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100 Meters
1.10Jeff Setterlund11.54cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
2.10Shane Peterson11.78aMay 11SFL Finals
3.11Troy Kline11.84cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
4.11Alexander Bertrando12.04cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
5.10Tanner Pelle12.29aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
6.12Austin Carmouche12.34cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
7.10Duncan Small12.35aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
8.9Karl Colina12.64cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
9.9Troy McKim13.29aMar 749er Friendship Meet
10.9Bert Black13.44cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
11.9Austin Montgomery13.94cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
12.11Jack Burleson22.18aMay 11SFL Finals
200 Meters
1.12Blake Covey23.44cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
2.10Tanner Pelle23.72aMar 749er Friendship Meet
3.10Jeff Setterlund23.84cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
4.10Forrest Scholtes-Dowd23.94cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
5.10Austin Smith (Jr)24.03aMar 749er Friendship Meet
6.11Cody Otten24.50aMay 11SFL Finals
7.11Troy Kline24.60aMar 749er Friendship Meet
8.10James Corbett24.80aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
9.10Owen Christian24.93aMay 11SFL Finals
10.10Johnathon Tuttle24.94cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
11.11Jonathan Bell25.04cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
12Brett Kessler25.04cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
10Shane Peterson25.04cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
14.11Ashkaun Mohammadi25.34cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
15.9Karl Colina25.64cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
16.10Duncan Small25.84cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
17.9Robinson Hess26.04aMay 11SFL Finals
9Troy McKim26.04cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
19.11John Hodge26.24cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
20.9Matthew Burger26.94cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
12Thomas Harari26.94cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
22.9Charley Console27.40aMar 749er Friendship Meet
23.11Jarrod Lumley27.44cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
9Austin Montgomery27.44cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
25.12Jarred Ludwig28.44cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
26.9John Harari31.74cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
27.9Ryan Ludwig32.04cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
28.11Jack Burleson48.74cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
400 Meters
1.12Blake Covey49.65aMay 11SFL Finals
2.10Austin Smith (Jr)50.85aApr 14Thunder Invitational
3.12Casey Wheeler51.64cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
4.10Johnathon Tuttle52.24cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
5.10Forrest Scholtes-Dowd52.93aMay 11SFL Finals
6.10Owen Christian53.56aMay 11SFL Finals
7.12Robert Heatherington54.14cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
8.11Jonathan Bell54.24cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
9.11 Tilee55.04cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
10.9Karl Colina55.87aMay 11SFL Finals
11.9Anthony Christensen56.84cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
12.9Matthew Burger57.94cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
13.9 Robinson59.14cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
14.9Robinson Hess59.94cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
15.9Austin Montgomery62.64cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
16.9Charley Console64.44cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Blake Covey49.60May 11SFL Finals
2.12Casey Wheeler50.20May 11SFL Finals
3.10Johnathon Tuttle52.00May 11SFL Finals
4.10Forrest Scholtes-Dowd52.10May 11SFL Finals
5.11Austin Smith (12th grade)52.80May 11SFL Finals
6.10Brent Giles53.00May 11SFL Finals
7.10Owen Christian53.10May 11SFL Finals
8.10Race Nelson53.30May 11SFL Finals
800 Meters
1.12Sam Baker1:56.91aApr 28Sacramento Meet of Champions
2.12Blake Covey1:58.90Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
3.10Race Nelson2:04.59aMay 11SFL Finals
4.11Trevor Stephens2:06.17aMar 749er Friendship Meet
5.12Casey Wheeler2:09.10aApr 13Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
6.9Marc Arteaga2:11.05aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
7.12Kyle Woo2:11.63aMay 11SFL Finals
8.9Karl Colina2:11.74aMay 11SFL Finals
9.10Brent Giles2:11.90Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
10.10Owen Christian2:12.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
11.9Moses Wolfe-Polgar2:14.31aMay 11SFL Finals
12.11Drew Fajardo2:15.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
13.9Kyle Ebert2:18.03aMay 11SFL Finals
14.9Alexander Mekebri2:24.64aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
15.9Alexander Bice2:27.61aMay 11SFL Finals
16.10Forrest Scholtes-Dowd2:27.90Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
17.9Jaehak Lee2:30.52aMay 11SFL Finals
18.12Grant Dallas2:32.10Mar 749er Friendship Meet
19.10Zach McLaughlin2:34.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
20.11Alexander Ratkowski2:39.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
21.9Austin Amabisco3:08.83aMay 11SFL Finals
1500 Meters
1.11Trevor Stephens4:09.49aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
2.12Sam Baker4:13.91aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
3.10Brent Giles4:28.40May 5Sactown Races
4.9Moses Wolfe-Polgar4:30.40May 5Sactown Races
5.9Kyle Ebert4:37.10May 5Sactown Races
6.12Kyle Woo4:37.64aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
7.10Race Nelson4:41.35aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
8.9Marc Arteaga4:50.20aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
9.11Drew Fajardo4:51.08aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
10.9Alexander Bice4:51.90May 5Sactown Races
11.9Alexander Mekebri4:54.90May 5Sactown Races
12.11Alexander Ratkowski5:15.42aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
13.10Zach McLaughlin5:19.50May 5Sactown Races
14.9Jaehak Lee5:24.10May 5Sactown Races
15.9Austin Amabisco6:17.40May 5Sactown Races
1600 Meters
1.12Sam Baker4:22.74aMay 18Sac Joaquin Section Division II-III Finals
2.11Trevor Stephens4:31.10aMar 17Cal Invitational
3.11 Guinnip4:38.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
4.9Moses Wolfe-Polgar4:43.12aMay 11SFL Finals
5.12Kyle Woo4:47.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
6.10Brent Giles4:52.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
7.9Marc Arteaga4:56.10Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
8.10Race Nelson4:58.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
9.9Alexander Mekebri5:08.02aMay 11SFL Finals
10.11Drew Fajardo5:08.06aApr 13Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
11.9Kyle Ebert5:09.30Mar 749er Friendship Meet
12.9Alexander Bice5:11.45aMay 11SFL Finals
13.12Spencer Stacy5:13.00Apr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
14.11Alexander Ratkowski5:36.30Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
15.9Jaehak Lee5:40.52aMay 11SFL Finals
16.10Zach McLaughlin5:45.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
17.12Grant Dallas5:48.30Mar 749er Friendship Meet
18.9Austin Amabisco6:44.80Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
19.9Josh Mortum6:47.20Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
1 Mile
1.11Trevor Stephens4:23.64aApr 7Stanford Invitational
3000 Meters
1.11Trevor Stephens9:26.29aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
2.9Kyle Ebert10:15.08aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
3.12Kyle Woo10:21.72aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
4.9Alexander Bice10:37.70aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
5.11Alexander Ratkowski12:07.82aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Trevor Stephens9:35.80aMay 18Sac Joaquin Section Division II-III Finals
2.12Sam Baker9:45.27aMay 4 Kays/Ostrom Nevada Union Invitational
3.9Kyle Ebert10:25.32aMay 11SFL Finals
4.12Kyle Woo10:57.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
5.9Moses Wolfe-Polgar10:58.38aApr 13Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
6.9Marc Arteaga10:58.73aMay 11SFL Finals
7.9Alexander Bice11:15.51aApr 13Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
8.9Alexander Mekebri11:29.36aApr 13Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
9.9 Megek11:38.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
10.10Zach McLaughlin12:46.90Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
11.11Alexander Ratkowski13:05.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
100m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Casey Wheeler15.34cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
2.12Keith Allred16.44cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
3.10James Corbett17.04cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
4.11Derek Bashaw18.64cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
5.10Holten Chorley20.24cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
6.9Diego Quinto22.24cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
110m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Holten Chorley18.62aMay 11SFL Finals
2.9Diego Quinto20.61aMay 11SFL Finals
3.9Nathan Goddend22.11aMay 11SFL Finals
4.9Alec Krznarich22.30aMay 11SFL Finals
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Casey Wheeler14.35aJun 2CIF State Finals
2.10James Corbett16.04aMar 749er Friendship Meet
3.10Holten Chorley19.88aMar 749er Friendship Meet
4.9Diego Quinto21.19aMar 749er Friendship Meet
5.9Alec Krznarich22.05aMay 5Sactown Races
6.9Nathan Goddend22.23aMay 5Sactown Races
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Casey Wheeler14.26aJun 1CIF State Meet Prelims
2.12Keith Allred15.46aMay 24Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Trials
3.10James Corbett16.14aApr 7Stanford Invitational
4.10Holten Chorley19.20aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
5.9Diego Quinto19.94cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
6.9Nathan Goddend21.24cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
7.9 Goddard21.84cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
8.9Alec Krznarich22.04cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Holten Chorley46.17aMay 11SFL Finals
2.9Nathan Goddend55.43aMay 11SFL Finals
3.9Diego Quinto56.59aMay 11SFL Finals
4.9Alec Krznarich57.10aMay 11SFL Finals
300m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Casey Wheeler39.43aMay 11SFL Finals
2.10James Corbett41.36aMay 11SFL Finals
3.12Keith Allred42.52aMay 11SFL Finals
4.12Brett Kessler42.78aMay 11SFL Finals
5.10Holten Chorley47.88aMar 749er Friendship Meet
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Casey Wheeler37.53aJun 1CIF State Meet Prelims
2.10James Corbett40.66aMay 18Sac Joaquin Section Division II-III Finals
3.12Brett Kessler42.25aMay 4 Kays/Ostrom Nevada Union Invitational
4.12Keith Allred42.94cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
5.10Duncan Small45.54cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
6.11Derek Bashaw46.64cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
7.10Holten Chorley47.75aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
8.9Nathan Goddend53.30aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
9.9 Goddard54.84cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
10.9Diego Quinto55.67aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
11.9Alec Krznarich59.74cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Casey Wheeler57.94aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Casey Wheeler56.04aApr 6Stanford Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 44.44cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
2.-Troy Kline
Blake Covey
James Corbett
Jeff Setterlund
44.99aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
3.-Austin Carmouche
Jeff Setterlund
Blake Covey
James Corbett
45.72aApr 14Thunder Invitational
4.-Jeff Setterlund
Tanner Pelle
James Corbett
Troy Kline
46.13aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
5.-Karl Colina
Owen Christian
Forrest Scholtes-Dowd
Shane Peterson
47.78aApr 14Thunder Invitational
6.-Karl Colina
Troy McKim
Jeff Setterlund
Forrest Scholtes-Dowd
48.34cMay 5Sactown Races
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:38.14aMar 10Vallejo Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Casey Wheeler
Blake Covey
Johnathon Tuttle
Austin Smith
3:19.71aMay 25Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.-Relay Team 3:21.31aMay 18Sac Joaquin Section Division II-III Finals
3.-Austin Smith
Johnathon Tuttle
Casey Wheeler
Blake Covey
3:31.04aMar 749er Friendship Meet
4.-Race Nelson
Brent Giles
Forrest Scholtes-Dowd
Owen Christian
3:31.71aMay 11SFL Finals
5.-Owen Christian
Brent Giles
Johnathon Tuttle
Forrest Scholtes-Dowd
3:34.40May 5Sactown Races
6.-Owen Christian
Karl Colina
Troy McKim
Forrest Scholtes-Dowd
3:34.60aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
7.-Owen Christian
Karl Colina
Forrest Scholtes-Dowd
Troy McKim
3:42.39aApr 14Thunder Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 8:31.62aApr 7Stanford Invitational
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 1:40.40Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Relay Team 3:56.86aMar 10Vallejo Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 11:08.44aApr 6Stanford Invitational
2.-Alexander Mekebri
Marc Arteaga
Forrest Scholtes-Dowd
Brent Giles
12:20.51aApr 13Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
Shot Put - 10lb
1.9Jacob Hawks36' 9.50Apr 20Del Oro Invitational
2.9Anthony Christensen28' 3.50Apr 20Del Oro Invitational
3.9Curtis Alexander27' 9.00May 11SFL Finals
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Zack Jensen44' 3.00May 11SFL Finals
2.12Quentin Baldwin42' 5.25May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
3.12Brett Kessler41' 4.75May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
4.11Jared Catalano39' 11.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
5.11Joshua Volkmar38' 5.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
6.11Josh Lyons35' 10.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
7.11Cody Otten35' 4.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
8.9Jacob Hawks35' 3.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
9.11Stephen Smith33' 10.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
10.9Boby Butcher33' 7.50Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
11.11Wade Foley33' 7.00May 11SFL Finals
12.12Austin Carmouche33' 1.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
13.11Logan Lamb32' 10.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
14.9Jacob Sandberg32' 4.00Apr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
15.11William Musgrave32' 3.00Mar 749er Friendship Meet
16.9Anthony Christensen31' 10.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
17.12Travis DeGlymes31' 0.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
18.11Nick Giambruno30' 10.50Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
19.11Jacob Donaghue29' 6.50May 11SFL Finals
20.9Curtis Alexander26' 8.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Quentin Baldwin140' 2.00May 18Sac Joaquin Section Division II-III Finals
2.9Michael Langston139' 4.50Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
3.11Cody Otten127' 4.25Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
4.11Zack Jensen114' 3.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
5.11Jared Catalano107' 5.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
6.11Stephen Smith105' 2.25Mar 749er Friendship Meet
7.12Brett Kessler100' 4.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
8.9Curtis Alexander89' 0.00Apr 14Thunder Invitational
9.11Jacob Donaghue79' 3.00May 11SFL Finals
10.9Jacob Sandberg74' 3.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
11.11Joshua Volkmar68' 7.50Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
12.11William Musgrave63' 0.75Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
13.9Jacob Hawks61' 4.50Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
14.12Travis DeGlymes52' 0.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
15.9Anthony Christensen46' 8.50Apr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
16.9Derek Meaglia37' 8.50Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
High Jump
1.12Brett Kessler6' 0.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
2.11Michael Darrough5' 10.00Apr 20Del Oro Invitational
3.10Sean Giorgino5' 8.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
10Johnathon Tuttle5' 8.00May 5Sactown Races
5.11Bradly Whaler5' 6.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
11Alexander Bertrando5' 6.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
7.11Jstyn Strain5' 4.00Mar 749er Friendship Meet
12Austin Carmouche5' 4.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
9.9Troy McKim5' 2.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
10.10James Corbett5' 0.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
9Jared Guardino5' 0.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
11Nick Giambruno5' 0.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
13.9Ian Eilert4' 10.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
14.10Holten Chorley4' 8.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
Pole Vault
1.11John Hodge12' 6.00May 11SFL Finals
12Chris Ormes12' 6.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
3.9John Harari11' 6.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
12Thomas Harari11' 6.00Apr 14Thunder Invitational
5.11Adam Petrul11' 0.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
12Brett O'Hair11' 0.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
12Keith Allred11' 0.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
8.11Derek Bashaw10' 6.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
9.12Spencer Stacy10' 0.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
11Jarrod Lumley10' 0.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
9Ian Eilert10' 0.00Apr 20Del Oro Invitational
12Jarred Ludwig10' 0.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
13.9Charley Console9' 6.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
14.12Seth Issertell9' 0.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
15.9Zack Jarvis8' 0.00May 11SFL Finals
9Ryan Ludwig8' 0.00May 11SFL Finals
Long Jump
1.10Austin Smith (Jr)21' 4.50May 11SFL Finals
2.12Brett Kessler20' 6.50May 11SFL Finals
3.11Michael Darrough20' 1.00Mar 23John Orognen Invitational
4.12Austin Carmouche19' 7.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
5.12Travis DeGlymes19' 0.50May 11SFL Finals
6.11Nick Giambruno17' 9.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
7.11Troy Kline17' 6.50May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
8.11Derek Bashaw17' 6.00Mar 23John Orognen Invitational
9.9Troy McKim17' 2.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
10Forrest Scholtes-Dowd17' 2.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
11.12T Butterfield17' 1.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
12.9Johnny Zieour17' 0.75Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
13.9Curtis Alexander16' 7.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
14.9Tristan Braum15' 10.50May 11SFL Finals
15.9T Williams15' 3.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
16.11Jstyn Strain14' 11.00Apr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
17.11Logan Bridge14' 10.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
18.9Ian Eilert14' 9.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
19.10Shane Peterson14' 7.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
20.9Charley Console13' 11.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
21.11Jack Burleson6' 0.00Mar 749er Friendship Meet
Triple Jump
1.10Austin Smith (Jr)42' 1.25May 11SFL Finals
2.12Brett Kessler41' 7.00May 11SFL Finals
3.12Travis DeGlymes40' 10.00May 11SFL Finals
4.11Michael Darrough40' 4.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
5.11Nick Giambruno38' 8.00Mar 23John Orognen Invitational
6.9Tristan Braum37' 11.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
7.12Austin Carmouche36' 3.50Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
8.11Jstyn Strain34' 2.00Apr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
9.9Troy McKim34' 0.75May 11SFL Finals
10.11Logan Bridge33' 11.50Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
11.9Cameron Bird33' 2.00Mar 10Vallejo Relays
12.11Theoren Mathias32' 4.50Mar 749er Friendship Meet


100 Meters
1.12Brie Simmons12.11aMay 11SFL Finals
2.9Kristen Schumacher12.94cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
3.11Elisa Clement13.30aMay 11SFL Finals
4.9Kelly Bates13.34aMar 749er Friendship Meet
5.9First Bates13.52aApr 14Thunder Invitational
6.9Claire Chappell13.64cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
9Jordan Shane13.64cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
8.9Sidney Dingman14.38aMay 11SFL Finals
9.9 Wirota14.54cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
11Kayla Schairer14.54cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
11.11Maddie Campbell14.64cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
12.10Madeleine Smyth14.70aMay 11SFL Finals
13.11Jennifer Kelly14.74cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
14.10Rachel Alexander15.08aMar 749er Friendship Meet
15.9Ellen Runte15.14cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
16.9Davin Hawes15.30aMay 11SFL Finals
17.11Ashley Hurley15.34aMay 11SFL Finals
18.11Taylor Schairer16.04cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
19.9Anette Angel16.43aMar 749er Friendship Meet
20.11Monique Dumitru17.64aMar 749er Friendship Meet
21.9Vanessa Soltani19.49aMar 749er Friendship Meet
200 Meters
1.12Brie Simmons24.81aMay 4 Kays/Ostrom Nevada Union Invitational
2.11Sydney Proiette26.78aMay 11SFL Finals
3.9Kristen Schumacher27.08aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
4.11Elisa Clement27.21awApr 28Sacramento Meet of Champions
5.9Hannah Jordan27.91awApr 14Thunder Invitational
6.11Brianna Ruiz28.04cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
7.9First Bates28.27awApr 14Thunder Invitational
8.9Claire Chappell28.31aMay 11SFL Finals
9.9Kelly Bates28.34aMar 749er Friendship Meet
10.10Libby Runte28.64cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
11.9Ellen Runte29.35aMay 11SFL Finals
12.11Jamie Bell29.44cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
13.9McKenna Mitchell29.84cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
14.10Madeleine Smyth30.24cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
15.9Jessica Smith30.74cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
16.9Katelyn Rutledge30.84cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
17.11Ashley Hurley31.03aMar 749er Friendship Meet
18.9Sidney Dingman31.04cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
9Vanessa Soltani31.04cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
20.9Davin Hawes31.31aMay 11SFL Finals
21.11Jennifer Kelly33.14cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
22.10Kylee Webb33.54cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
9Coleen Wheeler33.54cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
400 Meters
1.12Brie Simmons58.08aMay 4 Kays/Ostrom Nevada Union Invitational
2.11Brianna Ruiz60.14cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
3.11Sydney Proiette60.37aMay 18Sac Joaquin Section Division II-III Finals
4.9Kristen Schumacher61.07aMay 11SFL Finals
5.11Dominique Tristant61.18aMay 11SFL Finals
6.9McKenna Mitchell64.14cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
7.9Aleena Gingerich66.84cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
8.9Ellen Runte66.94aMay 11SFL Finals
9.9Hannah Jordan67.64cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
10.9 Crody70.54cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
11.9Courtney Langston72.24cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
12.10Kylee Webb80.14cMar 21Black & Gold Meet
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Brie Simmons55.40May 25Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.10Amy Heyn60.20May 11SFL Finals
3.9Kristen Schumacher60.30May 11SFL Finals
4.11Dominique Tristant60.60May 11SFL Finals
5.11Sydney Proiette61.10May 11SFL Finals
6.9Malory Mullins62.00May 11SFL Finals
7.9McKenna Mitchell64.00May 11SFL Finals
800 Meters
1.10Amy Heyn2:17.01aMay 24Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Trials
2.12Alexa Lua2:28.80Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
3.11Dominique Tristant2:30.76aApr 14Thunder Invitational
4.10Ashley Dessert2:32.37aMay 11SFL Finals
5.9Victoria Orsi2:33.84aMay 11SFL Finals
6.12Caitlynn Curtis2:33.87aMay 11SFL Finals
7.10Lizzie Meredith2:34.74aMay 11SFL Finals
8.9Aleena Gingerich2:36.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
9.11Megan Gentes2:39.63aMay 11SFL Finals
10.9 Crody2:40.40Mar 749er Friendship Meet
11.10Maddy Montgomery2:41.80aMay 11SFL Finals
12.9Coleen Wheeler2:47.13aMay 11SFL Finals
13.9Jaclyn Leduc2:48.20Mar 749er Friendship Meet
14.12Anna Paraskevopoulos2:49.15aMay 11SFL Finals
15.11Taylor Schairer2:49.85aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
16.10Rachel Alexander2:50.31aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
17.9Emily Sall2:52.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
18.11Kelly Schostag2:53.04aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
19.10Kylee Webb2:54.86aMay 11SFL Finals
20.11Kayla Schairer2:55.50Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
1500 Meters
1.10Amy Heyn4:57.61aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
2.12Alexa Lua5:04.42aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
3.11Megan Gentes5:12.40aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
4.10Ashley Dessert5:13.04aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
5.12Caitlynn Curtis5:13.81aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
6.10Lizzie Meredith5:16.70May 5Sactown Races
7.9Victoria Orsi5:25.90May 5Sactown Races
8.9Jaclyn Leduc5:33.10May 5Sactown Races
9.9Coleen Wheeler5:42.70May 5Sactown Races
10.10Maddy Montgomery5:43.40May 5Sactown Races
11.10Rachel Alexander5:56.37aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
12.11Taylor Schairer6:02.00aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
13.12Anna Paraskevopoulos6:05.34aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
14.10Kylee Webb6:11.00May 5Sactown Races
15.9Emily Sall6:11.40May 5Sactown Races
1600 Meters
1.10Amy Heyn5:03.25aMay 18Sac Joaquin Section Division II-III Finals
2.12Alexa Lua5:36.00Apr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
3.11Megan Gentes5:37.40Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
4.12Caitlynn Curtis5:38.30Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
5.10Ashley Dessert5:40.20Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
6.10Lizzie Meredith5:42.50Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
7.11Taylor Schairer5:42.90aMar 10Vallejo Relays
8.9Victoria Orsi5:48.62aMay 11SFL Finals
9.9Jaclyn Leduc5:58.50Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
10.10Maddy Montgomery5:59.90Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
11.9Coleen Wheeler6:01.77aMay 11SFL Finals
12.9Aleena Gingerich6:07.70Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
13.12Anna Paraskevopoulos6:13.12aApr 13Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
14.9Emily Sall6:14.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
15.10Rachel Alexander6:17.90aApr 13Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
16.10Kylee Webb6:26.79aMay 11SFL Finals
17.11Kayla Schairer6:31.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
18.10Libby Runte6:35.70Mar 749er Friendship Meet
19.9Ellen Runte6:45.20Mar 749er Friendship Meet
20.9Claire Chappell6:49.00Mar 749er Friendship Meet
21.11Kelly Schostag6:51.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
1 Mile
1.10Amy Heyn5:16.85aApr 7Stanford Invitational
3000 Meters
1.11Megan Gentes11:30.31aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
2.12Alexa Lua11:30.65aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
3.10Maddy Montgomery11:54.65aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
4.10Lizzie Meredith11:54.73aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
5.9Jaclyn Leduc12:47.26aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
3200 Meters
1.12Alexa Lua11:38.84aMay 18Sac Joaquin Section Division II-III Finals
2.11Megan Gentes11:46.06aMay 11SFL Finals
3.11 Donnelly12:33.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
4.10Maddy Montgomery12:34.85aMay 11SFL Finals
5.10Lizzie Meredith12:37.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
6.11 Holman13:08.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
7.10Kylee Webb13:56.86aMay 11SFL Finals
8.9Coleen Wheeler14:02.09aMay 11SFL Finals
9.10Rachel Alexander14:41.59aApr 13Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Libby Runte17.23aMay 11SFL Finals
2.9Vanessa Braum17.95aMay 11SFL Finals
3.9Malory Mullins17.99aMay 11SFL Finals
4.10Sarah Myers19.95aMay 11SFL Finals
5.11Kayla Schairer20.28aMay 11SFL Finals
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Brie Simmons14.25aMay 25Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.11Emily Nash16.74cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
3.10Brooke Simmons17.24cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
4.11Lea Bertz17.89aMay 11SFL Finals
5.9Ellen Runte17.94cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
6.10Libby Runte18.03aApr 14Thunder Invitational
7.11Brianna Ruiz18.14cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
8.9Vanessa Braum18.24cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
9.9Malory Mullins18.51aMay 5Sactown Races
10.9Alicia Wilson19.64cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
11.10Sarah Myers20.14cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
12.11Kayla Schairer20.34cApr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
13.11Taylor Schairer21.64cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Brie Simmons42.62aJun 1CIF State Meet Prelims
2.9Malory Mullins48.49aMay 11SFL Finals
3.11Emily Nash48.59aMay 4 Kays/Ostrom Nevada Union Invitational
4.11Lea Bertz50.08aMay 11SFL Finals
5.10Libby Runte50.11aMay 11SFL Finals
6.9Vanessa Braum54.16aMay 11SFL Finals
7.9Ellen Runte55.74cMar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
8.9Courtney Langston56.23aMay 11SFL Finals
9.9Alicia Wilson58.24aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
10.10Sarah Myers58.86aMar 749er Friendship Meet
11.11Kayla Schairer60.14cApr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Brie Simmons63.99aApr 6Stanford Invitational
2.11Emily Nash73.42aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
3.11Lea Bertz75.27aMar 23John Orognen Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.-Kristen Schumacher
Kelly Bates
Sydney Proiette
Dominique Tristant
50.35aMay 11SFL Finals
2.-Relay Team 50.94cMay 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
3.-Kristen Schumacher
Kelly Bates
Elisa Clement
Sydney Proiette
51.83aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
4.9Hannah Jordan
Kristen Schumacher
Claire Chappell
First Bates
53.13aApr 14Thunder Invitational
5.-Courtney Hirota
Claire Chappell
Hannah Jordan
Jordan Shane
53.70aMay 11SFL Finals
6.9Claire Chappell
Jordan Shane
Sidney Dingman
Hannah Jordan
54.44cMay 5Sactown Races
7.-Jordan Shane
Hannah Jordan
Claire Chappell
Courtney Hirota
54.99aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:59.72aMar 10Vallejo Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Amy Heyn
Dominique Tristant
Sydney Proiette
Kristen Schumacher
3:57.81aMay 25Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Finals
2.-Relay Team 4:03.06aMay 18Sac Joaquin Section Division II-III Finals
3.-Amy Heyn
Sydney Proiette
Dominique Tristant
Brie Simmons
4:07.95aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
4.-Sydney Proiette
Dominique Tristant
Amy Heyn
Brie Simmons
4:13.01aMar 749er Friendship Meet
5.9Aleena Gingerich
McKenna Mitchell
Malory Mullins
Ellen Runte
4:18.59aMay 11SFL Finals
6.9Malory Mullins
McKenna Mitchell
Cassidy Chrise
Aleena Gingerich
4:25.94aApr 20Del Oro Invitational
7.9McKenna Mitchell
Malory Mullins
Ellen Runte
Hannah Jordan
4:26.20May 5Sactown Races
8.9Malory Mullins
Cassidy Chrise
McKenna Mitchell
Aleena Gingerich
4:30.66aApr 14Thunder Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 10:18.69aApr 7Stanford Invitational
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 2:00.20Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Dominique Tristant
Alexa Lua
Amy Heyn
Megan Gentes
12:53.55aApr 13Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
2.-Relay Team 12:59.45aApr 6Stanford Invitational
3.-Caitlynn Curtis
Ashley Dessert
Victoria Orsi
Aleena Gingerich
13:46.23aApr 13Bronco Roundup Distance Carnival
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Lauren Heyn35' 0.00May 11SFL Finals
2.10Celeste Golden32' 7.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
3.11Brianna Ruiz32' 4.25May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
4.10Amy Heyn32' 1.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
5.9Jordan Shane29' 1.50May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
6.9Monica Schmidt28' 8.00May 11SFL Finals
7.9Christine Sohn25' 5.00Apr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
8.9Taylor D24' 8.00May 11SFL Finals
9.11Monique Dumitru23' 6.50Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
10.10Becca Inchaurrequi22' 4.00Apr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
11.9Ashlyn Woods22' 3.50Mar 749er Friendship Meet
12.10Kylee Webb22' 2.50Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
13.11Jamie Bell21' 5.50Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
14.10Rachel Alexander19' 6.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
15.11Michaela Shanahan18' 6.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
16.9Jessica Smith17' 9.00May 11SFL Finals
17.9Brittany Jackson17' 3.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
Discus - 1kg
1.9Lauren Heyn109' 2.00May 24Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Trials
2.9Jordan Shane103' 11.00May 11SFL Finals
3.10Becca Inchaurrequi93' 11.00May 11SFL Finals
4.9Courtney Langston92' 11.00May 11SFL Finals
5.10Celeste Golden90' 5.00May 11SFL Finals
6.10Amy Heyn90' 2.50Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
7.11Michaela Shanahan79' 2.50May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
8.9Monica Schmidt76' 7.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
9.9Christine Sohn68' 7.50Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
10.10Rachel Alexander65' 10.00Mar 749er Friendship Meet
11.10Kylee Webb63' 1.50May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
12.9Jessica Smith60' 6.00May 11SFL Finals
13.11Jamie Bell60' 2.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
14.10Lexi Ainsworth58' 0.00Apr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
15.9Jordon Tverberg56' 2.75Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
16.9Ashlyn Woods54' 6.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
17.9Brittany Jackson47' 2.50Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
18.11Monique Dumitru44' 11.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
High Jump
1.11Cami Brening5' 0.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
10Brooke Simmons5' 0.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
3.11Siena Morgan4' 8.00Apr 2774th LeFebvre Relays
4.10Stephanie Strahl4' 6.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
9Cassidy Chrise4' 6.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
10Catherine Rideout4' 6.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
9Tayler Moore4' 6.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
10Emma Stokes4' 6.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
9.9Courtney Langston4' 4.00Mar 749er Friendship Meet
10Madeleine Smyth4' 4.00Mar 749er Friendship Meet
Pole Vault
1.9Melissa Maneatis11' 8.00May 16Sac Joaquin Section Division II-III Trials
2.12Samantha Eilert10' 9.00May 11SFL Finals
3.11Siena Morgan10' 6.00Apr 20Del Oro Invitational
4.12Jennifer Maneatis10' 0.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
5.11Emily Zachow8' 6.00Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
11Summer Shell8' 6.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
7.10Courtney Hirota8' 0.00May 11SFL Finals
8.10Brynn Bergeson7' 0.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
9Katelyn Rutledge7' 0.00May 11SFL Finals
9Courtney Cline7' 0.00May 11SFL Finals
11.9Rachel Fenner6' 0.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
Long Jump
1.12Brie Simmons17' 7.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
2.11Siena Morgan15' 6.50May 11SFL Finals
3.10Brooke Simmons15' 4.00May 11SFL Finals
4.11Brianna Ruiz14' 5.50May 11SFL Finals
9Alex Stacy14' 5.50May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
6.9Cassidy Chrise14' 2.25Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
7.11Elisa Clement14' 0.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
11Emily Nash14' 0.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
9.10Stephanie Strahl13' 10.00Mar 23John Orognen Invitational
10.10Libby Runte13' 8.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
11.11Lea Bertz13' 7.50May 11SFL Finals
12.9Malory Mullins13' 5.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
13.10Shannon Rohe13' 3.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
14.10Lexi Ainsworth12' 7.00Mar 749er Friendship Meet
15.11Hannah Dailey12' 0.25Mar 25th Annual Steve March Relays
16.9Vanessa Braum11' 10.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
17.9Deja Estrada11' 5.50May 5Sactown Races
18.9Courtney Cline10' 8.00Apr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
19.9Alicia Wilson10' 5.50May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
20.9Melissa Maneatis8' 9.00Apr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
21.11Tenny Maneatis7' 10.00Apr 11Del Oro @ Nevada Union
Triple Jump
1.11Siena Morgan32' 9.00May 16Sac Joaquin Section Division II-III Trials
2.9Alex Stacy32' 6.00Apr 20Del Oro Invitational
3.12Samantha Eilert31' 11.00Mar 28Del Oro @ Rocklin High
4.9Cassidy Chrise31' 0.00Apr 14Thunder Invitational
5.10Brynn Bergeson30' 10.50Apr 20Del Oro Invitational
6.11Brianna Ruiz30' 5.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
7.9 Crody30' 3.50Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro
8.11Cami Brening28' 9.00Mar 21Black & Gold Meet
9.9Ellen Runte26' 8.00May 2Del Oro @ Woodcreek
10.10Lexi Ainsworth24' 11.50Mar 749er Friendship Meet
11.9A McReynalds22' 10.00Apr 18Granite Bay @ Del Oro

*Recent improvement