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40 Yard Dash
1.11Isaiah Marable4.62Mar 1March Testing
2.11Ricky Moore4.74 PRMar 1March Testing
3.12Givargis Tamarzian4.77 PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
12Connor Bourke4.77 PRDec 14December Testing
5.12Krish Sharma4.79 PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
6.9Guillermo Francis4.80 PRDec 14December Testing
7.10Brad Lafaver4.82Feb 1Conditioning Test
8.10David Herrera4.85 PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
9.11Daniel Dwight4.86 PRDec 14December Testing
10.12Jacob Sylvester4.87 PRDec 14December Testing
11.10Ishwar Singh4.88Feb 1Conditioning Test
12.11Mehki Anker4.96Dec 14December Testing
13.11Harroop Singh4.97 PRDec 14December Testing
14.9Andrew Wang4.98 PRDec 14December Testing
15.9Quincey Williams5.04Feb 1Conditioning Test
10Colton Farro5.04Dec 14December Testing
9Tony Reynoso5.04Dec 14December Testing
9Colby Vierra5.04Dec 14December Testing
19.12Keith Reid5.08 PRDec 14December Testing
20.10Matt Phillips5.09Dec 14December Testing
21.9Nathaniel Borrelli5.11 PRJan 5January Testing
22.12Benny Salas5.14 PRDec 14December Testing
23.11Nathaniel Coutinho5.15 PRDec 14December Testing
24.12Belson Aghasi5.18 PRDec 14December Testing
25.10Willie Burke5.22Feb 1Conditioning Test
26.9Matthieu Robinson5.23 PRDec 14December Testing
27.9Zack Bucheli5.25 PRDec 14December Testing
9Donavyn Faria5.25Dec 14December Testing
29.9Ismael Nunez5.26 PRDec 14December Testing
30.12Richard Turknett5.31 PRJan 5January Testing
31.10Dawson Wisler5.36 PRDec 14December Testing
32.10Calvin Baker5.38 PRMar 1March Testing
33.9Josh King5.40Feb 1Conditioning Test
34.10Terris Barnes5.41 PRDec 14December Testing
35.9Ethen Collins5.42 PRDec 14December Testing
36.10Guillermo Alatorre5.44Dec 14December Testing
37.10Justin Sayers5.45Mar 1March Testing
38.12Kyle Reid5.46 PRDec 14December Testing
39.12Amador Costa5.48 PRDec 14December Testing
40.11Alex Estep5.54Mar 1March Testing
41.10Anthony Heinze5.56 PRMar 1March Testing
42.12German Gomez5.57 PRDec 14December Testing
43.10Easton Hamilton5.68Dec 14December Testing
44.9Jonah Lascano5.71Dec 14December Testing
45.9Marcus Helwick5.77 PRDec 14December Testing
46.10Jackson Riley5.86 PRDec 14December Testing
47.9Daniel Garcia5.89Feb 1Conditioning Test
48.9Kristian Robles5.92 PRDec 14December Testing
49.10Christian Bustillo6.03Dec 14December Testing
50.10Jonah Lovejoy6.18Mar 1March Testing
100 Meters
1.11Devan Bass11.55 PR (.0)May 7CCC Championships
2.12Tyress Pope11.58 PR (3.1)Apr 13CCC Center #2
3.10Ishwar Singh11.71 (.0)May 7CCC Championships
4.9Guillermo Francis11.73 (1.7)Mar 23CCC Center #1
5.12Givargis Tamarzian11.82 PR (3.0)Mar 23CCC Center #1
6.11Mehki Anker11.90 PR (3.1)Apr 13CCC Center #2
7.10Brad Lafaver11.94c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.10David Herrera12.04c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9.9Colby Vierra12.11 (1.6)Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
10.9Tony Reynoso12.12 PR (1.0)Apr 13CCC Center #2
11.12Krish Sharma12.19 PR (.7)Mar 23CCC Center #1
12.10Colton Farro12.23 (.0)May 7CCC Championships
13.9Quincey Williams12.28 (2.3)Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
14.11Jacob Perez12.38 PR (-.8)Apr 27CCC Center #3
15.11Kamio Borja12.44 PR (.0)Mar 23CCC Center #1
11Daniel Dwight12.44c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
17.10Willie Burke12.52 PR (2.3)Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
18.9Donavyn Faria12.74c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
19.10Calvin Baker13.03 PR (.2)Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
20.12Belson Aghasi13.04c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
21.9Andrew Wang13.24c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
22.10Justin Yniquez13.54 PR (.3)Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
23.10Jonah Lovejoy13.69 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
200 Meters
1.11Isaiah Marable22.38 (.2)Jun 24USATF Meet (Top 5)
2.9Guillermo Francis23.79 (.7)Apr 27CCC Center #3
3.12Edgar Amaya23.81 PR (1.0)Apr 27CCC Center #3
4.12Krish Sharma24.08 PR (1.6)Apr 16Oregon Relays
5.10Ishwar Singh24.12 (1.8)Apr 13CCC Center #2
6.9Quincey Williams24.33 (1.1)May 7CCC Championships
7.11Devan Bass24.36 PR (.0)May 7CCC Championships
8.9Tony Reynoso24.70 PR (.1)May 7CCC Championships
9.11Marcus McBay24.77 (2.1)Apr 13CCC Center #2
10.11Mehki Anker24.96 PR (1.2)Apr 27CCC Center #3
11.12Givargis Tamarzian25.01 PR (2.1)Apr 13CCC Center #2
12.11Ricky Moore25.06 PR (.2)Mar 23CCC Center #1
13.9Colby Vierra25.07 (2.7)Apr 27CCC Center #3
14.11Harroop Singh25.10 PR (2.0)Mar 23CCC Center #1
15.11Austin Bird25.36 PR (1.4)Apr 27CCC Center #3
16.11Jacob Perez26.49 PR (1.4)Apr 27CCC Center #3
17.9Donavyn Faria26.65 PR (2.9)Apr 13CCC Center #2
18.9Nathaniel Borrelli26.75 PR (.3)Apr 27CCC Center #3
19.10Anthony Heinze27.89 PR (1.6)Mar 23CCC Center #1
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Guillermo Francis23.1h PRApr 16Oregon Relays
2.11Daniel Dwight24.0h PRApr 16Oregon Relays
3.12Krish Sharma24.3h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
4.10Brad Lafaver24.4h PRApr 16Oregon Relays
5.11Mehki Anker24.8h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
9Quincey Williams24.8hApr 16Oregon Relays
7.12Tyress Pope25.0h PRDec 166th Period Final
12Edgar Amaya25.0h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
9.10Ishwar Singh25.2hFeb 1Conditioning Test
10.10David Herrera25.3h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
11.12Jacob Sylvester26.3hFeb 1Conditioning Test
12.11Ricky Moore26.4hFeb 1Conditioning Test
13.9Tony Reynoso26.5hFeb 1Conditioning Test
14.11Harroop Singh26.6h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
15.9Donavyn Faria26.8hFeb 1Conditioning Test
16.12Givargis Tamarzian26.9h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
17.12Connor Bourke27.3h PRDec 166th Period Final
18.10Colton Farro27.4hFeb 1Conditioning Test
19.12Belson Aghasi27.6h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
20.12Sinue Cortes27.7hFeb 1Conditioning Test
21.9Nathaniel Borrelli28.3hFeb 1Conditioning Test
22.9Zack Bucheli28.5hDec 166th Period Final
23.9Colby Vierra28.6hFeb 1Conditioning Test
10Willie Burke28.6h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
25.12Benny Salas28.9h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
26.9Josh King29.0hFeb 1Conditioning Test
27.10Terris Barnes29.1h PRDec 166th Period Final
28.9Ethan Fracisco29.3hFeb 1Conditioning Test
11Alex Estep29.3hFeb 1Conditioning Test
9Matthieu Robinson29.3h PRDec 166th Period Final
31.10Alex Kozlov29.6h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
32.9Andrew Wang29.7hFeb 1Conditioning Test
33.9Jonah Lascano30.0hFeb 1Conditioning Test
34.12Jordan Brown30.1h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
35.10Guillermo Alatorre30.5hFeb 1Conditioning Test
9Daniel Garcia30.5hFeb 1Conditioning Test
37.9Calvin Paul30.6h PRDec 166th Period Final
38.9James Insell30.8h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
39.10Dawson Wisler31.0hDec 166th Period Final
40.10Matt Phillips32.3hDec 166th Period Final
400 Meters
1.11Isaiah Marable49.13May 27CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Meet
2.12Jose Chavez51.63 PRMay 7CCC Championships
3.12Jacob Sylvester53.54c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
4.12Krish Sharma54.08 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
5.9Quincey Williams54.40May 7CCC Championships
6.12Edgar Amaya54.50May 7CCC Championships
7.10Ishwar Singh54.74c PRApr 9Hughson Vintage Invitational
8.12Richard Turknett55.02 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
9.11Azriel Gutierrez55.83Apr 27CCC Center #3
10.9Guillermo Francis56.24cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
11.11Josh Fletcher56.65 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
12.11Harroop Singh57.00 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
13.11Ricky Moore57.06Apr 27CCC Center #3
14.9Tony Reynoso57.68 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
15.11Marcus McBay57.75Apr 13CCC Center #2
16.12Ryan Yniquez58.06Apr 27CCC Center #3
17.9Donavyn Faria58.58Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
18.9Adan Mendoza58.67 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
19.11Austin Bird59.19 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
20.12Connor Bourke59.45Apr 13CCC Center #2
21.10Justin Yniquez59.50May 7CCC Championships
22.11AJ De La Riva59.54cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
23.12Jordan Brown59.55 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
24.10Josue Garcia59.74 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
25.9Ty Thomson59.84cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
26.9Colby Vierra1:00.21 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
27.10Calvin Baker1:00.24c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
28.9Nathaniel Borrelli1:00.48Apr 27CCC Center #3
29.12Kevin Sayed1:00.54cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
30.12Belson Aghasi1:00.78 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
31.9Josh King1:00.83Apr 13CCC Center #2
32.12Benny Salas1:01.34 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
10Justin Sayers1:01.34cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
34.10Colton Farro1:01.84c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
35.12Givargis Tamarzian1:02.34c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
36.10Jonah Lovejoy1:02.66Apr 27CCC Center #3
37.11Alex Estep1:02.94c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
38.10Anthony Heinze1:03.01 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
39.9Jonah Lascano1:03.94c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
40.10Nathan Day1:04.24cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
41.10Willie Burke1:05.46 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
42.10Armon Sayadian1:06.20 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
43.10Guillermo Alatorre1:08.14c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
44.10Jackson Riley1:08.41 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
45.10Navroop Khangura1:27.62 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Isaiah Marable49.3hApr 27CCC Center #3
2.12Jose Chavez51.5hApr 13CCC Center #2
3.11Daniel Dwight51.8h PRMay 18CIF Sac-Joaquin Section D1 Trials
4.12Edgar Amaya52.4h PRApr 27CCC Center #3
5.12Krish Sharma52.8h PRApr 27CCC Center #3
6.12Richard Turknett53.7h PRMay 18CIF Sac-Joaquin Section D1 Trials
7.12Jacob Sylvester54.5h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
8.10Ishwar Singh54.7hApr 13CCC Center #2
9.9Quincey Williams55.3hMar 23CCC Center #1
10.11Harroop Singh55.5h PRApr 13CCC Center #2
11.11Devan Bass55.6h PRApr 27CCC Center #3
12.11Ricky Moore55.9h PRMar 18County Clash IV
13.11Joshua Van Allen56.1hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
14.12Tyress Pope56.8h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
15.12Keith Reid56.9h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
16.11Marcus McBay57.1hApr 27CCC Center #3
17.11Azriel Gutierrez57.2hMar 23CCC Center #1
18.11Brendan Patterson57.4h PRApr 27CCC Center #3
19.9Tony Reynoso57.8h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
20.9Colby Vierra57.9h PRApr 13CCC Center #2
12Ryan Yniquez57.9hApr 13CCC Center #2
11Austin Bird57.9h PRApr 27CCC Center #3
23.9Zack Bucheli58.0hApr 27CCC Center #3
24.9Guillermo Francis58.2hApr 13CCC Center #2
25.10Brad Lafaver59.4h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
26.11Mehki Anker59.6h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
27.9Ty Thomson59.8hApr 27CCC Center #3
10David Herrera59.8h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
29.12Givargis Tamarzian59.9h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
9Kristian Robles59.9h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
31.9Ethen Collins1:00.2h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
32.9Calvin Paul1:00.3hDec 166th Period Final
33.11Nathaniel Coutinho1:00.5h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
34.11Kamio Borja1:00.7h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
35.9Josh King1:00.8hApr 13CCC Center #2
12Connor Bourke1:00.8hMar 23CCC Center #1
37.10Colton Farro1:00.9hMar 23CCC Center #1
9Ismael Nunez1:00.9h PRApr 27CCC Center #3
39.10Justin Yniquez1:01.5hMar 23CCC Center #1
40.12Dylan Becker1:01.6h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
9Donavyn Faria1:01.6hDec 166th Period Final
10Anthony Heinze1:01.6h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
43.10Matt Phillips1:01.8hDec 166th Period Final
44.12Belson Aghasi1:01.9h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
45.9Nathaniel Borrelli1:02.0hApr 13CCC Center #2
46.10Brent Curiel1:02.1hFeb 1Conditioning Test
10Terris Barnes1:02.1h PRDec 166th Period Final
48.12Kevin Sayed1:02.3hMar 23CCC Center #1
49.12Benny Salas1:02.4h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
50.11Jacob Perez1:02.6hMar 23CCC Center #1
10Easton Hamilton1:02.6hFeb 1Conditioning Test
52.12Kyle Reid1:02.9h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
53.10Austin Allen1:03.2hDec 166th Period Final
54.9Andrew Wang1:03.3hDec 166th Period Final
55.9Jonah Lascano1:03.8hFeb 1Conditioning Test
56.11Alex Estep1:04.0hFeb 1Conditioning Test
57.12Sinue Cortes1:04.4hFeb 1Conditioning Test
58.11Hunter Park1:04.7hFeb 1Conditioning Test
59.12German Gomez1:05.0h PRDec 166th Period Final
60.11Michael Ulloa1:05.2hFeb 1Conditioning Test
61.10Jonah Lovejoy1:05.4hApr 13CCC Center #2
62.9Matthieu Robinson1:05.5h PRDec 166th Period Final
63.12Amador Costa1:05.6h PRDec 166th Period Final
64.11Seth Emsheimer1:05.9h PRDec 166th Period Final
65.9Ethan Fracisco1:06.0hFeb 1Conditioning Test
66.9Daniel Garcia1:06.6hFeb 1Conditioning Test
67.9Evan Rogers1:07.0h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
68.11Alvin Ramirez1:07.3h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
69.10Alex Kozlov1:07.6h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
70.10Nathan Day1:07.8hApr 13CCC Center #2
71.10Guillermo Alatorre1:07.9h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
72.9Geovanny Aceves1:08.0hDec 166th Period Final
73.10Willie Burke1:08.5h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
74.9James Insell1:09.0h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
75.12Jordan Brown1:09.1h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
76.10Christian Bustillo1:09.3hDec 166th Period Final
77.10Jackson Riley1:09.5hFeb 1Conditioning Test
78.11Jacob Sroufe1:10.1hFeb 1Conditioning Test
79.11Thomas Ye1:10.7hDec 166th Period Final
80.9Marcus Helwick1:10.8hFeb 1Conditioning Test
81.9Youssef Nagi1:10.9h PRDec 166th Period Final
82.10Dawson Wisler1:13.1hDec 166th Period Final
83.10Navroop Khangura1:29.8hDec 166th Period Final
84.10Edgardo Guillen1:29.9h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
800 Meters
1.12Richard Turknett2:02.81 PRMay 7CCC Championships
2.12Jose Chavez2:09.57 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
3.12Keith Reid2:09.64 PRMay 7CCC Championships
4.10Brent Curiel2:09.92May 7CCC Championships
5.11Joshua Van Allen2:14.3hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
6.11Azriel Gutierrez2:15.87 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
7.9Kristian Robles2:16.33 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
8.11Ricky Moore2:16.54 PRMay 7CCC Championships
9.10Austin Allen2:19.31Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
10.9Ethen Collins2:20.4h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
11.9Geovanny Aceves2:21.34 PRMay 7CCC Championships
12.10Ishwar Singh2:21.6h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
13.10Easton Hamilton2:22.36Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
14.12Connor Bourke2:22.5hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
15.12Kyle Reid2:22.7h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
16.12Dylan Becker2:23.2hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
17.12Ryan Yniquez2:23.82Apr 13CCC Center #2
18.9Adan Mendoza2:24.11 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
19.12Jordan Brown2:25.27 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
20.9Donavyn Faria2:25.8h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
21.11Seth Emsheimer2:27.10 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
22.9Jonah Lascano2:27.41Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
23.10Josue Garcia2:27.78 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
24.11Hunter Park2:29.09Apr 27CCC Center #3
25.12Kevin Sayed2:29.16Apr 13CCC Center #2
26.10Christian Bustillo2:29.21 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
27.11Michael Ulloa2:29.7hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
28.9Guillermo Francis2:29.81 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
29.9Daniel Garcia2:32.0hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
30.9Ismael Nunez2:32.80 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
31.9Ethan Fracisco2:32.82 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
32.12Amador Costa2:34.0h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
33.10Jonah Lovejoy2:34.1h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
34.10David Herrera2:34.9h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
35.10Justin Sayers2:36.3h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
36.10Calvin Baker2:36.5h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
37.12German Gomez2:37.7h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
38.9Ty Thomson2:38.5h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
39.9Nathaniel Borrelli2:38.8h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
40.10Anthony Heinze2:39.4h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
41.9Colby Vierra2:39.9h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
42.10Colton Farro2:40.0hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
43.9Josh King2:42.4h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
44.11Mehki Anker2:43.0hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
45.12Belson Aghasi2:43.2h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
46.10Armon Sayadian2:45.5h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
47.9Marcus Helwick2:47.0hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
48.10Jackson Riley2:47.04Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
49.11Jacob Sroufe2:52.31Apr 13CCC Center #2
50.11Thomas Ye2:52.8hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
51.11Alex Estep2:53.85Apr 27CCC Center #3
52.10Nathan Day2:57.2h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
53.10Willie Burke3:07.2h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
54.10Navroop Khangura3:32.1hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Richard Turknett2:12.6h PRApr 16Oregon Relays
2.12Keith Reid2:18.2h PRApr 9Hughson Vintage Invitational
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Joshua Van Allen3:39.2hApr 9Hughson Vintage Invitational
2.12Keith Reid3:47.0h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
1600 Meters
1.11Joshua Van Allen4:50.58Apr 27CCC Center #3
2.10Brent Curiel4:50.78May 7CCC Championships
3.10Easton Hamilton4:52.92 PRMay 7CCC Championships
4.9Kristian Robles5:00.57 PRMay 7CCC Championships
5.10Austin Allen5:02.36May 7CCC Championships
6.12Richard Turknett5:05.1hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
7.12Kyle Reid5:07.3h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.12Keith Reid5:11.1hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9.11Seth Emsheimer5:19.81 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
10.12Dylan Becker5:21.4hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
11.12Connor Bourke5:23.38 PRMay 7CCC Championships
12.9Geovanny Aceves5:29.28Mar 23CCC Center #1
13.10Christian Bustillo5:33.99 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
14.9Daniel Garcia5:34.59 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
15.9Ethen Collins5:39.2h PRDec 166th Period Final
16.12Amador Costa5:40.70 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
17.11Michael Ulloa5:41.80Apr 13CCC Center #2
18.9Ismael Nunez5:49.5h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
19.11Hunter Park5:49.79Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
20.9Ethan Fracisco5:56.79 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
21.9Marcus Helwick5:59.21Apr 27CCC Center #3
22.12Kevin Sayed5:59.90Apr 27CCC Center #3
23.11Thomas Ye5:59.95Mar 23CCC Center #1
24.12German Gomez6:00.8h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
25.10Armon Sayadian6:10.5h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
26.10Jackson Riley6:13.98Mar 23CCC Center #1
27.9Jonah Lascano6:21.0h PRDec 166th Period Final
28.11Nathaniel Coutinho6:21.3hDec 166th Period Final
29.9Youssef Nagi6:26.1h PRDec 166th Period Final
30.11Jacob Sroufe6:29.85Mar 23CCC Center #1
31.10Navroop Khangura7:43.0hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Joshua Van Allen5:03.0h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.12Kyle Reid5:30.5h PRApr 9Hughson Vintage Invitational
1 Mile
1.11Joshua Van Allen4:57.7h PRApr 9Hughson Vintage Invitational
2.9Kristian Robles5:11.5h PRApr 9Hughson Vintage Invitational
3.10Brent Curiel5:14.6h PRApr 9Hughson Vintage Invitational
4.12Kyle Reid5:32.6h PRApr 9Hughson Vintage Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Joshua Van Allen10:44.97 PRMar 18County Clash IV
2.12Kyle Reid10:52.85 PRMay 7CCC Championships
3.10Easton Hamilton10:57.08 PRMay 7CCC Championships
4.10Austin Allen11:17.67 PRMay 7CCC Championships
5.12Keith Reid11:28.16 PRMar 11Stanislaus County Meet
6.9Kristian Robles11:41.79 PRMay 7CCC Championships
7.10Brent Curiel11:53.10Apr 13CCC Center #2
8.12Dylan Becker12:04.00 PRMay 7CCC Championships
9.12Connor Bourke12:15.41 PRMay 7CCC Championships
10.11Seth Emsheimer12:21.02Apr 13CCC Center #2
11.9Marcus Helwick12:24.78May 7CCC Championships
12.12Amador Costa12:35.62 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
13.9Daniel Garcia12:52.47 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
14.11Thomas Ye13:08.07 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
15.9Ismael Nunez13:16.86 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
16.9Ethan Fracisco13:50.23 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
17.11Hunter Park13:59.57 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
65m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Daniel Dwight9.64c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
2.9Andrew Wang10.14c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
3.10David Herrera10.74c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
4.11AJ De La Riva11.34c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
5.11Alex Estep11.84c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
6.10Guillermo Alatorre12.34c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
7.9Ethen Collins12.64c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.9Jonah Lascano12.84cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9.12Benny Salas13.84c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Andrew Wang17.50 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
2.10David Herrera18.23 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.9Jonah Lascano20.51 (2.0)Apr 13CCC Center #2
4.10Guillermo Alatorre21.35 PR (1.8)Mar 23CCC Center #1
5.9Evan Rogers22.32 PR (.0)Mar 23CCC Center #1
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Andrew Wang18.91Mar 11Stanislaus County Meet
2.11Alex Estep21.31 (3.6)Apr 13CCC Center #2
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10David Herrera44.30 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
2.9Andrew Wang48.35 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
3.9Ethen Collins48.76 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
4.9Jonah Lascano48.84Apr 13CCC Center #2
5.9Evan Rogers51.31 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
6.10Guillermo Alatorre55.56 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Jacob Sylvester41.51 PRMay 7CCC Championships
2.10David Herrera46.96 PRMar 11Stanislaus County Meet
3.9Andrew Wang48.04 PRMar 18County Clash IV
3k Steeplechase
1.12Richard Turknett11:38.11 PRApr 16Oregon Relays
4x100 Relay
1.Ishwar Singh
Isaiah Marable
Guillermo Francis
Krish Sharma
44.02Apr 27CCC Center #3
2.Krish Sharma
Isaiah Marable
Brad Lafaver
Guillermo Francis
44.98Apr 16Oregon Relays
3.Mehki Anker
Edgar Amaya
Givargis Tamarzian
Krish Sharma
45.13Mar 18County Clash IV
4.Guillermo Francis
Quincey Williams
Tony Reynoso
David Herrera
45.43Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.Mehki Anker
Marcus McBay
Austin Bird
Brendan Patterson
45.61Apr 27CCC Center #3
6.Ishwar Singh
Quincey Williams
Tony Reynoso
Guillermo Francis
46.00Mar 23CCC Center #1
7.Colby Vierra
Quincey Williams
Tony Reynoso
Brad Lafaver
46.04May 7CCC Championships
8.Colby Vierra
Quincey Williams
Brad Lafaver
Colton Farro
46.28Apr 27CCC Center #3
9.Austin Bird
Devan Bass
Jacob Perez
Brendan Patterson
46.33Mar 23CCC Center #1
10.Givargis Tamarzian
Guillermo Francis
Brad Lafaver
Krish Sharma
46.45Mar 11Stanislaus County Meet
4x200 Relay
1.Mehki Anker
Guillermo Francis
Quincey Williams
Brad Lafaver
1:37.53Apr 16Oregon Relays
2.9Zack Bucheli
Ty Thomson
Quincey Williams
Guillermo Francis
1:40.64Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
4x400 Relay
1.Jose Chavez
Edgar Amaya
Daniel Dwight
Isaiah Marable
3:27.36Apr 27CCC Center #3
2.Jose Chavez
Edgar Amaya
Krish Sharma
Isaiah Marable
3:28.47May 7CCC Championships
3.Edgar Amaya
Daniel Dwight
Isaiah Marable
Jose Chavez
3:32.90Apr 13CCC Center #2
4.Richard Turknett
Daniel Dwight
Quincey Williams
Krish Sharma
3:34.53May 20CIF Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
5.Krish Sharma
Daniel Dwight
Jacob Sylvester
Edgar Amaya
3:38.29Mar 23CCC Center #1
6.Krish Sharma
Daniel Dwight
Ricky Moore
Edgar Amaya
3:38.82Mar 18County Clash IV
7.Richard Turknett
Harroop Singh
Ricky Moore
Krish Sharma
3:41.83Apr 27CCC Center #3
8.Krish Sharma
Daniel Dwight
Jose Chavez
Edgar Amaya
3:42.6hApr 9Hughson Vintage Invitational
9.Ryan Yniquez
Richard Turknett
Harroop Singh
Ricky Moore
3:47.07Apr 13CCC Center #2
10.Ishwar Singh
Guillermo Francis
Tony Reynoso
Quincey Williams
3:47.72Apr 13CCC Center #2
11.Austin Bird
Brendan Patterson
Devan Bass
Marcus McBay
3:48.67Apr 27CCC Center #3
12.Ethen Collins
Richard Turknett
Kristian Robles
Keith Reid
3:52.40Mar 23CCC Center #1
13.9Zack Bucheli
Kristian Robles
Ty Thomson
Quincey Williams
3:54.23Apr 27CCC Center #3
14.9Zack Bucheli
Colby Vierra
Tony Reynoso
Quincey Williams
3:54.80May 7CCC Championships
15.Kamio Borja
Ryan Yniquez
Givargis Tamarzian
Tyress Pope
3:56.03Mar 23CCC Center #1
16.Ricky Moore
Mehki Anker
Jonah Lascano
Harroop Singh
3:58.01Mar 23CCC Center #1
17.Austin Bird
Jacob Perez
Marcus McBay
Devan Bass
3:59.20Mar 23CCC Center #1
18.Kevin Sayed
Azriel Gutierrez
Kyle Reid
Connor Bourke
4:05.36Mar 23CCC Center #1
19.Zack Bucheli
Colton Farro
Nathaniel Borrelli
Colby Vierra
4:06.35Apr 13CCC Center #2
20.Colby Vierra
Colton Farro
Evan Rogers
Donavyn Faria
4:14.13Mar 23CCC Center #1
21.Justin Yniquez
Jonah Lovejoy
Nathan Day
Josh King
4:16.35Apr 13CCC Center #2
22.Justin Yniquez
Guillermo Alatorre
Anthony Heinze
Nathaniel Borrelli
4:16.52Mar 23CCC Center #1
23.Ryan Yniquez
Navroop Khangura
Ismael Nunez
Nathaniel Borrelli
4:39.20Apr 27CCC Center #3
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Mehki Anker
Daniel Dwight
Quincey Williams
Richard Turknett
3:58.20Apr 16Oregon Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Keith Reid
Jose Chavez
Richard Turknett
Joshua Van Allen
11:57.27Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.Joshua Van Allen
Richard Turknett
Keith Reid
Kyle Reid
12:23.6hApr 9Hughson Vintage Invitational
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Trenton Brock49' 7 PRMay 7CCC Championships
2.10Vladimir Montejo48' 0 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.10Alex Baker44' 0 PRMay 7CCC Championships
4.10Antonio Reyna41' 7 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
5.9Andrew Vang41' 0.5May 7CCC Championships
6.10Christian Valencia40' 2 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
7.10Carlos Martinez38' 9 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
8.10Sukh Narula37' 10 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
9.10Rajvir Atwal37' 3 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
10.10Brock Fusi36' 4 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
11.10Vishaant Sharma36' 0 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
12.9Trent Brown34' 10Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.10Daniel Padilla34' 7.5 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
14.9Wesley Dawes34' 7 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
15.9Quinn Camire33' 6Apr 27CCC Center #3
16.9Jaiden Lee-Brinkman32' 8Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
17.10Willie Burke32' 7 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
18.9Chris Ruezga31' 8Apr 13CCC Center #2
9Joe Gonzales31' 8 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
20.9Andres Stuart31' 6.25 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
21.9Miguel Garcia31' 5 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
22.9Brandon Garcia31' 3.5Apr 13CCC Center #2
23.9Angel Favila29' 8 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
24.10Calvin Baker29' 6 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
25.9Sean Francis29' 3 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
26.10Harman Singh28' 5 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
27.10Alfonso Castillo26' 4 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
28.9Logan Ruezga24' 1 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
29.9Justin Belloli19' 7 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Arturo Hernandez46' 8 PRMar 11Stanislaus County Meet
2.12David Fox44' 9 PRMar 18County Clash IV
11Chris Martinez44' 9 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
4.10Vladimir Montejo43' 10Mar 25Roosevelt Twilight Invitational
5.11Anthony Carbajal38' 1Mar 23CCC Center #1
6.12Cristian Cooley35' 9.5 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
7.11Aiden Camire34' 5.5Mar 23CCC Center #1
8.11Elijah McQueen32' 6 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
9.11Van Concepcion29' 4 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
10.11Joseph Lao23' 7.5 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Arturo Hernandez153' 3 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
2.12Cristian Cooley147' 4 PRApr 16Oregon Relays
3.11Anthony Carbajal142' 4May 20CIF Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
4.11Chris Martinez134' 3Apr 13CCC Center #2
5.10Sukh Narula121' 7Apr 13CCC Center #2
6.10Trenton Brock114' 2 PRApr 23Northern California Frosh/Soph Championships
7.10Vishaant Sharma109' 1 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
8.10Rajvir Atwal106' 11 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
9.12David Fox102' 3 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
10.10Alex Baker101' 11 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
11.10Carlos Martinez98' 6 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
12.10Brock Fusi98' 1Apr 27CCC Center #3
13.9Andrew Vang96' 11May 7CCC Championships
14.10Antonio Reyna95' 4Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
15.9Brandon Garcia94' 1May 7CCC Championships
16.9Miguel Garcia92' 11 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
17.9Chris Ruezga87' 9Apr 13CCC Center #2
18.9Trent Brown87' 7Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
19.10Christian Valencia86' 11 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
20.9Quinn Camire80' 4Apr 27CCC Center #3
21.10Daniel Padilla80' 1 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
22.11Van Concepcion78' 6Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
23.11Elijah McQueen74' 4Mar 23CCC Center #1
24.9Jaiden Lee-Brinkman73' 8Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
25.9Andres Stuart69' 8 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
26.9Justin Belloli68' 2 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
27.10Calvin Baker67' 11 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
28.10Alfonso Castillo66' 10 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
29.10Harman Singh66' 0 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
30.10Willie Burke64' 0 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
31.9Angel Favila63' 7 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
32.11Joseph Lao63' 3 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
33.9Joe Gonzales62' 9 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
34.9Sean Francis61' 1Mar 23CCC Center #1
35.9Logan Ruezga59' 0 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
36.9Wesley Dawes57' 8 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
Javelin - 800g
1.10Antonio Reyna98' 8Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
2.10Trenton Brock91' 7Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
3.11Chris Martinez87' 10 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
4.9Joe Gonzales69' 3 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
5.11Van Concepcion68' 4Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
6.10Daniel Padilla64' 11 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
7.10Brock Fusi64' 9 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
8.10Harman Singh63' 3 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
9.10Alex Baker61' 0Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
10.12David Fox60' 5 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
11.10Rajvir Atwal60' 1Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
12.9Wesley Dawes52' 2 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
13.10Christian Valencia48' 6 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
14.9Andres Stuart47' 11 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
15.9Chris Ruezga46' 0Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
High Jump
1.12Tyress Pope5' 6 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
9Ty Thomson5' 6Mar 18County Clash IV
11Marcus McBay5' 6 PRMay 7CCC Championships
4.9Zack Bucheli5' 4Mar 23CCC Center #1
5.11Daniel Dwight5' 2 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
9Donavyn Faria5' 2 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
9Ethen Collins5' 2 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
8.11Kamio Borja5' 0Mar 11Stanislaus County Meet
12Jacob Sylvester5' 0Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
10.10Nathan Day4' 9May 7CCC Championships
11.10Easton Hamilton4' 8 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
10Terris Barnes4' 8 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
9Tony Reynoso4' 8 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
10Justin Sayers4' 8 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
12Richard Turknett4' 8 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
Pole Vault
1.12Jacob Sylvester14' 4 PRMay 7CCC Championships
2.10Nathan Day11' 6May 7CCC Championships
3.10Brad Lafaver10' 6Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
10Colton Farro10' 6May 7CCC Championships
5.10Justin Yniquez10' 0Mar 23CCC Center #1
6.10Jonah Lovejoy8' 3 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
7.10Guillermo Alatorre7' 6 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
8.9Andrew Wang7' 3 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
Long Jump
1.11Brendan Patterson21' 0.5Apr 27CCC Center #3
2.11Daniel Dwight20' 10.5 (1.8)May 27CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Meet
3.12Tyress Pope19' 10.25 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
4.12Jacob Sylvester19' 5Apr 27CCC Center #3
5.11Marcus McBay19' 2Apr 13CCC Center #2
6.11Isaiah Marable19' 0.5Apr 9Hughson Vintage Invitational
7.10Brad Lafaver18' 4Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
8.11Mehki Anker18' 3.5 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
9.9Zack Bucheli17' 7May 7CCC Championships
10.9Ty Thomson17' 6.5Apr 13CCC Center #2
11.12Givargis Tamarzian17' 4 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
12.9Donavyn Faria16' 7Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
13.9Andrew Wang16' 6.75Apr 27CCC Center #3
14.10Colton Farro16' 6.5Apr 27CCC Center #3
15.11Jacob Perez16' 4.25 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
10Justin Sayers16' 4.25 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
17.10Nathan Day16' 1May 7CCC Championships
18.9Ethen Collins15' 10 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
19.10Willie Burke15' 2 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
20.10David Herrera15' 0 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
21.11AJ De La Riva14' 7 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
22.12Krish Sharma14' 6Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
23.11Alex Estep14' 5 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
24.9Adan Mendoza13' 10 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
25.11Azriel Gutierrez13' 3 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
26.10Christian Bustillo13' 2 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
27.12Benny Salas10' 11 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
28.10Guillermo Alatorre10' 9 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
Standing Long Jump
1.11Brendan Patterson9' 6 PRMar 28FB Testing
2.11Kamio Borja9' 0 PRJan 8FB Testing
11Daniel Dwight9' 0Dec 14December Testing
11Marcus McBay9' 0Mar 28FB Testing
5.11Devan Bass8' 10 PRMar 28FB Testing
12Krish Sharma8' 10 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
7.9Tony Reynoso8' 8Mar 28FB Testing
10Justin Sayers8' 8 PRMar 28FB Testing
9.12Jacob Sylvester8' 6Dec 14December Testing
10.9Donavyn Faria8' 4Mar 28FB Testing
12Tyress Pope8' 4Dec 14December Testing
10Brad Lafaver8' 4Jan 8FB Testing
11Ricky Moore8' 4Dec 14December Testing
12David Fox8' 4Dec 14December Testing
15.11Mehki Anker8' 2 PRJan 8FB Testing
11Jacob Perez8' 2 PRMar 28FB Testing
10Colton Farro8' 2Mar 28FB Testing
18.9Daniel Garcia8' 0Mar 28FB Testing
10Justin Yniquez8' 0 PRMar 28FB Testing
12Connor Bourke8' 0Dec 14December Testing
12Givargis Tamarzian8' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
12Edgar Amaya8' 0Nov 2November Testing
23.11Anthony Carbajal7' 11Mar 28FB Testing
24.9Quincey Williams7' 10Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
11Chris Martinez7' 10 PRJan 8FB Testing
10Vladimir Montejo7' 10 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
11Aiden Camire7' 10 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
11Alex Estep7' 10Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
12Benny Salas7' 10 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
11AJ De La Riva7' 10 PRJan 8FB Testing
31.9Ty Thomson7' 8Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
9Andrew Wang7' 8Dec 14December Testing
11Julian Barrera7' 8Jan 8FB Testing
10Matt Phillips7' 8Dec 14December Testing
10David Herrera7' 8 PRDec 14December Testing
36.10Trenton Brock7' 7 PRMar 28FB Testing
37.9Nathaniel Borrelli7' 6Mar 28FB Testing
10Willie Burke7' 6 PRFeb 8FB Testing
11Austin Bird7' 6 PRMar 28FB Testing
12David Marruffo7' 6Nov 1September Testing
12Keith Reid7' 6 PRNov 2November Testing
42.11Karmjit Bath7' 4Nov 1September Testing
10Ishwar Singh7' 4Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
10Alex Baker7' 4Mar 28FB Testing
12German Gomez7' 4 PRDec 14December Testing
10Dawson Wisler7' 4Dec 14December Testing
12Dylan Becker7' 4 PRNov 2November Testing
48.9Trent Brown7' 2 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
10Terris Barnes7' 2 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
12Arturo Hernandez7' 2Feb 19Throwers Testing
9Zack Bucheli7' 2Nov 2November Testing
11Harroop Singh7' 2 PRNov 1September Testing
11Joshua Van Allen7' 2Nov 2November Testing
9Ethen Collins7' 2 PRMar 28FB Testing
9Quinn Camire7' 2 PRMar 28FB Testing
9Colby Vierra7' 2Mar 28FB Testing
9Guillermo Francis7' 2Nov 2November Testing
58.10Alfonso Castillo7' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
10Anthony Heinze7' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
12Jose Chavez7' 0Nov 1September Testing
12Richard Turknett7' 0Dec 14December Testing
9Brandon Garcia7' 0Mar 28FB Testing
10Brock Fusi7' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
64.10Daniel Padilla6' 10 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
10Jackson Riley6' 10 PRNov 2November Testing
10Christian Bustillo6' 10Nov 2November Testing
10Guillermo Alatorre6' 10 PRMar 28FB Testing
11Nathaniel Coutinho6' 10 PRNov 2November Testing
11Anthony Trapolino6' 10 PRJan 8FB Testing
12Belson Aghasi6' 10 PRDec 14December Testing
12Kyle Reid6' 10Nov 2November Testing
72.10Harman Singh6' 8 PRNov 2November Testing
9Sean Francis6' 8 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
9Calvin Paul6' 8 PRFeb 8FB Testing
10Rajvir Atwal6' 8 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
10Sukh Narula6' 8 PRMar 28FB Testing
77.10Carlos Martinez6' 7Mar 28FB Testing
78.11Van Concepcion6' 6 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
10Vishaant Sharma6' 6 PRMar 28FB Testing
9Jaiden Lee-Brinkman6' 6Feb 19Throwers Testing
10Austin Allen6' 6Dec 14December Testing
10Brent Curiel6' 6Dec 14December Testing
12Amador Costa6' 6 PRNov 2November Testing
84.10Christian Valencia6' 4 PRFeb 8FB Testing
9Chris Ruezga6' 4Feb 19Throwers Testing
9Josh King6' 4Jan 8FB Testing
9Ismael Nunez6' 4Dec 14December Testing
9Jonah Lascano6' 4Nov 2November Testing
89.9Andrew Vang6' 2Mar 28FB Testing
11Jacob Sroufe6' 2Nov 2November Testing
10Antonio Reyna6' 2Nov 2November Testing
9Matthieu Robinson6' 2 PRDec 14December Testing
10Easton Hamilton6' 2Dec 14December Testing
94.11Seth Emsheimer6' 0Dec 14December Testing
9Logan Ruezga6' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
9Justin Belloli6' 0 PRNov 1September Testing
9Geovanny Aceves6' 0Dec 14December Testing
98.11Joseph Lao5' 10Feb 19Throwers Testing
9Youssef Nagi5' 10 PRDec 14December Testing
9Angel Favila5' 10 PRMar 28FB Testing
101.11Elijah McQueen5' 8Nov 1September Testing
9Kristian Robles5' 8 PRDec 14December Testing
9Wesley Dawes5' 8Feb 19Throwers Testing
104.11Thomas Ye5' 6Nov 1September Testing
9Marcus Helwick5' 6Dec 14December Testing
106.9Miguel Garcia5' 4 PRNov 2November Testing
107.10Navroop Khangura5' 2Dec 14December Testing
108.9Andres Stuart4' 10 PRNov 2November Testing
109.9Joe Gonzales4' 8 PRNov 2November Testing
Triple Jump
1.11Brendan Patterson42' 6.75 (1.1)May 27CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Meet
2.11Daniel Dwight40' 1.5 PRMar 11Stanislaus County Meet
3.9Ty Thomson39' 8.5Apr 27CCC Center #3
4.9Zack Bucheli35' 10.5Apr 27CCC Center #3
5.9Andrew Wang35' 6.5 PRMay 7CCC Championships
6.12Richard Turknett35' 4 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
7.10Justin Sayers34' 7Apr 27CCC Center #3
8.12Keith Reid34' 0.75 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
9.11Kamio Borja33' 1.5 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
10.9Ethen Collins32' 0.5 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
11.12Benny Salas31' 1 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
12.10Christian Bustillo30' 10 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
Hammer - 12lb
1.12Cristian Cooley129' 1 PRApr 16Oregon Relays
2.11Anthony Carbajal126' 1Jun 18Nor Cal Hammer Champs
3.12Arturo Hernandez104' 10Mar 29Hammer Time
4.11Chris Martinez96' 0Mar 29Hammer Time
5.10Trenton Brock94' 2Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
6.10Alex Baker88' 2Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
7.10Antonio Reyna82' 1Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
8.12David Fox79' 10Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
9.10Harman Singh71' 4 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
10.10Rajvir Atwal70' 11Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
11.10Christian Valencia66' 5 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
12.11Van Concepcion66' 3 PRMar 29Hammer Time
13.10Daniel Padilla63' 5 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
14.9Wesley Dawes62' 0 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
15.9Andres Stuart56' 10 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
16.9Chris Ruezga56' 4 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
17.10Brock Fusi55' 2Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
18.9Brandon Garcia45' 1Mar 29Hammer Time
19.9Joe Gonzales41' 9 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
Weight Throw - 25lb
1.10Antonio Reyna36' 5Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
2.11Chris Martinez35' 7 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
3.10Trenton Brock34' 4 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
12David Fox34' 4 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
5.10Alex Baker32' 10Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
6.10Rajvir Atwal31' 2Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
7.10Christian Valencia30' 8 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
8.10Harman Singh25' 0 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
9.9Wesley Dawes24' 5 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
10.10Brock Fusi24' 2Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
11.9Andres Stuart23' 7 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
12.10Daniel Padilla22' 6 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
13.9Joe Gonzales20' 2 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
14.9Chris Ruezga18' 6Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
15.11Van Concepcion16' 11Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
Medicine Ball Throw OHB
1.11Chris Martinez54' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
2.12Arturo Hernandez53' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
3.12David Fox50' 0 PRNov 2November Testing
4.12Sinue Cortes47' 0 PRJan 5January Testing
12David Marruffo47' 0 PRNov 1September Testing
11Aiden Camire47' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
7.10Trenton Brock46' 0Nov 2November Testing
8.10Vladimir Montejo45' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
10Antonio Reyna45' 0Nov 2November Testing
10Carlos Martinez45' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
12Givargis Tamarzian45' 0 PRNov 1September Testing
12Tyress Pope45' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
13.10Sukh Narula43' 0Jan 5January Testing
14.11Anthony Carbajal42' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
11Karmjit Bath42' 0Nov 1September Testing
12Krish Sharma42' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
17.12Jacob Sylvester41' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
11Anthony Trapolino41' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
19.10Brock Fusi40' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
10Christian Valencia40' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
12Kyle Reid40' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
22.10Rajvir Atwal39' 0Jan 5January Testing
12Edgar Amaya39' 0 PRNov 2November Testing
10Vishaant Sharma39' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
11Ricky Moore39' 0Nov 1September Testing
26.11Alex Estep38' 0Nov 2November Testing
10Alex Baker38' 0Jan 5January Testing
11Joseph Lao38' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
11Elijah McQueen38' 0Jan 5January Testing
30.9Wesley Dawes37' 0Nov 2November Testing
10Daniel Padilla37' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
11Daniel Dwight37' 0Nov 2November Testing
33.10Harman Singh36' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
11Van Concepcion36' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
10Willie Burke36' 0Dec 14December Testing
10Brad Lafaver36' 0 PRNov 2November Testing
37.9Joe Gonzales35' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
10Terris Barnes35' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
12Connor Bourke35' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
40.9Trent Brown34' 0 PRNov 2November Testing
9Andrew Vang34' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
12German Gomez34' 0 PRNov 2November Testing
9Tony Reynoso34' 0Nov 2November Testing
44.11Joshua Van Allen33' 0Dec 14December Testing
9Chris Ruezga33' 0Jan 5January Testing
12Dylan Becker33' 0 PRNov 2November Testing
12Richard Turknett33' 0Nov 2November Testing
9Matthieu Robinson33' 0 PRNov 2November Testing
10Christian Bustillo33' 0Dec 14December Testing
50.11Mehki Anker32' 0Dec 14December Testing
10Colton Farro32' 0Nov 2November Testing
10Dawson Wisler32' 0Nov 2November Testing
9Donavyn Faria32' 0Dec 14December Testing
54.10David Herrera31' 0 PRNov 2November Testing
10Matt Phillips31' 0Nov 1September Testing
9Guillermo Francis31' 0Dec 14December Testing
9Miguel Garcia31' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
12Keith Reid31' 0 PRNov 2November Testing
11Seth Emsheimer31' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
9Andres Stuart31' 0 PRJan 5January Testing
12Jose Chavez31' 0 PRNov 1September Testing
62.10Austin Allen30' 0Dec 14December Testing
10Easton Hamilton30' 0Dec 14December Testing
11Harroop Singh30' 0 PRNov 1September Testing
9Jaiden Lee-Brinkman30' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
9Andrew Wang30' 0Nov 2November Testing
67.12Amador Costa29' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
10Jackson Riley29' 0Dec 14December Testing
9Brandon Garcia29' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
9Sean Francis29' 0Dec 14December Testing
9Jonah Lascano29' 0Dec 14December Testing
9Logan Ruezga29' 0Dec 14December Testing
10Ishwar Singh29' 0Dec 14December Testing
74.9Angel Favila28' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
9Quincey Williams28' 0Nov 2November Testing
76.9Zack Bucheli27' 0Dec 14December Testing
10Alfonso Castillo27' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
10Guillermo Alatorre27' 0 PRNov 2November Testing
9Nathaniel Borrelli27' 0Nov 2November Testing
80.10Brent Curiel26' 0Nov 2November Testing
81.9Ismael Nunez25' 0Dec 14December Testing
9Calvin Paul25' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
83.9Ethen Collins24' 0Dec 14December Testing
11Jacob Sroufe24' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
9Justin Belloli24' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
86.11Nathaniel Coutinho23' 0 PRNov 1September Testing
11Thomas Ye23' 0Dec 14December Testing
88.9Colby Vierra20' 0Nov 2November Testing
89.9Kristian Robles19' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
90.10Navroop Khangura18' 0Dec 14December Testing
Throws Penthlon Score
1.11Chris Martinez2248 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
2.10Trenton Brock2193Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
3.10Antonio Reyna2069Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
4.12David Fox1954 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
5.10Alex Baker1900Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
6.10Rajvir Atwal1734Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
7.10Christian Valencia1551 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
8.10Daniel Padilla1449 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
9.10Harman Singh1341 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
10.10Brock Fusi1339Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
11.11Van Concepcion1198Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
12.9Wesley Dawes1163 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
13.9Andres Stuart1106 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
14.9Joe Gonzales1066 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
15.9Chris Ruezga1027Feb 11Throws Pentathlon


40 Yard Dash
1.12Kiana Clay5.21 PRDec 14December Testing
2.12Brianna Smith5.24 PRDec 14December Testing
3.11Cerah Moren5.33 PRMar 1March Testing
4.10Grace Willming5.47Dec 14December Testing
5.9Sherly Yaghoubi5.48 PRMar 1March Testing
6.10Makenna Boutelle5.54 PRDec 14December Testing
7.11Serena Anderson5.59 PRDec 14December Testing
8.11Nora Shamoon5.60 PRDec 14December Testing
9.9Samantha Camacho5.62 PRMar 1March Testing
10.10Lindsay Berryhill5.64Dec 14December Testing
11.10Alyssa Flores5.68 PRMar 1March Testing
12.9Cierra Verdone5.70Mar 1March Testing
13.11Elaiah Cervantes5.72 PRDec 14December Testing
14.12Andrea Pristas5.79 PRMar 1March Testing
15.9Aman Kaur5.81Mar 1March Testing
16.9Emily Vander Weide5.82 PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
9Jordan Bettencourt5.82Dec 14December Testing
18.11Dilynn Damon5.84 PRDec 14December Testing
19.9Karen Kahlon5.86 PRMar 1March Testing
20.12Kaila Lewis5.88 PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
21.10Amber Allen5.90Dec 14December Testing
22.11Taryq Mims5.91Mar 1March Testing
23.10Bianca Garcia5.92Dec 14December Testing
24.10Amanda Gauthier5.96 PRDec 14December Testing
9Elyse Bucheli5.96 PRDec 14December Testing
26.9Yaah Adwere-Boamah6.06Feb 1Conditioning Test
27.9Mariah Sanders6.07Mar 1March Testing
28.10Lauren Gomez6.10 PRDec 14December Testing
29.11Tatiana Reinoso6.13 PRDec 14December Testing
30.10Priscilla Bazan6.14Dec 14December Testing
31.10Julia Allen6.18 PRDec 14December Testing
32.10Raquel Garcia6.24 PRDec 14December Testing
33.10Dalina Holmes6.37Dec 14December Testing
34.9Grace Westbrook6.38Feb 1Conditioning Test
35.10Maria Eisho6.49Mar 1March Testing
100 Meters
1.12Kiana Clay12.67 (2.2)Apr 13CCC Center #2
2.12Brianna Smith12.73 PR (3.2)Mar 25Roosevelt Twilight Invitational
3.10Makenna Boutelle13.81Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
4.9Cierra Verdone13.83 (3.4)Jun 18AAU Meet
5.10Grace Willming14.04cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9Emily Vander Weide14.04c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
7.9Yaah Adwere-Boamah14.34 PR (.8)Mar 23CCC Center #1
8.9Aman Kaur14.41 (.8)Mar 23CCC Center #1
9.9Sherly Yaghoubi14.42 (3.6)Apr 13CCC Center #2
10.10Lindsay Berryhill14.44cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
11.11Nora Shamoon14.51 (1.2)Mar 23CCC Center #1
12.9Samantha Camacho14.54 PR (.4)May 7CCC Championships
13.11Taryq Mims14.65 (-.1)Apr 27CCC Center #3
14.10Alyssa Flores14.84cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
15.12Andrea Pristas15.01 (1.5)Mar 23CCC Center #1
16.10Amber Allen15.04cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
17.9Grace Westbrook15.14c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
18.9Elyse Bucheli15.42 PR (.4)Mar 23CCC Center #1
19.9Karen Kahlon15.44c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
20.9Noor El-Nounou15.71 PR (.8)Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
21.10Maria Eisho16.47 PR (1.9)Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
22.9Mavleen Mann16.48 PR (1.9)Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
200 Meters
1.12Kiana Clay25.36 (.0)May 20CIF Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
2.11Cerah Moren26.96 PR (1.4)Apr 27CCC Center #3
3.12Brianna Smith27.15 PR (1.4)Mar 23CCC Center #1
4.11Madi Todd28.63 (.1)May 7CCC Championships
5.9Yaah Adwere-Boamah29.48 (2.1)Mar 23CCC Center #1
6.11Nora Shamoon29.56 (.1)May 7CCC Championships
7.9Cierra Verdone29.60 PRJun 18AAU Meet
8.9Aman Kaur29.64 (.4)May 7CCC Championships
9.9Samantha Camacho30.45 PR (1.0)May 7CCC Championships
10.10Amber Allen30.51 (3.6)Apr 13CCC Center #2
11.11Taryq Mims30.82 (2.9)Apr 13CCC Center #2
12.12Andrea Pristas31.43 (1.1)Mar 23CCC Center #1
13.9Noor El-Nounou32.80 PR (1.0)May 7CCC Championships
14.9Mavleen Mann33.22 PR (2.4)Mar 23CCC Center #1
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Kiana Clay25.9h PRApr 16Oregon Relays
2.11Cerah Moren26.2h PRApr 16Oregon Relays
3.12Brianna Smith27.7h PRApr 16Oregon Relays
4.10Bianca Garcia28.4h PRApr 16Oregon Relays
5.10Grace Willming30.4hFeb 1Conditioning Test
6.9Emily Vander Weide31.1hFeb 1Conditioning Test
7.11Nora Shamoon31.5h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
8.10Makenna Boutelle31.8hDec 166th Period Final
9Yaah Adwere-Boamah31.8hFeb 1Conditioning Test
10Lindsay Berryhill31.8hFeb 1Conditioning Test
11.12Andrea Pristas32.0h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
12.12Kaila Lewis32.4h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
10Amber Allen32.4hFeb 1Conditioning Test
14.11Serena Anderson33.3hDec 166th Period Final
15.10Amanda Gauthier33.6h PRDec 166th Period Final
16.11Elaiah Cervantes34.2h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
17.9Elyse Bucheli34.6h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
18.9Jordan Bettencourt35.9hDec 166th Period Final
9Sherly Yaghoubi35.9hFeb 1Conditioning Test
20.9Grace Westbrook36.1hDec 166th Period Final
21.11Tatiana Reinoso36.2hDec 166th Period Final
22.9Yahaira Garcia36.3h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
23.9Aman Kaur36.4hFeb 1Conditioning Test
24.10Lauren Gomez36.9hDec 166th Period Final
9Mavleen Mann36.9hFeb 1Conditioning Test
26.9Noor El-Nounou37.1h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
27.10Sofia Laiton38.5h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
28.9Cassandra Martinez42.7h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
29.9Rosario Ramirez47.1hFeb 1Conditioning Test
30.11Jessica Ung49.5hFeb 1Conditioning Test
400 Meters
1.12Kiana Clay57.66May 27CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Meet
2.11Cerah Moren1:01.95 PRMar 18County Clash IV
3.9Cierra Verdone1:05.74cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
4.11Madi Todd1:05.89May 7CCC Championships
5.10Bianca Garcia1:06.29Apr 27CCC Center #3
6.11Serena Walls1:07.43 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
7.12Ray Plancarte1:07.52 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
8.10Lindsay Berryhill1:08.24c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9.10Carolina Nunez1:08.94 PRMay 7CCC Championships
10.11Serena Anderson1:10.56Mar 23CCC Center #1
11.10Dalina Holmes1:10.96Apr 27CCC Center #3
12.11Dilynn Damon1:11.59 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
13.12Kaila Lewis1:11.84cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
14.11Nora Shamoon1:11.92 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
15.10Amber Allen1:11.94cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
16.9Samantha Camacho1:12.64c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
17.11Tatiana Reinoso1:13.05Mar 23CCC Center #1
18.9Yaah Adwere-Boamah1:13.15Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
19.9Mavleen Mann1:13.85 PRMay 7CCC Championships
20.11Elaiah Cervantes1:15.84c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
21.9Aman Kaur1:15.86 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
22.9Jordan Bettencourt1:16.24c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
23.10Marissa Garza1:17.41May 7CCC Championships
9Noor El-Nounou1:17.41 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
25.9Mariah Sanders1:18.64c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
26.10Sofia Laiton1:19.14c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
27.10Maria Eisho1:19.67 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
28.11Jessica Ung1:21.99Apr 13CCC Center #2
29.9Rosario Ramirez1:24.51 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
30.9Gaby Martinez1:27.65 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Kiana Clay58.1hMay 20CIF Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
2.11Cerah Moren1:01.3h PRMay 7CCC Championships
3.10Grace Willming1:03.2h PRMay 20CIF Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
9Emily Vander Weide1:03.2h PRApr 30Sacramento Meet Of Champions
5.9Cierra Verdone1:03.6hMar 18County Clash IV
6.10Bianca Garcia1:05.7hApr 27CCC Center #3
7.11Madi Todd1:08.0hApr 13CCC Center #2
8.10Lindsay Berryhill1:08.1h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9.10Dalina Holmes1:08.9hMay 7CCC Championships
10.9Grace Westbrook1:10.0h PRMay 7CCC Championships
11.11Michelle Griffin1:10.3h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
12.10Makenna Boutelle1:10.7h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
10Carolina Nunez1:10.7h PRMay 7CCC Championships
14.11Tatiana Reinoso1:11.0hDec 166th Period Final
9Elyse Bucheli1:11.0h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
16.11Serena Anderson1:11.5hDec 166th Period Final
17.9Aman Kaur1:12.5hMay 7CCC Championships
12Brianna Smith1:12.5hDec 166th Period Final
19.10Mikayla Perry1:12.9hFeb 1Conditioning Test
20.12Kaila Lewis1:13.1hDec 166th Period Final
21.10Ambar Moreno1:13.6h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
9Karen Kahlon1:13.6h PRApr 27CCC Center #3
23.9Yaah Adwere-Boamah1:13.9hMar 23CCC Center #1
24.10Priscilla Bazan1:14.2hDec 166th Period Final
11Nora Shamoon1:14.2h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
26.9Samantha Camacho1:14.3hApr 27CCC Center #3
27.10Amanda Gauthier1:14.4h PRDec 166th Period Final
28.10Amber Allen1:14.7hDec 166th Period Final
29.11Dilynn Damon1:15.3h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
30.9Mavleen Mann1:15.4hApr 13CCC Center #2
31.10Julia Allen1:15.5hDec 166th Period Final
32.10Alyssa Flores1:16.5hMar 23CCC Center #1
33.9Mariah Sanders1:16.7h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
34.10Marissa Garza1:17.1h PRDec 166th Period Final
35.11Taryq Mims1:17.2hMar 23CCC Center #1
36.12Andrea Pristas1:18.2h PRDec 166th Period Final
37.12Emily Cariaso1:18.4hDec 166th Period Final
38.12Julia Lind1:18.9h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
39.11Carina Soria1:19.1hFeb 1Conditioning Test
40.10Jacqueline De La Torre1:19.2hApr 27CCC Center #3
41.9Sherly Yaghoubi1:19.7hFeb 1Conditioning Test
42.11Elaiah Cervantes1:20.6hDec 166th Period Final
43.9Noor El-Nounou1:21.0h PRMar 23CCC Center #1
44.9Yahaira Garcia1:21.2h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
45.9Sarah Siegel1:21.9hFeb 1Conditioning Test
46.9Jordan Bettencourt1:22.7hDec 166th Period Final
47.9Dez Magana1:23.7hDec 166th Period Final
48.10M'khayla Sandoval1:24.4hFeb 1Conditioning Test
49.9Rosario Ramirez1:24.5hApr 13CCC Center #2
50.10Raquel Garcia1:24.6hDec 166th Period Final
51.10Sofia Laiton1:25.4h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
52.12Daisy Godinez1:28.1h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
53.9Cassandra Martinez1:32.8h PRFeb 1Conditioning Test
54.10Maria Eisho1:33.0hMar 23CCC Center #1
55.10Lauren Gomez1:36.5hDec 166th Period Final
56.11Andrea Gamboa1:36.8h PRDec 166th Period Final
57.11Jessica Ung1:43.2hFeb 1Conditioning Test
800 Meters
1.10Bianca Garcia2:33.69Mar 18County Clash IV
2.10Dalina Holmes2:41.88May 7CCC Championships
3.11Cerah Moren2:41.96 PRJul 3Region 16 - Multi Event
4.10Mikayla Perry2:43.1hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
5.11Savannah Hernandez2:48.97 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
6.10Priscilla Bazan2:50.61Apr 13CCC Center #2
7.10Carolina Nunez2:52.80May 7CCC Championships
8.9Shelby Perry2:56.91 PRMay 7CCC Championships
9.9Sarah Siegel2:58.3h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
10.11Dilynn Damon2:59.3hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
11.11Serena Anderson3:00.48Apr 13CCC Center #2
12.10Julia Allen3:00.54Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.11Tatiana Reinoso3:00.91Apr 13CCC Center #2
14.12Julia Lind3:01.8h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
15.9Mavleen Mann3:02.25May 7CCC Championships
16.11Carina Soria3:06.46Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
17.9Grace Westbrook3:07.1h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
18.10Marissa Garza3:07.48Apr 27CCC Center #3
19.12Emily Cariaso3:07.7hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
20.12Brianna Smith3:08.5h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
21.10Jacqueline De La Torre3:09.53Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
22.10M'khayla Sandoval3:10.9hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
23.11Taryq Mims3:12.4h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
24.9Elyse Bucheli3:13.6h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
25.10Sofia Laiton3:14.45 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
26.9Dez Magana3:14.7hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
27.10Raquel Garcia3:15.72Apr 13CCC Center #2
28.11Jessica Ung3:17.01Apr 27CCC Center #3
29.10Maria Eisho3:18.30 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
30.9Aman Kaur3:18.5hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
31.9Mariah Sanders3:20.88 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
32.9Samantha Camacho3:24.9h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
33.9Noor El-Nounou3:25.1h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
34.9Gaby Martinez3:27.67 PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
35.9Yaah Adwere-Boamah3:30.7hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
36.11Nora Shamoon3:31.3h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
37.11Elaiah Cervantes3:39.0h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
38.9Rosario Ramirez3:43.0h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Bianca Garcia2:41.1hMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.10Dalina Holmes2:42.6h PRApr 16Oregon Relays
3.10Priscilla Bazan2:48.3h PRApr 16Oregon Relays
4.10Mikayla Perry2:48.7hApr 16Oregon Relays
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Priscilla Bazan4:30.7h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
1600 Meters
1.10Mikayla Perry5:52.34May 7CCC Championships
2.10Priscilla Bazan6:03.81Mar 11Stanislaus County Meet
3.10Dalina Holmes6:08.24 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
4.11Savannah Hernandez6:12.35Apr 13CCC Center #2
5.10M'khayla Sandoval6:15.84 PRMay 7CCC Championships
6.9Sarah Siegel6:18.96Mar 18County Clash IV
7.9Dez Magana6:21.03 PRMay 7CCC Championships
8.10Carolina Nunez6:26.77Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
9.11Carina Soria6:37.84Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
10.10Julia Allen6:38.6hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
11.12Julia Lind6:41.0h PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
12.9Shelby Perry6:47.07 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
13.11Serena Anderson6:47.79Apr 27CCC Center #3
14.11Dilynn Damon6:57.56Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
15.10Jacqueline De La Torre6:58.86Mar 23CCC Center #1
16.10Marissa Garza7:04.5hFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
17.12Emily Cariaso7:08.22Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
18.11Tatiana Reinoso7:24.58Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
19.10Raquel Garcia7:24.60Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
20.12Daisy Godinez8:24.8hDec 166th Period Final
21.11Andrea Gamboa9:39.7hDec 166th Period Final
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Mikayla Perry6:15.6h PRMar 4Pitman Distance Wars
3000 Meters
1.10Mikayla Perry12:40.55 PRApr 16Oregon Relays
2.10Priscilla Bazan12:54.40 PRApr 16Oregon Relays
3200 Meters
1.10Mikayla Perry13:19.02Mar 18County Clash IV
2.10Priscilla Bazan13:29.84Mar 11Stanislaus County Meet
3.9Sarah Siegel13:39.43Mar 18County Clash IV
4.9Dez Magana13:53.90 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
5.10M'khayla Sandoval14:03.77May 7CCC Championships
6.11Carina Soria15:09.04 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
7.10Marissa Garza15:50.90Apr 13CCC Center #2
8.10Jacqueline De La Torre16:15.47 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
9.9Shelby Perry16:16.01 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
10.10Raquel Garcia16:31.60 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
Half Marathon
1.9Sarah Siegel1:49.5hMar 20Modesto Marathon
55m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Grace Willming9.94c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
2.10Alyssa Flores10.34cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
3.12Kaila Lewis10.64cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
4.9Karen Kahlon10.74c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
5.10Makenna Boutelle10.84cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
6.9Sherly Yaghoubi10.94cFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
7.9Emily Vander Weide11.54c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
8.9Mariah Sanders11.74c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
9.9Jordan Bettencourt11.94c PRFeb 24Green/Silver/Black - Day Two
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Cerah Moren16.77 (3.6)Apr 13CCC Center #2
2.10Grace Willming17.86 (.0)May 7CCC Championships
3.10Alyssa Flores18.42 (1.5)Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
12Kaila Lewis18.42 PR (1.9)Apr 13CCC Center #2
5.9Karen Kahlon18.92 PR (1.7)Apr 13CCC Center #2
6.9Sherly Yaghoubi19.23 (.3)Apr 27CCC Center #3
7.9Jordan Bettencourt20.45 (1.2)Apr 27CCC Center #3
8.9Mariah Sanders20.86 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Cerah Moren49.34Mar 11Stanislaus County Meet
2.10Grace Willming50.17May 20CIF Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
3.12Kaila Lewis53.98 PRMar 18County Clash IV
4.10Alyssa Flores55.34Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.9Mariah Sanders58.34Mar 23CCC Center #1
6.9Sherly Yaghoubi58.45May 7CCC Championships
7.9Karen Kahlon59.69 PRMay 7CCC Championships
8.9Jordan Bettencourt1:02.36Apr 13CCC Center #2
4x100 Relay
1.Brianna Smith
Kiana Clay
Cerah Moren
Serena Walls
49.59May 20CIF Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
2.Grace Willming
Kiana Clay
Cerah Moren
Brianna Smith
49.68May 27CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Meet
3.Brianna Smith
Kiana Clay
Cerah Moren
Makenna Boutelle
49.72Apr 27CCC Center #3
4.Brianna Smith
Kiana Clay
Cerah Moren
Cierra Verdone
50.23Mar 25Roosevelt Twilight Invitational
5.Grace Willming
Emily Vander Weide
Makenna Boutelle
Cierra Verdone
52.89Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
6.Amber Allen
Makenna Boutelle
Samantha Camacho
Alyssa Flores
54.56May 7CCC Championships
7.Amber Allen
Karen Kahlon
Samantha Camacho
Makenna Boutelle
55.39Apr 13CCC Center #2
8.Amber Allen
Karen Kahlon
Samantha Camacho
Alyssa Flores
55.43Apr 27CCC Center #3
9.Vicky Frey
Olivia Salafia
Yessenia Ruezga
Holland Sargis
1:01.09Apr 27CCC Center #3
4x200 Relay
1.Brianna Smith
Bianca Garcia
Kiana Clay
Cerah Moren
1:48.38Apr 16Oregon Relays
2.Samantha Camacho
Elyse Bucheli
Bianca Garcia
Alyssa Flores
2:00.15Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
4x400 Relay
1.Grace Willming
Cerah Moren
Emily Vander Weide
Kiana Clay
4:06.97May 20CIF Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
2.Grace Willming
Cerah Moren
Kiana Clay
Emily Vander Weide
4:08.83May 7CCC Championships
3.Grace Willming
Cierra Verdone
Kiana Clay
Cerah Moren
4:11.78Mar 18County Clash IV
4.Grace Willming
Cerah Moren
Cierra Verdone
Emily Vander Weide
4:14.95May 20CIF Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
5.Grace Willming
Emily Vander Weide
Kiana Clay
Cerah Moren
4:15.54Mar 23CCC Center #1
6.Grace Willming
Cierra Verdone
Emily Vander Weide
Cerah Moren
4:18.66May 27CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Meet
7.Grace Willming
Cierra Verdone
Bianca Garcia
Emily Vander Weide
4:19.58Apr 30Sacramento Meet Of Champions
8.Grace Willming
Bianca Garcia
Madi Todd
Emily Vander Weide
4:27.40Apr 13CCC Center #2
9.Grace Willming
Dalina Holmes
Bianca Garcia
Emily Vander Weide
4:30.15Apr 27CCC Center #3
10.Aman Kaur
Grace Westbrook
Carolina Nunez
Dalina Holmes
4:43.26May 7CCC Championships
11.Kaila Lewis
Tatiana Reinoso
Serena Anderson
Bianca Garcia
4:48.05Mar 23CCC Center #1
12.Makenna Boutelle
Samantha Camacho
Yaah Adwere-Boamah
Dalina Holmes
4:49.43Mar 23CCC Center #1
13.Aman Kaur
Yaah Adwere-Boamah
Carolina Nunez
Dalina Holmes
4:51.01Apr 13CCC Center #2
14.Nora Shamoon
Michelle Griffin
Alyssa Flores
Madi Todd
4:52.57Mar 23CCC Center #1
15.Kaila Lewis
Tatiana Reinoso
Serena Anderson
Michelle Griffin
4:55.43Apr 13CCC Center #2
16.Taryq Mims
Grace Westbrook
Dilynn Damon
Elyse Bucheli
4:57.93Mar 23CCC Center #1
17.Jacqueline De La Torre
Samantha Camacho
Alyssa Flores
Karen Kahlon
5:06.57Apr 27CCC Center #3
18.Aman Kaur
Mavleen Mann
Yaah Adwere-Boamah
Carolina Nunez
5:06.61Apr 27CCC Center #3
19.9Aman Kaur
Mariah Sanders
Noor El-Nounou
Karen Kahlon
5:11.14Mar 23CCC Center #1
20.9Mavleen Mann
Rosario Ramirez
Karen Kahlon
Samantha Camacho
5:12.88Apr 13CCC Center #2
21.Mavleen Mann
Rosario Ramirez
Maria Eisho
Carolina Nunez
5:29.39Mar 23CCC Center #1
4x800 Relay
1.Priscilla Bazan
Mikayla Perry
Dalina Holmes
Bianca Garcia
11:01.39Apr 16Oregon Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Priscilla Bazan
Cerah Moren
Bianca Garcia
Mikayla Perry
14:30.88Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Whitney Barnes40' 2May 7CCC Championships
2.11Zaidy Arreola33' 8Mar 26Castro Valley Varsity Invitational
3.10Olivia Salafia31' 8May 7CCC Championships
4.12Victoria Lencioni31' 5.5Mar 23CCC Center #1
5.9Madison King30' 3.75May 29USATF Meet
6.9Delilah Vieira29' 10May 7CCC Championships
7.12Yessenia Ruezga28' 8.5 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
8.11Cerah Moren28' 7.5Jul 3Region 16 - Multi Event
9.11Holland Sargis26' 11Mar 26Castro Valley Varsity Invitational
10.9Abigail Perry25' 2Apr 13CCC Center #2
11.11Nikita Samra22' 1Mar 23CCC Center #1
12.10Sophia Guerino22' 0 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
13.10Emily Monson20' 9.5 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
14.9Khiara Lewis20' 7.5Apr 13CCC Center #2
15.10Skylair Lee-Brinkman20' 2 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
16.12Vicky Frey19' 10Apr 27CCC Center #3
17.11Ashlen Bagnani19' 9Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
18.10Rovena Banipal16' 0 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
Discus - 1kg
1.11Cerah Moren122' 10May 28Pat Young Throwers Classic
2.11Holland Sargis103' 5Apr 13CCC Center #2
3.10Olivia Salafia93' 10 PRMay 7CCC Championships
4.11Ashlen Bagnani93' 4 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
5.11Nikita Samra90' 11Apr 27CCC Center #3
6.12Victoria Lencioni89' 11 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
7.9Madison King86' 10May 29USATF Meet
8.10Whitney Barnes84' 5 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
9.11Zaidy Arreola83' 3 PRApr 27CCC Center #3
10.9Abigail Perry78' 7Apr 13CCC Center #2
11.12Yessenia Ruezga74' 6Apr 13CCC Center #2
12.9Delilah Vieira66' 4Apr 13CCC Center #2
13.9Khiara Lewis65' 5Apr 13CCC Center #2
14.10Sophia Guerino58' 11 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
15.10Emily Monson57' 4 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
16.12Vicky Frey55' 0Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
17.10Rovena Banipal43' 4 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
18.10Skylair Lee-Brinkman42' 11 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
Javelin - 600g
1.11Cerah Moren145' 6Apr 292016 Stanislaus Warrior Invitational
2.9Madison King78' 5 PRMay 29USATF Meet
3.12Victoria Lencioni75' 5 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
4.11Holland Sargis60' 10 PRJun 11USATF Meet
5.12Yessenia Ruezga55' 10 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
6.11Nikita Samra47' 3 PRJun 11USATF Meet
7.11Zaidy Arreola34' 2Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
High Jump
1.9Emily Vander Weide4' 10Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
2.9Elyse Bucheli4' 6 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
10Lindsay Berryhill4' 6Apr 27CCC Center #3
11Michelle Griffin4' 6 PRMar 18County Clash IV
5.10Olivia Salafia4' 4Mar 4Pitman Distance Wars
9Grace Westbrook4' 4Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
7.9Cierra Verdone4' 2 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
11Elaiah Cervantes4' 2Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
9.9Sherly Yaghoubi4' 0 PRApr 13CCC Center #2
10Amber Allen4' 0 PRFeb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
11.9Rosario Ramirez3' 10 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
Pole Vault
1.10Lindsay Berryhill8' 6Apr 27CCC Center #3
2.9Elyse Bucheli7' 4May 7CCC Championships
3.11Makala Loomis6' 0Jan 16Pole Vault Summit
9Jordan Bettencourt6' 0 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
Long Jump
1.9Cierra Verdone16' 10 PR (3.4)Mar 25Roosevelt Twilight Invitational
2.9Emily Vander Weide15' 3.5 PRMar 11Stanislaus County Meet
3.11Michelle Griffin15' 3May 7CCC Championships
4.10Lindsay Berryhill15' 1 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.10Makenna Boutelle14' 4.5 PRMar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
6.10Amber Allen14' 0Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
7.11Elaiah Cervantes13' 9Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
8.11Cerah Moren13' 8.75Jul 3Region 16 - Multi Event
9.11Nora Shamoon13' 8Apr 27CCC Center #3
10.9Grace Westbrook13' 4Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
11.9Jordan Bettencourt12' 11Mar 16Frosh-Soph Showcase
12.9Elyse Bucheli10' 9Feb 23Green/Silver/Black - Day One
Standing Long Jump
1.10Whitney Barnes7' 4 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
2.11Cerah Moren7' 2 PRNov 1September Testing
3.11Elaiah Cervantes6' 6Nov 2November Testing
4.10Lindsay Berryhill6' 4Dec 14December Testing
12Kaila Lewis6' 4Nov 1September Testing
12Kiana Clay6' 4Dec 14December Testing
11Madi Todd6' 4Nov 1September Testing
8.9Emily Vander Weide6' 2Dec 14December Testing
12Brianna Smith6' 2Nov 1September Testing
10Makenna Boutelle6' 2 PRDec 14December Testing
11Serena Anderson6' 2 PRDec 14December Testing
10Grace Willming6' 2Nov 2November Testing
13.10Amanda Gauthier6' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
10Bianca Garcia6' 0Nov 2November Testing
11Holland Sargis6' 0Nov 2November Testing
16.9Elyse Bucheli5' 10 PRNov 2November Testing
10Sophia Guerino5' 10 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
9Madison King5' 10 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
10Julia Allen5' 10 PRDec 14December Testing
12Yessenia Ruezga5' 10Feb 19Throwers Testing
21.9Grace Westbrook5' 8Dec 14December Testing
11Nora Shamoon5' 8Nov 2November Testing
23.12Andrea Pristas5' 6Dec 14December Testing
11Tatiana Reinoso5' 6 PRNov 2November Testing
10Amber Allen5' 6Nov 2November Testing
10Lauren Gomez5' 6 PRNov 1September Testing
9Yaah Adwere-Boamah5' 6Dec 14December Testing
28.10Priscilla Bazan5' 4Nov 2November Testing
29.10Marissa Garza5' 2Dec 14December Testing
9Jordan Bettencourt5' 2Dec 14December Testing
10Mikayla Perry5' 2Nov 2November Testing
11Dilynn Damon5' 2Dec 14December Testing
10Alyssa Flores5' 2Nov 1September Testing
12Victoria Lencioni5' 2Feb 19Throwers Testing
35.12Emily Cariaso5' 0Dec 14December Testing
11Nikita Samra5' 0Nov 2November Testing
37.11Carina Soria4' 10Nov 2November Testing
10Dalina Holmes4' 10Dec 14December Testing
39.9Sarah Siegel4' 8Dec 14December Testing
10Carolina Nunez4' 8Nov 2November Testing
10Raquel Garcia4' 8Dec 14December Testing
12Vicky Frey4' 8Feb 19Throwers Testing
11Zaidy Arreola4' 8Feb 19Throwers Testing
44.9Delilah Vieira4' 6Nov 2November Testing
12Daisy Godinez4' 6Dec 14December Testing
46.11Andrea Gamboa4' 2Dec 14December Testing
9Dez Magana4' 2Nov 2November Testing
48.10Skylair Lee-Brinkman4' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
10Rovena Banipal4' 0Nov 2November Testing
9Abigail Perry4' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
51.10M'khayla Sandoval3' 10Nov 2November Testing
52.10Emily Monson3' 8 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
Triple Jump
1.9Cierra Verdone35' 0Apr 13CCC Center #2
2.11Michelle Griffin34' 6.75 (.6)May 27CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Meet
3.9Emily Vander Weide33' 10.75 PRMay 20CIF Sac Joaquin Section D1 Finals
4.9Grace Westbrook31' 1 (1.1)Apr 23Northern California Frosh/Soph Championships
5.11Elaiah Cervantes30' 5Mar 11Stanislaus County Meet
6.9Karen Kahlon30' 2 PRMay 7CCC Championships
7.10Lindsay Berryhill30' 1.5May 7CCC Championships
8.10Amber Allen29' 2.5Apr 27CCC Center #3
9.10Makenna Boutelle29' 1 PRMar 23CCC Center #1
10.9Elyse Bucheli28' 1May 7CCC Championships
Hammer - 4kg
1.11Cerah Moren106' 11Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
2.9Madison King105' 11Jul 23California HS Hammer Champs
3.11Zaidy Arreola92' 2Jun 24USATF Meet (Top 5)
4.11Nikita Samra80' 11 PRJun 24USATF Meet (Top 5)
5.11Holland Sargis76' 8Jun 18Nor Cal Hammer Champs
6.12Yessenia Ruezga69' 4 PRMar 29Hammer Time
7.12Victoria Lencioni64' 8Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
8.10Olivia Salafia53' 2Mar 29Hammer Time
9.9Khiara Lewis48' 3Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
Weight Throw - 20lb
1.11Cerah Moren30' 9Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
2.11Zaidy Arreola27' 4Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
3.12Victoria Lencioni24' 2 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
4.12Yessenia Ruezga23' 0 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
5.9Madison King22' 9Jul 9Shaffer Park AC
6.11Nikita Samra15' 9Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
Medicine Ball Throw OHB
1.10Whitney Barnes45' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
2.11Cerah Moren39' 0Nov 1September Testing
3.11Zaidy Arreola37' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
4.12Victoria Lencioni35' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
5.11Holland Sargis34' 0Dec 14December Testing
11Madi Todd34' 0Nov 1September Testing
12Brianna Smith34' 0Nov 1September Testing
8.11Ashlen Bagnani33' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
11Nora Shamoon33' 0 PRNov 2November Testing
10.11Nikita Samra32' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
9Delilah Vieira32' 0Jan 5January Testing
12.10Grace Willming31' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
11Elaiah Cervantes31' 0 PRNov 2November Testing
12Yessenia Ruezga31' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
9Madison King31' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
12Vicky Frey31' 0Jan 5January Testing
17.12Kiana Clay30' 0Dec 14December Testing
18.10Lindsay Berryhill29' 0Dec 14December Testing
19.12Daisy Godinez28' 0Dec 14December Testing
20.11Tatiana Reinoso27' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
11Serena Anderson27' 0Nov 1September Testing
22.12Kaila Lewis26' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
23.10Amber Allen25' 0Dec 14December Testing
10Priscilla Bazan25' 0Dec 14December Testing
9Elyse Bucheli25' 0Dec 14December Testing
10Emily Monson25' 0 PRJan 5January Testing
27.9Abigail Perry24' 0Feb 19Throwers Testing
10Sophia Guerino24' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
10Amanda Gauthier24' 0 PRDec 14December Testing
30.10Julia Allen23' 0Dec 14December Testing
10Bianca Garcia23' 0Nov 2November Testing
10Rovena Banipal23' 0Jan 5January Testing
9Emily Vander Weide23' 0Dec 14December Testing
34.12Andrea Pristas22' 0Nov 1September Testing
35.10Skylair Lee-Brinkman20' 0 PRFeb 19Throwers Testing
11Carina Soria20' 0Dec 14December Testing
10Alyssa Flores20' 0Nov 1September Testing
38.10Carolina Nunez19' 0Dec 14December Testing
9Dez Magana19' 0Dec 14December Testing
10Lauren Gomez19' 0Nov 2November Testing
41.9Grace Westbrook16' 0Nov 2November Testing
10Mikayla Perry16' 0Dec 14December Testing
43.11Dilynn Damon14' 0Nov 1September Testing
10Dalina Holmes14' 0Dec 14December Testing
9Sarah Siegel14' 0Dec 14December Testing
10Makenna Boutelle14' 0Nov 2November Testing
47.11Andrea Gamboa13' 0Dec 14December Testing
48.10Raquel Garcia12' 0Dec 14December Testing
49.10Marissa Garza11' 0Dec 14December Testing
50.9Yaah Adwere-Boamah10' 0Dec 14December Testing
51.10M'khayla Sandoval8' 0Dec 14December Testing
52.9Jordan Bettencourt7' 0Dec 14December Testing
Heptathlon Score
1.11Cerah Moren3250 PRJul 3Region 16 - Multi Event
Throws Penthlon Score
1.11Cerah Moren2594 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
2.12Victoria Lencioni1698Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
3.11Zaidy Arreola1604Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
4.12Yessenia Ruezga1504 PRFeb 11Throws Pentathlon
5.9Madison King1297Feb 11Throws Pentathlon
6.11Nikita Samra1278Feb 11Throws Pentathlon

*Recent improvement