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Saturday, January 22
Black and Gold Intersquad (Collegiate) HattiesburgSouthern Mississippi
Friday, March 4
Southern Miss HS Invitational (HS) HattiesburgSouthern Mississippi Univ...
Saturday, March 5
Wildcat Relays (HS) MeridianMeridian HS
Thursday, March 10
Madison Central Home Opener (HS) MadisonMadison Central HS
St. Andrew's Invitational (HS) RidgelandSaint Andrew's HS
Friday, March 11
Meridian HS Sprint Meet (HS) MeridianMeridian HS
Saturday, March 12
Oxford Invitational (HS) OxfordOxford HS
Southern Miss Invite (Collegiate) HattiesburgSouthern Mississippi
Saturday, March 19
Gaston Hewes (HS) GulfportGulfport HS
Northridge-Jaguar Relays (HS) TuscaloosaNorthridge HS
Thursday, March 24
Clinton HS Invitational (HS) ClintonClinton HS
Oxford Vs Lafayette Dual (HS) OxfordOxford HS
Pass High Invitational (HS) Pass ChristianPass Christian HS
Friday, March 25
Jackson Prep Invitational (HS) JacksonJackson Preparatory Schoo...
Saturday, March 26
Oxford Invitational (HS) OxfordOxford HS
SEC vs. Big Ten (Collegiate) StarkvilleMississippi State
Friday, April 1
Bulldog Friday Nite Invite (Collegiate) StarkvilleMississippi State
Saturday, April 2
Mitch Ariff Relays (HS) GreenvilleGreenville-Weston HS
MSU Bulldog Invitational (HS) StarkvilleMississippi State Univers...
Tuesday, April 5
Junior Pirate Track & Field Invitational (HS) PearlPearl HS
Thursday, April 7
Long Beach Invitational (HS) Long BeachLong Beach Senior HS
Friday, April 8
MC Twilight Invitational (Collegiate) ClintonMississippi College
Pontotoc Invitational (HS) PontotocPontotoc HS
Saturday, April 9
Blue Cross Blue Shield Invitational (HS) ClintonMississippi College
Chickasaw Conference Meet (HS) LewisburgLewisburg HS
Ole Miss Invitational (Collegiate) OxfordMississippi
Friday, April 15
Pearl Pirate Invitational (HS) PearlPearl HS
Picayune Invitational (HS) PicayunePicayune HS
Saturday, April 16
Daily Journal Relays (HS) TupeloTupelo HS
Jace Lacoste Invitational (Collegiate) StarkvilleMississippi State
Monday, April 18
Division 2-1A (HS) ByhaliaPotts Camp HS
Tuesday, April 19
Division 1-1A (HS) ByhaliaByhalia HS
Division 1-2A (HS) ByhaliaByhalia HS
Division 2-2A (HS) GreenvilleGreenville Weston HS
Division 6-2A (HS) RidgelandSaint Andrew's HS
Division 6-3A (HS) RidgelandSaint Andrew's
Division 7-1A (HS) RidgelandSaint Andrew's HS
Thursday, April 21
Division 1-3A (HS) ByhaliaPotts Camp HS
Division 1-4A (HS) PontotocPontotoc HS
Division 2-6A (HS) TupeloTupelo HS
Division 3-1A (HS) ColdwaterColdwater HS
Division 3-3A (HS) ColdwaterColdwater HS
Division 3-6A (HS) RidgelandMadison Central HS
Division 4-1A (HS) PontotocPontotoc HS
Division 4-6A (HS) ClintonClinton HS
Division 5-4A (HS) MeridianNortheast Lauderdale HS
Division 5-5A (HS) McCombMcComb HS
Division 5-6A (HS) MeridianMeridian HS
Division 6-4A (HS) RidgelandMadison Central HS
Division 7-2A (HS) MeridianMeridian HS
Division 7-3A (HS) TylertownTylertown HS
Division 8-3A (HS) TylertownTylertown HS
Division 8-4A (HS) Pass ChristianPass Christian HS
Friday, April 22
Division 6-5A (HS) PicayunePicayune HS
Division 8-5A (HS) PicayunePicayune HS
Saturday, April 23
Division 1-5A (HS) OxfordOxford HS
Division 2-5A (HS) OxfordOxford HS
Mississippi Open (Collegiate) OxfordMississippi
Monday, April 25
Division 2-4A (HS) ByhaliaByhalia HS
Tuesday, April 26
MAIS 3A South State (HS) ClintonMississippi College Parkm...
Saturday, April 30
Golden Eagle Classic (Collegiate) HattiesburgSouthern Mississippi
MAIS Overall State Track Meet (HS) JacksonJackson Preparatory Schoo...
Region 1-1A (HS) ByhaliaByhalia HS
Region 1-2A (HS) ByhaliaPotts Camp HS
Region 1-4A (HS) PontotocPontotoc HS
Region 1-5A (HS) OxfordOxford HS
Region 1-6A (HS) TupeloTupelo HS
Region 2-1A (HS) ColdwaterColdwater HS
Region 2-6A (HS) MadisonMadison Central HS
Region 3-4A (HS) MeridianMeridian HS
Region 3-5A (HS) PicayunePicayune HS
Region 3-6A (HS) MeridianMeridian HS
Region 4-1A (HS) MadisonMadison Central HS
Region 4-2A (HS) TylertownTylertown HS
Region 4-3A (HS) TylertownTylertown HS
Region 4-4A (HS) Pass ChristianPass Christian HS
Region 4-5A (HS) Long BeachLong Beach Senior HS
Sunday, May 1
Division 4-5A (HS) PearlPearl HS
Division 5-2A (HS) PearlPearl HS
Division 5-3A (HS) PearlPearl HS
Saturday, May 7
North State 1A (HS) ByhaliaByhalia HS
North State 2A (HS) ByhaliaByhalia HS
North State 3A (HS) TBATBA
North State 4A (HS) StarkvilleStarkville HS
North State 5A (HS) OxfordOxford HS
North State 6A (HS) StarkvilleStarkville HS
South State 1A (HS) TylertownTylertown HS
South State 2A (HS) TylertownTylertown HS
South State 3A (HS) TylertownTylertown HS
South State 4A (HS) Long BeachLong Beach Senior HS
South State 5A (HS) Long BeachLong Beach Senior HS
South State 6A (HS) HattiesburgHattiesburg HS
Friday, May 13
MHSAA 1A State Championships (HS) PearlPearl HS
MHSAA 3A State Championships (HS) PearlPearl HS
MHSAA 5A State Championships (HS) PearlPearl HS
Saturday, May 14
MHSAA 2A State Championships (HS) PearlPearl HS
MHSAA 4A State Championships (HS) PearlPearl HS
MHSAA 6A State Championships (HS) PearlPearl HS

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