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60 Meter Dash  Varsity - Finals

1.SoThomas Theil7.16aIdaho State
2.-DJ Henry7.19a PRIdaho State
2.SoAndy Lish7.19aIdaho State
4.SoRyan Duren7.20aIdaho State
5.SoGarrett Wood7.30a PRIdaho State
6.FrConner Pate7.46a PRIdaho State
7.JrHarley Goedhart7.53a SRIdaho State
8.FrDerek Puckett7.58a SRIdaho State
9.FrJacob Dudley7.63a PRIdaho State
10.FrJason Davis7.72a SRIdaho State
11.SoClint Gossack7.75a SRIdaho State
12.JrSam Winston7.76a PRIdaho State
13.-Billy Phillips7.81a PRIdaho State
14.SoMatt O'Farrell8.24a PRIdaho State
15.SoSam Corbet8.29a PRIdaho State
16.SoMike O'Farrell8.73a PRIdaho State
17.-Derek Shoecraft8.82a PRIdaho State
18.SoAddison Gisaffi8.87a PRIdaho State
19.SrJD Riener9.20a SRIdaho State
--JrRoderick RumpleDNSIdaho State

300 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.FrDerek Puckett35.99a PRIdaho State
2.SoAndy Lish37.55a SRIdaho State
3.JrSam Winston38.82a SRIdaho State
---DJ HenryDNSIdaho State
--SoThomas TheilDNSIdaho State

1000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrEric Strand2:30.10a PRIdaho State
2.JrChaz Anestos2:35.85a SRIdaho State
1.SoChloe Palakovich2:56.21a PRIdaho State
3.FrJacob Dudley3:00.73aIdaho State

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrAaron Wolfe4:11.31a SRIdaho State
2.SrKeane Shuler4:17.87a SRIdaho State
3.-Eddie Escabido4:45.42a PRIdaho State

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.-Brandon Teeter9:23.44a PRIdaho State
2.SrRyan Davis9:23.71a PRIdaho State
3.SoBryce Jenkins9:39.80a SRIdaho State
4.-Matt Tyrrell9:43.13a PRIdaho State
5.-Landon Teeter9:45.69a PRIdaho State
6.SrZach Barrett9:57.37a SRIdaho State
7.-Eddie Escabido11:25.42a PRIdaho State
--JrTaylor HansenDNSIdaho State

60m Hurdles - 42"  Varsity - Finals

1.SrSam Pierson8.46aIdaho State
2.SrBrad Silvester8.64a SRIdaho State
3.SoGarrett Wood9.20a SRIdaho State
4.FrDerek Puckett9.24a SRIdaho State
5.FrJason Davis9.47a SRIdaho State
6.SoJustin Critser9.56aIdaho State
7.SrTrevor White9.87aIdaho State
8.FrJacob Dudley10.10aIdaho State
--SrBrandon GraefDNSIdaho State
--JrHarley GoedhartDNSIdaho State

Shot Put - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jed Zion54-02.50 PRIdaho State
2.SoMatt O'Farrell46-10.00 PRIdaho State
3.SrJD Riener46-04.25 SRIdaho State
4.SoMike O'Farrell45-09.00Idaho State
5.SoSam Corbet43-05.25Idaho State
6.-Derek Shoecraft42-03.25 PRIdaho State
7.JrCody Jenkins41-09.75Idaho State
8.-Billy Phillips38-00.25 PRIdaho State
9.SrTrevor White35-05.00Idaho State
10.SoAddison Gisaffi34-06.75 PRIdaho State
--SrBrandon GraefDNSIdaho State
---Zach PorterDNSIdaho State

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SoJustin Critser6-10.75 PRIdaho State
2.SrTysun Gunter6-08.75 PRIdaho State
3.JrHarley Goedhart6-02.75Idaho State
4.SrTrevor White5-07.00Idaho State
5.FrJason Davis5-03.00 SRIdaho State
6.FrDerek Puckett5-03.00 SRIdaho State
--JrRoderick RumpleDNSIdaho State

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.SrSam Pierson16-00.00Idaho State
2.SoClint Gossack15-00.00Idaho State
3.SoThomas Theil14-06.00Idaho State
6.JrHarley Goedhart14-00.00Idaho State
7.FrConner Pate13-06.00Idaho State
7.-Nicholas Reedy13-06.00 PRIdaho State
7.-Eli Townsend13-06.00 PRIdaho State
10.SoGarrett Wood12-06.00Idaho State
11.SoJustin Critser12-00.00Idaho State
12.-Billy Phillips11-00.00 PRIdaho State

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SrTysun Gunter21-02.00Idaho State
2.SrSam Pierson20-11.25Idaho State
3.JrRoderick Rumple19-02.50 PRIdaho State
4.SrTrevor White18-05.00Idaho State
5.FrDerek Puckett17-01.25Idaho State
6.FrJacob Dudley17-00.00 SRIdaho State
--FrJason DavisDNSIdaho State

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.JrHarley Goedhart43-01.75 PRIdaho State
2.SoGarrett Wood42-08.00 PRIdaho State
3.SoJustin Critser39-03.75 PRIdaho State
--SrTrevor WhiteDNSIdaho State

Weight Throw - 35lb  Varsity - Finals

1.JrCody Jenkins49-11.00Idaho State
2.SoSam Corbet48-11.75 SRIdaho State
3.SoMatt O'Farrell48-11.00Idaho State
4.SoMike O'Farrell48-07.25Idaho State
5.-Jed Zion45-02.50 PRIdaho State
6.SrJD Riener44-06.25Idaho State
7.-Derek Shoecraft40-06.25 PRIdaho State
8.SoAddison Gisaffi33-10.00 PRIdaho State
---Zach PorterDNSIdaho State


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