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55 Meter Dash
1.11Josh Rodrigues7.13 PRFeb 12UC Davis AC
2.12Jacob Wessels7.28 PRFeb 12UC Davis AC
3.11Mario Garcia7.30 PRFeb 12UC Davis AC
4.9Jimmy Zheng7.32Feb 12UC Davis AC
5.10Eric Finch7.39 PRFeb 12UC Davis AC
6.12Frank Finch7.58 PRFeb 12UC Davis AC
100 Meters
1.11Brandon Augusto11.58May 4THS vs PHS
2.10Toby Jones11.78 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
3.11Josh Rodrigues11.80 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
4.9Jimmy Zheng11.84May 4THS vs PHS
5.10Eric Finch11.94 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
10Jordan Silva11.94c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
7.11Mario Garcia12.14cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.9Ross Guerbadot12.21May 13CCC Championship
9.12Andrew Garcia12.24c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
10.11Justin Larsen12.32 PRMay 13CCC Championship
11.10Titus Judish12.34cApr 26Central Valley Multis
12.12Alex Kajioka12.44c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9Nathan Gianesin12.44cApr 26Central Valley Multis
14.12Josh Neri12.54cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
15.11Anthony Coffelt12.84c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
9Grant Tallent12.84c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
17.9Kollin Craig13.04c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
18.9Mario Ortiz13.14c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
10Jordan Porter13.14cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
20.9Anthony Hernandez13.24c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
9Gurjit Chahal13.24c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
9Robert Roton13.24c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
23.11David Nava-Arrizon13.64c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
11Dakota Selfridge13.64c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
25.10Daniel Mitre13.74c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
10Christian Vega13.74c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
27.9Bryce Silva13.84c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
28.10Jorge Ulloa13.94c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
29.9Evan Estep14.14cApr 26Central Valley Multis
30.9Mitchell Dover16.74c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
200 Meters
1.10Brent Nelle23.70 PRMay 13CCC Championship
2.11Josh Rodrigues24.11 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
3.10Jordan Silva24.17 PRMay 13CCC Championship
4.11Mario Garcia24.24c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
5.9Logan Wolfley24.48May 13CCC Championship
6.9Jimmy Zheng24.64cApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
12Alex Kajioka24.64cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
8.10Titus Judish24.67May 4THS vs PHS
9.10Jordan Porter25.14cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
10.10Toby Jones25.30May 4THS vs PHS
11.11Seth Harvey25.37 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
12.12Caleb Wittstruck25.64c PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
13.11Anthony Coffelt26.04c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
14.9Bryce Silva26.24c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
9Ross Guerbadot26.24c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
16.9Chris Favila26.44cApr 6Pitman vs Merced
17.9Mario Ortiz27.74c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
18.9Robert Roton28.64c PRMar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
400 Meters
1.12Jacob Wessels52.54c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
2.10Jordan Porter53.54cApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
3.11Mario Garcia54.14cApr 6Pitman vs Merced
4.11Josh Rodrigues54.54c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
5.9Logan Wolfley55.60 PRMay 13CCC Championship
6.12Andrew Garcia55.74c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
7.12Josue Solorio56.24c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.10Jordan Silva57.64c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9.9Grant Tallent58.14cApr 6Pitman vs Merced
10.10Arnold Ranario58.24c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
11Anthony Coffelt58.24c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
12.11Seth Harvey58.30 PRMay 13CCC Championship
13.11Aneil Pahal58.54cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
14.12John England58.74c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
15.10Ben Williams58.98May 13CCC Championship
16.11Stephen Cudo59.14c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
17.9Aaron Mayfield59.24cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
18.10Deandre Guilford1:00.14c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9Marcus Vasquez1:00.14cApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
20.9Chris Favila1:00.44cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
21.11Chance Wilverding1:00.64cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
22.9Nathan Gianesin1:01.04cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
23.9Brian Hardin1:01.14c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
24.11Justin Larsen1:01.24c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
25.9Bryce Silva1:01.54c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
11Sharif Collins1:01.54c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
27.9Gurjit Chahal1:01.84cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
28.10Juan Navas1:02.24c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
29.10Kevin Cripe1:02.34c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
30.9Miguel Ortega1:02.44c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
31.9Ross Guerbadot1:02.74cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
32.9Robert Roton1:03.84cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
33.9Eddie Aljamal1:04.04cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
34.10Ian Sather1:04.14c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
9Evan Estep1:04.14cApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
36.9Anthony Hernandez1:04.24c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
37.10Titus Judish1:04.34cApr 26Central Valley Multis
38.12Belsin Barkhosir1:04.64c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
39.10Christian Vega1:04.94c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
40.9Sam Wittstruck1:05.14c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
41.10Jorge Ulloa1:05.34c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
42.11David Nava-Arrizon1:05.54c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
10Gustavo Reynoso1:05.54cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
44.10Daniel Mitre1:06.44cApr 26Central Valley Multis
45.11Dakota Selfridge1:07.44c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
46.9Chance Hagar1:07.74cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
47.9Isaac Figueroa1:09.24c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
48.10Brent Carlson1:09.94c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
49.9D'Andre Griffin1:10.14cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
50.9Billy Taylor1:10.64c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
51.9Kollin Craig1:23.84cApr 26Central Valley Multis
52.9Enrique Diaz1:35.54c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
53.9Mitchell Dover1:35.94c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Andrew Garcia52.2h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
2.12Jacob Wessels53.2h PRMar 26Stanford Invitational
3.11Mario Garcia53.5hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
4.10Jordan Porter53.7hMay 4THS vs PHS
5.12Josue Solorio54.1h PRMay 13CCC Championship
6.10Brent Nelle54.4h PRApr 30Sacramento Meet Of Champions
7.9Logan Wolfley54.9hApr 30Sacramento Meet Of Champions
8.12Frank Finch55.0hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9.10Jordan Silva55.2h PRApr 30Sacramento Meet Of Champions
10.11Josh Rodrigues55.5h PRFeb 12UC Davis AC
11.11Sharif Collins56.6hMay 4THS vs PHS
12.10Eric Finch56.7h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
13.11Brandon Augusto57.2hJan 25PHS Time Trial
14.10Ben Williams57.3h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
15.9Aaron Mayfield57.4hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
16.11Stephen Cudo58.2h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
17.11Aneil Pahal58.4hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
12Josh Neri58.4hJan 25PHS Time Trial
11Seth Harvey58.4h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
20.9Grant Tallent58.5hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
21.9Jimmy Zheng58.6h PRJan 25PHS Time Trial
22.10Titus Judish58.7hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
23.11Chance Wilverding59.7h PRJan 25PHS Time Trial
24.10Gustavo Reynoso59.9h PRJan 25PHS Time Trial
25.9Ross Guerbadot1:00.3hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
26.10Juan Navas1:00.4h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
27.11Justin Larsen1:00.5h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
28.10Arnold Ranario1:00.7hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
11Anthony Leal1:00.7h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
30.10Toby Jones1:00.8hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
10Joseallan Martinez1:00.8hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
32.9Chris Favila1:00.9hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
33.12John England1:01.4h PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
34.9Nathan Gianesin1:01.5hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
35.12Caleb Wittstruck1:02.1hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
11Anthony Coffelt1:02.1h PRJan 25PHS Time Trial
9Miguel Ortega1:02.1hMay 4THS vs PHS
38.10Christian Vega1:02.2h PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
9Isaac Gonzalez1:02.2hMay 4THS vs PHS
9Marcus Vasquez1:02.2hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
41.9Anthony Hernandez1:02.6hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
42.12Tim Bishop1:02.8h PRMay 4THS vs PHS
43.9Kollin Craig1:03.1hJan 25PHS Time Trial
44.9Gurjit Chahal1:03.3hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
45.9Chance Hagar1:03.6hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
46.10Daniel Mitre1:03.7hJan 25PHS Time Trial
9Eddie Aljamal1:03.7hJan 25PHS Time Trial
48.10Kevin Cripe1:03.9h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
9Bryce Silva1:03.9h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
50.9Brian Hardin1:04.1hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
51.9Evan Estep1:04.3hMay 4THS vs PHS
52.11Dakota Selfridge1:04.5h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
53.10Jorge Ulloa1:04.8h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
54.10Brent Carlson1:04.9h PRJan 25PHS Time Trial
12Belsin Barkhosir1:04.9h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
56.9Robert Roton1:05.1hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
11Aaron Rollins1:05.1h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
58.12Ryan Reeves1:05.3hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
59.9Bobby Ketscher1:05.4hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
60.10Ian Sather1:05.7h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
61.11David Nava-Arrizon1:05.8h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
62.12Aaron Boman1:07.5hDec 13PHS Time Trial
63.11Richard Ketscher1:07.9hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
64.9Billy Taylor1:08.8h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
65.11Andrew Nunn1:09.0h PRDec 13PHS Time Trial
66.9Mario Ortiz1:09.5h PRMay 4THS vs PHS
67.9Sam Wittstruck1:10.4hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
11Ryan Erickson1:10.4hDec 13PHS Time Trial
69.9D'Andre Griffin1:11.1hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
70.11Luke Isaac1:11.3hDec 13PHS Time Trial
71.10Francisco Ochoa1:11.4h PRDec 13PHS Time Trial
72.9Isaac Figueroa1:11.5h PRJan 25PHS Time Trial
73.11Dillon Tennison1:11.8hDec 13PHS Time Trial
74.9Nikolai Rodriguez1:12.5hDec 13PHS Time Trial
75.10Austin King1:12.6h PRDec 13PHS Time Trial
76.10Andy Cruz1:13.1h PRDec 13PHS Time Trial
77.10Karandip Basra1:13.3hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
78.10Carlos Casas1:13.6h PRDec 13PHS Time Trial
79.10Jacob Harcksen1:13.8h PRDec 13PHS Time Trial
80.9Darryl Hadlich1:13.9hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
81.10Hunter Wright1:20.0h PRDec 13PHS Time Trial
82.9Gerardo Mora1:20.4hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
83.9Carter Day1:26.7hDec 13PHS Time Trial
84.9Pedro Ramirez1:27.1hDec 13PHS Time Trial
85.9Enrique Diaz1:37.8h PRJan 25PHS Time Trial
800 Meters
1.12Frank Finch2:05.78 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.9Aaron Mayfield2:12.05Apr 15Stanislaus County Meet
3.12Andrew Garcia2:17.4h PRFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
4.9Grant Tallent2:18.0hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
5.11Aneil Pahal2:18.29Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
6.12Josue Solorio2:18.8h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
7.10Joseallan Martinez2:19.0hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
8.9Chris Favila2:20.0hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
9.9Isaac Gonzalez2:21.00May 13CCC Championship
10.10Jorge Ulloa2:22.0hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
11.11Chance Wilverding2:22.18Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
12.10Arnold Ranario2:23.00May 13CCC Championship
13.9Anthony Hernandez2:25.5hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
14.10Eric Finch2:27.1hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
15.10Ben Williams2:27.2h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
16.9Nathan Gianesin2:27.33 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
17.10Christian Vega2:27.77 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
18.12Belsin Barkhosir2:28.5h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
19.12Caleb Wittstruck2:29.0hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
20.11Seth Harvey2:30.35 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
21.10Jordan Silva2:31.1h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
22.11Richard Ketscher2:31.7hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
23.9Brian Hardin2:31.8hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
24.9Miguel Ortega2:32.1hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
25.9Gurjit Chahal2:32.36Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
26.11Anthony Coffelt2:33.1hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
27.9Bobby Ketscher2:33.79Mar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
28.10Kevin Cripe2:35.3h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
29.10Juan Navas2:35.35 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
30.9Bryce Silva2:35.4h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
31.9Jimmy Zheng2:36.1h PRFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
32.11Ryan Erickson2:37.0h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
33.10Jordan Porter2:37.1h PRFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
34.9Ross Guerbadot2:38.9h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
35.10Ian Sather2:40.00 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
9Isaac Figueroa2:40.0h PRFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
37.9Darryl Hadlich2:40.20 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
38.10Gustavo Reynoso2:40.86 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
39.9Kollin Craig2:42.0h PRFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
40.9Robert Roton2:42.10Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
41.9Evan Estep2:42.83 PRMar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
42.11David Nava-Arrizon2:43.8h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
43.9Sam Wittstruck2:44.0h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
44.9Eddie Aljamal2:48.0h PRFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
45.11Justin Larsen2:48.3hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
46.10Austin King2:50.0h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
47.9Marcus Vasquez2:50.2h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
48.12Tim Bishop2:50.55 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
49.10Hunter Wright2:51.2h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
50.9D'Andre Griffin2:53.5hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
51.9Nathan Staats2:57.09 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
52.9Nikolai Rodriguez3:00.4hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
53.9Chance Hagar3:04.1h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
54.9Billy Taylor3:05.9h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
55.9Pedro Ramirez3:07.6hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
56.9Enrique Diaz3:55.02 PRMar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Jacob Wessels2:15.0h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.12Josue Solorio2:20.4h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Jorge Ulloa3:48.8h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.10Eric Finch3:59.3h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
1500 Meters
1.10Jorge Ulloa4:56.1h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
2.9Grant Tallent5:05.0h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
3.9Anthony Hernandez5:07.8h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
4.12Andrew Garcia5:12.2h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
5.11David Nava-Arrizon5:26.4h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
6.9Evan Estep5:40.7h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
7.10Daniel Mitre6:03.9h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
8.9Nathan Gianesin6:10.7h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
9.11Dakota Selfridge6:19.3h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
10.10Titus Judish6:20.5hApr 27Central Valley Multis
11.9Kollin Craig6:46.9h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
12.9Mitchell Dover8:14.7h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
1600 Meters
1.12Frank Finch4:43.0h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
2.9Isaac Gonzalez5:00.09May 13CCC Championship
3.12Aaron Boman5:00.6h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
4.10Jorge Ulloa5:05.00 PRMay 13CCC Championship
5.10Joseallan Martinez5:10.0hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
6.11Richard Ketscher5:14.8hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
7.9Anthony Hernandez5:15.8hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
8.9Bobby Ketscher5:21.0hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
9.12Belsin Barkhosir5:22.70 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
10.11Ryan Erickson5:24.3hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
11.11David Nava-Arrizon5:27.9h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
12.12Ryan Reeves5:31.3h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
13.10Arnold Ranario5:32.1hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
14.9Brian Hardin5:40.5hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
15.10Austin King5:54.00May 4THS vs PHS
16.10Jorge Ramirez6:01.8hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
17.10Hunter Wright6:04.6h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
18.9Gerardo Mora6:06.2hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
19.10Jacob Harcksen6:08.0hJan 25PHS Time Trial
20.10Ian Sather6:21.59 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
21.10Karandip Basra6:22.6hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
22.9Nikolai Rodriguez6:26.8hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
23.9Pedro Ramirez6:33.1hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Frank Finch4:58.8h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.11Richard Ketscher5:22.6h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
1 Mile
1.12Frank Finch5:07.12Feb 5Berkeley AC
2.10Jorge Ulloa5:25.65 PRFeb 5Berkeley AC
3200 Meters
1.12Aaron Boman11:09.3h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
2.11Richard Ketscher11:17.94Apr 15Stanislaus County Meet
3.10Jorge Ulloa11:19.76 PRApr 15Stanislaus County Meet
4.11Ryan Erickson11:53.70 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
5.11David Nava-Arrizon11:59.00 PRMay 13CCC Championship
6.9Bobby Ketscher12:02.79Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
7.10Joseallan Martinez12:03.00May 4THS vs PHS
8.9Brian Hardin12:06.7h PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
9.10Arnold Ranario12:21.84 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
10.9Gerardo Mora12:27.84 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
11.10Austin King12:29.70 PRMar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
12.10Hunter Wright12:31.40 PRMar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.10Jorge Ramirez12:37.60Mar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
14.9Nikolai Rodriguez12:37.90Mar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
15.10Karandip Basra13:25.90Mar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
16.9Pedro Ramirez13:49.0hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
17.10Nick Schmall13:50.00May 4THS vs PHS
18.12Ryan Reeves14:42.6h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
19.10Ian Sather14:45.0h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
65m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Brent Nelle10.04cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
2.12Caleb Wittstruck10.34c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
3.12Andrew Garcia10.54c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
4.11Sharif Collins10.64cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
5.11Stephen Cudo11.04c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
6.10Gustavo Reynoso11.44cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
7.9Grant Tallent11.64cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.10Daniel Mitre12.04c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Brent Nelle16.84c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
2.12Andrew Garcia17.04c PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
3.9Grant Tallent17.50May 13CCC Championship
4.10Juan Navas18.04c PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
5.9Kollin Craig18.14c PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
6.9Nathan Gianesin18.24c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
7.10Gustavo Reynoso18.34c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
8.12Aaron Boman19.24c PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
9.9Miguel Ortega19.39 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
10.10Daniel Mitre19.44cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
11.10Ben Williams20.26 PRMar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
12.10Brent Carlson20.74c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
13.9Anthony Hernandez21.34c PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
14.10Jorge Ulloa22.74c PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
15.11David Nava-Arrizon23.34c PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
16.10Titus Judish23.94cApr 27Central Valley Multis
17.9Evan Estep25.84cApr 27Central Valley Multis
18.9Mitchell Dover34.84c PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
19.11Dakota Selfridge36.64c PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Andrew Garcia16.64c PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
2.11Sharif Collins17.26May 4THS vs PHS
3.12Caleb Wittstruck17.44c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
4.10Brent Nelle17.94c PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
5.11Stephen Cudo18.63 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Brent Nelle41.64c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
2.9Nathan Gianesin44.88May 13CCC Championship
3.10Ben Williams46.54c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
4.10Gustavo Reynoso46.84c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
5.10Juan Navas47.14c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
6.10Daniel Mitre47.91 PRMay 13CCC Championship
7.9Miguel Ortega47.92 PRMay 13CCC Championship
8.9Kollin Craig49.34c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
9.9Darryl Hadlich51.64c PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
10.10Brent Carlson53.14c PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Andrew Garcia41.64c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
2.10Brent Nelle42.35 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
3.11Sharif Collins44.77May 13CCC Championship
4.11Stephen Cudo46.80 PRMay 13CCC Championship
4x100 Relay
1.-Alex Kajioka
Mario Garcia
Josh Rodrigues
Brandon Augusto
44.54cApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
2.-Logan Wolfley
Brent Nelle
Jordan Silva
Toby Jones
45.18May 13CCC Championship
3.-Alex Kajioka
Mario Garcia
Josh Neri
Josh Rodrigues
45.34cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
4.-Logan Wolfley
Mario Garcia
Josh Rodrigues
Brandon Augusto
45.38May 18Sac-Joaquin D1 Trials
5.-Brent Nelle
Jordan Porter
Jordan Silva
Toby Jones
46.24cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
6.-Ross Guerbadot
Jordan Porter
Mario Ortiz
Jimmy Zheng
47.08May 13CCC Championship
7.-Ross Guerbadot
Jordan Porter
Aaron Mayfield
Jimmy Zheng
48.04cApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
8.9Logan Wolfley
Ross Guerbadot
Miguel Ortega
Jimmy Zheng
48.44cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
4x200 Relay
1.-Eric Finch
Josue Solorio
Jimmy Zheng
Mario Garcia
1:40.79Feb 12UC Davis AC
4x400 Relay
1.-Jacob Wessels
Mario Garcia
Jordan Porter
Andrew Garcia
3:35.37May 4THS vs PHS
2.-Jacob Wessels
Mario Garcia
Josue Solorio
Andrew Garcia
3:35.39May 13CCC Championship
3.-Jacob Wessels
Andrew Garcia
Mario Garcia
Frank Finch
3:35.6hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
4.-Relay Team 3:35.82Mar 26Stanford Invitational (FULL Results)
-Jacob Wessels
Logan Wolfley
Andrew Garcia
Mario Garcia
3:35.82Mar 26Stanford Invitational
6.-Jacob Wessels
Logan Wolfley
Jordan Porter
Andrew Garcia
3:36.93Apr 23Oregon Relays Day 2
7.-Jordan Porter
Brent Nelle
Jordan Silva
Logan Wolfley
3:39.34Apr 30Sacramento Meet Of Champions
8.-Jacob Wessels
Josh Rodrigues
Mario Garcia
Frank Finch
3:40.3hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
9.-Jacob Wessels
Logan Wolfley
Jordan Silva
Mario Garcia
3:41.77Apr 15Stanislaus County Meet
10.-Jordan Porter
Eric Finch
Jordan Silva
Logan Wolfley
3:45.2hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
11.-Josue Solorio
Josh Rodrigues
Logan Wolfley
Frank Finch
3:49.4hMay 4THS vs PHS
12.-Aaron Mayfield
Eric Finch
Jordan Porter
Logan Wolfley
3:50.6hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
13.-Sharif Collins
Josh Rodrigues
Josue Solorio
Brandon Augusto
3:50.9hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
14.-Grant Tallent
Eric Finch
Jordan Porter
Logan Wolfley
3:51.3hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
15.-Josue Solorio
Caleb Wittstruck
Aneil Pahal
Andrew Garcia
4:00.3hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
16.-Grant Tallent
Gustavo Reynoso
Eric Finch
Ben Williams
4:00.83May 13CCC Championship
17.-Sharif Collins
Justin Larsen
Stephen Cudo
Belsin Barkhosir
4:02.7hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
18.-Sharif Collins
Aneil Pahal
Seth Harvey
Tim Bishop
4:04.8hMay 4THS vs PHS
19.-John England
Dakota Selfridge
Justin Larsen
Stephen Cudo
4:05.1hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
20.-Sharif Collins
Aaron Rollins
David Nava-Arrizon
Josue Solorio
4:05.2hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
21.-Ben Williams
Gustavo Reynoso
Jorge Ulloa
Arnold Ranario
4:06.0hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
22.-Sharif Collins
Belsin Barkhosir
Anthony Coffelt
Anthony Leal
4:06.2hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
23.-Anthony Hernandez
Chris Favila
Miguel Ortega
Joseallan Martinez
4:06.3hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
24.-Titus Judish
Bryce Silva
Ross Guerbadot
Jordan Silva
4:08.7hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
25.-Seth Harvey
Aneil Pahal
Chance Wilverding
Tim Bishop
4:09.5hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
26.-Josue Solorio
Chance Wilverding
Ryan Reeves
Andrew Garcia
4:10.7hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
27.-Chris Favila
Arnold Ranario
Isaac Gonzalez
Anthony Hernandez
4:11.1hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
28.-Gustavo Reynoso
Jorge Ulloa
Arnold Ranario
Ben Williams
4:12.2hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
29.-John England
Caleb Wittstruck
Chance Hagar
Belsin Barkhosir
4:12.8hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
30.-Tim Bishop
Aneil Pahal
Belsin Barkhosir
Seth Harvey
4:12.9hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
31.-Gurjit Chahal
Joseallan Martinez
Marcus Vasquez
Anthony Hernandez
4:13.0hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
-Gustavo Reynoso
Daniel Mitre
Joseallan Martinez
Ben Williams
4:13.0hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
33.-John England
Dakota Selfridge
Justin Larsen
Coach Fisher
4:13.4hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
34.-Nathan Gianesin
Juan Navas
Brent Carlson
Daniel Mitre
4:13.6hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
35.-Tim Bishop
Seth Harvey
Chance Wilverding
Aneil Pahal
4:13.9hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
36.-Jordan Porter
Eric Finch
Aaron Boman
Jimmy Zheng
4:14.9hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
37.9Gurjit Chahal
Anthony Hernandez
Isaac Gonzalez
Chris Favila
4:15.4hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
38.-Stephen Cudo
Dakota Selfridge
Richard Ketscher
Justin Larsen
4:16.1hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
39.-Nathan Gianesin
Juan Navas
Brent Carlson
Joseallan Martinez
4:16.6hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
40.9Chris Favila
Kollin Craig
Eddie Aljamal
Miguel Ortega
4:17.6hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
41.-Grant Tallent
Kollin Craig
Ian Sather
Evan Estep
4:18.7hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
42.-Nathan Gianesin
Kollin Craig
Eddie Aljamal
Kevin Cripe
4:19.2hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
43.-Anthony Hernandez
Mario Ortiz
Miguel Ortega
Arnold Ranario
4:19.5hMay 4THS vs PHS
44.-Robert Roton
Juan Navas
Brent Carlson
Toby Jones
4:20.8hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
45.9Grant Tallent
Eddie Aljamal
Kollin Craig
Gurjit Chahal
4:21.5hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
46.9Gurjit Chahal
Kollin Craig
Isaac Gonzalez
Robert Roton
4:22.8hMay 4THS vs PHS
47.-Gustavo Reynoso
Daniel Mitre
Ian Sather
Ben Williams
4:23.0hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
48.-Nathan Gianesin
Jorge Ulloa
Titus Judish
Joseallan Martinez
4:23.8hMay 4THS vs PHS
49.-Marcus Vasquez
Christian Vega
D'Andre Griffin
Evan Estep
4:23.9hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
50.9Ross Guerbadot
Billy Taylor
D'Andre Griffin
Bryce Silva
4:24.3hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
51.-Juan Navas
Brent Carlson
Jorge Ulloa
Miguel Ortega
4:25.8hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
52.-Gurjit Chahal
Isaac Gonzalez
Sam Wittstruck
Kevin Cripe
4:26.7hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
53.-Evan Estep
Marcus Vasquez
D'Andre Griffin
Christian Vega
4:28.9hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
54.-Sam Wittstruck
Billy Taylor
Kevin Cripe
Toby Jones
4:30.4hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
55.9Brian Hardin
Chance Hagar
Billy Taylor
Sam Wittstruck
4:31.3hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
56.-Sam Wittstruck
Robert Roton
Ian Sather
Aaron Mayfield
4:31.6hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
57.-Belsin Barkhosir
Ryan Erickson
Richard Ketscher
Aneil Pahal
4:34.0hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
58.-Daniel Mitre
Sam Wittstruck
Evan Estep
Ian Sather
4:35.6hMay 4THS vs PHS
59.-Robert Roton
Karandip Basra
Nikolai Rodriquez
Bobby Ketscher
4:48.0hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
60.-Isaac Figueroa
Caleb Wittstruck
Eddie Aljamal
Anthony Hernandez
4:49.7hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
61.9Darryl Hadlich
Evan Estep
Sam Wittstruck
Kollin Craig
5:03.9hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
62.9Gurjit Chahal
Pedro Ramirez
Gerardo Mora
Brian Hardin
5:10.6hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.-Jorge Ulloa
Mario Garcia
Jacob Wessels
Frank Finch
11:58.13Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.-Eric Finch
Jordan Porter
Josue Solorio
Richard Ketscher
12:40.28Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Bryan Rosales42' 9 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
2.9Nick Roditis40' 5.75May 13CCC Championship
3.9Josh Segales34' 11May 13CCC Championship
4.9Nathan Gianesin34' 6 PRFeb 22Thrower's Tournament
5.10Michael Cabida34' 3 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
6.10Tommy Moreno33' 7.5 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
7.9Ramon Martinez33' 2Feb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
8.9Eddy Chikrallah32' 9Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
9.10Aaron Palubicki31' 3 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
10.9Zach Hamilton29' 2.5 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
11.9Mitchell Dover27' 9 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Ivan Delgado47' 2.5Mar 12Wildcat Relays
2.11Sean Donnelly44' 9.75Apr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
3.10Bryan Rosales39' 1Jun 25Pacific Association (Top 12) - USATF
4.11Andrew Aprim38' 9 PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
5.11Joe Witt37' 5Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
6.11Kenn Acasio36' 0Feb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
7.11Dakota Selfridge35' 8.5 PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
8.12Tre Vargas34' 8Feb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
9.11Jimmie Stamps33' 4 PRFeb 22Thrower's Tournament
10.9Nick Roditis32' 7.5Jan 15Berkeley AC
11.11Mino Moua32' 5.25Apr 6Pitman vs Merced
12.11Aaron Rollins31' 4.5Mar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
13.12Josh Pulford31' 0.75 PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
14.9Ramon Martinez31' 0Jan 15Berkeley AC
15.9Nathan Gianesin30' 10 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
16.11Dago Aguilar30' 6.5 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
17.11Justin Larsen30' 1 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
10Titus Judish30' 1 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
19.12Andrew Garcia30' 0.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
20.12Matt Hanham22' 1.5 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
21.9Mario Ortiz22' 0 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
22.9Kollin Craig21' 5.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
23.9Robert Roton21' 1.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
24.9Bryce Silva21' 0 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
25.9Anthony Hernandez20' 11 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
26.9Mitchell Dover20' 10 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
27.10Christian Vega20' 9 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
9Grant Tallent20' 9 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
29.10Jorge Ulloa20' 1.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
30.11David Nava-Arrizon19' 9.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
31.9Evan Estep19' 3.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
32.10Daniel Mitre19' 1.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
33.9Gurjit Chahal15' 8 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Sean Donnelly155' 8Apr 23Oregon Relays Day 2
2.12Tre Vargas135' 1 PRApr 15Stanislaus County Meet
3.10Bryan Rosales130' 5Jul 9Region 14 (Top 5) - USATF
4.11Ivan Delgado128' 6 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
5.11Aaron Rollins117' 10Feb 22Thrower's Tournament
6.11Mino Moua116' 2 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
7.9Nick Roditis115' 10Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
8.11Joe Witt110' 10 PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
9.11Dakota Selfridge109' 6May 10Last Chance Meet
10.11Kenn Acasio108' 9Feb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
11.10Michael Cabida95' 2 PRMay 10Last Chance Meet
12.9Nathan Gianesin95' 1 PRFeb 22Thrower's Tournament
13.9Zach Hamilton89' 10 PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
14.11Jimmie Stamps88' 11 PRMar 19Serra Thrower's Meet
15.9Eddy Chikrallah82' 10Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
16.11Andrew Aprim81' 3Feb 22Thrower's Tournament
17.12Josh Pulford79' 4Feb 22Thrower's Tournament
18.9Josh Segales78' 4Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
19.11Dago Aguilar72' 11 PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
20.10Aaron Palubicki72' 6 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
21.10Tommy Moreno71' 2 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
22.10Titus Judish66' 6 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
23.9Mitchell Dover54' 9 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
24.12Matt Hanham51' 6 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
25.9Grant Tallent50' 1 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
26.10Daniel Mitre47' 7 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
27.11David Nava-Arrizon46' 1 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
28.10Jorge Ulloa45' 9Apr 27Central Valley Multis
29.9Anthony Hernandez44' 10 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
30.9Evan Estep37' 4 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
Javelin - 800g
1.11Sean Donnelly113' 9May 30NorCal Throws Championships
2.12Andrew Garcia107' 11 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
3.11Dakota Selfridge87' 2 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
4.10Bryan Rosales82' 1May 30NorCal Throws Championships
5.9Nathan Gianesin76' 8 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
6.10Daniel Mitre68' 7 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
7.9Kollin Craig68' 2 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
8.11David Nava-Arrizon66' 5 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
9.10Titus Judish63' 6 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
10.9Anthony Hernandez61' 0 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
11.9Evan Estep56' 2 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
12.9Grant Tallent52' 11 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
13.10Jorge Ulloa52' 0Apr 27Central Valley Multis
14.9Mitchell Dover47' 10 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
High Jump
1.10Titus Judish5' 8May 4THS vs PHS
2.11Brandon Augusto5' 5May 13CCC Championship
3.12John England5' 4 PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
4.10Christian Vega5' 2 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
5.9Darryl Hadlich5' 0May 4THS vs PHS
12Frank Finch5' 0 PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
7.9Chance Hagar4' 11May 13CCC Championship
8.9Nathan Gianesin4' 10 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
9Kollin Craig4' 10 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
12Andrew Garcia4' 10 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
9D'Andre Griffin4' 10Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
12.11Richard Ketscher4' 8 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
10Kameron Schumann4' 8Feb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
14.9Anthony Hernandez4' 6 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
10Jorge Ulloa4' 6 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
9Aaron Mayfield4' 6 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
11Justin Larsen4' 6Apr 26Central Valley Multis
18.9Grant Tallent4' 4 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
19.11David Nava-Arrizon4' 2 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
10Daniel Mitre4' 2 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
21.9Gurjit Chahal4' 0 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
9Robert Roton4' 0 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
9Evan Estep4' 0 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
24.11Andrew Nunn3' 10 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
25.11Dakota Selfridge3' 8Apr 26Central Valley Multis
9Bryce Silva3' 8 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
27.9Mitchell Dover3' 4 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
28.9Mario Ortiz3' 0 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
Pole Vault
1.12John England13' 0Apr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
2.12Caleb Wittstruck12' 4 PRMay 13CCC Championship
3.12Andrew Garcia12' 0 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
4.11Stephen Cudo11' 0Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
5.11Justin Larsen10' 0Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
6.9Kollin Craig9' 6Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
7.9Anthony Hernandez9' 0 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
9Miguel Ortega9' 0Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
9Chance Hagar9' 0Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
10.11Andrew Nunn8' 10Jan 28Pole Vault Summit
11.9Evan Estep7' 6Apr 6Pitman vs Merced
12.10Titus Judish7' 0 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
13.11Dakota Selfridge6' 0Apr 27Central Valley Multis
14.11David Nava-Arrizon5' 0 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
9Nathan Gianesin5' 0 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
10Daniel Mitre5' 0 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
Long Jump
1.10Brent Nelle20' 0May 13CCC Championship
2.12Josh Neri19' 11 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
3.9Jimmy Zheng19' 5.5 PRMay 13CCC Championship
4.12Alex Kajioka19' 4.25 PR (.6)Apr 15Stanislaus County Meet
5.11Justin Larsen19' 0 PRMay 13CCC Championship
6.12Tim Bishop18' 6.75 PRMay 13CCC Championship
7.11Brandon Augusto18' 4.5 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
8.11Anthony Leal17' 9Mar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
9.10Eric Finch17' 8.5 PRMay 13CCC Championship
10.9Logan Wolfley17' 5.5 PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
11.10Christian Vega17' 2.75 PRMay 13CCC Championship
12.12Andrew Garcia17' 2 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
13.10Titus Judish17' 0.75 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
14.12Josue Solorio16' 10.5Feb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
15.9Nathan Gianesin16' 2Apr 26Central Valley Multis
16.9Marcus Vasquez16' 0May 4THS vs PHS
17.9Darryl Hadlich15' 10.75May 4THS vs PHS
18.9Chance Hagar15' 10.5Apr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
19.10Toby Jones15' 8.25 PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
20.9Kollin Craig15' 5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
21.9Grant Tallent15' 1 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
22.9Robert Roton14' 4.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
23.9D'Andre Griffin14' 3.25Mar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
24.10Jorge Ulloa14' 2.25 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
25.9Anthony Hernandez13' 11.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
26.11Dakota Selfridge13' 10.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
27.9Billy Taylor13' 5 PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
28.10Daniel Mitre13' 3.75 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
29.9Gurjit Chahal12' 8.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
30.11David Nava-Arrizon12' 4.75 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
31.9Bryce Silva12' 3.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
32.9Evan Estep11' 7.25Apr 26Central Valley Multis
33.9Mario Ortiz10' 10 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
34.9Mitchell Dover10' 4.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
Triple Jump
1.12Josue Solorio40' 4 PRMay 20Sac-Joaquin D1 Finals
2.11Anthony Leal40' 3.5 (1.8)Apr 15Stanislaus County Meet
3.12Josh Neri40' 2 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
4.10Christian Vega38' 11 PR (1.7)Apr 15Stanislaus County Meet
5.12Tim Bishop36' 11.5 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
6.12Alex Kajioka36' 9May 4THS vs PHS
7.10Titus Judish35' 9Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
8.9Chance Hagar35' 7Mar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
9.9Darryl Hadlich33' 10May 4THS vs PHS
10.9Eddie Aljamal32' 10 PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
11.9Billy Taylor32' 6.5 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
12.9D'Andre Griffin32' 5.5May 4THS vs PHS
13.9Aaron Mayfield32' 4 PRMar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
Hammer - 12lb
1.11Sean Donnelly136' 11 PRJul 9Region 14 (Top 5) - USATF
2.10Bryan Rosales117' 9May 30NorCal Throws Championships
3.11Aaron Rollins87' 11Dec 4Panther Throws Pentathlon
Weight Throw - 25lb
1.11Sean Donnelly45' 1.5 PRMay 30NorCal Throws Championships
2.10Bryan Rosales40' 0.5May 30NorCal Throws Championships
Decathlon Score
1.12Andrew Garcia4308 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
2.9Nathan Gianesin3476 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
3.10Titus Judish3096 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
4.9Grant Tallent3084 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
5.9Anthony Hernandez2824 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
6.11Dakota Selfridge2486 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
7.9Kollin Craig2442 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
8.10Jorge Ulloa2406 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
9.10Daniel Mitre2221 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
10.11David Nava-Arrizon2207 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
11.9Evan Estep1808 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
12.9Mitchell Dover776 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
Throws Penthlon Score
1.11Sean Donnelly2890 PRMay 30NorCal Throws Championships
2.10Bryan Rosales2357May 30NorCal Throws Championships


55 Meter Dash
1.12Hailey Stroud7.74 PRFeb 12UC Davis AC
2.12Aman Hundal7.79 PRFeb 12UC Davis AC
3.10Kelsee Derr7.80Feb 12UC Davis AC
4.11Jasmine Roberson8.09 PRFeb 12UC Davis AC
60 Meter Dash
1.12Hailey Stroud8.26Feb 5Berkeley AC
2.10Kelsee Derr8.39Jan 8Los Gatos AC
3.11Jasmine Roberson8.76 PRFeb 5Berkeley AC
100 Meters
1.10Kelsee Derr12.74c PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
2.12Hailey Stroud12.94cApr 6Pitman vs Merced
3.11Jasmine Roberson13.04c PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
4.10Kim Young13.64cApr 6Pitman vs Merced
5.12Adela Martinez13.88May 13CCC Championship
6.9Alexis Salinas14.18 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
7.9Allysa Gonzales14.20May 13CCC Championship
8.9Claire Littlefield14.22May 13CCC Championship
9.9Amy-Rose Damas14.50 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
10.11Taylor Zavala14.63May 4THS vs PHS
11.9Amber Flores14.84 (-2.4)Jun 25Pacific Association (Top 12) - USATF
12.11Salina Flores14.94cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
13.11Cristina Garcia14.96 PRMay 13CCC Championship
14.9Kathleen Synstad15.24cApr 6Pitman vs Merced
15.12Devika Best16.24c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
200 Meters
1.12Aman Hundal26.15 PRMay 13CCC Championship
2.11Jasmine Roberson26.92 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
3.12Hailey Stroud27.24cApr 6Pitman vs Merced
4.10Kim Young27.79 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
5.9Claire Littlefield29.44cApr 6Pitman vs Merced
6.12Caitlin O'Connell29.54c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
7.12Adela Martinez29.56May 13CCC Championship
8.9Amy-Rose Damas29.85 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
9.11Salina Flores30.04cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
10.9Alexis Salinas30.06 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
11.9Allysa Gonzales31.24cMar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
11Cristina Garcia31.24 PRMay 13CCC Championship
13.9Jasmine Youngdale32.14c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
14.9Kathleen Synstad32.44cApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
15.11Alejandra Aguilar33.14c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
16.12Devika Best33.24c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
17.10Jami Ford33.34c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
18.10Megan O'Connell33.84c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
19.11Taylor Heaslett35.14cApr 26Central Valley Multis
20.11Katelyn Gilstrap36.24c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
21.11Kristin Pope36.74c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
22.11Heidi Hernandez38.04c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
23.10Rashel Pritchard44.84cApr 26Central Valley Multis
400 Meters
1.12Aman Hundal59.33 PRMay 13CCC Championship
2.9Terri Gallon1:03.74May 13CCC Championship
3.12Caitlin O'Connell1:06.94c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
4.12Karli Matter1:07.24May 13CCC Championship
5.12Anmol Dhillon1:08.98May 13CCC Championship
6.11Gaby Flores1:09.14c PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
7.9Ajianni Ortega1:10.24c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.11Salina Flores1:10.42Jun 25Pacific Association (Top 12) - USATF
9.9Hannah Thompson1:11.14cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
10.9Hayley Rovito1:11.68May 4THS vs PHS
11.9Allysa Gonzales1:11.94c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
12.10Marina Marquez1:12.24cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
13.9Sheila Brigham1:12.34c PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
14.9Kayla Kenney1:12.47 PRMay 13CCC Championship
15.9Jasmine Youngdale1:12.54c PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
16.12Devika Best1:13.04c PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
17.12Sheila Barrios1:13.34c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
18.12Adela Martinez1:13.94cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
19.12Alexis Robles1:14.14cApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
20.10Amanda Panella1:14.24c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
21.11Cristina Garcia1:15.15May 4THS vs PHS
22.10Alexa Benavides1:15.24c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
11Taylor Zavala1:15.24cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
24.11Taylor Heaslett1:15.74cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
25.12Dominque Goodman1:16.64c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
26.9Alexis Salinas1:16.74c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
27.11Kayla Riego1:17.24cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
28.10Christen Daniloo1:20.54c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
29.9Kathleen Synstad1:20.94c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
30.10Megan O'Connell1:21.14c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Aman Hundal59.4hApr 15Stanislaus County Meet
2.11Jasmine Roberson1:03.2hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
3.9Terri Gallon1:04.6hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
4.12Hailey Stroud1:05.2hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
5.12Karli Matter1:05.4h PRMar 26Stanford Invitational
6.9Elisiah Frank1:06.3hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
7.12Caitlin O'Connell1:06.5h PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
8.12Victoria Alvarado1:06.8hJan 25PHS Time Trial
9.11Salina Flores1:07.8h PRMay 18Sac-Joaquin D1 Trials
10.9Claire Littlefield1:08.2hMay 13CCC Championship
11.9Allysa Gonzales1:08.6h PRMay 13CCC Championship
12.10Marina Marquez1:08.8h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
13.11Gaby Flores1:08.9h PRMay 4THS vs PHS
14.10Kelsee Derr1:09.2hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
15.12Anmol Dhillon1:09.7hJan 25PHS Time Trial
11Taylor Zavala1:09.7h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
17.9Amy-Rose Damas1:09.8h PRMay 4THS vs PHS
18.11Mackenzie Dixon1:11.0hJan 25PHS Time Trial
19.9Hayley Rovito1:11.5hMay 4THS vs PHS
20.11Cristina Garcia1:11.8h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
12Alexis Gimeno-Brown1:11.8h PRMay 4THS vs PHS
22.11Alejandra Aguilar1:12.0h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
10Kim Young1:12.0hJan 25PHS Time Trial
24.9Ajianni Ortega1:12.2h PRJan 25PHS Time Trial
25.9Shakia Collins1:12.4h PRJan 25PHS Time Trial
26.9Hannah Thompson1:12.6h PRJan 25PHS Time Trial
27.9Kayla Kenney1:12.8h PRMay 4THS vs PHS
28.12Maggie Miranda1:13.6h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
29.9Jasmine Youngdale1:13.9h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
30.12Sheila Barrios1:14.3hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
31.9Sheila Brigham1:14.9h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
32.9Amber Flores1:15.3hJan 25PHS Time Trial
33.9Alexis Salinas1:15.4h PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
34.9Megan Wade1:15.8h PRJan 25PHS Time Trial
35.9Kathleen Synstad1:16.5h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
36.12Devika Best1:16.9h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
37.12Alexis Robles1:17.1h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
38.10Brianda Maldonado1:17.2h PRDec 13PHS Time Trial
39.12Adela Martinez1:17.4hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
40.11Jessica Amezola1:17.6hJan 25PHS Time Trial
41.10Jami Ford1:17.8hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
42.10Taylor Fraga1:18.2h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
43.11Taylor Heaslett1:18.9hJan 25PHS Time Trial
44.10Amanda Panella1:19.6h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
45.10Alexa Benavides1:19.7h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
46.12Kyndel Fletcher1:20.3hDec 13PHS Time Trial
47.10Kenya Marquez1:20.4hDec 13PHS Time Trial
48.11Seska Gimlin1:20.6hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
10Megan O'Connell1:20.6hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
50.12Dominque Goodman1:21.9hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
51.10Ivette Salvador1:22.2hDec 13PHS Time Trial
52.11Katelyn Gilstrap1:25.1hDec 13PHS Time Trial
53.11Lizzy Marquez1:25.5hDec 13PHS Time Trial
54.10Christen Daniloo1:29.3h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
55.10Jessica Cisneros1:34.4hDec 13PHS Time Trial
56.10Angelica Cortes1:42.0hDec 13PHS Time Trial
600 Yards
1.12Aman Hundal1:36.67 PRFeb 5Berkeley AC
2.10Brianda Maldonado1:52.24 PRFeb 5Berkeley AC
800 Meters
1.9Elisiah Frank2:32.00 PRMay 13CCC Championship
2.12Victoria Alvarado2:34.00May 13CCC Championship
3.12Aman Hundal2:40.9hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
4.11Alejandra Aguilar2:43.00 PRMay 13CCC Championship
5.9Hayley Rovito2:46.00May 13CCC Championship
6.10Jami Ford2:50.9hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
7.12Maggie Miranda2:51.0h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
8.10Brianda Maldonado2:52.8hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9.12Alexis Gimeno-Brown2:53.4hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
10.9Amy-Rose Damas2:54.8h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
11.9Kayla Kenney2:56.0h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
12.10Marina Marquez2:57.5hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
13.11Mackenzie Dixon2:57.8hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
14.10Taylor Fraga2:58.1h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
15.11Salina Flores2:58.2hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
16.10Ivette Salvador3:00.4hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
17.9Claire Littlefield3:01.2h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
18.9Hannah Thompson3:02.2h PRFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
19.11Cristina Garcia3:02.79Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
20.12Caitlin O'Connell3:03.3h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
21.12Devika Best3:06.15 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
22.11Gaby Flores3:07.9hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
23.12Sheila Barrios3:08.0hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
24.9Sheila Brigham3:08.2hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
25.9Jasmine Youngdale3:09.13 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
26.10Amanda Panella3:09.2h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
27.9Allysa Gonzales3:10.0hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
28.9Ajianni Ortega3:11.4h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
29.9Terri Gallon3:12.0h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
30.9Amber Flores3:13.3h PRFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
31.9Shakia Collins3:13.9h PRFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
32.11Katelyn Gilstrap3:16.1hApr 27Central Valley Multis
33.11Taylor Heaslett3:18.9hApr 27Central Valley Multis
34.12Anmol Dhillon3:20.2hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
35.10Alexa Benavides3:20.7h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
36.9Alexis Salinas3:22.7h PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
37.9Kathleen Synstad3:23.4hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
38.12Dominque Goodman3:23.7hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
39.12Alexis Robles3:25.2hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
40.10Megan O'Connell3:25.8h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
41.10Christen Daniloo3:29.62 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
42.11Heidi Hernandez3:30.9hApr 27Central Valley Multis
43.12Adela Martinez3:32.6h PRFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
44.10Kim Young3:39.2hMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
45.11Kristin Pope4:14.5hApr 27Central Valley Multis
46.10Rashel Pritchard4:18.2h PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Aman Hundal2:34.5h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.9Terri Gallon2:45.1h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Victoria Alvarado4:16.9h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.9Hayley Rovito4:40.0h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
1600 Meters
1.10Jami Ford5:59.0hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
2.9Elisiah Frank6:03.0h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
3.10Brianda Maldonado6:11.86Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
4.11Alejandra Aguilar6:13.00 PRMay 13CCC Championship
5.12Maggie Miranda6:14.0h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
6.10Taylor Fraga6:22.4hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
7.11Katelyn Gilstrap6:22.91Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
8.9Hayley Rovito6:24.0hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
9.12Victoria Alvarado6:32.1hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
10.10Ivette Salvador6:42.00May 4THS vs PHS
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Jami Ford6:09.1h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.10Brianda Maldonado6:23.8h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
1 Mile
1.10Brianda Maldonado6:23.25 PRFeb 5Berkeley AC
3200 Meters
1.10Jami Ford12:55.98Apr 15Stanislaus County Meet
2.12Maggie Miranda13:53.0h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
3.11Katelyn Gilstrap14:01.9h PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
4.11Alejandra Aguilar14:16.0h PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
5.10Ivette Salvador14:17.0hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
6.10Taylor Fraga14:25.3h PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
55m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Kelsee Derr9.04cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
2.9Elisiah Frank10.34c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
3.9Amber Flores10.54cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
4.11Jessica Amezola11.04c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
5.12Sheila Barrios11.24c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
6.12Alexis Gimeno-Brown11.44cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
7.12Anmol Dhillon11.94cMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.11Taylor Heaslett12.24c PRMar 1Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
55m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Kelsee Derr9.72Feb 12UC Davis AC
60m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Kelsee Derr9.92 PRFeb 5Berkeley AC
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Kyndel Fletcher18.14c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
2.12Aman Hundal18.74c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
3.12Caitlin O'Connell19.24c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
4.12Karli Matter21.54c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
5.11Salina Flores21.64c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
6.10Rashel Pritchard21.84c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
7.11Kristin Pope22.24c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
8.11Taylor Heaslett22.34cApr 26Central Valley Multis
9.10Jami Ford22.74c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
10.10Megan O'Connell23.34c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
11.9Amy-Rose Damas24.14c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
12.11Katelyn Gilstrap27.94c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
13.11Heidi Hernandez28.54c PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Kelsee Derr15.58 (1.1)Apr 15Stanislaus County Meet
2.9Amber Flores18.16May 13CCC Championship
3.9Shakia Collins18.44c PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
4.9Elisiah Frank18.64c PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
5.12Sheila Barrios19.74c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
6.12Alexis Gimeno-Brown20.14May 4THS vs PHS
7.11Jessica Amezola20.34cApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
8.12Anmol Dhillon20.64c PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
9.11Kayla Riego22.24cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Kelsee Derr50.94cApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
2.12Alexis Gimeno-Brown52.28 PRMay 13CCC Championship
3.9Amber Flores54.54cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
4.9Elisiah Frank55.09Mar 18Pitman Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.9Shakia Collins55.34c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
6.12Sheila Barrios56.54cApr 6Pitman vs Merced
7.12Anmol Dhillon57.34cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
8.12Alexis Robles59.84c PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
9.11Jessica Amezola1:01.24cApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
10.11Taylor Heaslett1:06.04cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Amber Flores1:19.33 PRJun 25Pacific Association (Top 12) - USATF
2.9Amy-Rose Damas1:19.78 PRJun 25Pacific Association (Top 12) - USATF
4x100 Relay
1.-Jasmine Roberson
Aman Hundal
Hailey Stroud
Kelsee Derr
49.45May 13CCC Championship
2.-Relay Team 51.62Mar 26Stanford Invitational (FULL Results)
3.-Claire Littlefield
Hannah Thompson
Amber Flores
Salina Flores
54.04cApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
4.9Claire Littlefield
Hannah Thompson
Amber Flores
Alexis Salinas
55.68May 13CCC Championship
5.9Hayley Rovito
Hannah Thompson
Amber Flores
Alexis Salinas
56.94cMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
6.9Kayla Kenney
Sheila Brigham
Kathleen Synstad
Alexis Salinas
1:00.44cApr 6Pitman vs Merced
4x200 Relay
1.-Jasmine Roberson
Aman Hundal
Kelsee Derr
Hailey Stroud
1:51.42Feb 12UC Davis AC
2.-Jasmine Roberson
Aman Hundal
Hailey Stroud
Kelsee Derr
1:51.83Feb 5Berkeley AC
4x400 Relay
1.-Jasmine Roberson
Karli Matter
Terri Gallon
Aman Hundal
4:18.36Apr 23Oregon Relays Day 2
2.-Jasmine Roberson
Karli Matter
Caitlin O'Connell
Aman Hundal
4:18.5hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
3.-Jasmine Roberson
Elisiah Frank
Karli Matter
Aman Hundal
4:18.95Apr 15Stanislaus County Meet
4.-Jasmine Roberson
Victoria Alvarado
Terri Gallon
Aman Hundal
4:20.1hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
5.-Jasmine Roberson
Karli Matter
Hailey Stroud
Aman Hundal
4:21.7hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
6.-Relay Team 4:24.24Mar 26Stanford Invitational (FULL Results)
7.-Aman Hundal
Jasmine Roberson
Gaby Flores
Salina Flores
4:25.66Jun 25Pacific Association (Top 12) - USATF
8.-Salina Flores
Gaby Flores
Elisiah Frank
Terri Gallon
4:28.31May 18Sac-Joaquin D1 Trials
9.-Salina Flores
Gaby Flores
Victoria Alvarado
Elisiah Frank
4:35.7hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
10.-Elisiah Frank
Amy-Rose Damas
Terri Gallon
Kelsee Derr
4:36.64Jun 25Pacific Association (Top 12) - USATF
11.9Hayley Rovito
Amy-Rose Damas
Claire Littlefield
Allysa Gonzales
4:40.60May 13CCC Championship
12.9Elisiah Frank
Amy-Rose Damas
Shakia Collins
Allysa Gonzales
4:46.8hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
13.-Salina Flores
Alexis Robles
Taylor Zavala
Gaby Flores
4:47.1hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
14.9Hayley Rovito
Claire Littlefield
Shakia Collins
Allysa Gonzales
4:49.8hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
15.-Victoria Alvarado
Hannah Thompson
Taylor Zavala
Elisiah Frank
4:52.7hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
16.9Jasmine Youngdale
Amy-Rose Damas
Sheila Brigham
Kayla Kenney
4:52.8hApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
17.-Alexis Gimeno-Brown
Anmol Dhillon
Adela Martinez
Sheila Barrios
4:55.4hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
18.9Hannah Thompson
Shakia Collins
Sheila Brigham
Kayla Kenney
4:59.2hMay 4THS vs PHS
19.-Alexis Gimeno-Brown
Anmol Dhillon
Taylor Heaslett
Cristina Garcia
5:01.3hMay 4THS vs PHS
20.-Alejandra Aguilar
Maggie Miranda
Taylor Fraga
Jami Ford
5:01.5hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
21.-Taylor Heaslett
Gaby Flores
Cristina Garcia
Salina Flores
5:01.6hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
22.-Taylor Heaslett
Gaby Flores
Jessica Amezola
Salina Flores
5:01.7hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
23.-Taylor Zavala
Dominque Goodman
Devika Best
Marina Marquez
5:04.8hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
24.9Hayley Rovito
Kayla Kenney
Alexis Salinas
Hannah Thompson
5:06.0hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
25.-Jasmine Youngdale
Amanda Panella
Sheila Brigham
Kathleen Synstad
5:08.5hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
26.-Amber Flores
Gaby Flores
Cristina Garcia
Salina Flores
5:09.9hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
27.-Alexis Gimeno-Brown
Anmol Dhillon
Jessica Amezola
Adela Martinez
5:11.3hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
28.9Hayley Rovito
Claire Littlefield
Shakia Collins
Hannah Thompson
5:13.3hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
29.-Alexis Salinas
Dominque Goodman
Alexis Robles
Devika Best
5:15.8hApr 6Pitman vs Merced
30.-Devika Best
Cristina Garcia
Taylor Heaslett
Alexis Robles
5:16.9hApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
31.-Karli Matter
Christen Daniloo
Alexis Robles
Alexa Benavides
5:21.3hMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
32.-Brianda Maldonado
Amanda Panella
Kathleen Synstad
Alexis Robles
5:25.9hFeb 25Buchanan Distance Classic
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.-Victoria Alvarado
Jasmine Roberson
Aman Hundal
Jami Ford
14:06.85Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.-Hayley Rovito
Amy-Rose Damas
Terri Gallon
Brianda Maldonado
15:03.20Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Erica Sickert37' 9.5May 26Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Trials
2.10Alex DeChari29' 6 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
3.10Bree Motley27' 8Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
4.10Rashel Pritchard26' 9Apr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
5.11Heidi Hernandez25' 2Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
6.11Salina Flores24' 6.5 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
12Kyndel Fletcher24' 6.5Apr 26Central Valley Multis
8.12Caitlin O'Connell24' 5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
9.12Karli Matter24' 1 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
10.9Princess Burke23' 8.5 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
11.11Gaby Flores23' 2 PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
12.9Amy Schuhardt23' 1 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
13.11Kristin Pope22' 6 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
14.10Kaylee Mattice22' 1 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
9Alexis Salinas22' 1 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
16.9Amy-Rose Damas20' 3 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
17.10Jami Ford18' 9.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
18.9Melissa Welsh18' 1 PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
19.9Maria Rosas17' 11.5Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
20.10Megan O'Connell16' 9 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
21.11Katelyn Gilstrap16' 8 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
22.11Taylor Heaslett15' 8 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
23.9Cassidy Stone14' 11 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
24.11Alejandra Aguilar13' 4.5 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
Discus - 1kg
1.11Erica Sickert116' 5 PRApr 15Stanislaus County Meet
2.10Rashel Pritchard104' 2Apr 30Sacramento Meet Of Champions
3.9Princess Burke80' 5 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
4.10Bree Motley79' 8May 4THS vs PHS
5.11Kristin Pope74' 10 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
6.11Heidi Hernandez74' 2 PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
7.11Salina Flores71' 5 PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
8.10Alex DeChari68' 2 PRApr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
9.9Amy Schuhardt61' 2 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
10.9Melissa Welsh56' 6 PRMay 13CCC Championship
11.9Maria Rosas54' 8Apr 20Pitman vs Atwater
12.11Gaby Flores54' 2 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
13.10Kaylee Mattice49' 10 PRFeb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
14.9Phaolina Valdez46' 9 PRFeb 22Thrower's Tournament
15.9Cassidy Stone42' 0 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
Javelin - 600g
1.11Salina Flores70' 6Jun 25Pacific Association (Top 12) - USATF
2.11Kristin Pope56' 10 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
3.9Amy-Rose Damas56' 0 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
4.11Erica Sickert54' 4May 30NorCal Throws Championships
5.12Caitlin O'Connell54' 2Apr 27Central Valley Multis
6.10Rashel Pritchard47' 6May 30NorCal Throws Championships
7.10Megan O'Connell45' 2 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
8.11Heidi Hernandez35' 4 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
9.11Katelyn Gilstrap33' 4Apr 27Central Valley Multis
10.11Taylor Heaslett31' 2Apr 27Central Valley Multis
11.11Alejandra Aguilar15' 0 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
High Jump
1.12Caitlin O'Connell5' 4 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
2.10Alexa Benavides4' 10 PRApr 15Stanislaus County Meet
3.9Haley Jones4' 8 PRApr 6Pitman vs Merced
4.10Marina Marquez4' 6 PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
5.9Shakia Collins4' 4 PRMar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
9Terri Gallon4' 4Feb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
7.10Megan O'Connell4' 2Jun 25Pacific Association (Top 12) - USATF
11Taylor Zavala4' 2Feb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
12Kyndel Fletcher4' 2Feb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
11Seska Gimlin4' 2Mar 22Pitman vs Buhach Colony
11.11Salina Flores4' 0Apr 26Central Valley Multis
10Jami Ford4' 0 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
13.11Katelyn Gilstrap3' 10 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
14.10Rashel Pritchard3' 6 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
9Amy-Rose Damas3' 6 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
11Heidi Hernandez3' 6 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
17.11Kristin Pope3' 4 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
11Taylor Heaslett3' 4Apr 26Central Valley Multis
19.11Alejandra Aguilar2' 8 PRApr 26Central Valley Multis
Pole Vault
1.12Kyndel Fletcher9' 11May 13CCC Championship
2.11Taylor Zavala7' 6 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
3.10Marina Marquez6' 6Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
9Hannah Thompson6' 6 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
5.9Amber Flores6' 0Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
Long Jump
1.12Caitlin O'Connell17' 5.75 PRMay 18Sac-Joaquin D1 Trials
2.10Kelsee Derr16' 9 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
3.10Kim Young15' 4.25 PRMay 13CCC Championship
4.9Allysa Gonzales14' 7May 13CCC Championship
5.12Karli Matter13' 7Feb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
6.11Seska Gimlin13' 5.5May 4THS vs PHS
7.10Megan O'Connell13' 1 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
8.9Amy-Rose Damas12' 5.5 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
9.11Salina Flores12' 5 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
11Vickie Rouse12' 5Feb 28Green/Silver/Black - Day One
11.9Sheila Brigham12' 1.75Apr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
12.9Jasmine Youngdale11' 11.25 PRApr 20Pitman vs Atwater
13.9Kayla Kenney11' 8.5Apr 13Pitman vs Golden Valley
14.11Kristin Pope11' 5 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
15.11Taylor Heaslett10' 11 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
16.11Katelyn Gilstrap10' 7 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
17.11Heidi Hernandez10' 3 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
18.10Rashel Pritchard8' 9 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
19.11Alejandra Aguilar8' 6.5 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
Triple Jump
1.12Caitlin O'Connell36' 7.5 PRMay 20Sac-Joaquin D1 Finals
2.9Allysa Gonzales30' 6.5May 13CCC Championship
3.10Megan O'Connell29' 10.5Apr 6Pitman vs Merced
4.9Claire Littlefield29' 9May 13CCC Championship
5.10Alexa Benavides29' 2.5 PRMay 4THS vs PHS
6.12Karli Matter27' 9.75May 13CCC Championship
7.11Seska Gimlin27' 9.5Apr 6Pitman vs Merced
Hammer - 4kg
1.11Erica Sickert99' 6May 30NorCal Throws Championships
2.10Rashel Pritchard66' 7May 30NorCal Throws Championships
Weight Throw - 20lb
1.11Erica Sickert40' 11.75 PRMay 30NorCal Throws Championships
2.10Rashel Pritchard19' 1May 30NorCal Throws Championships
Heptathlon Score
1.12Caitlin O'Connell2721 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
2.11Salina Flores2009 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
3.9Amy-Rose Damas1685 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
4.10Megan O'Connell1477 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
5.11Kristin Pope1131 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
6.11Taylor Heaslett1092Apr 27Central Valley Multis
7.11Katelyn Gilstrap1060 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
8.11Heidi Hernandez967 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
9.10Rashel Pritchard955 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
10.11Alejandra Aguilar807 PRApr 27Central Valley Multis
Throws Penthlon Score
1.11Erica Sickert2462May 30NorCal Throws Championships
2.10Rashel Pritchard1539May 30NorCal Throws Championships

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