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50 Meter Dash  7-8 - Finals

13-14Christerpher Self9.68hBig River Track
7-8Brody Sowards10.72hBig River Track

50 Meter Dash  5-6 - Finals

9-10Emmanuel Mendoza10h PRStanfield Elementary...
-Cameron Reich11.18hTigerscot Youth
-Keagen Stiffler12.00h SRTigerscot Youth
-Caiden Dennis15.76hTigerscot Youth
-Dylan Monaco16.00hTigerscot Youth

100 Meters  11-12 - Finals

13-14Marco Madrigal15.0h PRBig River Track
13-14Alexis Mercado15.02hBig River Track
13-14Anthony Lemus15.40hBig River Track
13-14Isaac Estrada15.38hBig River Track
13-14Carson Robinson16.50hBig River Track
7-8Kolten Marble16.94hStanfield Elementary...
13-14Justin Iveson17.31hBig River Track
7-8Wyatt Moss17.78hStanfield Elementary...
9-10Anthony Mendoza18.43hStanfield Elementary...
13-14Keegan Krogh20.35hBig River Track

100 Meters  9-10 - Finals

13-14Trent Durfey16.0hBig River Track
4Parker Munck15.93hTigerscot Youth
9-10Ti Abney16.12hStanfield Elementary...
7-8Mario Sanchez16.22h PRStanfield Elementary...
13-14Anthony Ibarra17.0hBig River Track
4Khai Robertson17.04hTigerscot Youth
9-10Cody Griffin17.28hStanfield Elementary...
7-8Ryan Coffelt17.5h SRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Justin Waybright18.28h PRStanfield Elementary...
9-10Julio Bernal18.69h SRBig River Track
9-10Jordan Waybright19h PRStanfield Elementary...
4Blair Rudolph19.37h SRTigerscot Youth
4Cade Bryan20.00hTigerscot Youth
13-14Riley Jorgenson20.66hBig River Track
4Billy Muilenburg22.12hTigerscot Youth
13-14Trevor Linnell26.22h PRBig River Track

100 Meters  7-8 - Finals

13-14Christerpher Self19.09h PRBig River Track
7-8Anthony Keeney19.25h PRStanfield Elementary...
3Wyatt Wahl20.00h SRTigerscot Youth
7-8Keagan Brown20.03hStanfield Elementary...
7-8Jaiden Ruloph20.38hStanfield Elementary...
9-10Dylan Ditchen21h PRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Brody Sowards21.18hBig River Track
7-8Nathan Valencia24.63hStanfield Elementary...
13-14Dysen Wilson26.9h PRBig River Track

100 Meters  5-6 - Finals

-Keagen Stiffler26.59hTigerscot Youth

200 Meters  11-12 - Finals

13-14Marco Madrigal32.54h PRBig River Track
13-14Alexis Mercado34.81h PRBig River Track
6Wyatt Mays45.5h PRTigerscot Youth

200 Meters  9-10 - Finals

13-14Anthony Ibarra31.59h PRBig River Track
-Andrew Gambill38.16h PRTigerscot Youth
13-14Roberto Lugo53.19hBig River Track

200 Meters  7-8 - Finals

13-14Christerpher Self43.63h PRBig River Track
7-8Keagan Brown43.91hStanfield Elementary...
7-8Brody Sowards44.8h SRBig River Track
13-14Anthony Campos45.12hBig River Track
7-8Cade Irby50.4h PRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Nathan Valencia58.53h PRStanfield Elementary...

200 Meters - Straight  9-10 - Finals

7-8Ryan Coffelt1'31.22h PRStanfield Elementary...

400 Meters  11-12 - Finals

13-14Marco Madrigal1:19hBig River Track
7-8Kolten Marble1'22h PRStanfield Elementary...
13-14Noah Lawson1:24.65h PRBig River Track
13-14Isaac Estrada1"26h PRBig River Track
13-14Kevin Nino1:37.38hBig River Track
6Wyatt Mays1:44h PRTigerscot Youth
13-14Colby Krogh1:47.03h PRBig River Track

400 Meters  9-10 - Finals

13-14Trevor Linnell1:11.31h PRBig River Track
4Logan Wahl1:23h SRTigerscot Youth
7-8Mario Sanchez1'24.1h PRStanfield Elementary...
13-14Trent Durfey1:25h SRBig River Track
4Parker Munck1:25h PRTigerscot Youth

400 Meters  7-8 - Finals

7-8Anthony Keeney1'37.5h PRStanfield Elementary...
3Wyatt Wahl1:43h SRTigerscot Youth
7-8Griffin Cappello1:46.69h SRBig River Track
13-14Dominick Nino1:47.37h PRBig River Track
3Bryce Fairchild2:05h SRTigerscot Youth

800 Meters  11-12 - Finals

13-14Kevin Nino3:33.0hBig River Track

800 Meters  9-10 - Finals

4Logan Wahl3:11hTigerscot Youth
7-8Hugo Hernandez3:24h PRStanfield Elementary...
13-14Aden Capello3:34.85h PRBig River Track
7-8Mario Sanchez3:37h PRStanfield Elementary...

800 Meters  7-8 - Finals

13-14Roberto Lugo3:35.1h PRBig River Track

1500 Meters  11-12 - Finals

11-12Alex Ibarra5:44h PRBig River Track
9-10Aaron Wipplinger6:13h PRStanfield Elementary...
13-14Kevin Nino6:45hBig River Track
9-10Jordan Waybright7:22h PRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Kolten Marble8:04hStanfield Elementary...

1500 Meters  9-10 - Finals

4Logan Wahl6:03hTigerscot Youth
4Blair Rudolph6:53hTigerscot Youth
7-8Justin Waybright7:17hStanfield Elementary...

1500 Meters  7-8 - Finals

-Theodore White7:18h SRTigerscot Youth
13-14Dominick Nino7:37hBig River Track
3Bryce Fairchild8:19hTigerscot Youth

4x100 Relay  9-10 - Finals

-Andrew Gambill
Parker Munck
Logan Wahl
Khai Robertson
1:10hTigerscot Youth
-Ti Abney
Jordan Waybright
Justin Waybright
Kolten Marble
1'13hStanfield Elementary...

4x100 Relay  7-8 - Finals

-Bryce Fairchild
Theodore White
Wyatt Wahl
Blair Rudolph
1:23hTigerscot Youth

4x100 Relay  5-6 - Finals

-Caiden Dennis
Dylan Monaco
Keegan Stiffler
Cameron Reich
1:55hTigerscot Youth

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 - Finals

13-14Alexis Mercado23'10"Big River Track
13-14Carson Robinson23'3.5" PRBig River Track
13-14Colby Krogh23'.5" PRBig River Track
13-14Noah Lawson23'.5"Big River Track
9-10Anthony Mendoza20Stanfield Elementary...
13-14Kevin Nino20Big River Track
13-14Keegan Krogh19'7"Big River Track
11-12Alex Ibarra17'7"Big River Track

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 - Finals

13-14Anthony Ibarra16'Big River Track
-Andrew Gambill12'9 PRTigerscot Youth
13-14Trevor Linnell11'6" PRBig River Track

Shot Put - 6lb  7-8 - Finals

9-10Dylan Ditchen12'5 PRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Griffin Cappello11'3" PRBig River Track
13-14Dominick Nino11'1"Big River Track
7-8Nathan Valencia10'6Stanfield Elementary...
13-14Dysen Wilson10'2"Big River Track
3Bryce Fairchild10'0 SRTigerscot Youth

Shot Put - 6lb  5-6 - Finals

7-8Jose Pena11'5 PRStanfield Elementary...
-Keagen Stiffler8'3Tigerscot Youth
-Caiden Dennis7'3Tigerscot Youth
-Dylan Monaco6'11 PRTigerscot Youth
-Cameron Reich5'9 SRTigerscot Youth

Javelin - 300g TJ  11-12 - Finals

13-14Colby Krogh72'Big River Track
13-14Kevin Nino68'10" PRBig River Track
13-14Keegan Krogh49'2"Big River Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  9-10 - Finals

13-14Aden Capello64'7" PRBig River Track
13-14Trent Durfey61'9"Big River Track
13-14Anthony Ibarra58'7"Big River Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  7-8 - Finals

7-8Keagan Brown51'1 SRStanfield Elementary...
13-14Roberto Lugo39'10"Big River Track
13-14Christerpher Self39'7"Big River Track
13-14Matthew Barrows35 PRBig River Track
7-8Anthony Keeney33'2Stanfield Elementary...
7-8Nathan Valencia32'3 SRStanfield Elementary...
13-14Anthony Campos31'4"Big River Track
7-8Brody Sowards27'2"Big River Track
9-10Dylan Ditchen26'1 PRStanfield Elementary...
13-14Dysen Wilson25'1" PRBig River Track

Javelin - 300g TJ  5-6 - Finals

9-10Anthony Mendoza42'6Stanfield Elementary...

Javelin - 300g  11-12 - Finals

-Chance Wells61'4 PRTigerscot Youth
9-10Anthony Mendoza43'10 PRStanfield Elementary...

Javelin - 300g  9-10 - Finals

4Parker Munck67'3 PRTigerscot Youth
-Andrew Gambill58'5 PRTigerscot Youth
9-10Ti Abney51'3 SRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Ryan Coffelt47'2 PRStanfield Elementary...
9-10Cody Griffin43'2 PRStanfield Elementary...
4Khai Robertson41'3 PRTigerscot Youth
7-8Mario Sanchez39'11 PRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Hugo Gomez36'6 SRStanfield Elementary...
4Cade Bryan35'9 PRTigerscot Youth
4Billy Muilenburg23'3 PRTigerscot Youth

Javelin - 300g  7-8 - Finals

-Theodore White46'9 PRTigerscot Youth
7-8Keagan Brown45'7.5 PRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Anthony Keeney42'6 PRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Natividad Sanchez36'4 PRStanfield Elementary...
3Wyatt Wahl27'9 PRTigerscot Youth
7-8Grayson Henning25'11 PRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Cade Irby25'4 SRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Jaiden Ruloph24'5 PRStanfield Elementary...
9-10Dylan Ditchen20 PRStanfield Elementary...
3Bryce Fairchild10'4 PRTigerscot Youth

Javelin - 300g  5-6 - Finals

-Cameron Reich25'11 PRTigerscot Youth
-Caiden Dennis18'4 PRTigerscot Youth
-Dylan Monaco14'5 PRTigerscot Youth

Long Jump  11-12 - Finals

13-14Alexis Mercado13'4" PRBig River Track
13-14Isaac Estrada12'6"Big River Track
13-14Carson Robinson12'5" PRBig River Track
13-14Marco Madrigal11'10" PRBig River Track
13-14Anthony Lemus11'8" PRBig River Track
13-14Justin Iveson10'10"Big River Track
9-10Aaron Wipplinger10'6 PRStanfield Elementary...
11-12Alex Ibarra9'11".5Big River Track
13-14Colby Krogh9'5" PRBig River Track
-Chance Wells8'5Tigerscot Youth
13-14Keegan Krogh8"'1.5" PRBig River Track
6Wyatt Mays7'7Tigerscot Youth

Long Jump  9-10 - Finals

4Parker Munck11'6 SRTigerscot Youth
9-10Ti Abney11'5" SRStanfield Elementary...
4Khai Robertson11'1 PRTigerscot Youth
13-14Trent Durfey11'.4"Big River Track
-Andrew Gambill9'10 PRTigerscot Youth
'9-10Cody Griffin9'10 PRStanfield Elementary...
4Blair Rudolph9'6 SRTigerscot Youth
9-10Julio Bernal9'3.5" SRBig River Track
13-14Aden Capello9'.2" PRBig River Track
7-8Hugo Gomez8'10" SRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Justin Waybright8'3"Stanfield Elementary...
4Cade Bryan7'8 SRTigerscot Youth
4Billy Muilenburg6'9 PRTigerscot Youth
13-14Trevor Linnell5'5" PRBig River Track

Long Jump  7-8 - Finals

7-8Griffin Cappello9'5" SRBig River Track
-Theodore White9'4Tigerscot Youth
7-8Keagan Brown8'10.5 SRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Jaiden Ruloph8'5"Stanfield Elementary...
13-14Christerpher Self7'9"Big River Track
7-8Brody Sowards7'9"Big River Track
7-8Cade Irby7'4" PRStanfield Elementary...
13-14Dysen Wilson7'4" PRBig River Track
13-14Anthony Campos6'11"Big River Track
7-8Anthony Keeney6'11"Stanfield Elementary...
9-10Dylan Ditchen6'9 PRStanfield Elementary...
7-8Grayson Henning5'2Stanfield Elementary...

Long Jump  5-6 - Finals

-Keagen Stiffler6'5Tigerscot Youth
9-10Emmanuel Mendoza5'1"Stanfield Elementary...
-Dylan Monaco4'9Tigerscot Youth
-Caiden Dennis3'11Tigerscot Youth


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