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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Antwan Wright10.73aSuncoast Community
2.12Robert Way11.25aGlades Central
3.12DaVonte Allen11.26aGlades Central
4.12Troy Campana11.37aCardinal Newman
5.9Travis Rudolph11.52a SRCardinal Newman
6.12Daniel McGuirk11.59aCardinal Newman
7.10Aaron Baker11.68a SRGlades Central
8.12Rohan Howell11.70aBoynton Beach Commun...
9.11Jamal Tillman11.76a SRGlades Central
10.12Kender Elysee11.79a SRBoynton Beach Commun...
11.12Marlin Jones11.79a PRSuncoast Community
12.11Keithlin Patrick11.89aPahokee
13.12Christopher James12.16aDreyfoos Of The Arts
14.11Devin Woods12.16a SRSuncoast Community
15.11Lucky Dorce12.21a PRBoynton Beach Commun...
15.12Timotheus Granger12.21aSuncoast Community
17.12Zachary Guy12.30a PRPope John Paul II
18.12Elisha Jones12.50a PRPahokee
19.10Edward Powell12.56a SRInlet Grove
20.12Wardell Coleman12.59a PRPahokee
21.11Orlando Masso12.60a SRDreyfoos Of The Arts
22.9Won Yong Ha12.89a PRSt Andrews
23.11Ryan Taylor12.91aDreyfoos Of The Arts
24.12Gore Simervil12.99aPope John Paul II
25.12Michael Spaziani13.01a PRCardinal Newman
26.11Donnie Heath13.04aBoynton Beach Commun...
27.10Stanley Anderson13.04aDreyfoos Of The Arts
28.7Chudi Ikpeazu13.06aSt Andrews
29.10Da'Juan Dixon13.73a PRInlet Grove
30.10Michlee Anglade14.91aPope John Paul II
--10Matthew DagastinoDNFSt Andrews

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Antwan Wright21.79aSuncoast Community
2.10William Likely23.01aGlades Central
3.12Brian Carney23.02aPope John Paul II
4.11Ja'Bre Slaughter23.06aGlades Central
5.10Rodney Brown23.20a PRGlades Central
6.9Travis Rudolph23.26aCardinal Newman
7.11Davaris Osborne23.26a PRPahokee
8.11James Huggings23.27a PRSuncoast Community
9.11Arthur Burnett23.43a SRPahokee
10.12Chevaune McKain23.52a PRSuncoast Community
11.12Kender Elysee23.64a SRBoynton Beach Commun...
12.12Christopher James23.80a PRDreyfoos Of The Arts
13.12Rohan Howell23.94aBoynton Beach Commun...
14.10Da'Juan Dixon24.11a PRInlet Grove
15.12Sean Romear24.24a PRDreyfoos Of The Arts
16.12Melvin Grase24.32a PRGlades Central
17.11Lucky Dorce24.42a PRBoynton Beach Commun...
18.9Jordan Ware25.10a PRBoynton Beach Commun...
19.9Anthony Jackson25.15a PRSuncoast Community
20.10Ke'Andre Leach25.85aInlet Grove
21.12Gore Simervil25.90aPope John Paul II
22.7Chudi Ikpeazu26.33aSt Andrews
23.11Ryan Taylor26.48aDreyfoos Of The Arts
24.12Michael Spaziani27.07a PRCardinal Newman
25.10Matthew Dagastino28.20a PRSt Andrews
26.10Edward Powell28.55a SRInlet Grove

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Davaris Osborne50.81a SRPahokee
2.11Arthur Burnett51.83a PRPahokee
3.11Sterling Watson52.06aInlet Grove
4.10Tremayne Williams52.08a PRGlades Central
5.10William Likely52.59a PRGlades Central
6.12Elijah Crapps53.05a SRInlet Grove
7.11Don'Kevious Johnson53.33a PRGlades Central
8.10Ke'Andre Leach53.44a PRInlet Grove
9.11Emeka Ikpeazu54.50a PRSt Andrews
10.12Sean Romear54.70aDreyfoos Of The Arts
11.10Jose Marquez55.13aBoynton Beach Commun...
12.10Xavier Swinton55.33aCardinal Newman
13.9Don Edwards56.83a SRSuncoast Community
14.10Tevin Cottle57.28aBoynton Beach Commun...
15.10Hugh Dunkley58.00a PRDreyfoos Of The Arts
16.11Tyrone Lane58.15aDreyfoos Of The Arts
17.9Alex Schneider58.21a PRSt Andrews
18.11Roger Williams58.33a PRSuncoast Community
19.11Shaquille White58.37a PRPahokee
20.9Rodney Roberts59.16a SRSuncoast Community
21.11Christia Federico59.42a PRSt Andrews
22.9Kyle Young59.71a PRInlet Grove
23.11Stephen Ledniczky1:00.21a PRSt Andrews
24.10Ryan O'Hara1:02.31a PRCardinal Newman
--10Randy RaymondFSSuncoast Community
--9Jerry JonesDQGlades Central

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12James (Carriger) Paine2:03.52aDreyfoos Of The Arts
2.12Mark Metellus2:04.29aInlet Grove
3.12Courtney Porter2:04.38a PRGlades Central
4.12Thierry Pierre2:04.99aPope John Paul II
5.11Robert Wilson2:10.50aGlades Central
6.10Jose Marquez2:10.70a SRBoynton Beach Commun...
7.10Louis Habicher2:13.87a SRSuncoast Community
8.9Trentaurious Laidler2:15.42a PRPahokee
9.11Taylor Kreilein2:15.85aSt Andrews
10.9Fred Haliburton Phillip2:16.55a PRPahokee
11.11Frank Vilson2:17.71a PRGlades Central
12.9Matthew Hullihan2:19.40aCardinal Newman
13.12David Gouge2:19.72aSuncoast Community
14.9Daron Ingram2:20.27a PRGlades Central
15.9Kyle Lago2:20.69a PRSuncoast Community
16.9Kyle Young2:21.02a PRInlet Grove
17.9Luis Nieves2:22.62a SRBoynton Beach Commun...
18.11Tyrone Lane2:23.28a SRDreyfoos Of The Arts
19.9Mohamad Asalieh2:25.56aPahokee
20.11David Webb2:25.62aPahokee
21.11Justin Hey2:29.64aCardinal Newman
22.11Kevin Brown2:29.71aSuncoast Community
23.11Frankie Gorora2:30.26a SRSt Andrews
24.12Ian Gregorchik2:32.75aDreyfoos Of The Arts
25.10Christian Hernandez2:33.53a SRInlet Grove
26.11Kyle Pearson2:33.60a PRCardinal Newman
27.9Nick Kaleel2:33.60a PRSt Andrews

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Brian Diener4:55.71aSt Andrews
2.12James (Carriger) Paine4:58.28aDreyfoos Of The Arts
3.10David Sweetapple4:58.90aSt Andrews
4.7Nicolas Jacobsen4:59.76aSt Andrews
5.11Cole Heathcott5:05.78a SRSt Andrews
6.9Luis Nieves5:18.31a SRBoynton Beach Commun...
7.10Brandon LaRosa5:22.70aDreyfoos Of The Arts
8.11Alejandro Acosta5:28.45a PRDreyfoos Of The Arts
9.9Kyle Lago5:29.79aSuncoast Community
10.11Michael Bowen5:31.71a PRSuncoast Community
11.12Joe Kruempel5:33.74aPope John Paul II
12.9Luke Berry5:44.03aCardinal Newman
13.9Michael Lucic5:47.56a PRSuncoast Community
14.11Gavin Reinkow5:56.35aSuncoast Community
15.10Christian Hernandez6:01.12aInlet Grove
16.11Jared Guam6:01.55aBoynton Beach Commun...
17.9William Daniels6:12.99a PRGlades Central
18.11Markkus McCatty6:24.93a PRGlades Central
19.12Freddie James6:30.18a PRGlades Central
20.10Kyle Johnson6:40.76aInlet Grove
--12Benjamin AndersonDQDreyfoos Of The Arts
--11Nicholas SanchezDNFPahokee
--10Jasnel JosephDNFGlades Central

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Brian Diener10:39.07aSt Andrews
2.7Nicolas Jacobsen10:44.60aSt Andrews
3.12Mike McClure10:47.61aCardinal Newman
4.10Sam Luttier10:48.28aCardinal Newman
5.11Cole Heathcott11:09.98a SRSt Andrews
6.12Christopher Duffner11:11.27a PRPope John Paul II
7.11Alexander Osherow11:37.37a PRSt Andrews
8.10Brandon LaRosa13:18.76aDreyfoos Of The Arts
9.10Christopher Bartels13:18.85aSuncoast Community
10.9Nick Karch13:44.62a PRSuncoast Community
11.9Neil Macphail14:11.23aSuncoast Community
--12Benjamin AndersonDQDreyfoos Of The Arts

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Davison Colimon14.83aSuncoast Community
2.11Gabriel Aird15.46aSuncoast Community
3.11Cordero Phillips15.99aGlades Central
4.12Ronkevious Smalls16.69a PRGlades Central
5.12Gary Tuorto17.19aPope John Paul II
6.11Javonta Taylor17.20a SRSuncoast Community
7.9Greg Jackson18.18a PRCardinal Newman
8.11William Fields21.94a PRSuncoast Community

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Gabriel Aird38.93aSuncoast Community
2.12Chevaune McKain40.13a PRSuncoast Community
3.11Davison Colimon40.32aSuncoast Community
4.11Cordero Phillips42.45a SRGlades Central
5.12Gary Tuorto43.80aPope John Paul II
6.12John Brattebo44.61aCardinal Newman
7.12Ronkevious Smalls45.18a SRGlades Central
8.11Samuel Banks45.76aBoynton Beach Commun...
9.11Javonta Taylor45.98a SRSuncoast Community
10.12Kervens Germain46.78a PRSt Andrews
11.9Greg Jackson47.64aCardinal Newman
12.11Ryan Stunkel53.45a PRSt Andrews
13.9Dylan Richman1:01.38aSt Andrews

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 42.70aGlades Central
2.-Relay Team 42.95aSuncoast Community
3.-Relay Team 44.08aCardinal Newman
4.-Relay Team 44.82aBoynton Beach Commun...
5.-Relay Team 45.58aPahokee
6.-Relay Team 47.54aDreyfoos Of The Arts
7.-Relay Team 49.33aSt Andrews

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:24.62aSuncoast Community
2.-Relay Team 3:25.61aPope John Paul II
3.-Relay Team 3:26.61aGlades Central
4.-Relay Team 3:27.68aPahokee
5.-Relay Team 3:28.74aInlet Grove
6.-Relay Team 3:31.92aCardinal Newman
7.-Relay Team 3:45.71aSt Andrews
8.-Relay Team 3:56.07aBoynton Beach Commun...

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 8:38.50aSt Andrews
2.-Relay Team 8:45.02aGlades Central
3.-Relay Team 8:52.57aSuncoast Community
4.-Relay Team 9:04.26aDreyfoos Of The Arts
5.-Relay Team 9:39.69aInlet Grove
6.-Relay Team 9:52.89aPahokee
7.-Relay Team 10:01.33aCardinal Newman

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11jeremiah Wilder13.57m SRSuncoast Community
2.11Claude Richards13.24m PRSuncoast Community
3.11Eamon Ashworth13.19m SRSt Andrews
4.11justin Wright12.80mSuncoast Community
5.12Jeffrey Philbert12.73m PRGlades Central
6.12Sean Hayden11.72mCardinal Newman
7.10D'Andre Gillins11.56m SRSuncoast Community
8.10David Rowe11.32m SRSt Andrews
9.10Daniel Louis10.49m PRGlades Central
10.12Brandon Gray10.05m PRGlades Central
11.12Michael Morton9.48m PRInlet Grove
12.12Henry Morales9.15mInlet Grove
13.11Jack Bell8.94m PRCardinal Newman
14.12Brent Marthelly8.83m SRInlet Grove
15.9Pieter Clerger7.83m SRSt Andrews
16.11Kevin Clemenza6.14m PRSt Andrews
--12Purvis NixonNDGlades Central
--12Rontavious AtkinsNDPahokee
--11Brannon JohnsonNDBoynton Beach Commun...
--12John BratteboNDCardinal Newman

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.10D'Andre Gillins40.81m SRSuncoast Community
2.11jeremiah Wilder38.12m PRSuncoast Community
3.12Jeffrey Philbert37.18m PRGlades Central
4.11justin Wright36.52mSuncoast Community
5.12Sean Hayden33.80mCardinal Newman
6.10Jason Vassell33.68mSuncoast Community
7.12Brandon Gray32.66m PRGlades Central
8.12Brent Marthelly32.48m PRInlet Grove
9.12Michael Morton32.30m PRInlet Grove
10.10Daniel Louis32.20m PRGlades Central
11.11Eamon Ashworth32.18m PRSt Andrews
12.12Henry Morales24.48mInlet Grove
13.10David Rowe22.60m SRSt Andrews
14.11Zack Firtel22.12m SRSt Andrews
15.9Andrew Wolff19.86m SRSt Andrews
--12Purvis NixonNDGlades Central
--11Jack BellNDCardinal Newman

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Abiade Granger1.77mSuncoast Community
2.12Marlin Jones1.72m PRSuncoast Community
3.11Jonathan Smith1.72mSuncoast Community
4.11Crevon Leblanc1.72m PRGlades Central
5.12Alan Hightower1.67mSuncoast Community
6.11John Brockman1.67m PRGlades Central
7.9Jerry Jones1.62m PRGlades Central
7.9Collin Grill1.62m PRCardinal Newman
--10Matt BurkeNHCardinal Newman
--11Ryan StunkelNHSt Andrews
--12Sheldon GrantNHGlades Central

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Justin Deithorn3.35mSuncoast Community
2.11Griffin Rapp3.04mSuncoast Community
3.12Mark Metellus2.89m SRInlet Grove
4.11Christian Avila2.43mSuncoast Community
--11Kevin BrownNHSuncoast Community

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Troy Campana6.74m SRCardinal Newman
2.12Alan Hightower6.59m PRSuncoast Community
3.11Antwan Wright6.46mSuncoast Community
4.11Keithlin Patrick6.23m SRPahokee
5.9Jerry Jones6.21mGlades Central
6.11Abiade Granger6.10mSuncoast Community
7.12Christopher James6.10mDreyfoos Of The Arts
8.11Crevon Leblanc6.03m PRGlades Central
9.11Jamie Wilson5.95m PRGlades Central
10.11Lucky Dorce5.82mBoynton Beach Commun...
11.9Trentaurious Laidler5.81m SRPahokee
12.11Ryan Taylor5.74m SRDreyfoos Of The Arts
13.10Ke'Andre Leach5.34mInlet Grove
14.10Edward Powell5.32m SRInlet Grove
15.11Jonathan Smith5.30m SRSuncoast Community
16.9Tommy Leas4.99m SRSt Andrews
17.9Won Yong Ha4.97mSt Andrews
18.9Kyle Young4.91m PRInlet Grove
19.12DaVonte Allen4.87m PRGlades Central
19.10Jose Marquez4.87m SRBoynton Beach Commun...
21.11Christia Federico4.83m PRSt Andrews
22.9Jordan Ware4.45m PRBoynton Beach Commun...
23.11Manasse Baptiste4.19m PRInlet Grove
--9Greg JacksonNDCardinal Newman
--11Orlando MassoNDDreyfoos Of The Arts

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Abiade Granger12.87mSuncoast Community
2.11Dominique Gibson11.76m SRGlades Central
3.9Jerry Jones11.50mGlades Central
4.11Jonathan Smith11.48mSuncoast Community
5.12Kender Elysee11.43mBoynton Beach Commun...
6.11Davison Colimon11.20mSuncoast Community
7.11Malcom Summons11.17m PRSuncoast Community
8.9Collin Grill11.03mCardinal Newman
9.11Emeka Ikpeazu11.02mSt Andrews
10.11Samuel Banks10.76m SRBoynton Beach Commun...
11.11Jonathan Whitest10.56m SRGlades Central
12.9Tommy Leas10.10mSt Andrews
13.10Matt Burke10.08mCardinal Newman
14.9Jordan Ware9.24mBoynton Beach Commun...