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Monday, February 13
Time Trial (HS) ShanghaiShanghai American School
Friday, February 24
Shanghai Sleet Night (HS) ShanghaiShanghai American School ...
Saturday, March 3
ISM Inivitational (HS) ManilaInternational School Mani...
Pacific & Kanto League Records (HS) TokyoTokyo
Past Kanto League & Invite Winners 100m-3000m (HS) TokyoTokyo
Sunday, March 4
Past Kanto League & Invite Winners: Hurdles, Relay... (HS) TokyoTokyo
Thursday, March 8
Eagles Intersquad Meet (HS) ShanghaiShanghai American School ...
Saturday, March 10
Japan DoDDs preseason Invite (HS, MS) Camp ZamaZama
Tuesday, March 13
CocaCola1500 (HS) Higashi KurumeKuromeGawa River Path
Tryouts (HS) LondonParliament Hill
Tryouts (HS) LondonResults
Friday, March 16
OAC Weekly Quadrangular (HS) Camp FosterPetty Stadium
Saturday, March 17
Emirates Coastal Conference (HS) DubaiAmerican School of Dubai
Kanto Schools Meet A-1 - DoDDs (HS, MS) Camp ZamaZama HS
Kanto Schools Meet A-2 - Int'l Schools (HS, MS) KinutaSetagaya TokyoRAIN Cancel
Panther Pride Open 2012 (HS) Likas, Kota KinabaluKomplex Sukan
Pre- IASAS Track (HS) ManilaInternational School Mani...
TAS Track Invitational (HS) AsiaTaichung
Wednesday, March 21
Cobham Meet (HS) London, EnglandACS Cobham
Thursday, March 22
Emirates Coastal Conference (HS) DubaiAmerican School of Dubai
OAC Weekly Quadrangular (HS) Camp FosterPetty Stadium
Pudong Meet 2 (HS) ShanghaiShanghai American School ...
Friday, March 23
Emirates Coastal Conference (HS) DubaiAmerican School of Dubai
ISM Twilight Track (HS) ManilaInternational School Mani...
OAC Weekly Quadrangular (HS) Kadena Air BaseRMS
Saturday, March 24
Japan DoDDs + Edgren (HS, MS) Camp ZamaZama
Osan American vs. Seoul American vs. Daegu (HS) KoreaKyungpook National Univer...
Thursday, March 29
ISAC Championships (HS) DubaiUniversal American School
OAC Weekly Quadrangular (HS) Camp FosterPetty Stadium
Friday, March 30
IIAAG Meet #1 (HS) ManengenLeo Palace
OAC Weekly Quadrangular (HS) OkinawaChatan Sports Stadium
Vilseck Invite (HS, MS) Vilseck GermanyVilseck HS
Saturday, March 31
Faith Intrasquad (HS) ManilaUltra
Japan DoDDs + Edgren, CAJ (HS, MS) YokotaYokota
Kaiser, Baum, Wies, Heidel, Bitburg at Ramstein (HS) EuropeRamstein
Lake, Men H, Alcon, Brussels, SHAPE at AFNORTH (HS) EuropeAFNORTH
Osan American, Daegu, Seoul American (HS) Camp Casey, KoreaSchoonover Bowl
Vicenza, Naples, Sigonella at Aviano (HS) Pordenone, Italy Aviano
Vilseck, Hohen, Bamberg, Schwein., Patch at Ansbac... (HS) EuropeAnsbach
Tuesday, April 3
#222 Nittai Distance Meet (HS) JapanYokohama
Friday, April 6
Petty Invitational (HS) OkinawaKubasaki HS
Petty Invitational (Pre-Petty - Junior Varsity) (HS) OkinawaKubasaki HS
Saturday, April 7
Kanto Schools Meet B - Petty Alternative (HS, MS) Setagaya-Ku, TokyoKinuta Koen
Thursday, April 12
IASAS Track and Field (HS) TaipeiTaipei American School
Friday, April 13
IIAAG #2 (HS) ManengenLeo Palace
Saturday, April 14
April HighSchool Meets (HS) JapanVarious
IIAG Meet #2 (HS) Leo PalaceManengen
Kanto Schools Meet C - Int'l Schools (HS, MS) Shinagawa-ku, TokyoOi Futo Chuo Kaihin Park ...
SISAC Championships (HS) ShanghaiSAS Puxi
Wednesday, April 18
Cobham Meet (HS) LondonACS Cobham
Thursday, April 19
APAC Championships (HS) ShanghaiShanghai American School ...
Friday, April 20
IIAAG Meet #3 (HS) ManengenLeo Palace
OAC Weekly Quadrangular (HS) Kadena ABRMS
Saturday, April 21
Bamberg, Schwein, Patch, Frank Int’l at Hohen (HS) EuropeHohenfels
Heidel, Ramstein, Vilseck, Black Forest Academy at... (HS) EuropeAnsbach
Kaiser, Bitburg, Wies at Baum (HS) EuropeBaumholder
Kanto Schools Meet D-1 (HS, MS) Yokota Air BaseYokota
Kanto Schools Meet D-2 (HS, MS) TokyoOi Futo Chuo Kaihin Park ...
Men H, Alcon, Brussels, SHAPE, AFNORTH at Lakenhea... (HS) EuropeLakenheath
Osan Open (HS) OsanOsan City Stadium
Vicenza, Aviano, Sigonella, AOSRat Naples (HS) OverseasNaples
Wednesday, April 25
Far East Qualifying Meet (HS) TokyoYokota high
Friday, April 27
IIAAG Meet #4 (HS) ManengenLeo Palace
OAC Weekly Quadrangular (HS) Camp FosterPetty Stadium
Saturday, April 28
Brussels, Ramstein, Wies, Frank Int’l, ISB at SHAP... (HS) EuropeSHAPE
Heidel, Vilseck, Hohen, Bamberg, Schwein at Ansbac... (HS) EuropeAnsbach
Kanto HS Finals 2012 (HS) TokyoYokota HS
Korea Int Schools Invite (HS) TongducheonSchoonover Bowl
Lake, Baum, BFA at Bitburg (HS) EuropeBitburg
Men H, Alcon, Patch, Kaiser at AFNORTH (HS) EuropeAFNORTH
Naples, Aviano, Sigonella, AOSR at Vicenza (HS) EuropeVicenza
SAHS Open (HS) TongducheonSchoonover Bowl, Cp Casey
Wednesday, May 2
Cobham Meet 3 (HS) LondonCobham
Friday, May 4
IIAAG Meet #5 (HS) Manengen HillLeo Palace
Saturday, May 5
#223 Nittai Distance Meet (HS) JapanYokohama
BFA, Schwein, Patch, Kaiser, Wies, Bitburg, Frank ... (HS) EuropeHeidelberg
Brussels St Johns Meet (HS) WaterlooSt Johns Wateloo
GDOE Middle School Meet #1 (MS) TamuningJFK Ramsey Field
Hohen, Bamberg, Ramstein, Ansbach, Baum at Vilseck (HS) EuropeVilseck
IIAAG Middle School Meet #1 (HS) TamuningJFK Ramsey Field
KOrea INternational Schools District Championship (HS) TongducheonSchoonover Bowl
May HighSchool Races (HS) Japanvarious
MenH, Lake, SHA, Brus, AFN, Cob, Hilling, Rota (HS) EuropeAlconbury
Middle School Finals (HS, Collegiate, UnA) TokyoHaneda
O.a.c. District Meet (HS) Yomitan Yomitan Stadium
Vicenza, Naples, Sigonella, AOSR at Aviano (HS) EuropeAviano
Friday, May 11
IIAAG Meet #6 (HS) manengen HillLeo Palace
Saturday, May 12
American School of the Hague (HS) The HagueThe Hague
ASL Eagles LISSA meet 5 (HS) LondonWillesden track
Bitburg, Baum, Heidel at AFNORTH (HS) EuropeAFNORTH
GDOE Middle School Meet #2 (MS) TamuningJFK, Ramsey Field
Hohen, Ansbach, Vilseck, BFA at Patch (HS) EuropePatch
Kaiser, Bamberg, Schwein, Wies at Ramstein (HS) EuropeRamstein
Kanto Invite 2012 (HS) Yokota AB TokyoYokota
Middle School Rain Date Finals (MS) TokyoYokota - perhaps
SHAPE, Brussels, Lake, Alcon at Menwith Hill (HS) EuropeMenwith Hill
Vicenza, Aviano, AOSR at Naples (HS) EuropeNaples
Friday, May 18
Iiaag All-Island Meet (HS) Manengen HillLeo Palace
Saturday, May 19
AFNORTH, SHAPE, Bitburg, Baum at Brussels (HS) EuropeBrussels
GDOE Middle School Meet #3 (MS) TamuningJFK Ramsey Field
International School of Brussels (HS) BrusselsParc Sportiv Trois Tillue...
Men H, Alcon at Lakenheath (HS) EuropeLakenheath
Naples, Aviano, Sigonella, AOSR at Vicenza (HS) EuropeVicenza
Patch, Schwein, Ram, FrankInt’l, BFA, Kaiser (HS) EuropeHeidelberg
Wies, Bamberg, Hohen, Ansbach at Vilseck (HS) EuropeVilseck
Wednesday, May 23
DODDS Far East Track Championships 2012 (HS) Yokota Air BaseYokota
Thursday, May 24
65th InterHigh Prefectural Qualifiers (HS) JapanVarious
ISST Championships 2012 Day 1 (HS) EtonThames Valley Harriers
Friday, May 25
European Championships (HS) EuropeWiesbaden
ISST Championships 2012 Day 2 (HS) EtonThames valley harriers
Saturday, May 26
#224 Nittai Distance Meet (HS) JapanYokohama
GDOE Middle School Meet #4 (MS) TamuningJFK Ramsey Field
Saturday, June 2
GDOE Middle School Meet #5 (MS) TamuningJFK Ramsey Field
Saturday, June 9
#225 Nittai Distance Meet (HS) JapanYokohama
Thursday, June 14
Keihäskarnevaalit (MS) Pihtipudas, FinlandKoulukeskuksessa
Saturday, June 16
65th InterHigh REGIONAL Round (HS) JapanVarious
Saturday, June 30
June HS Meets Japan 2012 (HS) Japanvarious
Thursday, July 12
IAAF World Junior Championships (HS) Barcelona, SpainBarcelona
Saturday, July 14
July HS Meets (HS) Japanvarious
Sunday, July 29
Japan 65th InterHigh Nationals (HS) Niigata-shi, NiigataTohoku Denryoku Big Swan ...
Saturday, September 22
#226 Nittai Distance Meet (HS) JapanYokohama
Saturday, November 17
#227 Nittai Distance Meet (HS) JapanYokohama
Saturday, December 1
#228 Nittai Distance Meet (HS) JapanYokohama
Saturday, December 22
#13 Nittai Women's Distance Meet (HS) JapanYokohama
Best Marks Pre National HS Ekiden Championships (HS) Japanvarious

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