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100 Meters
1.10Josh Fletcher11.02 PR (1.9)May 2Sacramento Meet of Champions
2.10Isaiah Marable11.44c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
3.11Tyress Pope11.63Apr 15CCC Center #2
4.11Kyle Rickey11.64c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
5.11David Marruffo11.65 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
6.12Avninder Dhillon11.84c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
7.9Ishwar Singh11.87Apr 15CCC Center #2
8.10Mehki Anker11.95Apr 1CCC Center #1
9.11Rylan Boutelle12.12 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
10.11Sinue Cortes12.14 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
11.12Jenner Berryhill12.16 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
12.11Krish Sharma12.27Mar 28Brenda Athletic Clubs Invitational
13.9Brad Lafaver12.44Apr 1CCC Center #1
14.10Harroop Singh12.49 PRMay 9CCC Championships
15.10Kamio Borja12.50Apr 15CCC Center #2
16.11Martin Cepeda12.57Mar 28Brenda Athletic Clubs Invitational
17.11Connor Bourke12.68 PR (.0)Mar 28Brenda Athletic Clubs Invitational
18.10Ricky Moore12.81 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
19.10Anthony Carbajal13.16 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
20.10Julian Barrera13.31 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
21.9Samuel Martinez13.34c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
22.9Dawson Wisler13.66 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
23.9Matt Phillips13.74cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
24.11Diego Basulto13.78 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
200 Meters
1.10Josh Fletcher22.63 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
2.11Jose Chavez22.85 PRJun 20Central Association (Top 8) - USATF
3.11Kyle Rickey23.77 PRMar 13Stanislaus County Meet
4.11Edgar Amaya24.03Apr 29CCC Center #3
5.11Tyress Pope24.08 PRMay 9CCC Championships
6.12Jenner Berryhill24.32 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
7.9Ishwar Singh24.45May 9CCC Championships
8.11Krish Sharma25.02Apr 15CCC Center #2
9.10Mehki Anker25.13Apr 1CCC Center #1
10.10Ricky Moore25.29Apr 1CCC Center #1
11.10Harroop Singh25.46Apr 1CCC Center #1
12.11Martin Cepeda25.93 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
13.9Vladimir Montejo26.46 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
14.9Justin Yniquez27.05 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
15.9Brad Lafaver27.32Mar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
16.9Matt Phillips27.61 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
17.9Dawson Wisler29.64 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Josh Fletcher22.1h PRApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
2.11Jose Chavez23.2h PRApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
10Isaiah Marable23.2h PRApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
4.12Branson Garcia24.3h PRApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
5.11David Marruffo24.6h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
6.11Kyle Rickey25.1h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
7.11Ryan Yniquez25.2hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
12Avninder Dhillon25.2h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
9.12Jenner Berryhill25.5h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
10.12Chaise Schroer25.7h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
11.11Krish Sharma25.8hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
12.10Daniel Dwight25.9hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
13.10Mehki Anker26.0hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
14.11Jacob Sylvester26.3hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
15.11Karim Zeller26.6h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
16.11Edgar Amaya26.7hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
17.12Jared England26.9hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
18.11Sinue Cortes27.1h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
19.10Kamio Borja27.6h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
20.10Ricky Moore27.9hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
21.11Martin Cepeda28.5h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
22.9Brad Lafaver29.7hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
23.12Francesco Rossato31.1h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
24.9Matt Phillips32.2hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
25.10Alex Estep34.1hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
26.9Dawson Wisler35.3hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
27.9Adam Christenson36.8h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
28.9John Fish40.0h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
400 Meters
1.10Isaiah Marable48.51 PRMay 29Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.11Jose Chavez52.12Mar 13Stanislaus County Meet
3.12Branson Garcia53.13 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
4.11Edgar Amaya53.63 PRMay 9CCC Championships
5.12Jenner Berryhill54.33 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
6.10Daniel Dwight55.44cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
12Chaise Schroer55.44c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.11Jacob Sylvester55.54cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9.10Ricky Moore56.40 PRMay 9CCC Championships
10.11Krish Sharma56.74cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
11.11David Marruffo57.24c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
12.11Pierre Roberts57.66 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
13.9Ishwar Singh58.05Apr 1CCC Center #1
14.11Martin Cepeda58.34cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
15.10Mehki Anker58.64c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
16.9Vladimir Montejo59.54c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
17.9Armando Navarro1:00.04c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
18.10Gerardo Anaya1:00.12Apr 15CCC Center #2
19.9Justin Yniquez1:00.40May 9CCC Championships
20.10Harroop Singh1:00.51Mar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
21.9Brent Curiel1:01.10May 9CCC Championships
22.12Francesco Rossato1:01.14c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
23.11Ryan Yniquez1:01.34Apr 1CCC Center #1
24.9Jonah Lovejoy1:05.84cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
25.10Nathaniel Coutinho1:07.94c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
26.9Christian Bustillo1:08.74c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
27.9John Fish1:15.22 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Isaiah Marable49.1h PRMay 20Sac Joaquin Section D1 Trials
2.11Jose Chavez51.4h PRApr 15CCC Center #2
12Branson Garcia51.4h PRMay 22Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
4.12Chaise Schroer52.9h PRMay 22Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
5.11Edgar Amaya53.1hMay 20Sac Joaquin Section D1 Trials
6.10Daniel Dwight54.6hApr 29CCC Center #3
7.9Ishwar Singh54.8hMay 28Sac Joaquin Section Masters Trials
8.12Jenner Berryhill54.9h PRApr 29CCC Center #3
9.11Jacob Sylvester56.3hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
10.10Josh Fletcher56.9h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
11.9Samuel Martinez57.3h PRMay 9CCC Championships
12.12Jared England57.4hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
13.10Harroop Singh57.6hMay 9CCC Championships
14.11Ryan Yniquez57.9hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
15.11Karim Zeller58.2h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
16.11Richard Turknett58.3hApr 1CCC Center #1
12John Puffer58.3h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
18.10Ricky Moore58.5hApr 1CCC Center #1
19.11Krish Sharma58.8hApr 1CCC Center #1
20.11David Marruffo59.1h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
10Gerardo Anaya59.1hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
22.9Armando Navarro59.5h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
23.10Joshua Van Allen59.6hApr 1CCC Center #1
24.11Martin Cepeda59.7hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
25.11Keith Reid59.8hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
26.11Connor Bourke1:00.2hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
27.11Pierre Roberts1:00.7h PRApr 15CCC Center #2
28.10Mehki Anker1:00.9hApr 1CCC Center #1
29.9Justin Yniquez1:01.2hApr 29CCC Center #3
30.12Avninder Dhillon1:01.4hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
31.12Ryan DelToro1:02.7h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
32.10Kamio Borja1:03.2hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
11Sinue Cortes1:03.2h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
34.9Easton Hamilton1:03.4hApr 29CCC Center #3
35.9Vladimir Montejo1:03.6h PRApr 1CCC Center #1
36.11Kyle Reid1:04.7hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
37.11Dylan Becker1:04.9hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
38.11Kyle Rickey1:05.0hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
39.9Austin Allen1:05.6hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
40.9Matt Phillips1:06.0hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
41.12Francesco Rossato1:07.4h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
42.10Jacob Sroufe1:08.2h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
43.10Alex Estep1:09.4hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
44.10Seth Emsheimer1:09.6hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
45.9Brad Lafaver1:11.0hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
46.10Thomas Ye1:13.4hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
47.9Adam Christenson1:17.6h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
48.9Dawson Wisler1:18.3hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
49.9John Fish1:23.9h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
800 Meters
1.11Richard Turknett2:07.91May 9CCC Championships
2.12Jay Olthof2:10.55 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
3.10Joshua Van Allen2:12.89Mar 27County Clash III
4.11Connor Bourke2:18.05 PRMay 9CCC Championships
5.10Michael Ulloa2:19.34 PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
6.10Ricky Moore2:19.93Mar 6Pitman Distance Wars
7.11Keith Reid2:20.3hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.9Samuel Martinez2:20.62 PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
9.10Daniel Dwight2:21.44Mar 13Stanislaus County Meet
10.11Dylan Becker2:22.15 PRMay 9CCC Championships
11.9Easton Hamilton2:22.75Apr 29CCC Center #3
12.9Austin Allen2:24.83May 9CCC Championships
13.11Pierre Roberts2:28.98Mar 6Pitman Distance Wars
14.12Francesco Rossato2:29.34 PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
15.9Brent Curiel2:29.69Apr 29CCC Center #3
16.10Seth Emsheimer2:30.35Mar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
17.10Nathaniel Coutinho2:31.66 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
18.9Christian Bustillo2:34.63Apr 29CCC Center #3
19.11Kyle Reid2:36.4hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
20.12John Puffer2:37.1hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
21.10Mehki Anker2:38.9h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
22.9Jackson Riley2:41.0hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
23.11Sinue Cortes2:42.7h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
24.10Zane Ellenbarger2:44.85 PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
25.10Jacob Sroufe2:47.35 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
26.9Jonah Lovejoy2:50.4hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
27.10Thomas Ye2:51.22 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
28.9John Fish2:57.8h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
29.9Navroop Khangura3:27.09 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Joshua Van Allen2:18.3h PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Richard Turknett3:45.5h PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
1500 Meters
1.11Richard Turknett4:49.41 PRJan 24Berkeley AC
1600 Meters
1.12John Puffer4:45.45 PRMay 9CCC Championships
2.10Joshua Van Allen4:48.58 PRMay 9CCC Championships
3.11Richard Turknett4:57.01 PRMay 9CCC Championships
4.11Keith Reid4:59.97 PRMay 9CCC Championships
5.9Easton Hamilton5:11.11May 9CCC Championships
6.12Jay Olthof5:12.97 PRMay 9CCC Championships
7.11Dylan Becker5:15.14 PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
8.10Michael Ulloa5:24.14 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
9.10Seth Emsheimer5:24.2hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
10.9Armando Navarro5:24.53 PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
11.9Austin Allen5:26.63Apr 29CCC Center #3
12.9Brent Curiel5:35.02Apr 29CCC Center #3
13.10Nathaniel Coutinho5:36.69 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
14.11Connor Bourke5:42.61Apr 29CCC Center #3
15.11Kyle Reid5:43.37Apr 29CCC Center #3
16.9Jackson Riley5:49.55 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
17.9Christian Bustillo5:53.60Apr 15CCC Center #2
18.10Jacob Sroufe6:05.31 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
19.10Thomas Ye6:18.39Mar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
20.10Zane Ellenbarger6:52.23 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
21.9Navroop Khangura7:34.99 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Keith Reid5:25.9h PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
3200 Meters
1.12John Puffer10:24.56 PRMar 13Stanislaus County Meet
2.10Joshua Van Allen11:18.53May 9CCC Championships
3.11Richard Turknett11:31.17 PRMay 9CCC Championships
4.11Keith Reid11:33.42May 9CCC Championships
5.10Nathaniel Coutinho12:02.60 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
6.11Kyle Reid12:12.20May 9CCC Championships
7.11Dylan Becker12:13.37Apr 1CCC Center #1
8.9Easton Hamilton12:15.54Apr 15CCC Center #2
9.9Austin Allen12:16.52Apr 15CCC Center #2
10.10Seth Emsheimer12:20.50 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
11.10Michael Ulloa13:02.36Apr 29CCC Center #3
12.12Jay Olthof13:03.13 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
13.9Jackson Riley13:41.86Apr 15CCC Center #2
14.9Christian Bustillo13:46.79 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
15.10Jacob Sroufe15:24.29Apr 29CCC Center #3
16.10Thomas Ye15:36.08Apr 29CCC Center #3
17.10Zane Ellenbarger16:09.58 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
18.9Navroop Khangura17:37.94 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
65m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Chaise Schroer9.34c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
2.9Samuel Martinez10.44c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
3.11Jacob Sylvester10.54c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
4.12Jenner Berryhill10.64c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
5.10Alex Estep12.44c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
6.9Dawson Wisler12.64c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Samuel Martinez17.52 PRMay 9CCC Championships
2.10Alex Estep20.36 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Chaise Schroer15.40 PRMay 22Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
2.12Jenner Berryhill18.52 PR (.0)Mar 28Brenda Athletic Clubs Invitational
3.9Samuel Martinez18.90 PRMar 13Stanislaus County Meet
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Samuel Martinez44.88 PRMay 9CCC Championships
2.10Alex Estep50.34 PRMay 9CCC Championships
3.9Brent Curiel51.50 PRMay 9CCC Championships
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Chaise Schroer41.04 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
2.11Jacob Sylvester45.13Apr 1CCC Center #1
3.12Jenner Berryhill46.16 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
4.9Samuel Martinez46.89 PRMar 13Stanislaus County Meet
4x100 Relay
1.-David Marruffo
Isaiah Marable
Jose Chavez
Josh Fletcher
43.03May 22Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
2.-Tyress Pope
Isaiah Marable
Jose Chavez
Josh Fletcher
44.62Apr 1CCC Center #1
3.-Mehki Anker
Daniel Dwight
Brad Lafaver
Ishwar Singh
46.69May 9CCC Championships
4.-Daniel Dwight
Kamio Borja
Brad Lafaver
Mehki Anker
47.66Apr 1CCC Center #1
5.-Ricky Moore
Kamio Borja
Brad Lafaver
Mehki Anker
48.09Apr 29CCC Center #3
4x200 Relay
1.-Isaiah Marable
Jose Chavez
Branson Garcia
Josh Fletcher
1:32.73Apr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
4x400 Relay
1.-Jose Chavez
Branson Garcia
Chaise Schroer
Isaiah Marable
3:26.01May 22Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
2.-Jose Chavez
Edgar Amaya
Chaise Schroer
Isaiah Marable
3:28.31May 20Sac Joaquin Section D1 Trials
3.-Isaiah Marable
Branson Garcia
Chaise Schroer
Jose Chavez
3:30.59Apr 15CCC Center #2
4.-Jose Chavez
Branson Garcia
Jenner Berryhill
Isaiah Marable
3:31.49Apr 29CCC Center #3
5.-Edgar Amaya
Jose Chavez
Samuel Martinez
Ishwar Singh
3:39.67May 28Sac Joaquin Section Masters Trials
6.-Chaise Schroer
Daniel Dwight
Krish Sharma
Edgar Amaya
3:44.43Apr 29CCC Center #3
7.-Daniel Dwight
Samuel Martinez
Harroop Singh
Ishwar Singh
3:49.0hMay 9CCC Championships
8.-Pierre Roberts
Daniel Dwight
Krish Sharma
Edgar Amaya
3:51.65Apr 15CCC Center #2
9.-Edgar Amaya
Richard Turknett
Connor Bourke
Krish Sharma
3:56.14Apr 1CCC Center #1
10.-Samuel Martinez
Joshua Van Allen
Daniel Dwight
Ishwar Singh
3:57.71Apr 1CCC Center #1
11.-Samuel Martinez
Harroop Singh
Ishwar Singh
Ricky Moore
3:58.98Apr 29CCC Center #3
12.-Samuel Martinez
Joshua Van Allen
Ishwar Singh
Ricky Moore
4:00.42Apr 15CCC Center #2
13.-Mehki Anker
Justin Yniquez
Harroop Singh
Gerardo Anaya
4:07.32Apr 15CCC Center #2
14.-Mehki Anker
Vladimir Montejo
Justin Yniquez
Ricky Moore
4:08.05Apr 1CCC Center #1
15.-Gerardo Anaya
Justin Yniquez
Mehki Anker
Easton Hamilton
4:09.98Apr 29CCC Center #3
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.-Richard Turknett
Daniel Dwight
Joshua Van Allen
Keith Reid
12:25.95Mar 6Pitman Distance Wars
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Julian Barrera46' 9 PRMay 9CCC Championships
2.9Trenton Brock46' 5Apr 29CCC Center #3
3.9Vladimir Montejo45' 5Apr 25Northern California Frosh/Soph Championships
4.10Anthony Trapolino41' 5 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
5.10Anthony Carbajal41' 1 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
6.10Zach Harry40' 9 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
7.10Aiden Camire39' 8 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
8.10Adrian Marquez37' 1 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
9.9Carlos Martinez36' 10Apr 1CCC Center #1
10.9Zach Azevedo34' 7 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
11.9Rajvir Atwal33' 1Feb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
12.9Vishaant Sharma32' 10Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
13.9Sukh Narula31' 8Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
14.10Elijah McQueen31' 1 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
15.9Daniel Padilla28' 7Apr 15CCC Center #2
16.10Van Concepcion28' 0 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
17.10Joseph Lao25' 5 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
18.9Alfonso Castillo24' 2Apr 29CCC Center #3
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11David Fox44' 5Apr 29CCC Center #3
2.9Vladimir Montejo43' 4Apr 29CCC Center #3
3.11Rylan Boutelle41' 7 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
4.11Arturo Hernandez41' 5Apr 29CCC Center #3
5.10Julian Barrera40' 0Apr 29CCC Center #3
6.10Anthony Carbajal38' 5 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
7.11Cristian Cooley35' 8Apr 29CCC Center #3
8.11Sinue Cortes30' 6.5 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
9.11Diego Basulto29' 6 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Cristian Cooley147' 3May 28Sac Joaquin Section Masters Trials
2.11Arturo Hernandez140' 3May 9CCC Championships
3.10Anthony Carbajal136' 5May 9CCC Championships
4.9Sukh Narula119' 4Apr 1CCC Center #1
5.11Rylan Boutelle113' 11 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
6.10Julian Barrera112' 7 PRMay 9CCC Championships
7.10Aiden Camire107' 4Apr 29CCC Center #3
8.9Trenton Brock96' 10Apr 29CCC Center #3
9.9Vishaant Sharma96' 2Apr 29CCC Center #3
10.9Vladimir Montejo94' 6 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
11.9Zach Azevedo92' 2 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
12.11David Fox89' 1Apr 29CCC Center #3
13.9Rajvir Atwal87' 11Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
14.9Carlos Martinez85' 3Apr 29CCC Center #3
15.10Zach Harry81' 7 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
16.10Anthony Trapolino81' 0 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
17.11Diego Basulto74' 8 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
18.10Elijah McQueen72' 6Feb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
19.10Adrian Marquez66' 5 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
20.10Van Concepcion63' 11Apr 15CCC Center #2
21.9Daniel Padilla63' 0Feb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
22.10Joseph Lao61' 8Apr 15CCC Center #2
23.9Alfonso Castillo59' 11Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
Javelin - 800g
1.11Arturo Hernandez98' 10 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
2.9Carlos Martinez90' 8 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
3.10Anthony Trapolino90' 6 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
4.9Zach Azevedo76' 2 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
5.9Trenton Brock76' 0Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
6.9Sukh Narula66' 7Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
7.9Vishaant Sharma65' 11 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
8.9Rajvir Atwal64' 1Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
9.9Daniel Padilla62' 4Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
10.10Adrian Marquez55' 2 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
11.9Alfonso Castillo48' 9 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
12.11David Fox48' 1Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
High Jump
1.12Branson Garcia6' 2 PRMar 27County Clash III
2.12Avninder Dhillon5' 8 PRMar 27County Clash III
3.11David Marruffo5' 4Feb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
4.10Kamio Borja5' 2 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
5.11Jacob Sylvester5' 0 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
10Daniel Dwight5' 0Feb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
12Chaise Schroer5' 0 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
9Dawson Wisler5' 0 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
10Isaiah Marable5' 0 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
10.10Gerardo Anaya4' 10Mar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
Pole Vault
1.11Jacob Sylvester12' 8May 20Sac Joaquin Section D1 Trials
2.12Jared England11' 0Mar 6Pitman Distance Wars
3.10Isaiah Marable10' 0 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
4.9Brad Lafaver9' 6Apr 29CCC Center #3
9Justin Yniquez9' 6Apr 29CCC Center #3
6.9Dawson Wisler9' 0Apr 29CCC Center #3
7.9Matt Phillips8' 6Apr 15CCC Center #2
12Chaise Schroer8' 6 PRJan 17Pole Vault Summit
9.9Jonah Lovejoy8' 0Apr 29CCC Center #3
10.10Alex Estep7' 0 PRJan 17Pole Vault Summit
11.9John Fish6' 6 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
Long Jump
1.12Avninder Dhillon21' 4 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
2.10Isaiah Marable20' 4 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
3.10Daniel Dwight20' 2Apr 15CCC Center #2
4.11Jacob Sylvester19' 11 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
5.11Tyress Pope19' 6Apr 15CCC Center #2
6.12Branson Garcia18' 3Feb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
7.11David Marruffo17' 10 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
8.9Brad Lafaver17' 5Apr 29CCC Center #3
9.11Sinue Cortes17' 2.5 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
10.10Josh Fletcher17' 0 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
12Chaise Schroer17' 0 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
12.12Jenner Berryhill16' 9 PR (3.9)Mar 28Brenda Athletic Clubs Invitational
13.11David Fox16' 8Feb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
14.11Rylan Boutelle16' 5Apr 1CCC Center #1
15.10Kamio Borja16' 4.5 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
16.10Gerardo Anaya16' 3 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
17.9Trenton Brock16' 2 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
18.11Cristian Cooley15' 1 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
19.12Francesco Rossato14' 10.5 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
20.9Matt Phillips13' 7Feb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
Standing Long Jump
1.11Rylan Boutelle9' 6 PRJan 12January Testing
2.10Daniel Dwight8' 6Jan 12January Testing
11Krish Sharma8' 6Jan 12January Testing
11Ryan Yniquez8' 6 PRDec 15December Testing
10Josh Fletcher8' 6 PRJan 12January Testing
10Ricky Moore8' 6Dec 15December Testing
7.11David Fox8' 4 PRDec 15December Testing
11Connor Bourke8' 4 PRDec 15December Testing
9Brad Lafaver8' 4Dec 15December Testing
10Kamio Borja8' 4Jan 12January Testing
11Tyress Pope8' 4Dec 15December Testing
12.12Jenner Berryhill8' 2 PRDec 15December Testing
10Azriel Gutierrez8' 2 PRDec 15December Testing
10Anthony Carbajal8' 2 PRJan 12January Testing
15.11Martin Cepeda8' 0 PRDec 15December Testing
11David Marruffo8' 0 PRNov 1November Testing
11Jacob Sylvester8' 0Nov 1November Testing
11Edgar Amaya8' 0 PRDec 15December Testing
11Sinue Cortes8' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
11Kyle Rickey8' 0 PRDec 15December Testing
21.12Chaise Schroer7' 10Jan 12January Testing
12Jared England7' 10Dec 15December Testing
10Mehki Anker7' 10Dec 15December Testing
11Pierre Roberts7' 10Jan 12January Testing
25.10Julian Barrera7' 8 PRJan 12January Testing
12Francesco Rossato7' 8 PRDec 15December Testing
12Avninder Dhillon7' 8Jan 12January Testing
11Cristian Cooley7' 8 PRJan 12January Testing
29.9Vladimir Montejo7' 6Jan 12January Testing
10Aiden Camire7' 6Jan 12January Testing
12Ryan DelToro7' 6 PRJan 12January Testing
11Arturo Hernandez7' 6 PRJan 12January Testing
33.9Matt Phillips7' 4Jan 12January Testing
11Richard Turknett7' 4 PRDec 15December Testing
11Keith Reid7' 4Dec 15December Testing
36.10Alex Estep7' 2Jan 12January Testing
10Michael Ulloa7' 2Dec 15December Testing
9Trenton Brock7' 2Nov 1November Testing
39.10Joshua Van Allen7' 0Dec 15December Testing
11Dylan Becker7' 0Dec 15December Testing
41.12John Puffer6' 10 PRDec 15December Testing
9Samuel Martinez6' 10 PRNov 1November Testing
11Kyle Reid6' 10 PRDec 15December Testing
11Jose Chavez6' 10Nov 1November Testing
9Carlos Martinez6' 10 PRJan 12January Testing
11Karim Zeller6' 10 PRJan 12January Testing
9Dawson Wisler6' 10Nov 1November Testing
48.10Anthony Trapolino6' 8Jan 12January Testing
49.10Adrian Marquez6' 6 PRJan 12January Testing
9Anthony Heinze6' 6Dec 15December Testing
51.10Elijah McQueen6' 4Nov 1November Testing
9Daniel Padilla6' 4Jan 12January Testing
10Jacob Sroufe6' 4 PRDec 15December Testing
10Seth Emsheimer6' 4 PRDec 15December Testing
55.9Christian Bustillo6' 2Jan 12January Testing
11Diego Basulto6' 2 PRJan 12January Testing
9Alfonso Castillo6' 2Jan 12January Testing
10Zach Harry6' 2Jan 12January Testing
9Rajvir Atwal6' 2Nov 1November Testing
9Adam Christenson6' 2 PRDec 15December Testing
61.10Van Concepcion6' 0Jan 12January Testing
9John Fish6' 0 PRDec 15December Testing
9Sukh Narula6' 0Dec 15December Testing
9Guillermo Alatorre6' 0Nov 1November Testing
9Zach Azevedo6' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
66.9Vishaant Sharma5' 8Dec 15December Testing
67.10Joseph Lao5' 6Jan 12January Testing
Triple Jump
1.12Branson Garcia40' 11.25May 9CCC Championships
2.12Avninder Dhillon39' 7 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
3.10Daniel Dwight39' 2Apr 1CCC Center #1
4.11David Marruffo38' 8 PRMay 9CCC Championships
5.12Chaise Schroer36' 9Apr 1CCC Center #1
6.10Gerardo Anaya36' 4Mar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
7.12Jenner Berryhill34' 5.5 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
8.11Sinue Cortes34' 1.5 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
9.11David Fox34' 0.75Apr 15CCC Center #2
10.12Francesco Rossato33' 4.25 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
Hammer - 12lb
1.11Arturo Hernandez121' 6 PRApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
2.11Rylan Boutelle112' 1 PRApr 6Hammer Time
3.10Anthony Carbajal104' 7Apr 6Hammer Time
4.9Trenton Brock94' 1Apr 6Hammer Time
5.11David Fox88' 9 PRApr 6Hammer Time
6.10Adrian Marquez83' 3 PRApr 6Hammer Time
7.10Anthony Trapolino81' 10 PRApr 6Hammer Time
8.9Carlos Martinez68' 3Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
9.9Zach Azevedo62' 10 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
10.9Sukh Narula60' 1Apr 6Hammer Time
11.9Rajvir Atwal57' 1Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
12.9Vishaant Sharma45' 1 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
13.9Daniel Padilla41' 11Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
14.9Alfonso Castillo37' 2 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
Weight Throw - 25lb
1.11Arturo Hernandez40' 3 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
2.11Rylan Boutelle33' 0 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
3.10Anthony Trapolino32' 6 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
4.10Adrian Marquez31' 9 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
5.11David Fox30' 9Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
6.9Zach Azevedo28' 6 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
7.9Trenton Brock28' 3Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
8.9Sukh Narula23' 0Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
9.9Carlos Martinez21' 6Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
10.9Rajvir Atwal20' 3Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
11.9Vishaant Sharma18' 10 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
12.9Daniel Padilla16' 8Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
13.9Alfonso Castillo14' 9 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
Medicine Ball Throw OHB
1.11Rylan Boutelle49' 0 PRApr 6Hammer Time
2.11Arturo Hernandez48' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
3.9Vladimir Montejo46' 0 PRApr 6Hammer Time
4.11Cristian Cooley45' 0 PRApr 6Hammer Time
11Ryan Yniquez45' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
10Adrian Marquez45' 0 PRApr 6Hammer Time
7.10Aiden Camire44' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
11David Marruffo44' 0Nov 1November Testing
9.11David Fox43' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
10.9Carlos Martinez42' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
11.9Trenton Brock41' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
11Tyress Pope41' 0Jan 12January Testing
12Chaise Schroer41' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
14.10Zach Harry40' 0 PRApr 6Hammer Time
15.11Krish Sharma39' 0Nov 1November Testing
11Sinue Cortes39' 0Jan 12January Testing
17.10Anthony Trapolino38' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
12Jared England38' 0Jan 12January Testing
19.10Josh Fletcher37' 0Nov 1November Testing
12Jenner Berryhill37' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
11Kyle Reid37' 0Nov 1November Testing
22.9Vishaant Sharma36' 0Nov 1November Testing
9Daniel Padilla36' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
11Pierre Roberts36' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
25.11Richard Turknett35' 0 PRNov 1November Testing
11Kyle Rickey35' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
10Joshua Van Allen35' 0Jan 12January Testing
10Kamio Borja35' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
11Jacob Sylvester35' 0Nov 1November Testing
11Edgar Amaya35' 0Jan 12January Testing
31.9Sukh Narula34' 0Jan 12January Testing
12Francesco Rossato34' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
10Daniel Dwight34' 0Jan 12January Testing
9Samuel Martinez34' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
9Rajvir Atwal34' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
10Elijah McQueen34' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
37.10Ricky Moore33' 0Nov 1November Testing
10Van Concepcion33' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
10Mehki Anker33' 0Nov 1November Testing
10Alex Estep33' 0Nov 1November Testing
41.11Martin Cepeda32' 0 PRNov 1November Testing
42.11Connor Bourke31' 0Jan 12January Testing
43.10Joseph Lao30' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
9Dawson Wisler30' 0Jan 12January Testing
11Keith Reid30' 0Jan 12January Testing
46.11Dylan Becker29' 0Jan 12January Testing
11Diego Basulto29' 0 PRApr 6Hammer Time
48.9Alfonso Castillo28' 0 PRApr 6Hammer Time
10Michael Ulloa28' 0Jan 12January Testing
50.12Avninder Dhillon27' 0Jan 12January Testing
10Seth Emsheimer27' 0Jan 12January Testing
9Brad Lafaver27' 0Jan 12January Testing
53.9Guillermo Alatorre26' 0Jan 12January Testing
10Azriel Gutierrez26' 0Jan 12January Testing
9Christian Bustillo26' 0Jan 12January Testing
9Anthony Heinze26' 0 PRNov 1November Testing
57.11Jose Chavez24' 0Jan 12January Testing
58.9Matt Phillips23' 0Jan 12January Testing
59.10Jacob Sroufe22' 0Nov 1November Testing
60.9Adam Christenson21' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
61.12John Puffer19' 0Nov 1November Testing
62.9John Fish17' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
Throws Penthlon Score
1.11Arturo Hernandez2134 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
2.11David Fox1727Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
3.10Anthony Trapolino1672 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
4.10Adrian Marquez1591 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
5.9Trenton Brock1577Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
6.9Zach Azevedo1506 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
7.9Carlos Martinez1454Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
8.9Rajvir Atwal1427Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
9.9Sukh Narula1402Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
10.9Vishaant Sharma1274 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
11.9Daniel Padilla935Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
12.9Alfonso Castillo837 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon


60 Meter Dash
1.10Cerah Moren8.62Jan 24Berkeley AC
100 Meters
1.12Lauren Cariaso12.96Apr 29CCC Center #3
2.10Madi Todd13.14cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
3.12Scarly Tristao13.15Apr 1CCC Center #1
4.10Cerah Moren13.24 (.7)Jul 4AAU West Coast JOs
5.11Brianna Smith13.48Apr 15CCC Center #2
6.9Makenna Boutelle13.57 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
7.12Lindsey Phillips13.74cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.10Nora Shamoon13.97 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
9.9Alyssa Flores14.29 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
10.10Maya Radcliffe14.32 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
11.9Grace Willming14.34cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
12.12Sydney Holmes14.44cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
13.9Amber Allen14.49Apr 29CCC Center #3
14.9Whitney Barnes14.64c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
15.11Josilene Quintana14.88Apr 29CCC Center #3
16.10Elaiah Cervantes14.91 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
17.9Lindsay Berryhill15.04cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
18.9Amanda Gauthier15.63 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
19.9Lauren Gomez15.94c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
20.10Nikolet Gorgiz16.14c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
200 Meters
1.11Kiana Clay25.05 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
2.10Madi Todd26.73 PRMay 9CCC Championships
3.12Scarly Tristao28.21 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
4.12Andrea Meraz28.38Apr 15CCC Center #2
5.11Brianna Smith28.52Apr 15CCC Center #2
6.12Jamie Stroup28.89 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
7.10Nora Shamoon29.31 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
8.11Josilene Quintana30.58 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
9.10Maya Radcliffe30.70 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
10.12Cailie Fuentes30.90 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
11.9Karina Valle31.13 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
12.9Amber Allen31.22Apr 15CCC Center #2
13.9Amanda Gauthier31.26 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
14.9Lauren Gomez32.93 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Madi Todd26.4h PRApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
2.10Cerah Moren27.0hApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
3.11Kiana Clay27.1hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
4.9Grace Willming28.3h PRApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
5.12Jamie Stroup28.7h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
6.9Makenna Boutelle29.1h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
7.12Scarly Tristao29.3hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
8.12Lindsey Phillips29.8h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
9.12Andrea Meraz30.4hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
10.11Brianna Smith30.6hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
11.11Josilene Quintana31.2h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
12.12Sydney Holmes31.4hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
13.10Nora Shamoon31.8hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
12Allie Austin31.8h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
15.9Alyssa Flores31.9hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
16.11Kaila Lewis33.0hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
17.12Savannah Avalos33.6hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
18.10Maya Radcliffe34.1h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
19.12Bailey Pickering34.2hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
20.10Elaiah Cervantes34.7hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
21.9Julia Allen35.1hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
22.11Allison Westlund35.4h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
23.9Lauren Gomez36.1hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
11Teaira Guilford36.1hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
25.9Amber Allen36.4hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
400 Meters
1.11Kiana Clay55.11 PRMay 29Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.10Madi Todd1:01.51 PRJun 13Golden West Invitational
3.9Bianca Garcia1:04.56May 9CCC Championships
4.12Andrea Meraz1:05.18 PRMay 9CCC Championships
5.9Whitney Barnes1:05.41 PRMar 13Stanislaus County Meet
6.12Lauren Cariaso1:07.34c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
7.11Kaila Lewis1:07.64 PRMar 13Stanislaus County Meet
8.11Barbora Jurcova1:07.68 PRMay 9CCC Championships
9.10Tatiana Reinoso1:08.47 PRMay 9CCC Championships
10.10Serena Anderson1:08.74c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
11.9Dalina Holmes1:08.89 PRMay 9CCC Championships
12.9Amber Allen1:10.12 PRMay 9CCC Championships
13.9Amanda Gauthier1:10.47 PRMay 9CCC Championships
14.9Marissa Garza1:11.07 PRMay 9CCC Championships
15.10Makala Loomis1:11.50 PRMay 9CCC Championships
16.12Cailie Fuentes1:11.64c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
17.9Priscilla Bazan1:12.37 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
18.9Karina Valle1:12.54 PRMay 9CCC Championships
19.10Nikolet Gorgiz1:15.13 PRMay 9CCC Championships
20.10Dilynn Damon1:15.64Apr 15CCC Center #2
12Bailey Pickering1:15.64c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
22.11Teaira Guilford1:17.24c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
23.11Josilene Quintana1:17.41Apr 15CCC Center #2
24.11Allison Westlund1:20.72 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
25.10Elaiah Cervantes1:22.74cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
26.10Callie Pickering1:25.07Apr 1CCC Center #1
27.9Breanna Kaku1:31.34c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
28.10Andrea Gamboa1:35.24c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Kiana Clay56.1h PRMay 22Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
2.10Madi Todd58.7h PRMay 22Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
3.10Cerah Moren1:01.5hMar 13Stanislaus County Meet
4.9Grace Willming1:04.4hMay 22Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
5.9Bianca Garcia1:05.7hMay 28Sac Joaquin Section Masters Trials
6.9Whitney Barnes1:06.3h PRMar 13Stanislaus County Meet
7.10Serena Anderson1:07.4h PRMay 9CCC Championships
8.12Jamie Stroup1:07.9hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9.12Andrea Meraz1:08.4hApr 15CCC Center #2
10.9Dalina Holmes1:09.6hMay 9CCC Championships
11.10Tatiana Reinoso1:10.9h PRApr 15CCC Center #2
9Carolina Nunez1:10.9hApr 29CCC Center #3
13.11Emily Cariaso1:12.0hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
14.10Jazmin Camacho1:12.5h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
15.9Priscilla Bazan1:12.9hApr 15CCC Center #2
16.11Kaila Lewis1:14.2hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
17.9Julia Allen1:15.2h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
12Scarly Tristao1:15.2hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
19.9Mikayla Perry1:15.5hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
20.9Amanda Gauthier1:16.2hApr 29CCC Center #3
21.12Sydney Holmes1:16.6hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
22.10Dilynn Damon1:16.7hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
23.10Maya Radcliffe1:17.4h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
24.9Marissa Garza1:17.5hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
25.11Brianna Smith1:18.4hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
12Lindsey Phillips1:18.4hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
27.9Makenna Boutelle1:18.5hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
28.9Alyssa Flores1:18.7hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
29.12Bailey Pickering1:19.1hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
30.12Savannah Avalos1:19.4hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
11Julia Lind1:19.4hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
32.10Nora Shamoon1:19.6hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
33.10Carina Soria1:20.1hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
34.9Lauren Gomez1:23.7hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
35.9Amber Allen1:24.1hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
36.11Monique Aviles1:25.6h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
37.10Elaiah Cervantes1:26.1hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
38.10Callie Pickering1:26.2hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
39.11Josilene Quintana1:26.8hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
40.11Allison Westlund1:28.6hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
41.11Teaira Guilford1:29.3h PRFeb 2PHS Time Trial
42.10Andrea Gamboa1:37.5hFeb 2PHS Time Trial
800 Meters
1.11Kiana Clay2:30.81Apr 15CCC Center #2
2.9Bianca Garcia2:31.04May 20Sac Joaquin Section D1 Trials
3.10Serena Anderson2:39.16May 9CCC Championships
4.9Dalina Holmes2:40.44 PRMay 9CCC Championships
5.9Priscilla Bazan2:45.06Apr 29CCC Center #3
6.11Emily Cariaso2:47.00Apr 29CCC Center #3
7.10Tatiana Reinoso2:49.06 PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
8.9Marissa Garza2:50.25 PRMay 9CCC Championships
9.9Mikayla Perry2:52.1hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
10.9Julia Allen2:52.74 PRMay 9CCC Championships
11.10Savannah Hernandez2:53.81Apr 1CCC Center #1
12.9Carolina Nunez2:54.88Mar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.9Ambar Moreno2:59.0h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
14.11Kaila Lewis2:59.4h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
15.10Carina Soria2:59.41Mar 6Pitman Distance Wars
16.11Barbora Jurcova3:02.2h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
17.10Dilynn Damon3:02.8hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
18.10Nikolet Gorgiz3:06.40 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
19.11Julia Lind3:06.72Mar 6Pitman Distance Wars
20.11Daisy Godinez3:11.41Apr 15CCC Center #2
21.9Amanda Gauthier3:15.4h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
22.10Callie Pickering3:16.49 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
23.10Maya Radcliffe3:16.9h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
24.9Karina Valle3:19.2h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
25.10Nora Shamoon3:36.1hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
26.11Josilene Quintana3:42.7hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
27.11Allison Westlund3:46.3hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
28.10Andrea Gamboa3:46.6h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
29.10Elaiah Cervantes3:47.0hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Kiana Clay2:29.3h PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Serena Anderson4:28.9h PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
1600 Meters
1.9Priscilla Bazan5:49.31May 9CCC Championships
2.9Bianca Garcia5:54.56 PRMar 13Stanislaus County Meet
3.9Mikayla Perry6:00.75May 9CCC Championships
4.10Serena Anderson6:02.63Mar 27County Clash III
5.10Savannah Hernandez6:10.35 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
6.9Julia Allen6:23.02 PRMay 9CCC Championships
7.9Dalina Holmes6:24.11Mar 6Pitman Distance Wars
8.9Carolina Nunez6:28.84May 9CCC Championships
9.11Emily Cariaso6:32.3hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
10.10Carina Soria6:37.5hFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
11.9Ambar Moreno6:48.4h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
12.10Dilynn Damon6:49.4h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
13.11Julia Lind6:50.04Mar 6Pitman Distance Wars
14.9Marissa Garza6:51.76Apr 29CCC Center #3
15.10Tatiana Reinoso6:54.24Mar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
16.11Daisy Godinez7:19.63Apr 15CCC Center #2
17.9Karina Valle7:25.0h PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
18.10Nikolet Gorgiz7:27.82 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
19.10Callie Pickering7:31.49 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
20.10Andrea Gamboa8:10.98 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
21.11Monique Aviles8:13.99 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Bianca Garcia6:13.5h PRMar 6Pitman Distance Wars
3200 Meters
1.9Priscilla Bazan13:28.30 PRMar 27County Clash III
2.9Bianca Garcia13:32.48 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.9Mikayla Perry14:06.90May 9CCC Championships
4.10Serena Anderson14:07.00 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.10Savannah Hernandez14:49.92Mar 13Stanislaus County Meet
6.9Carolina Nunez15:23.16 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
7.9Marissa Garza15:34.08 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
8.9Julia Allen15:34.20 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
9.11Julia Lind15:54.70Apr 1CCC Center #1
10.11Monique Aviles18:25.34 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
55m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Cerah Moren9.34c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
2.12Sydney Holmes9.94c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
3.9Grace Willming10.14cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
4.11Kaila Lewis10.44c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
5.9Alyssa Flores10.54cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
6.9Makenna Boutelle10.64c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
7.9Lindsay Berryhill10.84cFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.12Bailey Pickering11.94c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9.9Breanna Kaku13.34c PRFeb 26Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Cerah Moren16.59 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
2.12Sydney Holmes16.65 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
3.12Savannah Avalos17.67 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
4.9Grace Willming17.78May 9CCC Championships
5.9Alyssa Flores18.69Apr 29CCC Center #3
6.11Kaila Lewis18.70Apr 1CCC Center #1
7.9Lindsay Berryhill18.94 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
8.12Bailey Pickering21.84 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
9.9Breanna Kaku25.28 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Cerah Moren49.10 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
2.9Grace Willming51.01Mar 27County Clash III
3.12Savannah Avalos55.18Mar 13Stanislaus County Meet
4.11Kaila Lewis55.31Apr 15CCC Center #2
5.9Alyssa Flores55.33May 9CCC Championships
6.9Makenna Boutelle55.88 PRMar 13Stanislaus County Meet
7.9Lindsay Berryhill57.37 PRMar 13Stanislaus County Meet
4x100 Relay
1.-Scarly Tristao
Kiana Clay
Cerah Moren
Madi Todd
48.74May 28Sac Joaquin Section Masters Trials
2.-Lauren Cariaso
Kiana Clay
Cerah Moren
Madi Todd
49.10Jun 21New Balance Nationals Outdoor
3.-Makenna Boutelle
Alyssa Flores
Maya Radcliffe
Nora Shamoon
54.77Apr 15CCC Center #2
4.-Makenna Boutelle
Grace Willming
Maya Radcliffe
Nora Shamoon
2:11.36May 9CCC Championships
4x200 Relay
1.-Makenna Boutelle
Madi Todd
Grace Willming
Cerah Moren
1:50.95Apr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
4x400 Relay
1.-Grace Willming
Kiana Clay
Madi Todd
Cerah Moren
4:01.19May 22Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
2.-Grace Willming
Madi Todd
Cerah Moren
Kiana Clay
4:12.13Apr 1CCC Center #1
3.-Grace Willming
Bianca Garcia
Madi Todd
Cerah Moren
4:14.13May 28Sac Joaquin Section Masters Trials
4.-Kiana Clay
Bianca Garcia
Madi Todd
Cerah Moren
4:16.8hMay 9CCC Championships
5.-Kiana Clay
Grace Willming
Madi Todd
Cerah Moren
4:16.82Apr 29CCC Center #3
6.-Grace Willming
Whitney Barnes
Madi Todd
Cerah Moren
4:20.80Mar 13Stanislaus County Meet
7.-Andrea Meraz
Whitney Barnes
Kiana Clay
Grace Willming
4:28.60Apr 15CCC Center #2
8.-Andrea Meraz
Priscilla Bazan
Bianca Garcia
Serena Anderson
4:36.56Apr 29CCC Center #3
9.-Grace Willming
Tatiana Reinoso
Dalina Holmes
Serena Anderson
4:41.7hMay 9CCC Championships
10.-Priscilla Bazan
Tatiana Reinoso
Dalina Holmes
Serena Anderson
4:47.39Apr 1CCC Center #1
11.-Carolina Nunez
Amanda Gauthier
Dalina Holmes
Tatiana Reinoso
4:52.85Apr 29CCC Center #3
Swedish 100-200-300-400m
1.-Cerah Moren
Lauren Cariaso
Madi Todd
Kiana Clay
2:22.29Jun 21New Balance Nationals Outdoor
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.-Serena Anderson
Cerah Moren
Kiana Clay
Bianca Garcia
14:15.56Mar 6Pitman Distance Wars
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Whitney Barnes38' 11Apr 29CCC Center #3
2.12Haley Brock34' 4 PRMay 9CCC Championships
3.10Zaidy Arreola32' 7Feb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
4.9Olivia Salafia31' 9 PRMay 9CCC Championships
5.11Victoria Lencioni31' 7 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
6.10Ashlen Bagnani26' 10 PRMay 9CCC Championships
7.10Holland Sargis26' 6.5Apr 1CCC Center #1
8.11Yessenia Ruezga26' 0Apr 29CCC Center #3
9.10Cerah Moren25' 4Apr 11USATF Meet
10.10Nikita Samra25' 3Apr 29CCC Center #3
11.12Sydney Holmes25' 0 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
12.9Alyssa Flores23' 7 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
13.11Brianna Smith22' 8 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
14.11Vicky Frey22' 0.5Apr 15CCC Center #2
15.9Breanna Kaku17' 8 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
16.9Emily Monson16' 7Apr 29CCC Center #3
17.9Rovena Banipal14' 11Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
Discus - 1kg
1.10Cerah Moren122' 0May 24Pat Young Throwers Classic
2.10Ashlen Bagnani91' 0May 9CCC Championships
3.9Olivia Salafia90' 5May 9CCC Championships
4.12Haley Brock86' 4 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
5.10Holland Sargis85' 10Apr 29CCC Center #3
6.9Whitney Barnes82' 2Apr 29CCC Center #3
7.11Victoria Lencioni80' 8Apr 29CCC Center #3
8.10Nikita Samra78' 4May 9CCC Championships
9.11Yessenia Ruezga75' 3 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
10.10Zaidy Arreola65' 11Apr 11USATF Meet
11.11Vicky Frey61' 2Mar 28Brenda Athletic Clubs Invitational
12.9Emily Monson47' 8Apr 15CCC Center #2
13.9Breanna Kaku44' 2 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
14.9Alyssa Flores44' 1 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
15.9Rovena Banipal41' 10Apr 29CCC Center #3
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Cerah Moren69' 1 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
Javelin - 500g
1.10Cerah Moren151' 5 PRJul 1World Youth Trials
Javelin - 600g
1.10Cerah Moren137' 4Jan 24Berkeley AC
2.9Olivia Salafia85' 0 PRMar 21Johnny Mathis Invitational
3.11Victoria Lencioni66' 4Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
4.12Haley Brock64' 1 PRNov 1Marin AC
5.10Ashlen Bagnani52' 8 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
6.10Zaidy Arreola51' 6 PRApr 11USATF Meet
7.11Vicky Frey47' 8 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
8.10Nikita Samra45' 7Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
9.9Breanna Kaku37' 2 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
10.10Holland Sargis29' 6Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
High Jump
1.12Jamie Stroup5' 0Mar 13Stanislaus County Meet
2.12Sydney Holmes4' 10Mar 13Stanislaus County Meet
3.9Olivia Salafia4' 6 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
4.9Lindsay Berryhill4' 5Apr 15CCC Center #2
5.10Elaiah Cervantes4' 4Mar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
12Cailie Fuentes4' 4Feb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
12Lauren Cariaso4' 4 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
11Josilene Quintana4' 4 PRMar 28Brenda Athletic Clubs Invitational
11Barbora Jurcova4' 4 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
10.9Karina Valle4' 2 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
11.9Lauren Gomez4' 0 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
12.9Breanna Kaku3' 8 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
Pole Vault
1.12Lindsey Phillips10' 10May 29Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.12Allie Austin10' 2 PRMay 22Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
3.12Sydney Holmes9' 4 PRJan 17Pole Vault Summit
4.9Lindsay Berryhill7' 0Mar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.10Makala Loomis6' 3 PRMay 9CCC Championships
Long Jump
1.12Lauren Cariaso18' 2 PR (1.5)May 29Sac Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.12Sydney Holmes16' 10.5Mar 13Stanislaus County Meet
3.12Jamie Stroup15' 3Apr 29CCC Center #3
4.10Elaiah Cervantes14' 0Mar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.12Bailey Pickering13' 11.5Apr 15CCC Center #2
6.10Cerah Moren13' 11 PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
7.10Maya Radcliffe13' 10 PRMay 9CCC Championships
8.10Nora Shamoon13' 9.75 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
9.11Allison Westlund13' 7.5 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
10.11Josilene Quintana13' 2Feb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
11.12Cailie Fuentes12' 11Feb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day One
12.9Lauren Gomez12' 9 PRMar 19Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.9Makenna Boutelle12' 5.5Apr 29CCC Center #3
14.9Amber Allen12' 5.25Apr 15CCC Center #2
15.9Amanda Gauthier10' 9.5 PRApr 29CCC Center #3
Standing Long Jump
1.12Lauren Cariaso7' 4Jan 12January Testing
2.9Whitney Barnes7' 0Jan 12January Testing
10Cerah Moren7' 0Jan 12January Testing
12Sydney Holmes7' 0Nov 1November Testing
5.12Jamie Stroup6' 10Jan 12January Testing
6.11Kaila Lewis6' 8Nov 1November Testing
12Bailey Pickering6' 8Nov 1November Testing
9Olivia Salafia6' 8 PRJan 12January Testing
12Scarly Tristao6' 8 PRDec 15December Testing
11Kiana Clay6' 8 PRNov 1November Testing
11.12Savannah Avalos6' 6 PRDec 15December Testing
12.10Madi Todd6' 4 PRDec 15December Testing
12Lindsey Phillips6' 4Nov 1November Testing
10Elaiah Cervantes6' 4Nov 1November Testing
15.9Makenna Boutelle6' 0Dec 15December Testing
10Serena Anderson6' 0Dec 15December Testing
12Haley Brock6' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
9Lindsay Berryhill6' 0Dec 15December Testing
11Josilene Quintana6' 0 PRNov 1November Testing
12Allie Austin6' 0Nov 1November Testing
21.10Holland Sargis5' 10Jan 12January Testing
11Andrea Pristas5' 10Dec 15December Testing
9Grace Willming5' 10Dec 15December Testing
10Carina Soria5' 10 PRDec 15December Testing
12Cailie Fuentes5' 10Jan 12January Testing
26.12Andrea Meraz5' 8Nov 1November Testing
9Bianca Garcia5' 8Jan 12January Testing
10Jazmin Camacho5' 8 PRJan 12January Testing
9Priscilla Bazan5' 8Dec 15December Testing
10Nora Shamoon5' 8 PRJan 12January Testing
11Allison Westlund5' 8Dec 15December Testing
32.11Victoria Lencioni5' 6Jan 12January Testing
11Brianna Smith5' 6Jan 12January Testing
10Maya Radcliffe5' 6 PRDec 15December Testing
11Vicky Frey5' 6 PRJan 12January Testing
10Nikita Samra5' 6 PRJan 12January Testing
37.10Tatiana Reinoso5' 4Jan 12January Testing
10Dilynn Damon5' 4 PRDec 15December Testing
9Alyssa Flores5' 4Nov 1November Testing
9Marissa Garza5' 4 PRDec 15December Testing
41.9Rovena Banipal5' 2 PRJan 12January Testing
10Callie Pickering5' 2 PRNov 1November Testing
11Emily Cariaso5' 2 PRJan 12January Testing
44.11Daisy Godinez5' 0 PRDec 15December Testing
10Zaidy Arreola5' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
46.9Dalina Holmes4' 10Nov 1November Testing
9Mikayla Perry4' 10Jan 12January Testing
9Carolina Nunez4' 10Dec 15December Testing
49.10Andrea Gamboa4' 2 PRDec 15December Testing
50.11Monique Aviles4' 0 PRDec 15December Testing
51.9Emily Monson3' 6Jan 12January Testing
Triple Jump
1.12Lauren Cariaso37' 6 PR (1.9)May 20Sac Joaquin Section D1 Trials
2.12Sydney Holmes36' 6 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
3.12Jamie Stroup31' 11 PR (3.6)May 20Sac Joaquin Section D1 Trials
4.10Elaiah Cervantes31' 7.5 PRMay 9CCC Championships
5.12Bailey Pickering30' 9Apr 15CCC Center #2
6.12Cailie Fuentes29' 4.5Apr 15CCC Center #2
7.9Lauren Gomez28' 11.25 PRMay 9CCC Championships
8.11Allison Westlund28' 9 PRApr 15CCC Center #2
9.11Barbora Jurcova28' 7.25 PRMay 9CCC Championships
10.9Lindsay Berryhill28' 6Apr 15CCC Center #2
11.11Josilene Quintana27' 8.25 PRApr 1CCC Center #1
12.9Makenna Boutelle27' 8Apr 1CCC Center #1
Hammer - 4kg
1.10Cerah Moren116' 4 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
2.12Haley Brock90' 4Apr 6Hammer Time
3.10Zaidy Arreola82' 5Apr 6Hammer Time
4.11Victoria Lencioni79' 4 PRJul 10USATF Hammer
5.10Holland Sargis72' 3Jul 10USATF Hammer
6.9Olivia Salafia62' 6 PRApr 6Hammer Time
7.10Nikita Samra57' 5Jul 18California State Hammer Champs
8.9Breanna Kaku56' 8 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
9.11Yessenia Ruezga56' 7Apr 6Hammer Time
10.10Ashlen Bagnani51' 4 PRApr 6Hammer Time
11.11Vicky Frey43' 10 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
Weight Throw - 20lb
1.10Cerah Moren35' 1 PRFeb 16California Indoor State Meet
2.12Haley Brock31' 3 PRFeb 16California Indoor State Meet
3.10Zaidy Arreola28' 11Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
4.11Victoria Lencioni24' 1Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
5.9Olivia Salafia21' 6 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
9Breanna Kaku21' 6 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
7.10Ashlen Bagnani17' 4 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
8.10Holland Sargis17' 3Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
9.10Nikita Samra14' 10Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
10.11Vicky Frey14' 5Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
11.9Alyssa Flores12' 0 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
12.9Rovena Banipal11' 10 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
Medicine Ball Throw OHB
1.12Sydney Holmes42' 0 PRNov 1November Testing
2.10Cerah Moren39' 0 PRNov 1November Testing
9Whitney Barnes39' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
4.12Haley Brock38' 0Nov 1November Testing
5.11Victoria Lencioni35' 0 PRNov 1November Testing
6.9Olivia Salafia32' 0 PRApr 6Hammer Time
12Scarly Tristao32' 0Nov 1November Testing
11Brianna Smith32' 0Jan 12January Testing
9.12Andrea Meraz31' 0 PRNov 1November Testing
10Madi Todd31' 0Jan 12January Testing
12Allie Austin31' 0Nov 1November Testing
10Nora Shamoon31' 0Jan 12January Testing
10Holland Sargis31' 0Jan 12January Testing
12Bailey Pickering31' 0Nov 1November Testing
15.10Zaidy Arreola30' 0Nov 1November Testing
10Nikita Samra30' 0Jan 12January Testing
12Jamie Stroup30' 0Nov 1November Testing
12Lauren Cariaso30' 0Jan 12January Testing
19.11Vicky Frey29' 0Jan 12January Testing
11Josilene Quintana29' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
11Daisy Godinez29' 0Nov 1November Testing
11Kiana Clay29' 0Nov 1November Testing
23.12Savannah Avalos28' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
11Yessenia Ruezga28' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
10Elaiah Cervantes28' 0Jan 12January Testing
10Serena Anderson28' 0 PRNov 1November Testing
27.10Maya Radcliffe27' 0 PRNov 1November Testing
9Bianca Garcia27' 0Jan 12January Testing
12Cailie Fuentes27' 0Jan 12January Testing
30.9Grace Willming26' 0Jan 12January Testing
12Lindsey Phillips26' 0Nov 1November Testing
32.11Kaila Lewis25' 0Nov 1November Testing
9Rovena Banipal25' 0 PRApr 6Hammer Time
10Callie Pickering25' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
35.10Tatiana Reinoso24' 0Jan 12January Testing
10Jazmin Camacho24' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
11Allison Westlund24' 0Jan 12January Testing
38.9Lindsay Berryhill22' 0Jan 12January Testing
9Makenna Boutelle22' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
40.10Carina Soria21' 0Nov 1November Testing
41.9Alyssa Flores20' 0Nov 1November Testing
11Andrea Pristas20' 0Nov 1November Testing
11Emily Cariaso20' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
44.10Dilynn Damon19' 0Jan 12January Testing
45.9Priscilla Bazan18' 0Jan 12January Testing
10Andrea Gamboa18' 0 PRNov 1November Testing
47.9Mikayla Perry16' 0Jan 12January Testing
9Emily Monson16' 0Apr 6Hammer Time
49.9Carolina Nunez14' 0Nov 1November Testing
50.9Dalina Holmes13' 0Jan 12January Testing
51.9Marissa Garza11' 0Nov 1November Testing
52.11Monique Aviles10' 0 PRJan 12January Testing
Throws Penthlon Score
1.10Cerah Moren2486Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
2.12Haley Brock1851 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
3.11Victoria Lencioni1737 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
4.10Zaidy Arreola1643Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
5.9Olivia Salafia1473 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
6.10Nikita Samra1102Feb 12Throws Pentathlon
7.11Vicky Frey1034 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
8.9Breanna Kaku1033 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
9.10Ashlen Bagnani1030 PRFeb 12Throws Pentathlon
10.10Holland Sargis1020Feb 12Throws Pentathlon

*Recent improvement