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100 Meters
1.11Heron Maurisseau-O'Neal11.24 PR (.4)Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
2.12Devon Guerrier-Heyward11.43 PR (.4)Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
3.11Bryan Petersen11.60 PRJun 4Eastern States Invitational
4.12Kahero Harriott12.33 (.9)Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
5.9Jayden Baez12.64c PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
200 Meters
1.11Heron Maurisseau-O'Neal22.56 PRApr 22New York Relays
2.11Bryan Petersen23.86Jun 4Eastern States Invitational
3.11Jourdan Lynch24.64c PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
4.11Jake Maltese25.04Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
12Bryant Lewis25.04c PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
6.10Aidan Felice25.13May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
7.10Julian Tan25.26 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
8.10Terence Lin25.55May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
9.10Peter Mayers26.01May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
10.-Latrell Jeffrey26.05 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
11.10John DeFrancisco26.41Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
12.9Jayden Baez26.76Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
13.9Andres Sarmiento26.83Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
14.9Jovanic Bontemps27.23Apr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
15.9Tyler Maslak27.52Apr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
16.9Liam Willman28.00Apr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
17.9Liam Baradzi28.23 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
18.10Joseph O'Rourke30.82 PRApr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
400 Meters
1.11Heron Maurisseau-O'Neal52.84 PRApr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
2.10Michael Barbaro-Barnett54.06Apr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
3.12Nicholas DeRosa54.60 PRApr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
4.11Bryan Petersen54.74Apr 13Red Raider Relays
5.12Elias Smith56.62Apr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
6.9Anthony Algieri57.92Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
7.10Jacob Pueschel58.29 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
8.10Peter Mayers59.73May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
9.9Jovanic Bontemps1:00.02Apr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
10.9Liam Willman1:00.54c PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
11.10John DeFrancisco1:00.59Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
12.9Andres Sarmiento1:01.17Apr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
13.11Tyler DaSilva1:01.94 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
14.10Joseph O'Rourke1:09.85 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
800 Meters
1.11Mason Gatewood1:52.92 PRJun 18New Balance Nationals Outdoor
2.11Amani Morrell2:02.0h PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
3.10Hunter Vierling2:04.9h PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
4.12Sean Vierling2:05.27Apr 13Red Raider Relays
5.10Michael Barbaro-Barnett2:06.11Apr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
6.12Justin Barrett2:08.9h PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
7.9Brian Smith2:09.2h PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
8.12Ezekiel Wigutow2:10.7h PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
9.11William Lang2:11.15 PRApr 13Red Raider Relays
10.12Daniel J Baez2:11.90 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
11.11Patrick Kutch2:13.7h PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
11Thomas Schmidt2:13.70 PRApr 13Red Raider Relays
13.9Anthony Algieri2:15.0hApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
14.10Luke Gunsel2:16.25 PRApr 13Red Raider Relays
15.10Matthew Reda2:16.48Apr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
16.10Michael Conneely2:17.57 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
17.10Stephen Bernhardt2:19.17 PRApr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
18.10Jacob Pueschel2:22.00 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
19.9Robert Dahl2:23.57May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
20.11Tyler DaSilva2:28.38 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
21.10Matthew Lusak2:32.92Apr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
22.9Ryan Wise2:35.19Apr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
23.9Matthew Jakubowsky2:42.47 PRApr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
24.9Conor Lang2:48.27Apr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
1600 Meters
1.11Mason Gatewood4:13.84 PRJun 10NYSPHSAA State Championships
2.11Amani Morrell4:34.30 PRApr 13Red Raider Relays
3.10Michael Barbaro-Barnett4:36.74 PRApr 13Red Raider Relays
4.12Justin Barrett4:37.28 PRApr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
5.12Sean Vierling4:37.56Apr 13Red Raider Relays
6.12Ezekiel Wigutow4:39.92 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
7.10Brendan Dearie4:41.47Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
8.10Hunter Vierling4:41.84 PRApr 13Red Raider Relays
9.12Daniel Baez4:43.69 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
10.9Brian Smith4:43.91Apr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
11.11Patrick Kutch4:49.90Apr 13Red Raider Relays
12.12Daniel J Baez4:56.37 PRApr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
13.12Daniel J. Baez4:58.14 PRApr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
14.10Brennan Lopez4:59.68May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
15.10Luke Gunsel5:04.35 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
16.11Thomas Schmidt5:05.6h PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
17.10Michael Conneely5:09.4h PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
18.11William Lang5:09.7h PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
19.10Stephen Bernhardt5:11.94 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
20.9Jonathan Solar5:18.00Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
21.12Dominic D'Angelo5:19.69Apr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
22.10Matthew Lusak5:21.23 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
1 Mile
1.11Mason Gatewood4:12.87Jun 18New Balance Nationals Outdoor
2.10Matthew Payamps4:18.32Apr 22New York Relays
3.9Brian Smith4:37.00Jun 4Eastern States Invitational
4.12Justin Barrett4:38.59 PRJun 4Eastern States Invitational
5.12Ezekiel Wigutow4:50.57 PRApr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
3000 Meters
1.11Amani Morrell9:27.10 PRApr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
2.12Justin Barrett9:27.20 PRApr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
3.10Brendan Dearie9:29.83 PRApr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
4.11Patrick Kutch10:35.88 PRApr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
3200 Meters
1.10Matthew Payamps9:31.34Apr 13Red Raider Relays
2.11Amani Morrell9:35.67 PRJun 4Eastern States Invitational
3.12Justin Barrett9:58.56 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
4.9Brian Smith10:16.60 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
5.11Patrick Kutch10:38.22Apr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
6.10John Connelly10:54.27Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Bryant Lewis15.46 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
2.11Jourdan Lynch17.01 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
3.11Jake Maltese17.54May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
4.9Tyler Maslak19.59 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
5.9Liam Willman19.96Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
110m Hurdles - 42"
1.11Gourdon Lynch17.58 PR (.2)Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
2.11Jake Maltese17.81 PR (.8)Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
400m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Jake Maltese1:01.58 PRApr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
2.9Jake Messina1:06.84c PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
3.9Tyler Maslak1:10.84c PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
4.9Liam Willman1:11.37 PRApr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Jourdan Lynch59.73 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
2.11Gourdon Lynch59.75 PRJun 4Eastern States Invitational
3.11Jake Maltese59.93Jun 4Eastern States Invitational
4.9Jake Messina1:10.10Apr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
5.9Liam Willman1:12.97Apr 8Suffolk Officials Meet
2k Steeplechase
1.11Patrick Kutch6:43.05 PRJun 4Eastern States Invitational
3k Steeplechase
1.10Hunter Vierling10:34.53 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
2.11Patrick Kutch10:38.44May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 44.43Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
2.Bryan Petersen
Heron Maurisseau-O'Neal
Bryant Lewis
Jake Maltese
44.82Apr 29The 123rd Penn Relays
3.Bryan Petersen
Jourdan Lynch
Bryant Lewis
Jake Maltese
47.54May 13Loucks Games
4x400 Relay
1.Heron Maurisseau-O'Neal
Matthew Payamps
Michael Barbaro-Barnett
Mason Gatewood
3:26.34Apr 29The 123rd Penn Relays
2.Bryan Petersen
Jake Maltese
Amani Morrell
Sean Vierling
3:35.56May 13Loucks Games
3.Relay Team 3:50.78Apr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
4x800 Relay
1.Amani Morrell
Matthew Payamps
Michael Barbaro-Barnett
Mason Gatewood
7:54.25Apr 29The 123rd Penn Relays
2.Relay Team 8:07.33May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
3.Amani Morrell
Sean Vierling
Justin Barrett
Daniel J Baez
8:29.59May 13Loucks Games
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Relay Team 4:04.17Apr 13Red Raider Relays
DMR 800-200-400-1600m
1.Relay Team 8:06.37Apr 13Red Raider Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Relay Team 10:32.97Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Jason Wright50' 5 PRJun 4Eastern States Invitational
2.11Alec Wargo39' 10.5Apr 15Huntington Invitational
3.10Jared Wright38' 2May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
4.9Robert Lewis37' 8.5 PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
5.11Alexander Delgado35' 11.5 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
6.9David Harvey35' 0.5 PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
7.11Michael Faccio33' 5.25Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
10John Calisi33' 5.25 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
9.9Joseph Pelio33' 5Apr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
10.9Michael Patelli33' 0 PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
11.10Alexander Wett32' 9.5 PRApr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
12.12Richard Faccio29' 5 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
13.10Thomas Boyle29' 2Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
14.9Corey Kaiser26' 3.25Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Jason Wright126' 0 PRApr 8Knight-Time Invitational
2.11Alec Wargo120' 8May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
3.11Alexander Delgado101' 2 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
4.10Jared Wright99' 4May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
5.11Michael Faccio93' 6Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
6.9Robert Lewis85' 11 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
7.9Joseph Pelio85' 4Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
8.11William Kelly83' 4 PRApr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
9.11Jason Mastanduno81' 7 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
10.10John Calisi79' 1Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
11.10Matthew Reda77' 9 PRApr 8Knight-Time Invitational
12.10Alexander Wett75' 6 PRApr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
13.12Richard Faccio73' 3.5 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
14.10Anthony Outeiral III71' 9.75 PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
15.10Sean Williams70' 2Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
16.9Michael Patelli63' 10 PRApr 22Suffolk Coaches Meet
Javelin - 800g
1.11Alec Wargo155' 11 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
High Jump
1.12Bryant Lewis6' 4 PRJun 10NYSPHSAA State Championships
2.11Gourdon Lynch5' 0 PRApr 13Red Raider Relays
11Jourdan Lynch5' 0 PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
Pole Vault
1.10Alejandro Adorno11' 9Jun 4Eastern States Invitational
2.10Aris Stavropoulos10' 6 PRApr 13Red Raider Relays
11Bryan Petersen10' 6 PRApr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
4.10John Wood10' 0 PRApr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
5.10Alexander Lehr8' 0Apr 13Red Raider Relays
Long Jump
1.9Jake Messina17' 1.75Apr 13Red Raider Relays
2.10Terence Lin16' 6Apr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
3.9Jovanic Bontemps15' 10.75 PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
Triple Jump
1.9Jake Messina37' 4May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
2.9Liam Willman35' 5Apr 29Bob Pratt Smithtown Invitational
3.9Jovanic Bontemps33' 5.5 PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
4.10Terence Lin33' 0Apr 13Red Raider Relays
Hammer - 12lb
1.12Jason Wright215' 2 PRJun 4Eastern States Invitational
2.11Alec Wargo155' 3 PRJun 4Eastern States Invitational
3.10John Calisi125' 0Apr 8Knight-Time Invitational
4.10Jared Wright110' 0Apr 8Knight-Time Invitational


100 Meters
1.12Halle Hazzard11.75 (2.0)Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
2.11Brianna Burkley12.60 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
3.11Brianna Burkle13.02 PR (1.7)Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
4.10Amy Tang13.08 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
5.9Michelle Franco14.29 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
6.9Lily Zgurzynski14.47May 13North Shore Invitational
7.11Mary Saladino14.54 PRMay 13North Shore Invitational
8.10Daniela Sarmiento14.72 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
9.9Ava DeNinno14.74c PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
10.11Lauren Saverino14.81 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
11.9Lauren Kennedy15.11 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
12.9Madison Cannella15.38 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
13.9Morgan Knapp16.11 PRMay 13North Shore Invitational
14.-Veronica Nakervis16.31 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
15.10Marissa Lindner16.53 PRMay 13North Shore Invitational
16.9Victoria Caffrey16.55 PRMay 13North Shore Invitational
17.9Lilly Feehan16.72 PRMay 13North Shore Invitational
200 Meters
1.12Halle Hazzard24.07 (-2.3)Jun 10NYSPHSAA State Championships
2.11Brianna Burkley26.10 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
3.12Chinelo Nnakwe27.52 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
4.10Amy Tang28.17 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
5.12Christiane Weber28.94c PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
6.12Camille Angus29.47 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
7.9Michelle Franco30.09 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
8.9Ava DeNinno30.34c PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
9.11Katiana Pierre30.39Apr 8Limmer Invitational
10.9Ashley Melendez32.04c PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
11.9Madison Cannella32.50 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
12.-Veronica Nakervis34.90 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
400 Meters
1.12Chinelo Nnakwe58.23 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
2.12Christiane Weber1:02.26 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
3.9Larisa Dorrian1:02.38 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
4.12Erin Connolly1:05.25 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
5.11Sophia Lagana1:05.90Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
6.11Julia Schneider1:06.76 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
7.12Camille Angus1:06.96 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
8.11Victoria Natale1:12.08 PRApr 8Limmer Invitational
9.11Meghan Hund1:13.15 PRApr 8Limmer Invitational
10.10Vanessa Franco1:16.22 PRApr 8Limmer Invitational
11.11Lauren Dooley1:16.37 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
12.9Aidan Noble1:16.98 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
13.11Cate Cappelmann1:17.20 PRApr 1Valley Stream Challenge
14.10Paige Furman1:18.74 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
15.9Ashley Eckhoff1:18.94 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
16.9Samantho Melone1:19.54c PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
17.11Brianna Lee1:19.70 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
18.9Alexis Pares1:21.08 PRMay 13North Shore Invitational
19.9Madison Cannella1:23.05 PRMay 13North Shore Invitational
20.10Daniela Sarmiento1:23.34 PRMay 13North Shore Invitational
21.9Samantha Torre1:23.69 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
22.9Lilly Feehan1:28.68 PRMay 13North Shore Invitational
23.10Marissa Lindner1:30.41 PRMay 13North Shore Invitational
24.9Antonia Rogate1:30.50 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
25.10Ivana Telesmanic1:30.78 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
800 Meters
1.9Larisa Dorrian2:30.02 PRMay 13Loucks Games
2.10Jeniffer Furman2:31.58May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
3.12Erin Connolly2:32.74Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
4.10Aileen Schretzmayer2:36.14 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
5.11Victoria Natale2:36.34 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
6.9Alexis Pares2:38.64May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
7.9Bridget Roell2:43.12 PRApr 8Limmer Invitational
8.10Vanessa Franco2:44.2hApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
9.11Cate Cappelmann2:48.43May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
10.9Aidan Noble2:55.70May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
11.11Grace Regan2:59.5hApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
12.9Ashley Eckhoff3:00.37May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
13.10Paige Furman3:00.8hApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
14.11Brianna Lee3:03.6h PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
15.11Lauren Dooley3:07.0h PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
16.9Samantha Torre3:09.76May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
17.10Ivana Telesmanic3:24.47 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
1500 Meters
1.10Aileen Schretzmayer5:09.69 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
2.9Bridget Roell5:20.83 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
3.11Danielle D'Alonzo5:39.1hApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
4.9Ashley Eckhoff6:09.85May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
5.11Lauren Dooley6:25.10 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
6.9Aidan Noble6:25.13May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
7.9Samantha Torre7:04.62May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
8.10Ivana Telesmanic7:19.49 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
3000 Meters
1.10Aileen Schretzmayer11:46.93Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
2.11Meghan Hund12:10.23 PRApr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Alyssa Yeboah-Kodie15.27 (-1.0)May 13Loucks Games
2.11Nicole Karabaich16.15 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
3.11Katiana Pierre18.70Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
4.10Victoria Eisenberg20.10 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
5.9Samantho Melone20.76 PRApr 1Valley Stream Challenge
6.11Lauren Saverino20.87May 13North Shore Invitational
7.11Melody Williams21.68 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
2k Steeplechase
1.10Jeniffer Furman8:10.72 PRApr 12Port Jefferson Steeplefest
2.11Meghan Hund8:28.4h PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 48.60Apr 29The 123rd Penn Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Brianna Burkley
Christina Weber
Nicole Karabaich
Chinelo Nnakwe
4:09.04Apr 29The 123rd Penn Relays
2.Relay Team 4:09.74May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 10:15.86Apr 22Joe Brandi Relays
4x1600 Relay
1.Relay Team 23:27.34Apr 22Joe Brandi Relays
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Amy Tang
Alyssa Yeboah-Kodie
Halle Hazzard
Brianna Burkley
1:51.72Apr 22Joe Brandi Relays
2.Relay Team 1:57.36Apr 22Joe Brandi Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Relay Team 14:20.96Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Mikyla Rogers34' 10.25May 13Loucks Games
2.10Samantha Borruso22' 10.5 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
3.9Radhika Barot15' 3.75 PRApr 1Valley Stream Challenge
Discus - 1kg
1.11Mikyla Rogers106' 4.75Jun 10NYSPHSAA State Championships
2.12Alyssa Farrell95' 5 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
3.10Samantha Borruso76' 8May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
4.10Cassidy Browne69' 5.5 PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
Javelin - 600g
1.12Alyssa Farrell122' 11 PRApr 22New York Relays
High Jump
1.11Nicole Karabaich4' 10 PRApr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
2.9Victoria Caffrey4' 8 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
3.11Melody Williams4' 4 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
Pole Vault
1.10Bianca Skelton9' 9 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
2.10Marissa Lindner9' 0 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
3.10Ivana Telesmanic8' 7 PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
4.10Victoria Eisenberg7' 0 PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
5.9Samantho Melone6' 6 PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
Long Jump
1.9Lily Zgurzynski16' 1.25Apr 1William and Mary Colonial Relays
2.11Isabela Eisenberg15' 0 PRMay 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
3.11Mary Saladino14' 8 PRApr 22Joe Brandi Relays
4.12Christiane Weber13' 11 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
5.9Bryn Clayton13' 7.25 PRApr 22Joe Brandi Relays
6.9Lauren Kennedy13' 1.25 PRApr 18NSCHSAA Easter Classic
7.9Morgan Knapp13' 0 PRMay 13North Shore Invitational
Triple Jump
1.11Mary Saladino30' 11.5May 27CHSAA Intersectional Championship
2.11Margaret Riley30' 4Apr 1Valley Stream Challenge
3.10Tori Walters29' 2.5 PRApr 15Suffolk Girls Coaches Meet
4.9Bryn Clayton28' 5 PRApr 8Limmer Invitational
Hammer - 4kg
1.12Alyssa Farrell128' 9 PRJun 4Eastern States Invitational

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