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200 Meters  Heptathlon - Finals

1.Yvette Lewis23.70a (1.0)Unattached
2.SrChelsea Carrier23.80a (1.0)West Virginia
3.Hyleas Fountain23.84a (1.0)Nike
4.Kasey Hill23.96a (2.8)Unattached
5.SoAllison Reaser24.12a (2.8)San Diego State
6.Heather Miller24.22a (2.8)Central Park Track
7.Sharon Day24.26a (1.0)Asics
8.Chantae McMillan24.32a (3.0)Unattached
9.SrBarbara Nwaba24.33a PR (2.2)UC Santa Barbara
10.Aisha Adams24.38a (2.8)Unattached
11.SrLindsay Schwartz24.39a PR (2.2)South Alabama
12.JrKeia Pinnick24.43a (1.0)Arizona State
13.SrLindsay Lettow24.51a PR (3.0)Central Missouri
14.Emily Pearson24.53a (2.2)Unattached
15.SrKiani Profit24.54a (2.2)Maryland
16.SrJessica Flax24.75a PR (3.0)Wisconsin
17.Bettie Wade24.84a (2.2)Nike
18.Abbie Stechschulte24.88a (3.0)Unattached
19.SrRyann Krais24.91a SR (2.8)Kansas State
20.SoDeanna Latham25.13a (3.0)Wisconsin

100m Hurdles - 33"  Heptathlon - Finals

1.Yvette Lewis12.84a (.9)Unattached
2.Hyleas Fountain12.86a (.9)Nike
3.SrChelsea Carrier12.96a (.9)West Virginia
4.Chantae McMillan13.36a (.7)Unattached
5.SoAllison Reaser13.55a SR (1.6)San Diego State
6.JrKeia Pinnick13.60a (.9)Arizona State
7.SrBarbara Nwaba13.68a (1.3)UC Santa Barbara
8.SrJessica Flax13.70a PR (1.3)Wisconsin
9.Sharon Day13.71a (1.6)Asics
10.Bettie Wade13.72a (1.6)Nike
11.Abbie Stechschulte13.76a (.7)Unattached
12.SrRyann Krais13.84a SR (1.6)Kansas State
13.SrLindsay Schwartz13.94a PR (.5)South Alabama
14.SrLindsay Lettow13.96a SR (1.3)Central Missouri
15.SoDeanna Latham14.00a (1.3)Wisconsin
16.Emily Pearson14.03a (.7)Unattached
17.Heather Miller14.18a (.5)Central Park Track
18.Kasey Hill14.30a (.5)Unattached
19.Aisha Adams14.41a (.7)Unattached
20.SrKiani Profit14.61a (.5)Maryland

Shot Put - 4kg  Heptathlon - Finals

1.Chantae McMillan15.02mUnattached
2.Bettie Wade13.62mNike
3.Abbie Stechschulte13.45mUnattached
4.Sharon Day13.40mAsics
5.Hyleas Fountain13.17mNike
6.SoDeanna Latham12.66mWisconsin
7.SrBarbara Nwaba12.53mUC Santa Barbara
8.Kasey Hill12.39mUnattached
9.SrKiani Profit12.31m PRMaryland
10.SrLindsay Lettow12.13m PRCentral Missouri
11.SrRyann Krais12.00m SRKansas State
12.SoAllison Reaser11.90mSan Diego State
13.SrChelsea Carrier11.86m PRWest Virginia
14.SrJessica Flax11.82mWisconsin
15.Emily Pearson11.76mUnattached
16.Heather Miller11.68mCentral Park Track
17.Aisha Adams11.34mUnattached
18.JrKeia Pinnick11.02mArizona State
19.SrLindsay Schwartz10.89m PRSouth Alabama
20.Yvette Lewis8.61mUnattached

High Jump  Heptathlon - Finals

1.SrBarbara Nwaba1.87m PRUC Santa Barbara
2.Hyleas Fountain1.87mNike
3.Sharon Day1.87mAsics
4.Bettie Wade1.81mNike
5.SrLindsay Lettow1.75m PRCentral Missouri
7.SrRyann Krais1.75m SRKansas State
7.Yvette Lewis1.75mUnattached
9.Abbie Stechschulte1.72mUnattached
11.SrJessica Flax1.72m PRWisconsin
12.Emily Pearson1.69mUnattached
13.SrChelsea Carrier1.69mWest Virginia
13.SrLindsay Schwartz1.69m SRSouth Alabama
15.JrKeia Pinnick1.69m PRArizona State
15.Heather Miller1.69mCentral Park Track
17.SrKiani Profit1.63mMaryland
18.SoAllison Reaser1.63mSan Diego State
19.SoDeanna Latham1.60mWisconsin
20.Kasey Hill1.60mUnattached


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