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55 Meter Dash
1.10Dylan Gilbert7.89aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
2.10Chanti Motley9.46aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
100 Meters
1.10Sammy Wilson11.21aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
2.11Colton Cummings11.28aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
3.11Antonio Ruiz11.50aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
4.11Gabriel Cordero11.52aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
5.11Dustin Grein11.57aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
6.10Nathan Garibay11.94aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
7.9Darian White12.04aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
8.10Caleb Lemon12.22aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
9.9Rios Rogers12.29aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
10.10Adam Coelho12.49aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
11.9Fausto Escorcia12.58aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
12.10Brett Borges12.70aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
13.9Nick Santos12.89aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
9Anthony Frias12.89awApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
200 Meters
1.11Colton Cummings22.83aMay 19Sac Joaquin Section DI Finals
2.10Sammy Wilson23.16awApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
3.11Antonio Ruiz23.71awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
4.9Darian White24.24awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
5.10Nathan Garibay24.45aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
6.9Rios Rogers24.67awApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
7.12Sean Arianeh24.70aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
8.10Adam Coelho24.79aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
9.10Caleb Lemon25.05aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
10.12Trenten Wright25.16awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
11.9Fausto Escorcia25.44awApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
12.9Anthony Frias25.78awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
13.9Pablo Guizar25.84awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
14.10Brett Borges25.98aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
15.10Tony Skafidas27.25awApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
16.9Richard Clark27.96aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
400 Meters
1.12Rigo Maldonado52.76aMay 6CCC Championships
2.9Rios Rogers52.96aMay 6CCC Championships
3.11Antonio Ruiz53.67aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
4.12Trenten Wright54.17aMay 6CCC Championships
5.11Brandon Brownfield55.42aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
6.9Darian White55.46aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
7.11Jose Sandoval55.48aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
8.12Adrian Perez55.66aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
9.9Anthony Frias57.27aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
10.12Jonas LaPlace57.41aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
11.10Nathan Garibay57.54aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
12.9Diego Pulido59.57aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
13.9Cooper Bowen59.60aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
14.10Tony Skafidas61.81aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
15.10Jonah May62.91aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
800 Meters
1.12David Bosquez2:03.38aMay 6CCC Championships
2.12Rigo Maldonado2:06.07aMay 6CCC Championships
3.11Marc Carrizales2:09.10aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
4.10Uriel Alvarez2:09.26aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.12Eric Alvarez2:10.56aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
6.12Jonathan Hollcraft2:13.21aApr 28German Fernandez Distance Carnival
7.10Ariel Flores2:13.85aMay 6CCC Championships
8.9Anthony Frias2:14.71aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
9.12Jonas LaPlace2:15.58aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
10.11Edgar Ceballos2:15.66aApr 28German Fernandez Distance Carnival
11.9Darian White2:16.81aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
12.10Bryan Quinto2:17.64aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.12Rafael Perez2:21.80aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
14.9Diego Beltran2:30.75aMay 6CCC Championships
1600 Meters
1.12Eric Alvarez4:34.67aMay 6CCC Championships
2.12David Bosquez4:42.45aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
3.10Uriel Alvarez4:54.24aMar 24County Clash V
4.11Marc Carrizales4:55.62aMay 6CCC Championships
5.12Jack Wooley5:01.70aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
6.11Edgar Ceballos5:08.79aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
7.12Rafael Perez5:11.96aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
8.10Ariel Flores5:12.10aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
9.10Bryan Quinto5:15.16aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
10.9Anthony Frias5:18.93aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
11.9Diego Pulido5:26.04aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
12.11Obed Meraz5:26.40aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
13.11Luis Morales5:30.69aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
14.9Diego Beltran5:36.83aMay 6CCC Championships
1 Mile
1.12Eric Alvarez4:49.86aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
2.10Uriel Alvarez5:05.71aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
3.11Edgar Ceballos5:12.31aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
4.9Diego Beltran5:38.67aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
3200 Meters
1.12Eric Alvarez10:24.30aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
2.12Jack Wooley10:40.05aMay 6CCC Championships
3.12Rafael Perez10:43.42aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
4.11Obed Meraz10:50.71aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
5.12David Bosquez10:52.26aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
6.11Edgar Ceballos10:56.37aMay 6CCC Championships
7.10Uriel Alvarez11:36.50aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
8.12Andrew Adamson11:45.43aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
9.11Luis Morales12:12.98aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
10.10Bryan Quinto12:16.32aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
11.10Henry Wooley12:22.03aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
2 Miles
1.12Jack Wooley10:52.29aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
2.11Obed Meraz12:05.62aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Bryan Quinto18.09awMay 6CCC Championships
2.9Pablo Guizar19.68aMay 6CCC Championships
3.9Diego Pulido20.49aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
4.9Jackson Allen20.53aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Brandon Brownfield17.01aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
2.11Jonathan Gonzalez17.59aMar 10Stanislaus County Meet
3.11Bailey Vandergriff17.74aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
4.11Zach Cherry19.45aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
5.10Bryan Quinto19.85aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Bryan Quinto43.05aMay 6CCC Championships
2.9Jackson Allen43.49aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
3.9Pablo Guizar46.66aMay 6CCC Championships
4.10Silas Fredeen47.10aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.9Diego Pulido48.71aMay 6CCC Championships
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Bailey Vandergriff40.79aMay 19Sac Joaquin Section DI Finals
2.11Jonathan Gonzalez43.78aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
3.9Jackson Allen44.36aMay 6CCC Championships
4.11Brandon Brownfield45.67aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
5.10Bryan Quinto45.84aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
6.11Ty Jones47.33aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
7.12Larry Eggleston49.53aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
8.11Zach Cherry51.08aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
4x100 Relay
1.Gabriel Cordero
Colton Cummings
Dustin Grein
Sammy Wilson
43.31aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
2.Gabriel Cordero
Colton Cummings
Sammy Wilson
Dustin Grein
43.35aMay 19Sac Joaquin Section DI Finals
3.Relay Team 43.37aApr 13Mt SAC Relays
4.Gabriel Cordero
Colton Cummings
Sammy Wilson
Bailey Vandergriff
43.40aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
5.Gabriel Cordero
Dustin Grein
Colton Cummings
Sammy Wilson
43.76aApr 29Sacramento Meet of Champions
6.Gabriel Cordero
Dustin Grein
Bailey Vandergriff
Colton Cummings
44.27aMar 18Husky Invitational
7.Jackson Allen
Adam Coehlo
Darian White
Sammy Wilson
46.16aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
8.Caleb Lemon
Darian White
Jackson Allen
Rios Rogers
46.51aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
9.Darian White
Caleb Lemon
Jackson Allen
Rios Rogers
46.63aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
10.Darian White
Brett Borges
Caleb Lemon
Adam Coelho
46.77aMay 6CCC Championships
11.Jackson Allen
Darian White
Caleb Lemon
Rios Rogers
46.84aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
12.Caleb Lemon
Fausto Escorcia
Adam Coelho
Nick Santos
47.29aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
4x200 Relay
1.Nathan Garibay
Caleb Lemon
Silas Fredeen
Henry Wooley
1:41.32aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
4x400 Relay
1.Rios Rogers
Jackson Allen
Antonio Ruiz
Bailey Vandergriff
3:28.50aMay 19Sac Joaquin Section DI Finals
2.Colton Cummings
Bailey Vandergriff
Rigo Maldonado
Antonio Ruiz
3:37.13aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
3.Trenten Wright
Bailey Vandergriff
Antonio Ruiz
Brandon Brownfield
3:37.91aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
4.Colton Cummings
Adrian Perez
Jonathan Gonzalez
Rigo Maldonado
3:40.61aMar 24County Clash V
5.Trenten Wright
Bailey Vandergriff
Antonio Ruiz
Jackson Allen
3:41.74aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
6.David Bosquez
Nathan Garibay
Brandon Brownfield
Trenten Wright
3:42.08aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
7.Trenten Wright
Brandon Brownfield
Antonio Ruiz
Colton Cummings
3:42.96aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
8.Jackson Allen
Rios Rogers
Darian White
Anthony Frias
3:43.39aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
9.Jackson Allen
Darian White
Anthony Frias
Rios Rogers
3:45.12aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
10.Rios Rogers
Darian White
Jackson Allen
Anthony Frias
3:47.00aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
11.Anthony Frias
Darian White
Fausto Escorcia
Cooper Bowen
3:47.13aMay 6CCC Championships
12.Pablo Guizar
Fausto Escorcia
Anthony Frias
Cooper Bowen
3:53.84aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
13.Alfred Nunes
Jonah May
Cooper Bowen
Nick Santos
4:03.47aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
14.Cooper Bowen
Jonah May
Diego Beltran
Eric Guzman
4:06.87aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
15.Eric Guzman
Evan Strode
Mathew Azevedo
Cole Dana
4:16.31aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
4x800 Relay
1.Eric Alvarez
Uriel Alvarez
David Bosquez
Rigo Maldonado
8:48.47aApr 28German Fernandez Distance Carnival
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Eric Alvarez
Rigo Maldonado
Jack Wooley
David Bosquez
11:27.11aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
2.Marc Carrizales
Adrian Perez
Jonas LaPlace
Edgar Ceballos
11:58.85aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Dylan Gilbert49' 2.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
2.9Everett Johnson46' 4.00May 6CCC Championships
3.10Chanti Motley41' 2.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
4.10Bryce Dady38' 1.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
5.10Eduardo Garcia34' 11.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
6.10Andrew Isaac31' 8.75Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
7.10Trevor Alexander29' 10.50Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Dustin Grein47' 0.00May 6CCC Championships
2.10Dylan Gilbert45' 2.00Mar 10Stanislaus County Meet
3.11Damian Pulido41' 9.50May 6CCC Championships
4.12Leo Roa39' 5.50Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
5.11Joel Mulinax37' 11.50Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
6.12Carlos Parra36' 1.50Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Gabriel Cordero160' 8.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
2.12Leo Roa128' 5.00May 6CCC Championships
3.10Dylan Gilbert119' 2.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
4.11Joel Mulinax101' 8.00May 6CCC Championships
5.10Chanti Motley100' 11.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
6.12Carlos Parra93' 9.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
7.10Trevor Alexander82' 10.00Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
8.11Damian Pulido81' 11.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
9.10Bryce Dady75' 11.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
10.9Everett Johnson63' 1.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
11.10Eduardo Garcia62' 0.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
12.10Andrew Isaac46' 6.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
High Jump
1.11William Ashman6' 0.00May 19Sac Joaquin Section DI Finals
2.12Andrew Adamson5' 8.00Mar 18Husky Invitational
3.12Sean Arianeh5' 6.00Mar 10Stanislaus County Meet
10Alfred Nunes Jr5' 6.00Apr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
5.10Caleb Lemon5' 2.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
10Ethan Wright5' 2.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
12Ishmeet Sembi5' 2.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
12Larry Eggleston5' 2.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
Pole Vault
1.10Nathan Garibay13' 10.00May 19Sac Joaquin Section DI Finals
2.11Jose Sandoval13' 6.00May 26Sac Joaquin Section Masters Trials/Finals
3.10Silas Fredeen12' 0.00Mar 10Stanislaus County Meet
4.12Larry Eggleston11' 6.00Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
5.10Henry Wooley11' 2.00May 6CCC Championships
6.10Jonah May9' 6.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
9Evan Strode9' 6.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
8.11Robert Toth9' 0.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
9Cooper Bowen9' 0.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
10Alfred Nunes Jr9' 0.00Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
11.9Eric Guzman8' 6.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
12.10Caleb Lemon7' 9.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.9Mathew Azevedo7' 6.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
9Cole Dana7' 6.00May 6CCC Championships
Long Jump
1.11Dustin Grein22' 6.50Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
2.11William Ashman20' 11.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
3.11Gabriel Cordero18' 11.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
4.10Brett Borges18' 10.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
12Harbeer Panesar18' 10.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
6.10Adam Coelho18' 0.00Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
7.12Trenten Wright17' 8.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
8.12Jack Wooley17' 7.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
9.11Ty Jones17' 2.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
10.9Pablo Guizar16' 11.50May 6CCC Championships
11.9Nick Santos16' 5.50Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
12.9Richard Clark15' 5.75Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.12Patrick Schleuter15' 2.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
14.12Sean Arianeh14' 1.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
Triple Jump
1.11Dustin Grein43' 8.25Apr 29Sacramento Meet of Champions
2.12Andrew Adamson42' 4.00Mar 18Husky Invitational
3.12Harbeer Panesar41' 4.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
4.11William Ashman39' 8.75Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
5.10Brett Borges36' 5.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
6.11Ty Jones35' 11.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
7.10Adam Coelho35' 2.50Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
8.9Nick Santos33' 6.00May 6CCC Championships


100 Meters
1.10Jocelyn Harris12.56aMay 6CCC Championships
2.11Alissa Fuentes12.97awMay 19Sac Joaquin Section DI Finals
3.10Sarah Romo13.22aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
4.11Julia Handy13.32aMar 24County Clash V
11Kishauna Mavis13.32awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
6.12Jessica Bettencourt13.33aMar 10Stanislaus County Meet
7.9Jazmyn Tubbs13.60aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
8.12Molly Clark13.66aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
9.10Jovana Perez13.73aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
10.11Leslie Salazar13.75aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
11.9Ivy Bowen-Ornelas13.92aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
12.9Anna Lima13.94aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
13.9Lizbeth Soltero13.95aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
14.11Catherine Machado13.99aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
15.11Jessica Lopez14.08aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
16.9Danica Hulbert14.13aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
17.9Galilea Alvarez14.26aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
18.9Catelyn Cummings14.37aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
19.10Victoria Souza14.68aMay 6CCC Championships
20.10Irene Gutierrez-Perez14.91aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
21.9Kasandra Medel15.25aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
200 Meters
1.11Julia Handy26.70aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
2.9Katja Guerrero26.82aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
3.10Jocelyn Harris27.09aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
4.12Nikohl Jordan27.14aMay 6CCC Championships
5.11Kishauna Mavis27.68aMay 6CCC Championships
6.11Alissa Fuentes27.86awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
7.10Sarah Romo27.99aMar 18Husky Invitational
8.9Lizbeth Soltero28.28aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
9.11Aranza Perez28.36aMay 6CCC Championships
10.9Anna Lima28.59awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
11.9Romy Sauter28.78awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
12.12Adelae Fredeen28.83aApr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon
13.10Jovana Perez28.87awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
14.11Catherine Machado29.09aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
15.11Jessica Lopez29.23awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
16.12Molly Clark29.24aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
17.9Jazmyn Tubbs29.35awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
18.9Galilea Alvarez29.44awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
19.11Leslie Salazar29.50awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
20.9Catelyn Cummings29.52aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
21.11Makenna Boutelle29.60awApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
22.9Christianee Garner29.77aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
23.9Ivy Bowen-Ornelas30.10aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
24.10Victoria Souza30.26aMay 6CCC Championships
25.10Avery Reed30.92aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
26.9Larissa Fuentes31.20awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
27.10Irene Gutierrez-Perez31.64awMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
28.9Kristen Cherry35.76aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
400 Meters
1.11Julia Handy59.67aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
2.11Bernadette Hollcraft65.03aMar 10Stanislaus County Meet
3.10Emily Ramirez65.04aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
4.12Jessica Bettencourt65.09aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
5.10Megan Drew65.42aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
6.12Molly Clark65.44aMay 6CCC Championships
7.9Romy Sauter65.89aMay 6CCC Championships
8.9Katja Guerrero66.25aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
9.11Aranza Perez66.58aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
10.11Kishauna Mavis67.00aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
11.9Christianee Garner68.44aMay 6CCC Championships
12.11Makenna Boutelle69.75aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
13.10Rayanna McCombs71.02aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
14.9Larissa Fuentes71.64aMay 6CCC Championships
15.9Kristen Cherry85.61aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
800 Meters
1.10Megan Drew2:30.47aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
2.12Nikohl Jordan2:33.53aApr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon
3.12Maria Varela2:34.65aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
4.10Emily Ramirez2:35.54aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
5.9Anna Lima2:36.07aMay 6CCC Championships
6.12Adelae Fredeen2:39.81aApr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon
7.10Sofia Andres2:41.53aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
8.10Yazmine Davalos2:43.12aMay 6CCC Championships
9.10Rayanna McCombs2:45.55aMay 6CCC Championships
10.10Maya Young2:45.78aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
11.9Sandra Tovar2:53.96aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
12.12Yesenia Ramirez2:54.55aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
13.10Jasmin Ruelas2:55.54aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
14.10Laura Schmit3:00.29aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
15.11Marissa Hector3:07.37aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
16.11Yulissa Penaloza3:13.16aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
1600 Meters
1.12Maria Varela5:40.37aMar 18Husky Invitational
2.10Sofia Andres5:47.46aMay 6CCC Championships
3.10Yazmine Davalos5:50.88aMay 6CCC Championships
4.9Sandra Tovar6:21.18aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
5.10Laura Schmit6:27.17aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
6.10Maya Young6:28.38aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
7.10Jasmin Ruelas6:38.94aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
8.12Paola Garcia6:49.72aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
9.9Yahaira Garcia6:53.76aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
10.11Marissa Hector7:16.34aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
1 Mile
1.10Yazmine Davalos6:10.89aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
2.10Laura Schmit6:35.24aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Macie Ericksen12:35.67aMar 10Stanislaus County Meet
2.10Sofia Andres12:36.76aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
3.12Maria Varela12:47.50aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
4.10Megan Drew13:13.18aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
5.12Yesenia Ramirez13:51.95aMay 6CCC Championships
6.12Paola Garcia14:18.12aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
7.10Laura Schmit14:21.35aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
8.11Marissa Hector14:33.47aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
9.10Maya Young15:20.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
2 Miles
1.10Maya Young14:46.27aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
2.11Marissa Hector15:45.99aApr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Jocelyn Harris15.32aMay 19Sac Joaquin Section DI Finals
2.12Adelae Fredeen15.36aMay 19Sac Joaquin Section DI Finals
3.11Bernadette Hollcraft18.29aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
4.9Madison Mar18.33aMay 6CCC Championships
5.12Nikohl Jordan18.76aApr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon
6.9Jennifer Perry19.89aMay 6CCC Championships
7.10Raquel Zapata20.39aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
8.9Savanah Rice20.42aMay 6CCC Championships
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Adelae Fredeen47.01aMay 19Sac Joaquin Section DI Finals
2.12Jessica Bettencourt47.78aMay 6CCC Championships
3.11Bernadette Hollcraft49.76aMay 6CCC Championships
4.10Raquel Zapata51.43aMay 6CCC Championships
5.11Audrey Dykzeul53.06aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
6.9Madison Mar55.03aMay 6CCC Championships
7.9Jennifer Perry56.87aMay 6CCC Championships
8.9Savanah Rice57.73aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Adelae Fredeen68.17aMar 31Stanford Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.Jessica Bettencourt
Jocelyn Harris
Alissa Fuentes
Adelae Fredeen
49.58aMay 6CCC Championships
2.Jocelyn Harris
Adelae Fredeen
Julia Handy
Sarah Romo
49.69aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
3.Adelae Fredeen
Alissa Fuentes
Jocelyn Harris
Sarah Romo
49.80aApr 29Sacramento Meet of Champions
4.Relay Team 50.37aMar 31Stanford Invitational
5.Adelae Fredeen
Jocelyn Harris
Alissa Fuentes
Sarah Romo
50.50aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
6.Adelae Fredeen
Jessica Bettencourt
Jocelyn Harris
Jazmyn Tubbs
50.67aMar 24County Clash V
7.Jessica Bettencourt
Adelae Fredeen
Julia Handy
Jocelyn Harris
50.98aMar 18Husky Invitational
8.Ivy Bowen-Ornelas
Anna Lima
Jovana Perez
Rayanna McCombs
54.73aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
9.Ivy Bowen-Ornelas
Rayanna McCombs
Catelyn Cummings
Raquel Zapata
54.76aMay 6CCC Championships
10.Anna Lima
Ivy Bowen-Ornelas
Rayanna McCombs
Jovana Perez
55.14aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
11.Ivy Bowen-Ornelas
Jovana Perez
Rayanna McCombs
Lizbeth Soltero
55.38aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
4x200 Relay
1.Jazmyn Tubbs
Jovana Perez
Sarah Romo
Jocelyn Harris
1:55.75aMar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
4x400 Relay
1.Katja Guerrero
Jessica Bettencourt
Adelae Fredeen
Bernadette Hollcraft
4:04.08aMay 19Sac Joaquin Section DI Finals
2.Megan Drew
Adelae Fredeen
Bernadette Hollcraft
Katja Guerrero
4:12.22aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
3.Adelae Fredeen
Katja Guerrero
Bernadette Hollcraft
Megan Drew
4:12.45aApr 29Sacramento Meet of Champions
4.Adelae Fredeen
Katja Guerrero
Julia Handy
Bernadette Hollcraft
4:12.54aMar 29CCC Center Meet #1
5.Jessica Bettencourt
Megan Drew
Emily Ramirez
Bernadette Hollcraft
4:14.57aMar 24County Clash V
6.Relay Team 4:16.56aMar 31Stanford Invitational
7.Jessica Bettencourt
Adelae Fredeen
Bernadette Hollcraft
Julia Handy
4:18.40aMar 18Husky Invitational
8.Anna Lima
Lizbeth Soltero
Romy Sauter
Raquel Zapata
4:25.42aApr 12CCC Center Meet #2
9.Romy Sauter
Raquel Zapata
Rayanna McCombs
Catelyn Cummings
4:32.79aMay 6CCC Championships
10.Christianee Garner
Romy Sauter
Lizbeth Soltero
Raquel Zapata
4:32.99aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
11.Molly Clark
Aranza Perez
Catherine Machado
Jessica Lopez
4:35.83aApr 26CCC Center Meet #3
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Macie Ericksen
Julia Handy
Adelae Fredeen
Maria Varela
13:33.21aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
2.Emily Ramirez
Jessica Bettencourt
Megan Drew
Sofia Andres
13:43.50aMar 3Pitman Distance Wars
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Nikohl Jordan32' 5.50Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
2.10Emily Ngo31' 3.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
3.9Jazmyn Tubbs29' 9.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
4.12Adelae Fredeen28' 6.91Apr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon
5.12Katie Green28' 0.00May 6CCC Championships
6.11Julieta Barajas26' 5.00Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
7.10Pepper Nunez-Bradshaw25' 0.00Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
Discus - 1kg
1.12Nikohl Jordan118' 2.00Apr 13Mt SAC Relays
2.12Katie Green116' 3.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
3.10Emily Ngo96' 0.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
4.11Julieta Barajas93' 5.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
5.10Pepper Nunez-Bradshaw88' 2.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
Javelin - 600g
1.12Nikohl Jordan81' 7.92Apr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon
2.12Adelae Fredeen74' 4.13Apr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon
High Jump
1.12Desmine Washington5' 2.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
2.9Jazmyn Tubbs4' 10.00Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
3.12Nikohl Jordan4' 9.48Apr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon
4.12Adelae Fredeen4' 8.30Apr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon
5.11Audrey Dykzeul4' 6.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
9Katja Guerrero4' 6.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
7.9Savanah Rice4' 5.00May 6CCC Championships
Pole Vault
1.10Sarah Romo9' 6.00Apr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
2.11Hannah Tinley9' 0.00Mar 3Pitman Distance Wars
12Alyssa Nunes9' 0.00Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
4.10Jocelyn Harris8' 5.00May 6CCC Championships
5.11Alexis Medeiros7' 11.00May 6CCC Championships
6.10Megan Drew7' 6.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
9Kasandra Medel7' 6.00May 6CCC Championships
Long Jump
1.11Kishauna Mavis15' 11.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
2.11Alissa Fuentes15' 9.25Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
3.9Danica Hulbert15' 6.50Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
4.11Leslie Salazar15' 6.00Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
5.12Adelae Fredeen15' 0.71Apr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon
6.9Ashlyn Tilby14' 11.00Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
7.12Nikohl Jordan14' 9.95Apr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon
8.11Catherine Machado14' 8.50Apr 26CCC Center Meet #3
9.12Molly Clark14' 6.00Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
10.10Victoria Souza14' 0.00May 6CCC Championships
11.10Jovana Perez13' 11.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
12.10Avery Reed13' 5.00Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
11Makenna Boutelle13' 5.00Apr 12CCC Center Meet #2
14.10Imaya Torres13' 2.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
15.9Kasandra Medel12' 10.00May 6CCC Championships
Triple Jump
1.11Alissa Fuentes32' 10.00Mar 29CCC Center Meet #1
2.9Ashlyn Tilby32' 1.25Apr 8Hughson Vintage Invitational
3.11Makenna Boutelle31' 7.00May 6CCC Championships
4.9Danica Hulbert30' 11.00May 6CCC Championships
5.9Kasandra Medel29' 5.00May 6CCC Championships
6.10Imaya Torres26' 9.50Mar 15Frosh-Soph Showcase
7.10Avery Reed26' 8.50May 6CCC Championships
Heptathlon Score
1.12Nikohl Jordan3562Apr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon
2.12Adelae Fredeen3524Apr 5NorCal 10K & 1 Day Decathlon

*Recent improvement