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100 Meters
1.11Jeff Cho11.66aApr 11Thunder Invitational
2.12Alex Skondras11.79aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
3.9Kevin Williams11.85aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
4.12Kyle Sunzeri11.91aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
9Jermain Worthy11.91aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
6.12Adoreree Taggart11.95aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
7.12Dylan Barger12.00aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
8.11Keegan Kim12.11aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
9.9Trevor Oggins12.49aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
10.10Grant Penner12.58aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
11.10Chad Mowers12.60aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
12.11Cole Younger12.61aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
13.11Brendon Henkel12.72aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
14.10Vlad Strelchik12.78aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
15.11Jaleel Baker12.90aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
16.12Austin Pless12.94aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
17.11Duncan McGrath13.01aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
18.12Lucas Benson13.17aMay 13CVC Trials
9Joseph Lowenstein13.17aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
20.12Joshua Snyder13.23aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
21.12Erik Lauritzen13.35aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
22.12Drew Childs13.36aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
23.10Brandon Thims13.41aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
24.9Garrett Dozier13.45aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
25.10Jalen Johnson13.60aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
26.11Eric Tennyson13.73aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
27.12Logan Gaynor13.75aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
28.9Bret Henkel14.04aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
29.10Isaiah Rogers14.06aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
30.9Randall Earls14.10aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
31.11Anthony Jaramillo-Garcia14.13aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
32.10Thomas Roussel14.33aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
33.9Shane Verkler14.63aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
34.10Zach Johnson15.05aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
200 Meters
1.11Jeff Cho23.35aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
2.12Kyle Sunzeri23.88aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
3.9Kevin Williams23.93aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
4.12Adoreree Taggart24.28aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
5.10Raul Steed24.46aMay 13CVC Trials
6.9Trevor Oggins25.34aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
7.10Grant Penner25.86aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
8.11Duncan McGrath27.03aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
9.10Brandon Thims27.46aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
10.12Lucas Benson27.72aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
400 Meters
1.11Jeff Cho51.29aMay 15CVC Finals
2.12Kyle Sunzeri52.06aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
3.12Austen Hvidsten53.32aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
4.10Chad Mowers54.53aMay 15CVC Finals
5.10Eugene Kim55.16aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
6.11Alex Puentes55.98aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
7.11Brendon Henkel57.15aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
8.12Connor Marotte57.39aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
9.12Drew Childs58.25aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
10.11Jackson Contreras59.49aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
11.12Chandler Wells59.55aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
12.10Dayton Miers59.79aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
13.11Jesse Smith59.81aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
14.12Erik Lauritzen1:00.38aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
15.9Bret Henkel1:00.42aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
16.11Tyler Collard1:01.26aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
17.10Kevin Gonzalez1:01.28aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
18.10Nathaniel Slaughter1:01.33aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
19.10Grant Penner1:01.86aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
20.10Orrin Weaver1:01.90aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
21.10David Gonzalez1:01.91aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
22.9Joseph Lowenstein1:03.40aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
23.10Jason Kuphaldt1:06.57aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
800 Meters
1.12Austen Hvidsten1:58.59aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
2.12Drew Childs2:01.06aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
3.12Connor Marotte2:03.13aMay 13CVC Trials
4.10Eugene Kim2:04.90aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
5.11Brendon Henkel2:05.28aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
6.10Kevin Gonzalez2:05.31aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
7.10Chad Mowers2:05.70aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
8.9Bret Henkel2:07.04aMay 13CVC Trials
9.11Alex Puentes2:07.20aMay 13CVC Trials
10.10Cameron Holland2:08.50aMay 15CVC Finals
11.10David Gonzalez2:08.56aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
12.11Tyler McCown2:09.39aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
13.11Brian Ford2:10.58aMay 13CVC Trials
14.10Dayton Miers2:10.99aMay 15CVC Finals
15.12Erik Lauritzen2:13.00aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
16.12Chandler Wells2:13.50aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
17.10Nathaniel Slaughter2:13.70aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
18.11Jesse Smith2:13.90May 1Sheldon Distance Carnival
19.12Jonathan Gow2:14.48aMay 13CVC Trials
20.11Jackson Contreras2:14.72aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
21.12Kyle Sunzeri2:14.84aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
22.9Benjamin Blankenburg2:16.08aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
23.9Joseph Lowenstein2:17.12aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
24.11Tyler Collard2:17.27aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
25.9Hayden Low2:18.32aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
26.10Benjamin Sharer2:20.52aMay 13CVC Trials
27.10Orrin Weaver2:20.55aMay 13CVC Trials
28.9Justin Lack2:21.74aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
29.10Jason Kuphaldt2:24.68aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
30.11Garrett Salyer2:29.48aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
31.9Chris Hatch2:36.93aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
32.9Adrien Bourassa2:41.59aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
33.9Dade Weaver2:52.14aMay 13CVC Trials
1600 Meters
1.12Drew Childs4:19.25aMay 2Sacramento Meet of Champions
2.12Connor Marotte4:25.19aMay 29Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
3.9Bret Henkel4:32.03aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
4.11Brendon Henkel4:32.14aMay 22Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Finals
5.10David Gonzalez4:44.29aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
6.12Austen Hvidsten4:48.56aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
7.10Kevin Gonzalez4:49.35aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
8.11Alex Puentes4:50.98aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
9.11Tyler McCown4:51.50aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
10.10Eugene Kim4:52.68aApr 11Thunder Invitational
11.10Dayton Miers4:52.71aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
12.11Brian Ford4:53.73aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
13.11Jesse Smith4:54.67aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
14.9Justin Lack4:56.57aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
15.9Hayden Low4:57.69aMay 15CVC Finals
16.9Benjamin Blankenburg4:57.94aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
17.10Cameron Holland4:58.06aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
18.12Jonathan Gow4:58.14aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
19.12Chandler Wells4:58.44aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
20.10Chad Mowers4:58.83aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
21.10Nathaniel Slaughter4:59.58aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
22.12Erik Lauritzen5:00.15aMay 15CVC Finals
23.10Benjamin Sharer5:09.39May 1Sheldon Distance Carnival
24.9Joseph Lowenstein5:09.88aMay 15CVC Finals
25.11Jackson Contreras5:10.83aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
26.10Orrin Weaver5:20.32aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
27.11Tyler Collard5:26.58aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
28.10Jason Kuphaldt5:26.64aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
29.9Chris Hatch5:32.08aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
30.9Adrien Bourassa5:52.34aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
31.11Garrett Salyer5:54.21aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
32.9Dade Weaver6:06.96aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
3000 Meters
1.12Drew Childs8:43.13aApr 3Stanford Invitational (Day 1)
3200 Meters
1.12Drew Childs9:10.98aMay 29Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.9Bret Henkel9:49.78aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
3.12Connor Marotte9:53.25aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
4.11Brendon Henkel10:18.88aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
5.9Justin Lack10:34.38May 1Sheldon Distance Carnival
6.9Hayden Low10:49.39aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
7.9Benjamin Blankenburg10:49.62aMay 13CVC Trials
8.12Jonathan Gow10:57.52aApr 11Thunder Invitational
9.11Tyler McCown10:57.75aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
10.9Chris Hatch11:03.65aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
11.11Jesse Smith11:06.79aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
12.10David Gonzalez11:10.03aMay 13CVC Trials
13.10Nathaniel Slaughter11:13.34aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
14.10Benjamin Sharer11:45.23aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
15.9Adrien Bourassa13:08.53aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
16.9Dade Weaver13:10.62aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
65m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Jermain Worthy11.23aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
2.9Taylor Baum11.41aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
3.9Taiyo Call11.96aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
4.10Zach Johnson13.19aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
65m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Alex Skondras8.92aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
2.11Jaleel Baker9.69aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
3.11Eric Tennyson10.54aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
4.11Jackson Contreras11.32aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
5.12Logan Gaynor12.10aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Jermain Worthy16.15aMay 15CVC Finals
2.10Raul Steed17.08aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
3.9Taiyo Call20.96aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
4.10Zach Johnson21.12aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Alex Skondras15.32aMay 15CVC Finals
2.11Jaleel Baker16.90aMay 13CVC Trials
3.9Jermain Worthy16.99aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
4.10Raul Steed17.17aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
5.11Eric Tennyson17.68aMay 13CVC Trials
6.12Adoreree Taggart18.13aMar 21Depth Charge
7.12Logan Gaynor18.27aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
8.9Taylor Baum19.77aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
9.10Zach Johnson21.43aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
300m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Raul Steed42.98aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
2.10Zach Johnson51.21aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
3.9Taiyo Call51.92aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Alex Skondras39.30aMay 15CVC Finals
2.11Jaleel Baker40.99aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
3.10Raul Steed41.39aMay 15CVC Finals
4.12Logan Gaynor46.65aMay 13CVC Trials
5.11Eric Tennyson50.84aMay 13CVC Trials
6.10Zach Johnson51.42aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
4x100 Relay
1.-Jeff Cho
Dylan Barger
Kyle Sunzeri
Alex Skondras
43.83aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
2.-Jeff Cho
Alex Skondras
Dylan Barger
Kyle Sunzeri
44.16aMay 15CVC Finals
3.-Dylan Barger
Alex Skondras
Jeff Cho
Keegan Kim
44.63aApr 11Thunder Invitational
4.-Jeff Cho
Alex Skondras
Kevin Williams
Kyle Sunzeri
44.67aMay 20Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Trials
5.-Jeff Cho
Keegan Kim
Kyle Sunzeri
Dylan Barger
44.85aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
6.-Dylan Barger
Kyle Sunzeri
Jeff Cho
Keegan Kim
44.96aMar 21Depth Charge
7.-Jeff Cho
Keegan Kim
Alex Skondras
Dylan Barger
44.98aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
8.-Jeff Cho
Keegan Kim
Dylan Barger
Kyle Sunzeri
45.33aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
9.-Kevin Williams
Jermain Worthy
Chad Mowers
Raul Steed
46.45aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
10.-Kevin Williams
Jermain Worthy
Raul Steed
Chad Mowers
46.84aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
11.-Chad Mowers
Grant Penner
Kevin Williams
Jermain Worthy
47.02aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
12.-Kevin Williams
Jermain Worthy
Chad Mowers
Grant Penner
47.28aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
13.-Relay Team 47.61aMar 21Depth Charge
14.-Grant Penner
Joseph Lowenstein
Jermain Worthy
Chad Mowers
48.59aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:33.22aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
2.-Austen Hvidsten
Kyle Sunzeri
Jaleel Baker
Jeff Cho
3:36.62aMay 15CVC Finals
3.-Erik Lauritzen
Jeff Cho
Kyle Sunzeri
Austen Hvidsten
3:36.79aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
4.-Eugene Kim
Cameron Holland
Dayton Miers
Chad Mowers
3:40.07aMay 15CVC Finals
5.-Alex Puentes
Erik Lauritzen
Kyle Sunzeri
Chandler Wells
3:42.19aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
6.-Jaleel Baker
Kyle Sunzeri
Jeff Cho
Austen Hvidsten
3:42.83aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
7.-Raul Steed
Chad Mowers
Eugene Kim
Dayton Miers
3:42.85aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
8.-Eugene Kim
Dayton Miers
Chad Mowers
Raul Steed
3:43.18aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
9.-Chad Mowers
Raul Steed
Eugene Kim
Dayton Miers
3:45.35aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
10.-Raul Steed
Chad Mowers
Dayton Miers
Eugene Kim
3:48.08aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
11.-Joseph Lowenstein
David Gonzalez
Chad Mowers
Eugene Kim
3:48.48aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
12.-Jeff Cho
Erik Lauritzen
Austen Hvidsten
Kyle Sunzeri
3:51.12aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
13.-Erik Lauritzen
Alex Puentes
Jeff Cho
Kyle Sunzeri
3:52.83aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
4x800 Relay
1.-Drew Childs
Austen Hvidsten
Connor Marotte
Brendon Henkel
8:32.27aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
2.-Relay Team 8:40.15May 1Sheldon Distance Carnival
3.-Eugene Kim
David Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez
Bret Henkel
8:52.04aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
4.-Jesse Smith
Alex Puentes
Chandler Wells
Tyler McCown
9:08.15aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
5.-Chris Hatch
Orrin Weaver
Jason Kuphaldt
Nathaniel Slaughter
9:55.41aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
4x1600 Relay
1.-Brendon Henkel
Bret Henkel
Austen Hvidsten
Connor Marotte
17:59.57aApr 10Arcadia Invitational (Day 1)
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Trevor Oggins
Jermain Worthy
Grant Penner
Chad Mowers
1:49.18aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Brendon Henkel
Kyle Sunzeri
Austen Hvidsten
Connor Marotte
10:41.16aApr 11Arcadia Invitational (Day 2)
2.-Connor Marotte
Austen Hvidsten
Brendon Henkel
Kyle Sunzeri
10:51.08aApr 3Stanford Invitational (Day 1)
3.-Brendon Henkel
Connor Marotte
Austen Hvidsten
Drew Childs
10:58.91aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
4.-David Gonzalez
Cameron Holland
Kevin Gonzalez
Bret Henkel
11:22.94aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
5.-Relay Team 11:28.37May 1Sheldon Distance Carnival
6.-Ben Blankenburg
Justin Lack
Bret Henkel
Dayton Miers
11:54.87aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
7.-Tyler McCown
Erik Lauritzen
Jesse Smith
Tyler Collard
12:19.56aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
8.-Nathaniel Slaughter
Benjamin Sharer
Cameron Holland
Joseph Lowenstein
12:43.31aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39"
1.-Logan Gaynor
Jackson Contreras
Eric Tennyson
Jaleel Baker
42.36aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
2.-Jermain Worthy
Zach Johnson
Taiyo Call
Taylor Baum
47.10aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Dean Caprasecca41-02.75May 15CVC Finals
2.10Kevin Grush37-11.00Mar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
3.10Dante Dabaghian35-03.00May 15CVC Finals
4.10Wyatt Graf34-11.25May 15CVC Finals
5.10Ethan Mokma30-00.00Apr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
6.10Jacob Amrine28-09.00Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
7.10Chandler Bonner22-06.00Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
8.9Eric Johnson21-05.00Apr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Cody Martinson50-02.50May 22Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Finals
2.12David Perez46-04.50Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
3.12Wyatt Doughty44-04.00Apr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
4.11Anwar Anwar42-04.00Apr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
5.11Anthony Jaramillo-Garcia34-07.00May 13CVC Trials
6.12Thomas McDonald33-02.50May 13CVC Trials
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Wyatt Doughty166-05Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
2.12Cody Martinson147-07Mar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
3.12David Perekopskiy133-00Mar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
4.12David Perez119-02May 15CVC Finals
5.11Anwar Anwar104-09Mar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
6.10Kevin Grush95-02Mar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
7.10Dante Dabaghian84-11.50Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
8.10Tyler Nelson83-06Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
9.12Thomas McDonald81-00Mar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
10.10Ethan Mokma78-08Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
11.10Jacob Amrine73-07May 13CVC Trials
12.10Dean Caprasecca57-03Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
13.9Eric Johnson56-06.50Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
High Jump
1.12Dylan Barger6-02.00Mar 21Depth Charge
2.11Keegan Kim5-08.00Mar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
12Alex Rintoul5-08.00Mar 21Depth Charge
4.11Ryan Becker5-06.00Mar 21Depth Charge
12Phillip Gwin5-06.00May 15CVC Finals
6.10Tyler Nelson5-04.00Apr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
7.10Jalen Johnson5-02.00May 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
8.12Connor Marotte4-08.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
12Chandler Wells4-08.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
9Taylor Baum4-08.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
11.9Shane Verkler4-04.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
11Cole Younger4-04.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
9Taiyo Call4-04.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
Pole Vault
1.12Phillip Gwin14-08.00May 22Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Finals
2.11Cole Younger12-00.00Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
3.10Isaiah Rogers11-00.00May 15CVC Finals
10Max Bjorni11-00.00May 15CVC Finals
5.9Shane Verkler9-00.00May 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
6.9Taylor Baum7-00.00Feb 28Clarke Massey Relays
Long Jump
1.12Alex Skondras23-06.00May 29Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.12Dylan Barger21-09.50Apr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
3.11Keegan Kim20-03.50Apr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
4.9Jermain Worthy18-10.00May 15CVC Finals
5.11Jeff Cho18-08.00Feb 28Clarke Massey Relays
6.10Jalen Johnson18-03.00May 15CVC Finals
7.10Thomas Roussel17-06.00Apr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
8.9Garrett Dozier17-04.00May 15CVC Finals
9.10Vlad Strelchik17-03.50May 15CVC Finals
10.11Jaleel Baker15-11.50Mar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
11.10Brandon Thims15-01.75Mar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
12.12Adoreree Taggart14-07.50Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
13.9Taylor Baum14-04.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
14.9Joseph Lowenstein13-09.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
11Ryan Becker13-09.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
16.9Randall Earls13-08.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
17.9Daniel Brown13-00.00Mar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
18.10Zach Johnson12-11.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
19.11Duncan McGrath12-09.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
20.10Isaiah Rogers12-08.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
21.9Shane Verkler12-00.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
Triple Jump
1.11Keegan Kim42-03.00May 22Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Finals
2.12Dylan Barger41-03.50May 15CVC Finals
3.9Garrett Dozier38-01.50May 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
4.10Thomas Roussel36-04.00May 13CVC Trials
5.10Jalen Johnson36-01.00May 13CVC Trials
6.10Raul Steed34-01.50Mar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
7.10Vlad Strelchik34-01.00May 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
8.12Adoreree Taggart31-07.00Feb 28Clarke Massey Relays
9.9Daniel Brown31-02.00Mar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
Hammer - 12lb
1.12Wyatt Doughty173-11Jun 13Golden West Invitational


100 Meters
1.9Jasmyne Dunn12.34aMay 2Sacramento Meet of Champions
2.9Lenox Loving13.14aMar 21Depth Charge
3.9Kendra Worthington13.39aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
4.9Sadye Peschke13.40aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
5.11Megan Lorono13.96aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
6.10Leah Brown14.04aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
7.12Hanna Johnson14.09aMar 21Depth Charge
11Carly Kleefeld14.09aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
9.12Destiny Galvan14.13aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
10.10Isabella Bangs14.18aMar 21Depth Charge
11.9Avery O'Daniel14.54aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
12.10Lauren Louderback14.81aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
13.11Emily Akins15.04aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
14.9Carissa Chaves15.06aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
15.9Casey Chaves15.19aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
16.9Alyssa Haro15.41aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
17.12Amy Chavez15.51aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
18.9Maddie Chavez15.53aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
19.9Alicia Flood15.68aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
20.12Haley Wahlstrom15.78aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
21.10Jade Von Aesch16.21aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
22.11Amber Wishart16.47aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
23.10Victoria Chavez17.24aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
200 Meters
1.9Jasmyne Dunn25.53aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
2.11Carly Kleefeld26.45aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
3.9Kendra Worthington27.71aMay 13CVC Trials
4.9Lenox Loving28.43aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
5.9Sadye Peschke28.75aMar 21Depth Charge
6.11Megan Lorono29.08aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
7.12Destiny Galvan29.66aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
8.10Isabella Bangs30.48aMar 21Depth Charge
9.9Casey Chaves32.25aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
10.9Alyssa Haro32.56aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
11.9Carissa Chaves32.62aMay 13CVC Trials
12.9Alicia Flood34.95aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
13.10Victoria Chavez35.26aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
400 Meters
1.9Jasmyne Dunn57.27aJun 13Golden West Invitational
2.11Carly Kleefeld58.97aMay 22Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Finals
3.11Kendall Derry59.00aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
4.11Brook Eberle1:02.14aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
5.9Kendra Worthington1:03.80aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
6.11Hannah Wohlenberg1:04.10aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
7.11Kaitlin Derry1:04.23aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
8.9Vivien Blankenburg1:07.45aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
9.11Emily Smith1:07.60aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
10.11Sedona McNerney1:08.63aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
11.10Grace Zschokke1:10.65aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
12.10Emily Gottardi1:10.71aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
13.12Renny Castanon1:11.86aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
14.10Sara Holm1:12.84aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
15.10Linda Solt1:13.40aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
16.10Shannon Block1:13.94aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
10Cessair McKinney1:13.94aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
18.10Alyssa Egbert1:14.81aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
19.9Chloe Behan1:15.27aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
20.12Haley Wahlstrom1:15.58aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
21.9Brittney McCown1:16.01aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
22.10Hannah Sims1:16.10aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
23.11Darynne Cross1:17.35aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
24.10Sophie Luke1:23.05aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
25.11Bianca Gherasim1:23.88aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
26.12Sheila Tabatabai1:31.58aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
800 Meters
1.11Kendall Derry2:12.84aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
2.11Brook Eberle2:19.12aMay 2Sacramento Meet of Champions
3.11Kaitlin Derry2:23.71aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
11Hannah Wohlenberg2:23.71aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
5.11Emily Smith2:26.75aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
6.11Sedona McNerney2:28.08aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
7.10Cessair McKinney2:29.96aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
8.12Renny Castanon2:30.53aMay 13CVC Trials
9.10Hannah Sims2:36.61aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
10.10Emily Gottardi2:38.54aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
11.9Vivien Blankenburg2:39.24aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
12.10Linda Solt2:40.11aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
13.10Sara Holm2:42.07aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
14.9Brittney McCown2:47.86aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
15.10Alyssa Egbert2:48.37aMay 13CVC Trials
16.9Brynn Eberle2:53.47aMay 13CVC Trials
17.10Sophie Luke2:53.48aMay 13CVC Trials
18.11Bianca Gherasim2:56.70aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
19.11Darynne Cross2:57.44aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
20.11Elisa Schurr2:57.45aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
21.9Maddy Gallegos3:02.30aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
22.10Edryanna Lascala3:05.12aMay 13CVC Trials
23.12Sheila Tabatabai3:14.29aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
1600 Meters
1.11Kendall Derry4:57.73aMay 29Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.11Kaitlin Derry5:08.32aMay 2Sacramento Meet of Champions
3.11Brook Eberle5:09.70aMay 29Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
4.11Hannah Wohlenberg5:17.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
5.10Cessair McKinney5:17.33aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
6.11Kristi Capello5:20.59aApr 18Lancer Invitational
7.11Sedona McNerney5:21.66aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
8.12Renny Castanon5:22.64aApr 18Lancer Invitational
9.11Emily Smith5:45.67aMay 15CVC Finals
10.10Linda Solt5:49.40aMay 15CVC Finals
11.10Hannah Sims5:50.15aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
12.10Alyssa Egbert5:52.82aMay 15CVC Finals
13.10Emily Gottardi5:58.06aMay 15CVC Finals
14.9Brittney McCown5:59.45aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
15.10Sara Holm6:01.85aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
16.9Vivien Blankenburg6:06.54aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
17.10Caroline Block6:12.68aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
18.10Sophie Luke6:16.16aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
19.9Brynn Eberle6:16.18aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
20.10Hannah Robinson6:21.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
21.9Nicole Strand6:28.35aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
22.11Bianca Gherasim6:29.90aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
23.11Darynne Cross6:33.87aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
24.11Elisa Schurr6:44.01aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
25.10Edryanna Lascala6:48.54aMay 15CVC Finals
26.12Sheila Tabatabai7:17.88aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
1 Mile
1.11Kendall Derry5:00.76aApr 11Arcadia Invitational (Day 2)
3200 Meters
1.11Hannah Wohlenberg11:12.29aMay 22Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Finals
2.10Cessair McKinney11:15.30aMay 22Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Finals
3.11Sedona McNerney11:30.73aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
4.11Kaitlin Derry11:33.99aMar 27Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
5.11Emily Smith12:23.98aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
6.12Renny Castanon12:41.43aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
7.10Linda Solt12:50.70aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
8.9Brittney McCown13:18.01aMay 13CVC Trials
9.11Bianca Gherasim14:45.30aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
10.11Darynne Cross14:53.22aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
11.11Elisa Schurr14:59.46aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
60m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Leah Brown10.52aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
2.9Sadye Peschke10.57aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
3.10Grace Zschokke11.09aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
4.10Isabella Bangs11.26aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
5.9Vivien Blankenburg11.36aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
6.11Julia Sutter11.61aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
7.9Alicia Flood11.94aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
8.10Victoria Chavez11.97aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
9.9Chloe Behan12.32aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
10.11Amber Wishart12.56aFeb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Sadye Peschke15.87aMay 15CVC Finals
2.10Grace Zschokke17.76aMay 15CVC Finals
3.10Leah Brown17.96aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
4.12Hope Coulter18.09aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
5.10Isabella Bangs18.11aMay 15CVC Finals
6.11Julia Sutter19.67aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
7.11Megan Lorono19.85aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
8.11Amber Wishart20.39aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
9.9Chloe Behan20.49aMay 13CVC Trials
10.10Victoria Chavez20.69aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
11.9Alicia Flood20.72aMay 13CVC Trials
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Grace Zschokke49.70aMay 15CVC Finals
2.12Hope Coulter51.78aMay 13CVC Trials
3.11Megan Lorono52.66aMay 13CVC Trials
4.9Chloe Behan54.46aMay 15CVC Finals
5.10Leah Brown55.74aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
6.11Amber Wishart58.88aMay 13CVC Trials
7.9Alicia Flood1:01.72aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
4x100 Relay
1.-Carly Kleefeld
Sadye Peschke
Kendra Worthington
Jasmyne Dunn
49.01aMay 22Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Finals
2.-Jasmyne Dunn
Lenox Loving
Carly Kleefeld
Kendra Worthington
49.30aMay 2Sacramento Meet of Champions
3.-Relay Team 49.39aMay 28Sac Joaquin Section Masters Trials
4.9Jasmyne Dunn
Lenox Loving
Sadye Peschke
Kendra Worthington
50.18aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
5.-Carly Kleefeld
Jasmyne Dunn
Sadye Peschke
Kendra Worthington
50.48aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
6.9Kendra Worthington
Lenox Loving
Sadye Peschke
Jasmyne Dunn
50.88aApr 11Thunder Invitational
7.9Sadye Peschke
Lenox Loving
Kendra Worthington
Jasmyne Dunn
51.13aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
8.-Carly Kleefeld
Jasmyne Dunn
Lenox Loving
Sadye Peschke
51.79aMar 21Depth Charge
9.-Carly Kleefeld
Kendra Worthington
Sadye Peschke
Lenox Loving
51.88aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
10.-Carly Kleefeld
Lenox Loving
Sadye Peschke
Kendra Worthington
52.15aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
11.-Hanna Johnson
Jasmyne Dunn
Lenox Loving
Kendra Worthington
53.00aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
12.-Sadye Peschke
Carly Kleefeld
Megan Lorono
Destiny Galvan
56.65aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
13.-Avery O'Daniel
Carissa Chaves
Casey Chaves
Isabella Bangs
56.70aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
14.-Avery O'Daniel
Isabella Bangs
Casey Chaves
Carissa Chaves
57.50aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
15.-Carissa Chaves
Casey Chaves
Isabella Bangs
Avery O'Daniel
58.27aMay 15CVC Finals
4x200 Relay
1.-Lenox Loving
Jasmyne Dunn
Kendra Worthington
Hanna Johnson
1:54.09aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
2.-Megan Lorono
Destiny Galvan
Carly Kleefeld
Grace Zschokke
1:59.24aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:59.65aMay 28Sac Joaquin Section Masters Trials
2.-Brook Eberle
Kaitlin Derry
Carly Kleefeld
Jasmyne Dunn
4:00.33aMay 22Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Finals
3.-Brook Eberle
Kaitlin Derry
Kendall Derry
Hannah Wohlenberg
4:10.53aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
4.-Brook Eberle
Kaitlin Derry
Kendall Derry
Jasmyne Dunn
4:10.67aMay 15CVC Finals
5.-Brook Eberle
Hannah Wohlenberg
Kaitlin Derry
Kendall Derry
4:10.93aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
6.-Kristi Capello
Carly Kleefeld
Hannah Wohlenberg
Kaitlin Derry
4:12.87aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
7.-Carly Kleefeld
Kaitlin Derry
Hannah Wohlenberg
Brook Eberle
4:13.60aApr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
8.-Brook Eberle
Kaitlin Derry
Hannah Wohlenberg
Carly Kleefeld
4:22.83aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
9.-Sedona McNerney
Cessair McKinney
Carly Kleefeld
Renny Castanon
4:29.44aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
10.-Alyssa Egbert
Emily Gottardi
Sara Holm
Grace Zschokke
4:32.91aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
11.-Emily Smith
Renny Castanon
Carly Kleefeld
Vivien Blankenburg
4:37.09aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
12.-Vivien Blankenburg
Linda Solt
Emily Gottardi
Hannah Sims
4:38.72aMar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
13.-Vivien Blankenburg
Grace Zschokke
Alyssa Egbert
Linda Solt
4:39.97aMay 15CVC Finals
14.-Sara Holm
Hannah Sims
Linda Solt
Vivien Blankenburg
4:45.70aMar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
15.-Emily Gottardi
Sara Holm
Hannah Sims
Vivien Blankenburg
4:46.19aApr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
16.-Emily Gottardi
Sara Holm
Hannah Sims
Alyssa Egbert
4:47.84aApr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
4x800 Relay
1.-Brook Eberle
Hannah Wohlenberg
Kaitlin Derry
Kendall Derry
9:22.26aApr 10Arcadia Invitational (Day 1)
2.-Brook Eberle
Hannah Wohlenberg
Kendall Derry
Kaitlin Derry
9:42.94aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
3.-Hannah Sims
Sophie Luke
Shannon Block
Brittney McCown
11:38.80aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
4x1600 Relay
1.-Brook Eberle
Hannah Wohlenberg
Kaitlin Derry
Kendall Derry
20:53.89aApr 10Arcadia Invitational (Day 1)
2.-Kristi Capello
Sedona McNerney
Cessair McKinney
Renny Castanon
21:58.98aApr 10Arcadia Invitational (Day 1)
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.9Lenox Loving
Vivien Blankenburg
Kendra Worthington
Sadye Peschke
2:02.16aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
2.-Leah Brown
Vivien Blankenburg
Isabella Bangs
Avery O'Daniel
2:02.64aMay 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Hannah Wohlenberg
Brook Eberle
Kaitlin Derry
Kendall Derry
12:14.03aMar 21Dublin Distance Fiesta
2.-Cessair McKinney
Brook Eberle
Hannah Wohlenberg
Kaitlin Derry
12:29.64aApr 11Arcadia Invitational (Day 2)
3.-Renny Castanon
Sedona McNerney
Emily Smith
Cessair McKinney
13:06.89aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
4.-Alyssa Egbert
Linda Solt
Emily Gottardi
Sara Holm
14:14.28aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
5.-Relay Team 14:48.88May 1Sheldon Distance Carnival
4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 33"
1.-Victoria Chavez
Julia Sutter
Alicia Flood
Chloe Behan
42.29aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
2.-Sadye Peschke
Vivien Blankenburg
Grace Zschokke
Isabella Bangs
45.82aFeb 28Clarke Massey Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Tara Kalemba29-05.00Mar 21Depth Charge
2.11Megan Kalemba27-03.00Mar 21Depth Charge
3.11Kourtney Gwin24-01.50Mar 21Depth Charge
4.11Emily Akins21-10.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
5.11Julia Sutter21-01.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
6.9Alicia Flood19-01.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
7.12Tori Pope18-10.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
8.12Amy Chavez14-08.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
9.12Hope Coulter13-03.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
Discus - 1kg
1.11Tara Kalemba105-06Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
2.11Megan Kalemba84-07Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
3.9Alicia Flood39-10Apr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
High Jump
1.11Shelby Dozier5-03.00May 15CVC Finals
2.11Julia Sutter4-10.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
11Kourtney Gwin4-10.00Mar 21Depth Charge
4.9Sadye Peschke4-08.00Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
5.10Shannon Block4-02.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
Pole Vault
1.9Sadye Peschke9-06.00Mar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
2.10Jade Von Aesch9-00.00Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
11Kourtney Gwin9-00.00Mar 14Sturgeon Invitational (formerly the King Gilbert Invite..
4.9Maddie Chavez8-06.00Apr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
12Tori Pope8-06.00Feb 28Clarke Massey Relays
6.10Lauren Louderback7-00.00May 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
Long Jump
1.11Emily Akins15-03.00Apr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
2.12Hanna Johnson15-00.00Apr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
3.10Leah Brown14-08.50May 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
4.10Grace Zschokke14-05.00Mar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
5.9Avery O'Daniel14-00.50Apr 25Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
6.9Lenox Loving12-10.50Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
7.9Sadye Peschke12-10.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
8.9Carissa Chaves12-06.75Mar 18CVC Center Meet 1B
9.12Destiny Galvan12-02.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
10.9Casey Chaves12-00.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
11.9Maddie Chavez11-07.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
12.9Chloe Behan11-06.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
13.11Kourtney Gwin11-04.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
14.9Alyssa Haro11-03.00Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B
15.10Lauren Louderback11-02.50Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
16.10Isabella Bangs10-07.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
17.12Haley Wahlstrom9-11.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
18.11Amber Wishart8-10.00Feb 25Red and Black Intrasquad
Triple Jump
1.11Emily Akins32-01.25May 15CVC Finals
2.11Julia Sutter28-09.00Apr 29CVC Center Meet 3A
3.9Chloe Behan26-08.00May 9Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races
4.9Alicia Flood25-10.00Apr 8CVC Center Meet 2B

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