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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jerold Council11.34a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
2.10Kenny Bowden12.04a PRJames Madison
3.12Ben Stevenson12.14aJames Madison
3.11Edward Chung12.14aJames Madison
5.11Christopher Yun12.24aJames Madison
6.11Steven Savage12.34a PRGeorge C Marshall
6.-Max Eaton12.34a PRJames Madison
8.12Amar Ahmed12.44aThomas Jefferson S&T
8.12Matt Chan12.44a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
8.10Kai Keoho12.44a PRJames Madison
11.-Jonathon Hahn12.64aThomas Jefferson S&T
11.-Ashrit Bagali12.64aThomas Jefferson S&T
13.-Mike Bunting12.74a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
14.10Thomas Mulroney12.84aJames Madison
14.-Isaac Hayes12.84aJames Madison
14.12Jonathan Gracia12.84aGeorge C Marshall
17.-Rob Orleans-Pobee12.94a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
17.10Omeed Maghzian12.94a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
19.-Kyung Lee13.04a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
19.9Alan Barte13.04aThomas Jefferson S&T
21.-Mike Maccannon13.24a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
21.-James Devens13.24a PRJames Madison
21.9Grant Hofmann13.24a PRJames Madison
21.9Will Doran13.24a PRJames Madison
25.11Paul Headrick13.34a PRJames Madison
26.12Kyle Moad13.44a PRJames Madison
27.9Thuc Tran13.54a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
28.10Albert Condes13.64a PRJames Madison
29.9Alex Pham13.74a PRJames Madison
29.-Prakash Bhatt13.74a PRGeorge C Marshall
31.-Richard Wan13.84a SRThomas Jefferson S&T
31.9Justin Leas13.84a PRJames Madison
33.-Kun Liu13.94aThomas Jefferson S&T
33.9Joseph Park13.94a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
35.10Zuhayr Ahmed14.04a PRGeorge C Marshall
36.-Thien Dinh14.14a SRGeorge C Marshall
37.-Jeffrey Fang14.24a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
37.-Max Levowitz14.24a PRJames Madison
39.-Michael Frye14.34a PRJames Madison
39.9Dan Kim14.34a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
41.9Sameer Srivastava14.44a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
41.-David Shepherd14.44a PRGeorge C Marshall
41.-Jawahar Baddula14.44a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
41.-Jingyi Zhou14.44a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
45.-Pierce Eggan14.64a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
45.-Mark Ford14.64a PRGeorge C Marshall
45.-Minh Tran14.64a SRGeorge C Marshall
48.10Stephen Shelesky14.94aJames Madison
49.9Colin Drake15.04aJames Madison
50.-Elias Patrick15.14aJames Madison
50.-Max Wang15.14a PRThomas Jefferson S&T

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Stephen Swartz23.34a PRJames Madison
2.11Robert Dallen24.34a SRJames Madison
3.12David Secor24.74aJames Madison
4.-Jonathon Hahn24.84aThomas Jefferson S&T
5.10Kai Keoho25.04aJames Madison
6.-Kunal Thakur25.54a PRGeorge C Marshall
7.12Jonathan Gracia25.74aGeorge C Marshall
8.10Thomas Mulroney26.04a PRJames Madison
9.12Matt Chan26.24a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
9.-Ian Goldberg26.24a PRJames Madison
11.9Alan Barte26.44a SRThomas Jefferson S&T
12.9Alexander Martin26.94aGeorge C Marshall
13.10Alexander Luu27.14a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
13.10Albert Condes27.14a PRJames Madison
15.-Bryce Summers27.84aThomas Jefferson S&T
16.10Christopher Fertal28.14aJames Madison
16.10Zuhayr Ahmed28.14a PRGeorge C Marshall
18.9Dan Kim28.24a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
18.9Thuc Tran28.24a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
20.12Ben Stevenson28.34aJames Madison
20.9Alex Pham28.34aJames Madison
22.9Joseph Park28.74a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
23.-Timothy Meyer28.84a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
23.-Prakash Bhatt28.84a PRGeorge C Marshall
25.9Sameer Srivastava29.24a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
26.-Jesse Witkowski29.54a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
27.-Elias Patrick29.64a PRJames Madison
28.10Stephen Shelesky30.14a PRJames Madison
29.-Fabian Mungal30.34a PRGeorge C Marshall
30.-David Shepherd30.54a PRGeorge C Marshall
31.-Mark Ford31.14a PRGeorge C Marshall
32.-Max Wang31.24a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
33.-Minh Tran31.34a SRGeorge C Marshall
34.-Akhil Kolluri31.54a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
35.-Usnish Majumdar33.34a PRThomas Jefferson S&T

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12David Secor51.34a PRJames Madison
2.11Saweel Ahmed55.44a SRGeorge C Marshall
3.11KiBum Kim56.74a PRJames Madison
4.12Stephen Swartz57.34aJames Madison
5.12Jonathan Pierre57.64aGeorge C Marshall
6.-Ashrit Bagali58.64aThomas Jefferson S&T
7.10Louis Fernandez58.84a PRGeorge C Marshall
8.9Dan Kim1:00.04a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
9.-Keira Snow-Dawson1:00.54a PRGeorge C Marshall
10.9Alexander Martin1:01.64aGeorge C Marshall
11.-Robert Fontana1:02.94a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
12.-Ken Leaton1:04.24a PRJames Madison
13.-Fabian Mungal1:10.34a PRGeorge C Marshall

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Jacob Zucker2:11.74aThomas Jefferson S&T
2.10Kenny Bowden2:14.04aJames Madison
3.9Daniel Matson2:14.14aThomas Jefferson S&T
4.11Joe Robinson2:18.94a PRJames Madison
5.12Patrick Wall2:23.64a SRJames Madison
6.10Forrest Schmidt2:28.34aJames Madison
7.11Cesar Parodi2:35.44a PRGeorge C Marshall
8.11Ashton Garriott2:40.14a PRGeorge C Marshall
9.10Sean Ryan2:42.64a PRGeorge C Marshall
10.10Avi Sachs2:43.34a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
11.10Jacob Sanders2:44.14a PRGeorge C Marshall
12.9Collin Berman2:44.84a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
13.9Arlan Jaska2:45.64a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
14.9Noah Follin2:47.44aGeorge C Marshall
15.9Nick Zirkle2:49.94a PRGeorge C Marshall
16.12Sean Barrett2:53.94a SRGeorge C Marshall
17.-Zachary Stahl2:54.24a PRGeorge C Marshall
18.9Noah Bardash2:55.74a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
19.11William Phan2:57.84a PRGeorge C Marshall
20.-Ryder Ramlow3:01.64a PRGeorge C Marshall
21.9Samuel Kwong3:06.04a PRGeorge C Marshall
22.-Christop Morrison3:11.64a PRGeorge C Marshall

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tom Inglis4:51.94aJames Madison
2.12Curtis Khol4:57.74aJames Madison
2.11Joseph Galiano4:57.74aJames Madison
4.10Ryan McCabe5:00.24a PRJames Madison
5.9Imran Khan5:08.34a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
6.10Forrest Schmidt5:11.64aJames Madison
7.10Owen Nugent5:14.34a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
8.11Connor Tobin5:14.64a SRJames Madison
9.11Gabriel Ritter5:17.74a SRGeorge C Marshall
10.12Brian Head5:18.84aJames Madison
11.10Sam Girvin5:19.44a SRThomas Jefferson S&T
12.10Stephen Weischedel5:21.24a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
13.9Nick Haliday5:21.84a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
13.11Cameron Holdaway5:21.84a PRJames Madison
15.12Brett Moody5:22.84a PRJames Madison
16.-Nichola Alexander5:23.34a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
17.10Matthew Callahan5:23.44a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
18.9Daniel Anderson5:23.74a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
19.9John Dudenhoeffer5:32.64aJames Madison
20.10James Graham5:33.54a SRThomas Jefferson S&T
21.10William Irwin5:37.34a SRJames Madison
22.9Sebastain Lerner5:42.14a SRThomas Jefferson S&T
23.10Alex Chen5:42.94a SRThomas Jefferson S&T
24.-Kiffa Conroy5:46.94a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
25.9Thomas Hay5:50.44a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
26.11Joshua A Cohen5:51.44a SRJames Madison
27.11Andy Crump5:53.04a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
28.10Sean Ryan5:53.34a SRGeorge C Marshall
29.9Noah Follin5:58.04aGeorge C Marshall
30.-Justin Goyette5:58.24a PRJames Madison
31.-Daniel Edwards6:06.54a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
32.9Mark Land6:13.04a PRJames Madison
33.9Daniel Lerner6:13.14aJames Madison
34.11Ashton Garriott6:16.84a SRGeorge C Marshall
35.12Sean Barrett6:18.74a PRGeorge C Marshall
36.-Ardalan Mosavian6:19.64a PRGeorge C Marshall
37.10Jacob Sanders6:25.74a PRGeorge C Marshall
38.9Marcel Plichta6:26.84aJames Madison
39.9Samuel Kwong6:27.24a PRGeorge C Marshall
40.-Nick Atsaves6:27.84a PRGeorge C Marshall
41.-William Christ6:28.64aJames Madison
42.-Zachary Stahl6:29.24a PRGeorge C Marshall
43.-Ryder Ramlow6:30.74a PRGeorge C Marshall
44.11William Phan6:34.74a PRGeorge C Marshall
45.-Christop Morrison6:53.24a PRGeorge C Marshall
46.-Daniel Soya7:49.24aJames Madison

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jimmy Wu10:04.74aThomas Jefferson S&T
2.11Alexander Norton10:12.44aGeorge C Marshall
3.12Sam Brinton10:19.44aThomas Jefferson S&T
4.-J.B. Reiter10:44.34a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
5.11Joshua A Cohen10:59.14a PRJames Madison
6.12Joseph Gerner11:01.84aGeorge C Marshall
7.10Elliot Simon11:24.64a SRThomas Jefferson S&T
8.11Zach Brunt11:30.04a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
9.11Michael Land11:52.44aJames Madison
10.11James Werking12:06.34a PRGeorge C Marshall
11.11Micheal Benson12:15.74a PRGeorge C Marshall
12.10Nicholas Robinson12:22.44a SRGeorge C Marshall
13.-Mark Ford13:14.44a PRGeorge C Marshall
14.-Ardalan Mosavian16:00.74a PRGeorge C Marshall
15.-Minh Tran16:51.44a PRGeorge C Marshall

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Ed Cai16.74aThomas Jefferson S&T
2.-Isaac Hayes18.44aJames Madison
3.12Mo Yang Lu18.64aThomas Jefferson S&T
4.11Richie Hernandez19.14a SRThomas Jefferson S&T
5.11Jason Chou19.34a SRThomas Jefferson S&T
6.11Paul Headrick19.74aJames Madison
7.9Jason Patrick R Tinio19.84a SRGeorge C Marshall
8.-Eric Lee21.04a SRThomas Jefferson S&T
9.9Andrew Konnath21.24aGeorge C Marshall
10.-Brandon Zapata21.74a PRGeorge C Marshall
11.-Kun Liu21.84a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
12.9Changen Pan23.44a SRThomas Jefferson S&T

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mo Yang Lu46.24aThomas Jefferson S&T
2.10Thus Laddaphan48.64aJames Madison
3.11Richie Hernandez49.54aThomas Jefferson S&T
4.-Ian Goldberg49.74a PRJames Madison
5.9Andrew Konnath50.24aGeorge C Marshall
5.9Jason Patrick R Tinio50.24aGeorge C Marshall
7.12Ben Stevenson50.44a PRJames Madison
8.9Alex Pham55.24a SRJames Madison
9.-Kun Liu55.64a PRThomas Jefferson S&T
10.-Brandon Zapata56.24a PRGeorge C Marshall
11.-Eric Lee56.94a PRThomas Jefferson S&T

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 46.14aJames Madison
2.-Relay Team 46.64aThomas Jefferson S&T

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:36.94aJames Madison
2.-Relay Team 3:44.64aJames Madison
3.-Relay Team 3:53.94aThomas Jefferson S&T
4.-Louis Fernandez
Alexander Martin
Kunal Thakur
Jonathan Gracia
4:07.14aGeorge C Marshall
5.-Andrew Dickson
Jonathan Pierre
Saweel Ahmed
Alexander Norton
4:28.64aGeorge C Marshall
6.-Relay Team 4:39.14aJames Madison

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Saweel Ahmed
Andrew Dickson
Joseph Gerner
Alexander Norton
8:53.74aGeorge C Marshall
2.-Relay Team 8:57.34aJames Madison
3.-Relay Team 9:03.44aThomas Jefferson S&T
4.-Relay Team 9:53.34aJames Madison
5.-Relay Team 10:12.64aJames Madison
6.-Jonathan Pierre
Micheal Benson
James Werking
Gabriel Ritter
10:21.34aGeorge C Marshall

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jesse Evans41-08.50James Madison
2.11Steven Savage41-08.00George C Marshall
3.11Travis Johnson40-03.00James Madison
4.12Lawrence Diao38-05.75Thomas Jefferson S&T
5.9Matt Fecher37-00.00James Madison
6.12John Anderson35-06.50 SRThomas Jefferson S&T
7.11John Tortella34-10.00George C Marshall
8.11Stas Schaller34-09.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
9.11Jared Borda31-11.00George C Marshall
10.-Robert Raymond26-09.50 PRGeorge C Marshall
11.-Brian Donahue25-03.50 PRGeorge C Marshall

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Steven Savage132-05.00George C Marshall
2.11John Tortella119-01.00George C Marshall
3.12Joseph Scholle109-06.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
4.12John Anderson106-01.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
5.9Matt Fecher102-07.00 SRJames Madison
6.11Travis Johnson101-09.00James Madison
7.12Jesse Evans100-09.00James Madison
8.11Stas Schaller97-04.00 PRThomas Jefferson S&T
9.11Jared Borda92-09.00 SRGeorge C Marshall
10.12Lawrence Diao92-08.00 SRThomas Jefferson S&T
11.-Brian Donahue67-07.00 PRGeorge C Marshall
12.-Max Levowitz60-07.00 PRJames Madison
13.-Robert Raymond60-05.00 PRGeorge C Marshall
14.-Omid Anvar54-01.00 PRJames Madison

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Shane Nelson5-02.00James Madison
2.11Jason Chou5-00.00 PRThomas Jefferson S&T

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Mark Orloff9-06.00James Madison
2.-James (Mic Byrne8-09.00 PRThomas Jefferson S&T
3.11Paul Headrick8-06.00James Madison
4.10Christopher Fertal6-06.00James Madison
4.9Mark Land6-06.00James Madison
4.9Justin Leas6-06.00James Madison
4.9Grant Hofmann6-06.00James Madison
---Ian GoldbergNHJames Madison

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Amar Ahmed17-09.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
2.12Jerold Council17-07.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
3.10Thus Laddaphan16-02.00James Madison
4.10Joaquin Alzola15-11.00James Madison
5.10Ed Cai15-02.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
6.-Matthew Campo15-01.00James Madison
6.9Jason Patrick R Tinio15-01.00George C Marshall
8.12Jonathan Pierre13-00.00George C Marshall

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jerold Council38-00.25Thomas Jefferson S&T
2.-Kevin Ngo35-11.00James Madison
3.12Amar Ahmed35-02.00 PRThomas Jefferson S&T
4.12Kyle Goddard34-10.50James Madison
4.10Thus Laddaphan34-10.50James Madison
6.10Joaquin Alzola34-07.00James Madison
7.-Bryce Summers33-02.75Thomas Jefferson S&T
8.9Joseph Park30-01.00 PRThomas Jefferson S&T
8.9Thuc Tran30-01.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
10.-Harry Na29-11.50 PRThomas Jefferson S&T
11.-Robert Fontana29-08.00 PRThomas Jefferson S&T
12.9Dan Kim29-05.50 PRThomas Jefferson S&T
13.-Jesse Witkowski27-00.50 SRThomas Jefferson S&T


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