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100 Meters  Sub -Bantam - Finals

1.7-8Nolan Hickman14.91aHigh Voltage
2.7-8Jordan Call15.49a SRWings of Eagles
3.7-8Cameron Andrews16.56aSouth Central Athlet...
4.-Yash Mehta17.14a SRCascade Striders
5.7-8Michael Farmer17.49aXtreme Speed
6.7-8Harrison Keating19.71aRunning Unlimited Fi...
7.7-8Sibley Haamid IV20.48aJBLM Youth Sports
9.7-8Calvin Owen20.97aCascade Striders
10.7-8Reid Wood23.19a PRCascade Striders
11.7-8Collin Ingram24.14aJBLM Youth Sports

100 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Askhari Davis14.01a PRHigh Voltage
2.9-10Drevon Williams14.49a SRHigh Voltage
3.9-10Paolo Banchero14.88aWings of Eagles
4.-Taylor Griffin14.97aCascade Striders
5.9-10Daylen Griffin15.29aHigh Voltage
6.9-10Tyler Williams15.85aSpeed Unlimited
7.9-10DeShon Robertson16.00aHigh Voltage

100 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Rashad Hebert13.95a PRWings of Eagles
2.9-10Jackson Richmond13.96a PRSeattle Speed Track
3.11-12Jashuan Poke14.26a SRHigh Voltage
4.11-12Derek Ray14.48a SRWings of Eagles
5.-Tyson Mowrey14.98a PRCascade Striders
6.11-12Kyle Hunter15.14aSpeed Unlimited
7.11-12Joshua Bass15.30a SRWings of Eagles
8.-Garret Jackson15.38a PRCascade Striders

100 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Antony Randolph12.21aXtreme Speed
2.13-14Logan Armstrong12.28aSpeed Unlimited
3.13-14Markel Thorton12.48a SRWings of Eagles
4.13-14Jordan Wallace12.65aXtreme Speed
5.-Nels Schimek12.80a PRSeattle Speed Track
6.13-14Yofiel Wyle12.88a PRSpeed Unlimited
7.13-14Bennett Hillier13.44aHill & Valley Runnin...

100 Meters  Sub -Bantam - Prelims

1.7-8Nolan Hickman14.87a SRHigh Voltage
2.7-8Jordan Call16.14aWings of Eagles
3.7-8Cameron Andrews16.71aSouth Central Athlet...
4.7-8Michael Farmer17.07aXtreme Speed
5.-Yash Mehta17.25aCascade Striders
6.7-8Isaiah Brady18.12a SRWings of Eagles
7.7-8Harrison Keating19.48a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
8.7-8Sibley Haamid IV19.94aJBLM Youth Sports
9.7-8Calvin Owen20.97aCascade Striders
10.7-8Reid Wood23.19aCascade Striders
11.7-8Collin Ingram24.14aJBLM Youth Sports

100 Meters  Bantam - Prelims

1.9-10Askhari Davis14.28aHigh Voltage
2.9-10Drevon Williams14.51aHigh Voltage
3.-Taylor Griffin14.90a PRCascade Striders
4.9-10Paolo Banchero15.14aWings of Eagles
5.9-10Daylen Griffin15.14a PRHigh Voltage
6.9-10Tyler Williams15.77aSpeed Unlimited
7.9-10DeShon Robertson15.86a SRHigh Voltage
8.9-10Tashon Washington16.05aWings of Eagles
9.9-10Ahmaud Hebert16.09a SRWings of Eagles
10.9-10Joe Brock16.24a PRCascade Striders
11.9-10Siaire Washington16.32a PRSouth Central Athlet...
12.9-10Vieagus Ortega16.36a SRHigh Voltage
13.9-10Rishi Daniels16.40aCascade Striders
14.9-10Elian Joseph16.93aSpeed Unlimited
15.9-10Dorian Magee-Petty17.12aSouth Central Athlet...
16.9-10Isaiah Hayes17.20aXtreme Speed

100 Meters  Midget - Prelims

1.11-12Rashad Hebert14.12aWings of Eagles
2.9-10Jackson Richmond14.13aSeattle Speed Track
3.11-12Jashuan Poke14.67aHigh Voltage
4.11-12Derek Ray14.74aWings of Eagles
5.11-12Kyle Hunter14.93a SRSpeed Unlimited
6.-Tyson Mowrey15.35aCascade Striders
7.11-12Joshua Bass15.45aWings of Eagles
8.-Garret Jackson15.60aCascade Striders
9.11-12Kyle Achi15.98aHill & Valley Runnin...
10.11-12Joseph Kirk Woodbury16.01a SRHigh Voltage
11.-Dustin Johnson16.15a PRCascade Striders
12.-Spencer Hunt16.28a PRCascade Striders
13.11-12Isaac Robersone18.20a SRWings of Eagles

100 Meters  Youth - Prelims

1.13-14Antony Randolph12.33aXtreme Speed
2.13-14Logan Armstrong12.51aSpeed Unlimited
3.13-14Markel Thorton12.56aWings of Eagles
4.13-14Jordan Wallace12.66aXtreme Speed
5.13-14Yofiel Wyle12.94aSpeed Unlimited
6.13-14Jamier Porter12.95a SRWings of Eagles
7.-Nels Schimek13.31aSeattle Speed Track
8.13-14Bennett Hillier13.47aHill & Valley Runnin...
9.13-14Quentin Richardson-Daigle13.55a PRWings of Eagles
10.13-14Christoph Hirota13.98aSpeed Unlimited
11.-Ryan Bowman14.04a PRSeattle Speed Track
12.13-14Masaki Rayment14.09aCascade Striders
13.13-14Payton Ward14.26aSpeed Unlimited
14.11-12Nick Luera14.39a PRSeattle Speed Track
15.13-14Calvin Chan14.49a PRCascade Striders
16.-Andrew Blasko14.58a PRSeattle Speed Track
17.13-14Tay Aras15.31a SRSpeed Unlimited
18.13-14Juquon Kinzer16.22aJBLM Youth Sports
19.13-14Will Brock17.57a PRCascade Striders

100 Meters  Intermediate - Prelims

1.15-16Kerson Lubin11.77a SRXtreme Speed
2.13-14Sam Richmond11.85a PRSeattle Speed Track
3.15-16Kevin Thissel11.94a PRXtreme Speed
4.15-16Robert "Tre" Thomas12.31aXtreme Speed
5.13-14O'Shea Whitlock12.92a PRXtreme Speed
6.15-16Michael Elekes13.02aCascade Striders

100 Meters  Young Men/ Women - Prelims

1.17-18Kyle Caviezel11.34a PRXtreme Speed
2.17-18Allen Malone11.44aXtreme Speed
3.17-18Casey Burns24.96a PRRenton Athletics

200 Meters  Mini Bantam - Finals

1.6UCarlos Gonzalez Jr.42.73a SRJBLM Youth Sports

200 Meters  Sub -Bantam - Finals

1.7-8Nolan Hickman31.49a SRHigh Voltage
2.7-8Jordan Call32.86a SRWings of Eagles
3.7-8Joshua Wood33.16a SRHigh Voltage
4.7-8Cameron Andrews35.46aSouth Central Athlet...
5.7-8Bram Schenck36.01a SRSpeed Unlimited
6.-Yash Mehta36.75a PRCascade Striders
7.7-8Michael Farmer40.29a PRXtreme Speed
8.7-8Harrison Keating42.01a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
9.7-8Calvin Owen43.05a PRCascade Striders

200 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Askhari Davis29.04a PRHigh Voltage
2.9-10Drevon Williams30.06a SRHigh Voltage
3.9-10Paolo Banchero31.51a PRWings of Eagles
4.9-10Jhamar Brown31.92a PRHigh Voltage
5.9-10Tyler Williams32.66a SRSpeed Unlimited
6.9-10Elian Joseph33.39a SRSpeed Unlimited
7.9-10Jaden Mills-Beach33.46a PRSouth Central Athlet...
8.9-10DeShon Robertson33.66a SRHigh Voltage
9.9-10Deven Gates34.76aSouth Central Athlet...
10.9-10Siaire Washington35.43a PRSouth Central Athlet...
11.9-10Emil Rahman36.17a PRXtreme Speed
12.9-10Dorian Magee-Petty37.03a SRSouth Central Athlet...

200 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Jalelin Tate27.58a PRHigh Voltage
2.11-12Jashuan Poke28.93a PRHigh Voltage
3.9-10Jackson Richmond28.95a PRSeattle Speed Track
4.11-12Landon Armstrong29.69a SRSpeed Unlimited
5.11-12Mazi Anderson31.08a PRSouth Central Athlet...
6.11-12Kyle Hunter31.40a SRSpeed Unlimited
7.11-12Kyle Achi32.29a SRHill & Valley Runnin...
8.11-12jordan Fletcher32.59a PRRainier Beach Track

200 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Logan Armstrong25.83a SRSpeed Unlimited
2.13-14Markel Thorton26.32a PRWings of Eagles
3.13-14Yofiel Wyle26.43a PRSpeed Unlimited
4.-Stile Wreggelsworth26.47a SRCascade Striders
5.-Nels Schimek26.89a PRSeattle Speed Track
6.13-14Malcolm Fincher27.03a PRSpeed Unlimited
7.13-14Chaaka Trahan27.18a PRWings of Eagles
8.13-14Bennett Hillier27.79a PRHill & Valley Runnin...
9.-Ryan Bowman27.92a PRSeattle Speed Track
10.13-14Calvin Chan28.08a PRCascade Striders
11.13-14Christoph Hirota28.09a SRSpeed Unlimited
12.13-14Thomas Leisy29.26a PRSpeed Unlimited
13.13-14Noah Nievs-Driver29.61aJBLM Youth Sports
14.13-14Nicolas Pittman30.39a SRSpeed Unlimited
15.13-14Hunter Bassett30.43a PRHill & Valley Runnin...
16.13-14Tay Aras31.53a SRSpeed Unlimited
17.6UCameron Costner32.06a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
18.13-14Chanson Jackson32.73aHill & Valley Runnin...
19.13-14Juquon Kinzer32.83a PRJBLM Youth Sports

200 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Kerson Lubin23.79a SRXtreme Speed
2.15-16Kevin Thissel24.49a PRXtreme Speed
3.15-16Philemon Gituma24.69aSouth Central Athlet...
4.15-16Caley Powers25.86a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
5.15-16Michael Elekes26.40a PRCascade Striders
6.15-16Isaiah Foster27.42aXtreme Speed

200 Meters  Young Men/ Women - Finals

1.17-18Allen Malone23.08aXtreme Speed

400 Meters  Sub -Bantam - Finals

1.7-8Joshua Wood1:17.69a SRHigh Voltage
2.7-8Bram Schenck1:22.07a SRSpeed Unlimited
3.6UStephon Fosha Jr1:28.83a SRSouth Central Athlet...
4.7-8Taiten Tibbot1:32.47a PRCascade Striders
5.7-8Elohim Evans1:32.48aSouth Central Athlet...
6.7-8Harrison Keating1:36.39aRunning Unlimited Fi...
7.7-8Sibley Haamid IV1:38.62aJBLM Youth Sports
8.6UIsmael Jackson2:03.99aCascade Striders

400 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Malik Jones1:13.90a SRWings of Eagles
2.9-10Jhamar Brown1:15.61a PRHigh Voltage
3.9-10Elian Joseph1:18.86aSpeed Unlimited
4.9-10Adam Sjolund1:20.68a PRHill & Valley Runnin...
5.9-10Ahmaud Hebert1:21.97a PRWings of Eagles
6.9-10Malcom Laird1:22.18a PRHigh Voltage
7.9-10Deven Gates1:23.75aSouth Central Athlet...
8.9-10Michael Taylor1:25.88a PRWings of Eagles
9.9-10Bowen Kennedy1:29.17aBarron Park Striders
10.9-10Micah Thompson1:29.60a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
11.9-10Alex Leu1:37.07a SRCascade Striders

400 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Jalelin Tate1:03.35a PRHigh Voltage
2.11-12Myles Klingler1:08.36a PRSouth Central Athlet...
3.11-12Landon Armstrong1:08.94a PRSpeed Unlimited
4.11-12Rashad Hebert1:08.95a PRWings of Eagles
5.11-12Jackson Kelley1:08.96aSpeed Unlimited
6.11-12Ruben Joseph1:10.40a SRSpeed Unlimited
7.11-12Kyle Hunter1:10.62aSpeed Unlimited
8.11-12Mazi Anderson1:11.14a PRSouth Central Athlet...
9.11-12Kellen London1:12.15a SRCascade Striders
10.11-12Joshua Bass1:15.47a SRWings of Eagles
11.11-12Nainoa Loschky1:16.23a PRCascade Striders
12.11-12Connor Griffin1:16.65a SRRain City Flyers
13.11-12Tyler Grehan1:17.97a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
14.11-12Marcus Helliker1:19.74a PRCascade Striders
15.11-12Calvin Brindle1:19.94aSpeed Unlimited
16.11-12Derek Ray1:24.62a PRWings of Eagles
17.11-12Isaac Robersone1:29.46a PRWings of Eagles

400 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.-Stile Wreggelsworth59.09a SRCascade Striders
2.13-14Jordan Wallace1:00.51a SRXtreme Speed
3.13-14myles Barrow1:00.76a SRRainier Beach Track
4.-Nels Schimek1:01.38a PRSeattle Speed Track
5.13-14Malcolm Fincher1:01.39a PRSpeed Unlimited
6.13-14Bennett Hillier1:01.97a SRHill & Valley Runnin...
7.13-14Chaaka Trahan1:02.38a PRWings of Eagles
8.13-14Jamier Porter1:02.90a PRWings of Eagles
9.13-14Calvin Chan1:03.68a PRCascade Striders
10.13-14Arisotle Marr1:05.62a PRWings of Eagles
11.13-14David Howard1:07.66a PRFederal Way Track
12.13-14Skyler DeAsis1:07.80aCascade Striders
13.13-14Thomas Leisy1:07.96a PRSpeed Unlimited
14.13-14Nicolas Pittman1:08.73a SRSpeed Unlimited
15.13-14Alex Taylor1:08.90a SRWings of Eagles
16.13-14Hunter Bassett1:11.24aHill & Valley Runnin...
17.6UCameron Costner1:14.23a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
18.13-14Caleb Thompson1:15.79a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...

800 Meters  Sub -Bantam - Finals

1.7-8Bram Schenck3:01.66a PRSpeed Unlimited
2.7-8Aydan Fisher3:07.45a SRHill & Valley Runnin...
3.7-8Taiten Tibbot3:17.90a SRCascade Striders
4.7-8Elohim Evans3:20.12aSouth Central Athlet...

800 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Malcom Laird2:56.02a SRHigh Voltage
2.13-14Carter Willis3:00.76a SRSpeed Unlimited
3.9-10Christopher Freese3:00.96a PRCascade Striders
4.9-10Christopher Murray3:06.69a PRCascade Striders
5.9-10Michael Taylor3:07.42aWings of Eagles
6.9-10Alex Leu3:29.22a PRCascade Striders

800 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Leo Donlea2:34.54a PRRain City Flyers
2.11-12Mykel Fisher2:38.55a SRHill & Valley Runnin...
3.11-12Donovan Henderson2:38.63aHill & Valley Runnin...
4.11-12Jackson Kelley2:43.60a SRSpeed Unlimited
5.11-12Sean Hannen2:46.56a SRFederal Way Track
6.11-12Myles Klingler2:49.78a SRSouth Central Athlet...
7.11-12Hunter Hofman2:53.15aJBLM Youth Sports
8.11-12Jared Donnel2:53.55a SRCascade Striders
9.11-12Calvin Brindle2:53.58a PRSpeed Unlimited
10.11-12Devon Murray2:55.52aHill & Valley Runnin...
11.11-12Nicholas DeJarlais2:57.14a SRCascade Striders
12.11-12Tanner Mecham3:01.24a SRCascade Striders
13.11-12Ailey Birkeland3:01.79a SRRain City Flyers
14.11-12Adaijon Davis3:02.32a PRHigh Voltage
15.11-12Connor Griffin3:03.20a SRRain City Flyers
16.11-12Max Frazier3:09.01aWings of Eagles

800 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Bennett Hillier2:24.74a SRHill & Valley Runnin...
2.13-14Andrew Cooper2:25.48a SRCascade Striders
3.13-14Logan Clark2:28.07a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
4.13-14myles Barrow2:29.34a SRRainier Beach Track
5.13-14Skyler DeAsis2:31.71a PRCascade Striders
6.13-14Luke Beauchamp2:31.72a SRCascade Striders
7.13-14David Howard2:37.74a SRFederal Way Track
8.13-14Chanson Jackson2:38.21aHill & Valley Runnin...
9.13-14Matt Martin2:38.41a SRCascade Striders
10.13-14Andrew Angelos2:45.02a PRHigh Voltage
11.6UCameron Costner2:49.57a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
12.13-14Caleb Thompson2:49.78a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
13.13-14Noah Owen3:37.47a PRCascade Striders

800 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Gabriel Joseph2:08.97a SRSpeed Unlimited
2.15-16Caley Powers2:12.08a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...

800 Meters  Young Men/ Women - Finals

1.17-18Ramon Figueredo2:01.99a PRJBLM Youth Sports
2.17-18Victor Bailly2:07.55a PRSouth Central Athlet...
3.17-18Cameron Devine2:31.12a PRCascade Striders

1500 Meters  Sub -Bantam - Finals

1.7-8Aydan Fisher6:40.78aHill & Valley Runnin...

1500 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Adam Sjolund6:02.00a SRHill & Valley Runnin...
2.13-14Carter Willis6:04.93a PRSpeed Unlimited
3.9-10Christopher Murray6:18.08a PRCascade Striders

1500 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Bona Mohammed5:05.74a SRHigh Voltage
2.11-12Leo Donlea5:10.64a SRRain City Flyers
3.11-12Donovan Henderson5:16.56a SRHill & Valley Runnin...
4.11-12Zach Blake5:18.74a SRFederal Way Track
5.11-12Mykel Fisher5:29.93aHill & Valley Runnin...
6.11-12Sean Hannen5:37.79a SRFederal Way Track
7.11-12Jared Donnel5:39.01a SRCascade Striders
8.11-12Kellen London5:50.48a SRCascade Striders
9.11-12Marcus Helliker5:57.84a PRCascade Striders
10.11-12Nicholas DeJarlais5:59.73a SRCascade Striders
11.11-12Connor Griffin6:00.83a PRRain City Flyers
12.11-12Tanner Mecham6:08.18a SRCascade Striders
13.11-12Devon Murray6:17.91aHill & Valley Runnin...
14.11-12Matthew Ahearn6:35.68a SRCascade Striders
15.11-12Avery Dailidenas7:14.12a SRCascade Striders

1500 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Grant Stein4:24.30a PRCascade Striders
2.15-16Brendan Long4:24.68a PRSpeed Unlimited

1500 Meters  Young Men/ Women - Finals

1.17-18Ramon Figueredo4:20.23a PRJBLM Youth Sports
2.17-18Cameron Devine5:09.07a PRCascade Striders

80m Hurdles - 30"  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Mack Lang16.28a PRBarron Park Striders

80m Hurdles - 39"  Midget - Finals

2.11-12Matthew Ahearn18.13a PRCascade Striders
3.11-12Avery Dailidenas39.28a PRCascade Striders

100m Hurdles - 33"  Youth - Finals

2.13-14Ryan Chase16.70aBarron Park Striders

100m Hurdles - 39"  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Antony Randolph15.65a PRXtreme Speed
3.13-14Masaki Rayment20.15a PRCascade Striders

110m Hurdles - 39"  Young Men/ Women - Finals

1.17-18Jacob Wilcher15.75aXtreme Speed
2.17-18Kaid Tipton15.96a SRXtreme Speed
3.17-18Eric Irons17.20a PRXtreme Speed

200m Hurdles - 36"  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Alex Taylor36.97a PRWings of Eagles
2.6UCameron Costner37.05a PRRunning Unlimited Fi...

400m Hurdles - 36"  Young Men/ Women - Finals

1.17-18Kaid Tipton1:01.07a SRXtreme Speed
2.17-18Eric Irons1:04.20a PRXtreme Speed

4x100 Relay  Sub -Bantam - Finals

1.7-8Colin Weeks
Calvin Owen
Taiten Tibbot
Reid Wood
1:31.94aCascade Striders

4x100 Relay  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Joe Brock
Rishi Daniels
Christopher Freese
Christopher Murray
1:08.78aCascade Striders

4x100 Relay  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Chaaka Trahan
Quentin Richardson-Daigle
Markel Thorton
Jamier Porter
49.21aWings of Eagles
2.13-14Christoph Hirota
Thomas Leisy
Yofiel Wyle
Logan Armstrong
49.85aSpeed Unlimited

4x100 Relay  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Kerson Lubin
Kevin Thissel
Robert "Tre" Thomas
Jason Cowan
45.64aXtreme Speed

4x100 Relay  Young Men/ Women - Finals

1.17-18Jacob Wilcher
Allen Malone
Kaid Tipton
Kyle Caviezel
44.53aXtreme Speed

4x400 Relay  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Jared Donnel
Marcus Helliker
Nicholas DeJarlais
Tanner Mecham
5:30.76aCascade Striders

4x400 Relay  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Kekoa Loschky
Masaki Rayment
Calvin Chan
Skyler DeAsis
4:28.55aCascade Striders
2.13-14Dario Cirlincione
Andrew Cooper
Matt Martin
Ian Van de Kamp
4:46.08aCascade Striders

4x400 Relay  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Jason Cowan
Taylor Thompson
O'Shea Whitlock
Isaiah Foster
3:48.47aXtreme Speed

4x400 Relay  Young Men/ Women - Finals

1.17-18Allen Malone
Jacob Wilcher
Kaid Tipton
Kyle Caviezel
3:47.37aXtreme Speed

4x800 Relay  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Devon Murray
Kyle Achi
Mykel Fisher
Donovan Henderson
11:33.41aHill & Valley Runnin...

Shot Put - 6lb  Sub -Bantam - Finals

1.7-8Taiten Tibbot11-10.00Cascade Striders
2.7-8Collin Ingram7-11.00 SRJBLM Youth Sports

Shot Put - 6lb  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Jermaine Davis21-11.00 SRHigh Voltage
2.9-10John Rolfe17-10.00 SRCascade Striders
3.9-10Rishi Daniels15-08.00 SRCascade Striders
4.9-10Christopher Freese15-02.00Cascade Striders
5.9-10Christopher Murray12-11.00 SRCascade Striders
6.9-10Micah Thompson12-00.00 PRRunning Unlimited Fi...

Shot Put - 6lb  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Ryan Croone25-01.00South Central Athlet...
2.11-12jordan Fletcher23-04.00 PRRainier Beach Track
3.11-12Michael Fisken22-02.00Running Unlimited Fi...
4.11-12John Sliwoski21-07.00 PRCascade Striders
5.11-12Joseph Kirk Woodbury21-06.00 SRHigh Voltage
6.11-12Isaac Robersone21-01.00 SRWings of Eagles
7.11-12Joshua Olson18-01.00 PRCascade Striders
8.11-12Jacob Thompson17-00.00 PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
9.11-12Reginald King16-04.00South Central Athlet...
10.11-12Matthew Ahearn14-06.00Cascade Striders
11.11-12Ailey Birkeland13-07.00 PRRain City Flyers

Shot Put - 4kg  Youth - Finals

1.13-14David Howard26-11.00 SRFederal Way Track
2.13-14Nicolas Pittman24-05.00 SRSpeed Unlimited
3.13-14Isaiah Carter22-00.00South Central Athlet...
4.13-14Dario Cirlincione20-02.00 PRCascade Striders
5.13-14Dalton Workman18-09.00 PRHill & Valley Runnin...

Shot Put - 12lb  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Michael Elekes24-07.00 PRCascade Striders
2.15-16Cole Teller23-08.00South Central Athlet...

Javelin - 300g TJ  Sub -Bantam - Finals

1.7-8Reid Wood24-00 PRCascade Striders

Javelin - 300g TJ  Bantam - Finals

9-10Bowen Kennedy61'10Barron Park Striders
1.9-10Bowen Kennedy61-01Barron Park Striders
2.9-10John Rolfe59-02 PRCascade Striders
3.9-10Joe Brock57-11 PRCascade Striders
4.9-10Alex Leu42-09 SRCascade Striders

Javelin - 300g TJ  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Landon Armstrong108-02 SRSpeed Unlimited
2.11-12John Sliwoski83-10 PRCascade Striders
3.11-12Nainoa Loschky80-01Cascade Striders
4.11-12Max Frazier76-07 PRWings of Eagles
5.11-12Tyler Grehan73-10 PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
6.11-12Simon Bauer67-05Barron Park Striders
7.11-12Michael Fisken64-07Running Unlimited Fi...
8.11-12Ryan Croone62-04 PRSouth Central Athlet...
9.11-12Joshua Olson60-11Cascade Striders
10.11-12Miles Owen49-01 PRCascade Striders
11.11-12Jacob Thompson48-00 PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
12.11-12Ailey Birkeland32-05 SRRain City Flyers

Javelin - 600g  Youth - Finals

4.13-14Isaiah Carter57'04 PRSouth Central Athlet...

Javelin - 800g  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Malcolm Fincher111-06 PRSpeed Unlimited
2.-Andrew Blasko76-05 PRSeattle Speed Track
3.13-14Noah Owen62-01 PRCascade Striders

Javelin - 800g  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Grant Stein111-00 PRCascade Striders
2.15-16Cole Teller64'5.75South Central Athlet...
2.15-16Cole Teller64-05South Central Athlet...

High Jump  Bantam - Finals

1.7-8Ian Ferguson3-03.00 SRMontlake Roadrunners

High Jump  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Nuradin Abdi4-07.00 SRHigh Voltage
2.11-12Mack Lang4-00.00 PRBarron Park Striders
3.11-12Miles Owen3-06.00 PRCascade Striders
11-12Avery DailidenasNHCascade Striders
11-12Max FrazierNHWings of Eagles

High Jump  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Antony Randolph5-02.00 PRXtreme Speed
2.13-14Ryan Chase5-00.00Barron Park Striders
3.13-14Alex Taylor4-02.00 PRWings of Eagles
4.13-14Skyler DeAsis3-10.00Cascade Striders

High Jump  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Javin Harris4-10.00 PRHigh Voltage
15-16Micky MachacekNHSouth Central Athlet...

Long Jump  Mini Bantam - Finals

1.6UCarlos Gonzalez Jr.7-06.00 PRJBLM Youth Sports
2.7-8Jack Sliwoski6-04.00 SRCascade Striders
3.6UCarter Moreland6-02.00 PRCascade Striders
4.6UIsmael Jackson5-03.00 SRCascade Striders
5.-Jackson Griffin4-09.00 PRCascade Striders

Long Jump  Sub -Bantam - Finals

1.7-8Ian Ferguson9-05.00 SRMontlake Roadrunners
2.7-8Calvin Owen8-09.00 PRCascade Striders
3.7-8Aydan Fisher8-05.00Hill & Valley Runnin...
4.7-8Sibley Haamid IV7-04.00 SRJBLM Youth Sports
5.7-8Collin Ingram5-08.50JBLM Youth Sports

Long Jump  Bantam - Finals

1.-Taylor Griffin13-05.50 PRCascade Striders
2.9-10Tyler Williams12-00.50Speed Unlimited
3.9-10Isaiah Hayes10-11.00 PRXtreme Speed
4.9-10Adam Sjolund9-03.00 SRHill & Valley Runnin...
5.9-10Michael Taylor9-02.00 SRWings of Eagles
6.9-10Joe Brock8-10.50 PRCascade Striders
7.9-10Micah Thompson8-01.00 PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
8.9-10John Rolfe6-08.50 PRCascade Striders

Long Jump  Midget - Finals

1.-Tyson Mowrey14-10.50 PRCascade Striders
2.9-10Jackson Richmond14-08.00 PRSeattle Speed Track
3.11-12Matthew Ahearn12-08.50 SRCascade Striders
4.11-12Joseph Kirk Woodbury12-00.00 SRHigh Voltage
4.11-12Mack Lang12-00.00Barron Park Striders
6.11-12Myles Klingler11-10.50South Central Athlet...
7.11-12Nuradin Abdi11-10.00 SRHigh Voltage
8.-Dustin Johnson11-01.00 PRCascade Striders
9.11-12Calvin Brindle10-10.00Speed Unlimited
10.-Garret Jackson10-05.00 PRCascade Striders
11.11-12Tanner Mecham10-04.00Cascade Striders
12.11-12Nicholas DeJarlais9-11.00Cascade Striders
13.11-12Tyler Grehan9-09.50 PRRunning Unlimited Fi...
14.11-12Jared Donnel9-07.00 PRCascade Striders
15.11-12Avery Dailidenas8-09.50Cascade Striders
16.11-12Miles Owen8-09.00Cascade Striders
17.11-12Jacob Thompson8-02.50 PRRunning Unlimited Fi...

Long Jump  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Ryan Chase17-06.50Barron Park Striders
2.13-14Christoph Hirota16-05.75 SRSpeed Unlimited
3.13-14Masaki Rayment15-00.50Cascade Striders
4.13-14Andrew Angelos14-09.25 PRHigh Voltage
5.13-14Payton Ward14-03.25 PRSpeed Unlimited
6.13-14Thomas Leisy14-03.00 PRSpeed Unlimited
7.13-14David Howard13-03.50Federal Way Track
8.13-14Dalton Workman11-08.50 PRHill & Valley Runnin...
9.13-14Will Brock8-06.25 PRCascade Striders

Long Jump  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Lane Russell20-11.50 PRCascade Striders
2.13-14Sam Richmond19-01.75 PRSeattle Speed Track
2.15-16Kevin Thissel19-01.75 PRXtreme Speed
4.15-16Michael Elekes17-05.75 PRCascade Striders

Long Jump  Young Men/ Women - Finals

1.17-18Victor Bailly15-05.00South Central Athlet...

Triple Jump  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Ryan Chase37-00.50Barron Park Striders

Triple Jump  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Javin Harris40-01.25 PRHigh Voltage
2.13-14O'Shea Whitlock37-03.25 PRXtreme Speed

Triple Jump  Young Men/ Women - Finals

1.17-18Victor Bailly37-02.75South Central Athlet...

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