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Monday, March 7
1: Bailey, Neely's Bend, Liberty NashvilleMcGavock HS
1: Dupont Tyler, Jere Baxter, Joelton NashvilleHunters Lane HS
1: McKissack, Mc Murray, West End AntiochCane Ridge
1: STEM, Litton NashvilleMaplewood HS
1:Croft, Cameron, Bellevue NashvilleHillsboro HS
Week 1:Oliver, Antioch, Apollo AntiochAntioch HS
Tuesday, March 8
1:Rose Park, M.L.K NashvillePearl-Cohn
Meigs/East Timing Event NashvilleEast HS
Wednesday, March 9
1: H.G. Hill, Head, Intrepid Prep NashvilleHillsboro HS
1:Marshall, Wright AntiochAntioch HS
Friday, March 11
1: Donelson, Dupont Hadley, East NashvilleMcGavock HS
1: Kipp Academy, Madison, Margaret Allen NashvilleMaplewood
Week 1: Meigs, Two Rivers, Brick Church NashvilleHunters Lane
Monday, March 14
1: Goodlettsville, Gra-Mar, Haynes NashvilleHunters Lane HS
Wednesday, March 16
Goodletsville, KIPP Academy, East NashvilleMcGavock High
SB: Litton, Two Rivers NashvilleMaplewood HS
Friday, March 18
Week 1 MemphisKirby
Tuesday, March 29
1:J.F.K, J. Early, J. T Moore AntiochAntioch HS
2: M.L.K, J.F.K, Marshall NashvilleHillsboro HS
2:Apollo, Rose Park, Wright AntiochAntioch HS
Wednesday, March 30
2: Antioch, Bellevue, Head NashvilleHillsboro HS
2: Croft, Intrepid Prep AntiochCane Ridge
2: East, Haynes, Mount Juliet Middle School NashvilleMcGavock HS
2: J. Early, H. G. Hill, McKissack NashvillePearl-Cohn
2: Jere Baxter, Litton, Bailey NashvilleHunters Lane HS
Week 2:Oliver, Cameron, West End AntiochAntioch HS
Week Two: Meigs, Neely's Bend, STEM NashvilleMaplewood HS
Thursday, March 31
2: Liberty, Dupont Tyler, Margaret Allen NashvilleHunters Lane HS
2: McMurray, J. T. Moore NashvilleHillisboro HS
2: Two Rivers, Donelson, Goodlettsville NashvilleMcGavock HS
Friday, April 1
2: Brick Church, Dupont Hadley, Kipp Academy NashvilleMcGavock HS
2: Madison, Gra-Mar, Joelton NashvilleHunters Lane HS
Week 2 MemphisWhitehaven
Saturday, April 2
Music City Homeschool Invitational (HS, MS) NashvilleMcGavock HS
Monday, April 4
3: Bailey, Goodlettsville NashvilleHunters Lane HS
3: Kipp Academy, Two Rivers, Jere Baxter NashvilleMcGavock HS
Week 3: Oliver, J.Early, Wright AntiochAntioch HS
Tuesday, April 5
3: H.G. Hill, Croft, Rose Park NashvilleHillsboro HS
3: Neely's Bend, East, Gra-Mar NashvilleMaplewood HS
Wednesday, April 6
3: Bellevue, Marshall, J. T. Moore AntiochCane Ridge HS
3: Joelton, Brick Church, STEM NashvilleHunters Lane HS
Thursday, April 7
3: Dupont Hadley, Haynes, Margaret Allen NashvilleMaplewood HS
3: Head, M.L.K. AntiochCane Ridge HS
3: Intrepid Prep, Cameron, McMurray NashvilleHillsboro
Friday, April 8
Week 3 MemphisWhitehaven
Monday, April 11
3: Two Rivers, Goodlettsville, East NashvilleMcGavock HS
Week Three: Meigs, Madison, Liberty NashvilleMaplewood HS
Tuesday, April 12
4: Goodlettsville, Jere Baxter, STEM NashvilleMaplewood HS
4: Rose Park, Bellevue NashvilleHillsboro
4:Wright, Head, J.F.K AntiochCane Ridge
Wednesday, April 13
3: McKissack, Apollo AntiochAntioch HS
4: Dupont Hadley, Litton, Liberty NashvilleMaplewood HS
4: J. Early, Croft, McMurray AntiochAntioch HS
4: Margaret Allen, East, Joelton NashvilleHunters Lane HS
4: Marshall, Cameron NashvilleHillsboro HS
Week Four: Meigs, Bailey, Kipp Academy NashvilleMcGavock HS
Thursday, April 14
4: J.T Moore, Antioch, H.G. Hill NashvilleHillsboro
4: West End, Apollo, M.L.K. NashvillePearl-Cohn
Week 4: Oliver, Intrepid Prep, McKissack AntiochAntioch HS
Saturday, April 16
Week 4 MemphisWhitehaven
Friday, April 22
Middle Tennessee Middle School Invitational AntiochAntioch HS
Saturday, April 23
Middle Tennessee Middle School Invitational AntiochAntioch HS
Monday, April 25
4: Haynes, Brick Church, Madison NashvilleMaplewood HS
5: Goodlettsville, East NashvilleMcGavock HS
Tuesday, April 26
3: Litton, Donelson, Dupont Tyler NashvilleMaplewood HS
Wednesday, April 27
4: Gra-Mar, Two Rivers, Dupont Tyler NashvilleMcGavock HS
5: KIPP, Goodlettsville, Joelton NashvilleHunters Lane
Thursday, April 28
4: Neely's Bend, Donelson NashvilleMcGavock HS
5: Meigs, Madison, Dupont Hadley NashvilleMcGavock HS
Wednesday, May 4
Oliver, JT Moore AntiochAntioch hs
Monday, May 9
2016 Eastern Division Tournament NashvilleMcGavock HS
Western Division AntiochAntioch HS
Monday, May 16
MNPS City Championships NashvilleMcGavock HS
Tuesday, May 17
MNPS City Championships NashvilleMcGavock HS
Saturday, May 21
TMSAA Track & Field State Championship ClarksvilleAustin Peay State Univers...

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