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100 Meters
1.9Kimoni Stanley11.52 PR (2.5)May 4VOL Championships
2.10Eric Lopez11.62 PR (1.8)May 4VOL Championships
3.10Shane Johnson11.91 PR (.6)May 4VOL Championships
4.12Carson Matsuyama11.94 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
5.12Andre Lesley11.97 PR (3.1)May 4VOL Championships
6.11Nicholas Stanley12.17 (-1.5)Mar 17Husky Invitational
7.12Joshua Moore12.34 PR (-1.2)Mar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
8.11Adam Gonzales12.42 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
9.10Emilio Medina12.76 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
10.10Nolan Cawley12.77 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
200 Meters
1.11Nicholas Stanley22.89 PR (.2)May 4VOL Championships
2.10Eric Lopez23.71 PR (.3)May 4VOL Championships
3.9Kimoni Stanley23.83 PR (-2.8)Apr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
4.10Shane Johnson24.15 PR (-.4)May 4VOL Championships
5.10Josiah Garcia24.36 PR (.3)May 4VOL Championships
6.11Jerardo Salcedo24.49 PR (-1.0)Apr 7Thunder Invitational
7.12Andre Lesley24.99 PR (-.4)Apr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
8.12Carson Matsuyama25.14 (-2.5)Apr 7Thunder Invitational
9.11Adam Gonzales26.00 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
10.10Emilio Medina26.13 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
11.10Nolan Cawley26.33 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
12.9Aaron Alcala26.90 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
13.12Brooks Cannon28.00 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
14.10Fernando Rios28.31 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
15.9Edgar Torres29.77 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
400 Meters
1.11Jerardo Salcedo52.35 PRMay 4VOL Championships
2.11*David Correa53.27 PRMay 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
3.11Oscar Guitron55.76 PRMay 4VOL Championships
4.10Josiah Garcia56.66 PRMay 4VOL Championships
5.12Alejandro DeAnda56.69 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
6.11Cristian Medina58.42 PRApr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
7.10Adryan Salcedo Ochoa59.48 PRMay 4VOL Championships
8.12Brooks Cannon59.59 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
9.9Aaron Alcala59.80 PRMay 4VOL Championships
10.11Daniel Bingham59.83 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
11.10Fernando Rios1:01.10 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
12.11Dylan Fonseca1:01.69 PRMar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
13.9Edgar Torres1:03.99 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
800 Meters
1.11Jesse Hurtado1:56.86 PRApr 28Sacramento Meet of Champions
2.11Jerardo Salcedo2:05.53 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
3.11David Correa2:06.65 PRMar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
4.11Cristian Medina2:15.67 PRApr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
5.10Axel Rios2:19.23 PRMar 17Husky Invitational
6.11Sartaz Thind2:19.61 PRApr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
7.9Irving Figueroa2:20.38 PRMar 17Husky Invitational
8.10Adryan Salcedo Ochoa2:21.51 PRMay 4VOL Championships
9.12Dominic Burrows2:24.49 PRMar 3Sierra-Tom Moore Relays
10.12Alejandro DeAnda2:26.19 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
11.9Brian Alson2:37.43 PRMar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
12.9Aaron Alcala2:40.00 PRApr 7Thunder Invitational
13.11Daniel Bingham2:41.12 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
1600 Meters
1.11Jesse Hurtado4:30.26Apr 7Thunder Invitational
2.10Axel Rios4:53.43 PRApr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
3.11Sabas Montes4:53.64Apr 18Sierra @ Kimball
4.9Irving Figueroa5:06.14 PRMar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
5.12Dominic Burrows5:06.96 PRMay 4VOL Championships
6.11Sartaz Thind5:07.48 PRMay 4VOL Championships
7.9Brian Alson5:32.23 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
3200 Meters
1.11Jesse Hurtado10:26.91Apr 18Sierra @ Kimball
2.10Axel Rios10:29.13 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
3.11Sabas Montes10:49.41May 4VOL Championships
4.9Irving Figueroa10:55.82 PRMar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
5.9Brian Alson12:48.04 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Nicholas Stanley15.35 PR (1.9)May 4VOL Championships
2.11*Cole DeVore16.56 PR (2.3)May 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
3.12Nathan Azevedo19.07 (2.6)May 4VOL Championships
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11*Nicholas Stanley39.54 PRMay 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
2.11Cole DeVore43.64 PRMay 4VOL Championships
3.12Nathan Azevedo43.99 PRMay 4VOL Championships
4x100 Relay
1.Oscar Guitron
Shane Johnson
Andre Lesley
Kimoni Stanley
45.07May 4VOL Championships
2.Relay Team 45.16Apr 18Sierra @ Kimball
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:46.02Mar 3Sierra-Tom Moore Relays
4x400 Relay
1.*Jerardo Salcedo
Nicholas Stanley
David Correa
Jesse Hurtado
3:26.89May 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
2.Jerardo Salcedo
Nicholas Stanley
Jesse Hurtado
David Correa
3:28.20Apr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
3.Relay Team 3:29.66Apr 18Sierra @ Kimball
4.David Correa
Jerardo Salcedo
Nicholas Stanley
Jesse Hurtado
3:32.18Mar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
5.Jerardo Salcedo
David Correa
Nicholas Stanley
Cole DeVore
3:38.40Mar 17Husky Invitational
6.Eric Lopez
Adryan Salcedo Ochoa
Aaron Alcala
Josiah Garcia
3:58.41Apr 7Thunder Invitational
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Relay Team 1:44.68Mar 3Sierra-Tom Moore Relays
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Holden Fishburn46' 2 PRMar 17Husky Invitational
2.10Nolen Gavino32' 10 PRMay 4VOL Championships
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Holden Fishburn43' 1.5 PRApr 7Thunder Invitational
2.12*Joshua Moore42' 5 PRMay 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
3.12Nick Perez40' 1.5 PRMay 4VOL Championships
4.12Riley Melendez37' 11 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
5.11Elijah White33' 9 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
6.12Miguel Cervantes32' 0 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
7.10Nolen Gavino30' 2.5 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Miguel Cervantes136' 4 PRMay 4VOL Championships
2.12Joshua Moore131' 5 PRMay 4VOL Championships
3.12Nick Perez118' 6 PRMay 4VOL Championships
4.10Holden Fishburn108' 8 PRMar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
5.11Elijah White107' 10 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
6.10Nolen Gavino101' 9 PRMay 4VOL Championships
7.12Riley Melendez89' 2.5 PRApr 7Thunder Invitational
8.11Jesse Hurtado85' 4 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
High Jump
1.11Miguel Sequeira5' 4 PRApr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
2.11Bryan Chang5' 1 PRMay 4VOL Championships
3.10Ryan McCullough4' 6 PRMar 3Sierra-Tom Moore Relays
Pole Vault
1.12Albert Paez10' 6 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
2.11Daniel Bingham9' 6 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
Long Jump
1.9Kimoni Stanley19' 10 PRMay 4VOL Championships
2.12Joshua Moore19' 9 PRMay 4VOL Championships
3.10Shane Johnson19' 2 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
4.11Miguel Sequeira18' 10 PRApr 7Thunder Invitational
5.11Bryan Chang16' 8 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
6.10Ryan McCullough14' 5 PRMay 4VOL Championships
7.10Emilio Medina14' 2 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
8.9Chanpreet Sekhon12' 0.75 PRApr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
Triple Jump
1.11Miguel Sequeira39' 6 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
2.12Albert Paez36' 9 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
3.11Bryan Chang34' 8.5 PRApr 7Thunder Invitational
4.10Ryan McCullough32' 2 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
5.9Chanpreet Sekhon28' 0 PRApr 7Thunder Invitational


100 Meters
1.12Jaida Franklin13.09 PR (1.7)May 4VOL Championships
2.11Raiann Prieto13.32 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
3.9Judith Okolo13.36 PR (2.2)May 4VOL Championships
4.9Ysabella Hernandez13.75 PR (2.2)May 4VOL Championships
5.11Jadyn Shynn13.91 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
6.11Alexia McBride14.05 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
7.10Clara Von Arnim14.12 PR (2.2)May 4VOL Championships
8.12Danielle Cesante14.47 (-2.1)Mar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
9.11Persable Tecle14.50 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
10.10Camille Jarmon14.55 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
11.10Roththida Sok14.81 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
12.11Alyssa McDonald15.20 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
13.12Estefania Leyva Ramirez15.35 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
14.12Yolanda Tavares15.53 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
15.12Lualinda Andrade17.73 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
200 Meters
1.12Jasmin Correa25.32 PR (.5)May 4VOL Championships
2.11Jeida Lavender26.90 PR (.5)May 4VOL Championships
3.11Raiann Prieto27.01 PR (.5)May 4VOL Championships
4.9Judith Okolo28.44 PR (-1.6)Apr 7Thunder Invitational
5.11Jadyn Shynn29.01 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
6.9Ysabella Hernandez29.11 PR (-.6)May 4VOL Championships
7.12Jaida Franklin29.29 (-.6)Mar 17Husky Invitational
8.12Lualinda Andrade29.60 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
9.10Clara Von Arnim29.86 PR (-.5)May 4VOL Championships
10.11Luisa Millard30.75 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
11.9Alissa Gonzalez31.02 PR (-.5)May 4VOL Championships
12.11Alyssa McDonald31.17 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
13.10Camille Jarmon31.43Apr 18Sierra @ Kimball
14.11Perla Valdovinos32.13 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
15.12Estefania Leyva Ramirez32.47 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
16.11Alexia McBride33.11 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
17.11Persable Tecle38.85 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
400 Meters
1.12Jasmin Correa56.83 PRApr 28Sacramento Meet of Champions
2.11*Jeida Lavender59.78 PRMay 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
3.12Danielle Cesante1:05.53Apr 7Thunder Invitational
4.11Luisa Millard1:06.02 PRMay 4VOL Championships
5.12Julia Recker1:06.72 PRMar 3Sierra-Tom Moore Relays
6.11Laica Marte1:07.44Apr 18Sierra @ Kimball
7.9Alissa Gonzalez1:11.30 PRMay 4VOL Championships
8.10Katelyn Finnicum1:13.81 PRMar 3Sierra-Tom Moore Relays
9.9Keilana Babauta1:14.20 PRMar 3Sierra-Tom Moore Relays
10.10Itzel Flores1:16.23 PRMay 4VOL Championships
11.10Natalia Aguilar1:28.59 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
800 Meters
1.11Megan Oblin2:21.57 PRApr 28Sacramento Meet of Champions
2.12Jasmin Correa2:28.74 PRMar 17Husky Invitational
3.11Laica Marte2:38.13Mar 17Husky Invitational
4.12Emily Cunial2:48.91 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
5.10Sabrina Caldwell2:50.71 PRMar 3Sierra-Tom Moore Relays
6.12Jenna Rosendin2:53.04 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
7.10Itzel Flores3:11.01 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
8.10Natalia Aguilar3:24.03 PRMay 4VOL Championships
1600 Meters
1.11*Megan Oblin5:14.10May 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
2.10Sabrina Caldwell5:51.61 PRApr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
3.12Jenna Rosendin5:56.58 PRMay 4VOL Championships
4.12Emily Cunial6:03.69 PRMay 4VOL Championships
5.10Jenelle Rodriguez6:12.71Apr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11*Megan Oblin11:45.75May 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
2.10Sabrina Caldwell13:10.76 PRMay 4VOL Championships
3.10Jenelle Rodriguez13:41.86 PRMar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11*Miranda Miller16.79 PR (-1.2)May 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
2.12Julia Recker17.07 PR (3.2)May 4VOL Championships
3.12Celeste Angulo19.01 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
4.10Katelyn Finnicum19.45 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
5.9Judith Okolo19.51 PRMar 3Sierra-Tom Moore Relays
6.11Paige Williams19.96 PR (2.3)May 4VOL Championships
7.9Keilana Babauta20.18 PR (1.3)May 4VOL Championships
8.11Sunny Oudanonh25.26 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
9.12Cielo Angulo25.30 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Julia Recker47.64 PRMay 4VOL Championships
2.10Katelyn Finnicum50.23 PRMay 4VOL Championships
3.9Keilana Babauta52.45 PRMay 4VOL Championships
4.12Celeste Angulo52.50 PRMay 4VOL Championships
5.11Paige Williams55.34 PRMar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
6.12Cielo Angulo1:01.97 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
7.11Sunny Oudanonh1:06.04 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
4x100 Relay
1.Judith Okolo
Jaida Franklin
Raiann Prieto
Jasmin Correa
49.14Apr 28Sacramento Meet of Champions
2.Jaida Franklin
Raiann Prieto
Jasmin Correa
Jeida Lavender
49.49May 4VOL Championships
3.Relay Team 50.35Apr 18Sierra @ Kimball
4.Jaida Franklin
Raiann Prieto
Jasmin Correa
Danielle Cesante
51.10Apr 7Thunder Invitational
5.Danielle Cesante
Jaida Franklin
Raiann Prieto
Jasmin Correa
51.36Mar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
6.Clara Von Arnim
Ysabella Hernandez
Alissa Gonzalez
Rebecca Gilmore
54.20May 4VOL Championships
4x400 Relay
1.*Jeida Lavender
Julia Recker
Raiann Prieto
Jasmin Correa
4:02.65May 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
2.Jeida Lavender
Raiann Prieto
Julia Recker
Jasmin Correa
4:04.34Apr 28Sacramento Meet of Champions
3.Jeida Lavender
Julia Recker
Jasmin Correa
Danielle Cesante
4:09.31Apr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
4.Jeida Lavender
Julia Recker
Laica Marte
Jasmin Correa
4:14.31Apr 7Thunder Invitational
5.Relay Team 4:16.31Apr 18Sierra @ Kimball
6.Danielle Cesante
Julia Recker
Jasmin Correa
Jeida Lavender
4:16.92Mar 17Husky Invitational
7.Katelyn Finnicum
Keilana Babauta
Ysabella Hernandez
Alissa Gonzalez
4:43.11Apr 7Thunder Invitational
8.Clara Von Arnim
Alissa Gonzalez
Ysabella Hernandez
Keilana Babauta
4:44.80May 4VOL Championships
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Relay Team 2:02.81Mar 3Sierra-Tom Moore Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11*Citlali Chavez33' 9 PRMay 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
2.12Brittney Spivey32' 2 PRMay 4VOL Championships
3.10Abida Ali31' 3.25 PRApr 7Thunder Invitational
4.11Dulce Cruz30' 5May 4VOL Championships
5.11Hailey Looney29' 2.5 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
6.11Perla Valdovinos29' 0 PRMar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
Discus - 1kg
1.11Perla Valdovinos108' 5 PRMay 4VOL Championships
2.11*Dulce Cruz103' 0 PRMay 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
3.10Abida Ali94' 4 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
4.12Brittney Spivey93' 1.5 PRApr 12Manteca @ Sierra
5.11Hailey Looney84' 10 PRMar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
6.11Citlali Chavez77' 10 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
High Jump
1.12Jaida Franklin4' 6 PRMar 3Sierra-Tom Moore Relays
2.10Madison Willox4' 4Mar 3Sierra-Tom Moore Relays
3.10Rebecca Gilmore4' 0 PRMar 24Glenn Poole Invitational
Pole Vault
1.11Miranda Miller9' 3 PRMay 4VOL Championships
2.12Sydney Huynh7' 0 PRApr 7Thunder Invitational
Long Jump
1.11*Miranda Miller17' 11.5 PR (.9)May 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
2.11Persable Tecle15' 2 PRMay 4VOL Championships
3.11Laica Marte14' 4 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
4.10Madison Willox13' 8.5Apr 14Bella Vista Bronco Invitational
5.10Rebecca Gilmore12' 10 PRMay 4VOL Championships
6.10Roththida Sok12' 4Apr 18Sierra @ Kimball
11Alexia McBride12' 4 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
8.12Sydney Huynh12' 1 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
Triple Jump
1.11Miranda Miller36' 10 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
2.11*Persable Tecle32' 11 PR (.4)May 18Sac Joaquin Section DII-III Prelims & Finals (May 16 & ..
3.10Madison Willox31' 6 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
4.11Alexia McBride30' 1.5 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball
5.10Roththida Sok28' 7 PRMay 4VOL Championships
6.10Rebecca Gilmore28' 0 PRApr 7Thunder Invitational
7.12Sydney Huynh26' 8.5 PRApr 18Sierra @ Kimball

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