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Saturday, February 23
ISM Meet (HS) PhilippinesISM Campus
Saturday, March 1
Brent Invitational (HS) Laguna, PhillipinesBrent Campus
Season's Best (HS)
Friday, March 14
ISM Twilight I Meet (HS) PhilippinesISM Campus
Weekly Triangular- OAC (HS) Camp FosterPetty Stadium- Kubasaki
Saturday, March 15
Zama Invitational CAJ SIS YMS YKMS (MS) TokyoCamp Zama
Zama Practice Invite - CAJ, SIS, Kinn (HS) TokyoZama Track
Friday, March 21
Weekly Triangular- OAC (HS) Camp FosterPetty Stadium- Kubasaki
Saturday, March 22
CAJ, Kinnick, Zama @ Yokota (HS) TokyoYokota HS
CAJ, YMS, Zama @ Yokota (MS) TokyoYokota HS/MS
Friday, March 28
IAAG Meet #1 - GW-SSHS/GHS-SHS/JFK-FD-AOLG (HS) Upper TumonJFK Track
Weekly Triangular- OAC (HS) Camp FosterPetty Stadium- Kubasaki
Saturday, March 29
Ansb,Würzb,Bamb,Hohen,Vilseck 2008 (HS) AnsbachAnsbach
Aviano,Naples ,Sigonella,Vicenza,Marymount 2008 (HS) Naples,ItalyNaples
Brent Subic vs Faith (HS) Philippines
DoDDs Meet @ Yokota (HS) TokyoYokota HS
Kaiser,Heidel,Patch,Mannheim 2008 (HS) Heidelberg, Germany
Lakenh,Bitb,Bruss,AmParis,Men,Alco 2008 (HS) Brussels
Ramst,Wies,FrankIS,Baum,Hanau 2008 (HS) WiesbadenWiesbaden
Yms, Zama, Yokota (MS) TokyoYokota
Friday, April 4
ISM Twilight II (HS) PhilippinesISM Campus
Petty Memorial - Day One (HS) Camp FosterPetty Stadium- Kubasaki
Pre-Petty (HS) Camp FosterPetty Stadium - Kubasaki
Saturday, April 5
Ms: Asij, Issh, Nis, Stm, Seisen @ Kinuta (MS) TokyoKinuta Track
Petty Memorial - Day Two (HS) Camp FosterPetty Stadium- Kubasaki
Friday, April 11
Iaag #2- Sshs-Jfk/shs-Gw/fd*aolg-Ghs (HS) Upper TumonJfk Track
Saturday, April 12
Brent Invitational 2 (HS) Laguna, PhillipinesBrent Campus
Int`l Schools Meet (HS) TokyoHaneda Track
Int`l Schools Meet (MS) TokyoHaneda Track
Monday, April 14
Iaag #3- Shs-Jfk, Fd*aolg-Sshs, Ghs-Gw (HS) Upper TumonJfk
Tuesday, April 15
Meet 1 (MS) Upper TumonJFK
Friday, April 18
Iaag #4- Jfk-Gw/ghs-Sshs/shs-Fd*aolg (HS) Upper TumonJfk Track
Weekly Triangular- OAC (HS) Camp FosterPetty Stadium- Kubasaki
Saturday, April 19
^^cancel - rain threat^^ @ Kinuta (HS) TokyoKinuta Track
AFNORTH,Alconbury,SHAPE,Lakenheath@Menwith Hill (HS) North Yorkshire, EngMenwith Hill
BFA, Wies, Heid, Würz, Frank @ Mannheim 2008 (HS) Mannheim, GermanyMannheim, Germany
Tuesday, April 22
Meet 2 (MS) Upper TumonJFK
Friday, April 25
Iaag #5- Jfk-Ghs/gw-Fd*aolg/sshs-Shs (HS) Upper TumonJfk Track
OAC District Meet (HS) Okinawa, JapanKoza City Stadium
Saturday, April 26
Aviano,Naples,Sigonella,Marymount@Vicenza (HS) VicenzaVicenza
CAJ, ASIJ @Yokota (no Edgren) (HS) TokyoYokota HS
Duals @ 2 sites, 5 teams each (MS) TokyoZama and Yokota
FIS Track Meet (HS) Central EuropeFrankfurt, Germany
Kaiser, Baum, Mann @ Biturg 2008 (HS) Bitburg, GermanyBitburg
Kinn, ISSH, SIS, SMarys, SMaur, NIS, YIS @ Zama tr... (HS) tokyoZama
Rams, Wies, BFA, Würz, Lake, Hanau @ FIS 2008 (HS) Frankurt, GermanyFrankfurt International S...
Tuesday, April 29
Meet 3 (MS) Upper TumonJFK
Friday, May 2
Iaag All-Island (HS) Upper TumonJfk Track
Saturday, May 3
^^cancel - morning rain^^ HS Rain date & MS Finals (HS) TokyoYokota HS
Ansb,Bam,Vil,Hohen,Hanau,MunichIS@Wuerzburg 2008 (HS) Wuerzburg,GermanyWuerzburg
BFA Home Track Meet (HS) Central EuropeLörrach, Germany
Kaiser,Rams,AFNORH,SHAPE@Mannheim 2008 (HS) Mannheim, GermanyMannheim
Tuesday, May 6
Meet 4 (MS) Upper TumonJFK
Saturday, May 10
Heidelberg Track Meet (HS) Central EuropeHeidelberg, Germany
Kaisers, Bitb, FrankIS, Mann@Ramstein 2008 (HS) Ramstein, GermanyRamstein, Germany
Kanto 2008 HS+MS Finals - rainy&cold (HS) TokyoYokota HS
Koza Prefecture Time Trials (HS) OkinawaKoza City Stadium
Marianas Invitational (HS) MangilaoTBA
MS Finals Rain Date @ HS Finals (MS) TokyoYokota HS
Patch,Ansb,Würzb,Bamb,Vilseck@Hohenfels 2008 (HS) HohenfelsHohenfels
Tuesday, May 13
Meet 5 (MS) Upper TumonJFK
Saturday, May 17
Kaisers,Bitburg,Baum,Brussels,SHAPE@AFNORTH 2008 (HS) Brunnsum, The NetheAFNORTH
Kanto Track Invitational (HS) Niiza SaitamaNiiza Track near CAJ
Marianas Invitational (MS) Upper TumonJFK
Menwith Hill, Alconbury@ Lakenheath 2008 (HS) Suffolk, UKLakenheath
Naples,Sigon,Vicenza,Marymount @ Aviano 2008 (HS) Aviano ItalyAviano
Patch, Mun, Frank, Wurz, Mann, Bam, Vil @ Ansbach (HS) Katterbach, GermanyAnsbach
Ramst, BFA, Heidel, Hohen, Hanau @ Wiesbaden (HS) Wiesbaden, GermanyWiesbaden
Tuesday, May 20
Meet 6 (MS) Upper TumonJFK
Friday, May 23
DODDS-Europe track and field championships 2008 (HS) Russelsheim, GermanyRusselsheim city stadium
Saturday, May 24
Necis 2008 (HS) SigtunaSigtuna
Tuesday, July 8
IAAF Junior World Championships (HS) Bydgoszcz, PolandBydgoszcz
Wednesday, July 9
IAAF Junior World Championships (HS) Bydgoszcz, PolandBydgoszcz
Other Meets
Saturday, December 15, 2007
Micronesia Area Championship (HS) ManengenLeo Palace Resort

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