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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Terrell Hill12.05a SRGilmer County
2.12Lonnie Dodson12.13aDoddridge County
3.11Jacob Ortiz12.16aWahama
4.11Adam Weekley12.35aDoddridge County
5.9Kane Roush12.55aWahama
6.12James Tinnel13.14aBraxton County
7.11Michael Gifford13.16aNorth Marion
8.12Cory Love13.38aNorth Marion
9.9John Merrifield13.46a SRNorth Marion
10.10Donovan Blemings13.63aDoddridge County
11.12Seth Jackson13.97a PRBraxton County
12.10Kevin Hill14.05a PRBraxton County
13.9Glen Francis15.57aNorth Marion

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jacob Ortiz24.71aWahama
2.11Adam Weekley25.26a PRDoddridge County
3.10Jeffrey Bonnell25.66a PRDoddridge County
4.11Jordan Coen25.69aBraxton County
5.9Kane Roush25.95aWahama
6.10Colton Brewer26.16aNorth Marion
7.12Bryant Johnson26.33aNorth Marion
8.9Jeffrey Garrison26.53aNorth Marion
9.12Cory Love26.65a PRNorth Marion
10.9Skyler Arbogast28.03a PRGilmer County
11.12Stephen Perkins28.05a PRNorth Marion
12.10Donovan Blemings28.17aDoddridge County
13.-Zach Snyder28.27a PRNorth Marion
14.12Robert Guido28.47a PRNorth Marion
15.12Seth Jackson28.75a PRBraxton County
16.10Kevin Hill28.79aBraxton County

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.-Zack Smith53.91a PRNorth Marion
2.9John Merrifield59.12aNorth Marion
3.11Will Thaxton59.44aDoddridge County
4.12Quinton Hinzman1:00.36aDoddridge County
5.9Michael Hendricks1:01.31aWahama
6.10Dustin Marlett1:01.57aGilmer County
7.12Russell Nuckles1:01.61a PRBraxton County
8.11Tannor Decker1:04.24aWahama
9.9Danny Westfall1:07.10a PRBraxton County
10.9Jerad Hidalgo1:08.02a SRNorth Marion
11.11Jacob Buzzard1:08.39aWahama
12.9Alex Haught1:08.89a PRNorth Marion
13.11Terry Jewell1:08.94aWahama
14.12Logan Morlan1:12.23aBraxton County
15.9Glen Francis1:14.87a PRNorth Marion
16.11Landon Gumm1:20.58a PRGilmer County

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Russell Nuckles2:17.39aBraxton County
2.12Daniel Clevenger2:18.83aDoddridge County
3.11Andrew Stanley2:22.03a PRNorth Marion
4.11Evan Moore2:23.73aNorth Marion
5.9Ian Kapp2:26.87aWahama
6.9Jeffery Conrad2:30.54a PRGilmer County
7.9Danny Westfall2:33.81a PRBraxton County
8.11Tannor Decker2:36.00aWahama
9.10Matt Zorn2:37.06aDoddridge County
10.12Issac Ratliff2:38.48a PRGilmer County
11.10Connor Ferguson2:42.82aGilmer County
12.9Josh Haddox2:44.82aWahama
13.10Casey Smith2:47.60aGilmer County
14.9Jacob Bennett2:55.89a PRWahama
15.12Logan Morlan2:56.77aBraxton County
16.9Eryk Grueser3:20.63aWahama

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Russell Nuckles4:54.44aBraxton County
2.10Caleb Moore4:57.74aDoddridge County
3.11Evan Moore5:09.69aNorth Marion
4.12Caleb Cade5:11.43aDoddridge County
5.12Daniel Clevenger5:13.04aDoddridge County
6.9Ian Kapp5:16.22aWahama
7.9Danny Westfall5:29.99a PRBraxton County
8.9Josh Haddox6:07.07a PRWahama
9.11Jacob Buzzard6:07.39a PRWahama
10.10Connor Ferguson6:07.75aGilmer County
11.9Jacob Bennett6:07.90a PRWahama
12.12Logan Morlan6:22.55aBraxton County

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Alex Myers10:55.78aNorth Marion
2.12Caleb Cade11:09.70aDoddridge County

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Daniel Plaugher16.27aDoddridge County
2.10Dillon Muhly-Alexander18.15aDoddridge County
3.10Colby Collins20.60aNorth Marion

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Daniel Plaugher41.33aDoddridge County
2.12Justin McDonald48.23aNorth Marion
3.-Cyphers Levi49.00a PRNorth Marion
4.9Skyler Arbogast51.27aGilmer County
5.9Jeffrey Garrison51.90a PRNorth Marion
6.12Brad Smallwood54.02a PRBraxton County
7.12Seth Jackson55.40a PRBraxton County

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Adam Weekley
Lonnie Dodson
Jeffrey Bonnell
Austin Mear
47.90aDoddridge County
2.-Colton Brewer
Cory Love
Michael Gifford
Eric Dunigan
49.85aNorth Marion
3.-Terrell Hill
Joel Roberts
Anthony Aviles
Dustin Marlett
49.93aGilmer County
4.-Brad Smallwood
Hee Jae Weon
James Tinnel
James Acord
53.20aBraxton County

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Adam Weekley
Lonnie Dodson
Jeffrey Bonnell
Zack Cottrill
1:40.35aDoddridge County
2.-Joel Roberts
Anthony Aviles
Dustin Marlett
Terrell Hill
1:43.98aGilmer County
3.-Eric Dunigan
Colton Brewer
Bryant Johnson
Zach Snyder
1:45.11aNorth Marion
4.-James Tinnel
Brad Smallwood
Kevin Hill
Hee Jae Weon
1:51.47aBraxton County

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Lonnie Dodson
Zack Cottrill
Caleb Moore
Daniel Plaugher
3:54.30aDoddridge County
2.-Andrew Stanley
Eric Dunigan
Zack Smith
Garrison Jeffrey
4:12.04aNorth Marion
3.-Caleb Cade
Daniel Clevenger
Will Thaxton
Matt Zorn
4:13.23aDoddridge County
4.-Casey Smith
Dustin Marlett
Issac Ratliff
Jeffery Conrad
4:14.46aGilmer County
5.-Michael Hendricks
Tannor Decker
Jacob Buzzard
Ian Kapp
---Russell Nuckles
Jordan Coen
Logan Morlan
Danny Westfall
NTBraxton County

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Quinton Hinzman
Daniel Clevenger
Matt Zorn
Caleb Moore
9:28.39aDoddridge County
2.-Alex Myers
Evan Moore
Zack Smith
Andrew Stanley
9:34.47aNorth Marion
3.-Josh Haddox
Tannor Decker
Ian Kapp
Michael Hendricks
4.-Connor Ferguson
Issac Ratliff
Casey Smith
Jeffery Conrad
10:37.16aGilmer County

4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.-Dillon Muhly-Alexander
Will Thaxton
Jeffrey Bonnell
Daniel Plaugher
1:07.41aDoddridge County
2.-Colby Collins
Cyphers Levi
Justin McDonald
John Merryfield
1:10.79aNorth Marion
3.-James Acord
Hee Jae Weon
Brad Smallwood
James Tinnel
1:18.81aBraxton County

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Robert Stump41-03.50Gilmer County
2.10Clayton Yeager39-11.00 PRDoddridge County
3.10Alec Moscufo37-05.50North Marion
4.10Reed Ratliff37-02.50Gilmer County
5.12Wylie Ford37-00.75 PRDoddridge County
6.12Reuben Bland36-07.25 PRNorth Marion
7.9Josh Bee34-07.75 PRDoddridge County
8.11Chase Spencer33-08.00North Marion
9.10Devron Siders33-07.00 SRDoddridge County
10.10Marty Lipscomb33-05.75Doddridge County
11.11Jamin Branch32-01.00Wahama
12.12Bobby Lane31-10.25Braxton County
13.9Isaac Britton31-03.00Doddridge County
14.11Jeremy Cundiff29-00.75Wahama
15.11Evan Smith29-00.50 PRWahama
16.9Andy Johnson28-06.25 SRGilmer County
17.9Dustin Bingamon26-08.50 PRNorth Marion
18.9Eryk Grueser25-00.50Wahama
19.9Nevin Rollyson23-04.50 SRBraxton County
20.10Doug Blake22-11.75Doddridge County
21.9Joe Green20-05.00Braxton County
22.10Gunner Roberts20-01.00 PRGilmer County

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Reuben Bland112-02North Marion
2.10Clayton Yeager102-03Doddridge County
3.12Wylie Ford100-07Doddridge County
4.9Isaac Britton96-09Doddridge County
5.10Marty Lipscomb96-05Doddridge County
6.10Devron Siders95-10Doddridge County
7.12Robert Stump94-10Gilmer County
8.12Bobby Lane94-01Braxton County
9.9Josh Bee92-03 PRDoddridge County
10.10Reed Ratliff85-04Gilmer County
11.10Alec Moscufo82-02North Marion
12.11Chase Spencer73-11North Marion
13.9Caleb Ferguson69-00 PRDoddridge County
14.9Dustin Bingamon67-09 PRNorth Marion
15.11Jeremy Cundiff66-10 PRWahama
16.11Terry Jewell65-05Wahama
17.9Nevin Rollyson64-09 SRBraxton County
18.10Doug Blake63-09Doddridge County
19.10Nathan Cook63-05Braxton County
20.11Evan Smith62-06Wahama
21.9Joe Green58-08 SRBraxton County
22.10Gunner Roberts58-06 PRGilmer County
--9Andy JohnsonNDGilmer County
--9Eryk GrueserNDWahama
--11Jamin BranchNDWahama

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Anthony Aviles5-10.00Gilmer County
2.10Dillon Muhly-Alexander5-10.00Doddridge County
3.12Joel Roberts5-06.00Gilmer County
4.9Zack Cottrill5-06.00 SRDoddridge County
5.11Austin Mear5-04.00 SRDoddridge County
6.-Cyphers Levi5-02.00 PRNorth Marion
6.9Jeffrey Garrison5-02.00 PRNorth Marion
6.11Jordan Coen5-02.00Braxton County
9.10Colby Collins5-02.00North Marion
10.12Stephen Perkins5-02.00 PRNorth Marion

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.10Ian Spencer9-00.00Doddridge County
2.10James Acord7-06.00Braxton County
3.10Nathan Cook7-06.00 SRBraxton County
4.10Matt Zorn7-00.00 SRDoddridge County
5.9Zack Cottrill7-00.00 PRDoddridge County

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Dillon Muhly-Alexander18-11.00Doddridge County
2.9Kane Roush17-08.00Wahama
3.11Easton Hutton17-02.00 SRBraxton County
4.11Austin Mear16-03.00Doddridge County
5.11Jacob Ortiz16-01.00 SRWahama
6.11Will Thaxton15-11.00Doddridge County
7.10Anthony Aviles15-09.00Gilmer County
8.11Jordan Coen14-10.00 SRBraxton County
9.12Joel Roberts14-09.00 SRGilmer County
10.-Zach Snyder13-10.00 PRNorth Marion
11.12Bryant Johnson13-08.00North Marion
12.10Colby Collins13-04.00North Marion
13.11Terry Jewell13-02.00Wahama
14.12Stephen Perkins13-00.00North Marion
15.10Hee Jae Weon12-11.00 PRBraxton County


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