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400 Meters - Relay Split  Time Trial - Finals

1.12Turner Wiley1:00.2hIssaquah
2.12Connor Alfheim1:04.0hIssaquah
1.12Joseph Webster1:04.5hIssaquah
3.12Connor Higgins1:05.5hIssaquah
4.10Parker Phair1:05.8hIssaquah
5.11Patrick Violette1:06.4hIssaquah
2.12Lucas VanDeMark1:06.9h PRIssaquah
6.10Keagan Moo1:07.6hIssaquah
7.10Hunter Sapienza1:07.9h SRIssaquah
8.11Thomas Harms1:10.7hIssaquah
3.10Nick Co1:10.8h PRIssaquah
4.9Jacob Brunette1:11.7h PRIssaquah
5.9Tom Tseng1:12.0h SRIssaquah
1.12Will Borom1:12.8h SRIssaquah
6.9Charlie Butz1:13.6h PRIssaquah
2.11Andrew Hartman1:16.6h PRIssaquah
9.10Jack Herbst1:16.8h SRIssaquah
3.11Suraj Saifullah1:17.1h PRIssaquah
7.10Sean Johnson1:17.2h PRIssaquah
4.11Lucas Johnson1:17.9h PRIssaquah
8.10Adam Meyer1:18.7h PRIssaquah
5.10Tom Howe1:32.1h SRIssaquah

800 Meters - Relay Split  Time Trial - Finals

1.12Connor Higgins2:30.5hIssaquah
2.11Thomas Harms2:30.8h PRIssaquah
3.12Connor Alfheim2:37.6hIssaquah
4.9Tom Tseng2:48.2h SRIssaquah
5.9Paul Leigh2:53.1h SRIssaquah
6.11Suraj Saifullah3:01.7h PRIssaquah

1600 Meters - Relay Split  Time Trial - Finals

1.12Turner Wiley4:48.7h SRIssaquah
2.12Isaac Robinson5:03.0h PRIssaquah
3.11Patrick Violette5:19.9hIssaquah
4.9Aidan Heninger5:21.8hIssaquah
5.10Keagan Moo5:30.7h SRIssaquah
6.10Hunter Sapienza5:31.0h SRIssaquah
7.10Parker Phair5:31.4h PRIssaquah
8.12Lucas VanDeMark5:36.2h PRIssaquah
9.12Joseph Webster5:38.3h PRIssaquah
10.10Tom Howe5:38.8h SRIssaquah
11.11Daniel Park5:40.5h PRIssaquah
12.10Sean Johnson5:52.1h SRIssaquah
13.10Jack Herbst5:55.5h SRIssaquah
14.11Steven Yang5:56.7h PRIssaquah
15.12Will Borom5:59.4h PRIssaquah
16.9Charlie Butz6:04.8h SRIssaquah
17.11Andrew Hartman6:06.1h SRIssaquah
18.10Adam Meyer6:06.3h PRIssaquah
19.10Nick Co6:14.7h SRIssaquah
20.9Jacob Brunette6:17.5h SRIssaquah
21.11Lucas Johnson6:35.4h PRIssaquah


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