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100 Meters
1.12Polly Gnepa11.34c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
2.12Neil Bennett11.56 PRMay 12CCC Championships
3.12Mark Runyan11.59 PRMay 12CCC Championships
4.11Anthony Harding11.64cApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
5.9Aaron Brown11.69May 12CCC Championships
6.10Nick Brown12.34c PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
7.11Justin Barrera12.97 PRMay 12CCC Championships
8.9Jonathan Sarhadi13.04c PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
9.12Pedro Emigdio13.15May 12CCC Championships
10.10Lonald Ector13.27 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
11.12Tajinder Singh13.64c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
12.9Steven Lee13.84cJul 6Modesto AC
13.9Brenden O'Connell14.13May 12CCC Championships
14.9JD Bhatia15.82Aug 11Los Gatos AC
15.10Isaac Barajas16.34c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
200 Meters
1.12Polly Gnepa23.04c PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
2.11Anthony Harding23.64cApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
3.12Mark Runyan24.04c PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
4.9Jose Manriquez24.35 PRMay 12CCC Championships
5.9Aaron Brown24.74cMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
6.9Henry Gonzales24.99May 12CCC Championships
7.9Mike Amaro27.56Mar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
8.9Steven Lee28.74cJul 13Modesto AC
9.9Mike Mahinay28.81 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
10.9Brenden O'Connell29.74c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
400 Meters
1.11Frank Sanders51.22 PRMay 12CCC Championships
2.12Polly Gnepa53.34c PRApr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
3.9Jose Manriquez53.93 PRMay 12CCC Championships
4.10Joe Perry54.97 PRMay 12CCC Championships
5.12Joel Zapien55.74c PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
6.9Henry Gonzales56.47May 12CCC Championships
7.12Amarinder Bhatia57.74c PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
8.11Roy Singh59.67 PRJul 21Los Gatos AC
9.9Mike Mahinay1:01.57 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
10.11Kyle Nunley1:01.64c PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
11.11Josh Adi1:03.14c PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
12.9Prabjot Singh1:03.34c PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
13.9Brandon Ford1:04.25 PRMay 12CCC Championships
14.10Robbie Moore1:05.83 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
15.9Steven Lee1:10.02Jul 21Los Gatos AC
800 Meters
1.11Frank Sanders1:58.28May 20SJS Division I Finals
2.9Tucker Schwarberg2:10.8hApr 22Ceres Invitational
3.10Joe Perry2:11.3hMay 12CCC Championships
4.11Antonio Cardenas2:16.69 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
5.11River Benavides2:17.0h PRApr 22Ceres Invitational
6.9Mike Amaro2:21.0hMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
7.12Amarinder Bhatia2:27.0hMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
8.9Prabjot Singh2:28.0h PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
9.11Christian Boman2:29.5h PRMay 12CCC Championships
10.11Josh Adi2:30.0h PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
11.9Mike Mahinay2:33.73 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
12.9James White2:39.0h PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
1600 Meters
1.9Tucker Schwarberg4:53.0hApr 22Ceres Invitational
2.11Eric Bond4:58.72Mar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
3.12Dharminder Singh5:01.0h PRMay 12CCC Championships
4.11Antonio Cardenas5:06.9h PRMay 12CCC Championships
5.9Mike Amaro5:08.9hMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
6.12Tajinder Singh5:13.4hMay 12CCC Championships
7.11River Benavides5:15.2hMay 12CCC Championships
8.-Chris Larios5:27.1h PRMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
9.10JT Sanders5:35.0hMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
10.11Christian Boman5:41.0h PRApr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
11.9Josh Jimenez5:41.3h PRMay 12CCC Championships
12.9James White5:41.6h PRMay 12CCC Championships
13.9Steven Lee7:22.0h PRJul 13Modesto AC
3200 Meters
1.11Eric Bond10:38.5hMay 12CCC Championships
2.9Mike Amaro11:19.0hMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
3.12Dharminder Singh11:31.0h PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
4.11River Benavides11:47.5hMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
5.9Josh Jimenez12:12.4h PRMay 12CCC Championships
6.11Josh Adi12:19.0h PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
7.12Tajinder Singh12:24.0h PRMar 16Pitman @ Sonora
8.10JT Sanders12:25.6hMay 12CCC Championships
9.9Prabjot Singh12:27.0hApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
10.11Christian Boman12:45.0h PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
65m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Polly Gnepa8.91 PRJan 22Diablo Valley AC
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Kris Dahlgren16.27 PRMay 12CCC Championships
2.9Aaron Brown16.84c PRApr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
3.9Jonathan Sarhadi18.29May 12CCC Championships
4.9Ace Pence19.28May 12CCC Championships
5.9Mitchell Jordan19.84c PRMar 16Pitman @ Sonora
6.9Prabjot Singh19.85 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
7.9Brandon Ford21.44c PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
8.9Brenden O'Connell22.64c PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
9.10Isaac Barajas23.64c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Polly Gnepa13.94 PR (3.0)May 27SJS Masters Finals
2.10Kris Dahlgren17.34cApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
3.11Jordan Bosch19.14c PRMar 16Pitman @ Sonora
4.11Roy Singh22.84cMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
110m Hurdles - 42"
1.12Polly Gnepa14.91 PR (-1.1)Jun 23USATF Junior Nationals
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Kris Dahlgren44.13 PRMay 12CCC Championships
2.9Jonathan Sarhadi44.94cMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
3.9Mike Amaro45.14c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
4.9Ace Pence48.44c PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
5.9Prabjot Singh48.82 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
6.9Brandon Ford48.94c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
7.9Mitchell Jordan49.14c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
8.9Brenden O'Connell54.84c PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Polly Gnepa38.56 PRMay 27SJS Masters Finals
2.10Kris Dahlgren44.74c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
3.11Roy Singh47.34cMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
4.11Helio Costa48.24c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
5.11Jordan Bosch50.74c PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
4x100 Relay
1.-Neil Bennett
Polly Gnepa
Mark Runyan
Anthony Harding
43.65May 20SJS Division I Finals
2.-Relay Team 44.44cMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
3.-Neil Bennett
Polly Gnepa
Aaron Brown
Kyle Nunley
46.65Mar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
4.-Jose Manriquez
Spencer Carmona
Henry Gonzales
Aaron Brown
46.67May 12CCC Championships
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:40.1hMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
-Joe Perry
Frank Sanders
Tucker Schwarberg
Polly Gnepa
3:40.1hMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
3.-Polly Gnepa
Joel Zapien
Frank Sanders
Amarinder Bhatia
3:43.6hMay 12CCC Championships
4.-Mike Amaro
Joe Perry
Tucker Schwarberg
Henry Gonzales
4:01.0hApr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
Shot Put - 10lb
1.9Michael Mundo41' 5 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
2.10Kirk Coen40' 9 PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
3.10Matt Schultz40' 8.5 PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
4.10Calvin Millerbis36' 8 PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
5.9Daniel Ahearn33' 3 PRApr 22Ceres Invitational
6.9Jasbir Sandhu31' 1 PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
7.9Edgar Campbell29' 11May 5Turlock @ Pitman
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Eric Berlinski41' 2Apr 22Ceres Invitational
2.9Michael Mundo39' 2Apr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
3.10Kirk Coen36' 10Mar 9Pitman @ Sierra
4.12Mark Runyan34' 2.5 PRMay 12CCC Championships
5.10Spencer Hill33' 3 PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
6.11Manbir Sandhu32' 0.5 PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
7.11Helio Costa31' 7.5 PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
8.12Rick Harding29' 9Apr 7Merced @ Pitman
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Josh Chipponeri126' 1 PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
2.9Michael Mundo108' 8Apr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
3.10Matt Schultz106' 8Apr 7Merced @ Pitman
4.11Eric Berlinski105' 5Apr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
5.10Spencer Hill99' 2 PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
6.9Edgar Campbell88' 9May 12CCC Championships
7.10Kirk Coen86' 11.5 PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
8.9Jasbir Sandhu84' 9.5May 5Turlock @ Pitman
9.12Rick Harding81' 5.5Mar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
10.11Manbir Sandhu81' 4.5 PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
11.10Kyle Tiernan79' 9 PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
12.11Helio Costa72' 10 PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
13.9Daniel Ahearn72' 8 PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
High Jump
1.11Frank Sanders6' 4May 12CCC Championships
2.11Nolan Anderson5' 6 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
3.10Kris Dahlgren5' 4 PRApr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
4.11Roy Singh5' 2Mar 9Pitman @ Sierra
9Joshua Day5' 2Mar 16Pitman @ Sonora
10Nick Brown5' 2Mar 9Pitman @ Sierra
7.9Aaron Brown5' 0Mar 9Pitman @ Sierra
8.9Joe Brown4' 10 PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
Pole Vault
1.12Daniel Norman11' 6 PRApr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
2.9Joshua Day10' 0Apr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
3.12Joel Zapien9' 6 PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
4.10Matt Cotton9' 0Apr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
5.9Ryan Plagenza8' 6 PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
Long Jump
1.12Neil Bennett20' 4 PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
2.10Nick Brown20' 1 PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
3.10Kris Dahlgren19' 6May 5Turlock @ Pitman
4.11Frank Sanders18' 4Apr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
5.11Roy Singh17' 4Apr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
6.11Justin Barrera16' 8.5 PRMar 16Pitman @ Sonora
7.10Spencer Carmona16' 7.25Mar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
8.12Joel Zapien16' 1.5Mar 16Pitman @ Sonora
9.9John Mizicko15' 11.5 PRMay 12CCC Championships
10.11Nolan Anderson15' 11 PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
11.9Joe Brown14' 3Apr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
12.9Brenden O'Connell14' 2Apr 7Merced @ Pitman
13.9Steven Lee13' 4Apr 21Atwater @ Pitman
Triple Jump
1.10Marcus Roberson39' 11Jun 25Pacific Association (Top 8) - USATF
2.11Roy Singh37' 10May 12CCC Championships
3.11Anthony Harding37' 2.75Apr 21Atwater @ Pitman
4.9Joshua Day36' 11May 5Turlock @ Pitman
5.10Nick Brown36' 4 PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
6.10Spencer Carmona34' 6May 12CCC Championships
7.11Nolan Anderson34' 3.5 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
8.11Justin Barrera32' 7 PRMay 12CCC Championships
9.9John Mizicko31' 1 PRMay 12CCC Championships


60 Meter Dash
1.9Sabrina Scott9.99 PRJul 21Los Gatos AC
100 Meters
1.10Crystal Dorsey12.96May 12CCC Championships
2.10Aloria Roberson13.52Jun 25Pacific Association (Top 8) - USATF
3.12Natalia Johnson13.54cApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
4.10Carly Chittim13.62 PRMay 12CCC Championships
5.10Jennah Wade13.74c PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
6.10Elizabeth Shoals14.04c PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
7.9Tanya Gemperle14.40 PRMay 12CCC Championships
8.10Ashley Bjarnason14.84c PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
9.9Ashley Gleason14.99May 12CCC Championships
10.9Brittany Robinson15.14c PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
11.9Pam Buck15.24c PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
12.10Navjot Hayer15.46 PRMay 12CCC Championships
13.9October Fleming15.64c PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
14.9Sabrina Scott15.96Jul 21Los Gatos AC
15.10Chelsea Walker16.64c PRJul 13Modesto AC
16.9Marissa Aguilar20.24c PRJul 13Modesto AC
200 Meters
1.10Aloria Roberson26.84May 12CCC Championships
2.10Crystal Dorsey27.04May 12CCC Championships
3.12Natalia Johnson27.64 PRMay 12CCC Championships
4.10Jennah Wade27.85 PRMay 12CCC Championships
5.10Elizabeth Shoals30.44c PRApr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
6.9October Fleming30.93 PRMay 12CCC Championships
7.9Tanya Gemperle31.24c PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
8.10Ashley Bjarnason31.54cMar 16Pitman @ Sonora
9.10Candice Bennett31.94c PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
10.9Pam Buck32.37 PRMay 12CCC Championships
11.9Sabrina Scott32.94c PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
12.9Ashley Gleason33.34cApr 7Merced @ Pitman
13.10Sarah Lowe33.87Mar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
14.9Brittany Robinson33.92 PRMay 12CCC Championships
400 Meters
1.10Aloria Roberson1:02.58May 12CCC Championships
2.12Alise Maynard1:06.14cMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
3.10Jennah Wade1:07.25Mar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
4.10Mackenzie Swanson1:13.04c PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
5.9Kelsey Adams1:13.64c PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
6.11Jackie Martinez1:13.94 PRMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
7.-Jacqueline M1:14.14c PRMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
8.9Pam Buck1:14.34c PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
800 Meters
1.12Alise Maynard2:32.8hMay 12CCC Championships
2.9Kelsey Adams2:43.8h PRMay 12CCC Championships
3.11Satvir Uppal2:47.34 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
4.9Jeni Baker2:51.5h PRMay 12CCC Championships
5.10Mackenzie Swanson2:59.0h PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
6.12Connie Borchert3:00.78 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
7.9Marissa Aguilar3:04.4hMay 12CCC Championships
8.11Jackie Martinez3:06.0h PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
9.10Mallory Starkey3:11.0h PRMar 16Pitman @ Sonora
10.10Chiakis Xiong3:25.5h PRMay 12CCC Championships
1600 Meters
1.9Kelsey Adams5:59.4h PRMay 12CCC Championships
2.11Satvir Uppal6:08.27Mar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
3.12Kristin Showalter6:12.0hApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
4.10Chelsea Walker6:13.0hMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
5.10Carly Beard6:34.1h PRMay 12CCC Championships
6.11Linda Aguilar6:36.87 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
7.12Connie Borchert6:40.54 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
8.9Jackie Holt6:47.0h PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
9Jeni Baker6:47.0hMar 19Brenda Athletic Club Invitational
10.10Mallory Starkey7:04.0h PRMar 19Brenda Athletic Club Invitational
11.9Marissa Aguilar7:07.8hMay 12CCC Championships
12.10Mackenzie Swanson7:08.0h PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
13.11Amelia Esquivel7:14.0h PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
14.9Sabrina Scott7:53.0h PRJul 13Modesto AC
15.12Vivian Valencia9:04.0h PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
3200 Meters
1.11Linda Aguilar13:28.3h PRMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
2.12Kristin Showalter13:31.6h PRMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
3.11Satvir Uppal14:17.3hMay 12CCC Championships
4.10Chelsea Walker15:08.0hMar 16Pitman @ Sonora
5.10Carly Beard15:10.0h PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
6.12Connie Borchert15:27.0h PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
7.10Chiakis Xiong15:35.0h PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
8.10Mallory Starkey16:13.0h PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Jacque Villagomez16.17 (1.7)May 26SJS Masters Trials
2.11Chelsea Day17.34c PRApr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
3.12Marianne Florendo17.93 PRMay 12CCC Championships
4.10Kelly Lawrence18.64cMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
5.10Carly Chittim19.34cApr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
6.10Sarah Edmundson19.54c PRMar 16Pitman @ Sonora
7.10Jennah Wade19.74c PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
8.9October Fleming20.64cApr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Jacque Villagomez47.48May 26SJS Masters Trials
2.12Marianne Florendo52.84c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
3.11Chelsea Day53.54c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
4.9October Fleming56.44c PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
5.10Sarah Edmundson56.94 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
6.10Kelly Lawrence1:00.04cApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
4x100 Relay
1.-Marianne Florendo
Natalia Johnson
Crystal Dorsey
Aloria Roberson
51.09May 7Modesto Relays
2.-Jacque Villagomez
Natalia Johnson
Crystal Dorsey
Aloria Roberson
51.35May 12CCC Championships
3.-Marianne Florendo
Jacque Villagomez
Crystal Dorsey
Aloria Roberson
51.84cApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
4.-Relay Team 52.54cMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
-Natalia Johnson
Marianne Florendo
Crystal Dorsey
Aloria Roberson
52.54cMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
6.-Carly Chittim
Kelly Lawrence
Tanya Gemperle
Pam Buck
55.49May 12CCC Championships
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:23.6hApr 22Ceres Invitational
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Darcel Sanders37' 2.5Apr 21Atwater @ Pitman
2.10Teneisha Runner34' 7Apr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
3.10Domarin Khago33' 3Apr 21Atwater @ Pitman
4.-Dormarin Kanago31' 9.25 PRMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
5.9Angel Valentine28' 3 PRMar 9Pitman @ Sierra
6.9Jamila Coffey27' 0 PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
7.9Louise Webb24' 0 PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
8.10Vandanna Koppula23' 7.5 PRMay 12CCC Championships
9.9Sara Newberry23' 3May 5Turlock @ Pitman
Discus - 1kg
1.12Darcel Sanders123' 10 PRApr 30Sacramento Meet of Champions
2.9Angel Valentine87' 6 PRMar 16Pitman @ Sonora
3.10Domarin Khago73' 7Apr 21Atwater @ Pitman
4.9Jamila Coffey73' 3 PRApr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
5.10Teneisha Runner72' 1May 12CCC Championships
6.-Dormarin Kanago63' 10 PRMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
7.10Brittany Anderson63' 6May 5Turlock @ Pitman
8.9Sara Newberry57' 2Apr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
9.9Louise Webb50' 1 PRMay 12CCC Championships
10.10Vandanna Koppula45' 2.5 PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
High Jump
1.11Elizabeth Boydston4' 10 PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
2.9Tanya Gemperle4' 2Apr 7Merced @ Pitman
10Elizabeth Shoals4' 2 PRMar 12Don Gilbert/Bob King Classic
4.10Sunny Basra4' 0 PRApr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
Pole Vault
1.11Chelsea Day8' 9May 20SJS Division I Finals
2.12Livia Hutanova7' 6 PRMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
10Cherrise Cano7' 6Apr 27Pitman @ Los Banos
10Rosemary Canonigo7' 6 PRMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
10Candice Bennett7' 6 PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
6.10Sarah Lowe6' 6Apr 21Atwater @ Pitman
Long Jump
1.11Elizabeth Boydston15' 11May 5Turlock @ Pitman
2.10Jacque Villagomez15' 5.25Mar 18Stanislaus County Meet
3.10Ashley Bjarnason14' 11 PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
4.12Marianne Florendo14' 2.5Apr 22Ceres Invitational
5.10Crystal Dorsey13' 8 PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
6.9Sara Yefimov13' 1 PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
7.9Tanya Gemperle12' 10May 5Turlock @ Pitman
8.9Pam Buck12' 6 PRMay 5Turlock @ Pitman
9.9Sabrina Scott12' 3 PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
10.10Loveleen Johal12' 0.5Mar 16Pitman @ Sonora
11.10Krista Yettman11' 8 PRApr 7Merced @ Pitman
12.9Lorena Galvan10' 2 PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Pitman
13.10Sunny Basra10' 1 PRApr 21Atwater @ Pitman
Triple Jump
1.11Elizabeth Boydston37' 8 (5.0)May 27SJS Masters Finals
2.10Ashley Bjarnason31' 5.5Apr 21Atwater @ Pitman
3.10Krista Yettman30' 6.5May 12CCC Championships
4.12Marianne Florendo28' 7.5 PRMar 18Stanislaus County Meet
5.9Tanya Gemperle27' 8.5Apr 7Merced @ Pitman

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