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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Joel Costello12.5hMiddleburgh Central
11Austin Moore12.6h PRFort Plain
10Dylan Weber12.6h PRFort Plain
10Will Hannmann12.6hMiddleburgh Central
11Lionel Weller13.2hFort Plain
10Chris Kilmartin13.4hFort Plain
9Jerry Shaul13.5hMiddleburgh Central
9Simeon Sammons13.6hFort Plain

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

10Dylan Weber27.4hFort Plain
11Sam Hoffman28.0h SRFort Plain
10Chris Kilmartin28.9h SRFort Plain
11Lionel Weller28.9hFort Plain
11E. Jacob Reed-Jackson30.0hFort Plain

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

10Dylan Weber60.4h PRFort Plain
11E. Jacob Reed-Jackson66.0h PRFort Plain
9Jerry Shaul68.1h PRMiddleburgh Central
9Will Torgersen68.1h PRMiddleburgh Central
10Adam Warner70.4hMiddleburgh Central

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Jon Zapata58.5h PRMiddleburgh Central
10Mike Meyer59hMiddleburgh Central
10Will Hannmann61hMiddleburgh Central
11Patrick Guest65h PRMiddleburgh Central

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

10Kevin Jackson2:31.9hFort Plain
9Ryan Bechtold2:50.8hMiddleburgh Central
9Jordan Ahrens3:01hFort Plain
11Carter McDermott3:08.8hMiddleburgh Central

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Luke DeBoer5:19.3hFort Plain
9Jordan Ahrens6:06.5hFort Plain
11Carter McDermott7:08.7h PRMiddleburgh Central

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Luke DeBoer11:55.0hFort Plain

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

11Jon Zapata17.0h SRMiddleburgh Central
12Nik Souvannason18.5h PRFort Plain
10Mike Meyer21.3hMiddleburgh Central

400m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

11Jon Zapata61.3h SRMiddleburgh Central
12Nik Souvannason64.7h PRFort Plain
11Mike Wilsey66.3hFort Plain
10Mike Meyer67.5hMiddleburgh Central

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Jeffrey Christensen
Eli Keidong
Will Hannmann
Jon Zapata
48.6hMiddleburgh Central
-Lionel Weller
Nik Souvannason
Sam Hoffmman
Mike Wilsey
50.8hFort Plain
-Joe Lindell
Zach Strobel
Avery Johnson
Brandon Hume
55.2hFort Plain

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Patrick Guest
Will Hannmann
Mike Meyer
Jon Zapata
4:04.5hMiddleburgh Central
-Mike Wilsey
Kevin Jackson
Dylan Weber
Luke DeBoer
4:09.1hFort Plain
-Kevin Jackson
Chris Kilmartin
Simeon Sammons
Nik Souvannason
4:24.0hFort Plain

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Patrick Guest
Will Torgersen
Adam Warner
Ryan Bechtold
10:30.4hMiddleburgh Central
-Jordan Aherns
Kevin Jackson
E. Jacob Reed-Jackson
Brandon Hume
10:33.6hFort Plain

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

12Joe Lindell38'4.5 PRFort Plain
11Avery Johnson36'2Fort Plain
10Dan Miller33'2Middleburgh Central
12Jacob Keidong32'5Middleburgh Central
12Brandon Hume31'1 SRFort Plain
11Zach Strobel30'0.75Fort Plain
12Malcum Warner29'3Middleburgh Central
9Eugene Ryan25'7Fort Plain
10Eli Keidong22'6Middleburgh Central
9Zach Portolano22'6 SRMiddleburgh Central
9Robert Weller22'4.5Fort Plain
9Josh Cechnicki19'4Fort Plain

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

11Avery Johnson132'10Fort Plain
12Jacob Keidong106'4Middleburgh Central
12Joe Lindell102'3Fort Plain
10Dan Miller93'9Middleburgh Central
9Eugene Ryan91'1 SRFort Plain
12Brandon Hume90'0Fort Plain
12Malcum Warner77'7Middleburgh Central
10Eli Keidong69'6Middleburgh Central
11Zach Strobel64'10Fort Plain
9Zach Portolano60'3Middleburgh Central
9Josh Cechnicki40'2Fort Plain
9Robert Weller38'10Fort Plain

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Joel Costello5'2Middleburgh Central
10Jeffrey Christensen5'2Middleburgh Central
9Ryan Bechtold4'6 PRMiddleburgh Central
9Jordan Ahrens4'3 PRFort Plain

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

10Adam Warner9'0Middleburgh Central
11Patrick Guest7'0Middleburgh Central
10Chris Kilmartin7'Fort Plain

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

10Jeffrey Christensen18'4.5 PRMiddleburgh Central
11Mike Wilsey17'5.5Fort Plain
9Simeon Sammons16'10Fort Plain
12Joel Costello16'8.5Middleburgh Central
11Sam Hoffman15'9Fort Plain
9Zach Portolano10'5.5 PRMiddleburgh Central

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Joel Costello36'10 PRMiddleburgh Central
11Patrick Guest33'0Middleburgh Central
10Adam Warner32'8 PRMiddleburgh Central
9Simeon Sammons32'6Fort Plain
11Sam Hoffman31'10Fort Plain
11Lionel Weller30'4 PRFort Plain


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