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Friday, January 28
Pole Vault Summit (HS) RenoReno Livestock Center
Tuesday, March 1
Las Vegas Track Classic (HS) Del Sol HS
Thursday, March 3
Tulare Union Dual with CTK (HS) Las VegasCTK
Saturday, March 5
UNLV Track Classic (Collegiate) Las VegasNevada-Las Vegas
UNLV Track Classic (HS) Las Vegas, NVUniversity of Nevada Las ...
Thursday, March 10
NW 9-10th (HS) Las VegasArbor View
Sheila Tarr-Smith Combined Events (Collegiate) Las VegasNevada-Las Vegas
Friday, March 11
Laughlin Invitational (HS) Laughlin Laughlin HS
NE 9-10th (HS) North Las \VegasCanyon Springs HS
Saturday, March 12
League (HS) Spring CreekSpring Creek
League Meet (HS) RenoReno HS
League Meet at Carson (HS) Carson CityCarson City, CHS
McQueen Conference (HS) RenoMcQueen HS
Mt. Rose League Meet (HS) SparksSparks HS
Silver Stage League Meet (HS) Silver SpringsSilver springs
Southeast 9-10th (HS) HendersonFoothill HS
SW 9-10th (HS) Las VegasDurango HS
Tuesday, March 15
Bonanza-Clark-Gorman-Indian Springs (HS) Las VegasBonanza HS
Cimarron-Palo Verde-Agassi (HS) Las VegasCimarron-Memorial HS
Desert Oasis-Spring Valley-Trinity (HS) Las VegasDesert Oasis HS
Desert Pines-Valley (HS) Las VegasDesert Pines
Green Valley vs Liberty, Boulder City (HS) Las VegasLiberty HS
Wednesday, March 16
Basic-Coronado-Del Sol (HS) HendersonBasic HS
Durango-Sierra Vista (HS) Las VegasDurango HS
Eldorado-Canyon Spings (HS) Las VegasEldorado HS
Faith Lutheran-Mojave-Virgin Valley (HS) Las VegasFaith Lutheran HS
Western-Pahrump Valley (HS) Las VegasWestern HS
Thursday, March 17
Cheyenne-Arbor View-Centennial-Spring Mountain (HS) North Las VegasCheyenne HS
Meadows-Shadow Ridge-Legacy (HS) Las VegasThe Meadows School
Rancho-Chaparral-Calvary Chapel (HS) North Las VegasRancho HS
Silverado-Foothill (HS) HendersonSilverado HS
Sunrise Mountain-Las Vegas-Moapa Valley (HS) North Las VegasSunrise Mountain HS
Friday, March 18
League Meet at Reed HS (HS) SparksReed HS
Saturday, March 19
Douglas Conference (HS) MindenDouglas HS
Fernley League Meet (HS) FernleyFernley HS
Heitkotter Invitational (HS) Las VegasFaith Lutheran HS
League (HS) ElkoElko
League Meet Reno, Galena, North Valleys (HS) RenoNorth Valleys HS
Mt. Rose League Meet (HS) SparksSparks HS
Valley Relays (HS) Las VegasValley HS
Tuesday, March 22
Foothill-Basic (HS) HendersonFoothill HS
Las Vegas-Eldorado-Rancho (HS) Las VegasLas Vegas HS
Legacy-Cimarron-Faith Lutheran-Indian Springs (HS) North Las VegasLegacy
Liberty, Del Sol @ Boulder (HS) Boulder CityBoulder City HS
Pahrump-Desert Oasis-Durango-Calvary Chapel (HS) PahrumpPahrump Valley HS
Virgin Valley-Desert Pines-Sunrise Mountain (HS) MesquiteVirgin Valley HS
Wednesday, March 23
Canyon Springs-Silverado-Trinity (HS) North Las VegasCanyon Springs
Centennial-Palo Verde-Spring Mountain (HS) Las VegasCentennial HS
Chaparral @ Valley (HS) Las VegasValley HS
Green Valley vs Coronado (HS) HendersonCoronado HS
Mojave-Arbor View-The Meadows-Agassi (HS) North Las VegasMojave HS
Valley-Chaparral (HS) Las VegasValley HS
Thursday, March 24
Bishop Gorman-Sierra Vista (HS) Las VegasBishop Gorman HS
Clark-Western (HS) Las VegasClark HS
Shadow Ridge-Cheyenne-Moapa Valley (HS) North Las VegasShadow Ridge HS
Spring Valley-Bonanza (HS) Las VegasSpring Valley
Friday, March 25
Galena Frosh/Soph Invite (HS) RenoGalena HS
High Desert 7 Sierra Frosh-Soph Invitational (HS) RenoGalena HS
Las Vegas Track Classic (HS) Las VegasDel Sol HS
Saturday, March 26
38th Annual Fallon Invitational (HS) FallonChurchill County HS
Duel In the Desert (SSHS v. NVHS) (HS) RenoNorth Valleys HS
Las Vegas Track Classic (HS, UnA) Las VegasDel Sol HS
Micaela Costanzo Memorial Invitational (HS) Spring Creek, NVSpring Creek HS
Tuesday, March 29
Bonanza-Desert Oasis (HS) Las VegasBonanza HS
Chaparral-Las Vegas-Boulder City (HS) Las VegasLas Vegas
Douglas Conference Meet (HS) MindenMinden
Green Valley vs Basic (HS) HendersonGreen Valley HS
Palo Verde-Mojave-Shadow Ridge - Indian Springs (HS) Las VegasPalo Verde HS
Sierra Vista-Spring Valley-Western-The Meadows (HS) Las VegasSierra Vista HS
Wednesday, March 30
Arbor View-Faith Lutheran-Spring Mountain (HS) North Las VegasArbor View HS
Cheyenne-Legacy-Moapa Valley (HS) North Las VegasCheyenne HS
Cimarron-Centennial-Virgin Valley (HS) Las VegasCimarron-Memorial HS
Eldorado-Coronado (HS) Las VegasEldorado HS
Liberty-Foothill-Trinity (HS) HendersonLiberty HS
Thursday, March 31
Clark-Pahrump Valley (HS) Las VegasClark HS
Durango-Bishop Gorman-Calvary Chapel (HS) Las VegasDurango HS
Rancho-Desert Pines-Agassi (HS) North Las VegasRancho HS
Silverado-Del Sol (HS) HendersonSilverado HS
Valley-Sunrise Mountain-Canyon Springs (HS) Las VegasValley HS
Friday, April 1
Reed Sparks Rotary Invitational (HS) SparksSparks
Ron Resler Invitational (HS) Boulder CityBoulder City HS
Saturday, April 2
Kiwanis Invite (HS) ElkoElko HS
Reed Sparks Rotary Invitational (HS) SparksSparks
UNLV Randall Cunningham HS Invitational (HS) Las VegasUNLV
Yerington Invitational (HS) YeringtonYerington HS
Tuesday, April 5
Clark-Sierra Vista-Trinity (HS) Las VegasClark HS
Del Sol-Rancho-Boulder City (HS) Las VegasDel Sol HS
Green Valley vs Silverado (HS) HendersonGreen Valley HS
League Meet (HS) RenoNorth Valleys HS
Mojave-Cheyenne-Indian Springs (HS) North Las VegasMojave HS
Sunrise Mountain-Eldorado (HS) Las VegasSunrise Mountain HS
Wednesday, April 6
Coronado vs Foothill (HS) HendersonCoronado HS
Desert Oasis-Gorman-Western-Agassi (HS) Las VegasDesert Oasis HS
Moapa Valley-Las Vegas-Valley (HS) OvertonMoapa Valley HS
Shadow Ridge-Cimarron-Arbor View (HS) North Las VegasShadow Ridge HS
The Meadows-Durango-Bonanza (HS) Las VegasThe Meadows School
Thursday, April 7
Basic-Liberty (HS) HendersonBasic HS
Desert Pines-Chaparral-Canyon Springs (HS) Las VegasDesert Pines HS
Faith Lutheran-Centennial-Spring Mt (HS) Las VegasFaith Lutheran HS
Legacy-Palo Verde-Virgin Valley (HS) North Las VegasLegacy HS
Spring Valley-Pahrump-Calvary Chapel (HS) Las VegasSpring Valley
Washoe Relays (HS) RenoReno HS
Friday, April 8
Indian Springs Invitational (HS) Indian SpringsIndian Springs HS
Saturday, April 9
Fernley Invitational (HS) FernleyFernley HS
Skyhawk Invitational (HS) Henderson Silverado HS
Tuesday, April 12
Bishop Gorman-Spring Valley-Calvary Chapel (HS) Las VegasBishop Gorman HS
Durango-Western-Trinity (HS) Las VegasDurango HS
Liberty-Coronado (HS) HendersonLiberty HS
Shadow Ridge-Faith Lutheran-Spring Mt. (HS) North Las VegasShadow Ridge HS
Wednesday, April 13
Cimarron-Cheyenne (HS) Las VegasCimarron-Memorial HS
Desert Pines-Chaparral-Eldorado-Boulder City (HS) Las VegasDesert Pines HS
Duel in the Desert (HS) Douglas HS
Foothill-Green Valley-Del Sol (HS) HendersonFoothill HS
Las Vegas-Canyon Springs-Virgin Valley (HS) Las VegasLas Vegas
Palo Verde-Arbor View-Moapa Valley (HS) Las VegasPalo Verde HS
Thursday, April 14
6th Grade Only Meet (MS) Carson City, NVCarson Middle School
Basic-Silverado (HS) HendersonBasic HS
Centennial-Mojave-Legacy-Agassi (HS) Las VegasCentennial HS
Indian Springs-Clark-Desert Oasis (HS) Indian SpringsIndian Springs
Pahrump-Bonanza-Sierra Vista-Meadows (HS) PahrumpPahrump Valley HS
Rancho-Sunrise Mountain-Valley (HS) North Las VegasRancho HS
Friday, April 15
Richard Lewis Invitational (HS) OvertonMoapa Valley HS
Saturday, April 16
Carson Invitational (HS) Carson CityCarson HS
Northwest Invite (HS) RenoMcQueen HS
Tuesday, April 19
Palo Verde Spring Break (HS) Las VegasPalo Verde HS
Sparks Rail City Championships (HS) SparksSparks
Wednesday, April 20
Galena Conference (HS) RenoGalena HS
McQueen Conference (HS) RenoMcQueen HS
Friday, April 22
Beatty Invitational (HS) Beatty, NevadaBeatty HS
High Desert Invitational (HS) SparksReed HS
Ward Coates Invitational (HS) ElkoElko HS
Saturday, April 23
Dayton Invitational (HS) DaytonDayton HS
High Desert & Sierra Frosh Soph Invitational (HS) RenoGalena HS
High Desert Sierra League Challenge Frosh/Soph (HS) 3600 Butch Cassidy DGalena HS
Tuesday, April 26
Bonanza-Western-Agassi Prep (HS) Las VegasBonanza HS
Canyon Springs-Rancho-Moapa Valley (HS) North Las VegasCanyon Springs HS
Conference Meet Reno, Douglas, Spanish Springs (HS) SparksSpanish Springs HS
Coronado vs Silverado vs Liberty (HS) HendersonCoronado HS
Eldorado - Valley (HS) Las VegasValley
League Meet at Bishop Manogue (HS)
Legacy-Arbor View-Virgin Valley (HS) North Las VegasLegacy HS
Sierra Vista-Desert Oasis (HS) Las VegasSierra Vista HS
Wednesday, April 27
Centennial-Shadow Ridge-Meadows-Spring Mt. (HS) Las VegasCentennial HS
Durango-Clark-Spring Valley (HS) Las VegasDurango Hs
Green Valley-Basic-Foothill (HS) HendersonGreen Valley HS
Indian Springs-Bishop Gorman- Pahrump (HS) Indian SpringsIndian Springs HS
Sunrise Mountain-Del Sol-Chaparral (HS) Las VegasSunrise Mountain HS
Thursday, April 28
Carson Invite (MS) Carson CityCarson Middle School
Desert Pines-Las Vegas (HS) Las VegasDesert Pines HS
Eldorado-Valley (HS) Las VegasValley HS
Mojave-Cimarron-Calvary Chapel (HS) North Las VegasMojave HS
Palo Verde-Cheyenne-Faith Lutheran-Trinity (HS) Las VegasPalo Verde HS
Pau Wa Lu Invite (MS) Gardnerville, NV Pau Wa Lu Middle School
Friday, April 29
Big George Invitational (HS) MindenDouglas HS
Sunrise Frosh-Soph Championships (HS) Las VegasDel Sol HS
Sunset Frosh-Soph Championship (HS) Results UploaderArbor View HS
White Pine Invitational (HS) ElyWhite Pine HS
Saturday, April 30
Stallions Invitational (Club) Las VegasSierra Vista
The Meadows Invitational (HS) Las VegasThe Meadows School
Yerington Relays (HS) Yerington Yerington HS
Tuesday, May 3
Cougar Invitational/JV Championships (HS) Spanish SpringsSpanish Springs HS
McQueen JV Invitational (HS) RenoMcQueen HS
Wednesday, May 4
Sunrise/Sunset Region Prelims (HS) Las VegasDel Sol HS
Thursday, May 5
South Tahoe Middle School Invite (MS) South Lake TahoeSouth Tahoe Middle School
Friday, May 6
Grant Bushman Invitational (HS) OvertonMoapa Valley HS
Sunrise-Sunset Region Prelims (HS) Las VegasDel Sol HS
Saturday, May 7
Lowry Invitational (HS) WinnemuccaLowry HS
Meadows Junior High Meet (MS) Las VegasThe Meadows School
Regional Trials 4A (HS) Carson CityCarson HS
Thursday, May 12
Carson Valley Middle School (MS) Gardnerville, NVCarson Valley Middle Scho...
South Tahoe Middle School Invite (MS) South Lake TahoeSouth Tahoe Middle School
Friday, May 13
1A, 2A, 3A Region Champtionship (HS) FernleyFernley HS
1A. 2A. 3A Region Championship (HS) Boulder CityBoulder City HS
Sunrise-Sunset Region Finals (HS) Las VegasDel Sol HS
Saturday, May 14
1A, 2A, 3A Region Championship (HS) Boulder CityBoulder City HS
Northern Nevada 1A, 2A, 3A Region Championship (HS) FernleyFernley HS
Regional Finals 4A (HS) Carson CityCarson HS
Wednesday, May 18
TAH-Neva Championship (MS) Carson CityCHS
Friday, May 20
Nevada State Championships (HS) Las VegasDel Sol HS
Saturday, May 21
Nevada State Championships (HS) Las VegasDel Sol HS
Friday, May 27
Pure Sky Fun Jump (Club) HendersonPure Sky
Saturday, June 11
Nevada Association Championships (Club) Las Vegas, NevadaLegacy HS
Saturday, July 2
AAU West Coast Junior Olympic Games (Club, UnA) RenoReed HS
Sunday, December 4
Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half & Full Marathon (Club) Las VegasThe Strip
Other Meets
Friday, December 3, 2010
Scarlet & Gray Challenge (Collegiate) Las VegasNevada-Las Vegas
Saturday, December 11, 2010
5 Left Meet (Club) Henderson

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