Event Records

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50 Meter Dash
1.10Colton Salsig7.55PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
2.10Aidden Ribiero8.79PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
100 Meters
1.12Michael Moore11.12 (1.5)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.12Steven Harry12.01 (-.2)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.9Kenny Jackson12.09 (.5)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.11Sergio Romo12.19 (.5)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.10Ruben Marquez12.41 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.9Diego Nida12.49 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.11Jesse Luna12.51 (.5)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
8.9Anthony Ventura12.55 (-1.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
9.10Van Gianotti12.59 (-1.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
10.9Jackson Payne12.88 (.1)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
200 Meters
1.12Michael Moore23.07 (.0)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.12Edwin Mendoza23.20 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.11Jaeden Merchant24.48 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.11Dominic Rush24.51 (.0)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.11Sergio Romo25.16 (-1.2)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.9Anthony Ventura25.49 (1.5)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10Van Gianotti25.49 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
8.9Diego Nida25.70 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.10Ruben Marquez25.77 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
10.11Larry Romero25.91 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.10Derek Zamarripa26.24 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
12.9David Garcia26.43 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.10Kai Bravo26.54 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
14.9Jackson Payne26.64 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
15.9Conner Dickinson26.68 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
16.10Evan Kiely26.71 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
17.9Kunoia Rice26.78 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
18.12Jaden Fonoti26.86 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
19.11Adrian Rodriguez26.91 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
20.9Jose Zamora27.08 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
21.10Andrew Rostam27.10 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
22.10Alexis Montes27.15 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
23.10Ethan Gilbert27.35 (-1.6)Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
24.9Marc Ouse27.48 (.3)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
25.10Parmvir Toor28.06 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
26.9Hezekiah Longoria28.08 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
27.9Ryan Dhillon28.73 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
28.10Colton Salsig28.81 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
29.9Bo Dickie28.93 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
30.10Ruben Gonzalez29.25 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
31.10Tyler Titus29.54 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
32.10David Sandoval30.11 (-1.6)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
33.9Brian Martinez30.19 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
34.9Jorge Perez30.36 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
35.9Nathaniel Perez31.35 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
36.10Ivan Valdovinos33.52 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Edwin Mendoza25.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
2.12Michael Moore25.7hDec 187th Period Final
3.12Cameron Loesche26.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
4.10Christian Mendoza26.1hPRDec 187th Period Final
5.11Abel Medina26.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
6.11Jarod Moren26.3hDec 187th Period Final
7.10Zachary Blood26.5hPRDec 187th Period Final
8.10Derek Zamarripa27.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
9.11Larry Romero27.5hPRDec 187th Period Final
10.12Jaden Fonoti27.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
11.10Marcus DaSilva27.8hPRDec 187th Period Final
9Anthony Ventura27.8hPRDec 187th Period Final
13.11Michael Cuevas27.9hPRDec 187th Period Final
14.11Ki Elisaia28.1hPRDec 187th Period Final
15.10Ruben Marquez28.3hPRDec 187th Period Final
16.11Jonathan Rodriguez28.6hPRDec 187th Period Final
17.11Jesse Luna28.8hPRDec 187th Period Final
18.11Adrian Penalosa29.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
19.11Adrian Rodriguez29.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
11Jacob Moss29.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
21.10Evan Kiely29.8hPRDec 187th Period Final
9Cruzito Garcia29.8hPRDec 187th Period Final
23.10Juan Estrada30.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
24.11Robert Evanoff30.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
25.9Cesar Leyva30.6hPRDec 187th Period Final
26.11Diego Castillo31.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
27.12Bryce Van Allen32.1hDec 187th Period Final
28.9Marc Ouse32.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
29.10David Sandoval32.9hPRDec 187th Period Final
30.10Connor Malech33.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
31.12Sargis Baghban33.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
32.9Jorge Perez33.9hPRDec 187th Period Final
33.11Sergio Romo34.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
34.9Joseph Bostram34.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
35.9Jimmy Cruz34.6hPRDec 187th Period Final
36.10Ivan Valdovinos35.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
37.10Juan Zarate35.6hPRDec 187th Period Final
38.9Luc Smees36.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
39.9Nathaniel Perez36.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
40.11Edgar Gonzalez36.9hPRDec 187th Period Final
41.11Eli Covarrubias37.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
42.11Guillermo Roque37.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
43.9Austin Miller38.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
44.9Brian Martinez38.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
45.10Nathan Johnson-G38.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
46.11Oscar Mercado38.6hPRDec 187th Period Final
47.9Adrian Valdovinos38.8hPRDec 187th Period Final
48.9Rayden Rasmussen39.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
49.11Etienne Villet40.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
50.11Chris Engen40.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
51.9Alex Saavedra42.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
52.9Angel Lopez42.6hPRDec 187th Period Final
53.10Eddie Godinez46.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
54.10Lukas Sargizian46.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
55.12Matthew Nissan48.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
56.11Lorenzo Marquez48.3hPRDec 187th Period Final
57.9Ryan Delgadillo48.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
58.9Michael Garcia52.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
59.9Sartaj Sahota1:03.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
300 Meters
1.12Jayson Martin37.25PRFeb 1CA Winter Championships Qualifier-Dublin
2.10Zachary Blood39.37PRFeb 1CA Winter Championships Qualifier-Dublin
400 Meters
1.12Jayson Martin49.90PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.12Edwin Mendoza50.41PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.12Bryce Van Allen53.07PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.12Steven Harry53.70PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.9Joey Stout54.14Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.10Zachary Blood54.23PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.11Jarod Moren55.91Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
8.11Abel Medina56.22PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.11Larry Romero57.66PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.9Conner Dickinson1:00.30PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.10Alexis Montes1:00.91PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.11Jacob Moss1:01.14PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
13.12Jaden Fonoti1:01.35PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
14.9Jeremy Garcia1:01.36PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
15.10Kai Bravo1:01.71PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
16.9Adrian Valdovinos1:01.73PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
17.10Evan Kiely1:02.46PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
18.9David Garcia1:02.52PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
19.11Adrian Rodriguez1:02.69PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
20.10Ethan Gilbert1:03.48PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
21.9Marc Ouse1:04.20PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
22.9Jose Zamora1:04.28PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
23.9Ryan Dhillon1:05.37PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
24.9Bo Dickie1:05.55PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
25.10Tyler Titus1:05.92PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
26.10Parmvir Toor1:06.15PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
27.10Ruben Marquez1:06.50Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
28.10Ruben Gonzalez1:07.67PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
29.9Nathaniel Perez1:15.10PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Jayson Martin49.6hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.12Edwin Mendoza51.0hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.12Bryce Van Allen53.4hNov 22First Lap
4.10Zachary Blood54.5hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.12Cameron Loesche54.6hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.12Steven Harry54.9hMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.10Christian Mendoza55.1hNov 22First Lap
8.11Josiah Frank55.5hMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.10Ben Plaa55.8hMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11Abel Medina55.8hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.9Joey Stout55.9hMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.11Jarod Moren56.3hDec 187th Period Final
13.10Marcus DaSilva57.4hPRNov 22First Lap
11Christian Balderas57.4hPRNov 22First Lap
15.10Carlos Arreola57.6hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12Michael Moore57.6hNov 22First Lap
17.10Chris Van Allen57.7hPRNov 22First Lap
11Sergio Romo57.7hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
19.10Derek Zamarripa57.8hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
20.10Van Gianotti57.9hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
21.11Ethan Robinson58.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
22.12Sargis Baghban58.5hPRNov 22First Lap
23.10Damian Garcia59.0hDec 187th Period Final
24.11Larry Romero1:00.1hPRDec 187th Period Final
25.11Gabriel Cervantes1:00.4hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
26.12Jaden Fonoti1:00.6hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
27.10Ruben Marquez1:00.8hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
28.10Efren Sanchez1:01.0hDec 187th Period Final
29.11Jacob Moss1:01.5hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
30.10Evan Kiely1:01.6hPRDec 187th Period Final
31.9Luc Smees1:02.1hPRNov 22First Lap
11Adrian Penalosa1:02.1hPRNov 22First Lap
33.11JohnPaul Fuentes1:02.3hPRNov 22First Lap
34.9Diego Cisneros1:02.6hPRDec 187th Period Final
35.11Tristan Allen1:03.2hNov 22First Lap
36.9Cruzito Garcia1:03.3hPRDec 187th Period Final
37.11Michael Cuevas1:04.1hNov 22First Lap
38.10Kai Bravo1:04.2hPRNov 22First Lap
39.10Noah Mattison1:04.7hPRJan 24GSB Relays
40.11Jonathan Rodriguez1:04.8hPRNov 22First Lap
9Anthony Ventura1:04.8hPRNov 22First Lap
42.10Juan Estrada1:05.3hPRNov 22First Lap
43.9Rayden Rasmussen1:05.6hPRNov 22First Lap
44.10Chris Young1:06.1hPRDec 187th Period Final
45.10Antonio Porana1:06.2hPRNov 22First Lap
11Ki Elisaia1:06.2hPRNov 22First Lap
47.9Joban Mann1:06.6hPRNov 22First Lap
48.11Jesse Luna1:07.0hDec 187th Period Final
49.9Diego Nida1:07.2hPRJan 24GSB Relays
50.9Adrian Valdovinos1:07.4hPRNov 22First Lap
51.9Conner Dickinson1:07.6hPRJan 24GSB Relays
52.10Alexis Montes1:07.8hPRJan 24GSB Relays
11Trevor Souza1:07.8hPRNov 22First Lap
54.10Ethan Day1:08.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
9Marc Ouse1:08.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
56.11Favian Gonzalez1:08.6hPRNov 22First Lap
57.11Adrian Rodriguez1:08.9hPRNov 22First Lap
58.9Emilio Sanchez1:09.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
59.11Guillermo Roque1:09.1hPRDec 187th Period Final
60.10Parmvir Toor1:09.2hPRJan 24GSB Relays
61.9David Garcia1:09.6hPRJan 24GSB Relays
12Ezekiel Romero1:09.6hPRNov 22First Lap
63.9Cesar Leyva1:10.2hPRNov 22First Lap
10Ruben Gonzalez1:10.2hPRJan 24GSB Relays
65.10Angel Garcia1:10.9hPRNov 22First Lap
66.10Nathaniel Melgoza1:11.1hPRJan 24GSB Relays
67.9Rylan Persons1:11.8hPRNov 22First Lap
68.11Moises Aceves1:12.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
69.11Robert Evanoff1:12.3hPRNov 22First Lap
70.9Enrique Duran1:12.6hPRNov 22First Lap
71.12Jason England1:13.3hPRNov 22First Lap
72.11Oscar Mercado1:14.1hPRNov 22First Lap
73.11Eilray Davood1:14.5hPRNov 22First Lap
74.10Tyler Titus1:14.6hPRJan 24GSB Relays
75.9Abraham Valencia1:15.0hPRNov 22First Lap
76.10Isaac Mendoza1:16.0hPRJan 24GSB Relays
77.10Colton Salsig1:16.7hPRNov 22First Lap
78.9Jimmy Cruz1:17.0hPRNov 22First Lap
79.11Eli Covarrubias1:17.1hPRNov 22First Lap
80.10Dvinder Singh1:17.2hPRJan 24GSB Relays
81.11Edgar Gonzalez1:17.4hPRNov 22First Lap
82.9Joseph Bostram1:17.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
83.10Victor Novoa1:18.8hPRNov 22First Lap
84.9Gabriel Padilla1:18.9hPRJan 24GSB Relays
85.11Diego Castillo1:19.3hPRNov 22First Lap
86.10Connor Malech1:19.5hPRNov 22First Lap
87.10David Sandoval1:20.2hPRNov 22First Lap
88.9Nathaniel Perez1:20.7hPRNov 22First Lap
10Juan Zarate1:20.7hPRNov 22First Lap
90.9Brian Martinez1:21.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
91.9Jorge Perez1:22.0hPRNov 22First Lap
92.10Ivan Valdovinos1:23.9hPRNov 22First Lap
93.11Ben Campos1:26.6hPRNov 22First Lap
94.9Nicolas Simmons1:26.9hPRDec 187th Period Final
95.10Nathan Johnson-G1:37.2hPRNov 22First Lap
96.11Etienne Villet1:41.0hPRNov 22First Lap
97.9Austin Miller1:42.5hPRNov 22First Lap
98.9Angel Lopez1:43.5hPRNov 22First Lap
99.9Ryan Delgadillo1:45.2hPRNov 22First Lap
100.10Eddie Godinez1:45.4hPRNov 22First Lap
101.9Alex Saavedra1:49.5hPRNov 22First Lap
102.9Michael Garcia1:51.5hPRNov 22First Lap
103.10Lukas Sargizian1:55.1hPRNov 22First Lap
104.11Chris Engen1:56.7hPRNov 22First Lap
105.11Lorenzo Marquez1:57.2hPRNov 22First Lap
106.12Matthew Nissan1:58.7hPRNov 22First Lap
107.10Aaron Arroyo2:34.4hPRNov 22First Lap
108.9Sartaj Sahota2:39.7hPRNov 22First Lap
600 Meters
1.12Jayson Martin1:24.28PRFeb 1CA Winter Championships Qualifier-Dublin
2.10Zachary Blood1:28.67PRFeb 1CA Winter Championships Qualifier-Dublin
800 Meters
1.12Jayson Martin1:56.50Feb 28Distance Wars
2.10Ben Plaa2:05.13PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.10Zachary Blood2:05.71PRFeb 28Distance Wars
4.11Christian Balderas2:07.82Mar 7Kim Duyst
5.9Joey Stout2:10.65Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
6.10Chris Van Allen2:15.00PRFeb 28Distance Wars
7.11Abel Medina2:16.33Feb 28Distance Wars
8.11Gabriel Cervantes2:20.03PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.11JohnPaul Fuentes2:24.79Feb 28Distance Wars
10.11Moises Aceves2:27.76PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.10Carlos Arreola2:28.74Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.9David Garcia2:32.82PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.11Jacob Moss2:32.93PRFeb 28Distance Wars
14.10Alexis Montes2:33.26PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
15.10Diego Lopez2:33.45PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
16.10Ruben Gonzalez2:35.98PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11Favian Gonzalez2:35.98PRFeb 28Distance Wars
18.9Ryan Dhillon2:36.05PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
19.11Trevor Souza2:36.69PRFeb 28Distance Wars
20.9Adrian Valdovinos2:37.72PRFeb 28Distance Wars
21.9Hayden Sullivan2:38.17PRFeb 28Distance Wars
22.12Bryce Van Allen2:39.00Feb 28Distance Wars
23.10Isaac Mendoza2:39.81Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
24.9Jose Zamora2:39.88PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
25.10Parmvir Toor2:43.73PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
26.9Jeremy Garcia2:44.34PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
27.10Tyler Titus2:44.45PRFeb 28Distance Wars
28.10Ethan Gilbert2:49.45PRFeb 28Distance Wars
29.10Dvinder Singh2:53.74PRFeb 28Distance Wars
30.9Gabriel Padilla2:54.69PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
31.9Brian Martinez3:09.41PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
32.9Nathaniel Perez3:18.02PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Zachary Blood2:08.1hPRJan 24GSB Relays
2.10Ben Plaa2:11.0hPRJan 24GSB Relays
3.10Efren Sanchez2:12.4hJan 24GSB Relays
4.12Jayson Martin2:17.3hJan 24GSB Relays
5.11Abel Medina2:23.2hPRJan 24GSB Relays
6.10Chris Van Allen2:24.2hJan 24GSB Relays
7.12Sargis Baghban2:24.3hPRJan 24GSB Relays
8.12Steven Harry2:25.8hPRJan 24GSB Relays
9.9Diego Cisneros2:27.0hPRJan 24GSB Relays
10.11Gabriel Cervantes2:30.0hPRJan 24GSB Relays
11.10Carlos Arreola2:30.8hPRJan 24GSB Relays
12.11Moises Aceves2:36.4hPRJan 24GSB Relays
9Emilio Sanchez2:36.4hPRJan 24GSB Relays
14.11Tristan Allen2:39.0hPRJan 24GSB Relays
15.11Trevor Souza2:41.7hPRJan 24GSB Relays
16.9Jeremy Garcia2:42.8hPRJan 24GSB Relays
17.10Angel Garcia2:43.7hPRJan 24GSB Relays
18.10Ethan Day2:49.9hPRJan 24GSB Relays
12Jason England2:49.9hPRJan 24GSB Relays
20.9Rylan Persons2:53.7hPRJan 24GSB Relays
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Jayson Martin3:17.8hPRFeb 28Distance Wars
1500 Meters
1.11Christian Balderas4:15.40PRMar 7Kim Duyst
2.10Antonio Porana5:16.80PRFeb 22UC Berkeley AC
1600 Meters
1.10Damian Garcia4:31.73Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.10Ben Plaa4:36.57PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.10Efren Sanchez4:37.66Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.12Jayson Martin4:38.27Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.11Christian Balderas4:38.8hFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
6.11Ethan Robinson4:41.39Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.10Chris Van Allen5:01.75PRFeb 28Distance Wars
8.11Gabriel Cervantes5:07.90PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.10Chris Young5:09.41PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
10.9Diego Cisneros5:10.58Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.11Tristan Allen5:11.00Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.9Javier Camacho5:16.93Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
13.9Emilio Sanchez5:17.02PRFeb 28Distance Wars
14.11JohnPaul Fuentes5:18.38PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
15.10Carlos Arreola5:25.49Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
16.11Moises Aceves5:25.75PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
17.9Joban Mann5:27.19PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
18.10Antonio Porana5:29.29PRFeb 28Distance Wars
19.10Nathaniel Melgoza5:30.66PRFeb 28Distance Wars
20.10Angel Garcia5:31.95PRFeb 28Distance Wars
21.10Diego Lopez5:39.32PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
22.11Trevor Souza5:41.04PRFeb 28Distance Wars
23.12Jason England5:42.42PRFeb 28Distance Wars
24.11Favian Gonzalez5:47.36PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
25.10Isaac Mendoza5:47.68PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
26.9Rylan Persons5:58.18Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
27.9Enrique Duran6:01.35PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
28.9Abraham Valencia6:07.53Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
29.10Dvinder Singh6:23.37PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
30.9Gabriel Padilla6:24.08PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Ben Plaa4:52.5hPRFeb 28Distance Wars
3000 Meters
1.10Efren Sanchez9:22.88PRFeb 1CA Winter Championships Qualifier-Dublin
2.10Damian Garcia9:33.20PRFeb 1CA Winter Championships Qualifier-Dublin
3200 Meters
1.10Damian Garcia9:51.66PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
2.10Efren Sanchez10:02.67Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.11Ethan Robinson10:31.88PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.10Chris Young11:13.87PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.9Javier Camacho11:20.32PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.9Diego Cisneros11:25.33PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
7.11Tristan Allen11:30.83PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
8.9Emilio Sanchez11:32.67PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.11JohnPaul Fuentes11:41.69PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.10Angel Garcia12:03.66PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.9Joban Mann12:06.33PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.10Antonio Porana12:08.82PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.10Nathaniel Melgoza12:27.96PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
14.12Jason England12:31.44PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
15.9Enrique Duran12:42.81PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
16.9Rylan Persons13:22.63PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
17.9Abraham Valencia13:45.32PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Christian Mendoza17.46 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
2.9Kenny Jackson17.67 (.8)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.9Cruzito Garcia18.30 (1.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
4.10Derek Zamarripa20.07 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Christian Mendoza18.27 (-.1)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.12Sargis Baghban18.33 (-.1)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.9Kenny Jackson18.47 (-.1)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Cruzito Garcia46.11PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.10Derek Zamarripa46.50PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.10Juan Estrada50.85PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Jarod Moren44.94PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.12Sargis Baghban45.28PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.10Christian Mendoza45.38PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.12Cameron Loesche46.00PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.11Jacob Moss49.88PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.11JohnPaul Fuentes52.83PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4x100 Relay
1.Michael Moore
Edwin Mendoza
Christian Mendoza
Kenny Jackson
44.58Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.Diego Nida
Anthony Ventura
Christian Mendoza
Ruben Marquez
47.08Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.Diego Nida
Van Gianotti
Jackson Payne
Anthony Ventura
47.90Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.9Cruzito Garcia
Seth Vink
Jackson Payne
Joey Stout
48.24Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.Ruben Marquez
Jose Zamora
Cruzito Garcia
Kunoia Rice
49.17Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.Jose Zamora
Kai Bravo
Kunoia Rice
Kenny Jackson
49.40Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
4x200 Relay
1.Cameron Loesche
Abel Medina
Jayson Martin
Jarod Moren
1:37.8hJan 24GSB Relays
2.9Cruzito Garcia
Jackson Payne
Diego Nida
Joey Stout
1:40.85Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.Christian Mendoza
Jesse Luna
Sergio Romo
Michael Moore
1:41.9hJan 24GSB Relays
4.Hezekiah Longoria
Ruben Marquez
Kai Bravo
Christian Mendoza
1:43.54Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.Kenny Jackson
Evan Kiely
Seth Vink
Zachary Blood
1:43.56Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
6.Jonathan Rodriguez
Anthony Ventura
Juan Estrada
Cruzito Garcia
1:49.4hJan 24GSB Relays
7.Jacob Moss
Michael Cuevas
Goody Mahil
Larry Romero
1:52.6hJan 24GSB Relays
8.Marcus DaSilva
Cesar Leyva
Nathaniel Perez
Adrian Penalosa
1:56.3hJan 24GSB Relays
9.Rayden Rasmussen
Derek Zamarripa
Anthony Simmons
Guillermo Roque
2:00.3hJan 24GSB Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Steven Harry
Zachary Blood
Edwin Mendoza
Jayson Martin
3:30.11Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.Abel Medina
Joey Stout
Cameron Loesche
Josiah Frank
3:42.02Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.Sergio Romo
Carlos Arreola
Gabriel Cervantes
Chris Van Allen
3:59.14Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.Jaden Fonoti
Jacob Moss
Sargis Baghban
Ben Plaa
4:00.34Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.Van Gianotti
Ruben Marquez
Evan Kiely
Derek Zamarripa
4:00.36Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4x800 Relay
1.Ben Plaa
Steven Harry
Sargis Baghban
Zachary Blood
9:08.9hJan 24GSB Relays
2.Diego Cisneros
Efren Sanchez
Abel Medina
Jayson Martin
9:19.8hJan 24GSB Relays
3.Carlos Arreola
Christopher Van Allen
Tristan Allen
Gabriel Cervantes
10:03.7hJan 24GSB Relays
4.Moises Aceves
Jason England
Angel Garcia
Emilio Sanchez
10:46.5hJan 24GSB Relays
5.Trevor Souza
*Ethan Day
Rylan Persons
Jeremy Garcia
11:08.3hJan 24GSB Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Ben Plaa
Bryce Van Allen
Zachary Blood
Jayson Martin
11:15.65Feb 28Distance Wars
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Colton Salsig41' 1PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
2.10Nathan Johnson-G36' 1PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
3.10Aidden Ribiero35' 9PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
4.10Andrew Rostam35' 1PRJan 24GSB Relays
5.10Juan Zarate32' 5PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
6.10Adrian Delgado32' 3PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
7.10Ivan Valdovinos32' 1PRJan 24GSB Relays
8.9Angel Lopez31' 4PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.9Austin Miller31' 1PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
10Connor Malech31' 1PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
11.9Alex Saavedra30' 3PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
12.10David Sandoval30' 1PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.10Eddie Godinez29' 4PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
14.10Victor Novoa28' 5PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
15.9Jorge Perez26' 0Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
16.9Sartaj Sahota25' 7PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
17.10Aaron Arroyo25' 2PRJan 24GSB Relays
18.9Michael Garcia22' 11Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
19.9Manuel Castro21' 10PRJan 24GSB Relays
20.10Lukas Sargizian20' 2PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
21.9Ryan Delgadillo19' 6PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Chris Engen44' 0Apr 21"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Finals
2.11Edgar Gonzalez41' 8Jan 24GSB Relays
3.11Eilray Davood38' 10PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.11Eli Covarrubias37' 1PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.12Matthew Nissan36' 11Jan 24GSB Relays
11Ki Elisaia36' 11PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
7.11Lorenzo Marquez36' 6PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
8.10Colton Salsig36' 4Apr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
9.11Robert Evanoff34' 7Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.11Etienne Villet33' 3PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
11.11Oscar Mercado29' 1Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
12.11Ben Campos29' 0PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
13.9Austin Miller28' 10PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
14.10Connor Malech27' 11Apr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
15.10Ivan Valdovinos26' 5PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
16.11Diego Castillo26' 4PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
17.10Eddie Godinez25' 4PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
18.10David Sandoval25' 2Apr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
19.9Michael Garcia21' 0PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
20.9Ryan Delgadillo17' 11PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
Discus - 1kg
1.-Deric Moren125' 5PRJun 6GST Post-Zombie Apocalypse Summer Throws Starter/Clinic
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Eilray Davood125' 10PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.10Nathan Johnson-G105' 2PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.10Colton Salsig101' 2Apr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
4.11Edgar Gonzalez99' 10Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
5.11Robert Evanoff99' 0Apr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
6.10Ivan Valdovinos98' 11PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
7.11Ki Elisaia95' 8Jan 24GSB Relays
8.11Chris Engen94' 6Jun 6GST Post-Zombie Apocalypse Summer Throws Starter/Clinic
9.9Austin Miller91' 0PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.11Ben Campos87' 8Jan 24GSB Relays
11.10Aidden Ribiero86' 7PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
12.11Lorenzo Marquez86' 3Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
13.11Oscar Mercado86' 0Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
14.10Connor Malech85' 2Apr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
15.11Eli Covarrubias84' 3PRJan 24GSB Relays
11Etienne Villet84' 3PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
17.10Eddie Godinez82' 5PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
18.9Green Relay81' 4PRMar 712th Annual Dean Andreessen Classic
19.10Adrian Delgado78' 5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
20.10David Sandoval78' 4Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
21.10Juan Zarate75' 6Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
22.9Angel Lopez73' 8PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
23.12Matthew Nissan70' 4Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
24.10Andrew Rostam68' 1PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
25.10Aaron Arroyo64' 7PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
26.9Alex Saavedra61' 6PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
27.9Sartaj Sahota56' 6PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
28.9Michael Garcia56' 3Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
29.9Jorge Perez55' 11Feb 21Developmental Throw-Off
30.9Manuel Castro52' 4PRJan 24GSB Relays
31.11Diego Castillo50' 7PRJan 24GSB Relays
32.10Lukas Sargizian48' 2PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
33.9Ryan Delgadillo47' 8PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
34.10Victor Novoa44' 8PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
Javelin - 800g
1.11Eilray Davood104' 9PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
2.11Ki Elisaia92' 3PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
3.11Robert Evanoff75' 8PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
4.11Etienne Villet70' 10PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
5.10Colton Salsig68' 6PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
6.11Edgar Gonzalez64' 0PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
7.10Aidden Ribiero63' 5PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
8.11Oscar Mercado57' 5PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
9.10David Sandoval50' 5PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
10.10Ivan Valdovinos47' 1PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
11.10Juan Zarate44' 0PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
12.10Connor Malech40' 1PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
High Jump
1.11Josiah Frank5' 8Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.9Joey Stout5' 7Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.11Jaeden Merchant5' 6PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.9Kenny Jackson5' 4PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.10Robert Salmon5' 2PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
6.9Seth Vink5' 0PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9Bo Dickie5' 0PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
11Jonathan Rodriguez5' 0PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.9Kunoia Rice4' 10PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
Pole Vault
1.11Jarod Moren11' 6Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12Steven Harry11' 6Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12Cameron Loesche11' 6PRFeb 28Distance Wars
4.9Marc Ouse8' 3PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.10Evan Kiely8' 0PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.9Conner Dickinson7' 9PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
Long Jump
1.11Josiah Frank18' 0.5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.12Jayson Martin17' 11.25PRFeb 1CA Winter Championships Qualifier-Dublin
3.11Jaeden Merchant17' 7.75PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.11Sergio Romo17' 3.5Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.11Jonathan Rodriguez17' 1.25Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.11Michael Cuevas17' 0PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.9Seth Vink15' 10PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
8.10Van Gianotti15' 8Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
9.11Guillermo Roque14' 8PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.11Gabriel Cervantes14' 2.75PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.9Hezekiah Longoria13' 8.5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.9Adrian Valdovinos13' 8PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
13.9Hayden Sullivan13' 5PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
14.12Ezekiel Romero13' 2.5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
15.10Robert Salmon11' 8PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
Triple Jump
1.10Christian Mendoza37' 10.75Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.11Josiah Frank37' 9PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.11Michael Cuevas36' 6.75PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.9Seth Vink33' 7PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.10Robert Salmon33' 3.5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.9Kunoia Rice33' 1.5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.9Bo Dickie32' 4.5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
8.9Hezekiah Longoria28' 8.5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
Hammer - 4kg
1.-Deric Moren71' 10PRJun 6GST Post-Zombie Apocalypse Summer Throws Starter/Clinic
Hammer - 12lb
1.11Chris Engen108' 0PRJun 6GST Post-Zombie Apocalypse Summer Throws Starter/Clinic
2.11Eilray Davood97' 2PRJun 6GST Post-Zombie Apocalypse Summer Throws Starter/Clinic
3.11Robert Evanoff95' 2Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
4.11Edgar Gonzalez82' 0PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
5.10Colton Salsig73' 2PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
6.11Oscar Mercado65' 11PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
7.11Ki Elisaia65' 4PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
8.10Ivan Valdovinos61' 10PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
9.11Etienne Villet59' 1PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
10.10Juan Zarate58' 8PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
11.10Connor Malech55' 0PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
12.10Aidden Ribiero48' 9PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
13.10David Sandoval45' 11PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
Weight Throw - 25lb
1.11Chris Engen43' 2.5PRJul 5All Comers at The Ranch
2.11Eilray Davood39' 3PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
3.11Robert Evanoff37' 9Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
4.11Edgar Gonzalez36' 10PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
5.11Ki Elisaia29' 3PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
6.10Colton Salsig27' 1PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
7.10Juan Zarate25' 8PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
8.11Oscar Mercado25' 3PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
9.11Etienne Villet24' 3PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
10.10Connor Malech23' 2PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
11.10David Sandoval22' 9PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
12.10Aidden Ribiero22' 6PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
13.10Ivan Valdovinos18' 11PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
Throws Pentathlon Score
1.11Eilray Davood2253PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
2.11Robert Evanoff1981Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
3.11Edgar Gonzalez1980PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
4.11Ki Elisaia1835PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
5.10Colton Salsig1606PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
6.11Oscar Mercado1453PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
7.10Aidden Ribiero1399PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
8.11Etienne Villet1396PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
9.10Ivan Valdovinos1338PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
10.10Connor Malech1245PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
11.10Juan Zarate1202PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
12.10David Sandoval1201PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon


100 Meters
1.10Josalynn Ragland12.96 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.10Vanessa Arias13.40 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.12Ximena Cesa13.58 (.0)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.11Jessica Smith13.61 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.9Angel Khella13.98 (.1)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.12Shelby Gill14.15 (-1.8)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.9Bri Bass14.31 (-1.8)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
8.9Miranda Jimenez14.37 (.5)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.10Taliya Jordan14.40 (.1)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.10Alejandra Yepez14.55 (.1)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.11Malaikiah Kashif14.70 (-1.8)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.12Kendra Delgado14.76 (.0)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
13.9Leala Smith14.91 (1.5)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
14.12Anuraj Kaur15.19 (.0)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
15.12Jenna Green15.40 (-1.8)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
200 Meters
1.10Josalynn Ragland26.72 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.10Vanessa Arias28.76 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
12Ximena Cesa28.76 (.0)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.11Jacky Velasco29.03 (.0)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.11Chloe Burns29.48 (.9)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.9Angel Khella29.61 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
7.11Malaikiah Kashif29.87 (2.6)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
8.10Taliya Jordan29.91 (1.6)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.9Bri Bass30.12 (1.9)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.10Anette Gonzalez30.74 (.5)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
11.10Alejandra Yepez30.96 (1.9)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.12Kendra Delgado31.53 (2.6)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
13.9Leala Smith31.62 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
14.9Miranda Jimenez31.66 (.0)Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
15.10Emily Lopez31.69 (.3)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
16.9Lauren Hamilton31.90 (1.2)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
17.9Mia Ruvalcaba31.91 (.0)Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
18.10Alondra Rodriguez32.11 (.0)Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
19.10McKinley King32.16 (.9)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
20.10Bambi Kaur32.76 (.9)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
21.10Paola Cabrera32.85 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
22.9Gia Carreon32.89 (.5)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
23.11Giselle Avila32.90 (2.6)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
24.10Cassandra Hernandez33.11 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
25.9Sydney Sedgwick33.19 (2.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
26.10Simone Samra34.80 (-.5)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
27.10Keily Mendoza35.42 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Josalynn Ragland28.6hPRDec 187th Period Final
2.12Yvette Gonzalez30.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
3.11Arley Dominguez30.8hPRDec 187th Period Final
4.11Chloe Burns31.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
5.10Armani Bustos31.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
6.11Jacky Velasco31.5hPRDec 187th Period Final
7.10Mimi Verdone32.1hPRDec 187th Period Final
8.10Anette Gonzalez32.6hPRDec 187th Period Final
9.10Julia Magnu33.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
12Caitlyn Bell33.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
11Delaney Holmes33.0hDec 187th Period Final
12.11Janet Cardenas33.3hPRDec 187th Period Final
13.11Giselle Avila33.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
14.9Leala Smith33.9hPRDec 187th Period Final
15.10Emily Lopez34.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
16.10Alejandra Yepez34.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
17.10Genevieve Huiskens34.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
11Haileigh Faria34.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
19.10Salina Harp35.3hPRDec 187th Period Final
20.10Alxsa Ruvalcaba35.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
11Sara Cisneros35.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
22.10Vanessa Arias35.6hPRDec 187th Period Final
23.9Lauren Hamilton36.1hPRDec 187th Period Final
10McKinley King36.1hPRDec 187th Period Final
25.10Angie Telles36.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
26.10Ruby Jimenez36.9hPRDec 187th Period Final
27.10Alexa Ramirez37.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
28.9Sydney Sedgwick37.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
10Paola Cabrera37.4hPRDec 187th Period Final
30.9Bblina Malkopoor37.8hPRDec 187th Period Final
31.11Rebeckah Day38.6hPRDec 187th Period Final
32.11Ashlan Lucero39.3hPRDec 187th Period Final
33.10Jasenia Galvan39.5hPRDec 187th Period Final
34.10Keily Mendoza39.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
35.10Heidi Chavez41.0hPRDec 187th Period Final
36.11Mikaela Garcia44.3hPRDec 187th Period Final
37.10Tiffany Sommerville47.5hPRDec 187th Period Final
400 Meters
1.10Camila Stephens1:03.44PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.11Joelle Lok1:04.46PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.11Chloe Burns1:08.35Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.11Jacky Velasco1:08.61Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.12Yvette Gonzalez1:08.92Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.11Arley Dominguez1:09.25Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.9Mia Ruvalcaba1:14.17PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
8.10Alondra Rodriguez1:15.07PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.12Nissi Wells1:15.88Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.10Alejandra Yepez1:16.24PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
11.11Giselle Avila1:16.53PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.10Paola Cabrera1:23.85Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
13.11Mikaela Garcia1:25.32PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Camila Stephens1:03.2hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.10Josalynn Ragland1:03.8hPRNov 22First Lap
3.11Joelle Lok1:05.4hPRFeb 28Distance Wars
4.10Mimi Verdone1:06.6hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.10Bella Kern1:07.6hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.12Yvette Gonzalez1:08.3hPRDec 187th Period Final
7.9Maci Day1:08.6hDec 187th Period Final
8.10Vanessa Arias1:08.9hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11Beverly Rubio1:08.9hMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.11Arley Dominguez1:09.4hDec 187th Period Final
11.11Jacky Velasco1:10.0hMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.12Shelby Gill1:10.1hNov 22First Lap
11Malaikiah Kashif1:10.1hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
14.11Diana Olthof1:10.5hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
15.11Chloe Burns1:10.9hNov 22First Lap
16.10Isabella Dominguez1:11.5hPRDec 187th Period Final
17.11Sara Cisneros1:12.2hPRNov 22First Lap
18.10Anette Gonzalez1:12.3hPRNov 22First Lap
19.11Delaney Holmes1:12.9hNov 22First Lap
20.10Armani Bustos1:13.4hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
21.11Giselle Avila1:14.5hPRNov 22First Lap
22.10Charlotte Laska1:14.8hDec 187th Period Final
23.11Janet Cardenas1:14.9hPRDec 187th Period Final
24.11Shanti Murrieta1:15.3hDec 187th Period Final
10Taliya Jordan1:15.3hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
26.10Emily Lopez1:15.9hPRNov 22First Lap
27.9Leala Smith1:16.0hPRNov 22First Lap
28.9Angel Khella1:16.4hPRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
29.12Nissi Wells1:16.5hMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
30.10Alejandra Yepez1:16.6hMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
31.12Annalia Rodriguez1:16.7hDec 187th Period Final
32.12Kendra Delgado1:17.3hNov 22First Lap
33.12Caitlyn Bell1:18.3hPRNov 22First Lap
34.10Julia Magnu1:18.4hNov 22First Lap
35.11Haileigh Faria1:18.5hNov 22First Lap
36.9Anahi Ramos1:18.7hPRJan 24GSB Relays
37.10Angie Telles1:18.8hPRDec 187th Period Final
38.10Ruby Jimenez1:19.0hPRNov 22First Lap
39.9Bblina Malkopoor1:19.1hPRNov 22First Lap
9Miranda Jimenez1:19.1hPRJan 24GSB Relays
41.11Leena Sanchez1:19.7hPRNov 22First Lap
11Marlaina Lascano1:19.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
43.11Nayeli Astorga1:20.0hPRNov 22First Lap
44.9Lauren Hamilton1:20.1hPRDec 187th Period Final
9Sydney Sedgwick1:20.1hPRNov 22First Lap
46.10Shayna Skaria1:20.3hPRNov 22First Lap
47.12Anuraj Kaur1:20.8hPRNov 22First Lap
10Mattie Franklin1:20.8hPRJan 24GSB Relays
49.9Jasmeet Manesh1:21.1hPRJan 24GSB Relays
10Alxsa Ruvalcaba1:21.1hPRNov 22First Lap
51.12Nicole Larios1:21.5hPRNov 22First Lap
9Jasleen Dhillon1:21.5hPRJan 24GSB Relays
53.10McKinley King1:21.8hPRNov 22First Lap
54.10Alexa Ramirez1:22.7hPRNov 22First Lap
55.10Ava Lawson1:22.9hPRDec 187th Period Final
56.10Jasenia Galvan1:23.0hNov 22First Lap
57.10Genevieve Huiskens1:23.3hNov 22First Lap
58.12Kai Borja1:25.0hPRJan 24GSB Relays
59.10Cassandra Hernandez1:26.4hPRJan 24GSB Relays
60.10Paola Cabrera1:26.9hNov 22First Lap
61.9Kylie Guina1:27.2hPRJan 24GSB Relays
62.10Salina Harp1:28.7hPRNov 22First Lap
63.11Rebeckah Day1:30.4hPRNov 22First Lap
64.12Michelle Moshirnia1:31.4hDec 187th Period Final
65.10Keily Mendoza1:32.2hPRDec 187th Period Final
66.11Mikaela Garcia1:37.7hPRDec 187th Period Final
67.11Ashlan Lucero1:39.1hPRNov 22First Lap
68.10Heidi Chavez1:42.2hPRNov 22First Lap
69.9Mia Histo1:45.5hPRJan 24GSB Relays
70.10Haley Kowtko1:50.9hPRDec 187th Period Final
71.10Tiffany Sommerville1:54.4hPRNov 22First Lap
72.9Audrey Villet2:40.4hPRJan 24GSB Relays
800 Meters
1.10Camila Stephens2:31.57PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
2.9Maci Day2:31.85PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.11Joelle Lok2:34.97PRFeb 28Distance Wars
4.12Stefanie Rodriguez2:38.99Feb 28Distance Wars
5.10Bella Kern2:39.61PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
6.9Mimi Olthof2:40.06PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
7.11Brook Ellis2:40.57PRFeb 28Distance Wars
8.11Beverly Rubio2:43.73Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.12Annalia Rodriguez2:47.14PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.12Yvette Gonzalez2:49.13PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.11Shanti Murrieta2:49.85PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.10Hannah DeLay2:51.50PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.10Ava Lawson2:54.16PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
14.10Emily Lopez2:58.89PRFeb 28Distance Wars
15.9Grace Looney3:00.10PRFeb 28Distance Wars
16.11Marlaina Lascano3:01.92PRFeb 28Distance Wars
17.10Angie Telles3:03.48PRFeb 28Distance Wars
18.12Sarah Sahagun3:03.50PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
19.11Nayeli Astorga3:05.53PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
20.12Nicole Larios3:06.81Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
21.9Kylie Guina3:07.08PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
22.10Shayna Skaria3:10.51PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
23.9Jasleen Dhillon3:12.32PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
24.9Jasmeet Manesh3:12.61PRFeb 28Distance Wars
25.10Mattie Franklin3:12.89PRFeb 28Distance Wars
26.9Mia Ruvalcaba3:13.81PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
27.10Alxsa Ruvalcaba3:14.0hFeb 28Distance Wars
28.10Alexa Ramirez3:17.89PRFeb 28Distance Wars
29.9Bblina Malkopoor3:20.0hPRFeb 28Distance Wars
30.10Cassandra Hernandez3:21.0hPRFeb 28Distance Wars
31.11Mikaela Garcia3:30.85PRFeb 28Distance Wars
32.9Melissa Mendez3:35.87PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Beverly Rubio2:39.6hPRFeb 28Distance Wars
2.11Joelle Lok2:42.4hPRJan 24GSB Relays
3.9Maci Day2:43.1hJan 24GSB Relays
4.10Bella Kern2:47.1hPRJan 24GSB Relays
5.12Stefanie Rodriguez2:49.2hJan 24GSB Relays
6.10Isabella Dominguez2:52.2hPRJan 24GSB Relays
7.12Yvette Gonzalez2:59.3hPRJan 24GSB Relays
8.11Yaritza Ronces3:03.9hPRJan 24GSB Relays
9.12Annalia Rodriguez3:04.9hPRJan 24GSB Relays
10.11Shanti Murrieta3:06.7hPRJan 24GSB Relays
11.10Ava Lawson3:09.8hPRJan 24GSB Relays
12.12Michelle Moshirnia3:14.0hPRJan 24GSB Relays
13.11Leena Sanchez3:15.7hPRJan 24GSB Relays
14.11Nayeli Astorga3:19.3hPRJan 24GSB Relays
15.10Shayna Skaria3:20.5hPRJan 24GSB Relays
16.12Nicole Larios3:20.8hPRJan 24GSB Relays
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Stefanie Rodriguez4:13.8hPRFeb 28Distance Wars
1500 Meters
1.11Beverly Rubio5:41.72PRFeb 22UC Berkeley AC
1600 Meters
1.9Maci Day5:32.31Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.12Stefanie Rodriguez5:46.53Feb 28Distance Wars
3.11Diana Olthof5:49.18PRFeb 28Distance Wars
4.10Charlotte Laska5:50.25Feb 28Distance Wars
5.10Camila Stephens5:50.65PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
6.11Beverly Rubio5:54.82PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.10Isabella Dominguez5:56.00PRFeb 28Distance Wars
8.9Mimi Olthof5:57.55PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.10Bella Kern5:57.69PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.12Annalia Rodriguez6:23.47PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.11Yaritza Ronces6:26.29PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.9Grace Looney6:27.18PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
13.11Leena Sanchez6:34.08Feb 28Distance Wars
14.11Shanti Murrieta6:42.55PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
15.12Michelle Moshirnia6:45.4hPRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
16.11Marlaina Lascano6:45.71Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
17.10Hannah DeLay6:47.38PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
18.10Shayna Skaria6:47.56PRFeb 28Distance Wars
19.12Nicole Larios6:50.86Feb 28Distance Wars
20.11Nayeli Astorga6:53.11Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
21.10Ava Lawson7:00.7hFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
22.9Kylie Guina7:03.70PRFeb 28Distance Wars
23.9Jasleen Dhillon7:05.03PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
24.10Alxsa Ruvalcaba7:13.48Feb 28Distance Wars
25.9Melissa Mendez7:50.07PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Maci Day5:47.8hPRFeb 28Distance Wars
Mile Racewalk
1.12Michelle Moshirnia10:48.48PRFeb 22UC Berkeley AC
3200 Meters
1.9Maci Day12:39.65Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.11Diana Olthof12:43.60PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.10Charlotte Laska12:51.12Feb 28Distance Wars
4.10Isabella Dominguez13:01.56PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.12Stefanie Rodriguez13:05.63Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.12Michelle Moshirnia13:57.52PRFeb 28Distance Wars
7.11Yaritza Ronces14:05.51PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
8.9Grace Looney14:10.98PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.11Leena Sanchez14:51.56Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.10Alxsa Ruvalcaba15:23.79PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Armani Bustos18.39 (.1)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.10Julia Magnu18.72 (.0)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.10Mimi Verdone19.83 (.0)Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
4.10Genevieve Huiskens20.36 (.0)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.12Kendra Delgado20.42 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.11Sara Cisneros20.48 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.11Jessica Smith20.88 (.1)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
8.10Mattie Franklin21.01 (-.1)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.11Janet Cardenas21.11 (.1)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.9Jasmeet Manesh21.39 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
11.12Kai Borja21.78 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.10Alexa Ramirez22.22 (-.1)Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
13.12Rayden Simmons22.35 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
14.10Salina Harp22.67 (.0)PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
15.10Ruby Jimenez22.88 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
16.10Cassandra Hernandez23.98 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
17.10Taliya Jordan25.28 (.0)PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Mimi Verdone50.21PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.10Armani Bustos56.49PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.11Arley Dominguez56.77Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.10Mattie Franklin59.49PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.10Alexa Ramirez1:00.42Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.10Emily Lopez1:00.74PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.10Julia Magnu1:01.00Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
8.11Sara Cisneros1:01.67Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.9Jasmeet Manesh1:02.15PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.10Taliya Jordan1:02.81PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.10Cassandra Hernandez1:03.13PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.10Ruby Jimenez1:03.38PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
13.11Janet Cardenas1:03.99Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
14.10Salina Harp1:04.96PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4x100 Relay
1.Ximena Cesa
Shelby Gill
Chloe Burns
Josalynn Ragland
51.87Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.Vanessa Arias
Angel Khella
Armani Bustos
Bri Bass
54.42Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.Alejandra Yepez
Angel Khella
Genevieve Huiskens
Miranda Jimenez
56.68Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.Alejandra Yepez
Anette Gonzalez
Genevieve Huiskens
Miranda Jimenez
57.23Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
4x200 Relay
1.Vanessa Arias
Angel Khella
Josalynn Ragland
Mimi Verdone
1:56.15Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
2.Mimi Verdone
Chloe Burns
Maya Nissan
Josalynn Ragland
1:57.8hJan 24GSB Relays
3.Julia Magnu
Kendra Delgado
Shelby Gill
Arley Dominguez
2:02.3hJan 24GSB Relays
4.Anette Gonzalez
Miranda Jimenez
Armani Bustos
Bri Bass
2:03.26Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.Andrea Esquivel
Anuraj Kaur
Armani Bustos
Jacquelyn Velasco
2:04.0hJan 24GSB Relays
6.Julia Magnu
Jasmeet Manesh
Ruby Jimenez
Camila Stephens
2:04.27Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
7.Alejandra Yepez
Paola Cabrera
Genevieve Huiskens
Vanessa Arias
2:06.4hJan 24GSB Relays
8.Emily Lopez
Bblina Malkopoor
Giselle Avila
Anette Gonzalez
2:11.2hJan 24GSB Relays
9.Keily Mendoza
Ruby Jimenez
Alexa Ramirez
Sara Cisneros
2:15.0hJan 24GSB Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Yvette Gonzalez
Joelle Lok
Jackie Velasco
Camila Stephens
4:32.57Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.Bella Kern
Vanessa Arias
Chloe Burns
Mimi Verdone
4:34.09Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.Charlotte Laska
Diana Olthof
Beverly Rubio
Arley Dominguez
4:45.37Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.Nissi Wells
Isabella Dominguez
Armani Bustos
Malaikiah Kashif
4:51.87Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.Taliya Jordan
Angel Khella
Alejandra Yepez
Anette Gonzalez
5:02.84Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4x800 Relay
1.Bella Kern
Nicole Larios
Stefanie Rodriguez
Maci Day
11:39.0hJan 24GSB Relays
2.Annalia Rodriguez
Joelle Lok
Leena Sanchez
Beverly Rubio
11:45.6hJan 24GSB Relays
3.Isabella Dominguez
Shanti Murrieta
Shayna Skaria
Yvette Gonzalez
12:17.6hJan 24GSB Relays
4.Ava Lawson
Michelle Moshirnia
Nayeli Astorga
Yaritza Ronces
12:45.8hJan 24GSB Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Stefanie Rodriguez
Joelle Lok
Beverly Rubio
Maci Day
13:44.91Feb 28Distance Wars
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Ashlan Lucero35' 6PRApr 21"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Finals
2.12Caitlyn Bell33' 0PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.12Khiaya Simpson31' 6.5Mar 712th Annual Dean Andreessen Classic
4.10McKinley King30' 7PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.10Joselin Vasquez27' 7PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.12Luisa Elisaia27' 3PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.11Rebeckah Day26' 6PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
8.11Haileigh Faria25' 0Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.12Rayden Simmons24' 10PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.10Tiffany Sommerville24' 1Apr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
11.9Leala Smith22' 8Feb 21Developmental Throw-Off
12.9Gia Carreon21' 4PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
13.10Alxsa Ruvalcaba21' 3PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
14.9Mia Histo21' 1PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
15.10Aleena George20' 10PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
16.11Keoni Perez20' 8PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
9Audrey Villet20' 8PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
18.10Haley Kowtko19' 9PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
19.10Esmeralda Gonzales19' 3PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
20.10Ximena Perez19' 1PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
21.10Heidi Chavez18' 11PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
22.10Brooke Nunes18' 5PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
Discus - 1kg
1.12Khiaya Simpson120' 2Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.12Caitlyn Bell117' 11PRJun 6GST Post-Zombie Apocalypse Summer Throws Starter/Clinic
3.10McKinley King114' 3PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.11Ashlan Lucero100' 0Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.11Haileigh Faria91' 4PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
6.11Rebeckah Day83' 11PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.11Keoni Perez78' 7PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
8.10Joselin Vasquez75' 6PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
9.12Rayden Simmons75' 2PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.12Luisa Elisaia72' 2PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.9Gia Carreon63' 1PRFeb 21Developmental Throw-Off
12.10Haley Kowtko62' 0PRApr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
13.10Tiffany Sommerville58' 10Apr 15"Postal" Throws Meet 2020 - Prelims
14.10Alxsa Ruvalcaba57' 5Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
15.9Leala Smith55' 7PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
16.10Aleena George55' 4Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
17.10Brooke Nunes46' 9Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
18.9Audrey Villet46' 6PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
19.10Esmeralda Gonzales44' 6PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
20.10Heidi Chavez42' 10PRJan 24GSB Relays
21.9Mia Histo42' 5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
22.10Ximena Perez41' 11PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
Javelin - 600g
1.11Rebeckah Day71' 1PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
2.12Caitlyn Bell69' 5PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
3.11Ashlan Lucero65' 4Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
4.11Haileigh Faria60' 8PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
5.11Keoni Perez48' 6PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
6.10Alxsa Ruvalcaba41' 6PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
7.9Leala Smith39' 9Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
8.9Audrey Villet36' 8PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
9.10Haley Kowtko34' 1PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
10.10Tiffany Sommerville32' 5Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
High Jump
1.9Lauren Hamilton4' 8PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9Bri Bass4' 8PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.11Janet Cardenas4' 6PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11Delaney Holmes4' 6Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.9Gia Carreon4' 4PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10Salina Harp4' 4Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
7.10Anette Gonzalez4' 2PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10Alexa Ramirez4' 2PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.9Bblina Malkopoor4' 0PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
10.10Keily Mendoza3' 10PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.10Aleena George3' 8PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
Pole Vault
1.11Delaney Holmes9' 0Feb 28Distance Wars
2.12Shelby Gill8' 6Feb 28Distance Wars
3.10Mimi Verdone7' 0Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
12Ximena Cesa7' 0Feb 28Distance Wars
9Sydney Sedgwick7' 0PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
6.10Simone Samra5' 6PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
Long Jump
1.11Jessica Smith14' 9PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.11Delaney Holmes14' 5.75Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.11Janet Cardenas14' 4PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.11Chloe Burns13' 11.5Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
5.12Shelby Gill13' 10.75Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.12Anuraj Kaur13' 2.25Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.9Sydney Sedgwick12' 9PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
8.10Anette Gonzalez12' 3.75PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.11Malaikiah Kashif12' 2.5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9Miranda Jimenez12' 2.5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11.11Giselle Avila12' 1PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
12.10Alexa Ramirez12' 0.5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9Jasmeet Manesh12' 0.5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
14.10Mattie Franklin12' 0PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
15.10Emily Lopez11' 5.5Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
11Sara Cisneros11' 5.5Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
17.9Bblina Malkopoor11' 4.5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
18.10Simone Samra11' 4Mar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
19.10Ruby Jimenez11' 1PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
20.10Keily Mendoza10' 0PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
21.10Alondra Rodriguez9' 11.75PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
Triple Jump
1.10Mimi Verdone31' 4.5Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
2.11Delaney Holmes31' 3Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
3.12Anuraj Kaur29' 5PRMar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
4.9Sydney Sedgwick28' 7.5PRMar 4Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.10Julia Magnu28' 5.5Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
6.10Simone Samra26' 6Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
7.10Paola Cabrera25' 11.5Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
8.12Jenna Green25' 9Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
9.10Bambi Kaur25' 3.75Mar 11CCAL Center Meet #1
Hammer - 4kg
1.12Caitlyn Bell118' 3PRJul 5All Comers at The Ranch
2.10McKinley King111' 11.25PRJul 5All Comers at The Ranch
3.11Ashlan Lucero86' 3Jun 6GST Post-Zombie Apocalypse Summer Throws Starter/Clinic
4.11Haileigh Faria59' 6Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
5.9Leala Smith46' 3PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
6.11Rebeckah Day43' 1PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
7.9Audrey Villet42' 5PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
8.11Keoni Perez40' 4PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
9.10Haley Kowtko39' 4PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
10.10Tiffany Sommerville36' 2Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
11.10Alxsa Ruvalcaba34' 8Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
Weight Throw - 20lb
1.12Caitlyn Bell40' 6.25PRJul 5All Comers at The Ranch
2.11Ashlan Lucero36' 10PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
3.10McKinley King26' 5.25Jul 5All Comers at The Ranch
4.11Haileigh Faria20' 8PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
5.9Audrey Villet19' 4PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
6.10Tiffany Sommerville18' 10PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
7.11Rebeckah Day16' 0PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
8.10Haley Kowtko14' 11PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
9Leala Smith14' 11Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
10.11Keoni Perez12' 10PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
11.10Alxsa Ruvalcaba12' 3Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
Throws Pentathlon Score
1.12Caitlyn Bell2264PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
2.11Ashlan Lucero2175PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
3.11Haileigh Faria1539PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
4.11Rebeckah Day1314PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
5.11Keoni Perez1048PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
6.10Tiffany Sommerville917Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
7.9Leala Smith890Feb 13Throws Pentathlon
8.10Alxsa Ruvalcaba881PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
9.10Haley Kowtko874PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon
10.9Audrey Villet866PRFeb 13Throws Pentathlon

*Recent improvement