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70 Meter Dash  Varsity - Finals

1.8Hunter Conley8.68a PRChippewa Hills
2.8Marcus Guerrero9.03aChippewa Hills
3.8Jon Spedowski9.37aChippewa Hills
4.7acuncion aj9.41a SRWhite Cloud
5.8Tony Seaborn9.45a SRLakeview
6.7James Williams9.66a PRWhite Cloud
7.8Abram Jessup9.75a PRLakeview
8.8Caleb Martin9.91a PRChippewa Hills
9.7Hurusky John10.09a PRChippewa Hills
9.7Tyler Willingham10.09aChippewa Hills
12.7Brad Cowen10.17a PRChippewa Hills
13.8Keegan Ellison10.51a PRLakeview
14.7Hunter Pasch11.76a PRChippewa Hills
15.7Austin Santa13.84aChippewa Hills
16.8Zack Owens14.23a PRWhite Cloud

100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.8Marcus Guerrero12.42a PRChippewa Hills
2.8Quentin Gossett12.68a PRChippewa Hills
3.8Jon Spedowski12.98a PRChippewa Hills
4.8Cameron Decker13.17a PRLakeview
5.8Tony Seaborn13.20a PRLakeview
6.8Dakota Scholten13.23a PRWhite Cloud
7.7Brandon Buffin13.35a PRChippewa Hills
8.7Jericho Becker13.47a PRWhite Cloud
9.8Christian Rowland13.68a PRLakeview
10.8Andy Moore13.87a PRLakeview
11.8Josh Johnson13.98a PRChippewa Hills
12.7Brad Cowen14.02a PRChippewa Hills
13.8Greg McDonald14.30a PRWhite Cloud
15.7Alan Meisner15.59a SRChippewa Hills
16.8Nick Roper16.20a PRLakeview
18.7Austin Santa18.54a SRChippewa Hills
7Jacob WoodNTChippewa Hills
8Josh FosterNTLakeview
8Justin BurkeNTLakeview

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.8Quentin Gossett25.73aChippewa Hills
2.8Marcus Guerrero26.29a PRChippewa Hills
3.7Jericho Becker27.32a PRWhite Cloud
4.8Abram Jessup28.80a PRLakeview
5.8Ralph Kenworthy28.89a PRChippewa Hills
6.8Andy Moore29.51a PRLakeview
8.8Logan St. John30.36a PRChippewa Hills
10.8Grant Burton30.88a PRChippewa Hills
11.8Josh Johnson31.01a SRChippewa Hills
12.7Alan Meisner32.88a PRChippewa Hills
13.7Jacob Wood33.38a PRChippewa Hills
15.8Clayton Mahaffey34.77a SRChippewa Hills
8Mason DeyNTChippewa Hills
8Devin HummelNTWhite Cloud

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.8Tyler Kelsey59.48a PRChippewa Hills
2.8Mason Dey1:00.83a PRChippewa Hills
3.8Caleb Martin1:02.93aChippewa Hills
4.8Ben Outman1:04.67a PRLakeview
5.8Austen Harris1:04.97a PRLakeview
9.8Grant Burton1:13.84a PRChippewa Hills
10.8Corey Godden1:17.98a PRChippewa Hills
11.8Riley Reynard1:22.64a PRLakeview

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.8Mason Dey2:21.54aChippewa Hills
2.7John Wixson2:31.90aChippewa Hills
3.7acuncion aj2:37.22a PRWhite Cloud
4.8Grant Burton2:44.08aChippewa Hills
5.8Kobe Perez2:46.17a PRLakeview
7.8Clayton Mahaffey2:52.27aChippewa Hills
9.8Nick Roper3:14.00a PRLakeview
7Matt MathisNTChippewa Hills

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.8Bowman Seabrook5:47.46aWhite Cloud
2.8Logan St. John5:51.78aChippewa Hills
3.8Daniel Beckman6:29.24a PRLakeview
4.8Will Kettler6:55.63a PRLakeview

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.7Chris Oates11:52.12aChippewa Hills
2.8Austin Petersen12:11.91a PRLakeview
3.7Nick Mathis13:07.13aChippewa Hills
4.8Corey Godden13:32.47aChippewa Hills
5.8Bowman Seabrook13:55.98aWhite Cloud
6.8Will Kettler14:49.60a PRLakeview

55m Hurdles - 33"  Varsity - Finals

1.8Hunter Conley9.04a PRChippewa Hills
2.8Mike Todd9.39a PRChippewa Hills
3.8Austin Issette9.45a PRChippewa Hills
4.8Eric Russell9.75a PRChippewa Hills
5.8Evan Tucker10.00a SRLakeview
6.8Cameron Bunker10.37a PRLakeview
7.8Ralph Kenworthy10.60aChippewa Hills
8.7Deven Dykstra11.19a SRWhite Cloud
9.8Tyler Maynard11.24aWhite Cloud
10.8Keegan Ellison11.25a PRLakeview
11.8Riley Reynard11.33a PRLakeview
12.7Jacob Tamialis11.40a PRChippewa Hills
13.8Kobe Perez11.46a PRLakeview
14.7Hunter Pasch13.38a SRChippewa Hills

200m Hurdles - 30"  Varsity - Finals

1.8Eric Russell28.70a PRChippewa Hills
2.8Tyler Kelsey29.44a PRChippewa Hills
3.8Mike Todd30.77aChippewa Hills
4.8Cameron Bunker31.97a PRLakeview
5.8Christian Rowland32.07a PRLakeview
6.8John Jones32.71a PRWhite Cloud
7.7Deven Dykstra32.97a SRWhite Cloud
8.8Kobe Perez36.64a PRLakeview
9.7Jacob Tamialis36.90a PRChippewa Hills

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.8Tony Seaborn
Christian Rowland
Jacob Tanner
Evan Tucker
2.-Relay Team 53.18aWhite Cloud
3.-Austin Issette
Brandon Buffin
Hurusky John
Tyler Willingham
53.58aChippewa Hills

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:51.43aWhite Cloud
2.-Hurusky John
Brandon Buffin
Tyler Willingham
Austin Issette
1:53.85aChippewa Hills
3.8Drake Boomer
Abram Jessup
Andy Moore
Cameron Decker

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.7John Wixon
Tyler Parker
Slade Todd
Chris Oates
4:17.67aChippewa Hills
2.8Austen Harris
Ben Outman
Cameron Bunker
Cameron Decker
3.-Relay Team 4:55.71aWhite Cloud
4.7Jacob Wood
Matt Mathis
Nick Mathis
Jacob Tamialis
5:18.55aChippewa Hills

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.7Nick Mathis
Tyler Parker
Slade Todd
Chris Oates
10:39.12aChippewa Hills
2.8Daniel Beckman
Austin Petersen
Lucas Sweet
Will Kettler
-Relay Team NTWhite Cloud

Shot Put - 4kg  Varsity - Finals

1.8Dakota Scholten43-03.00 PRWhite Cloud
2.8Jon Spedowski35-09.50 PRChippewa Hills
3.8Greg McDonald35-01.00 PRWhite Cloud
4.7Brad Cowen31-03.00 PRChippewa Hills
6.8Dakota Wert29-11.00 PRLakeview
7.8Lucas Sweet29-03.00 PRLakeview
8.8Logan St. John27-07.00Chippewa Hills
9.8Zack Owens26-10.00 SRWhite Cloud
10.7Austin Santa22-02.00Chippewa Hills
8Josh FosterNDLakeview
8Justin BurkeNDLakeview

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.8Tyler Kelsey5-07.00 PRChippewa Hills
2.8Devin Hummel4-10.00White Cloud
3.8John Jones4-08.00 PRWhite Cloud
3.8Eric Russell4-08.00 PRChippewa Hills
3.8Jacob Tanner4-08.00 PRLakeview
3.8Austen Harris4-08.00 PRLakeview
8.8Mike Todd4-06.00Chippewa Hills
8Riley ReynardNHLakeview
8Drake BoomerNHLakeview

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.8Ben Outman9-00.00 PRLakeview
2.8Josh Johnson8-01.00Chippewa Hills
3.8Tyler Maynard8-00.00White Cloud
4.8Keegan Ellison7-06.00 PRLakeview
5.7Slade Todd7-00.00Chippewa Hills
6.7Deven Dykstra6-06.00 SRWhite Cloud

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.8Hunter Conley15-08.50 PRChippewa Hills
2.8Quentin Gossett14-08.00Chippewa Hills
2.8Caleb Martin14-08.00Chippewa Hills
4.7John Wixson13-10.00Chippewa Hills
5.7Jericho Becker13-07.50 PRWhite Cloud
6.8Taylor Rodriguez13-05.50 PRWhite Cloud
7.8Evan Tucker13-01.00 PRLakeview
8.8Ralph Kenworthy12-09.00Chippewa Hills
9.7Tyler Parker11-08.50 PRChippewa Hills
10.7Alan Meisner11-01.50Chippewa Hills
10.8Corey Godden11-01.50 SRChippewa Hills
12.7Jacob Wood11-01.00 PRChippewa Hills
13.8Nick Roper10-06.00 PRLakeview
15.8Clayton Mahaffey9-08.50 PRChippewa Hills
18.7Hunter Pasch8-06.00Chippewa Hills
19.7Matt Mathis8-02.50Chippewa Hills
7James WilliamsNDWhite Cloud
8Riley ReynardNDLakeview
8Jacob TannerNDLakeview
8Drake BoomerNDLakeview


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