00Mar 19CVC Center Meet 1
Triple Jump
1.12Jenna Williams33-00.25May 16Capital Valley Conference Finals
2.12McKenzie Sup32-00.75Mar 1Clarke Massey Relays
3.10Emily Akins30-05.75Mar 8King/Gilbert Invitational
4.12Sierra Fisher30-04.50Apr 9CVC Center Meet 2

*Recent improvement