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Event Records

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50 Meter Dash
1.10Edgar Gonzalez7.50PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
2.10Eilray Davood8.21PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
3.10Lorenzo Marquez8.62PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
60 Meter Dash
1.11Michael Moore7.29PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
2.12Quincey Williams7.30PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
3.12Denzel Steckwren7.60PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
4.12Ty Thomson7.65PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
5.10Matthew Beckes7.87Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
6.12Josh King7.91PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
7.9Jordon Grischott8.16PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
8.9Daniel Munguia8.18PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
9.10Michael Cuevas8.44PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
10.9Marcus DaSilva8.84PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
100 Meters
1.12Quincey Williams10.86 (2.2)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
2.12Denzel Steckwren11.05 (2.2)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
3.11Michael Moore11.15 (2.1)Mar 30Stanford Invitational
4.12Colby Vierra11.32 (.0)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
5.10Matthew Beckes11.81 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
6.9Daniel Munguia11.85PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
7.11Edwin Mendoza11.91 (.0)PRMar 22County Clash VII
8.10Dominic Rush12.01PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
9.9Jordon Grischott12.03 (.0)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
10.11Jullien Lindo12.05 (1.4)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
11.12Josh King12.15 (.2)PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
10Jesse Luna12.15 (.0)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
13.9Francisco Rodriguez12.26 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
14.10Jonathan Rodriguez12.27 (-.2)PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
15.10Sergio Romo12.34 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
16.10Jarod Moren12.42 (.6)PRJul 510th Trophy City of Orvieto
17.10Guillermo Roque12.63 (.3)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
18.9Nathan Magallon12.64 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
19.10Javier Rios12.86 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
20.9Kai Bravo13.38 (-.3)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
21.9Marcus DaSilva13.58 (-.3)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
22.10Ki Elisaia13.60 (-.7)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
23.12Andrew Wang13.97 (.7)Apr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
24.9Emmanuel Lopez13.98 (-1.7)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
200 Meters
1.12Quincey Williams21.97 (2.8)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
2.11Michael Moore22.67 (.0)Apr 3CCAL Center #2
3.12Denzel Steckwren23.14 (2.8)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
4.12Colby Vierra23.63 (.0)PRApr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
5.11Edwin Mendoza23.96 (.0)Apr 3CCAL Center #2
6.10Jarod Moren24.07PRApr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
7.10Dominic Rush24.25PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
8.9Jordon Grischott24.76 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
9.11Alfonso Godinez24.95 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
10.9Daniel Munguia25.18 (.0)PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
11.12Josh King25.23 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
12.10Sergio Romo25.42 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
13.10Josiah Frank25.77 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
14.12Daniel Garcia25.84 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
15.11Jullien Lindo26.22 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
16.12Carson Freitas26.29 (.8)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
17.10Jesse Luna26.32 (-.4)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
18.9Marcus DaSilva26.43 (.2)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
19.9Ruben Marquez26.85 (.2)Apr 17CCAL Center #3
20.9Francisco Rodriguez27.11PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
21.9Kai Bravo27.21 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
22.10Guillermo Roque27.23 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
23.9Nathan Magallon27.56 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
24.10Michael Cuevas27.63 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
25.9Emmanuel Lopez27.95 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
300 Meters
1.12Quincey Williams36.61PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
2.12Ty Thomson36.70PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
3.10Jarod Moren40.34Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
4.11Cameron Loesche40.97PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
400 Meters
1.12Quincey Williams50.75PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
2.11Edwin Mendoza51.37Apr 3CCAL Center #2
3.11Jayson Martin51.43Apr 3CCAL Center #2
4.10Jarod Moren54.63PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
5.11Steven Harry54.67May 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
6.11Michael Moore55.59Mar 13CCAL Center #1
7.11Cameron Loesche56.87PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
8.11Alfonso Godinez57.33PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
9.12Guillermo Francis57.58Mar 8Stanislaus County Meet
10.11Isaac Harp58.24cPRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
11.9Marcus DaSilva59.56PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
12.12Carson Freitas1:00.25PRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
13.9Emmanuel Lopez1:01.89PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
14.9Ruben Marquez1:02.00PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
15.9Kai Bravo1:03.52Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
16.9Francisco Rodriguez1:06.19PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
17.11Jaden Fonoti1:06.47Apr 17CCAL Center #3
18.9Nathan Magallon1:07.00PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Jayson Martin50.3hMay 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
2.12Quincey Williams50.8hApr 17CCAL Center #3
3.11Edwin Mendoza51.2hMay 18CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters
4.11Bryce Van Allen51.8hPRMay 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
5.10Jarod Moren54.7hMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
6.11Steven Harry54.8hPRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
7.10Josiah Frank55.2hPRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
8.9Zachary Blood55.9hMay 18CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters
9.12Guillermo Francis56.4hMar 8Stanislaus County Meet
10Dominic Rush56.4hPRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
11.11Cameron Loesche56.6hApr 17CCAL Center #3
12.12Daniel Garcia56.7hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
13.11Salvador Ramirez57.1hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
14.9Christian Mendoza57.9hApr 3CCAL Center #2
15.12Donavyn Faria58.0hMar 13CCAL Center #1
16.9Ben Plaa59.3hMar 13CCAL Center #1
10Derek Barnes59.3hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
18.11Jordan Tasho1:01.2hMar 13CCAL Center #1
19.11Alfonso Godinez1:01.5hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
20.9Marcus DaSilva1:01.7hApr 3CCAL Center #2
21.12Cameron Fader1:01.8hMar 13CCAL Center #1
22.10Ethan Robinson1:02.1hMar 13CCAL Center #1
9Daniel Munguia1:02.1hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
24.9Emmanuel Lopez1:02.8hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
25.9Ruben Marquez1:02.9hApr 3CCAL Center #2
26.10Jesse Luna1:03.3hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
27.10Michael Cuevas1:03.9hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
12Nathaniel Borrelli1:03.9hMar 13CCAL Center #1
29.12Carson Freitas1:04.0hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
30.9Nathan Magallon1:04.2hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
31.9Chris Van Allen1:05.4hMar 13CCAL Center #1
32.10Jacob Moss1:05.5hApr 3CCAL Center #2
33.11Jullien Lindo1:05.9hMar 13CCAL Center #1
34.9Kai Bravo1:06.2hMar 13CCAL Center #1
35.12Tanner Blankenship1:08.1hMar 13CCAL Center #1
36.9Derek Zamarripa1:08.6hMar 13CCAL Center #1
37.9Carlos Arreola1:09.0hMar 13CCAL Center #1
38.11Jaden Fonoti1:09.4hMar 13CCAL Center #1
39.10Michael Shelton1:09.9hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
40.10Favian Gonzalez1:11.0hMar 13CCAL Center #1
41.10Dylan Snider1:13.0hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
42.9Angel Garcia1:14.8hMar 13CCAL Center #1
43.10Guillermo Roque1:15.2hMar 13CCAL Center #1
44.10Gabriel Cervantes1:17.6hMar 13CCAL Center #1
600 Meters
1.11Jayson Martin1:26.75Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
800 Meters
1.11Jayson Martin1:56.24PRMay 18CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters
2.9Zachary Blood2:07.40Apr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
3.11Bryce Van Allen2:07.84Mar 22County Clash VII
4.11Salvador Ramirez2:10.52PRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
5.11Jordan Tasho2:13.46PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
6.10Ethan Robinson2:14.32PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
7.9Ben Plaa2:15.77Apr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
8.9Damian Garcia2:16.23PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
9.11Steven Harry2:17.23Mar 13CCAL Center #1
10.10JohnPaul Fuentes2:22.02PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
11.10Abel Medina2:24.10Apr 3CCAL Center #2
12.9Efren Sanchez2:24.22PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
13.9Marcus DaSilva2:26.63PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
14.9Christian Mendoza2:29.35PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
15.9Chris Van Allen2:30.53Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
16.9Chris Young2:31.02PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
17.9Carlos Arreola2:32.68Apr 17CCAL Center #3
18.9Daniel Munguia2:36.15PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
19.10Tristan Allen2:36.24PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
20.12Carson Freitas2:36.41PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
21.9Derek Zamarripa2:38.24PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
22.9Emmanuel Lopez2:39.15PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
23.11Jason England2:41.84PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
24.10Trevor Souza2:42.03Apr 3CCAL Center #2
25.9Kai Bravo2:43.51PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
26.10Moises Aceves2:43.56Apr 3CCAL Center #2
27.10Ryan Hallera2:43.61PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
28.9Angel Garcia2:43.83PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
29.10Favian Gonzalez2:44.22Apr 17CCAL Center #3
30.9Nathan Magallon2:44.60PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
31.10Gabriel Cervantes2:46.46Apr 17CCAL Center #3
32.9Francisco Rodriguez2:49.59PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
33.9Antonio Porana2:50.81PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
34.10Reiss Andaya3:15.51PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Bryce Van Allen2:11.4hMar 30Firebird Relays
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Damian Garcia3:29.7hPRMar 30Firebird Relays
2.11Jordan Tasho3:37.5hPRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
1500 Meters
1.9Ben Plaa4:58.20PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
2.9Zachary Blood5:04.66PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
3.9Marcus DaSilva5:08.44PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
4.10Abel Medina5:25.90PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
5.10Tristan Allen5:27.65PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
1600 Meters
1.11Jayson Martin4:28.66PRMar 30Firebird Relays
2.9Damian Garcia4:39.77Apr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
3.9Zachary Blood4:48.80PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
4.9Ben Plaa4:50.79Apr 3CCAL Center #2
5.11Salvador Ramirez4:54.10PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
6.11Jordan Tasho4:56.34Apr 17CCAL Center #3
7.10Ethan Robinson4:57.17Apr 17CCAL Center #3
8.9Efren Sanchez5:01.71Apr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
9.9Chris Van Allen5:12.53Apr 3CCAL Center #2
10.10Abel Medina5:13.86PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
11.10Tristan Allen5:17.46Apr 17CCAL Center #3
12.9Chris Young5:19.23Apr 17CCAL Center #3
13.10Gabriel Cervantes5:32.54Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
14.10JohnPaul Fuentes5:33.04Apr 3CCAL Center #2
15.9Carlos Arreola5:33.28Apr 3CCAL Center #2
16.10Ryan Hallera5:39.44PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
17.10Trevor Souza5:43.33Apr 17CCAL Center #3
18.10Moises Aceves5:43.35Apr 17CCAL Center #3
19.9Antonio Porana5:43.58Apr 17CCAL Center #3
20.11Jason England5:50.00Apr 3CCAL Center #2
21.9Angel Garcia5:56.42Apr 17CCAL Center #3
22.10Hilmi Arafat5:56.53PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
23.10Favian Gonzalez5:57.28Apr 17CCAL Center #3
24.10Reiss Andaya7:16.21PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Jayson Martin4:32.4hPRMar 30Firebird Relays
3000 Meters
1.10Tristan Allen12:22.64PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
2.9Antonio Porana13:53.08PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
3200 Meters
1.9Damian Garcia10:00.36May 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
2.11Jayson Martin10:21.61PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
3.9Efren Sanchez10:37.16Apr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
4.9Ben Plaa10:49.23PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
5.11Jordan Tasho10:55.73Apr 3CCAL Center #2
6.9Zachary Blood11:06.91PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
7.10Ethan Robinson11:29.45Apr 3CCAL Center #2
8.10Tristan Allen11:31.71Apr 17CCAL Center #3
9.9Chris Van Allen11:49.64PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
10.9Chris Young11:59.78Apr 3CCAL Center #2
11.10Abel Medina12:07.64PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
12.11Jason England12:33.52Apr 3CCAL Center #2
13.9Carlos Arreola12:37.39PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
14.10JohnPaul Fuentes12:37.42Apr 17CCAL Center #3
15.10Trevor Souza12:42.31PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
16.9Antonio Porana12:44.70Apr 17CCAL Center #3
17.10Moises Aceves13:16.38PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
18.9Angel Garcia13:21.58Apr 3CCAL Center #2
19.10Gabriel Cervantes14:07.38PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
20.10Ryan Hallera14:32.28PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
60m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Donavyn Faria9.88PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
2.11Sargis Baghban10.80PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Christian Mendoza18.27May 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
2.10Ki Elisaia20.34 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
3.10Jacob Moss21.38 (.0)PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
4.9Derek Zamarripa21.90 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Cameron Fader15.21 (1.3)PRApr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
2.12Donavyn Faria16.18 (1.3)PRApr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
3.12Andrew Wang18.44 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
4.12Nathaniel Borrelli18.72 (.0)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
5.11Sargis Baghban20.27 (.1)Apr 3CCAL Center #2
6.12Jonah Lascano21.10 (.0)Apr 17CCAL Center #3
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Jarod Moren43.52PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
2.9Christian Mendoza47.39PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
3.10Jacob Moss49.48PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
4.9Derek Zamarripa50.80Mar 13CCAL Center #1
5.10Ki Elisaia53.28PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Donavyn Faria41.67Mar 22County Clash VII
2.12Cameron Fader44.36Apr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
3.10Jarod Moren46.55Mar 8Stanislaus County Meet
4.12Nathaniel Borrelli48.19Apr 17CCAL Center #3
5.11Sargis Baghban48.51Mar 13CCAL Center #1
6.12Andrew Wang53.16Mar 13CCAL Center #1
7.12Jonah Lascano53.60Apr 3CCAL Center #2
4x100 Relay
1.Michael Moore
Quincey Williams
Colby Vierra
Denzel Steckwren
42.13May 24101st CIF State T&F Champs Prelims 2019
2.Michael Moore
Quincey Williams
Colby Vierra
Denzel Steckwren
42.72Apr 3CCAL Center #2
3.Edidguin Mendoza
Quincey Williams
Colby Vierra
Denzel Steckwren
43.21Apr 17CCAL Center #3
4.Matthew Beckes
Quincey Williams
Colby Vierra
Denzel Steckwren
44.31Mar 13CCAL Center #1
5.Matthew Beckes
Jarod Moren
Sergio Romo
Jordon Grischott
45.24Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
6.Daniel Garcia
Jarod Moren
Edidguin Mendoza
Jullien Lindo
46.07Apr 3CCAL Center #2
7.Daniel Munguia
Jarod Moren
Jordon Grischott
Jesse Luna
46.10May 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
8.Steven Harry
Nathaniel Borrelli
Tanner Blankenship
Donavyn Faria
46.42Apr 17CCAL Center #3
9.Jonathan Rodriguez
Jesse Luna
Daniel Munguia
Jordon Grischott
47.07Apr 3CCAL Center #2
4x200 Relay
1.Guillermo Francis
Ty Thomson
Quincey Williams
Michael Moore
1:35.58Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
2.Jarod Moren
Steven Harry
Jayson Martin
Bryce Van Allen
1:39.40Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
3.Matthew Beckes
Josiah Frank
Jordon Grischott
Sergio Romo
1:40.14Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
4.Derek Barnes
Marcus DaSilva
Jarod Moren
Daniel Munguia
1:43.49Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
4x400 Relay
1.Edidguin Mendoza
Bryce Van Allen
Quincey Williams
Jayson Martin
3:26.31May 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
2.Jarod Moren
Edidguin Mendoza
Quincey Williams
Jayson Martin
3:31.32Apr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
3.Jarod Moren
Bryce Van Allen
Quincey Williams
Jayson Martin
3:32.99Mar 22County Clash VII
4.Edidguin Mendoza
Bryce Van Allen
Jarod Moren
Jayson Martin
3:33.58May 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
5.Edidguin Mendoza
Bryce Van Allen
Steven Harry
Quincey Williams
3:34.31Apr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
6.Donavyn Faria
Bryce Van Allen
Quincey Williams
Jayson Martin
3:36.27Mar 13CCAL Center #1
7.Jarod Moren
Bryce Van Allen
Edidguin Mendoza
Zachary Blood
3:37.00May 18CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters
8.Steven Harry
Cameron Loesche
Bryce Van Allen
Quincey Williams
3:37.47Apr 17CCAL Center #3
9.Guillermo Francis
Jarod Moren
Bryce Van Allen
Jayson Martin
3:37.85Mar 8Stanislaus County Meet
10.Christian Mendoza
Jarod Moren
Dominic Rush
Josiah Frank
3:46.19May 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
11.Christian Mendoza
Jarod Moren
Zachary Blood
Josiah Frank
3:46.69Apr 17CCAL Center #3
12.Steven Harry
Salvador Ramirez
Jarod Moren
Josiah Frank
3:48.33Apr 3CCAL Center #2
13.Christian Mendoza
Marcus DaSilva
Ben Plaa
Zachary Blood
3:56.65Apr 3CCAL Center #2
14.Jarod Moren
Derek Barnes
Josiah Frank
Jullien Lindo
3:58.65Mar 13CCAL Center #1
15.Jordan Tasho
Salvador Ramirez
Alfonso Godinez
Jesse Luna
4:07.56Mar 13CCAL Center #1
16.Marcus DaSilva
Ben Plaa
Dominic Rush
Emmanuel Lopez
4:10.37Mar 13CCAL Center #1
17.Carson Freitas
Jaden Fonoti
Cameron Loesche
Daniel Garcia
4:12.78Apr 3CCAL Center #2
18.Christian Mendoza
Carlos Arreola
Chris Van Allen
Ethan Robinson
4:15.89Mar 13CCAL Center #1
19.Carson Freitas
Jaden Fonoti
Cameron Loesche
Steven Harry
4:16.12Mar 13CCAL Center #1
20.Daniel Garcia
Nathaniel Borrelli
Tanner Blankenship
Cameron Fader
4:16.41Mar 13CCAL Center #1
21.Daniel Munguia
Jesse Luna
Ruben Marquez
Emmanuel Lopez
4:20.55Apr 3CCAL Center #2
22.Jacob Moss
Kai Bravo
Michael Cuevas
Nathan Magallon
4:23.22Apr 3CCAL Center #2
23.Ruben Marquez
Nathan Magallon
Derek Zamarripa
Kai Bravo
4:28.35Mar 13CCAL Center #1
24.Jacob Moss
Guillermo Roque
Dylan Snider
Michael Cuevas
4:42.07Mar 13CCAL Center #1
25.Michael Shelton
Gabriel Cervantes
Angel Garcia
Favian Gonzalez
4:53.43Mar 13CCAL Center #1
4x800 Relay
1.Damian Garcia
Steven Harry
Bryce Van Allen
Jayson Martin
9:19.09Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Damian Garcia
Edidguin Mendoza
Bryce Van Allen
Jayson Martin
11:04.43Mar 30Firebird Relays
2.Jordan Tasho
Isaac Harp
Bryce Van Allen
Jayson Martin
11:44.70Feb 22Pitman Distance Wars
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Edgar Gonzalez46' 1PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
2.10Eilray Davood41' 8PRMar 16Jaguar Invitational
3.10Chris Engen41' 1PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
4.9Colton Salsig39' 6Apr 17CCAL Center #3
5.10Lorenzo Marquez39' 5PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
6.10Eli Covarrubias39' 3.5PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
7.10Robert Evanoff36' 4.5PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
8.10Brayan Medina35' 11PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
9.10Austin Munoz33' 11PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
10.9Sawyer Jordan33' 10PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
11.10Ki Elisaia33' 9PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
12.9Nathan Karp32' 7PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
13.9Aidden Ribiero31' 7Mar 13CCAL Center #1
14.10Oscar Mercado31' 2PRMar 16Jaguar Invitational
15.10Carlos Becerra30' 5PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
16.9Nathan Johnson-G30' 4Apr 3CCAL Center #2
17.10Etienne Villet30' 0PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
18.10Ben Campos29' 8PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
19.9Ivan Valdovinos29' 7Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
20.10Jarod Moren29' 3PRFeb 14Throws Pentathlon
21.9Adrian Delgado28' 7Apr 17CCAL Center #3
22.9Wyatt Donaldson27' 3PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
23.9Eddie Godinez26' 5Apr 17CCAL Center #3
24.9Connor Malech25' 6Apr 17CCAL Center #3
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Edgar Gonzalez41' 7May 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
2.12Andrew Vang40' 5PRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
3.12Quinn Camire39' 10PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
4.12Brandon Garcia38' 1PRApr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
5.11Matthew Nissan37' 2PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
6.10Eilray Davood36' 0Mar 8Stanislaus County Meet
7.12Matt Shino35' 6Apr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
8.10Lorenzo Marquez35' 5.5Apr 3CCAL Center #2
9.9Colton Salsig35' 3Apr 3CCAL Center #2
10.11Mario Bravo34' 6PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
11.12Ismael Nunez34' 0Mar 16Jaguar Invitational
12.10Juan Mora32' 10PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
13.11Edward Yaco32' 7PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
14.12Chris Ruezga31' 4Feb 14Throws Pentathlon
15.10Chris Engen28' 5Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
16.9Sawyer Jordan26' 10.5PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
17.11Kyle Tran23' 5PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
18.11Graysen Yonano23' 2PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Brandon Garcia129' 6Mar 16Jaguar Invitational
2.12Chris Ruezga127' 11PRFeb 14Throws Pentathlon
3.10Robert Evanoff120' 6PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
4.10Eilray Davood112' 4Mar 16Jaguar Invitational
5.12Quinn Camire103' 2PRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
6.10Edgar Gonzalez102' 1PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
7.10Ki Elisaia100' 1PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
8.12Ismael Nunez97' 5PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
9.10Lorenzo Marquez96' 2PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
10.10Oscar Mercado95' 11PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
11.9Ivan Valdovinos95' 6Apr 3CCAL Center #2
12.10Chris Engen94' 10PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
13.10Ben Campos88' 1PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
14.11Edward Yaco87' 1PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
15.9Aidden Ribiero86' 6Apr 17CCAL Center #3
16.9Nathan Johnson-G83' 5Apr 3CCAL Center #2
17.11Mario Bravo83' 3PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
18.9Sawyer Jordan82' 8PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
19.9Colton Salsig81' 11Apr 17CCAL Center #3
20.10Jarod Moren79' 6Feb 14Throws Pentathlon
21.10Eli Covarrubias76' 9Feb 14Throws Pentathlon
22.9Wyatt Donaldson75' 10PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
23.9Connor Malech74' 6Mar 13CCAL Center #1
24.11Matthew Nissan70' 7Apr 3CCAL Center #2
25.10Brayan Medina69' 6PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
26.9Nathan Karp64' 3PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
27.10Etienne Villet63' 3Mar 13CCAL Center #1
28.11Kyle Tran62' 6PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
29.11Graysen Yonano60' 4PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
30.10Austin Munoz58' 1PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
31.9Eddie Godinez57' 11Apr 3CCAL Center #2
32.9Adrian Delgado56' 2Apr 3CCAL Center #2
Javelin - 800g
1.10Eilray Davood99' 7Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
2.10Ki Elisaia74' 6Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
3.9Colton Salsig61' 3Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
4.10Chris Engen57' 5PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
5.9Wyatt Donaldson45' 6PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
6.9Connor Malech35' 0Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
7.11Graysen Yonano30' 2PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
High Jump
1.12Ty Thomson6' 0May 18CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters
2.10Derek Barnes5' 8PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
10Josiah Frank5' 8PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
4.10Dominic Rush5' 5PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
5.12Zack Bucheli5' 4Mar 13CCAL Center #1
6.10Jacob Moss5' 1PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
7.10Matthew Beckes5' 0PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
8.9Nathan Karp4' 8PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
Pole Vault
1.10Jarod Moren11' 6PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
2.11Steven Harry11' 0Mar 22County Clash VII
3.11Cameron Loesche10' 6Apr 17CCAL Center #3
4.12Tanner Blankenship9' 6Apr 3CCAL Center #2
5.10Guillermo Roque9' 0PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
6.10Jonathan Rodriguez8' 3PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
Long Jump
1.12Donavyn Faria20' 4 (1.9)PRMay 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
2.10Sergio Romo19' 3PRMar 8Stanislaus County Meet
3.12Denzel Steckwren18' 5.5Apr 17CCAL Center #3
4.12Ty Thomson17' 11.5Apr 3CCAL Center #2
5.12Zack Bucheli17' 10.5Mar 13CCAL Center #1
6.10Matthew Beckes17' 9.5PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
7.10Jonathan Rodriguez17' 8.5PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
8.11Bryce Van Allen17' 6PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
9.10Dylan Snider17' 5PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
10.12Josh King17' 4.5PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
11.12Nathaniel Borrelli17' 2Apr 17CCAL Center #3
12.12Daniel Garcia17' 1.5PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
13.10Javier Rios16' 2PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
14.10Michael Cuevas16' 1.5May 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
15.10Michael Shelton15' 4PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
16.9Francisco Rodriguez15' 3.75PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
17.12Andrew Wang15' 2.25Mar 13CCAL Center #1
18.9Nathan Magallon14' 10.5PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
Triple Jump
1.12Ty Thomson44' 0 (2.8)PRMay 18CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Masters
2.12Zack Bucheli38' 5Mar 8Stanislaus County Meet
3.10Derek Barnes38' 4PRMar 8Stanislaus County Meet
4.9Christian Mendoza38' 0PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
5.11Bryce Van Allen37' 8.5PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
6.10Josiah Frank36' 8.75May 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
7.12Andrew Wang36' 0PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
8.10Michael Cuevas35' 10Apr 17CCAL Center #3
9.10Michael Shelton33' 9.5PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
10.10Reiss Andaya28' 0PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
Hammer - 12lb
1.10Eilray Davood81' 7Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
2.10Chris Engen70' 9Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
3.10Ki Elisaia64' 4Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
4.11Graysen Yonano60' 11PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
5.9Colton Salsig55' 0Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
6.9Wyatt Donaldson46' 7PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
7.9Connor Malech41' 5Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
Weight Throw - 25lb
1.10Eilray Davood30' 8.5Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
2.10Chris Engen25' 5.5Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
3.10Ki Elisaia24' 5.5Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
4.9Colton Salsig21' 2Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
5.11Graysen Yonano20' 5PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
6.9Connor Malech20' 1Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
7.9Wyatt Donaldson17' 8PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
Throws Pentathlon Score
1.10Eilray Davood2035Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
2.10Chris Engen1579PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
3.10Ki Elisaia1508Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
4.9Colton Salsig1347Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
5.9Wyatt Donaldson996PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
6.11Graysen Yonano925PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
7.9Connor Malech882Feb 23Throws Pentathlon


60 Meter Dash
1.9Josalynn Ragland8.62PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
2.12Aman Kaur9.12Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
3.12Jordan Bettencourt9.16Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
4.10Jacky Velasco9.18PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
5.11Yvette Gonzalez9.36PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
6.11Anuraj Kaur10.01PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
100 Meters
1.9Josalynn Ragland13.07 (.8)Apr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
2.11Ximena Cesa13.09 (.9)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
3.12Jordan Bettencourt13.20 (1.5)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
4.12Aman Kaur13.43 (.9)Apr 17CCAL Center #3
5.9Lola Strangfeld13.74 (-.6)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
6.9Salina Harp14.37PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
7.11Nissi Wells14.47 (.0)Apr 3CCAL Center #2
8.9Taylor Vannest14.50 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
9.9Anette Gonzalez14.62PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
10.10Jacky Velasco14.64Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
11.9Alondra Rodriguez14.71PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
12.9Alejandra Yepez14.72 (.0)Apr 17CCAL Center #3
13.11Kendra Delgado14.73 (.0)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
14.10Chloe Burns14.87 (-.3)Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
15.10Arley Dominguez14.90 (-.3)Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
16.9Bella Green15.00 (-.3)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
17.9Armani Bustos15.24 (-1.4)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
18.9Bambi Kaur16.13 (-1.2)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
19.10Andrea Esquivel16.30 (-1.2)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
20.9Esmeralda Quintero16.32 (-1.2)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
21.10Chrishael Sanchez16.50 (-1.2)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
22.9Yori Lightner16.70 (.0)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
23.9Paola Cabrera16.87 (-1.2)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
24.10Sophia Barreto17.03 (-1.4)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
25.10Giselle Avila17.24 (-1.4)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
200 Meters
1.9Josalynn Ragland27.23 (.2)Apr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
2.12Jordan Bettencourt27.46 (.0)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
3.11Ximena Cesa27.85Mar 8Stanislaus County Meet
4.12Aman Kaur28.46 (.0)Apr 3CCAL Center #2
5.11Yvette Gonzalez29.27 (.5)PRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
6.11Shelby Gill29.83 (.1)PRApr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
7.11Nissi Wells30.44 (.0)PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
8.9Alejandra Yepez31.19 (.0)Apr 3CCAL Center #2
9.9Anette Gonzalez31.31 (.0)Apr 3CCAL Center #2
10.10Andrea Esquivel31.64 (1.2)PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
11.9Alondra Rodriguez31.99 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
12.12Andrea Contreras32.78 (.5)PRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
13.11Kendra Delgado32.90 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
14.9Bambi Kaur33.05 (1.2)Apr 17CCAL Center #3
15.10Chrishael Sanchez33.75 (.0)PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
16.10Giselle Avila34.58 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
17.9Paola Cabrera36.21 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
18.9Keily Mendoza40.60 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
300 Meters
1.11Yvette Gonzalez49.01PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
2.9Alxsa Ruvalcaba1:03.24PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
400 Meters
1.11Yvette Gonzalez1:07.42PRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
2.10Chloe Burns1:07.99PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
3.10Brook Ellis1:08.12PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
4.10Arley Dominguez1:08.46Apr 17CCAL Center #3
5.12Cierra Verdone1:08.59Apr 3CCAL Center #2
6.10Jacky Velasco1:12.97Mar 13CCAL Center #1
7.11Jenna Green1:13.67Mar 13CCAL Center #1
8.10Andrea Esquivel1:15.33PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
9.12Andrea Contreras1:16.02PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
10.10Sophia Barreto1:16.14PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
11.9Alejandra Yepez1:16.51Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
12.9Ruby Jimenez1:16.74PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
13.9Julia Magnu1:17.94cPRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
14.9Anette Gonzalez1:18.78PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
15.10Chrishael Sanchez1:19.25PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
16.10Giselle Avila1:19.26Apr 3CCAL Center #2
17.11Maya Nissan1:19.94Mar 13CCAL Center #1
18.9Esmeralda Quintero1:20.09PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
19.9Alondra Rodriguez1:20.24Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
20.9Paola Cabrera1:20.63PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
21.9Aroop Dhillon1:28.80PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
22.9Keily Mendoza1:28.86PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
23.9Areen Dhillon1:34.14PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
24.11Jadi Vargas1:35.09PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Ximena Cesa1:05.4hMar 22County Clash VII
2.12Cierra Verdone1:06.5hApr 17CCAL Center #3
9Josalynn Ragland1:06.5hApr 17CCAL Center #3
4.10Chloe Burns1:08.0hMar 22County Clash VII
5.10Beverly Rubio1:08.1hPRApr 17CCAL Center #3
6.9Bella Green1:08.7hPRApr 17CCAL Center #3
7.11Yvette Gonzalez1:09.3hApr 3CCAL Center #2
10Arley Dominguez1:09.3hApr 17CCAL Center #3
9.12Jordan Bettencourt1:09.6hPRMar 22County Clash VII
10.9Mimi Verdone1:09.7hMay 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
11.10Makenna Bondshu1:09.8hApr 3CCAL Center #2
12.10Jacky Velasco1:10.4hMar 13CCAL Center #1
13.10Brook Ellis1:11.0hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
14.11Stefanie Rodriguez1:12.0hPRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
15.9Alejandra Yepez1:12.8hPRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
16.11Nissi Wells1:14.1hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
17.9Genevieve Huiskens1:14.5hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
18.11Kendra Delgado1:15.0hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
19.9Armani Bustos1:15.2hApr 3CCAL Center #2
9Anette Gonzalez1:15.2hApr 3CCAL Center #2
21.9Julia Magnu1:16.9hPRMar 8Stanislaus County Meet
22.12Andrea Contreras1:17.3hApr 3CCAL Center #2
11Jenna Green1:17.3hMar 13CCAL Center #1
24.10Andrea Esquivel1:17.7hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
25.11Chuc Luu1:18.5hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
26.9Alondra Rodriguez1:18.9hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
27.10Chrishael Sanchez1:19.5hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
28.10Leena Sanchez1:20.0hMar 13CCAL Center #1
29.10Yaritza Ronces1:20.1hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
30.10Sophia Barreto1:20.3hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
31.9Alyssa Bagnani1:20.8hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
32.10Giselle Avila1:21.4hApr 3CCAL Center #2
33.9Jasenia Galvan1:21.5hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
34.9Esmeralda Quintero1:21.8hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
35.9Paola Cabrera1:22.9hPRApr 3CCAL Center #2
36.9Isabella Dominguez1:23.3hMar 13CCAL Center #1
37.11Anuraj Kaur1:23.8hMar 13CCAL Center #1
38.9Ruby Jimenez1:24.5hApr 3CCAL Center #2
39.10Isadora Zamora1:24.9hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
40.9Simone Samra1:27.8hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
41.10Keoni Perez1:28.7hPRMar 13CCAL Center #1
42.9Alxsa Ruvalcaba1:32.2hMar 13CCAL Center #1
43.9Keily Mendoza1:39.8hMar 13CCAL Center #1
800 Meters
1.12Mavleen Mann2:24.51Apr 3CCAL Center #2
2.11Stefanie Rodriguez2:34.42PRApr 12Sierra Pacific Golden Bear Invitational
3.10Beverly Rubio2:42.75PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
4.10Brook Ellis2:43.07Apr 3CCAL Center #2
5.10Diana Olthof2:47.29PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
6.9Bella Green2:47.70PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
7.9Alyssa Bagnani2:50.32PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
8.9Ava Lawson2:55.29May 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
9.10Ramona Miranda2:56.48PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
10.11Michelle Moshirnia3:00.51PRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
11.9Isabella Perez3:00.54PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
12.10Yaritza Ronces3:01.83PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
13.10Leena Sanchez3:02.61PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
14.11Nicole Larios3:03.16PRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
15.9Angie Telles3:03.77Apr 17CCAL Center #3
16.11Chuc Luu3:04.48PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
17.9Alejandra Yepez3:05.58PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
18.11Sarah Sahagun3:06.09Apr 3CCAL Center #2
19.10Nayeli Astorga3:07.70Apr 3CCAL Center #2
20.10Isadora Zamora3:09.79PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
21.9Alxsa Ruvalcaba3:10.22PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
22.12Andrea Contreras3:12.19Mar 13CCAL Center #1
23.9Armani Bustos3:18.28PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
24.9Paola Cabrera3:18.69PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
25.9Ruby Jimenez3:18.85PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
26.9Julia Magnu3:19.13PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
27.9Genevieve Huiskens3:21.07PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
28.9Esmeralda Quintero3:26.89PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
29.9Alondra Rodriguez3:28.12PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
30.11Jenna Green3:31.79Mar 13CCAL Center #1
31.9Anette Gonzalez3:41.44PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
32.9Aroop Dhillon3:41.62PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
33.11Maya Nissan3:50.25PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
34.9Keily Mendoza3:51.40PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
35.9Areen Dhillon3:57.32PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
36.11Jadi Vargas4:07.86PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Stefanie Rodriguez2:31.8hPRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Diana Olthof4:25.5hPRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
1600 Meters
1.12Mavleen Mann5:14.57Mar 22County Clash VII
2.11Stefanie Rodriguez5:34.27PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
3.9Charlotte Laska5:52.12Apr 17CCAL Center #3
4.10Diana Olthof5:53.03Apr 17CCAL Center #3
5.10Beverly Rubio5:56.02Apr 17CCAL Center #3
6.9Isabella Dominguez6:13.21Apr 17CCAL Center #3
7.9Alyssa Bagnani6:14.60PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
8.12Sarah Siegel6:21.37Mar 13CCAL Center #1
9.10Yaritza Ronces6:27.31Apr 17CCAL Center #3
10.10Leena Sanchez6:32.67PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
11.9Angie Telles6:34.35PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
12.9Ava Lawson6:37.75PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
13.9Isabella Perez6:40.12PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
14.10Ramona Miranda6:40.13PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
15.11Nicole Larios6:43.41PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
16.11Michelle Moshirnia6:45.41Apr 3CCAL Center #2
17.10Nayeli Astorga6:46.65PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
18.11Sarah Sahagun6:46.88PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
19.9Alxsa Ruvalcaba6:51.68PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
20.11Chuc Luu6:58.18PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
21.10Isadora Zamora7:05.90PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
22.10Fatima Yepez7:40.26PRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Sarah Siegel6:23.2hPRFeb 22Pitman Distance Wars
3000 Meters
1.12Mavleen Mann11:00.19Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
2.9Charlotte Laska13:38.01PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
3200 Meters
1.12Mavleen Mann11:15.73May 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
2.11Stefanie Rodriguez12:38.21PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
3.9Charlotte Laska12:50.61PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
4.10Diana Olthof12:54.07Apr 17CCAL Center #3
5.12Sarah Siegel13:07.31Mar 22County Clash VII
6.10Beverly Rubio13:44.24PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
7.9Isabella Dominguez14:01.15Apr 3CCAL Center #2
8.10Yaritza Ronces14:36.80May 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
9.10Leena Sanchez14:41.02PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
10.9Alyssa Bagnani14:48.39PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
11.11Michelle Moshirnia14:58.51Apr 17CCAL Center #3
12.9Ava Lawson15:16.37PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
13.9Angie Telles15:16.84PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
14.10Nayeli Astorga15:56.55PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
15.11Sarah Sahagun15:57.09PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
16.10Ramona Miranda16:13.76PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
17.11Nicole Larios16:17.05PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
60m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Mimi Verdone11.67PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Makenna Bondshu17.54 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
2.9Mimi Verdone18.07 (.0)PRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
3.9Julia Magnu18.36PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
4.9Armani Bustos19.21May 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
5.9Genevieve Huiskens19.78PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
6.10Delaney Holmes20.29 (2.5)Mar 13CCAL Center #1
7.10Janet Cardenas20.64 (2.5)PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
8.9Alexa Ramirez21.07 (-.2)PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
9.10Sara Cisneros21.57 (1.3)Apr 17CCAL Center #3
10.11Kendra Delgado22.58 (.0)Apr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
11.9Aroop Dhillon26.37 (-1.3)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
12.9Areen Dhillon34.74 (-3.1)PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Mimi Verdone51.70Apr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
2.10Makenna Bondshu52.41PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
3.12Jordan Bettencourt54.32Apr 3CCAL Center #2
4.10Arley Dominguez56.43PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
5.10Delaney Holmes57.17PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
6.9Armani Bustos57.32Apr 17CCAL Center #3
7.9Julia Magnu57.81PRMar 8Stanislaus County Meet
8.10Janet Cardenas58.70PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
9.9Alexa Ramirez59.21PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
10.10Sara Cisneros59.89PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
11.9Genevieve Huiskens1:02.44PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
12.9Aroop Dhillon1:14.99PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
13.9Areen Dhillon1:19.58PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
4x100 Relay
1.Aman Kaur
Shelby Gill
Ximena Cesa
Josalynn Ragland
51.22Apr 17CCAL Center #3
2.Aman Kaur
Jordan Bettencourt
Ximena Cesa
Josalynn Ragland
51.41Apr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
3.Aman Kaur
Cierra Verdone
Jordan Bettencourt
Josalynn Ragland
51.88Apr 3CCAL Center #2
4.Julia Magnu
Mimi Verdone
Chloe Burns
Josalynn Ragland
53.62Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
5.Yvette Gonzalez
Arley Dominguez
Chloe Burns
Jacquelyn Velasco
55.18Mar 13CCAL Center #1
6.Armani Bustos
Arley Dominguez
Alondra Rodriguez
Taylor Vannest
55.75May 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
7.Armani Bustos
Salina Harp
Alondra Rodriguez
Taylor Vannest
56.07Mar 13CCAL Center #1
4x200 Relay
1.Chloe Burns
Julia Magnu
Josalynn Ragland
Makenna Bondshu
1:58.29Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
2.Relay Team 2:02.05Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
4x400 Relay
1.Ximena Cesa
Josalynn Ragland
Chloe Burns
Cierra Verdone
4:27.80Apr 17CCAL Center #3
2.Ximena Cesa
Chloe Burns
Jordan Bettencourt
Josalynn Ragland
4:30.26Mar 22County Clash VII
3.Ximena Cesa
Josalynn Ragland
Cierra Verdone
Mimi Verdone
4:32.32May 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
4.Arley Dominguez
Beverly Rubio
Alejandra Yepez
Isabella Green
4:39.71Apr 17CCAL Center #3
5.Makenna Bondshu
Jordan Bettencourt
Chloe Burns
Josalynn Ragland
4:40.91Apr 3CCAL Center #2
6.Nissi Wells
Arley Dominguez
Beverly Rubio
Yvette Gonzalez
4:43.47Apr 3CCAL Center #2
7.Ximena Cesa
Makenna Bondshu
Julia Magnu
Cierra Verdone
4:46.37Mar 8Stanislaus County Meet
8.Yvette Gonzalez
Stefanie Rodriguez
Chloe Burns
Josalynn Ragland
4:46.44Apr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
9.Makenna Bondshu
Yvette Gonzalez
Stefanie Rodriguez
Chloe Burns
4:49.21Mar 13CCAL Center #1
10.Anette Gonzalez
Alejandra Yepez
Armani Bustos
Brook Ellis
4:54.81Apr 3CCAL Center #2
11.Brook Ellis
Arley Dominguez
Chuc Luu
Jacquelyn Velasco
4:58.11Mar 13CCAL Center #1
12.Jenna Green
Andrea Contreras
Aman Kaur
Kendra Delgado
5:15.42Apr 3CCAL Center #2
13.Chrishael Sanchez
Alondra Rodriguez
Paola Cabrera
Genevieve Huiskens
5:16.04Apr 3CCAL Center #2
14.Nissi Wells
Jenna Green
Anuraj Kaur
Kendra Delgado
5:16.71Mar 13CCAL Center #1
15.Andrea Esquivel
Sophia Barreto
Ruby Jimenez
Giselle Avila
5:23.34Apr 3CCAL Center #2
16.Anette Gonzalez
Alondra Rodriguez
Alyssa Bagnani
Alejandra Yepez
5:27.68Mar 13CCAL Center #1
17.Leena Sanchez
Simone Samra
Armani Bustos
Keoni Perez
5:35.58Mar 13CCAL Center #1
18.Yaritza Ronces
Alxsa Ruvalcaba
Isabella Perez
Isadora Zamora
5:40.61Mar 13CCAL Center #1
19.Chrishael Sanchez
Sophia Barreto
Giselle Avila
Ruby Jimenez
5:46.12Mar 13CCAL Center #1
20.Esmeralda Quintero
Jasenia Galvan
Keily Mendoza
Paola Cabrera
5:50.51Mar 13CCAL Center #1
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Sarah Siegel
Mimi Verdone
Stefanie Rodriguez
Diana Olthof
14:51.89Feb 22Pitman Distance Wars
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Delilah Vieira35' 4PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
2.12Madison King33' 10.5Mar 22County Clash VII
3.10Ashlan Lucero33' 8May 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
4.11Khiaya Simpson33' 0.5PRMay 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
5.9McKinley King29' 11.5May 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
6.11Caitlyn Bell28' 4Apr 17CCAL Center #3
7.12Abby Perry27' 6Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
8.12Sherly Yaghoubi26' 5PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
10Rebeckah Day26' 5May 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
10.9Lilly Freitas26' 1PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
11.10Haileigh Faria24' 6Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
12.9Tiffany Sommerville21' 0Apr 17CCAL Center #3
13.10Keoni Perez19' 8Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
14.9Aleena George18' 6Apr 17CCAL Center #3
15.9Heidi Chavez18' 3Apr 17CCAL Center #3
9Haley Kowtko18' 3Apr 17CCAL Center #3
17.10Bella Martinez18' 2PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
18.11Alani Hodge17' 4Mar 13CCAL Center #1
19.9Brooke Nunes15' 8Apr 17CCAL Center #3
20.9Jasenia Galvan14' 4.5PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
Discus - 1kg
1.11Khiaya Simpson124' 10PRApr 26Battle of Central Cal
2.11Caitlyn Bell112' 10Apr 26Battle of Central Cal
3.12Madison King112' 8Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
4.10Ashlan Lucero110' 10PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
5.9McKinley King107' 9Mar 16Jaguar Invitational
6.12Abby Perry102' 7PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
7.12Delilah Vieira99' 4Apr 3CCAL Center #2
8.10Rebeckah Day83' 0Feb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
9.10Haileigh Faria81' 9Apr 3CCAL Center #2
10.12Sherly Yaghoubi74' 1PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
11.10Keoni Perez71' 11May 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
12.9Aleena George61' 3PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
13.9Tiffany Sommerville60' 0PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
14.9Brooke Nunes54' 2PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
15.9Haley Kowtko54' 1Mar 13CCAL Center #1
16.10Bella Martinez52' 8PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
17.11Alani Hodge40' 8Mar 13CCAL Center #1
18.9Jasenia Galvan36' 2PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
19.9Heidi Chavez35' 4Apr 3CCAL Center #2
Javelin - 600g
1.9McKinley King72' 2PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
2.12Madison King67' 7Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
3.10Ashlan Lucero65' 10Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
4.12Abby Perry64' 11Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
5.11Caitlyn Bell51' 3Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
6.10Haileigh Faria50' 11Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
7.10Keoni Perez42' 1Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
High Jump
1.10Maddy Hall4' 10Apr 3CCAL Center #2
2.10Delaney Holmes4' 8PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
9Salina Harp4' 8PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
12Grace Westbrook4' 8Apr 17CCAL Center #3
12Emily Vander Weide4' 8Apr 3CCAL Center #2
6.10Janet Cardenas4' 2Apr 3CCAL Center #2
7.11Amiya Keturi4' 0PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
8.9Taylor Vannest3' 11PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
9.10Rebeckah Day3' 10PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
10Sara Cisneros3' 10Apr 17CCAL Center #3
11.9Jasenia Galvan3' 8PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
Pole Vault
1.10Delaney Holmes9' 3PRMay 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
2.12Isabella Shallou9' 0Apr 3CCAL Center #2
3.11Shelby Gill8' 6Mar 8Stanislaus County Meet
4.9Mimi Verdone7' 6PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
5.11Ximena Cesa7' 0Feb 22Pitman Distance Wars
Long Jump
1.12Cierra Verdone16' 7.5Mar 8Stanislaus County Meet
2.12Jordan Bettencourt15' 8.5PRMar 8Stanislaus County Meet
3.10Chloe Burns15' 3.5PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
4.10Delaney Holmes15' 2PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
5.9Mimi Verdone15' 0.5PRMar 8Stanislaus County Meet
6.12Isabella Shallou14' 11.5PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
7.12Emily Vander Weide14' 8.5Mar 22County Clash VII
8.11Shelby Gill14' 8Apr 3CCAL Center #2
9.9Bella Green14' 1.25PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
10.10Janet Cardenas14' 1Apr 3CCAL Center #2
11.12Grace Westbrook13' 7.5Mar 13CCAL Center #1
12.11Anuraj Kaur13' 6PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
9Salina Harp13' 6PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
14.10Sara Cisneros13' 2PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
15.12Aman Kaur12' 0.25PRJan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
16.12Mariah Sanders12' 0Mar 13CCAL Center #1
17.9Simone Samra11' 10.5PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
18.11Amiya Keturi9' 11Apr 17CCAL Center #3
Triple Jump
1.10Maddy Hall35' 1Apr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
2.12Cierra Verdone34' 1.25 (1.9)May 9CIF Sac Joaquin Section DII Prelims and Finals (May 7 &..
3.12Grace Westbrook32' 9.25Mar 13CCAL Center #1
4.10Delaney Holmes32' 5.5Mar 13CCAL Center #1
5.9Mimi Verdone32' 4.75PRApr 30CCAL Varsity Championships
6.9Bella Green30' 3.5PRFeb 27Pitman Frosh/Soph Showcase
7.9Julia Magnu30' 0.5PRMay 2CCAL Frosh-Soph Championships
8.11Anuraj Kaur29' 0Apr 3CCAL Center #2
9.11Nissi Wells28' 7PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
10.12Mariah Sanders28' 4.5PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
11.11Amiya Keturi27' 3PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
12.9Paola Cabrera26' 10PRApr 17CCAL Center #3
13.9Simone Samra26' 8.5PRMar 13CCAL Center #1
14.11Jenna Green26' 6.5Apr 17CCAL Center #3
15.9Bambi Kaur25' 4.5PRApr 3CCAL Center #2
Hammer - 4kg
1.12Madison King144' 3PRJun 1514th Annual California HS Hammer Championships
2.9McKinley King105' 2Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
3.10Ashlan Lucero60' 5Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
4.12Abby Perry57' 9PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
5.11Khiaya Simpson52' 7PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
6.11Caitlyn Bell43' 6Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
7.10Haileigh Faria40' 6Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
8.10Keoni Perez34' 1Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
Weight Throw - 20lb
1.12Madison King46' 11PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
2.9McKinley King38' 11.5PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
3.12Delilah Vieira27' 1Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
4.10Ashlan Lucero25' 0Jan 12CA Winter Champs Qualifier
5.11Khiaya Simpson23' 8.25PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
6.11Caitlyn Bell21' 6.5Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
7.10Haileigh Faria20' 0Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
8.12Abby Perry18' 8Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
9.10Keoni Perez11' 7Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
Throws Pentathlon Score
1.12Madison King2799PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
2.9McKinley King2320PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
3.10Ashlan Lucero1807Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
4.12Abby Perry1659PRFeb 23Throws Pentathlon
5.11Caitlyn Bell1300Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
6.10Haileigh Faria1282Feb 23Throws Pentathlon
7.10Keoni Perez878Feb 23Throws Pentathlon

*Recent improvement