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100 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Tristan Welch12.05aSt. John the Apostle
2.-Evan Haberle12.51aSt. John Fisher
3.-Daniel Nelson12.57aSt. John Fisher
4.-Jared Malone12.76aSt. Ignatius
5.-Samuel Remington12.88a PRWest Hills Christian
6.-Landon Inman12.90aWest Hills Christian
7.-Eric Soo12.99aWest Hills Christian
8.-David Soo13.01aWest Hills Christian
9.-Cameron McNulty13.25aSt. John the Apostle
10.-George Kingsley13.33aWest Hills Christian
11.-Carlos Coleman13.63aSt. John the Apostle
12.-Elliot Rask13.72a PRSt. John Fisher
13.-Adam Ortiz13.78aChrist the King
14.-Jacob Kreutzer14.08aSt. John the Apostle
15.-Daniel Scoggins14.12a PRSt. John Fisher
16.-Anthony Newman14.48aSt. John the Apostle
17.12Parker Crosgrove15.17a PRHoly Family
18.-Jack Kain15.51a PRHoly Family
19.-Brett Moore15.63aSt. John the Apostle
20.-Caleb Griffie15.69aWest Hills Christian
21.-Andy Espinoza15.86a PRChrist the King
22.-Daniel Berger15.99a PRChrist the King

100 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Rocky Martin13.62aSt. John the Apostle
2.-Blake Strandberg13.84aWest Hills Christian
3.6Enzo Czysz14.38aHoly Family
4.-Parker Shaffer14.49aSt. John the Apostle
5.6Tyler Rosette14.70aWest Hills Christian
6.5Gabe Coe15.04aDamascus Christian CYO
7.-Peter Gregory15.31a PRHoly Family
8.-Jacob Bingham15.36a PRWest Hills Christian
9.-Luke Inman15.45a SRWest Hills Christian
10.6Carson Little15.47aWest Hills Christian
11.-Hunter Straub15.55a SRDamascus Christian CYO
12.-Thomas Remington15.65a PRWest Hills Christian
13.-Dominick Moulton15.78aSt. Ignatius
14.-Joseph Carman15.79aSt. John Fisher
15.-Parker Consolo15.85aWest Hills Christian
16.-Jack Gilroy15.92aHoly Family
17.-Brent Smith15.93aSt. John the Apostle
18.-Sam Anderson16.02a PRSt. John Fisher
19.-Beau Moody16.08a PRDamascus Christian CYO
20.-Joseph Herman16.14aSt. John Fisher
21.-Tanner Rast16.26aHoly Family
22.-Noah Grabe16.31a PRSt. John Fisher
23.6Alex Ameripour16.33aSt. John the Apostle
24.-jackson Shank16.64a PRHoly Family
25.5Patrick Dowhaniuk16.76a PRChrist the King
26.-Chris Nisbet17.05a PRSt. John Fisher
27.-Calvin Gall17.27a PRSt. John Fisher
28.6Jose Abraham Bautista17.29aChrist the King
29.5Noah Bautista17.45aWest Hills Christian
30.-Luke DeWolf17.68a PRDamascus Christian CYO
31.-cole Athens18.27aHoly Family
32.-Izaak King18.34a PRSt. Ignatius
33.-Jacob Atkins18.37a SRDamascus Christian CYO
34.-Jackson Buerk18.64a PRHoly Family
35.-Christian O'Connell18.75aChrist the King
36.-Wade Coleman19.06a PRSt. John the Apostle
37.-Caleb Pratt19.69a PRDamascus Christian CYO
38.5Parker Eggiman19.75a SRChrist the King

100 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Mateo Sanchez15.74aSt. John Fisher
2.4Max Czysz15.85aHoly Family
3.4Alex Soo15.98aWest Hills Christian
4.4Henry Foster16.03aWest Hills Christian
5.4Nataniel Moreau16.09a SRSt. John Fisher
6.4Carson Crist16.16aWest Hills Christian
7.4Ennis Ferguson16.24a SRSt. John Fisher
8.-Isaac Reeber16.30a PRSt. John the Apostle
9.-Cole Strandberg16.44a PRWest Hills Christian
10.-Carson Ogard16.50aChrist the King
11.-Roth Morgan16.80a PRSt. Ignatius
12.3Grant Miller16.81aWest Hills Christian
13.9Kaleb Coleman-Armstrong16.85aSt. John the Apostle
14.-Ethan Carman17.00a PRSt. John Fisher
15.-Linden Cho17.14aWest Hills Christian
16.-Jack Watson17.27aSt. John Fisher
17.4Calvin Bryant17.28aSt. John the Apostle
18.2Austin Canchola17.44a SRSt. John the Apostle
19.4John Menor17.45aChrist the King
20.4Noah Chung17.48aWest Hills Christian
21.3Timothy Brewer17.56aSt. John the Apostle
22.3Jacob Petersen17.59a SRSt. John the Apostle
22.-Isaac Boger17.59a PRWest Hills Christian
24.-Cole Hemphill17.61a PRSt. John Fisher
25.-Harrison Dreyer17.64aSt. John Fisher
26.-Michael Ulrich17.70a PRDamascus Christian CYO
27.2Morpheus Nithikhun17.71a SRSt. John the Apostle
28.3Brandon Roberts17.75aWest Hills Christian
29.4Christian Walker17.83aWest Hills Christian
30.-Matthew Culley18.01a PRSt. Ignatius
31.4Evans Brackenbrough18.02aChrist the King
31.-Jason Budey18.02a SRDamascus Christian CYO
33.3Dylan Maguire18.06aWest Hills Christian
34.-Max Johanson18.30aSt. John Fisher
35.-Joshua Mitchell18.35a SRDamascus Christian CYO
36.3Alex May18.42a SRHoly Family
37.4William Barton18.45aSt. John Fisher
38.4Jackson Hill18.69a SRDamascus Christian CYO
39.-Brody Sears18.72a PRSt. John Fisher
40.-Luke Nelson18.76aDamascus Christian CYO
41.-Noah Tucker18.86aDamascus Christian CYO
42.-Gabriel Rozzell18.99a SRHoly Family
43.4Shawn Eilersen19.01aSt. John the Apostle
44.-AJ Brauer19.11a PRSt. John Fisher
45.-Eke Enemuo19.12aSt. John the Apostle
46.-Preston Kill19.33a SRWest Hills Christian
47.4Max O'Toole19.36a SRSt. John Fisher
48.3Kemper Finn19.37a SRHoly Family
49.-Alex Trinchero19.51aSt. John Fisher
50.-Sean Nisbet19.82aSt. John Fisher
51.-Seth Satalich20.19a PRSt. John Fisher
52.-Luke Osborn20.42a PRDamascus Christian CYO
53.-Charlie McCoy20.47aSt. John the Apostle
54.-Jared Hainley20.50a PRHoly Family

200 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Tristan Welch25.62aSt. John the Apostle
2.-David Soo26.14aWest Hills Christian
3.-Eric Soo26.22aWest Hills Christian
4.-Landon Inman26.65aWest Hills Christian
5.-Carlos Coleman26.68a PRSt. John the Apostle
6.-Cameron McNulty26.75aSt. John the Apostle
7.-Ryan Krostag27.12a PRWest Hills Christian
8.-Jacob Kreutzer30.32aSt. John the Apostle
9.-Andrew Lehman32.41aSt. John Fisher
10.7Nathan Tamashiro36.47a PRChrist the King

200 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Rocky Martin28.10aSt. John the Apostle
2.-Blake Strandberg29.27aWest Hills Christian
3.6Tyler Rosette30.03a PRWest Hills Christian
4.6Alex Ameripour31.89aSt. John the Apostle
5.5Gabe Coe32.33aDamascus Christian CYO
6.-Dylan Baluyut32.62aChrist the King
7.-Joseph Carman32.80aSt. John Fisher
8.-Joseph Herman33.26aSt. John Fisher
9.-Thomas Remington33.29aWest Hills Christian
10.-Luke Inman33.31a PRWest Hills Christian
11.-Beau Moody33.41a PRDamascus Christian CYO
12.6Brendan Quinn33.60a SRHoly Family
13.-Parker Consolo34.11a PRWest Hills Christian
14.-Benjamin Sisul34.25a PRSt. John the Apostle
15.-Carson Ogard34.70aChrist the King
16.-Jack Gilroy35.73aHoly Family
17.5Patrick Dowhaniuk36.61a SRChrist the King
18.-Jacob Trinchero37.39a PRSt. John Fisher
19.-Calvin Gall38.43a PRSt. John Fisher
20.-Christian O'Connell41.30a PRChrist the King

200 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Mateo Sanchez33.77aSt. John Fisher
2.4Carson Crist33.97a SRWest Hills Christian
3.4Nataniel Moreau34.30aSt. John Fisher
4.-Roth Morgan34.40a SRSt. Ignatius
5.9Kaleb Coleman-Armstrong34.49a SRSt. John the Apostle
6.3William Sheaffer34.74a PRWest Hills Christian
7.4Ennis Ferguson35.07a SRSt. John Fisher
8.3Will Spitznagel35.27a SRSt. John Fisher
9.-Cole Strandberg35.49a PRWest Hills Christian
10.-Ethan Carman35.80aSt. John Fisher
11.4Calvin Bryant36.11a PRSt. John the Apostle
12.3Grant Miller36.23a SRWest Hills Christian
13.-Isaac Reeber36.27aSt. John the Apostle
14.-Jack Watson37.58a PRSt. John Fisher
15.-Ryan Brandt37.97a SRHoly Family
16.3Dylan Maguire38.42a SRWest Hills Christian
17.-Max Johanson38.96a PRSt. John Fisher
18.-Matthew Culley40.50a SRSt. Ignatius
19.-Owen Ward40.58a SRSt. John Fisher
20.-AJ Brauer41.56a PRSt. John Fisher
21.-Alex Trinchero43.29aSt. John Fisher
22.-Andrew Scott43.76aSt. John Fisher
23.-Seth Satalich44.16a PRSt. John Fisher

400 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Tristan Welch57.65aSt. John the Apostle
2.-Evan Haberle59.93aSt. John Fisher
3.-George Kingsley1:01.80aWest Hills Christian
4.-Daniel Scoggins1:06.99aSt. John Fisher
5.-Adam Ortiz1:09.11aChrist the King
6.-Wilder Boyden1:11.58a PRSt. John Fisher
7.-Andy Espinoza1:18.79a PRChrist the King
8.-Jack Kain1:22.87a PRHoly Family

400 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.-Blake Strandberg1:05.42aWest Hills Christian
2.-Parker Shaffer1:08.03aSt. John the Apostle
3.-Benjamin Sisul1:15.53aSt. John the Apostle
4.-Joseph Carman1:18.77aSt. John Fisher
5.-Jack Gilroy1:22.18aHoly Family
6.5Zachary Miller1:22.75a PRSt. John Fisher
7.6Pierce Miller1:22.78a SRWest Hills Christian
8.-jackson Shank1:23.40aHoly Family
9.-Chris Nisbet1:26.32aSt. John Fisher
10.-Garrett Jones1:28.10a SRChrist the King
11.-Jacob Trinchero1:28.84aSt. John Fisher
12.-Izaak King1:34.20aSt. Ignatius
13.-Quint Page1:35.32a PRSt. John Fisher

400 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.3Will Spitznagel1:23.63aSt. John Fisher
2.-Sam Anderson1:28.93aSt. John Fisher
3.-Liam Salzman1:29.33aSt. John Fisher
4.-Owen Ward1:30.57aSt. John Fisher
5.-Matthew Eppler1:35.68aSt. John Fisher
6.3Alex May1:38.09aHoly Family
7.-Cooper Lawrence1:42.99a PRSt. John Fisher

800 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Samuel Remington2:21.29aWest Hills Christian
2.-Alex Canchola2:35.16aSt. John the Apostle
3.-Wilder Boyden2:44.59aSt. John Fisher
4.-RJ Stevens2:48.80aWest Hills Christian
5.-Duncan Brewster2:50.14aWest Hills Christian
6.-Camden Coshow2:51.53aSt. John Fisher
7.-Thomas Swide2:58.09a PRSt. John Fisher
8.-Graham Smith3:53.70aHoly Family

800 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.-Jacob Bingham2:47.39aWest Hills Christian
2.-Benjamin Sisul2:50.43aSt. John the Apostle
3.-Luke Sparks2:51.88aSt. Ignatius
4.-Hunter Straub3:04.22aDamascus Christian CYO
5.-Noah Crise3:10.99aSt. John Fisher
6.5Zachary Miller3:17.72aSt. John Fisher
7.5Logan Schnoor3:17.80a SRSt. John the Apostle
8.-Jake Jones3:18.64aWest Hills Christian
9.-Garrett Jones3:20.13aChrist the King
10.5Sterling Roberts3:28.80aWest Hills Christian
11.6Keenan Robinson3:37.35a SRHoly Family
12.-Quint Page3:55.64aSt. John Fisher

800 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.3Will Spitznagel3:14.75aSt. John Fisher
2.-Sam Anderson3:20.49aSt. John Fisher
3.3Brandon Roberts3:21.25aWest Hills Christian
4.-Liam Salzman3:24.77aSt. John Fisher
5.4Henry Foster3:33.61a SRWest Hills Christian
6.-Matthew Eppler3:36.98a PRSt. John Fisher

1500 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Ryan Krostag4:59.76aWest Hills Christian
2.-Joshua Tsen5:36.78aWest Hills Christian
3.-Zach Collins5:36.92aSt. John Fisher
4.-Duncan Brewster5:46.55aWest Hills Christian
5.-George Lilly5:47.13aSt. John Fisher
6.-RJ Stevens5:48.13aWest Hills Christian
7.-Cameron Mitchell6:02.96aChrist the King
8.-Chaz Olivares6:05.12a PRSt. John Fisher
9.-Evan Harrison6:07.62aWest Hills Christian
10.-Andrew Lehman6:36.09a PRSt. John Fisher
11.-James Trotter6:39.51aSt. John Fisher
12.-Graham Smith7:41.32aHoly Family

1500 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.-Jacob Bingham5:31.22aWest Hills Christian
2.6Pierce Miller5:46.60aWest Hills Christian
3.-Noah Grabe6:16.69aSt. John Fisher
4.5Noah Bautista6:18.01aWest Hills Christian
5.5Sterling Roberts6:40.37aWest Hills Christian
6.6Keenan Robinson6:55.80aHoly Family
---Carter StrearSCRHoly Family
--3Ian FinnSCRHoly Family

1500 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.3William Sheaffer5:48.98aWest Hills Christian
2.3Grant Miller6:11.92aWest Hills Christian
3.4Henry Foster6:51.12aWest Hills Christian
4.3Ian Finn6:55.78aHoly Family
5.4Alex Soo7:03.73aWest Hills Christian
6.4Noah Chung7:06.29aWest Hills Christian
7.-Carter Strear7:07.83aHoly Family
--5Noah BautistaSCRWest Hills Christian
--6Keenan RobinsonSCRHoly Family
---Noah GrabeSCRSt. John Fisher

3000 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Joshua Tsen12:09.62aWest Hills Christian
2.-Graham Smith15:47.43aHoly Family

4x60 Relay  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Relay Team 39.41aSt. John the Apostle
2.-Relay Team 40.31aSt. John Fisher
3.-Relay Team 40.75aSt. John Fisher
4.-Relay Team 41.56aWest Hills Christian
5.-Relay Team 41.95aSt. John the Apostle
6.-Relay Team 42.77aSt. John the Apostle
7.-Relay Team 43.92aHoly Family

4x100 Relay  Cadets - Finals

1.-Relay Team 50.28aWest Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 50.66aSt. John the Apostle
3.-Relay Team 57.71aSt. John Fisher
---Relay Team DQSt. John Fisher

4x100 Relay  Cubs - Finals

1.-Relay Team 58.21aWest Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 1:03.93aHoly Family
3.-Relay Team 1:04.01aSt. John Fisher
4.-Relay Team 1:04.50aWest Hills Christian
5.-Relay Team 1:05.29aDamascus Christian CYO
6.-Relay Team 1:06.27aWest Hills Christian
7.-Relay Team 1:07.11aHoly Family
8.-Relay Team 1:07.40aChrist the King
---Relay Team DQSt. John the Apostle

4x100 Relay  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:06.73aWest Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 1:09.61aSt. John Fisher
3.-Relay Team 1:10.10aWest Hills Christian
4.-Relay Team 1:14.97aHoly Family
5.-Relay Team 1:15.26aSt. John Fisher
6.-Relay Team 1:18.03aDamascus Christian CYO
7.-Relay Team 1:18.19aSt. John Fisher
8.-Relay Team 1:19.68aDamascus Christian CYO

4x400 Relay  Cadets - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:42.12aWest Hills Christian

Shot Put - 6lb  Cadets - Finals

1.-Ryan Krostag38-00.00West Hills Christian
2.-Jared Malone33-11.75St. Ignatius
3.-Adam Ortiz32-00.50 PRChrist the King
4.-Spencer Marcinko28-01.25St. John the Apostle
5.-RJ Stevens25-10.00West Hills Christian
6.-Jesse Jimerson24-03.00 PRSt. John Fisher
7.-Clark Krahn23-09.75Christ the King
8.-James Trotter23-02.50St. John Fisher
9.-Matt D'Amore21-10.50 PRSt. John the Apostle
10.-Daniel Berger20-09.00Christ the King
11.-Jack Kain12-10.75Holy Family

Shot Put - 6lb  Cubs - Finals

1.6Brendan Quinn32-04.75Holy Family
2.-Conner Crist30-02.00West Hills Christian
3.6Tristen Shaw22-11.00 SRChrist the King
4.-Jacob Captein20-00.50West Hills Christian
5.5Robert Scriven19-00.50West Hills Christian
6.5Mitch Glad19-00.00West Hills Christian
7.-Dominic Jauregui18-03.25Christ the King
8.-Caleb Pratt18-00.00 PRDamascus Christian CYO
9.5Parker Eggiman17-08.50 SRChrist the King
10.-Jacob Atkins17-08.00 PRDamascus Christian CYO
10.6Kevin Whitson17-08.00Christ the King
12.-Luke DeWolf17-07.00Damascus Christian CYO
13.-Corwyn Bradeen16-05.50Christ the King
14.5Zachary Miller14-09.25 PRSt. John Fisher
15.6Keenan Robinson14-02.25Holy Family
---Carson OgardSCRChrist the King

Shot Put - 6lb  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Roth Morgan24-00.50St. Ignatius
2.4John Menor20-03.50Christ the King
3.-Ben Wease20-00.50St. John the Apostle
4.4Calvin Bryant15-09.25St. John the Apostle
5.3Brandon Roberts15-06.50West Hills Christian
5.4Evans Brackenbrough15-06.50Christ the King
7.-Liam Salzman15-05.75 PRSt. John Fisher
8.5Noah Ruckwardt15-02.25St. John Fisher
9.-Michael Ulrich15-00.75Damascus Christian CYO
10.-Joshua Mitchell14-09.50Damascus Christian CYO
10.-Isaac Boger14-09.50West Hills Christian
12.-Preston Kill14-03.00West Hills Christian
13.-Charlie McCoy14-02.25St. John the Apostle
14.-Jared Hainley13-10.00Holy Family
15.-Carson Ogard13-03.75 PRChrist the King
16.-Luke Nelson12-08.00Damascus Christian CYO
16.-Grant Star12-08.00 PRChrist the King
18.-Eke Enemuo12-06.50St. John the Apostle
19.-Shane Atkins12-02.75 PRDamascus Christian CYO
20.3Dylan Maguire12-02.00West Hills Christian
21.-Linden Cho12-01.50West Hills Christian
21.3Ian Finn12-01.50Holy Family
23.3Matthew Stevenson11-08.00Christ the King
24.-Cooper Lawrence10-09.00 PRSt. John Fisher
25.-Johnny Hamblin9-05.25 SRSt. John the Apostle
---Jacob AtkinsSCRDamascus Christian CYO
--5Mitch GladSCRWest Hills Christian
--5Zachary MillerSCRSt. John Fisher
--5Robert ScrivenSCRWest Hills Christian

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cadets - Finals

1.-Zachary Wease135-07St. John the Apostle
2.-George Lilly134-09St. John Fisher
3.-Evan Harrison116-03West Hills Christian
4.-Spencer Marcinko114-01 SRSt. John the Apostle
5.-Gabriel Senn97-06St. John the Apostle
6.-Jonathan Rast88-06Holy Family
7.-Matt D'Amore88-03St. John the Apostle
8.-Anthony Newman87-03St. John the Apostle
9.-Brett Moore65-01St. John the Apostle
10.7Nathan Tamashiro58-05Christ the King
11.-Jesse Jimerson50-10 PRSt. John Fisher
12.-Clark Krahn48-00Christ the King
13.-Alex Burton41-02 PRSt. Ignatius

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cubs - Finals

1.5Gabe Coe100-00 SRDamascus Christian CYO
2.-Conner Crist91-10 SRWest Hills Christian
3.6Mark Krigbaum85-05St. John the Apostle
4.-Noah Crise80-11St. John Fisher
5.6Jose Abraham Bautista77-06Christ the King
6.5Mitch Glad75-01West Hills Christian
7.-William Huyhn72-05Christ the King
8.-Wade Coleman65-08St. John the Apostle
9.6Brendan Quinn65-04Holy Family
10.-Dylan Baluyut64-05 PRChrist the King
11.5Robert Scriven60-06West Hills Christian
12.-Sam Anderson57-07 PRChrist the King
13.-Dominic Jauregui51-05 PRChrist the King
14.-Izaak King51-00St. Ignatius
15.-Corwyn Bradeen46-00 PRChrist the King
16.-Jacob Atkins44-07Damascus Christian CYO
17.6Tristen Shaw38-05 SRChrist the King
18.6Kevin Whitson36-05 SRChrist the King
19.5Parker Eggiman31-03 SRChrist the King

Javelin - 300g TJ  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Harrison Dreyer63-04St. John Fisher
2.2Austin Canchola57-00St. John the Apostle
3.4Christian Walker55-00West Hills Christian
4.-Joshua Mitchell54-01Damascus Christian CYO
5.3Jacob Petersen53-07St. John the Apostle
6.-Linden Cho52-06West Hills Christian
7.5Noah Ruckwardt50-09St. John Fisher
8.-Jason Budey44-00 SRDamascus Christian CYO
8.4Jackson Hill44-00Damascus Christian CYO
10.4Evans Brackenbrough43-02Christ the King
11.4John Menor39-04Christ the King
12.-Brody Sears38-08 PRSt. John Fisher
13.-Carter Strear38-06 PRHoly Family
14.-Grant Star38-05 PRChrist the King
15.2Morpheus Nithikhun38-03St. John the Apostle
16.-Luke Osborn36-05Damascus Christian CYO
17.-Luke Nelson35-05 SRDamascus Christian CYO
17.3Matthew Stevenson35-05Christ the King
19.-Isaac Boger34-02West Hills Christian
20.-Noah Tucker30-03Damascus Christian CYO
21.-Andrew Scott28-09St. John Fisher
22.-Cole Hemphill28-03 PRSt. John Fisher
23.-Matthew Eppler27-06 PRSt. John Fisher
24.-Charlie McCoy27-03St. John the Apostle
25.-Shane Atkins26-00Damascus Christian CYO
26.3Timothy Brewer19-03St. John the Apostle
27.4Max O'Toole15-07St. John Fisher
---Owen WardSCRSt. John Fisher
---Cole StrandbergSCRWest Hills Christian
--4Max CzyszSCRHoly Family

High Jump  Cadets - Finals

1.-Camden Coshow5-04.00 PRSt. John Fisher
2.-Zachary Wease5-03.00St. John the Apostle
3.-Alex Canchola5-01.00St. John the Apostle
3.-George Kingsley5-01.00West Hills Christian
5.-Carlos Coleman4-11.00St. John the Apostle
6.-Jacob Kreutzer4-09.00 PRSt. John the Apostle
7.-Caleb Griffie4-06.00West Hills Christian
8.-Cameron Mitchell4-02.00Christ the King

High Jump  Cubs - Finals

1.6Rocky Martin5-00.00 PRSt. John the Apostle
2.6Tyler Rosette4-01.00West Hills Christian
2.6Carson Little4-01.00West Hills Christian
4.5Robert Scriven4-00.00West Hills Christian
5.6Alex Ameripour3-10.00St. John the Apostle
6.-Brent Smith3-08.00 PRSt. John the Apostle
7.-Mateo Minato3-06.00 SRSt. John Fisher
7.-Luke DeWolf3-06.00 PRDamascus Christian CYO
7.-Jacob Captein3-06.00 PRWest Hills Christian
7.-Garrett Jones3-06.00 PRChrist the King
---Corwyn BradeenSCRChrist the King
---Jake JonesSCRWest Hills Christian
---Jacob TrincheroSCRSt. John Fisher
--5Mitch GladSCRWest Hills Christian

Long Jump  Cadets - Finals

1.-Cameron McNulty16-09.75St. John the Apostle
2.-Samuel Remington16-09.00West Hills Christian
3.-Evan Haberle15-09.75St. John Fisher
4.-Jared Malone15-04.00St. Ignatius
5.-Wilder Boyden14-02.00 SRSt. John Fisher
6.-Ben Moon13-06.75 PRSt. John Fisher
7.-Cameron Mitchell13-00.00Christ the King
8.-Elliot Rask12-11.00 PRSt. John Fisher
9.-Luke Tillisch12-02.00 PRSt. John Fisher
10.-Brett Moore11-10.00St. John the Apostle
11.-Daniel Berger11-01.00 SRChrist the King
12.7Nathan Tamashiro9-11.50Christ the King
13.-Andy Espinoza9-10.50Christ the King
14.-Alex Burton9-04.00 PRSt. Ignatius

Long Jump  Cubs - Finals

1.-Parker Shaffer14-00.75 PRSt. John the Apostle
2.6Enzo Czysz13-08.00Holy Family
3.-Mateo Minato12-08.75St. John Fisher
4.-Dominick Moulton12-02.50 PRSt. Ignatius
5.-Peter Gregory11-10.50 PRHoly Family
6.-Jake Jones11-08.00West Hills Christian
7.-Noah Grabe11-05.00St. John Fisher
7.6Carson Little11-05.00West Hills Christian
9.-Hunter Straub11-04.00Damascus Christian CYO
10.-Thomas Remington11-00.00West Hills Christian
11.-Luke Sparks10-09.00 PRSt. Ignatius
12.-Luke Inman10-07.00West Hills Christian
13.5Patrick Dowhaniuk10-03.75 PRChrist the King
14.-Chris Nisbet10-03.25 PRSt. John Fisher
15.5Logan Schnoor10-01.00St. John the Apostle
16.-jackson Shank9-11.00Holy Family
17.5Sterling Roberts9-07.75West Hills Christian
18.-Christian O'Connell9-00.50Christ the King
19.-Calvin Gall8-09.00St. John Fisher
20.-Caleb Pratt8-08.00Damascus Christian CYO
20.-Beau Moody8-08.00 PRDamascus Christian CYO
22.-Quint Page7-04.00 PRSt. John Fisher
---Jackson BuerkSCRHoly Family

Long Jump  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Mateo Sanchez12-01.50St. John Fisher
2.4Max Czysz11-10.50 SRHoly Family
3.4Ennis Ferguson10-10.00 PRSt. John Fisher
4.-Carson Ogard10-06.50 SRChrist the King
5.-Harrison Dreyer10-04.50 PRSt. John Fisher
6.4Max O'Toole10-01.00St. John Fisher
7.-Ethan Carman10-00.00St. John Fisher
7.4Noah Chung10-00.00West Hills Christian
7.4Christian Walker10-00.00 PRWest Hills Christian
10.2Austin Canchola9-08.50St. John the Apostle
11.-Max Johanson9-08.00St. John Fisher
12.-Isaac Reeber9-07.00 PRSt. John the Apostle
13.4Alex Soo9-03.50 SRWest Hills Christian
14.4Calvin Bryant9-03.00St. John the Apostle
14.-Jack Watson9-03.00 PRSt. John Fisher
14.4Carson Crist9-03.00 PRWest Hills Christian
17.-Sam Anderson9-01.50 PRSt. John Fisher
18.9Kaleb Coleman-Armstrong9-00.00 SRSt. John the Apostle
19.-Gabriel Rozzell8-11.00Holy Family
20.-Cole Hemphill8-09.50St. John Fisher
21.-AJ Brauer8-09.00St. John Fisher
22.4Jackson Hill8-07.50Damascus Christian CYO
23.-Alex Trinchero8-07.00 PRSt. John Fisher
24.3Alex May8-06.00 SRHoly Family
25.-Seth Satalich8-05.00 PRSt. John Fisher
26.2Morpheus Nithikhun8-03.50St. John the Apostle
27.-Jason Budey8-03.00Damascus Christian CYO
28.-Brody Sears8-00.00St. John Fisher
28.-Johnny Hamblin8-00.00 PRSt. John the Apostle
30.-Matthew Culley7-11.00St. Ignatius
31.-Jared Hainley7-07.00 PRHoly Family
32.3Kemper Finn7-05.00Holy Family
33.-Noah Tucker7-04.50 PRDamascus Christian CYO
34.4Shawn Eilersen7-03.00 SRSt. John the Apostle
34.3Timothy Brewer7-03.00St. John the Apostle
34.4William Barton7-03.00St. John Fisher
37.-Michael Ulrich7-02.00 PRDamascus Christian CYO
38.-Carter Strear7-01.00 PRHoly Family
39.-Cooper Lawrence7-00.00 PRSt. John Fisher
40.-Eke Enemuo6-09.00St. John the Apostle
41.-Sean Nisbet6-07.00St. John Fisher
42.-Luke Osborn6-06.00Damascus Christian CYO
43.-Shane Atkins6-05.00 PRDamascus Christian CYO
44.-Preston Kill6-04.50West Hills Christian
45.3Matthew Stevenson6-00.00 PRChrist the King
46.-Grant Star5-07.00 PRChrist the King