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Saturday, February 14
2:02 Club! NashvilleMeigs Magnet School
Wednesday, March 11
1: Kipp Academy, Litton NashvilleMcGavock HS
1: McMurray, McKissack, West End NashvillePearl Cohn
Week 1: Meigs, Donelson NashvilleHunters Lane HS
Monday, March 16
1:J.T. Moore, Rose Park AntiochCane Ridge HS
1:Oliver, Antioch, Apollo NashvilleAntioch HS
Tuesday, March 17
1.5: Brick Church, Litton, Cameron NashvilleHunters Lane
1.5: Goodlettsville, Dupont Hadley, East Nashville NashvilleMaplewood HS
Wednesday, March 18
1.5: Gra-Mar, Haynes, Jere Baxter NashvilleMaplewood HS
Week SB: Meigs, Kipp Academy, Joelton NashvilleWhites Creek HS
Thursday, March 19
1.5: Madison, Margaret Allen, Bailey NashvilleMaplewood HS
1.5: Neely's Bend, Two Rivers NashvilleHunters Lane HS
1: Head, H.G. Hill, J. Early NashvilleHillsboro HS
1: Wright, Marshall AntiochAntioch HS
Tuesday, March 31
2: East Nashville, Brick Church, Haynes NashvilleMaplewood HS
2: Lead, McMurray AntiochCane Ridge HS
2: Litton, Bailey NashvilleWhites Creek HS
2: Oliver, Bellevue, J. Early AntiochAntioch HS
Wednesday, April 1
2: H.G. Hill, Croft NashvillePreal-Cohn HS
2: Kipp, Margaret Allen, Two Rivers NashvilleWhites Creek
2: Madison, Joelton, Neely's Bend NashvilleMaplewood HS
2: West End, Antioch, Cameron NashvilleHillsboro HS
Week 2: Meigs, Dupont Hadley, Gra-Mar NashvilleMcGavock HS
Thursday, April 2
2: JFK, J.T.Moore, Marshall AntiochAntioch HS
2: MLK, Head, McKissack AntiochCane Ridge HS
Monday, April 6
3: Bellevue, Lead, Marshall NashvilleHillsboro HS
3: Two Rivers, Madison NashvilleMcGavock HS
Tuesday, April 7
3: Antioch, MLK, Wright AntiochCane Ridge HS
3: Cameron, H.G. Hill, McMurray NashvillePearl-Cohn HS
3: Kipp Academy, Donelson, Gra-Mar NashvilleMaplewood HS
3: Oliver, JFK, West End AntiochAntioch HS
Wednesday, April 8
3: Brick Church, Goodlettsville, Joelton NashvilleWhites Creek HS
3: J. Early, J.T.Moore NashvilleHillsboro HS
3: McKissack, Apollo AntiochCane Ridge HS
Week 3: Meigs, East, Jere Baxter NashvilleMaplewood HS
Thursday, April 9
1: Lead, MLK, JFK AntiochAntioch HS
2: Donelson, Goodlettsville, Jere Baxter NashvilleWhites Creek HS
3: Croft, Head, Rose Park AntiochAntioch HS
3: Margaret Allen, Litton, Neely's Bend NashvilleMaplewood HS
Monday, April 13
1: Cameron, Bellevue, Croft NashvilleHiilsboro HS
Friday, April 17
Middle Tennessee MS Invitational AntiochAntioch HS
Monday, April 20
5: Marshall, Cameron AntiochCane Ridge HS
5:Rose Park, Bellevue NashvilleHillsboro HS
Tuesday, April 21
4: Jere Baxter, Litton, Two Rivers NashvilleHunters Lane HS
4: Neely's Bend, Kipp Academy, Haynes NashvilleMcGavock HS
5: Oliver, Head, Lead AntiochAntioch HS
5: Wright, J. Early, JFK NashvillePearl-Cohn HS
Wednesday, April 22
4: Bailey, Gra-Mar, Joelton NashvilleHunters Lane HS
4: Dupont Hadley, Brick Church NashvilleMaplewood HS
5: J.T. Moore, Apollo, West End AntiochAntioch HS
5: McMurray, Croft, MLK AntiochCane Ridge HS
Week 4: Meigs, Goodlettsville, Margaret Allen NashvilleMcGavock HS
Thursday, April 23
2: Apollo, Rose Park, Wright NashvilleHillsboro HS
3: Haynes, Dupont Hadley, Bailey NashvilleHunters Lane HS
4: East Nashville, Donelson, Madison NashvilleMcGavock HS
5: H.G. Hill, Antioch, McKissack NashvillwHillsboro HS
Apollo, Rose Park, Wright AntiochAntioch HS
Tuesday, May 5
Eastern Division Championship NashvilleMcGavock HS
Western Division Championship AntiochCane Ridge HS
Tuesday, May 12
City Championship NashvilleTBA

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