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Tuesday, January 1
RGHS School Records (HS) AlbuquerqueRio Grande
Saturday, March 1
Season Stats (HS)
Sunday, March 2
Rio Rancho Invite (HS) Rio RanchoRRHS
Monday, March 3
Gadsden Invitational (HS) Gadsden
Saturday, March 8
APS Kick Off (HS) AlbuquerqueMilne
Early Bird Invitational (HS) FarmingtonFarmington HS
Gadsden Invitational (HS) AnthonyGadsden HS
Laguna Acoma Scrimmage (HS) Casa BlancaLaguan Acoma
Laguna-Acoma Scrimmage (HS) Casa BlancaLaguna-Acoma HS
Monday, March 10
Clayton Relays (HS) ClaytonClayton Track
Thursday, March 13
Belen JayVee Invitational (HS) BelenBelen HS
Sandia Prep Quad (HS) AlbuquerqueSandia Prep
Friday, March 14
B & B Aztec Invite (HS) AztecAztec
Saturday, March 15
APS Quads (HS) AlbuquerqueWilson
B & B Aztec Invitational (HS) AztecAztec
Bloomfield Quad (HS) BloomfieldBloomfield
Grants/Cibola Invitational (HS) GrantsGrants HS
Jemez Valley Warrior Invitational (HS) Jemez PuebloJemez Valley HS
Los Lunas Invitational (HS) Los LunasLos Lunas HS
Ralph Bowyer Relays (HS) CarlsbadCarlsbad HS
Thursday, March 20
Aztec Invite (HS) AztecAztec
Belen MS Quad (MS) BelenBelen HS
Buddy Robertson Invitational (HS) AlbuquerqueWilson
Chap MS Meet (MS) AlamogordoAlamogordo High
Gene Wells Relays (HS) HobbsWatson Memorial Stadium
Friday, March 21
Demon Relays (HS) DexterDexter
Jim Burke Invitational (HS) BelenBelen HS
Saturday, March 22
Ramah Invite (HS) RamahRamah HS
Raton (HS) Raton Raton HS
Rolla Buck Qualifier (HS) AlamogordoAlamogordo HS
Tucumcari Invitational (HS) TucumcariTucumcari HS
Thursday, March 27
Belen MS Quad 2 (MS) BelenBelen HS
Friday, March 28
Belen Quad (HS) BelenBelen HS
Saturday, March 29
Alfalfa Relays (HS) HagermanHagerman
Jaguar Invitational (HS) Santa FeCapital HS
Laguna-Acoma Qualifier (HS) Casa BlancaLaguna-Acoma HS
Quad (HS) Rio RanchoRio Rancho
Springer Qualifier (HS) SpringerSpringer HS
Tuesday, April 1
Rosebud Relays (MS) TularosaTularosa HS
Thursday, April 3
Cavern City Classic (HS) CarlsbadCarlsbad HS
Holloman MS Meet (MS) AlamogordoAlamogordo High
Ram Relays (HS) PortalesPortales High
Saturday, April 5
APS Invitational (HS) AlbuquerqueWilson
Ft. Sumner Qualifier (HS) Ft. SumnerFt. Sumner
Harry Hayes Invitational (HS) BloomfieldBloomfield HS
Red Devil Relays (HS) SpringerSpringer HS
Rose Relays (HS) TularosaTularosa HS
San Juan County Invite (HS) FarmingtonFarmington HS
San Juan County Invite (HS) FarmingtonHutchison Stadium
West Las Vegas Invitational (HS) Las Vegas New Mexico Highlands Univ...
Wednesday, April 9
Zuni Quadrangular (HS) ZuniZuni HS
Thursday, April 10
Belen MS Quad 3 (MS) BelenBelen HS
Clayton Relays (HS) ClaytonHuff Stadium
Gas Capital Relays (HS) Jal
Husky/Panther Invite (HS) AlbuquerqueMenaul HS
Friday, April 11
Grizzly Relays (HS) CarrizozoCarrizozo HS
Los Alamos Invitational (HS) Los AlamosLos Alamos HS
Pinto Relays (HS) MoriartyMoriarty HS
Wildcat Relays (HS) LovingtonWildcat Stadium
Saturday, April 12
APS Relays (HS) AlbuquerqueMilne
Cimarron Invitational (HS) CimarronCimarron Track Facility
F.M. Wilson Relays (HS) AlbuquerqueWilson
Farmington High Invite (HS) FarmingtonFarmington HS
Hidalgo Relays (HS) Silver CitySilver City High
Panther Invitational (HS) PecosPecos HS
Pojoaque (HS) Santa FePojoaque
Tatum Relays (HS) TatumTatum
Monday, April 14
Marilyn Sepulveda Invitational (HS) AlbuquerqueUniversity of New Mexico
Tuesday, April 15
Apache Relays (HS) MescaleroMescalero High
WA Goodman Relays (HS) EuniceEunice
Wednesday, April 16
Sandia Prep Invitational (HS) AlbuquerqueSandia Prep HS
Thursday, April 17
Belen MS Quad 4 (MS) BelenBelen HS
Buffalo Relays (HS) MelroseMelrose HS
Ruidoso MS Meet (MS) RuidosoRuidoso HS
Friday, April 18
Clovis Invitational (HS) ClovisClovis HS
Saturday, April 19
APS Combined Boys & Girls (HS) AlbuquerqueMilne
Bill Slade Memorial (HS) KirtlandKirtland Central HS
Capital City Meet (HS) Santa FeSanta Fe HS
Fox/Vixen Relays (HS) Fort SumnerFort Sumner HS
Mountain Top Invitational (HS) Cloudcroft Cloudcroft Athletic Field
Ruidoso Invitational Track & Field Meet (HS) RuidosoRuidoso HS
Santa Rosa Invitational (HS) Santa Rosa Santa Rosa HS
Wingate "Shash" Invite (HS) Ft. WingateWingtate HS
Monday, April 21
Clayton (HS) ClaytonHuff Stadium
Tuesday, April 22
Mountain Top Middle School Relays (MS) CloudcroftCloudcroft
Thursday, April 24
Belen JV Invitational (HS) BelenBelen HS
Capitan MS Meet (MS) CapitanCapitan HS
EPAC (HS) Ft. SumnerFt. Sumner
Moriarty Quad (HS) MoriartyMoriarty
Friday, April 25
Alamogordo Qualifier (HS) AlamogordoAlamogordo HS
Artesia Invitational Track Meet (HS) ArtesiaBulldog Bowl-Artesia HS
Flying Falcon Invitational (HS) LovingLoving HS
Magdalena Invitational (HS) MagdalenaMagdalena HS
Meadow City Invitational (HS) Las VegasLas Vegas Robertson
Richard Harper Invitational (HS) AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque Academy
William Slade Relays (HS) TularosaTularosa HS
Saturday, April 26
Bloomfield Invitational (HS) BloomfieldBloomfield HS
Los Lunas MS (MS) Los LunasLos Lunas HS
Modrall Sperling Lobo Invitational (Collegiate) AlbuquerqueNew Mexico
Northern Rio Grande Conference (HS) PecosPecos HS
Rattler Relays (HS) TucumcariTucumcari
Richard Harper Invitational (HS) AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque Academy
Rio Rancho MS (MS) Rio RanchoRio Rancho HS
Route 66 Classic (HS) Gallup Gallup Public Stadium
Monday, April 28
Cimarron Ram Relays (HS) CimarronCimarron Track Facility
Last Chance Qualifier (HS) MelroseMelrose
Tuesday, April 29
Pat Henry Qualifier (HS) HobbsWatson Memorial Stadium
Taos Invitational (HS) TaosTaos HS
Tiger Invitational (HS) CapitanCapitan High
Thursday, May 1
Albuquerque City Championships (HS) AlbuquerqueWilson
District 4-AA Championship (HS) PecosPecos HS
Friday, May 2
All City (HS) AlbuquerqueWilson
District 6A Championship (HS) MagdalenaMagdalena HS
District AA meet (HS) Casa BlancaLaguna-Acoma HS
Los Alamos (HS) Los AlamosLos Alamos
Rio Rancho Invitational (HS) Rio RanchoRio Rancho HS
Ross Black Relays (HS) LovingtonLovington HS
Saturday, May 3
18th Don Kirby Invitational Day 1 (Collegiate) AlbuquerqueNew Mexico
All City (HS) Albuquerque
District 1-2A (HS) RamahRamah HS
District 1A Championships (HS) CimarronCimarron High Track Facil...
District 3A/4A Championships (HS) Fort SumnerFort Sumner HS
District 5 AA Championships (HS) MescaleroMescalero High
District 6-2A (HS) TucumcariTucumcari
District 7AA (HS) EuniceEunice
District AA meet (HS) Casa BlancaLaguna-Acoma HS
Piedra Vista Invitational (HS) FarmingtonFarmington HS
Sierra Blanca Track & Field naagundzu' (HS) RuidosoRuidoso HS
Thunderbird Invitational (HS) ZuniZuni HS
Sunday, May 4
18th Don Kirby Invitational Day 2 (Collegiate) AlbuquerqueNew Mexico
Thursday, May 8
Dist 5-5A (HS) Los LunasLos Lunas
District 1 AAAA Meet (HS) KirtlandKirtland Central HS
District 2-5A Championship Meet (HS) AlbuquerqueMilne
Friday, May 9
AA State Championships (HS) AlbuquerqueUNM Track
Distirct 4 5A Championships (HS) CarlsbadCarlsbad HS
District 1AAA (HS) BloomfieldBloomfield
District 2-AAAA (HS) Los AlamosLos Alamos HS
District 4AAA Track & Field Championships (HS) LovingtonLovington HS
District 5-AAA Meet (HS) Casa BlancaLaguna-Acoma HS
District 5-AAAA (HS) BelenBelen HS
Saturday, May 10
Dist 5-5A (HS) Los LunasLos Lunas
District 1 AAAAA Championship (HS)
District 1AAA (HS) BloomfieldBloomfield
District 2-5A Championships (HS) AlbuquerqueWilson
District 2-AAA (HS) Santa FeSanta Fe Indian School
District 5-AAA Meet (HS) Casa BlancaLaguna-Acoma HS
District 5-AAAA Meet (HS) BelenBelen HS
New Mexico A State Championships (HS) AlbuquerqueUNM Track
New Mexico AA State Championships (HS) AlbuquerqueUNM Track
Saturday, May 17
New Mexico AAA State Championships (HS) AlbuquerqueUniversity of New Mexico
New Mexico AAAA State Championships (HS) AlbuquerqueUniversity of New Mexico
New Mexico AAAAA State Championships (HS) AlbuquerqueUniversity of New Mexico
Sunday, May 25
Great Southwest (HS) AlbuquerqueUniversity of New Mexico

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