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100 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Donovan Jordan13.63a (1.7)Phenom Elite
2.9-10Jakari Akil13.63a PR (1.7)100 Black Wings
3.9-10Keyshawn Ashford13.82a (1.7)Peninsula Youth (Def...
4.9-10Armauni Archie13.97a (1.7)Hercules Running Reb...
5.-Demonte Aleem14.13a (1.7)East Bay Panthers
6.9-10Dior Walker14.19a PR (1.7)Top Pacers
7.9-10Ramon Sims14.25a (1.7)C.A. Track Club
8.9-10Makai Polk14.38a (1.7)Hercules Running Reb...
9.9-10Alton Julian14.56a (1.7)East Palo Alto Greyh...

100 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Raymone Sanders12.52a (1.7)TNT East Bay Track
2.11-12Bruce Crowder II13.01a (1.7)Fast Forward VPAL TC
3.11-12Elijah Thompson13.16a (1.7)Moorpark Striders
4.-Aubrey Carter13.39a (1.7)East Bay Panthers
5.11-12Dmaurier McKenzie13.47a (1.7)Hercules Running Reb...
6.11-12Keith Evans13.55a SR (1.7)C.A. Track Club
7.11-12Christopher Hall13.75a (1.7)Panther Track
8.11-12Morian Walker13.94a (1.7)Umoja
9.-Brian Dudley13.99a PR (1.7)Moorpark Striders

100 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Jelani Brice-Moore11.62a PR (-1.5)Stockton Saints
2.11-12Javonte Norman11.66a (-1.5)Phenom Elite
3.13-14Lester Williams11.77a (-1.5)Stockton Saints
4.13-14Kirk Johnson11.85a SR (-1.5)Umoja
5.-Dellier Lyles11.88a PR (-1.5)Hercules Running Reb...
6.-Nathaniel Moore12.12a (-1.5)Mission Valley Track...
7.-Michael White12.22a (-1.5)The Heat
8.-Hakeem Mays12.30a (-1.5)Fast Forward VPAL TC
9.13-14Louis White12.37a (-1.5)Oakland PAL

100 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Kenneth Walker11.08a PR (1.7)Flying Jaguars
2.15-16Jordan Riggins11.17a (1.7)Fast Forward VPAL TC
3.15-16Damantee James11.38a PR (1.7)Dragon Track
4.15-16Jordan Monteiro-Williams11.39a (1.7)Natomas Youth
5.-Jeremy Imlach11.58a PR (1.7)Oakland PAL
6.15-16Tajae Smithwhite11.69a PR (1.7)100 Black Wings
7.15-16Davon Gillum11.84a (1.7)Stockton Saints
8.-Daniel Mewborn11.85a (1.7)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
9.13-14Schuyler Whiting11.91a (1.7)Marin Waves Track & ...
1.Marc Toney12.76a1638 Unattached
2.Dave Nehoran13.21a1638 Unattached
3.15-16August Kiles13.87a SRTeam Onalysis

100 Meters  Young - Finals

1.17-18Carl Horsley10.66a PR (-.7)C.A. Track Club
2.17-18Michael Tobin11.12a (-.7)A1 Track (Audience o...
3.17-18Jorden Morrow11.14a PR (-.7)V-Town Track
4.-Ricco Jones11.23a (-.7)V-Town Track
5.-Vivaswan Shetty11.25a (-.7)A1 Track (Audience o...
6.-Timazray Shephard11.26a (-.7)Flying Jaguars
7.-Ali Roosevelt11.29a (-.7)Castro Valley Track
8.17-18Adam Richards11.38a (-.7)Revolution Express T...
9.-Julien Gray11.60a (-.7)Beast Athletic Perfo...
1.17-18Alexander Jungsten11.63aRevolution Express T...
2.17-18Sulayman Diomande11.70aCastro Valley Track
8.17-18Adam Richards11.88aRevolution Express T...
3.17-18Kevin Nielsen11.93aRevolution Express T...
4.Peter Roman11.97a1638 Unattached
5.Shawn Toney12.49a1638 Unattached

100 Meters  Bantam - Prelims

1.9-10Donovan Jordan13.73a (1.2)Phenom Elite
2.9-10Jakari Akil13.77a (2.0)100 Black Wings
3.9-10Armauni Archie13.86a SR (2.5)Hercules Running Reb...
4.-Demonte Aleem14.02a PR (2.6)East Bay Panthers
6.9-10Ramon Sims14.18a (2.6)C.A. Track Club
7.9-10Makai Polk14.23a SR (2.6)Hercules Running Reb...
8.9-10Alton Julian14.27a PR (2.6)East Palo Alto Greyh...
5.9-10Keyshawn Ashford14.35a (1.0)Peninsula Youth (Def...
9.9-10Dior Walker14.41a (2.5)Top Pacers
10.9-10Marion Devore14.43a (1.0)Hercules Running Reb...
11.-Eric Wright14.60a PR (2.0)Pacific Racers Athle...
12.9-10Maurice Saulsbury14.60a SR (2.0)Stockton Saints
13.9-10Will Jones14.69a PR (2.0)Phenom Elite
14.9-10Delonte Baskerville14.72a PR (2.0)Moorpark Striders
15.9-10Elijah Grigsby14.81a SR (1.2)Stockton Starz
16.9-10Quinton Boyette14.81a PR (2.5)100 Black Wings
17.9-10Antonio Yra14.93a (1.2)Mission Valley Track...
18.7-8Ramon Stange15.03a (1.0)East Palo Alto Greyh...
19.9-10Telan Gaines15.25a PR (2.0)Phenom Elite
20.9-10Zidane Raeburn15.55a PR (2.6)Central Valley Roadr...
21.9-10Ricky Merced15.56a PR (2.5)Moorpark Striders
22.9-10Thaddeus Hills15.67a (1.2)Moorpark Striders
23.9-10Kevin Wright15.74a PR (1.0)Oakland PAL
24.-Jajuan Despanie15.79a PR (2.6)East Palo Alto Greyh...
25.7-8Edward Cassas15.79a SR (1.0)Moorpark Striders
26.7-8Daniel Thompson15.83a (2.0)Moorpark Striders
27.9-10Jeremiah Latu15.87a SR (2.5)East Palo Alto Greyh...
28.9-10Justin Lowe15.87a (1.2)Top Pacers
29.7-8Elias Woodward16.04a (2.5)Panther Track
30.9-10Nizahn Harmon16.04a PR (2.6)Moorpark Striders
31.9-10Marshall Lott16.12a PR (1.2)Central Valley Musta...
32.9-10Onynndega Coleman16.17a (2.0)Umoja
33.9-10Miles James16.25a PR (1.2)Umoja
34.-Isaiah Woods16.28a PR (1.2)Panther Track
35.-David Houston16.44a PR (2.0)Peninsula Youth (Def...
36.7-8Jersey Margerum16.56a (1.2)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
37.7-8Caleb Branner16.67a (1.0)Moorpark Striders
38.7-8Dezrynd Lewis17.17a PR (2.5)Moorpark Striders
39.Nicholas Salonites17.33a (2.6)1638 Unattached
40.9-10Jordan Green17.40a (1.0)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
41.9-10Joseph Vasquez17.51a (1.0)Panther Track
42.9-10David Foster17.87a PR (2.5)Peninsula Youth (Def...
43.9-10Quinten Ervin18.95a (2.6)American Canyon Stri...
44.-Micah Fisher20.32a PR (1.0)Pitman Track Club

100 Meters  Midget - Prelims

1.11-12Raymone Sanders12.51a PR (1.5)TNT East Bay Track
4.11-12Elijah Thompson13.06a SR (1.5)Moorpark Striders
2.11-12Bruce Crowder II13.20a (.6)Fast Forward VPAL TC
3.-Aubrey Carter13.32a (3.3)East Bay Panthers
5.11-12Dmaurier McKenzie13.44a (3.3)Hercules Running Reb...
6.11-12Christopher Hall13.56a SR (1.5)Panther Track
7.11-12Keith Evans13.61a (.6)C.A. Track Club
8.11-12Morian Walker13.83a (3.3)Umoja
9.-Brian Dudley14.10a (3.3)Moorpark Striders
10.11-12Ramon West-Wade14.13a (.6)Hilltop Speed
11.11-12Jevon Jennings14.24a (3.3)American Canyon Stri...
12.11-12James Temple14.35a SR (1.5)Oakland PAL
13.11-12Matthew Roe14.35a (3.3)Panther Track
14.-Demarco Hill14.42a PR (3.3)TNT East Bay Track
15.11Payton Young14.50a SR (.6)A1 Track (Audience o...
16.-Jalon Stanley14.61a (.6)100 Black Wings
17.11-12Kyron Finn14.64a (.6)Natomas Youth
18.-Ronald Prestonlll14.65a PR (.6)Umoja
19.11-12Earnest Jackson14.90a (1.5)Hercules Running Reb...
20.11-12Jaylen Bell15.02a (1.5)Hilltop Speed
21.11-12Jamaal Hicks15.16a (1.5)Top Pacers
22.-Jaydan Key15.29a PR (1.5)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
23.11-12Xavier Rowden15.35a SR (1.5)Fast Forward VPAL TC
24.12Isaiah Burks15.65a PR (.6)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
25.11-12Karl Thompson16.18a (.6)Hercules Running Reb...
26.11-12Darius Sykes-Miller16.36a (3.3)Hercules Running Reb...

100 Meters  Youth - Prelims

1.13-14Lester Williams11.66a SR (2.3)Stockton Saints
2.11-12Javonte Norman11.67aPhenom Elite
3.13-14Jelani Brice-Moore11.72a (2.3)Stockton Saints
4.13-14Kirk Johnson11.90a (1.2)Umoja
5.-Dellier Lyles11.90a (2.3)Hercules Running Reb...
6.-Nathaniel Moore11.92a (1.2)Mission Valley Track...
7.13-14Louis White12.16a SR (1.2)Oakland PAL
8.-Michael White12.18a (2.3)The Heat
9.-Hakeem Mays12.20a PR (2.3)Fast Forward VPAL TC
10.13-14Adrian Jinbo12.27aHercules Running Reb...
11.Brandon Gip12.28a1638 Unattached
12.-Joshua Jackson12.31a (2.3)Hercules Running Reb...
13.-Travis Chambers12.57a (1.2)Menlo i Greyhounds T...
14.-Jamal Williams12.60a PR100 Black Wings
15.-Jimmy Hatch12.66a (2.3)Moorpark Striders
16.13-14Eric Robinson12.69a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
17.13-14Daniel Diaz12.78a (2.3)Umoja
18.13-14Kyle Riley12.87a SR (2.3)Oakland PAL
19.13-14Dashon Ridgway12.93a (2.3)Umoja
20.11-12Marcus Harmon13.11aMoorpark Striders
21.13-14Joseph Thompson13.16a SR (2.3)Moorpark Striders
22.Chris Lundy13.19a (1.2)1638 Unattached
23.13-14Demetrius Carbin13.25a (2.3)Umoja
24.-Calvin Egberaure13.32aMoorpark Striders
25.13-14Austin Carrington-Scott13.35a PR (2.3)Oakland PAL
26.-Lazarus Ford13.56a SR (2.3)Phenom Elite
27.-Travis Robertson13.67aCastro Valley Track
28.-Raymond Adams13.84a PR (1.2)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
29.-Jihad Woods13.88a PR (2.3)TGS Goldrush TC
30.-Kian Williams13.89a PR (1.2)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
31.Tyler Wynn13.94a (2.3)1638 Unattached
32.11-12Alexander Belsito14.34a PR (1.2)Sierra Foothill Trac...
33.-Darius Louis15.53a PRScreaming Eagles
34.-Marcus Fletcherjr16.70a (2.3)Yolo First Strike

100 Meters  Intermediate - Prelims

1.15-16Kenneth Walker11.18a (1.9)Flying Jaguars
2.15-16Jordan Riggins11.32a (1.0)Fast Forward VPAL TC
3.15-16Jordan Monteiro-Williams11.42a (2.2)Natomas Youth
5.15-16Damantee James11.48a (2.2)Dragon Track
4.-Jeremy Imlach11.59a (1.9)Oakland PAL
6.15-16Davon Gillum11.71a (1.9)Stockton Saints
7.-Daniel Mewborn11.75a (1.9)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
8.13-14Schuyler Whiting11.77a PR (1.0)Marin Waves Track & ...
9.15-16Tajae Smithwhite11.83a (2.2)100 Black Wings
10.-Rajaee Delane11.84a PR (1.9)Beast Athletic Perfo...
11.-David Mewborn11.93a (1.9)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
12.-Elmo Caldwell11.99a PR (1.0)Beast Athletic Perfo...
13.-Tom Jacobs12.06a PR (1.0)Screaming Eagles
14.-Decoven Benton-Bell12.08a (1.9)Moorpark Striders
15.-Javin Lynch-Perry12.12a (1.9)Stockton Saints
16.-Kahe Kaye12.20a PR (2.2)Beast Athletic Perfo...
17.15-16Montrell Franklin12.25a (1.9)Stockton Saints
18.Justin Eggleston12.37a (1.9)1638 Unattached
19.15-16Mealon Ramirez12.38a PR (2.2)Hilltop Speed
20.-Brandon Rishwain12.56a (1.0)Phenom Elite
21.-Damaure Houston12.61a PR (2.2)Top Pacers
22.-Tavius Strickland12.61a (1.9)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
23.-Karlten Dyers12.66a (1.9)Panther Track
24.-Kennedy Torre12.69a (2.2)Diablo Valley Track ...
25.-Walter Cranston12.73a PR (1.0)Lodi
26.-Tatum Tucker12.75a PR (1.9)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
27.-Desmond Louis13.06a (1.0)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
28.-Dakarai Johnson13.45a PR (1.9)Top Pacers

100 Meters  Young - Prelims

1.17-18Carl Horsley10.69a (2.6)C.A. Track Club
2.17-18Michael Tobin11.03a PR (4.0)A1 Track (Audience o...
5.-Timazray Shephard11.03a PR (4.0)Flying Jaguars
3.-Ali Roosevelt11.05a SR (1.7)Castro Valley Track
6.-Vivaswan Shetty11.08a PR (2.6)A1 Track (Audience o...
7.-Ricco Jones11.09a PR (2.6)V-Town Track
8.17-18Jorden Morrow11.22a (1.7)V-Town Track
4.17-18Adam Richards11.33aRevolution Express T...
9.-Julien Gray11.35a PR (2.6)Beast Athletic Perfo...
10.Chad Baur11.37a (2.6)1638 Unattached
11.15-16Damora Cooper11.40a PR (1.7)Flying Jaguars
12.17-18Amari Frazier11.42aStockton Saints
13.15-16Eric Adorno11.48a (4.0)Panther Track
14.-Andre Shaw11.55a SR (1.7)Palo Alto Lightning
15.15-16Nicholas Lewis11.58a PRFlying Jaguars
16.-Andrew Price11.58a PRElk Grove PAL
17.-Wade Robinson11.59a PR (1.7)Hilltop Speed
18.Alex Salazar11.62a (4.0)1638 Unattached
19.-Jory Rucker11.62a PR (2.6)Elk Grove PAL
20.17-18John Park11.67a PR (4.0)Revolution Express T...
21.15-16Markus Durham11.69a PR (4.0)Bonsu Track
22.-Jamal Qarqat11.70a PR (1.7)Bonsu Track
23.-Tyler Thomas11.73a (1.7)Castro Valley Track
24.-Stephen Grady11.93a PR (4.0)Beast Athletic Perfo...
25.17-18Patrick Ramanand11.95a PR (2.6)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
26.-Tyler Castelo12.01aTGS Goldrush TC
27.-Benjamin Baker12.09a PR (1.7)Elk Grove PAL
28.17-18Gustav Boyd12.10aAmerican Canyon Stri...
29.-Troy Thompson12.18a PR (2.6)Screaming Eagles
17-18Breonntae SnellingFS (4.0)Elk Grove PAL
-Terea NormanFSFlying Jaguars

200 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Jacob Williams28.23a PR (1.4)Moorpark Striders
2.9-10Jakari Akil28.32a PR (1.4)100 Black Wings
3.9-10Armauni Archie28.67a SR (1.4)Hercules Running Reb...
4.9-10Ramon Sims29.21a PR (1.4)C.A. Track Club
5.9-10Donovan Jordan29.34a (1.4)Phenom Elite
6.9-10Rezjohn Wright29.39a (1.4)A1 Track (Audience o...
7.9-10Dior Walker29.90a (1.4)Top Pacers
8.9-10Nicholas Anderson30.23a (1.4)East Palo Alto Greyh...
9.9-10William Wilson30.39a (1.4)Phenom Elite

200 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Raymone Sanders25.88a PR (.8)TNT East Bay Track
2.11-12Joshua-Langston Hall26.07a PR (.8)3M Track
3.11-12Isaiah Turner26.16a PR (.8)100 Black Wings
4.11-12Bruce Crowder II27.23a (.8)Fast Forward VPAL TC
5.11-12Jordon Beasley27.23a (.8)Moorpark Striders
6.11-12Davaeon Johnson27.73a (.8)Moorpark Striders
7.11-12Keith Evans27.93a (.8)C.A. Track Club
8.12Dante' Lucas28.64a (.8)A1 Track (Audience o...
11-12Sebastian Magana-GarciaDNS (.8)Monterey Bay Jaguars...

200 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.11-12Javonte Norman23.21a SR (3.3)Phenom Elite
2.13-14Jelani Brice-Moore23.32a PR (3.3)Stockton Saints
3.13-14Kirk Johnson23.77a PR (3.3)Umoja
4.13-14Jalen Doss24.03a SR (3.3)Hercules Running Reb...
5.13-14Lester Williams24.15a SR (3.3)Stockton Saints
6.-Franklin Vandyke24.32a PR (3.3)Pacific Racers Athle...
7.-Dellier Lyles24.63a (3.3)Hercules Running Reb...
8.-Hakeem Mays24.79a (3.3)Fast Forward VPAL TC
9.-Michael White25.02a (3.3)The Heat
15.13-14Tyler Brendel25.73a PRRevolution Express T...

200 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Jordan Riggins22.66a (.9)Fast Forward VPAL TC
2.15-16Damantee James22.72a PR (.9)Dragon Track
3.15-16Tajae Smithwhite22.98a PR (.9)100 Black Wings
4.15-16Dijonn Williams23.54a SR (.9)East Palo Alto Greyh...
5.-Daniel Mewborn23.75a PR (.9)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
6.-Darnell Roberson23.89a (.9)The Heat
7.-David Mewborn24.07a (.9)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
8.Austin Mitsch24.09a (.9)1638 Unattached
-Jeffrey ChenDNS (.9)The Heat

200 Meters  Young - Finals

1.17-18Carl Horsley21.44a PR (1.8)C.A. Track Club
2.17-18Breonntae Snelling22.23a PR (1.8)Elk Grove PAL
3.17-18Trevell Wallace22.40a SR (1.8)Hilltop Speed
4.17-18Michael Tobin22.62a PR (1.8)A1 Track (Audience o...
5.-Ali Roosevelt22.72a PR (1.8)Castro Valley Track
6.-Vivaswan Shetty22.78a (1.8)A1 Track (Audience o...
7.-Rashaan Allen22.83a (1.8)V-Town Track
8.-Ricco Jones22.91a (1.8)V-Town Track
9.-Terea Norman22.98a (1.8)Flying Jaguars

200 Meters  Bantam - Prelims

1.9-10Jakari Akil29.01a (.8)100 Black Wings
2.9-10Jacob Williams29.33a (-.5)Moorpark Striders
3.9-10Donovan Jordan29.41a (-1.2)Phenom Elite
4.9-10Rezjohn Wright29.51a (1.6)A1 Track (Audience o...
5.9-10Ramon Sims29.52a (.3)C.A. Track Club
7.9-10Dior Walker29.61a PR (1.6)Top Pacers
6.9-10Armauni Archie29.70a (.7)Hercules Running Reb...
8.9-10Nicholas Anderson30.13a (-1.2)East Palo Alto Greyh...
9.9-10William Wilson30.26a (.8)Phenom Elite
10.9-10Makai Polk30.38a SR (-.5)Hercules Running Reb...
11.9-10Keyshawn Ashford30.76a (.3)Peninsula Youth (Def...
12.-Demonte Aleem30.85a PR (-.5)East Bay Panthers
13.-Jelani Williams30.89a PR (.8)100 Black Wings
14.9-10Maurice Saulsbury30.96a (1.6)Stockton Saints
15.9-10Kenneth Woods31.17a PR (.8)Moorpark Striders
16.9-10Deston Hawkins31.44a (.7)East Palo Alto Greyh...
17.7-8Ramon Stange31.49a (.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
18.9-10Antonio Yra31.83a (-1.2)Mission Valley Track...
19.9-10Elliot Oliver32.12a (.7)3M Track
20.9-10David Watts32.56a (.3)C.A. Track Club
21.9-10Quinton Boyette32.88a SR (-.5)100 Black Wings
22.7-8Ryzon Norris33.09a (.7)Castro Valley Track
23.9-10Kevin Wright33.24a (.7)Oakland PAL
24.9-10Izaiah Stephenson33.69a SR (.7)Moorpark Striders
25.9-10Onynndega Coleman34.06a (-1.2)Umoja
26.9-10Jeremiah Latu34.18a (1.6)East Palo Alto Greyh...
27.-Gabriel Ordaz34.20a SR (.3)Silver Bullets Track
28.9-10David Coker34.40a (-.5)East Palo Alto Greyh...
29.9-10Jordan MacKie34.43a PR (-.5)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
30.Julio Ignacio Rianzares34.51a (-.5)1638 Unattached
31.9-10Jordan Green34.68a SR (.8)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
32.9-10Thaddeus Hills34.99a (1.6)Moorpark Striders
33.9-10Ricky Merced35.10a (.8)Moorpark Striders
34.-David Houston35.19a PR (1.6)Peninsula Youth (Def...
35.-Isaiah Woods35.29a (-1.2)Panther Track
36.9-10Isaac Davis35.48a (.8)Top Pacers
37.9-10Miles James35.54a (.8)Umoja
39.9-10Kelvin Barney36.03a SR (.7)Full Stride
40.7-8Caleb Branner36.21a (1.6)Moorpark Striders
41.9-10Devon Gordon36.37a (.3)Umoja
42.9-10Joseph Vasquez36.69a (-1.2)Panther Track
43.9-10Khukheper Awakoaiye36.70a (-1.2)C.A. Track Club
44.9-10Damion McGee36.90a (-.5)Top Pacers
45.9-10Quinten Ervin41.19a (1.6)American Canyon Stri...
46.9-10John Bivins43.01a (.3)Umoja

200 Meters  Midget - Prelims

1.11-12Raymone Sanders26.16a (-.1)TNT East Bay Track
2.11-12Joshua-Langston Hall26.19a (1.7)3M Track
3.11-12Isaiah Turner26.40a (1.1)100 Black Wings
4.11-12Bruce Crowder II27.03a (1.9)Fast Forward VPAL TC
6.11-12Jordon Beasley27.62a (-.1)Moorpark Striders
7.11-12Davaeon Johnson27.66a (-.1)Moorpark Striders
5.11-12Keith Evans27.90a PR (.6)C.A. Track Club
8.11-12Sebastian Magana-Garcia27.91a PR (.6)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
9.12Dante' Lucas28.03a (.6)A1 Track (Audience o...
10.11-12Christopher Hall28.20a SR (1.7)Panther Track
11.11-12David Turner28.27a PR (1.1)Umoja
12.11-12Andrew Raspo28.71a PR (1.9)Central Valley Roadr...
13.-Aubrey Carter28.78a (1.7)East Bay Panthers
14.11-12Kalen Ward28.80a SR (-.1)Stockton Starz
15.11-12Cassius Reynolds28.84a PR (1.9)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
16.11-12Elijah Trosclair28.86a (1.1)Hilltop Speed
17.11-12Dewey Cotton28.87a (1.9)Phenom Elite
18.-Jordan Dabney28.97a PR (1.9)100 Black Wings
19.-Brian Dudley29.04a PR (-.1)Moorpark Striders
20.11-12Jevon Jennings29.06a (1.9)American Canyon Stri...
21.11-12Nigel Center29.13a (.6)Fast Forward VPAL TC
22.11-12Matthew Roe29.27a SR (1.7)Panther Track
23.11-12Destynd Lewis29.33a (1.7)Moorpark Striders
24.11-12Brandon Bains29.40a SR (.6)East Palo Alto Greyh...
25.11-12Ramon West-Wade29.50a (.6)Hilltop Speed
26.11-12Anthony Lowe29.52a (1.1)Top Pacers
27.11-12Maxwell Howland29.92a PR (1.1)Umoja
28.-Ronald Prestonlll29.97a PR (1.1)Umoja
29.11-12Terrin Strickland30.19a (.6)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
30.-Demarco Hill30.28a PR (1.9)TNT East Bay Track
31.11-12Donye Green30.29a SR (.6)C.A. Track Club
32.11-12Vedavit Shetty30.55a PR (1.9)Mission Valley Track...
33.-Jalon Stanley30.61a (1.9)100 Black Wings
34.-Jaydan Key30.92a PR (1.7)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
35.11-12Jamaal Hicks31.16a (-.1)Top Pacers
36.11-12David Ford31.25a (1.7)Phenom Elite
37.11-12Xavier Rowden31.90a (-.1)Fast Forward VPAL TC
38.11-12Jaylen Bell32.17a SR (.6)Hilltop Speed
39.11-12Ricky Moore32.35a PR (1.7)Panther Track
40.-Christopher Adams32.55a PR (1.1)Central Valley Musta...
41.11-12Silas Woodward32.61a SR (1.7)Panther Track
42.11-12Kyle Minor33.06a (1.1)Hilltop Speed
43.11-12James Temple33.19a (-.1)Oakland PAL
44.11-12Jordan Johnson34.11a (1.1)Umoja
45.-Ceasar Rushing39.16a PR (-.1)Top Pacers

200 Meters  Youth - Prelims

1.13-14Jelani Brice-Moore23.89a (1.4)Stockton Saints
2.11-12Javonte Norman23.93a (2.1)Phenom Elite
3.13-14Jalen Doss24.33a (2.2)Hercules Running Reb...
4.13-14Kirk Johnson24.35a (.6)Umoja
5.-Dellier Lyles24.44a PR (1.3)Hercules Running Reb...
6.-Franklin Vandyke24.67a (1.5)Pacific Racers Athle...
7.-Hakeem Mays24.78a PR (1.5)Fast Forward VPAL TC
8.-Michael White24.79a PR (1.5)The Heat
9.13-14Lester Williams24.95a (1.3)Stockton Saints
10.-Travis Chambers25.06a PR (1.5)Menlo i Greyhounds T...
11.-Joshua Jackson25.17a PR (1.4)Hercules Running Reb...
12.13-14Daniel Diaz25.37a SR (2.2)Umoja
13.13-14Marquis Morris25.50a (2.2)Full Stride
14.-Eric Hawkins25.57a PR (2.2)Central Valley Musta...
15.13-14Tyler Brendel25.73a (2.1)Revolution Express T...
16.-Jamal Williams25.78a PR (1.4)100 Black Wings
17.-Jesse Woods25.87a (2.1)Moorpark Striders
18.11-12Ryan May25.92a (.6)The Heat
19.-Cecil Williams25.99a (2.1)Moorpark Striders
20.11-12Marcus Harmon26.12a (1.4)Moorpark Striders
21.-Aditya Sinha26.40a PR (1.3)Peninsula Youth (Def...
22.13-14Dashon Ridgway26.49a (.6)Umoja
23.11-12Ledre McCollough26.50a SR (.6)Hercules Running Reb...
24.13-14Eric Robinson26.51a PR (1.5)Central Valley Roadr...
25.-Luis Ayala26.52a (2.2)Central Valley Roadr...
26.-Troy Dangerfield26.57a PR (2.1)Pacific Racers Athle...
27.-Calvin Egberaure26.58a PR (1.3)Moorpark Striders
28.13-14Demetrius Carbin26.67a (1.4)Umoja
29.11-12Cameron Stone26.73a (1.5)TGS Goldrush TC
30.Chris Lundy26.77a (1.3)1638 Unattached
31.-Michael Goodwin26.90a PR (2.2)Hilltop Speed
32.13-14Kyle Riley27.00a (2.1)Oakland PAL
33.13-14Joseph Thompson27.19a (1.5)Moorpark Striders
34.13-14Kameron Carr27.34a SR (2.1)Hilltop Speed
35.13-14Austin Carrington-Scott27.39a PR (1.5)Oakland PAL
36.-Travis Robertson27.47a PR (.6)Castro Valley Track
37.-Lazarus Ford28.02a (1.3)Phenom Elite
38.-Raymond Adams28.10a PR (1.4)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
39.-Michael Anderson28.30a (1.5)Pacific Racers Athle...
40.11-12Quinn Edwards28.36a PR (2.1)Oakland PAL
41.-Jihad Woods28.67a SR (1.4)TGS Goldrush TC
42.-Christopher Collier28.74a PR (1.3)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
43.13-14Marquez Powers28.87a SR (2.2)Hilltop Speed
44.-Rashaan White29.18a (1.3)Panther Track
45.-Kian Williams29.30a PR (.6)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
46.11-12Alexander Belsito29.43a PR (.6)Sierra Foothill Trac...
47.Tyler Wynn29.73a (1.3)1638 Unattached
48.-Darius Louis32.45a PR (2.2)Screaming Eagles
49.13-14Shaun James32.82a (.6)Top Pacers
50.-Elijah Austin34.58a (1.4)Top Pacers

200 Meters  Intermediate - Prelims

1.15-16Jordan Riggins22.79a (1.7)Fast Forward VPAL TC
2.15-16Damantee James22.95a (.9)Dragon Track
3.15-16Tajae Smithwhite23.29a (-.5)100 Black Wings
5.Austin Mitsch23.57a (1.7)1638 Unattached
6.-Darnell Roberson23.69a PR (-.5)The Heat
4.15-16Dijonn Williams23.76a (-.2)East Palo Alto Greyh...
7.-Daniel Mewborn23.85a (.9)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
8.-Jeffrey Chen23.98a PR (1.7)The Heat
9.-David Mewborn24.10a (1.7)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
10.-Elmo Caldwell24.13a PR (-.2)Beast Athletic Perfo...
11.9Maxwell Parker24.17a PR (-.5)Menlo i Greyhounds T...
12.13-14Schuyler Whiting24.19a PR (1.7)Marin Waves Track & ...
13.-Adeola Olayomi24.36a PR (-.2)The Heat
14.15-16Rayshawn Bryant24.41a PR (-.2)Stockton Saints
15.-Javin Lynch-Perry24.59a PR (-.2)Stockton Saints
16.13-14Markel Moore24.82a SR (.9)East Palo Alto Greyh...
17.-Rajaee Delane24.82a PR (.9)Beast Athletic Perfo...
18.Jacob Sipes24.90a (.9)1638 Unattached
19.-Kahe Kaye24.94a PR (1.7)Beast Athletic Perfo...
20.15-16Mealon Ramirez25.05a SR (-.2)Hilltop Speed
21.-Decoven Benton-Bell25.11a (.9)Moorpark Striders
22.-Tom Jacobs25.20a PR (-.5)Screaming Eagles
23.15-16Montrell Franklin25.31a (-.5)Stockton Saints
24.-Karlten Dyers25.38a PR (-.5)Panther Track
25.Justin Eggleston25.49a (-.2)1638 Unattached
26.-Daniel Huang25.55a PR (.9)The Heat
27.-Brandon Rishwain25.70a PR (-.5)Phenom Elite
28.-Tatum Tucker25.77a PR (-.2)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
29.-Damaure Houston25.89a PR (.9)Top Pacers
30.15-16Theodore Ruth25.92a PR (1.7)Hilltop Speed
31.-Desmond Louis26.25a (-.5)Phoenix Gliders Trac...
32.13-14Jordan Lyons26.31a PR (1.7)Central Valley Roadr...
33.-Dakarai Johnson28.73a (-.5)Top Pacers

200 Meters  Young - Prelims

1.17-18Carl Horsley21.97a (-.4)C.A. Track Club
2.17-18Breonntae Snelling22.43a (.9)Elk Grove PAL
3.17-18Trevell Wallace22.47a (1.7)Hilltop Speed
4.-Vivaswan Shetty22.57a PR (1.7)A1 Track (Audience o...
6.-Rashaan Allen22.75a PR (.9)V-Town Track
7.-Ali Roosevelt22.75a (1.7)Castro Valley Track
5.-Ricco Jones22.78a PR (1.3)V-Town Track
8.17-18Michael Tobin22.80a (.9)A1 Track (Audience o...
9.-Terea Norman22.92a SR (1.7)Flying Jaguars
10.17-18Amari Frazier22.92a SR (-.4)Stockton Saints
11.15-16Akim Muhammad23.06a SR (1.3)Bonsu Track
12.-Jalen Davidson23.23a PR (-.4)Peninsula Youth (Def...
13.17-18Taylor McIntyre23.30a (1.3)Revolution Express T...
14.-Wesley Washington23.37a PR (1.3)Beast Athletic Perfo...
15.15-16Nicholas Lewis23.44a SR (1.7)Flying Jaguars
16.15-16Eric Adorno23.55a (.9)Panther Track
17.17-18Gustav Boyd23.57a (1.7)American Canyon Stri...
18.17-18Adam Richards23.58a (-.4)Revolution Express T...
19.-Alexander Foster23.67a PR (1.7)Oakland PAL
20.15-16Jordan Elzie23.69a SR (-.4)Bonsu Track
21.-Ulysses Knapps23.74a PR (.9)Central Valley Roadr...
22.15-16Markus Durham23.80a PR (1.7)Bonsu Track
23.17-18Adonis Singletary23.85a PR (.9)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
24.-Eric Zoller23.86a PR (.9)Napa Track
25.17-18Patrick Ramanand23.86a PR (.9)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
26.-Brandon Crawford23.89a PR (1.7)Beast Athletic Perfo...
27.Alexander Evanoff23.91a (1.7)1638 Unattached
28.-Andre Shaw23.93a SR (-.4)Palo Alto Lightning
29.-Jamal Qarqat23.99a PR (1.3)Bonsu Track
30.-Ochenna Oniah24.08a PR (1.3)Beast Athletic Perfo...
31.-Tyler Castelo24.08a (.9)TGS Goldrush TC
32.-Stephen Grady24.14a PR (1.7)Beast Athletic Perfo...
33.-Wade Robinson24.14a PR (1.3)Hilltop Speed
34.-Cory Stevens24.33a PR (1.7)Stockton Saints
35.-Kahlil Dumas24.34a PR (1.7)Peninsula Youth (Def...
36.-Andrew Price24.41a PR (1.7)Elk Grove PAL
37.-Jawaun Stuart24.61a PR (-.4)Elk Grove PAL
38.-Troy Thompson24.64a PR (1.7)Screaming Eagles
39.-Benjamin Baker24.91a PR (-.4)Elk Grove PAL
40.-Rashid Syverain25.20a PR (1.7)Palo Alto Lightning
41.Brently Weissman25.48a (1.7)1638 Unattached
42.-Austin Willis25.88a PR (1.3)Beast Athletic Perfo...
43.-Andrew Lewis26.13a PR (1.7)Central Valley Roadr...
44.-Dadwin Alvarez26.18a (-.4)Club Respect
-Aaron BurrowDNF (1.3)V-Town Track

400 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Jacob Williams1:05.80aMoorpark Striders
2.9-10Rezjohn Wright1:06.30aA1 Track (Audience o...
3.9-10Dior Walker1:07.79a PRTop Pacers
4.9-10Kenneth Woods1:07.82a PRMoorpark Striders
5.-Christopher Rogers1:11.48aDiablo Valley Track ...
6.-Jelani Williams1:12.15a100 Black Wings
7.9-10Priest Preston1:12.32aUmoja
8.9-10David Watts1:17.12aC.A. Track Club
9.9-10Ramon Sims1:18.06aC.A. Track Club
1.9-10Sterling Stokes1:18.31aOakland PAL

400 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Bryan Morris59.55a PR3M Track
2.11-12Sebastian Magana-Garcia1:00.49aMonterey Bay Jaguars...
3.11-12Dmaurier McKenzie1:00.88a PRHercules Running Reb...
4.-Dnajee Smith1:01.11a PR100 Black Wings
5.11-12Erik Clemensen1:01.99a PRCastro Valley Track
6.11-12Oscar James II1:03.26aUmoja
7.12Dante' Lucas1:03.55aA1 Track (Audience o...
8.11-12Joshua-Langston Hall1:03.98a3M Track
9.11-12Jonathan-Miles Hall1:04.95a3M Track

400 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Delshawn Mitchell53.61aUmoja
2.13-14Trevor Ruth53.65aHilltop Speed
3.11-12Javonte Norman55.33aPhenom Elite
4.13-14Kai Seale55.73aHilltop Speed
5.-Jesse Woods58.00aMoorpark Striders
6.13-14Isaiah Mobley59.20aHampton Phillips Cla...
7.-Isaiah Lemon59.66a100 Black Wings
8.David Frisbie1:05.78a1638 Unattached
13-14Marquis MorrisDNSFull Stride

400 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Daveon Overton52.40aHilltop Speed
2.15-16Elisha Mitchell53.47a PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
3.15-16Dijonn Williams54.09aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
4.9Maxwell Parker54.87aMenlo i Greyhounds T...
5.Jacob Sipes56.84a1638 Unattached
6.15-16Douglas Coman57.12aYolo First Strike
7.-Karlten Dyers57.31aPanther Track
1.Marc Toney58.55a1638 Unattached
2.Dave Nehoran59.13a1638 Unattached
3.15-16August Kiles1:05.39a SRTeam Onalysis
-Jeffrey ChenDNSThe Heat

400 Meters  Young - Finals

1.17-18Carl Horsley48.92a PRC.A. Track Club
2.17-18Andre Chapman49.73a PRISC International
3.17-18Juquelle Thompson49.90aISC International
4.-Kieren Broussard51.21aV-Town Track
5.-Chance Moses51.34a PRCastro Valley Track
6.-Jaylen Person51.55a PRElk Grove PAL
1.17-18Kevin Nielsen51.64aRevolution Express T...
7.15-16Akim Muhammad51.80aBonsu Track
2.17-18Sulayman Diomande51.92aCastro Valley Track
8.15-16Eric Adorno52.60aPanther Track
9.-Rashaan Allen53.20aV-Town Track
3.17-18Alexander Jungsten54.29aRevolution Express T...
4.Shawn Toney1:00.16a1638 Unattached
5.Peter Roman1:01.03a1638 Unattached

400 Meters  Bantam - Prelims

1.9-10Jacob Williams1:05.63aMoorpark Striders
2.9-10Rezjohn Wright1:06.74aA1 Track (Audience o...
6.-Christopher Rogers1:08.62a SRDiablo Valley Track ...
3.9-10Kenneth Woods1:09.66aMoorpark Striders
7.9-10Ramon Sims1:09.74aC.A. Track Club
8.9-10Dior Walker1:10.29aTop Pacers
9.9-10Priest Preston1:10.56a SRUmoja
4.9-10David Watts1:10.78a SRC.A. Track Club
5.-Jelani Williams1:11.52a PR100 Black Wings
10.9-10Matthew Baldacchino1:12.69a PRMoorpark Striders
11.9-10Jamar Marshall1:12.81a PRPhenom Elite
12.9-10Dezmynd Lewis1:13.79aMoorpark Striders
13.9-10Xavier Lewis1:14.17aCentral Valley Roadr...
14.7-8Jonathan Brenes1:14.27aPhoenix Gliders Trac...
15.9-10Brandon Owens1:14.41a SRLodi
16.9-10Tashyia Smith1:16.32aHercules Running Reb...
17.9-10Cameron Reynolds1:16.49aTop Pacers
18.9-10Justin Lowe1:17.48aTop Pacers
19.9-10David Coker1:18.15aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
20.9-10Jordan MacKie1:18.22a PRPhoenix Gliders Trac...
21.9-10Job Skandera1:18.42aSanta Rosa Express
22.-Gabriel Ordaz1:18.96a PRSilver Bullets Track
23.9-10Jeremiah Latu1:19.53a SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
24.9-10Peyton Dabasinskas1:19.78a PRDiablo Valley Track ...
25.7-8Jersey Margerum1:20.65a SRPhoenix Gliders Trac...
26.9-10Andre Patrick1:20.74aPhenom Elite
27.9-10Damion McGee1:20.87a PRTop Pacers
28.9-10Izaiah Stephenson1:21.44a SRMoorpark Striders
29.9-10Isaac Davis1:22.03aTop Pacers
30.-Isaiah Woods1:22.26aPanther Track
31.7-8Elias Woodward1:22.56aPanther Track
32.9-10Onynndega Coleman1:22.76aUmoja
33.9-10Devon Gordon1:23.27aUmoja
34.9-10Joseph Vasquez1:24.95aPanther Track
35.7-8Dezrynd Lewis1:25.54aMoorpark Striders
36.9-10Khukheper Awakoaiye1:25.79aC.A. Track Club
37.9-10Ibrahim Twist1:27.03a PRCastro Valley Track
38.9-10Gustavo Perez1:27.45aYolo First Strike
39.9-10Nehemiah Skandera1:27.97a PRSanta Rosa Express
40.7-8Jarod Moren1:30.81a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
41.9-10John Bivins1:41.08a PRUmoja

400 Meters  Midget - Prelims

1.11-12Sebastian Magana-Garcia1:00.33a PRMonterey Bay Jaguars...
2.11-12Joshua-Langston Hall1:00.55a3M Track
3.11-12Dmaurier McKenzie1:01.25aHercules Running Reb...
4.11-12Bryan Morris1:01.54a3M Track
5.-Dnajee Smith1:01.98a100 Black Wings
6.11-12Oscar James II1:03.12aUmoja
7.11-12Erik Clemensen1:03.19aCastro Valley Track
8.12Dante' Lucas1:03.32aA1 Track (Audience o...
9.11-12Jonathan-Miles Hall1:04.51a3M Track
10.11-12Jeremie Ellis1:05.07aHilltop Speed
11.11-12Anthony Lowe1:05.90aTop Pacers
12.11-12Elijah Trosclair1:06.24aHilltop Speed
13.11-12Nigel Center1:06.54aFast Forward VPAL TC
14.11-12Donye Green1:06.84a SRC.A. Track Club
15.11-12Anthony Wheelen1:06.90aPhenom Elite
16.-Brian Dudley1:07.00a PRMoorpark Striders
17.11-12Christopher Hall1:07.09a SRPanther Track
18.11-12Daron Bland1:08.45aCentral Valley Roadr...
19.11-12Cassius Reynolds1:08.72aPhoenix Gliders Trac...
20.11-12Dewey Cotton1:08.93aPhenom Elite
21.11-12Micheal Johnson1:09.00aUmoja
22.11-12Vardell Singleton1:09.30aPanther Track
23.11-12Braxton Howze1:09.50aCentral Valley Roadr...
24.11-12Kimble Minor1:10.65a PRHilltop Speed
25.11-12Vedavit Shetty1:11.29a PRMission Valley Track...
26.-Ronald Prestonlll1:11.64a PRUmoja
27.11-12Jack Mader1:12.25a SRDiablo Valley Track ...
28.11-12David Ford1:12.79aPhenom Elite
29.11-12Leon Ainer1:12.88a SRCastro Valley Track
30.11-12Dauson Booker1:12.94aCentral Valley Roadr...
31.11-12Terrance Moore1:13.72aCentral Valley Roadr...
32.11-12Elijah Gwin-Kerr1:13.85a SRPalo Alto Lightning
33.11-12Jamaal Hicks1:13.94a SRTop Pacers
34.11-12Cameron Owens1:15.01a SRLodi
35.11-12Marion Brown1:16.13aFull Stride
36.11-12Antionne Tanner1:16.45aTop Pacers
37.11-12Silas Woodward1:21.79aPanther Track
38.11-12Gregory Isom1:22.83a PRFast Forward VPAL TC
39.11-12Montae Brown1:24.21aFull Stride
40.11-12Terrance Matthews-Murphy1:24.54aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
41.11-12Jordan Johnson1:26.44aUmoja
42.11-12Gregor Dairaghi1:27.52aPalo Alto Lightning
43.-Ceasar Rushing1:36.92a PRTop Pacers

400 Meters  Youth - Prelims

1.13-14Delshawn Mitchell54.46aUmoja
2.13-14Kai Seale54.56a SRHilltop Speed
3.11-12Javonte Norman54.85aPhenom Elite
4.13-14Trevor Ruth54.86aHilltop Speed
7.-Jesse Woods55.56aMoorpark Striders
5.13-14Marquis Morris56.13aFull Stride
8.13-14Isaiah Mobley56.19a SRHampton Phillips Cla...
9.-Isaiah Lemon56.49a PR100 Black Wings
10.-Cecil Williams57.02a PRMoorpark Striders
11.13-14Tyler Brendel57.29a PRRevolution Express T...
12.-Denzel Perkins57.42a PRPacific Racers Athle...
13.-Thomas Rozsa57.76aCastro Valley Track
14.-Eric Hawkins58.39a PRCentral Valley Musta...
15.-Aditya Sinha58.81a PRPeninsula Youth (Def...
16.William Rivera59.18a1638 Unattached
17.11-12Ryan May59.34a PRThe Heat
18.-Luis Ayala59.47a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
19.-Christopher Russell59.61a PR100 Black Wings
20.13-14Dashon Ridgway1:00.01aUmoja
21.13-14Darrion Cunningham1:00.05a SR100 Black Wings
22.11-12Ledre McCollough1:00.28a SRHercules Running Reb...
23.-Dylan Caldwell1:00.65aPanther Track
24.13-14Reggie Bland1:00.69a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
25.13-14Kameron Carr1:01.11aHilltop Speed
26.-Jordan Smith1:01.11aA1 Track (Audience o...
27.-Andrew Lewis1:01.42a PRDiablo Valley Track ...
28.13-14Sebastian Knoefel1:01.92aUmoja
6.David Frisbie1:01.93a1638 Unattached
29.13-14Arnel Surnip1:02.21aCentral Valley Roadr...
30.13-14Isaiah Mobley1:02.58a100 Black Wings
31.11-12Cameron Stone1:02.60aTGS Goldrush TC
32.13-14Demetrius Carbin1:02.83a SRUmoja
33.11-12Anthony White1:02.92a SROakland PAL
34.-Angelo Gastello1:03.93a PRDiablo Valley Track ...
35.-Christopher Collier1:04.24a PRPhoenix Gliders Trac...
36.13-14Dana Pugh1:05.08aOakland PAL
37.13-14Eric Robinson1:05.36a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
38.-Rashaan White1:05.50a PRPanther Track
39.-Parker Lothamer1:06.54a PRDiablo Valley Track ...
40.13-14Allan Lock1:06.61aUmoja
41.-Raymond Adams1:06.74a PRMonterey Bay Jaguars...
42.13-14Adrian Romero1:07.83a SRPanther Track
43.13-14Marquez Powers1:08.08aHilltop Speed
44.-Johan Brouwer1:08.47a PRPeninsula Youth (Def...
45.-Blair Lewis1:09.06a PRMoorpark Striders
46.13-14Taylor Hall1:10.19a PRPanther Track
47.13-14Shaun James1:18.87aTop Pacers

400 Meters  Intermediate - Prelims

1.15-16Daveon Overton52.14aHilltop Speed
3.15-16Elisha Mitchell53.66aBeast Athletic Perfo...
2.15-16Dijonn Williams53.75a SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
4.-Jeffrey Chen53.81aThe Heat
5.Jacob Sipes55.41a1638 Unattached
6.9Maxwell Parker55.51aMenlo i Greyhounds T...
7.15-16Douglas Coman55.83a PRYolo First Strike
8.-Karlten Dyers56.04a PRPanther Track
9.Jason Mateo56.14a1638 Unattached
10.15-16Davon Gillum56.73aStockton Saints
11.13-14Anthony Garcia57.34a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
12.13-14Markel Moore57.82a SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
13.-Tatum Tucker58.89a SRMonterey Bay Jaguars...
14.-Kelvin Watson59.94a PRElk Grove PAL
15.-Damaure Houston1:01.10aTop Pacers
16.-Darnell Roberson1:01.29a PRThe Heat
17.13-14Jordan Lyons1:02.45a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
18.-Dakarai Johnson1:15.90aTop Pacers

400 Meters  Young - Prelims

1.17-18Carl Horsley49.66aC.A. Track Club
2.17-18Juquelle Thompson49.85a SRISC International
5.15-16Eric Adorno50.43a PRPanther Track
3.-Rashaan Allen50.47a PRV-Town Track
6.17-18Andre Chapman50.61aISC International
4.-Kieren Broussard50.73a PRV-Town Track
7.15-16Akim Muhammad51.48a SRBonsu Track
8.-Chance Moses51.51aCastro Valley Track
9.-Jaylen Person51.61aElk Grove PAL
10.-Sean Gomes51.64a PRBonsu Track
11.-Alexander Foster51.90a PROakland PAL
12.-Jalen Davidson52.04a PRPeninsula Youth (Def...
13.-Demetrius Lee52.95a PRMoorpark Striders
14.Alexander Evanoff53.42a1638 Unattached
15.-Bryan Ngo53.46a PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
16.17-18Khari Dobbins53.66aStockton Saints
17.17-18Patrick Ramanand53.69a PRMonterey Bay Jaguars...
18.-Charles Levine53.77aUmoja
19.-Jawaun Stuart54.24a PRElk Grove PAL
20.-Eric Zoller54.68a PRNapa Track
21.-Aaron Burrow55.14a PRV-Town Track
22.17-18Paul Lyonsiv55.30a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
23.-Kahlil Dumas55.45a PRPeninsula Youth (Def...
24.-Brandon Crawford55.58a PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
25.17-18Otis Felder55.81aHilltop Speed
26.15-16Royce Long55.95a PRStockton Saints
27.-Ochenna Oniah57.37a PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
28.-Rashid Syverain57.42a SRPalo Alto Lightning
29.-Richard Saunders58.84a PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
30.-Andre Shaw59.05a PRPalo Alto Lightning
31.-Patrick Atkins1:07.38a SROakland PAL
17-18Taylor McIntyreDNSRevolution Express T...

800 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Jason Gomez2:36.33a SRLSI Sprint
2.9-10Zacharias Martinez2:36.49a SRMarin Waves Track & ...
3.9-10Jordan Lawrence2:39.90a SRPacific Racers Athle...
4.-Jesse Iniguez Stralla2:40.61a PR100 Black Wings
5.9-10Jamal Adam2:40.64a SRUmoja
6.9-10Matthew Baldacchino2:46.66aMoorpark Striders
7.9-10DeVon Dupree2:46.91a SRUmoja
8.9-10Priest Preston2:48.59a PRUmoja
9.9-10Miles Worthen2:50.88a PRRevolution Express T...
10.9-10Eddie Smith2:52.26a SRSLO Town Track
11.9-10Cameron Reynolds2:52.38aTop Pacers
12.9-10Nicholas Clay2:52.91a PRRevolution Express T...
13.9-10Job Skandera2:53.00a PRSanta Rosa Express
14.9-10Brandon Owens2:53.96aLodi
15.9-10DuMaurier Cotton3:01.21aPhenom Elite
16.-Yaqin Abdul-Aziz3:01.67a PR100 Black Wings
17.9-10Damion McGee3:03.18aTop Pacers
18.9-10Dasch Ainer3:04.57a SRCastro Valley Track
19.9-10Nehemiah Skandera3:05.07a PRSanta Rosa Express
20.9-10Austin Mellick3:05.43a PRRevolution Express T...
21.9-10Isaac Davis3:10.82aTop Pacers
22.7-8Gabriel Gomez3:12.96a PRLSI Sprint
23.9-10Gustavo Perez3:17.22aYolo First Strike
24.9-10Isa Twist3:19.17aCastro Valley Track
25.-Christopher Rogers3:28.62aDiablo Valley Track ...
26.-Alexander Young3:30.14a PRHilltop Speed
27.9-10Ibrahim Twist3:31.57aCastro Valley Track
28.9-10Dion Dupree4:30.89aUmoja

800 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Bryan Morris2:16.89a3M Track
2.11-12Leo Skellenger2:22.34a PRThe Heat
3.11-12Benjamin Zaeske2:26.02a PRThe Heat
4.11-12Joshua-Langston Hall2:26.05a3M Track
5.11-12Jeremie Ellis2:28.95a SRHilltop Speed
6.11-12Jonathan-Miles Hall2:32.81a3M Track
7.-Quaylin Wesley2:32.83a PRTNT East Bay Track
8.Rj Agustiniii2:35.73a1638 Unattached
9.11-12Anthony Wheelen2:36.65aPhenom Elite
10.11-12Sam Hernandez2:36.91a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
11.-Trevor Crippen2:39.38a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
12.11-12Maxwell Howland2:40.19a PRUmoja
13.11-12Samir Arora2:40.72aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
14.-Keith Moody2:40.88a PRThe Heat
15.11-12Peter Normann2:41.88aCastro Valley Track
16.-Jose Cruz2:45.11a PRPacific Racers Athle...
17.11-12Marcellus Jones2:45.58a SRPacific Racers Athle...
18.11-12Dennis Mandutzo2:45.96a PRPalo Alto Lightning
19.11-12Anthony Lowe2:46.79a SRTop Pacers
20.-Samuel Curren2:47.23aTGS Goldrush TC
21.11-12Caleb Wolterstorff2:47.59a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
22.11-12Jack Mader2:49.71a SRDiablo Valley Track ...
23.11-12Ricky Moore2:50.05aPanther Track
24.11-12Leon Ainer2:50.39a SRCastro Valley Track
25.11-12Andrew Guardado2:51.30aCentral Valley Roadr...
26.11-12Marion Brown2:52.29aFull Stride
27.-Isaiah Avery2:58.39a100 Black Wings
28.-Moses Ordaz2:58.85a SRSilver Bullets Track
29.-Taylor Christensen3:04.02a PRBuffalo Chips Running
30.11-12Montae Brown3:04.10aFull Stride
31.11-12Grant Hill3:05.28a PRAmerican Canyon Stri...
32.11-12Ian Mellor3:19.50aCastro Valley Track
33.-Ceasar Rushing3:37.73a PRTop Pacers

800 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.Ricky Avila2:07.32a1638 Unattached
2.13-14Trevor Ruth2:07.33aHilltop Speed
3.13-14Giorgio Liantono2:07.83a PRSilver Bullets Track
4.13-14Blair Hurlock2:09.72a SRThe Heat
5.13-14Kai Seale2:15.10aHilltop Speed
6.13-14Daimon Todd2:18.82a PRUmoja
7.-Dylan Caldwell2:18.90a PRPanther Track
8.13-14Andrew Gai2:20.93a PRRevolution Express T...
9.-Steven Camcam2:20.94a PRSalinas Valley
10.11-12Andrew Dobrowski2:21.74a PRSilver State Striders
11.13-14Sebastian Knoefel2:22.02a PRUmoja
12.-Carlos Cruz2:22.03aPacific Racers Athle...
13.13-14James Behnke2:22.93a PRRevolution Express T...
14.11-12Alexander King2:23.26aDiablo Valley Track ...
15.Jason Tate2:23.61a1638 Unattached
16.13-14Daryon Baynard2:24.50aUmoja
17.-Quadry Wesley2:24.64a PRNorthern California ...
18.-Cassady Cole2:24.90a PRUmoja
19.-Jarden Turner2:28.34a PR100 Black Wings
20.-Andrew Lewis2:28.43aDiablo Valley Track ...
21.11-12Caleb Olivarez2:28.93a SRCastro Valley Track
22.David Frisbie2:29.10a1638 Unattached
23.13-14Owen Weitzel2:29.28a PRRevolution Express T...
24.-Gabriel Hajamohammad2:29.60a PR100 Black Wings
25.13-14Taiki Nishihara2:29.63a PRSilver State Striders
26.13-14Allan Lock2:30.68aUmoja
27.11-12Mason LaBadie2:31.54a PRSilver State Striders
28.13-14Adrian Romero2:33.20a SRPanther Track
29.-Zachary Hernandez2:34.28aThe Heat
30.13-14Blajon Lux2:36.11aUmoja
31.11-12Sebastian Lopez2:36.40a PRSilver State Striders
32.-Alexander Barnett2:38.21aCentral Valley Roadr...
33.11-12Jonas Harmer2:39.33aThe Heat
34.13-14Steven Cummins2:40.61a SRRevolution Express T...
35.-Kadar Hall2:41.80a SRBerkeley East Bay Tr...
36.-Ryne Ortega-Green2:41.96a PRFast Forward VPAL TC
37.13-14Andrew Mellick2:44.75a PRRevolution Express T...
38.13-14Isaiah Mobley2:49.21a100 Black Wings
39.11-12Joshua Gibson2:59.37aFast Forward VPAL TC
40.-Elijah Austin3:14.91aTop Pacers
41.13-14Shaun James3:20.23aTop Pacers

800 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Jordan Souza2:02.01a SRAbove the Grade
2.15-16Theodore Carter2:05.39a PRThe Heat
3.15-16Steven Chan2:10.05a PRTeam Onalysis
4.13-14Anthony Garcia2:10.18a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
5.15-16Abraham Espinoza2:10.38a PRMission Valley Track...
6.-David Harris2:11.22a PROakland PAL
7.15-16Daveon Overton2:13.73aHilltop Speed
8.13-14Cameron Crippen2:13.79a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
9.Jason Mateo2:14.89a1638 Unattached
10.Harry Curtis2:15.41a1638 Unattached
11.-Damaure Houston2:18.47a PRTop Pacers
12.13-14David Wu2:19.65a SRTeam Onalysis
13.-Dakarai Johnson2:42.18a PRTop Pacers
14.-Brent Butler2:47.10aUmoja

800 Meters  Young - Finals

1.17-18Jason Coupe1:53.46aPacific Racers Athle...
2.17-18Jason McGhee1:54.19a PRISC International
3.17-18Anthony Martore1:56.61a PRCastro Valley Track
4.John Robinson1:58.55a1638 Unattached
5.-Sean Gomes1:59.66a PRBonsu Track
6.-Garrett Foshay2:00.34a PRPhantom Speed Track
7.Arnaud Kpachavi2:01.80a1638 Unattached
8.-Anthony Dominguez2:04.15a PRC.A. Track Club
9.-Kieren Broussard2:04.41a PRV-Town Track
10.-Stephen Avila2:04.48a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
11.17-18Sulayman Diomande2:05.82a SRCastro Valley Track
12.-Johnpaul Wieman2:07.75a PRAbove the Grade
13.-Bryan Ngo2:09.50a PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
14.-Charles Levine2:11.31a PRUmoja
15.15-16Frank Finch2:12.97a PRPitman Track Club
16.Alexander Evanoff2:13.17a1638 Unattached
17.-Rashid Syverain2:17.92a PRPalo Alto Lightning
18.-Kristopher James2:23.54aTop Pacers

1500 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Jason Gomez5:16.25aLSI Sprint
2.9-10Jordan Lawrence5:18.11aPacific Racers Athle...
3.9-10Zacharias Martinez5:20.31a SRMarin Waves Track & ...
4.9-10Jamal Adam5:24.18a PRUmoja
5.9-10Ryan Bayliss5:27.39aRevolution Express T...
6.-Jesse Iniguez Stralla5:35.46a100 Black Wings
7.9-10DeVon Dupree5:39.78a SRUmoja
8.9-10Miles Worthen5:42.34aRevolution Express T...
9.9-10Cameron Reynolds5:48.18a SRTop Pacers
10.Nicholas Salonites5:49.35a1638 Unattached
11.9-10Austin Mellick6:08.12aRevolution Express T...
12.9-10Dasch Ainer6:10.34aCastro Valley Track
13.-Alex Rozsa6:16.90a PRCastro Valley Track
14.9-10Isa Twist6:34.21aCastro Valley Track
15.7-8Gabriel Gomez6:36.56a PRLSI Sprint
9-10Nicholas ClayDNSRevolution Express T...
9-10Cameron LewisDNSSilver State Striders

1500 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Leo Skellenger4:49.99a PRThe Heat
2.11-12Benjamin Zaeske4:50.00a PRThe Heat
3.9-10Christian Ricketts4:59.33a SRCentral Coast Runners
4.11-12Michael Dunne5:09.91aThe Heat
5.11-12Derek Vredenburgh5:13.77a SRRevolution Express T...
1.11-12Erik Clemensen5:18.56aCastro Valley Track
6.-Keith Moody5:20.57a PRThe Heat
2.11-12Peter Normann5:20.60aCastro Valley Track
7.Rj Agustiniii5:21.39a1638 Unattached
8.11-12Dennis Mandutzo5:23.37a PRPalo Alto Lightning
9.11-12Sam Hernandez5:24.62aCentral Valley Roadr...
10.11-12Jeremie Ellis5:27.99aHilltop Speed
11.-Jose Cruz5:31.59aPacific Racers Athle...
12.-Trevor Crippen5:34.54aCentral Valley Roadr...
13.11-12Peter Normann5:40.24aCastro Valley Track
14.11-12Jack Mader5:42.31a SRDiablo Valley Track ...
15.-Samuel Curren5:43.44a PRTGS Goldrush TC
16.11-12Caleb Wolterstorff5:54.07aCentral Valley Roadr...
17.9-10Skyler Haataja5:59.02aPalo Alto Lightning
18.11-12Montae Brown6:01.52a SRFull Stride
3.11-12Christopher Hall6:05.38a PRPanther Track
19.11-12Ian Mellor6:13.29a PRCastro Valley Track
20.11-12Grant Hill6:14.82a PRAmerican Canyon Stri...
21.-Moses Ordaz6:21.98a SRSilver Bullets Track
4.11-12Ian Mellor6:30.54aCastro Valley Track
5.11-12Steven Nielsen6:40.88aRevolution Express T...
6.Roy Nehoran7:11.87a1638 Unattached

1500 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.Ricky Avila4:29.11a1638 Unattached
2.13-14Giorgio Liantono4:31.17aSilver Bullets Track
3.13-14Blair Hurlock4:32.42aThe Heat
4.13-14Taylor Guinnip4:38.42aRevolution Express T...
5.Nicholas Mertens4:47.46a1638 Unattached
6.13-14Taiki Nishihara4:48.75a PRSilver State Striders
7.13-14Tristyn Martin4:49.57a PRRevolution Express T...
8.13-14Neilson Powless4:50.14aRevolution Express T...
1.Nicholas Mertens4:51.34a1638 Unattached
9.-Carlos Cruz4:54.55aPacific Racers Athle...
10.11-12Peter Schlachte4:54.85aThe Heat
11.David Frisbie4:56.87a1638 Unattached
12.Alex Gilbert4:56.94a1638 Unattached
13.13-14Daimon Todd4:58.07aUmoja
14.13-14Owen Weitzel4:58.44aRevolution Express T...
2.11-12Carter Mackey4:59.09aCastro Valley Track
15.11-12Carter Mackey4:59.38aCastro Valley Track
16.11-12Mason LaBadie5:00.21a PRSilver State Striders
17.11-12Andrew Dobrowski5:00.27a PRSilver State Striders
3.13-14Isaiah Mobley5:00.97aHampton Phillips Cla...
18.11-12Sebastian Lopez5:01.81a PRSilver State Striders
19.13-14James Behnke5:01.91aRevolution Express T...
20.-Zachary Hernandez5:02.70a PRThe Heat
21.13-14Isaiah Mobley5:03.02aHampton Phillips Cla...
22.13-14Sebastian Knoefel5:09.00aUmoja
23.-Cassady Cole5:10.10a PRUmoja
4.13-14Dylan Holborn-Welsh5:11.04aTeam Onalysis
24.13-14Andrew Gai5:11.04aRevolution Express T...
25.-Josh Cunanan5:11.46a SRSalinas Valley
26.11-12Caleb Olivarez5:13.98aCastro Valley Track
27.13-14Daryon Baynard5:18.49aUmoja
28.-Pedro Tejeda5:20.60a PRBuffalo Chips Running
29.13-14Steven Cummins5:21.95a PRRevolution Express T...
30.-Gabriel Hajamohammad5:23.99a PR100 Black Wings
31.-Vandon Weaver5:24.71a PRPitman Track Club
32.13-14Andrew Mellick5:25.81a PRRevolution Express T...
33.-Sean Kurdy5:30.37a PRSierra Foothill Trac...
34.13-14Allan Lock5:32.87aUmoja
5.Barry Nehoran5:50.15a1638 Unattached
6.11-12Anthony White5:55.54a SROakland PAL
7.-Robert Smith6:17.69a PRHampton Phillips Cla...
8.13-14Louis White6:19.16aOakland PAL
11-12Quinn EdwardsDNFOakland PAL

1500 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Parker Deuel4:19.02aThe Heat
2.15-16Jordan Souza4:21.14a SRAbove the Grade
3.13-14Nolan Petersen4:22.22a PRThe Heat
4.15-16Gabriel Arias-Sheridan4:23.86a PRThe Heat
5.15-16Daveon Overton4:35.55a PRHilltop Speed
6.Joseph Diaz4:36.48a1638 Unattached
7.13-14Anthony Garcia4:39.38a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
8.15-16Abraham Espinoza4:41.14a SRMission Valley Track...
9.15-16Michael Yee4:42.05a PRMission Valley Track...
10.-David Harris4:43.30a PROakland PAL
11.13-14Cameron Crippen4:44.35aCentral Valley Roadr...
12.15-16Steven Chan4:46.59a PRTeam Onalysis
13.13-14David Wu4:48.04a SRTeam Onalysis
1.Marc Toney5:16.28a1638 Unattached
2.Dave Nehoran5:17.54a1638 Unattached
14.15-16Lorenzo Hughes5:18.53a SRBeast Athletic Perfo...
15.-Brent Butler5:36.03a PRUmoja
3.15-16August Kiles5:58.93aTeam Onalysis
15-16Ryan HodgensDNSRevolution Express T...

1500 Meters  Young - Finals

1.17-18Anthony Martore4:09.26aCastro Valley Track
2.-Tyler Cleveland4:10.38a PRPhantom Speed Track
3.17-18Norman Weekes4:10.78a PRCastro Valley Track
4.John Robinson4:13.63a1638 Unattached
5.-Garrett Foshay4:13.90a PRPhantom Speed Track
6.-Sean Gomes4:15.74a PRBonsu Track
7.-Johnpaul Wieman4:16.49a PRAbove the Grade
8.-Stephen Avila4:20.02aCentral Valley Roadr...
9.-Oliver Lange4:23.47a PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
10.17-18Salvador Diaz4:34.00a PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
11.-Guillermo Cuevas4:36.37a PRSalinas Valley
1.17-18Sulayman Diomande4:36.51a SRCastro Valley Track
12.15-16Frank Finch4:39.31a PRPitman Track Club
13.-Dagoberto Pina4:44.59aSalinas Valley
2.17-18Kevin Nielsen4:46.73aRevolution Express T...
3.17-18Alexander Jungsten4:58.30aRevolution Express T...
4.Shawn Toney5:33.87a1638 Unattached
14.-Kelly Hill6:09.70a PRV-Town Track
5.Peter Roman6:41.81a1638 Unattached

1500m Racewalk  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Jason Gomez10:33.66aLSI Sprint

1500m Racewalk  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Gregory Isom10:44.52a PRFast Forward VPAL TC
2.Noah Mertens12:12.15a1638 Unattached
3.11-12Adam Haba12:16.42aLSI Sprint

3000 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.9-10Christian Ricketts10:38.54aCentral Coast Runners
2.11-12Michael Dunne10:43.12aThe Heat
3.11-12Derek Vredenburgh10:55.17a PRRevolution Express T...
4.11-12Dennis Mandutzo11:21.38a PRPalo Alto Lightning
5.Rj Agustiniii11:28.99a1638 Unattached
6.11-12Sam Hernandez12:21.66aCentral Valley Roadr...
7.11-12Kevin Anawalt12:37.64a PRThe Heat
8.9-10Skyler Haataja12:48.12a PRPalo Alto Lightning
9.-Taylor Christensen13:17.95a PRBuffalo Chips Running
10.-Bobby Missirian14:04.22aPalo Alto Lightning
11-12Kent SlaneyDNSThe Heat
-Jalen JonesDNS100 Black Wings

3000 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Taylor Guinnip9:53.41aRevolution Express T...
2.13-14Tristyn Martin9:59.49a PRRevolution Express T...
3.13-14Taiki Nishihara10:12.47a PRSilver State Striders
4.11-12Peter Schlachte10:19.81aThe Heat
5.11-12William Ernst10:31.57aSan Luis Distance
6.-Keaton Shiveley10:41.83aMenlo i Greyhounds T...
7.Nicholas Mertens10:44.52a1638 Unattached
8.11-12Carter Mackey10:45.55aCastro Valley Track
9.11-12Andrew Dobrowski10:47.66a PRSilver State Striders
10.11-12Mason LaBadie11:04.04a PRSilver State Striders
11.11-12Sebastian Lopez11:08.77a PRSilver State Striders
12.Eric Gelphman11:11.83a1638 Unattached
13.-Pedro Tejeda11:40.66a PRBuffalo Chips Running
14.-Sean Kurdy11:52.35a PRSierra Foothill Trac...
15.-Vandon Weaver12:02.23a PRPitman Track Club
11-12Romain HardyDNSThe Heat

3000 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.13-14Nolan Petersen9:37.82a PRThe Heat
2.13-14Alex Ott9:43.08a PRThe Heat
3.15-16Gabriel Arias-Sheridan9:43.09aThe Heat
4.15-16Ryan Hodgens9:45.88a PRRevolution Express T...
5.15-16Michael Yee10:16.17a PRMission Valley Track...
6.15-16Joshua Ernst10:20.61aSan Luis Distance

3000m Racewalk  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Daimon Todd19:36.73aUmoja

3000m Racewalk  Young - Finals

1.17-18Kyle Holberg21:33.14a SRClub Respect

5000 Meters  Young - Finals

1.Amjed Aboukhadijeh15:50.71a1638 Unattached
2.17-18Joshua MacDonald15:57.34a SRCastro Valley Track
3.-Tyler Cleveland16:08.72a PRPhantom Speed Track
4.17-18Benjamin Heck16:20.40a PRRF United
5.-Mitchell Lee16:42.10a PRRF United
6.-Oliver Lange16:44.11a PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
7.-Nathan Jackson16:50.84a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
8.17-18Jose Baltazar17:25.26a PRMission Valley Track...
9.17-18Salvador Diaz18:10.13a PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
10.-Guillermo Cuevas18:45.16aSalinas Valley
11.-Kelly Hill24:07.22a PRV-Town Track
17-18Donald HeatheringtonDNSRF United
-Stephen AvilaDNSCentral Valley Roadr...

80m Hurdles - 30"  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Deion Shelton-Lightfoot13.54a (1.7)Stockton Saints
2.11-12Morian Walker13.54a (1.7)Umoja
3.11-12Micheal Johnson15.48a (1.7)Umoja
4.11-12Peter Normann16.27a PR (1.7)Castro Valley Track
1.11-12Erik Clemensen16.30aCastro Valley Track
5.-Quaylin Wesley16.69a PR (1.7)TNT East Bay Track
2.11-12Christopher Hall18.65aPanther Track
3.11-12Peter Normann19.06aCastro Valley Track
4.11-12Steven Nielsen19.94aRevolution Express T...
6.11-12Roy Nehoran19.98a PR (1.7)Beast Athletic Perfo...
5.11-12Ian Mellor21.21a PRCastro Valley Track
6.Roy Nehoran21.97a1638 Unattached

80m Hurdles - 30"  Midget - Prelims

1.11-12Deion Shelton-Lightfoot13.54a (1.7)Stockton Saints
2.11-12Morian Walker13.54a (1.7)Umoja
3.11-12Micheal Johnson15.48a (1.7)Umoja
4.11-12Peter Normann16.27a (1.7)Castro Valley Track
5.-Quaylin Wesley16.69a (1.7)TNT East Bay Track
6.11-12Roy Nehoran19.98a (1.7)Beast Athletic Perfo...

100m Hurdles - 33"  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Jalen Doss14.18a (1.0)Hercules Running Reb...
2.13-14Dante Johnson15.32a (1.0)C.A. Track Club
3.13-14Chase Pacheco15.61a PR (1.0)Salinas Valley
4.-Calvin Egberaure15.65a PR (1.0)Moorpark Striders
5.13-14Javion Robinson15.68a PR (1.0)Oakland PAL
1.13-14Dylan Holborn-Welsh15.96a PRTeam Onalysis
2.13-14Louis White16.60a PROakland PAL
6.15-16Armand Shyne16.64a (1.0)3M Track
3.11-12Anthony White17.51a SROakland PAL
4.13-14Isaiah Mobley17.67aHampton Phillips Cla...
7.13-14Barry Nehoran18.14a (1.0)Beast Athletic Perfo...
5.-Robert Smith18.37aHampton Phillips Cla...
6.11-12Quinn Edwards18.39a PROakland PAL
7.Barry Nehoran18.74a1638 Unattached
8.11-12Carter Mackey20.06a SRCastro Valley Track
9.Nicholas Mertens20.79a1638 Unattached
13-14Isaiah MobleyDNS (1.0)Hampton Phillips Cla...
13-14Dylan Holborn-WelshDNS (1.0)Team Onalysis

100m Hurdles - 33"  Youth - Prelims

1.13-14Jalen Doss14.42a (2.9)Hercules Running Reb...
3.13-14Dante Johnson15.29a SR (2.9)C.A. Track Club
2.13-14Javion Robinson15.78a (1.3)Oakland PAL
5.13-14Chase Pacheco16.05a (2.9)Salinas Valley
6.-Calvin Egberaure16.14a (2.9)Moorpark Striders
4.13-14Dylan Holborn-Welsh16.46a (1.3)Team Onalysis
7.15-16Armand Shyne16.74a (1.3)3M Track
8.13-14Isaiah Mobley16.90a SR (2.9)Hampton Phillips Cla...
9.13-14Barry Nehoran18.02a PR (2.9)Beast Athletic Perfo...
10.-Robert Smith18.11a PR (2.9)Hampton Phillips Cla...
11.-Ashiko Morgan18.64a PR (1.3)Panther Track
12.-Kian Williams20.16a PR (1.3)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
13.11-12Michael Temple23.30a PR (1.3)Oakland PAL

110m Hurdles - 39"  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Kenneth Walker14.57a (1.0)Flying Jaguars
2.Adam Lundquist15.40a (1.0)1638 Unattached
3.15-16James Warwick15.50a SR (1.0)Central Valley Roadr...
4.-Jeremy Imlach15.69a PR (1.0)Oakland PAL
5.15-16Lavelle Hamlin16.85a (1.0)C.A. Track Club
6.15-16Mariano Roy16.94a SR (1.0)3M Track
1.15-16August Kiles18.21a SRTeam Onalysis
2.Marc Toney19.37a1638 Unattached
7.15-16Kevin Staniszewski19.63a (1.0)Revolution Express T...
3.Dave Nehoran19.84a1638 Unattached
8.15-16Dave Nehoran20.02a (1.0)Beast Athletic Perfo...
-Gorman ChenDNS (1.0)Beast Athletic Perfo...

110m Hurdles - 39"  Young - Finals

1.17-18Noah Blue13.97a PR (.6)C.A. Track Club
2.17-18Ikem Okwudiafor14.38a PR (.6)EOYDC
3.17-18Allen Williams14.42a PR (.6)Oakland PAL
4.-Roderick Giles14.56a (.6)Pacific Racers Athle...
4.17-18Alexander Jungsten15.06a PRRevolution Express T...
5.17-18Alexander Jungsten15.38a (.6)Revolution Express T...
6.17-18Paul Lyonsiv15.48a PR (.6)Central Valley Roadr...
7.15-16Damora Cooper15.84a (.6)Flying Jaguars
8.17-18Adonis Singletary16.34a (.6)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
2.Peter Roman16.54a1638 Unattached
9.15-16Kwame Hudson16.63a (.6)Castro Valley Track
3.17-18Kevin Nielsen18.02aRevolution Express T...
4.Shawn Toney18.04a1638 Unattached
5.17-18Sulayman Diomande18.63a SRCastro Valley Track

110m Hurdles - 39"  Intermediate - Prelims

1.15-16Kenneth Walker15.05a (.3)Flying Jaguars
2.Adam Lundquist15.75a (1.1)1638 Unattached
3.15-16James Warwick15.96a (3.0)Central Valley Roadr...
4.-Jeremy Imlach16.24a (3.0)Oakland PAL
5.15-16Lavelle Hamlin16.74a PR (.3)C.A. Track Club
6.15-16Mariano Roy16.96a (1.1)3M Track
7.15-16Kevin Staniszewski19.45a SR (1.1)Revolution Express T...
8.15-16Dave Nehoran19.80a PR (1.1)Beast Athletic Perfo...
9.-Gorman Chen20.17a PR (.3)Beast Athletic Perfo...
10.15-16Bradley Bejarin20.55a PR (1.1)Beast Athletic Perfo...
11.-Mateo Marin20.63a PR (.3)Beast Athletic Perfo...
12.15-16August Kiles21.24a (.3)Team Onalysis

110m Hurdles - 39"  Young - Prelims

1.17-18Noah Blue14.05a (2.3)C.A. Track Club
2.17-18Ikem Okwudiafor14.41a (3.0)EOYDC
3.-Roderick Giles14.53a PR (3.0)Pacific Racers Athle...
5.17-18Allen Williams14.55a (3.0)Oakland PAL
4.17-18Alexander Jungsten15.06a (2.3)Revolution Express T...
6.15-16Damora Cooper15.11a SR (3.0)Flying Jaguars
7.17-18Paul Lyonsiv15.51a (3.0)Central Valley Roadr...
8.17-18Adonis Singletary15.75a PR (2.3)Monterey Bay Jaguars...
9.15-16Kwame Hudson16.16a PR (3.0)Castro Valley Track
10.-Martin Ettema16.75a PR (2.3)Salinas Valley
11.-Mei Chen16.86a PR (3.0)Mission Valley Track...
12.Chevon Newell19.32a (2.3)1638 Unattached

200m Hurdles - 30"  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Gabriel Richard26.79a PR (2.9)C.A. Track Club
2.13-14Jalen Doss27.01a (2.9)Hercules Running Reb...
3.13-14Louis White28.27a (2.9)Oakland PAL
4.13-14Isaiah Mobley28.30a (2.9)Hampton Phillips Cla...
5.13-14Dante Johnson28.78a (2.9)C.A. Track Club
6.11-12Anthony White29.36a SR (3.7)Oakland PAL
7.-Jacob Robante29.51a PR (2.9)Salinas Valley
8.-Jordan Smith29.53a (3.7)A1 Track (Audience o...
9.11-12Quinn Edwards30.02a PR (3.7)Oakland PAL
10.13-14Javion Robinson30.87a (3.7)Oakland PAL
11.13-14Blajon Lux31.21a (2.9)Umoja
12.-Robert Smith31.35a (3.7)Hampton Phillips Cla...
13.-Ashiko Morgan33.63a (3.7)Panther Track

400m Hurdles - 36"  Intermediate - Finals

1.Adam Lundquist59.48a1638 Unattached
2.15-16Mariano Roy59.79a PR3M Track
3.15-16Lavelle Hamlin1:02.55a PRC.A. Track Club
4.15-16James Warwick1:06.42aCentral Valley Roadr...
5.15-16Dave Nehoran1:07.91aBeast Athletic Perfo...
6.15-16Kevin Staniszewski1:10.29a SRRevolution Express T...
7.-Gorman Chen1:12.31a PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
8.-Mateo Marin1:15.75a PRBeast Athletic Perfo...

400m Hurdles - 36"  Young - Finals

1.17-18Adonis Singletary57.51a PRMonterey Bay Jaguars...
2.17-18Paul Lyonsiv57.83a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
3.17-18Patrick Ramanand58.56aMonterey Bay Jaguars...
4.-Demetrius Lee59.12a PRMoorpark Striders
5.-Charles Levine1:02.89a PRUmoja
6.17-18Otis Felder1:04.37a PRHilltop Speed
7.Chevon Newell1:09.79a1638 Unattached
-Cory StevensDNSStockton Saints
-Austin DeckerDNSSalinas Valley

2k Steeplechase  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Parker Deuel6:53.63hThe Heat
2.15-16Ryan Hodgens6:56.33hRevolution Express T...
3.15-16Michael Yee7:25.17hMission Valley Track...
4.Steve Purugganan7:27.88h1638 Unattached
5.Harrison Luft7:35.18h1638 Unattached
6.15-16Joshua Ernst7:47.51h PRSan Luis Distance
7.Gus Murray7:50.20h1638 Unattached
8.Grant Silverstein7:57.87h1638 Unattached
9.15-16Lorenzo Hughes8:37.96h PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
10.-Brent Butler9:39.85h PRUmoja

2k Steeplechase  Young - Finals

1.17-18Joshua MacDonald6:20.56hCastro Valley Track
2.Spencer Hall6:28.60h1638 Unattached
3.17-18Chet Reyen6:40.10hRF United
4.17-18Salvador Diaz7:02.29hBeast Athletic Perfo...
5.15-16Frank Finch7:07.97h PRPitman Track Club
6.17-18Jose Baltazar7:16.20h PRMission Valley Track...
7.Colton Aliff7:30.96h1638 Unattached

4x100 Relay  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Telan Gaines
Will Jones
Donovan Jordan-Scott
Jamar Marshall
56.82aPhenom Elite
2.9-10Armauni Archie
Marion Devore
Makai Polk
Issac Jones
56.95aHercules Running Reb...
3.-Yaqin Abdul-Aziz
Jakari Akil
Quinton Boyette
Jesse Iniguez Stralla
57.39a100 Black Wings
4.-Nicholas Anderson
Deston Hawkins
Alton Julian
Ramon Stange
57.53aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
5.9-10Delonte Baskerville
Thaddeus Hills
Ricky Merced
Izaiah Stephenson
1:01.00aMoorpark Striders
6.7-8Caleb Branner
Edward Cassas
Dezrynd Lewis
Daniel Thompson
1:04.77aMoorpark Striders
7.-Jonathan Brenes
Jordan Green
Jordan MacKie
David Johnson
1:06.88aPhoenix Gliders Trac...

4x100 Relay  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Darius Carbin
Oscar Jamesll
David Turner
Morian Walker
2.11-12Jordon Beasley
Davaeon Johnsom
Destynd Lewis
Elijah Thompson
52.24aMoorpark Striders
3.-Qasas Abdul-Aziz
Keante Huddleston
Dnajee Smith
Jalon Stanley
53.64a100 Black Wings
4.11-12Brandon Bains
Jordan Bains
Jovon Johnson
Jordan Mims
55.22aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
5.-Isaiah Burks
Jaydan Key
Cassius Reynolds
Terrin Strickland
57.00aPhoenix Gliders Trac...
-Relay Team 57.07aTNT East Bay Track

4x100 Relay  Youth - Finals

1.-Relay Team 46.19aHercules Running Reb...
2.13-14Delshawn Mitchell
Daniel Diaz
Keenan Smith
Kirk Johnson
3.-Relay Team 48.29aThe Heat
4.-Relay Team 50.32aPacific Racers Athle...
5.-Austin Carrington-Scott
Kyle Riley
Anthony White
Louis White
50.42aOakland PAL
6.-Relay Team 50.44aFast Forward VPAL TC
-Relay Team 50.56a100 Black Wings

4x100 Relay  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Relay Team 43.67aISC International
1.-Jesse Arenas
Andre Chapman
Jason McGhee
Juquelle Thompson
43.67aISC International
2.-Stephen Grady
Julien Gray
Wesley Washington
Ochenna Oniah
44.39aBeast Athletic Perfo...
3.-Relay Team 45.64aThe Heat
4.-Desmond Louis
Daniel Mewborn
David Mewborn
Tavius Strickland
46.62aPhoenix Gliders Trac...
5.15-16Rayshawn Bryant
Montrell Franklin
Davon Gillum
Keith Holloway
47.42aStockton Saints

4x100 Relay  Young - Finals

1.-Damora Cooper
Joey Johnson
Terea Norman
Timazray Shephard
43.01aFlying Jaguars
1.-Relay Team 43.01aFlying Jaguars
2.-Rashaan Allen
Aaron Burrow
Ronald Frasier
Ricco Jones
43.08aV-Town Track
3.-Johnny Beard
Jerrald Belong
Christopher Kirtman
Jalen Williams
43.50aISC International
3.-Relay Team 43.50aISC International
4.-Benjamin Baker
Kalyn Boozer
Jaylen Person
Andrew Price
43.90aElk Grove PAL
5.17-18John Park
Taylor McIntyre
Alexander Jungsten
Adam Richards
43.96aRevolution Express T...
6.-Sulayman Diomande
Chance Moses
Ali Roosevelt
Tyler Thomas
44.35aCastro Valley Track
7.-Elmo Caldwell
Rajaee Delane
Elisha Mitchell
Deon Pinder
44.58aBeast Athletic Perfo...
8.-Isaiah McClain
Robert Mulder
Troy Thompson
Ivory Wright
45.55aScreaming Eagles
9.-Relay Team 46.92aStockton Saints

4x400 Relay  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Matthew Baldacchino
Dezmynd Lewis
Jacob Williams
Kenneth Woods
4:43.43aMoorpark Striders
2.9-10Jamal Adam
Dion Dupree
Bralyn Lux
Priest Preston

4x400 Relay  Midget - Finals

1.-Qasas Abdul-Aziz
Keante Huddleston
Dnajee Smith
Isaiah Turner
4:18.62a100 Black Wings
2.11-12Maxwell Howland
Oscar Jamesll
Micheal Johnson
David Turner
3.11-12Jordon Beasley
Davaeon Johnsom
Destynd Lewis
Elijah Thompson
4:24.73aMoorpark Striders
4.11-12Samir Arora
Jordan Bains
Jovon Johnson
Jordan Mims
4:25.33aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
5.11-12Daron Bland
Mitchell Bland
Braxton Howze
Andrew Raspo
4:27.28aCentral Valley Roadr...

4x400 Relay  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Daniel Diaz
Kirk Johnson
Delshawn Mitchell
Dashon Ridgway
2.-Relay Team 3:50.45aPacific Racers Athle...
3.-Kameron Carr
Michael Goodwin
Marquez Powers
Trevor Ruth
3:52.65aHilltop Speed
4.-Eugene Chen
Blair Hurlock
Ryan May
Sahit Menon
3:54.90aThe Heat
5.-Lawrence Aubert
Marcus Harmon
Jimmy Hatch
Joseph Thompson
3:56.66aMoorpark Striders
6.13-14Bakare Awakoaiye
Marcus Herron
Dante Johnson
Matthew Jones
3:57.75aC.A. Track Club
7.-Relay Team 3:58.89a100 Black Wings
8.-Relay Team 4:01.37aFast Forward VPAL TC
9.-Luis Ayala
Reggie Bland
Thomas Moore
Arnel Surnip
4:08.74aCentral Valley Roadr...
10.-Relay Team 4:14.51aDiablo Valley Track ...
11.-Relay Team 4:17.45a100 Black Wings

4x400 Relay  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:35.38aISC International
1.-Johnny Beard
Jerrald Belong
Christopher Kirtman
Jalen Williams
3:35.38aISC International
2.-Gabriel Arias-Sheridan
Theodore Carter
Jeffrey Chen
Parker Deuel
3:43.76aThe Heat
3.-Rajaee Delane
Kahe Kaye
Elisha Mitchell
Deon Pinder
3:45.50aBeast Athletic Perfo...
4.-Steven Chan
Stanley Chen
August Kiles
David Wu
4:04.27aTeam Onalysis
4.-Relay Team 4:04.27aTeam Onalysis

4x400 Relay  Young - Finals

1.-Jesse Arenas
Andre Chapman
Jason McGhee
Juquelle Thompson
3:23.47aISC International
1.-Relay Team 3:23.47aISC International
2.-Jordan Elzie
Sean Gomes
Anthony Jones
Akim Muhammad
3:26.44aBonsu Track
3.-Benjamin Baker
Kalyn Boozer
Jaylen Person
Jory Rucker
3:29.94aElk Grove PAL
4.-Benjamin Davis
Sulayman Diomande
Chance Moses
Ali Roosevelt
3:31.35aCastro Valley Track
5.-Brandon Crawford
Wesley Washington
Ochenna Oniah
Bryan Ngo
3:34.44aBeast Athletic Perfo...
6.-Relay Team 3:37.54aStockton Saints
-Rashaan Allen
Kieren Broussard
Aaron Burrow
Jorden Morrow
DNSV-Town Track

4x800 Relay  Midget - Finals

1.-Dustin Decker
Michael Dunne
Keith Moody
Leo Skellenger
10:23.91aThe Heat
2.11-12Samir Arora
Jordan Bains
Jovon Johnson
Jordan Mims
10:51.66aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.-Trevor Crippen
Andrew Guardado
Andrew Raspo
Caleb Wolterstorff
11:08.24aCentral Valley Roadr...
4.-Qasas Abdul-Aziz
Isaiah Avery
Keante Huddleston
Jalen Jones
11:52.48a100 Black Wings
5.-Gregor Dairaghi
Elijah Gwin-Kerr
Skyler Haataja
Bobby Missirian
12:42.33aPalo Alto Lightning

4x800 Relay  Youth - Finals

1.-Relay Team 8:57.45aPacific Racers Athle...
2.13-14James Behnke
Andrew Gai
Taylor Guinnip
Owen Weitzel
9:32.47aRevolution Express T...
3.-Relay Team 9:39.87aUmoja
4.-Jonas Harmer
Zachary Hernandez
Blair Hurlock
Sahit Menon
9:47.56aThe Heat
5.-Andrew Dobrowski
Mason LaBadie
Sebastian Lopez
Taiki Nishihara
10:02.46aSilver State Striders
6.-Ivory Cousins
Joshua Gibson
Marcus McCollumn
Ryne Ortega-Green
10:04.72aFast Forward VPAL TC
7.13-14John Hammill
Tristyn Martin
Andrew Mellick
Neilson Powless
10:13.18aRevolution Express T...
8.-Relay Team 10:17.42aC.A. Track Club
9.-Relay Team 10:18.06aDiablo Valley Track ...
10.-Relay Team 10:27.61aCastro Valley Track
11.-Alexander Barnett
Jakob Maravilla
Thomas Moore
Arnel Surnip
10:28.03aCentral Valley Roadr...
12.-Relay Team 11:04.65a100 Black Wings

4x800 Relay  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Gabriel Arias-Sheridan
Theodore Carter
Parker Deuel
Connor McCarthy
9:07.55aThe Heat
2.-Gorman Chen
Lorenzo Hughes
Mateo Marin
Dave Nehoran
11:16.98aBeast Athletic Perfo...

4x800 Relay  Young - Finals

1.-Sulayman Diomande
Kwame Hudson
Joshua MacDonald
Anthony Martore
8:52.72aCastro Valley Track
2.-Salvador Diaz
Oliver Lange
Bryan Ngo
Ochenna Oniah
9:07.97aBeast Athletic Perfo...

Shot Put - 6lb  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Xavier Lewis8.86mCentral Valley Roadr...
2.-Demonte Aleem8.47m PREast Bay Panthers
3.9-10Jashaun Walker6.89m SR100 Black Wings
5.9-10Matthias August5.39m PRCastro Valley Track
1.9-10Sterling Stokes4.78mOakland PAL
6.9-10Nicholas Clay4.30mRevolution Express T...
7.9-10Miles Worthen4.22mRevolution Express T...
7.9-10Miles Worthen3.54mRevolution Express T...
8.9-10David Foster3.54m PRPeninsula Youth (Def...
9-10Sterling BrownDNSEast Bay Heat Track ...

Shot Put - 6lb  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Sione Liku11.96m PRPhenom Elite
2.11-12Otis Statum11.89m PR3M Track
3.11-12Shomari Rogers-Cayton10.64m PRStockton Saints
4.11-12Daniel Alexander9.23m PRTeam Onalysis
5.11-12Lorenzo Keturi8.95m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
6.11-12Earnest Jackson8.46mHercules Running Reb...
1.11-12Erik Clemensen8.40m PRCastro Valley Track
7.11-12Darius Sykes-Miller8.20mHercules Running Reb...
2.11-12Christopher Hall7.90m PRPanther Track
9.11-12Jordan Johnson7.83m PRUmoja
3.11-12Peter Normann7.80m PRCastro Valley Track
10.11-12Karl Thompson7.80mHercules Running Reb...
11.11-12Terrance Matthews-Murphy7.63mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
12.11-12Gregory Isom6.98m PRFast Forward VPAL TC
13.Noah Mertens6.96m1638 Unattached
14.Matthew Frisbie6.92m1638 Unattached
15.Grant Cotter6.91m1638 Unattached
4.11-12Ian Mellor6.90m PRCastro Valley Track
5.11-12Steven Nielsen6.69mRevolution Express T...
16.-Christopher Adams6.64m PRCentral Valley Musta...
17.11-12Ian Mellor6.59mCastro Valley Track
18.9-10Kymaje Holmes6.21m SRYolo First Strike
6.Roy Nehoran5.72m1638 Unattached
11-12Kyle MinorDNSHilltop Speed

Shot Put - 4kg  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Joaquin Monteiro-Williams13.27m PRNatomas Youth
2.13-14Matthew Thomas13.04m PRDiablo Valley Track ...
3.13-14Keenan Smith12.68m SRUmoja
4.15-16Armand Shyne12.19m SR3M Track
5.Caleb Lundquist11.25m1638 Unattached
6.-Daniel Agbigay10.97m PRPhoenix Gliders Trac...
7.11-12Jeremiah Wade10.78mNatomas Youth
8.13-14Kyle Creighton10.69m PRRevolution Express T...
1.13-14Dylan Holborn-Welsh10.58mTeam Onalysis
9.13-14Taylor Hall10.05mPanther Track
10.-Eric Hawkins10.01m PRCentral Valley Musta...
11.11-12Willie Clifton9.94m PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
12.13-14Michael Pearson8.96m PROakland PAL
2.13-14Isaiah Mobley8.71mHampton Phillips Cla...
3.Barry Nehoran8.40m1638 Unattached
4.Nicholas Mertens8.39m1638 Unattached
13.13-14Andrew Ivy8.28mStockton Saints
14.11-12Michael Temple8.26m PROakland PAL
5.11-12Quinn Edwards8.16m PROakland PAL
6.-Robert Smith8.07m PRHampton Phillips Cla...
7.13-14Louis White7.70mOakland PAL
15.11-12Angus Stephens7.52m PRTeam Onalysis
8.11-12Anthony White7.40m PROakland PAL
9.11-12Carter Mackey5.00m PRCastro Valley Track
13-14Tyler SefriedDNSStockton Saints

Shot Put - 12lb  Intermediate - Finals

1.Zachary Ribera11.84m1638 Unattached
2.15-16Jaime Delgado11.74mPitman Track Club
3.Jason Mehta11.47m1638 Unattached
4.-Akapusi Jr. Liku11.40m PRPhenom Elite
5.15-16Sean Donnelly11.28m PRPitman Track Club
6.15-16Bryan Rosales11.10m PRPitman Track Club
7.Nathan Hazard11.09m1638 Unattached
8.15-16Jordan Takeuchi10.83mRevolution Express T...
9.Johnathan Durand10.60m1638 Unattached
10.-Steven Bravo10.26mClub Respect
11.-Alec Conway9.91m PRCastro Valley Track
12.-Austin Conway9.54m PRCastro Valley Track
13.-Kennedy Torre9.43mDiablo Valley Track ...
1.Marc Toney8.80m1638 Unattached
2.Dave Nehoran7.75m1638 Unattached
14.15-16Nathan Swisley7.29m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
15.-Kevin Stofleth7.15m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
3.15-16August Kiles6.35m PRTeam Onalysis
15-16Keith HollowayDNSStockton Saints

Shot Put - 12lb  Young - Finals

1.17-18Eric Mason16.34m PRCastro Valley Track
2.Jesse Tran15.28m1638 Unattached
3.17-18Jacob Eckel14.86m PRCastro Valley Track
4.-Travis Baker14.62mSanta Rosa Express
5.James Kinloch13.81m1638 Unattached
6.17-18Zachary Post13.08m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
7.-Mariano Malvino12.73m PRSanta Rosa Express
8.-Nikolas Tomaz12.48m PRCastro Valley Track
9.17-18Terry Chiang11.68m PRTeam Onalysis
10.-Stephen Sanders11.40m PROakland PAL
11.-Emmanuel Barrera10.85mCastro Valley Track
1.Shawn Toney10.65m1638 Unattached
2.17-18Alexander Jungsten10.48mRevolution Express T...
3.17-18Sulayman Diomande10.47mCastro Valley Track
12.-Brandon Swoopes10.38m PRPhoenix Gliders Trac...
4.17-18Kevin Nielsen10.25mRevolution Express T...
5.Peter Roman10.19m1638 Unattached
13.-Kevin Williams9.47m PROakland PAL

Discus - 1kg  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Otis Statum35.64m PR3M Track
2.11-12Shomari Rogers-Cayton28.44mStockton Saints
3.11-12Sione Liku27.95m SRPhenom Elite
4.11-12Daniel Alexander22.10m PRTeam Onalysis
5.11-12Cameron Owens18.77m SRLodi
6.Matthew Frisbie18.16m1638 Unattached
7.11-12Lorenzo Keturi17.73mCentral Valley Roadr...
9.Noah Mertens16.33m1638 Unattached
10.11-12Roy Nehoran11.42m SRBeast Athletic Perfo...
11-12Camryn PeytonDNSStockton Saints

Discus - 1kg  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Matthew Thomas47.40m PRDiablo Valley Track ...
2.13-14Joaquin Monteiro-Williams44.92m PRNatomas Youth
3.13-14Keenan Smith41.54mUmoja
4.13-14Dylan Holborn-Welsh35.89mTeam Onalysis
5.15-16Armand Shyne35.41m3M Track
6.13-14Kyle Creighton31.09mRevolution Express T...
7.-Daniel Agbigay30.47mPhoenix Gliders Trac...
8.11-12Angus Stephens23.36mTeam Onalysis
9.-Chris Stevens19.59m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
10.13-14Andrew Ivy18.55mStockton Saints
11.13-14Shaun James17.93mTop Pacers
12.11-12Willie Clifton17.62m SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
-Marcellis MorrisDNS100 Black Wings
11-12Jeremiah WadeFOULNatomas Youth
13-14Tyler SefriedDNSStockton Saints

Discus - 1.6kg  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Sean Donnelly42.58mPitman Track Club
2.15-16Jordan Takeuchi36.48m PRRevolution Express T...
3.Nathan Hazard35.78m1638 Unattached
4.Johnathan Durand35.18m1638 Unattached
5.Zachary Ribera34.39m1638 Unattached
6.Jason Mehta33.43m1638 Unattached
7.-Aaron Rollins32.58m PRPitman Track Club
8.-Steven Bravo31.36mClub Respect
9.15-16Jaime Delgado30.46m PRPitman Track Club
10.-Akapusi Jr. Liku28.77mPhenom Elite
11.15-16Bryan Rosales28.13mPitman Track Club
12.-Kennedy Torre25.69mDiablo Valley Track ...
1.Marc Toney18.66m1638 Unattached
2.Dave Nehoran16.70m1638 Unattached
3.15-16August Kiles15.58mTeam Onalysis
-Austin ConwayDNSCastro Valley Track
-Alec ConwayDNSCastro Valley Track
15-16Nathan SwisleyDNSSierra Foothill Trac...
-Kevin StoflethDNSSierra Foothill Trac...

Discus - 1.6kg  Young - Finals

1.17-18Eric Mason51.63m PRCastro Valley Track
2.James Kinloch50.27m1638 Unattached
3.Carson Frost45.85m1638 Unattached
4.Nelson Quinley44.55m1638 Unattached
5.17-18Jacob Eckel44.42m PRCastro Valley Track
6.-Travis Baker42.13mSanta Rosa Express
7.-Nikolas Tomaz39.07m SRCastro Valley Track
8.-Mariano Malvino38.74m PRSanta Rosa Express
9.-Reginald Vargas35.91m PRPitman Track Club
10.17-18Terry Chiang34.53m PRTeam Onalysis
11.-Emmanuel Barrera33.05m PRCastro Valley Track
1.17-18Kevin Nielsen33.01mRevolution Express T...
2.Peter Roman27.98m1638 Unattached
3.17-18Alexander Jungsten27.86mRevolution Express T...
4.Shawn Toney25.88m1638 Unattached
12.-Brandon Swoopes23.46mPhoenix Gliders Trac...
13.-Kevin Williams22.66m PROakland PAL
5.17-18Sulayman Diomande22.37mCastro Valley Track
-Stephen SandersDNSOakland PAL
17-18Zachary PostDNSSierra Foothill Trac...

Javelin - 300g TJ  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Eddie Smith27.05m SRSLO Town Track
2.9-10Bralyn Lux24.79mUmoja
3.9-10Marshall Lott24.21m PRCentral Valley Musta...
4.9-10Damon Zuber22.75mMarin Waves Track & ...
5.9-10Austin Mellick20.97mRevolution Express T...
6.9-10Ryan Bayliss19.58m PRRevolution Express T...
7.9-10Jashaun Walker18.91m PR100 Black Wings
8.9-10Miles Drew18.79m SRCentral Valley Roadr...
9.9-10Justin Lowe18.76mTop Pacers
10.9-10Devon Gordon17.32mUmoja
11.9-10Matthias August16.41m PRCastro Valley Track
12.Chalmes Brown15.28m1638 Unattached
13.7-8Seth Wolterstorff15.27mCentral Valley Roadr...
14.9-10Kelvin Barney13.28mFull Stride
9-10Sterling BrownDNSEast Bay Heat Track ...

Javelin - 300g TJ  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Bryan Morris50.16m PR3M Track
2.11-12Otis Statum49.77m PR3M Track
3.11-12Sione Liku34.33mPhenom Elite
4.11-12Daniel Alexander32.49mTeam Onalysis
5.11-12Dauson Booker30.97mCentral Valley Roadr...
6.11-12Shomari Rogers-Cayton28.78mStockton Saints
7.11-12Kyron Finn26.90m SRNatomas Youth
8.11-12James Temple24.67m SROakland PAL
9.11Payton Young23.77mA1 Track (Audience o...
10.11-12Darius Sykes-Miller22.97m PRHercules Running Reb...
11.9-10Kymaje Holmes19.82m SRYolo First Strike
12.Matthew Frisbie14.35m1638 Unattached
13.-Christopher Adams13.65mCentral Valley Musta...
11-12Michael SternDNSTeam Onalysis
11-12Terrance Matthews-MurphyDNSEast Palo Alto Greyh...

Javelin - 600g  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Keenan Smith45.85mUmoja
2.15-16Armand Shyne44.69m3M Track
3.13-14Joaquin Monteiro-Williams42.06m PRNatomas Youth
4.-Thomas Salsman39.54m PRNapa Track
5.13-14Dylan Holborn-Welsh37.69mTeam Onalysis
6.13-14Charles Loudon35.58m PRDiablo Valley Track ...
7.11-12Willie Clifton34.49m PREast Palo Alto Greyh...
8.13-14Dylan Smith30.54m PRSLO Town Track
9.13-14Kyle Creighton30.31m PRRevolution Express T...
9.13-14Kyle Creighton99' 5"Revolution Express T...
10.13-14Taylor Hall24.96mPanther Track
11.13-14Owen Weitzel23.62mRevolution Express T...
12.11-12Jeremiah Wade22.80mNatomas Youth
13.11-12Angus Stephens22.30m PRTeam Onalysis
14.13-14Andrew Ivy21.62m PRStockton Saints
15.-Marcellis Morris18.40m PR100 Black Wings
16.13-14Andrew Mellick15.90m PRRevolution Express T...
17.11-12Alexander Belsito15.24m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
-Marcus FletcherjrDNSYolo First Strike
-Thomas RozsaDNSCastro Valley Track

Javelin - 800g  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Jordan Takeuchi132' 1"Revolution Express T...
1.15-16Jordan Takeuchi40.25mRevolution Express T...
2.15-16Douglas Coman39.61m PRYolo First Strike
3.15-16Jaime Delgado35.23m PRPitman Track Club
4.13-14Brendan Cardey35.15mNapa Track
1.Marc Toney28.71m1638 Unattached
5.15-16Bryan Rosales28.39m PRPitman Track Club
6.-Austin Conway27.83m PRCastro Valley Track
7.-Aaron Rollins27.14mPitman Track Club
8.15-16Dave Nehoran25.85m PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
9.15-16Nathan Swisley25.09m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
2.Dave Nehoran25.04m1638 Unattached
10.-Alec Conway23.43m PRCastro Valley Track
11.-Kevin Stofleth18.80m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
3.15-16August Kiles18.67mTeam Onalysis
15-16Abraham EspinozaDNSMission Valley Track...
15-16Sean DonnellyDNSPitman Track Club

Javelin - 800g  Young - Finals

1.17-18Alexander Jungsten45.11m PRRevolution Express T...
2.17-18Robert Harlow43.17m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
3.Johnleigh Dean42.10m1638 Unattached
4.17-18Zachary Post40.27mSierra Foothill Trac...
1.17-18Kevin Nielsen40.00mRevolution Express T...
2.17-18Alexander Jungsten39.15mRevolution Express T...
3.17-18Sulayman Diomande38.86m PRCastro Valley Track
4.Peter Roman37.32m1638 Unattached
5.Shawn Toney35.52m1638 Unattached
5.-Kyle Grace35.25mChristian Team Minis...
6.-Dadwin Alvarez33.79m PRClub Respect
7.-Reginald Vargas28.74m PRPitman Track Club
-Emmanuel BarreraDNSCastro Valley Track
-Michael KicenskiDNSFlying Jaguars
-Nikolas TomazDNSCastro Valley Track

High Jump  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10DeVon Dupree1.07mUmoja
1.9-10Sterling Stokes1.06mOakland PAL
2.7-8Jarod Moren0.77m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
9-10Dion DupreeNHUmoja
9-10Brandon OwensNHLodi
-Micah FisherNHPitman Track Club

High Jump  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Darius Carbin1.52mUmoja
1.11-12Erik Clemensen1.43mCastro Valley Track
2.11-12Erik Clemensen1.37mCastro Valley Track
2.11-12Christopher Hall1.33m PRPanther Track
3.11-12Brandon Bains1.27mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
4.11-12Steven Nielsen1.27m SRRevolution Express T...
3.11-12Steven Nielsen1.23mRevolution Express T...
5.Tristan Lei1.22m1638 Unattached
4.11-12Peter Normann1.18mCastro Valley Track
6.11-12Terrance Moore1.17mCentral Valley Roadr...
5.11-12Ian Mellor1.13m PRCastro Valley Track
7.11-12Marion Brown1.12mFull Stride
6.Roy Nehoran0.98m1638 Unattached
8.Grant Cotter0.97m1638 Unattached
11-12Jonathan PeytonDNSStockton Saints
11-12Cameron OwensDNSLodi
11-12Camryn PeytonDNSStockton Saints

High Jump  Youth - Finals

1.Dion Shattuck1.77m1638 Unattached
2.13-14Jelani Brice-Moore1.67m PRStockton Saints
3.13-14Chase Pacheco1.62m PRSalinas Valley
3.13-14Charles Loudon1.62mDiablo Valley Track ...
1.13-14Dylan Holborn-Welsh1.52mTeam Onalysis
5.13-14Adrian Jinbo1.52m PRHercules Running Reb...
5.13-14Ian Stuertz1.52mDiablo Valley Track ...
5.Charlie Black1.52m1638 Unattached
2.-Robert Smith1.47m PRHampton Phillips Cla...
8.-Daniel Agbigay1.47mPhoenix Gliders Trac...
8.Trevor Lei1.47m1638 Unattached
8.-Lawrence Aubert1.47mMoorpark Striders
8.13-14Barry Nehoran1.47m SRBeast Athletic Perfo...
3.11-12Anthony White1.42mOakland PAL
3.13-14Louis White1.42mOakland PAL
3.11-12Quinn Edwards1.42mOakland PAL
12.-Andrew Lewis1.42mDiablo Valley Track ...
12.-Robert Smith1.42mHampton Phillips Cla...
12.11-12Quinn Edwards1.42mOakland PAL
12.13-14Dylan Holborn-Welsh1.42mTeam Onalysis
12.-Cristian Bone1.42m PRAthenian Athletics
6.13-14Isaiah Mobley1.37mHampton Phillips Cla...
6.Barry Nehoran1.37m1638 Unattached
17.13-14Joseph Thompson1.37mMoorpark Striders
17.-Thomas Salsman1.37mNapa Track
17.-Jordan Smith1.37mA1 Track (Audience o...
20.13-14Arnel Surnip1.32mCentral Valley Roadr...
8.Nicholas Mertens1.27m1638 Unattached
9.11-12Carter Mackey1.22m SRCastro Valley Track
13-14James BehnkeDNSRevolution Express T...

High Jump  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Noel Frazier1.92m SRBeast Athletic Perfo...
2.Victor Du1.82m1638 Unattached
2.Neco Johnson1.82m1638 Unattached
2.Londeen McCovery1.82m1638 Unattached
5.Philip Otto1.77m1638 Unattached
6.Matt Tyler1.72m1638 Unattached
6.-Robert Vaccaro1.72mDiablo Valley Track ...
6.-Stanley Chen1.72mTeam Onalysis
9.-Jeremy Imlach1.67m PROakland PAL
9.-Lexington Aubert1.67mMoorpark Striders
11.15-16Theodore Ruth1.62mHilltop Speed
1.15-16August Kiles1.58mTeam Onalysis
12.15-16August Kiles1.57mTeam Onalysis
13.-Kameron Schumann1.47m PRPitman Track Club
2.Marc Toney1.33m1638 Unattached
2.Dave Nehoran1.33m1638 Unattached
13-14Brendan CardeyDNSNapa Track
-Kevin BohnerkempeDNSMission Valley Track...

High Jump  Young - Finals

1.17-18Kevin Nielsen1.98mRevolution Express T...
1.17-18Kevin Nielsen1.92mRevolution Express T...
2.Peter Roman1.83m1638 Unattached
2.17-18Christian George1.82m PRRevolution Express T...
3.17-18Robert Harlow1.82mSierra Foothill Trac...
4.-Nick Jackson1.82m PRPitman Track Club
5.Daniel Carlson1.77m1638 Unattached
6.15-16Elijah Mitchell1.77m PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
3.17-18Alexander Jungsten1.68mRevolution Express T...
3.17-18Sulayman Diomande1.68m SRCastro Valley Track
7.17-18Alexander Jungsten1.62mRevolution Express T...
8.-Kyle Grace1.57m PRChristian Team Minis...
9.Alex Salazar1.52m1638 Unattached
5.Shawn Toney1.38m1638 Unattached
-Patrick AtkinsDNSOakland PAL
-Michael KicenskiDNSFlying Jaguars
-Maurice SpikesDNSPacific Racers Athle...

Pole Vault  Youth - Finals

1.Jacob Bowler3.15m1638 Unattached

Pole Vault  Intermediate - Finals

1.Reed White3.80m1638 Unattached
2.Connor Besmer3.65m1638 Unattached
1.Marc Toney3.60m1638 Unattached
3.15-16August Kiles3.50mTeam Onalysis
3.15-16Zack Bassi3.50mSalinas Valley
2.15-16August Kiles3.30mTeam Onalysis
5.-Walter Cranston2.90m PRLodi
3.Dave Nehoran2.55m1638 Unattached

Pole Vault  Young - Finals

1.17-18Reese Wilson4.45mSky Jumpers
2.Nicholas Maestretti4.45m1638 Unattached
3.Brian Hanson4.45m1638 Unattached
1.Shawn Toney4.35m1638 Unattached
4.-Cameron Childers4.30m PRReno Tahoe Athletics
5.-Connor Pate4.30m PRReno Tahoe Athletics
6.-Keith Rayburn4.30m PRSalinas Valley
7.Alex Garcia4.15m1638 Unattached
8.James Vanwyck4.15m1638 Unattached
9.-Thomas Dodd3.85m PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
10.-Austin Decker3.85m PRSalinas Valley
11.-Benjamin Yorkey3.70m PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
12.-Dominic Sandler3.55m PRLodi
13.-David Sandler3.55mLodi
14.-Adam Armstrong3.40m PRSoul Air
2.17-18Sulayman Diomande3.30mCastro Valley Track
15.15-16Inderjit Takhar3.25m SRMission Valley Track...
15.-Kyle Grace3.25mChristian Team Minis...
15.-Dagoberto Pina3.25m PRSalinas Valley
3.17-18Kevin Nielsen3.15mRevolution Express T...
18.-Patrick Cunningham2.95m PRSoul Air
4.17-18Alexander Jungsten2.85mRevolution Express T...
5.Peter Roman2.25m1638 Unattached

Long Jump  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Bralyn Lux4.05mUmoja
2.9-10Marion Devore3.97mHercules Running Reb...
3.9-10Elijah Grigsby3.94m SRStockton Starz
4.9-10Nicholas Anderson3.86mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
5.-Christopher Rogers3.80m PRDiablo Valley Track ...
6.9-10Marshall Lott3.77m PRCentral Valley Musta...
7.9-10Antonio Yra3.66mMission Valley Track...
8.9-10Zidane Raeburn3.53m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
9.-Eric Wright3.45m PRPacific Racers Athle...
10.9-10Will Jones3.34mPhenom Elite
11.7-8Ryzon Norris3.27mCastro Valley Track
11.9-10Peyton Dabasinskas3.27m SRDiablo Valley Track ...
13.-Jake Kern3.23m PRAthenian Athletics
14.9-10Nizahn Harmon3.10m PRMoorpark Striders
15.9-10Miles Drew3.09m SRCentral Valley Roadr...
16.9-10Dezmynd Lewis3.07mMoorpark Striders
17.7-8Daniel Thompson2.88m SRMoorpark Striders
18.9-10Jashaun Walker2.87m PR100 Black Wings
19.7-8Jarod Moren2.80m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
20.9-10Telan Gaines2.71m PRPhenom Elite
21.9-10Keyshawn Ashford2.65mPeninsula Youth (Def...
22.Chalmes Brown2.58m1638 Unattached
23.9-10Kevin Wright2.50m SROakland PAL
24.9-10Gustavo Perez2.33mYolo First Strike
25.9-10Miles James2.14mUmoja
26.9-10David Foster2.03mPeninsula Youth (Def...
9-10Elliot OliverDNS3M Track
9-10Deston HawkinsFOULEast Palo Alto Greyh...
-Micah FisherDNSPitman Track Club
10Jeffrey AdikriDNSBerkeley East Bay Tr...

Long Jump  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Darius Carbin5.35m PRUmoja
2.11-12Matthew Runels4.92mMission Valley Track...
3.11-12Dmaurier McKenzie4.77m SRHercules Running Reb...
1.11-12Erik Clemensen4.66mCastro Valley Track
4.11-12Vedavit Shetty4.58m SRMission Valley Track...
5.11-12Erik Clemensen4.58mCastro Valley Track
6.11-12Keith Evans4.56m SRC.A. Track Club
7.11-12Jonathan-Miles Hall4.51m SR3M Track
8.-Aubrey Carter4.43m PREast Bay Panthers
9.11-12Mitchell Bland4.32m SRCentral Valley Roadr...
2.11-12Christopher Hall4.20m PRPanther Track
10.11-12Sebastian Magana-Garcia4.16m PRMonterey Bay Jaguars...
11.-Dj Newell4.13m PRAthenian Athletics
12.11-12Kyron Finn4.13m PRNatomas Youth
3.11-12Peter Normann4.07m SRCastro Valley Track
13.11-12Matthew Roe4.01mPanther Track
14.11-12Braxton Howze3.94mCentral Valley Roadr...
15.11-12Jaylen Bell3.93m SRHilltop Speed
16.11-12Terrin Strickland3.90m SRPhoenix Gliders Trac...
17.11-12Andrew Guardado3.85m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
17.11-12Marcellus Jones3.85m SRPacific Racers Athle...
19.11-12Terrance Moore3.79m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
4.11-12Ian Mellor3.68m PRCastro Valley Track
20.11-12Earnest Jackson3.68mHercules Running Reb...
5.11-12Steven Nielsen3.62mRevolution Express T...
21.11-12Silas Woodward3.59m PRPanther Track
22.11-12Dauson Booker3.45m SRCentral Valley Roadr...
23.11-12Daron Bland3.39mCentral Valley Roadr...
6.Roy Nehoran3.02m1638 Unattached
24.11-12Karl Thompson2.78mHercules Running Reb...
25.Grant Cotter2.74m1638 Unattached
11-12Nigel CenterFOULFast Forward VPAL TC
11-12Akeal LalaindDNSTeam Onalysis
11-12Michael SternDNSTeam Onalysis
11-12Kalen WardDNSStockton Starz
-Damyan RochelleDNSBerkeley East Bay Tr...

Long Jump  Youth - Finals

1.-Nathaniel Moore5.84mMission Valley Track...
2.Dion Shattuck5.79m1638 Unattached
3.13-14Gabriel Richard5.73m PRC.A. Track Club
4.Brandon Gip5.52m1638 Unattached
5.13-14Charles Loudon5.45m PRDiablo Valley Track ...
6.-Isaiah Lemon5.31m PR100 Black Wings
7.9-10James Dudley5.25m PRPacific Racers Athle...
8.-Steven Camcam5.22m PRSalinas Valley
9.-Eric Hawkins5.19m PRCentral Valley Musta...
10.13-14Dwight Alexander5.10m PRTeam Onalysis
1.13-14Dylan Holborn-Welsh5.03m SRTeam Onalysis
2.13-14Isaiah Mobley4.93mHampton Phillips Cla...
3.13-14Louis White4.92m SROakland PAL
11.-Travis Robertson4.74m PRCastro Valley Track
12.-Kadar Hall4.73m PRBerkeley East Bay Tr...
4.11-12Anthony White4.71m SROakland PAL
4.-Robert Smith4.71m PRHampton Phillips Cla...
6.Nicholas Mertens4.70m1638 Unattached
13.13-14Demetrius Carbin4.60mUmoja
13.-Parker Lothamer4.60m PRDiablo Valley Track ...
15.13-14Louis White4.59mOakland PAL
16.-Robert Smith4.54mHampton Phillips Cla...
17.13-14Adrian Jinbo4.53mHercules Running Reb...
17.13-14Darrion Cunningham4.53m SR100 Black Wings
19.11-12Ryan May4.52mThe Heat
7.Barry Nehoran4.46m1638 Unattached
20.13-14Andrew Gai4.40mRevolution Express T...
21.-Calvin Egberaure4.39mMoorpark Striders
8.11-12Quinn Edwards4.34m PROakland PAL
22.-Cristian Bone4.34mAthenian Athletics
23.11-12Thomas Moore4.28mCentral Valley Roadr...
24.13-14Austin Carrington-Scott4.21m PROakland PAL
25.-Sean Carlos Uribe4.20m PRNapa Track
26.13-14Allan Lock4.17m PRUmoja
27.-Jarden Turner4.13m100 Black Wings
28.13-14Steven Cummins4.06m PRRevolution Express T...
9.11-12Carter Mackey3.95m SRCastro Valley Track
29.13-14Dylan Smith3.91m SRSLO Town Track
30.-Christopher Russell3.80m PR100 Black Wings
31.Tyler Wynn3.68m1638 Unattached
32.11-12Michael Temple3.19m SROakland PAL
13-14Marquis MorrisDNSFull Stride

Long Jump  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Kenneth Walker6.66m PRFlying Jaguars
2.15-16Elisha Mitchell6.51m SRBeast Athletic Perfo...
3.15-16Jordan Monteiro-Williams6.46mNatomas Youth
4.-Deon Pinder5.96m PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
5.Eric Sloan5.86m1638 Unattached
6.-Tom Jacobs5.81m PRScreaming Eagles
7.Victor Du5.77m1638 Unattached
8.-Daniel Huang5.71m PRThe Heat
9.15-16Bradley Bejarin5.61m PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
10.Matt Tyler5.59m1638 Unattached
11.Philip Otto5.41m1638 Unattached
12.15-16Douglas Coman5.39m PRYolo First Strike
13.-Kennedy Torre5.29mDiablo Valley Track ...
14.-Tyler Pitto5.10mLodi
1.Dave Nehoran4.96m1638 Unattached
15.Nicholas Schnabel4.95m1638 Unattached
16.13-14Brendan Cardey4.93m SRNapa Track
17.-Tavius Strickland4.84m PRPhoenix Gliders Trac...
2.15-16August Kiles4.58mTeam Onalysis
3.Marc Toney4.53m1638 Unattached
18.-Amandeep Singh4.24m PRMission Valley Track...
-Jeremy ImlachDNSOakland PAL
15-16Christian GarciaFOULMarin Waves Track & ...
-Tatum TuckerDNSMonterey Bay Jaguars...
-Kevin BohnerkempeDNSMission Valley Track...

Long Jump  Young - Finals

1.17-18Jonte Grant7.02m PRCastro Valley Track
2.17-18Trevell Wallace7.01m SRHilltop Speed
3.17-18Evan Grimes7.00m PRFlying Jaguars
4.-Roderick Giles6.95m PRPacific Racers Athle...
5.Jeremy Thompson6.92m1638 Unattached
6.15-16Haran Piggee6.77m PRBonsu Track
7.-Ricco Jones6.67m PRV-Town Track
8.17-18Robert Harlow6.65m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
9.15-16Elijah Mitchell6.58m SRBeast Athletic Perfo...
10.15-16Damora Cooper6.45m PRFlying Jaguars
11.-Ulysses Knapps6.39mCentral Valley Roadr...
12.-Vivaswan Shetty6.35mA1 Track (Audience o...
13.-Will Kaigler6.32m PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
14.17-18John Park6.26m PRRevolution Express T...
15.-Jory Rucker6.23m PRElk Grove PAL
15.-Nick Jackson6.23m PRPitman Track Club
17.Alex Salazar6.15m1638 Unattached
1.17-18Kevin Nielsen6.09mRevolution Express T...
2.17-18Alexander Jungsten6.01mRevolution Express T...
18.-Jack Champion5.99m PRMission Valley Track...
19.15-16Nicholas Lewis5.97m SRFlying Jaguars
19.17-18Kevin Nielsen5.97mRevolution Express T...
21.17-18Adonis Singletary5.94m SRMonterey Bay Jaguars...
21.-Tyler Thomas5.94mCastro Valley Track
23.-Harold Wright5.90m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
24.17-18Khari Dobbins5.72mStockton Saints
25.-Kyle Grace5.57m PRChristian Team Minis...
3.17-18Sulayman Diomande5.54mCastro Valley Track
26.andrew Ho5.46m1638 Unattached
27.17-18Benjamin Davis5.45m SRCastro Valley Track
28.-Mei Guang Chen5.41m PRMission Valley Track...
4.Shawn Toney5.22m1638 Unattached
29.-Dadwin Alvarez5.09m SRClub Respect
30.-Andrew Lewis5.04m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
-Nicolas MarinoDNSCastro Valley Track
-Eric ZollerNDNapa Track

Triple Jump  Youth - Finals

1.-Nathaniel Moore11.99mMission Valley Track...
2.13-14Delshawn Mitchell11.59mUmoja
3.13-14Blajon Lux10.59m SRUmoja
4.13-14Dwight Alexander10.58mTeam Onalysis
5.-Marcus McCollumn9.66mFast Forward VPAL TC
6.-Parker Lothamer9.21m SRDiablo Valley Track ...
7.13-14Daryon Baynard9.06mUmoja
8.-Cristian Bone8.81m PRAthenian Athletics
13-14Dante JohnsonDNSC.A. Track Club
13-14Gabriel RichardDNSC.A. Track Club

Triple Jump  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Deon Pinder12.92m PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
2.15-16Bradley Bejarin12.59m PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
3.Eric Sloan12.56m1638 Unattached
4.15-16Jordan Monteiro-Williams12.49m PRNatomas Youth
5.Victor Du12.17m1638 Unattached
6.Matt Tyler12.16m1638 Unattached
7.15-16Christian Garcia11.10m SRMarin Waves Track & ...
8.-Amandeep Singh10.98m PRMission Valley Track...
9.-Kameron Schumann10.16m PRPitman Track Club

Triple Jump  Young - Finals

1.17-18Keremiah Crockett14.41m PREOYDC
2.17-18Evan Grimes14.32m PRFlying Jaguars
3.17-18Allen Williams14.17m SROakland PAL
4.-Nick Jackson14.10m PRPitman Track Club
5.17-18John Park13.63m PRRevolution Express T...
6.17-18Jonte Grant13.39mCastro Valley Track
7.15-16Elijah Mitchell13.03m PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
8.-Will Kaigler12.98m PRBeast Athletic Perfo...
9.-Harold Wright12.69m PRCentral Valley Roadr...
10.-Ulysses Knapps12.66mCentral Valley Roadr...
11.-Jack Champion12.64m PRMission Valley Track...
11.17-18Benjamin Davis12.64m SRCastro Valley Track
13.-Demetrius Lee12.57m PRMoorpark Striders
14.17-18Robert Harlow12.15m SRSierra Foothill Trac...
15.15-16Kwame Hudson12.03m SRCastro Valley Track
16.Alex Salazar11.70m1638 Unattached
-Tyler ThomasFOULCastro Valley Track
-Wesley OddDNSMoorpark Striders
-Austin WillisDNSBeast Athletic Perfo...

Hammer - 16lb  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Bryan Rosales35.20m SRPitman Track Club
2.15-16Sean Donnelly32.07mPitman Track Club
3.15-16Nathan Swisley30.59m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
4.-Aaron Rollins29.85m PRPitman Track Club
5.-Austin Conway21.00m PRCastro Valley Track
6.-Kevin Stofleth20.36m PRSierra Foothill Trac...
7.-Alec Conway17.71m PRCastro Valley Track

Hammer - 16lb  Young - Finals

1.Bryan Hayashida50.86m1638 Unattached
2.17-18Zachary Post45.31mSierra Foothill Trac...
3.James Kinloch41.83m1638 Unattached
4.17-18Jacob Eckel38.90mCastro Valley Track
5.17-18Eric Mason36.63m PRCastro Valley Track
6.-Nikolas Tomaz30.43m SRCastro Valley Track

Triathlon Score  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Sterling Stokes305 PROakland PAL

Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Erik Clemensen1991 PRCastro Valley Track
2.11-12Peter Normann1432 SRCastro Valley Track
3.11-12Christopher Hall1382 PRPanther Track
4.11-12Steven Nielsen941Revolution Express T...
5.11-12Ian Mellor862 PRCastro Valley Track

Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Dylan Holborn-Welsh2548 PRTeam Onalysis
2.13-14Isaiah Mobley2184 SRHampton Phillips Cla...
3.13-14Louis White1905 PROakland PAL
4.Nicholas Mertens18461638 Unattached
5.11-12Anthony White1845 SROakland PAL
6.-Robert Smith1750 PRHampton Phillips Cla...
7.Barry Nehoran17311638 Unattached
8.11-12Carter Mackey1498 SRCastro Valley Track
9.11-12Quinn Edwards1456 PROakland PAL

Decathlon Score  Intermediate - Finals

1.Marc Toney38601638 Unattached
2.Dave Nehoran33921638 Unattached
3.15-16August Kiles3138 SRTeam Onalysis

Decathlon Score  Young - Finals

1.17-18Kevin Nielsen5818Revolution Express T...
2.17-18Alexander Jungsten5506Revolution Express T...
3.17-18Sulayman Diomande5312 SRCastro Valley Track
4.Shawn Toney45971638 Unattached
5.Peter Roman39951638 Unattached