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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Royce Turnbull11.3hCharlotte Country Day
2.11States Lee11.4hCharlotte Country Day
3.12Matthiase Farley11.6hCharlotte Christian
4.12Simms McElfresh11.6hCharlotte Christian
5.12Adam Kridler11.8hCharlotte Country Day
6.12Riley Davis12.1hCharlotte Christian
7.11William Roberts12.2hCharlotte Country Day
8.11Jeffrey Roberts12.4hCharlotte Country Day
9.9Luke Dexter12.6hCharlotte Christian
10.11Des Lawrence12.9hCharlotte Christian
11.10Tim Madden12.9hCharlotte Country Day
12.9Thomas Tyson13.0h PRWoodlawn
13.9Will Bouhuys13.2hCharlotte Country Day
14.9Jordan Taylor13.4hCharlotte Country Day
14.9Andy White13.4hCharlotte Country Day
16.9Drew Emerine14.1hCharlotte Christian
17.9Michael Kaczmarczyk14.6hWoodlawn
--10Myles MartinoDNFCannon
--11Zack TysingerDNFCannon

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Royce Turnbull22.9hCharlotte Country Day
2.11States Lee23.1hCharlotte Country Day
3.11Sidney Ward24.5hCharlotte Christian
4.10Alex Johnson25.4hCharlotte Christian
5.11William Roberts25.6hCharlotte Country Day
6.11Des Lawrence25.8hCharlotte Christian
7.10Alexander Simpson26.0hCharlotte Country Day
8.11Court Haworth26.0hCharlotte Country Day
9.9Jordan Taylor26.2h PRCharlotte Country Day
10.9Luke Dexter26.2hCharlotte Christian
11.11Jeffrey Roberts26.4hCharlotte Country Day
12.9Andy White27.0hCharlotte Country Day
13.9Will Bouhuys27.6hCharlotte Country Day
14.9Zachary Felts27.7hWoodlawn
15.10Zachary Tuttle27.9hCharlotte Christian
16.9Drew Emerine28.6hCharlotte Christian
17.9Baxley Pierce29.2h PRCharlotte Country Day
18.9Michael Kaczmarczyk31.7hWoodlawn

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Lee Bobo53.9hLake Norman Charter
2.10Justin Robinson54.6hCharlotte Country Day
3.12Collin Kepley55.2hLake Norman Charter
4.11Erik Venderbush55.3hLake Norman Charter
5.12Sawyer Bowman55.8h PRWoodlawn
6.9Draper Brown56.2hLake Norman Charter
7.11Court Haworth59.4hCharlotte Country Day
8.10Andrew Manley1:02.8hCannon
9.9Pete Showalter1:03.1h PRCharlotte Country Day
10.9Jackson Goode1:03.7hCharlotte Country Day
11.10Zachary Tuttle1:05.2hCharlotte Christian
12.10Tim Madden1:06.4h PRCharlotte Country Day
13.9Baxley Pierce1:08.5hCharlotte Country Day
--11Sidney WardNTCharlotte Christian
--12Chris ClarkNTCharlotte Christian
--11Mark IgbinadolorNTCharlotte Christian
--10Alexander SimpsonNTCharlotte Country Day
--11Nick BermanNTCharlotte Country Day
--12Cyrus BahramNTCharlotte Country Day

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Chris Hack2:05.7hLake Norman Charter
2.9David Hager2:09.4h SRWoodlawn
3.12Andrew Powell2:10.9hCannon
4.11Rob Saunders2:11.9hCharlotte Country Day
5.12Alex Rennie2:17.2hCannon
6.9Keaton Cooper2:19.8hLake Norman Charter
7.11Justin Austenfeld2:25.2hLake Norman Charter
8.10Nicholas Rhyne2:27.1hCharlotte Country Day
9.10Michael Good2:27.9hCharlotte Christian
10.9Sean Kenney2:29.1hLake Norman Charter
11.10Kyle Lubinsky2:32.2hCharlotte Christian
12.11Charles Sterner2:33.2hCannon
13.9Alex Kellog2:34.1hCharlotte Christian
14.9Sean Lindsey2:36.1hCharlotte Christian
15.11Alex Lee2:37.1hLake Norman Charter
16.10Zack Scott2:41.3h SRWoodlawn
17.9Connor Haines2:46.4hCharlotte Christian
18.10Chase Howard2:51.5hCharlotte Christian
19.9Hunter Ubersox2:56.4hCharlotte Country Day
20.9Tanner McColl2:58.9hCharlotte Country Day

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tim Gruber4:38.4hCannon
2.11Rob Saunders4:51.5hCharlotte Country Day
3.9David Hager4:54.1hWoodlawn
4.12Erik Foran5:01.1hLake Norman Charter
5.11John Good5:03.0hCharlotte Christian
6.11Conor Jones5:03.8hCharlotte Country Day
7.12Madison Heaton5:10.8hLake Norman Charter
8.9Sean Kenney5:21.4hLake Norman Charter
9.9Stephen Hack5:22.2hLake Norman Charter
10.10Nicholas Rhyne5:28.3hCharlotte Country Day
11.10Matt Osborn5:29.2hLake Norman Charter
12.9Hines Liles5:30.5hCannon
13.10Kyle Lubinsky5:30.7hCharlotte Christian
14.9Zachary Felts5:35.1h SRWoodlawn
15.10Joe Troutman5:36.2hCharlotte Country Day
16.11Justin Austenfeld5:37.2hLake Norman Charter
17.10Michael Good5:41.3hCharlotte Christian
18.10Zack Scott5:43.8h SRWoodlawn
19.10Griffin Wilson5:47.8hCharlotte Christian
20.9Sean Lindsey5:56.0hCharlotte Christian
21.9Alex Kellog6:05.3hCharlotte Christian
22.9Connor Haines6:06.6hCharlotte Christian
23.9Thomas Lynch6:16.2hCharlotte Country Day
24.10Chase Howard6:17.8hCharlotte Christian
25.9Hunter Ubersox6:20.2hCharlotte Country Day
26.9Tanner McColl6:24.2hCharlotte Country Day

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jordan Phillips10:16.6hLake Norman Charter
2.12Sawyer Bowman10:41.5h PRWoodlawn
3.11Michael Westbay10:44.1hLake Norman Charter
4.11Bryant Hooker10:53.3hLake Norman Charter
5.12Erik Foran11:14.6hLake Norman Charter
6.12Madison Heaton11:23.0h PRLake Norman Charter
7.9Stephen Hack12:02.7hLake Norman Charter
8.9Hines Liles12:04.6hCannon
9.10TJ Lankford12:12.0hLake Norman Charter
10.10Matt Osborn12:33.6hLake Norman Charter
11.10Griffin Wilson12:39.1hCharlotte Christian

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Cyrus Bahram17.3hCharlotte Country Day
2.12Garrett Huneycutt17.6hCharlotte Christian
3.10Alex Johnson20.0hCharlotte Christian
4.11Nick Berman20.3hCharlotte Country Day
5.10Alexander Simpson20.7hCharlotte Country Day

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Cyrus Bahram42.1hCharlotte Country Day
2.12Garrett Huneycutt44.2hCharlotte Christian
3.10Alex Johnson46.7hCharlotte Christian
4.11Nick Berman47.1hCharlotte Country Day
5.10Alexander Simpson51.0hCharlotte Country Day
6.12Cameron Cook52.0hCannon
7.9Mark Saleh56.7hCharlotte Christian

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Cyrus Bahram
States Lee
Adam Kridler
Royce Turnbull
44.2hCharlotte Country Day
2.-Matthiase Farley
Simms McElfresh
Garrett Huneycutt
Riley Davis
47.3hCharlotte Christian
3.-Samuel Dexter
Luke Dexter
Alex Johnson
Kyler Brown
49.0hCharlotte Christian
4.-Tim Madden
Jeffrey Roberts
William Roberts
Will Bouhuys
49.2hCharlotte Country Day

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Matthiase Farley
Sidney Ward
Simms McElfresh
Chris Clark
1:33.6hCharlotte Christian
2.-William Roberts
Jeffrey Roberts
Justin Robinson
Pete Showalter
1:41.1hCharlotte Country Day

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Lee Bobo
Draper Brown
Erik Venderbush
Chris Hack
3:39.7hLake Norman Charter
2.-Adam Kridler
Justin Robinson
Stephen Deal
States Lee
3:42.6hCharlotte Country Day
3.-Chris Clark
John Good
Mark Igbinadolor
Sidney Ward
3:48.8hCharlotte Christian
4.-Alex Rennie
Cameron Cook
Tim Gruber
Andrew Powell
5.-Collin Kepley
Keaton Cooper
Alex Lee
TJ Lankford
4:05.1hLake Norman Charter

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jordan Phillips
Michael Westbay
Bryant Hooker
Chris Hack
8:57.5hLake Norman Charter
2.-Alex Rennie
Cameron Cook
Tim Gruber
Andrew Powell
3.-James Finch
Michael Good
John Good
Kyle Lubinsky
9:39.0hCharlotte Christian
4.-Justin Robinson
Court Haworth
Jackson Goode
Pete Showalter
10:00.1hCharlotte Country Day

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Ward Showalter39-10.00Charlotte Country Day
2.11Alex Payne37-09.00Charlotte Christian
3.12Martin Comer37-08.50Charlotte Country Day
4.11Kevin Ross36-06.00Cannon
5.12Wesley Scott36-03.00Cannon
6.12Kyler Brown36-00.50Charlotte Christian
7.9Connor Burnam34-06.00 PRCharlotte Christian
8.11Wil Safrit34-02.50Cannon
9.9Dalton Waite33-02.00Charlotte Country Day
10.12Brent Thompson31-01.00Charlotte Country Day
11.10Michael Pope30-02.50Cannon
12.10Daniel Rhodes30-00.00Cannon
13.11Chris Pope29-01.00 SRCannon
14.12Buddy Forrest28-03.00Cannon
15.11Austin Kueffner23-10.00Cannon
16.11Jake Andrews23-01.00Cannon
--11Patton HutchensDNFCharlotte Country Day
--12John AhlertDNFCharlotte Christian
--11Marcel SouffrantDNFCharlotte Country Day

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Ward Showalter108-05Charlotte Country Day
2.11Kevin Ross108-03Cannon
3.12Martin Comer104-02Charlotte Country Day
4.12Kyler Brown102-03Charlotte Christian
5.9Connor Burnam99-06Charlotte Christian
6.11Wil Safrit92-03 SRCannon
7.10Daniel Rhodes87-10 PRCannon
8.10Michael Pope79-07Cannon
9.11Chris Pope78-05Cannon
10.12Buddy Forrest77-06Cannon
11.9Dalton Waite77-00Charlotte Country Day
12.12Brent Thompson74-04Charlotte Country Day
13.11Alex Payne71-06Charlotte Christian
14.11Jake Andrews53-09Cannon
15.11Austin Kueffner44-00 PRCannon

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Stephen Deal5-04.00 SRCharlotte Country Day
2.12Kyler Brown5-02.00 PRCharlotte Christian
--10Andrew ManleyNHCannon
--11Charles SternerNHCannon

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Royce Turnbull19-01.75Charlotte Country Day
2.12Stephen Deal18-04.00Charlotte Country Day
3.11Mark Igbinadolor17-01.50 SRCharlotte Christian
4.12Garrett Huneycutt16-11.00 PRCharlotte Christian
5.9Connor Burnam16-07.50 PRCharlotte Christian
6.11Des Lawrence15-11.00Charlotte Christian
7.9Jackson Goode14-05.00 SRCharlotte Country Day

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Mark Igbinadolor36-10.00Charlotte Christian
2.12Riley Davis34-00.00Charlotte Christian
3.9Connor Burnam31-08.50Charlotte Christian
4.9Mark Saleh27-05.00Charlotte Christian


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