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60 Meter Dash  Varsity - Finals

2.JrXavier Parnell7.08aGrand Valley State
3.FrEric Parrish7.19aGrand Valley State
4.SrB J Klotz7.20a PRAquinas
5.FrAustin Palmer7.24aAquinas
6.JrJake Sanders7.27aAquinas
7.Brandon Washington7.34aUnattached
8.JrBlake Garvey7.37aAquinas
9.Hayden Brown7.43aUnagv
10.SrBrandon Gilbert7.95aCalumet-St. Joseph

60 Meter Dash  Varsity - Prelims

1.JrXavier Parnell7.06aGrand Valley State
3.FrEric Parrish7.19aGrand Valley State
4.FrAustin Palmer7.21aAquinas
4.SrB J Klotz7.21aAquinas
4.JrJake Sanders7.21aAquinas
7.FrBrian Pike7.26a SRGrand Valley State
8.JrBlake Garvey7.29aAquinas
9.Brandon Washington7.31aUnattached
10.Hayden Brown7.35aUnagv
11.SrBrandon Gilbert7.84aCalumet-St. Joseph

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.Eric Prince23.16aChicago Trac
2.FrEric Parrish23.22aGrand Valley State
3.Brandon Washington23.47aUnattached
4.Jairo Calvo24.03aUnattached
5.SrB J Klotz24.21aAquinas
6.SoBrad Farley25.06aAquinas
7.Patrick Spalding25.44aUnattached

300 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.FrLogan Hoffman35.05a PRGrand Valley State
2.Nathaniel Hammersmith35.20aUnagv
3.FrChris Teitsma35.68a PRGrand Valley State
4.SoMichael Bareman35.75a PRGrand Valley State
5.Steaphon Harris35.78aUnagv
6.SrB J Klotz35.88a PRAquinas
7.Jairo Calvo36.08aUnattached
8.SoJared Meier36.24a PRGrand Valley State
9.JrXavier Parnell36.28a SRGrand Valley State
10.FrNathan Hicks36.33a PRAquinas
11.Rodney Washington37.08aUnagv
12.Hayden Brown37.40aUnagv
13.Ryan Govan37.60aUnagv
14.SrCaleb Uecker-Herman37.63a PRAquinas
15.JrMarcus Vallar37.75a PRGrand Valley State
16.FrBrian Pike37.96a SRGrand Valley State
17.SrWesley Raynal37.97a PRAquinas
18.FrJoe Slomski38.56a SRAquinas
19.SoJacob Alexander39.14a PRGrand Valley State
20.SoDaniel Medina39.49a PRCalumet-St. Joseph
21.FrAlex Sexton41.13a PRDetroit Mercy

600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrDustin Heiler1:21.62a PRAquinas
2.FrMohamed Mohamed1:21.80a PRGrand Valley State
3.SrEric Lowe1:21.86a PRGrand Valley State
4.JrNick Thelen1:22.44a PRAquinas
5.FrCharles Irmen1:23.38a SRAquinas
6.FrCorey Stamps1:24.47a SRGrand Valley State
7.SrKolin Stickney1:24.77a SRAquinas
8.Charlie Anel1:26.24aUnagv
9.FrStephen Huizing1:27.26aAquinas
10.FrGrant Gunneson1:27.64a SRAquinas
11.Tom Olson1:29.30aUnattached
12.Andrew Vojtko1:30.58aUnattached
13.SoKillian Smith1:30.97aAquinas
14.FrZach Potgeter1:31.95aAquinas

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.Tony Filipek1:53.39aUnattached
2.Jake Crowe1:58.16aPlaymakers R

1000 Meters  Indoor Pentathlon - Finals

1.Nathan Saliga2:51.61aUnattached
2.FrSteve Reives2:59.34aGrand Valley State
3.FrBret Myers3:01.19aGrand Valley State
4.FrSteven Ferguson3:25.52a PRGrand Valley State
5.SoJohn Iott3:31.18a PRGrand Valley State
6.SrQuinton Dennis3:57.72a SRGrand Valley State
7.JrTravis Fisher4:39.57a SRGrand Valley State

1 Mile  Varsity - Finals

1.Jake Crowe4:17.97aPlaymakers R
2.SrAlexander Harris4:30.03a SRDetroit Mercy
3.Doug Ogden4:51.39aTortise & Ha
4.SrBrian Bowman4:52.81a SRCalumet-St. Joseph
5.SrScott Cartwright5:25.50aMichigan Tech

3000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.Addis Habtewold8:50.30aPlaymakers R
2.JrDevin Lea8:55.78a SRAquinas
3.SoKevin Mahar9:10.93aAquinas
4.FrBrendan Molony9:11.81a SRAquinas
5.SrRyan Ayala9:12.61aDetroit Mercy
6.SoJames Jones9:15.24a PRAquinas
7.FrDan Foley9:17.41aAquinas
8.JrEddie Seymour9:21.33a SRAquinas
9.FrStephen Glinski9:22.11a PRAquinas
10.JrMike Gravelyn9:38.16aAquinas
11.FrGeoff Albaugh9:54.71aAquinas
12.Nick Prentice10:01.48aUnattached
13.SrBrian Bowman10:14.17a PRCalumet-St. Joseph

60m Hurdles - 42"  Varsity - Finals

1.SrCaleb Uecker-Herman9.13a SRAquinas
2.FrAlex Sexton9.23aDetroit Mercy
3.SoBrad Farley9.28aAquinas

60m Hurdles - 42"  Indoor Pentathlon - Finals

1.FrSteven Ferguson8.97a PRGrand Valley State
2.FrSteve Reives9.04aGrand Valley State
3.SoJohn Iott9.18a PRGrand Valley State
4.SrQuinton Dennis9.33a PRGrand Valley State
5.FrBret Myers9.43aGrand Valley State
6.Nathan Saliga9.75aUnattached
7.JrTravis Fisher10.77a SRGrand Valley State

60m Hurdles - 42"  Varsity - Prelims

1.FrAlex Sexton9.17aDetroit Mercy
2.SrCaleb Uecker-Herman9.33aAquinas
3.SoBrad Farley9.37aAquinas
--SoJacob AlexanderDNFGrand Valley State

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:21.18aGrand Valley State
2.Relay Team3:30.75aUnattached GV
---Relay Team DNFGrand Valley State

Shot Put - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.JrMatt Armstrong59-02.75Grand Valley State
2.JrKyle Eno51-10.50Grand Valley State
3.JrJustin Marquardt42-08.25Aquinas
4.FrJorge Barba29-05.25 PRCalumet-St. Joseph

Shot Put - 16lb  Indoor Pentathlon - Finals

1.FrSteve Reives34-03.00Grand Valley State
2.FrBret Myers30-08.25Grand Valley State
3.Nathan Saliga29-08.25Unattached
4.SrQuinton Dennis29-02.00 SRGrand Valley State
5.JrTravis Fisher28-00.75 PRGrand Valley State
6.SoJohn Iott27-08.00 PRGrand Valley State
7.FrSteven Ferguson24-08.25 PRGrand Valley State

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SoRyan Helminiak6-04.75Aquinas
2.SoGarrett Swain5-10.75Aquinas

High Jump  Indoor Pentathlon - Finals

1.FrSteve Reives6-01.25 SRGrand Valley State
2.SoJohn Iott6-00.00Grand Valley State
3.FrBret Myers5-07.25Grand Valley State
4.Nathan Saliga5-06.00Unattached
5.SrQuinton Dennis5-05.00 SRGrand Valley State
6.FrSteven Ferguson5-00.25 PRGrand Valley State
--JrTravis FisherNHGrand Valley State

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

2.FrZak Adkins-Korson12-00.00Aquinas

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.FrAaron Dewberry23-06.25 PRGrand Valley State
3.FrZach Schofield21-11.00 PRAquinas
4.SoGarrett Swain20-08.00Aquinas

Long Jump  Indoor Pentathlon - Finals

1.FrSteve Reives21-03.50 SRGrand Valley State
2.SrQuinton Dennis20-09.25 PRGrand Valley State
3.FrSteven Ferguson19-08.25 PRGrand Valley State
4.SoJohn Iott19-00.75 PRGrand Valley State
5.FrBret Myers18-09.75Grand Valley State
6.Nathan Saliga18-06.00Unattached
7.JrTravis Fisher17-08.25 SRGrand Valley State

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SoRyan Helminiak38-02.00Aquinas

Weight Throw - 35lb  Varsity - Finals

1.FrNathan Dekam51-11.25Grand Valley State
2.JrMatt Armstrong49-01.00 PRGrand Valley State
3.JrKyle Eno48-04.50 PRGrand Valley State
4.JrJustin Marquardt38-08.75 SRAquinas

Pentathlon Score (Indoor)  Varsity - Finals

1.FrSteve Reives3294 PRGrand Valley State
2.FrBret Myers2835 PRGrand Valley State
3.Nathan Saliga2805Unattached
4.SoJohn Iott2689 PRGrand Valley State
5.FrSteven Ferguson2524 PRGrand Valley State
6.SrQuinton Dennis2469 PRGrand Valley State
7.JrTravis Fisher1298 PRGrand Valley State


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