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100 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Evan Haberle12.92aSt. John Fisher
2.-Ben Taylor13.09a PROur Lady of the Lake
3.-Luke O'Connor13.25a PRSt. John the Apostle
4.-Adam Ortiz13.92aChrist the King
5.-Cameron McNulty14.11aSt. John the Apostle
6.-Matthew Erhardt14.26aSt. John the Apostle
7.-Jacob Kreutzer14.32aSt. John the Apostle
8.-Nello Hall14.64aSt. John Fisher
9.-Clark Roepel14.84aSt. John Fisher
10.-Anthony Newman14.91aSt. John the Apostle
11.-Ben Jarrett14.96aFranciscan Montessor...
12.-Will Glisson15.01aOur Lady of the Lake
13.-Ben Moon15.22aSt. John Fisher
14.-Adam Barrett15.40aOur Lady of the Lake
15.-Spencer Marcinko15.52aSt. John the Apostle
16.-Grant Hjelte15.53a PROur Lady of the Lake
17.7Daniel Byington15.70aFranciscan Montessor...
18.-Andy Espinoza16.07aChrist the King
19.-Brett Moore16.09aSt. John the Apostle
20.-Dan Brunette16.28aOur Lady of the Lake
21.-Riley Elmes16.78a SROur Lady of the Lake
22.-William McLean17.04aOur Lady of the Lake
23.-Luke Tillisch17.20a PRSt. John Fisher

100 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Rocky Martin13.68aSt. John the Apostle
2.-Parker Shaffer14.94aSt. John the Apostle
3.-Dylan Baluyut15.41aChrist the King
4.-Joseph Carman15.69aSt. John Fisher
5.-Brent Smith15.84aSt. John the Apostle
6.-Hunter Straub15.93aDamascus Christian CYO
7.-Drew Jackson15.95aOur Lady of the Lake
8.6Jackson Mackley15.96aFranciscan Montessor...
8.6Alex Ameripour15.96aSt. John the Apostle
10.-Taylor Stuart16.01aOur Lady of the Lake
11.5Takumi Hebert16.05aFranciscan Montessor...
12.-Joseph Herman16.07aSt. John Fisher
13.-Dominick Moulton16.34aSt. Ignatius
14.-Jack Cavenaugh16.42a PRFranciscan Montessor...
15.6Donald Mathew16.52aFranciscan Montessor...
16.-Marcus Yost16.71aOur Lady of the Lake
17.-Andrew Pieringer16.74a SROur Lady of the Lake
18.-Nicholas Branlund16.86aFranciscan Montessor...
19.-Charles Milton16.88aSt. John Fisher
20.5Anand Boucher-Colbert17.05aFranciscan Montessor...
21.5Max Harbert17.10aOur Lady of the Lake
22.5Zachary Miller17.21aSt. John Fisher
23.-Kirk Dyer17.38aOur Lady of the Lake
24.6Jose Abraham Bautista17.39aChrist the King
25.-Alec Arlauskas17.47aSt. John the Apostle
26.-Michael Jarrett17.49aFranciscan Montessor...
27.5Patrick Dowhaniuk17.62aChrist the King
28.-Riley Broderick17.68aOur Lady of the Lake
29.-Chris Nisbet17.86aSt. John Fisher
30.-Kyle Marshall17.94aOur Lady of the Lake
31.-Calvin Gall18.05aSt. John Fisher
32.-Brennan Watkins18.20aOur Lady of the Lake
33.-Chris Fu18.39aOur Lady of the Lake
34.-Charlie McLean18.59aOur Lady of the Lake
35.-Christian O'Connell18.94aChrist the King
36.-Ethan Schaezler19.72aOur Lady of the Lake
37.-Zachary Albertson19.75a SROur Lady of the Lake
38.-Nick Franz19.89a PROur Lady of the Lake
39.-William Miller20.20aOur Lady of the Lake
40.-Wade Coleman20.89aSt. John the Apostle

100 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Cory Taylor16.21aOur Lady of the Lake
2.-Carson Ogard16.39aChrist the King
3.3Tyrese Hebert16.62aFranciscan Montessor...
4.4Nataniel Moreau16.75aSt. John Fisher
5.9Kaleb Coleman-Armstrong16.76a SRSt. John the Apostle
6.4Calvin Bryant16.79a SRSt. John the Apostle
7.4Nicholas Meisburger17.11aOur Lady of the Lake
8.3Gavin Bohling17.26aFranciscan Montessor...
9.4Henry Polvorosa17.45aFranciscan Montessor...
10.3Christner Kurtz17.49aSt. Ignatius
10.-Ethan Carman17.49aSt. John Fisher
12.3Drew Howells17.60aOur Lady of the Lake
13.4Nicholas Richardson17.81aFranciscan Montessor...
14.-Isaac Reeber17.88aSt. John the Apostle
15.-Jack Brickowski18.01aOur Lady of the Lake
16.-Jack Watson18.35aSt. John Fisher
17.-David Regan18.37a PROur Lady of the Lake
18.2Austin Canchola18.38aSt. John the Apostle
18.-Nate Salsburg18.38aOur Lady of the Lake
20.2Morpheus Nithikhun18.41aSt. John the Apostle
21.4Quinn Thygeson18.46a PRFranciscan Montessor...
22.-Jason Budey18.59aDamascus Christian CYO
23.-Michael Ulrich18.65aDamascus Christian CYO
24.-Dylan Senf18.68a PROur Lady of the Lake
25.-Nicholas Azimi18.74aOur Lady of the Lake
26.-Patrick Herbst18.77aOur Lady of the Lake
27.-Matthew Eppler18.79aSt. John Fisher
28.3Jacob Petersen18.93aSt. John the Apostle
29.-Luke Nelson19.07aDamascus Christian CYO
30.-Eke Enemuo19.50aSt. John the Apostle
31.3Devinder Sagoo19.69aFranciscan Montessor...
32.4William Barton19.78aSt. John Fisher
33.-AJ Brauer19.85aSt. John Fisher
34.3Benjamin Rabaud19.86aFranciscan Montessor...
35.-Noah Tucker19.87aDamascus Christian CYO
36.-Alex Trinchero19.92aSt. John Fisher
37.-Brody Sears19.99aSt. John Fisher
38.-Joshua Allen20.00aOur Lady of the Lake
39.-Jake Lopez20.22a PROur Lady of the Lake
40.3Mitchell Brost20.32aSt. John the Apostle
41.-Sean Nisbet20.33aSt. John Fisher
42.3Max Franz20.64a PROur Lady of the Lake
43.-Charlie McCoy20.80aSt. John the Apostle
44.-Liam Brown21.28aOur Lady of the Lake
45.3Matthew Stevenson21.87a PRChrist the King
46.-Blake O'Connell23.46aOur Lady of the Lake

200 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.7Matthew Vanoudenhaegen26.64aFranciscan Montessor...
2.-Cameron McNulty26.70aSt. John the Apostle
3.-Ben Taylor27.01aOur Lady of the Lake
4.-Zachary Wease27.06a PRSt. John the Apostle
5.7Francesco Fischer27.93aFranciscan Montessor...
6.-Adam Ortiz29.10a PRChrist the King
7.-John Nizich29.19aSt. John the Apostle
8.-James Trotter29.33a PRSt. John Fisher
9.-Jacob Kreutzer29.85aSt. John the Apostle
10.-Will Glisson31.25a SROur Lady of the Lake
11.-Dan Brunette31.66a PROur Lady of the Lake
12.-Grant Hjelte34.41a PROur Lady of the Lake

200 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Rocky Martin28.10aSt. John the Apostle
2.6Jonathan Edwards30.68a PROur Lady of the Lake
3.-Parker Shaffer31.22a SRSt. John the Apostle
4.-Dylan Baluyut32.08aChrist the King
5.7-8Cameron Russell32.16aOur Lady of the Lake
6.-Ethan Agritelley32.24aOur Lady of the Lake
7.6Alex Ameripour32.58aSt. John the Apostle
8.5Samuel Arnot32.60aOur Lady of the Lake
9.-Brent Smith32.62aSt. John the Apostle
10.5Gabe Coe32.86aDamascus Christian CYO
11.6Jackson Mackley33.44a SRFranciscan Montessor...
12.-Joseph Carman33.52aSt. John Fisher
13.5Sean Richardson34.48a SRFranciscan Montessor...
14.-Kayode Rufai34.99a PROur Lady of the Lake
15.5Peter Earnshaw35.08aOur Lady of the Lake
16.-Sam Anderson35.10aChrist the King
17.5Logan Schnoor37.20a PRSt. John the Apostle
18.-Chris Nisbet37.91aSt. John Fisher
19.5Jonah Campbell38.06a PROur Lady of the Lake
20.-Jacob Trinchero38.62aSt. John Fisher
21.-Chris Fu39.35aOur Lady of the Lake
22.-Gage Nelson42.21aOur Lady of the Lake
23.-Ethan Schaezler42.33a PROur Lady of the Lake
24.-Deric Lopez49.47aOur Lady of the Lake

200 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Carson Ogard34.64aChrist the King
2.3Tyrese Hebert35.16aFranciscan Montessor...
3.9Kaleb Coleman-Armstrong35.82aSt. John the Apostle
4.4Nataniel Moreau35.84aSt. John Fisher
5.-Roth Morgan35.89aSt. Ignatius
6.4Henry Polvorosa36.03aFranciscan Montessor...
7.4John Menor36.50aChrist the King
8.-Ethan Carman36.72aSt. John Fisher
9.3Timothy Brewer38.25aSt. John the Apostle
10.-Nate Salsburg39.71aOur Lady of the Lake
11.3Christner Kurtz39.91aSt. Ignatius
12.2Morpheus Nithikhun41.13aSt. John the Apostle
13.-Nicholas Azimi41.91aOur Lady of the Lake
14.-Joshua Allen43.02aOur Lady of the Lake
15.-Eke Enemuo44.80a SRSt. John the Apostle
16.-Andrew Scott45.97aSt. John Fisher
17.3Benjamin Rabaud46.09aFranciscan Montessor...
18.-Sam Palmer50.68a PROur Lady of the Lake

400 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.7Matthew Vanoudenhaegen1:00.82aFranciscan Montessor...
2.-Ben Taylor1:03.33aOur Lady of the Lake
3.-Clark Roepel1:06.70aSt. John Fisher
4.-Adam Barrett1:06.83a PROur Lady of the Lake
5.-Daniel Scoggins1:07.46aSt. John Fisher
6.-Josh Diedrich1:08.65a SROur Lady of the Lake
7.-Alex Wrenn1:15.76a SROur Lady of the Lake
8.-Kyle Maulsby1:16.04aOur Lady of the Lake
9.-Dan Brunette1:16.17aOur Lady of the Lake
10.-Ethan Beberness1:17.69a PROur Lady of the Lake

400 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.-Mateo Minato1:10.23aSt. John Fisher
2.5Takumi Hebert1:12.23aFranciscan Montessor...
3.-Ethan Agritelley1:13.26aOur Lady of the Lake
4.-Joseph Carman1:17.41aSt. John Fisher
5.5Peter Earnshaw1:17.48aOur Lady of the Lake
6.-Benjamin Rosenbaum1:18.37a PROur Lady of the Lake
7.-Alex Fu1:19.59aOur Lady of the Lake
8.-Joseph Herman1:19.62a PRSt. John Fisher
9.-Andrew Pieringer1:20.22a SROur Lady of the Lake
10.-Noah Grabe1:20.58a PRSt. John Fisher
11.6Ian McCollum1:21.50a SRFranciscan Montessor...
12.-Izaak King1:23.09aSt. Ignatius
13.-Chris Nisbet1:23.34a PRSt. John Fisher
14.10Christian Carswell1:25.43aFranciscan Montessor...
15.-Kyle Marshall1:27.92aOur Lady of the Lake
16.-Jacob Trinchero1:28.32aSt. John Fisher
17.-Marcus Yost1:29.13a PROur Lady of the Lake
18.-Nick Salsburg1:30.62a PROur Lady of the Lake
19.-Nick Franz1:30.83a SROur Lady of the Lake
20.-Calvin Gall1:31.56aSt. John Fisher
21.5Jonah Campbell1:31.81a PROur Lady of the Lake
22.5Logan Schnoor1:35.69aSt. John the Apostle
23.-Zachary Albertson1:40.50aOur Lady of the Lake
24.5Parker Eggiman1:44.10aChrist the King

400 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Craig Weeks1:19.14a PRSt. John Fisher
2.-Justin Rainer1:20.59a PROur Lady of the Lake
3.9Kaleb Coleman-Armstrong1:20.73a SRSt. John the Apostle
4.2Jack Kelley1:23.44a SROur Lady of the Lake
5.3Gavin Bohling1:23.64aFranciscan Montessor...
6.4Nicholas Richardson1:23.65aFranciscan Montessor...
7.-Liam Salzman1:25.93aSt. John Fisher
8.9-10Peyton Allworth1:28.08a PROur Lady of the Lake
9.4Calvin Bryant1:28.34aSt. John the Apostle
10.4Nicholas Meisburger1:29.47aOur Lady of the Lake
11.-Harrison Dreyer1:30.38aSt. John Fisher
12.-AJ Brauer1:30.60a PRSt. John Fisher
13.-Jadon Schmitt1:31.22aOur Lady of the Lake
14.-Max Johanson1:31.56a PRSt. John Fisher
15.-Matthew Eppler1:31.64a PRSt. John Fisher
16.4Shawn Eilersen1:35.66a SRSt. John the Apostle
17.-Jack Watson1:36.27aSt. John Fisher
18.-David Regan1:36.48aOur Lady of the Lake
19.4Nataniel Moreau1:38.43aSt. John Fisher
20.-Alex Trinchero1:38.60aSt. John Fisher
21.4Max O'Toole1:38.87a PRSt. John Fisher
22.-Blake Tarbell1:42.68a PROur Lady of the Lake
23.-Brendan Schaezler1:45.65a PROur Lady of the Lake

800 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Matt Agritelley2:21.46aOur Lady of the Lake
2.7Matthew Vanoudenhaegen2:31.20aFranciscan Montessor...
3.8Eric Myers2:33.01a PROur Lady of the Lake
4.-Josh Diedrich2:34.87a PROur Lady of the Lake
5.-Wilder Boyden2:40.98aSt. John Fisher
6.-George Lilly2:45.35a PRSt. John Fisher
7.-Ben Viehoff2:45.45a SRSt. John Fisher
8.-Lane McAuliffe2:45.90a PROur Lady of the Lake
9.-Will Glisson2:46.59a SROur Lady of the Lake
9.-Adam Barrett2:46.59a PROur Lady of the Lake
9.-Evan Palmer2:46.59a PROur Lady of the Lake
12.-Chaz Olivares2:58.15aSt. John Fisher
13.-Ethan Beberness3:01.06aOur Lady of the Lake

800 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Jonathan Edwards2:43.98a PROur Lady of the Lake
2.5Alex Harbert2:52.53aOur Lady of the Lake
3.5Sean Richardson2:54.10aFranciscan Montessor...
4.-Luke Sparks2:54.69aSt. Ignatius
5.5Samuel Arnot2:56.07a PROur Lady of the Lake
6.7-8Cameron Russell2:59.20a PROur Lady of the Lake
7.-Noah Grabe3:00.90aSt. John Fisher
8.6Ian McCollum3:01.20aFranciscan Montessor...
9.-Devon Rainer3:01.70a PROur Lady of the Lake
10.-Benjamin Rosenbaum3:01.93aOur Lady of the Lake
11.-William Huyhn3:02.90a PRChrist the King
12.-Izaak King3:03.10a PRSt. Ignatius
13.-Noah Crise3:03.71aSt. John Fisher
14.-Dominick Moulton3:05.57a PRSt. Ignatius
15.5Zachary Miller3:05.79a SRSt. John Fisher
16.5Patrick Dowhaniuk3:06.04aChrist the King
17.-Jack Cavenaugh3:06.92a PRFranciscan Montessor...
18.-Garrett Jones3:07.15aChrist the King
19.-Drew Jackson3:10.96aOur Lady of the Lake
20.-Alex Fu3:17.41aOur Lady of the Lake
21.-Nick Salsburg3:24.50aOur Lady of the Lake
22.-Corwyn Bradeen4:05.07aChrist the King
23.6Mathew Williams4:53.47aFranciscan Montessor...
---Ben ViehoffSCRSt. John Fisher
---George LillySCRSt. John Fisher
---Wilder BoydenSCRSt. John Fisher
--7Matthew VanoudenhaegenSCRFranciscan Montessor...
---Josh DiedrichSCROur Lady of the Lake
---Matt AgritelleySCROur Lady of the Lake
---Lane McAuliffeSCROur Lady of the Lake
--8Eric MyersSCROur Lady of the Lake

800 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Ethan Carman2:56.07a PRSt. John Fisher
2.-Blake O'Connell3:12.82aOur Lady of the Lake
3.3Drew Howells3:23.47a SROur Lady of the Lake
3.-Patrick Herbst3:23.47a PROur Lady of the Lake
5.-Liam Brown3:37.44aOur Lady of the Lake
5.-Seth Satalich3:37.44a PRSt. John Fisher
5.9-10Peyton Allworth3:37.44a PROur Lady of the Lake

1500 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Wilder Boyden5:24.39aSt. John Fisher
1.-George Lilly5:24.39a PRSt. John Fisher
1.-Cameron Mitchell5:24.39a PRChrist the King

1500 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.5Alex Harbert5:24.39aOur Lady of the Lake
2.5Sean Richardson5:55.34aFranciscan Montessor...
3.-Alec Dunkeld6:03.78a PRSt. John Fisher
4.-Luke Sparks6:22.38aSt. Ignatius
5.5Jason Waters6:26.97aFranciscan Montessor...
6.-Quint Page7:00.37a PRSt. John Fisher
6.-Quinton Paul7:00.37aFranciscan Montessor...

1500 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Sam Anderson6:05.39aSt. John Fisher
2.-Liam Salzman6:31.32aSt. John Fisher
3.-Isaac Reeber6:42.97aSt. John the Apostle
4.-Jack Brickowski6:44.48aOur Lady of the Lake
5.-Jack Watson6:48.33aSt. John Fisher
6.3Max Franz6:59.21aOur Lady of the Lake
7.4Zack Nielsen7:19.40aFranciscan Montessor...
8.-Grant Tarbell7:42.60aOur Lady of the Lake

3000 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Alex Wrenn12:02.38aOur Lady of the Lake
2.-Zach Collins12:28.55aSt. John Fisher
3.-Matt D'Amore14:42.42aSt. John the Apostle
---Alec ArlauskasSCRSt. John the Apostle

3000 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.-Alec Arlauskas14:40.88a PRSt. John the Apostle

4x60 Relay  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Relay Team 41.37aFranciscan Montessor...
2.-Relay Team 43.69aOur Lady of the Lake
3.-Relay Team 44.29aSt. John Fisher
4.-Relay Team 45.04aSt. John the Apostle
5.-Relay Team 45.20aSt. John the Apostle
6.-Relay Team 46.30aOur Lady of the Lake
7.-Relay Team 46.33aSt. John Fisher

4x100 Relay  Cadets - Finals

1.-Relay Team 51.97aSt. John the Apostle
2.-Relay Team 55.01aSt. John the Apostle
3.-Relay Team 58.28aFranciscan Montessor...
4.-Relay Team 1:02.34aOur Lady of the Lake
---Relay Team DQOur Lady of the Lake

4x100 Relay  Cubs - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:02.13aSt. John the Apostle
2.-Relay Team 1:03.56aChrist the King
3.-Relay Team 1:05.31aFranciscan Montessor...
4.-Relay Team 1:14.65aFranciscan Montessor...
---Relay Team DQOur Lady of the Lake

4x100 Relay  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:07.17aOur Lady of the Lake
2.-Relay Team 1:11.07aOur Lady of the Lake
3.-Relay Team 1:16.97aDamascus Christian CYO
4.-Relay Team 1:17.16aSt. John Fisher
5.-Relay Team 1:17.84aSt. John Fisher
6.-Relay Team 1:25.31aFranciscan Montessor...

4x400 Relay  Cadets - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:24.36aOur Lady of the Lake
2.-Relay Team 4:27.39aSt. John the Apostle
3.-Relay Team 4:41.20aSt. John Fisher

4x400 Relay  Cubs - Finals

1.-Relay Team 5:10.60aOur Lady of the Lake
2.-Relay Team 5:30.98aFranciscan Montessor...
3.-Relay Team 6:01.49aFranciscan Montessor...

Shot Put - 6lb  Cadets - Finals

1.-James Cory10.99mFranciscan Montessor...
2.-Ben Jarrett10.62mFranciscan Montessor...
3.-John Nizich9.96mSt. John the Apostle
4.-Luke O'Connor9.57mSt. John the Apostle
5.-Adam Ortiz9.30mChrist the King
6.-Josef Schwab8.98mOur Lady of the Lake
7.-Spencer Marcinko8.75mSt. John the Apostle
8.-Lane McAuliffe8.42mOur Lady of the Lake
9.-James Trotter8.09m SRSt. John Fisher
10.-Clark Krahn7.32m SRChrist the King
11.-Daniel Berger6.64m PRChrist the King
12.-Alex Burton5.70mSt. Ignatius

Shot Put - 6lb  Cubs - Finals

1.-Kayode Rufai10.18mOur Lady of the Lake
2.5Nicholas Carbone7.41mFranciscan Montessor...
3.-Chris Fu7.20m PROur Lady of the Lake
4.-Alec Arlauskas7.03mSt. John the Apostle
5.-Benjamin Rosenbaum6.93m PROur Lady of the Lake
6.-Michael Jarrett6.91mFranciscan Montessor...
7.6Kevin Whitson6.10mChrist the King
8.10Christian Carswell6.08m SRFranciscan Montessor...
9.5Jonah Campbell6.03mOur Lady of the Lake
10.-Dominic Jauregui5.84mChrist the King
11.-Sam Anderson5.61m PRChrist the King
12.-Quinton Paul5.43mFranciscan Montessor...
13.5Peter Earnshaw5.36mOur Lady of the Lake
14.5Gavin Seifert5.02mSt. John the Apostle
15.5Parker Eggiman5.02mChrist the King
16.-Caleb Pratt4.69mDamascus Christian CYO
16.-Zachary Albertson4.69mOur Lady of the Lake
18.6Mathew Williams4.52mFranciscan Montessor...
19.-Nick Franz4.27m SROur Lady of the Lake
---Luke DeWolfSCRDamascus Christian CYO

Shot Put - 6lb  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Roth Morgan7.77mSt. Ignatius
2.-Ben Wease6.85mSt. John the Apostle
3.4Cory Taylor6.40mOur Lady of the Lake
4.4John Menor6.21mChrist the King
5.-Michael Ulrich5.41mDamascus Christian CYO
6.-Blake Tarbell5.39m PROur Lady of the Lake
7.-Dylan Senf4.74mOur Lady of the Lake
8.-Nicholas Azimi4.73mOur Lady of the Lake
9.-Liam Brown4.44m PROur Lady of the Lake
10.4Quinn Thygeson4.38mFranciscan Montessor...
11.-Jason Budey4.31mDamascus Christian CYO
12.4Jackson Hill4.26m PRDamascus Christian CYO
13.-Luke Nelson4.15mDamascus Christian CYO
14.3Matthew Stevenson3.97mChrist the King
15.4Shawn Eilersen3.96m PRSt. John the Apostle
16.-Alex Trinchero3.93m PRSt. John Fisher
17.3Drew Howells3.60m SROur Lady of the Lake
18.-Jake Lopez3.51mOur Lady of the Lake
19.-Brendan Schaezler3.44m PROur Lady of the Lake
---Jackson Shaw-RyanSCROur Lady of the Lake

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cadets - Finals

1.-John Nizich46.20mSt. John the Apostle
2.-Zachary Wease43.68mSt. John the Apostle
3.-George Lilly42.36m PRSt. John Fisher
4.-Kyle Maulsby41.42m PROur Lady of the Lake
5.-Gabriel Senn35.22m PRSt. John the Apostle
6.7Francesco Fischer34.51m PRFranciscan Montessor...
7.-Lane McAuliffe32.74mOur Lady of the Lake
8.-Anthony Newman32.23mSt. John the Apostle
9.-Nick Potter32.00mFranciscan Montessor...
10.-Spencer Marcinko31.69mSt. John the Apostle
11.-Carlos Coleman31.59m SRSt. John the Apostle
12.-Tucker Price31.26m PRFranciscan Montessor...
13.7Daniel Byington29.66mFranciscan Montessor...
14.-Matt D'Amore27.60mSt. John the Apostle
15.-Josef Schwab21.56m PROur Lady of the Lake
16.-James Cory20.59mFranciscan Montessor...

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cubs - Finals

1.-Noah Crise28.44m PRSt. John Fisher
2.5Gabe Coe28.11mDamascus Christian CYO
3.6Mark Krigbaum25.62mSt. John the Apostle
4.5Nicholas Carbone25.57mFranciscan Montessor...
5.-William Huyhn24.58mChrist the King
5.-Charles Milton24.58m PRSt. John Fisher
7.5Samuel Arnot24.13m SROur Lady of the Lake
8.5Sean Hamel23.44mFranciscan Montessor...
9.6Ian McCollum23.24mFranciscan Montessor...
10.-Izaak King22.83mSt. Ignatius
11.-Hunter Straub22.32mDamascus Christian CYO
12.7Nathan Tamashiro22.12mChrist the King
13.-Nicholas Branlund21.84mFranciscan Montessor...
14.10Christian Carswell20.95mFranciscan Montessor...
15.-Matthew Erhardt20.06mSt. John the Apostle
16.5Anand Boucher-Colbert20.01mFranciscan Montessor...
17.5Max Harbert19.83mOur Lady of the Lake
18.-Noah Grabe19.30m PRSt. John Fisher
19.-Devon Rainer19.22mOur Lady of the Lake
20.6Jose Abraham Bautista18.99mChrist the King
21.-Clark Krahn18.74mChrist the King
22.-Riley Elmes18.16m SROur Lady of the Lake
23.-Joseph Herman18.13mSt. John Fisher
24.-Kayode Rufai17.90m PROur Lady of the Lake
25.-Wade Coleman17.09mSt. John the Apostle
26.-Riley Broderick16.10m PROur Lady of the Lake
27.-Jacob Atkins15.87mDamascus Christian CYO
28.-William Miller15.36mOur Lady of the Lake
29.3Timothy Brewer14.78mSt. John the Apostle
30.-Dominic Jauregui14.55mChrist the King
31.4John Menor14.42mChrist the King
32.-Nick Salsburg14.37mOur Lady of the Lake
33.-Deric Lopez13.91mOur Lady of the Lake
34.-Brennan Watkins13.43mOur Lady of the Lake
35.-Caleb Pratt12.87mDamascus Christian CYO
36.3Matthew Stevenson12.09mChrist the King
37.-Sam Palmer11.81m PROur Lady of the Lake
38.-Jadon Schmitt11.63m PROur Lady of the Lake
39.6Mathew Williams11.55m SRFranciscan Montessor...
40.-Joshua Allen11.45m PROur Lady of the Lake
41.3Mitchell Brost10.59mSt. John the Apostle
42.-Charlie McCoy9.82mSt. John the Apostle
43.-Christian O'Connell9.77mChrist the King

Javelin - 300g TJ  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Roth Morgan24.58mSt. Ignatius
2.-Dylan Senf20.67m PROur Lady of the Lake
3.3Gavin Bohling20.32mFranciscan Montessor...
4.-Ben Wease19.86m PRSt. John the Apostle
5.-Harrison Dreyer19.71mSt. John Fisher
6.4Craig Weeks19.20mSt. John Fisher
7.-Jackson Shaw-Ryan18.38m PROur Lady of the Lake
8.4Jackson Hill17.78mDamascus Christian CYO
9.-Grant Tarbell17.42mOur Lady of the Lake
10.-Blake O'Connell17.06mOur Lady of the Lake
11.3Tyrese Hebert17.01mFranciscan Montessor...
12.-Justin Rainer16.81mOur Lady of the Lake
13.2Austin Canchola16.73mSt. John the Apostle
14.3Jacob Petersen16.56mSt. John the Apostle
15.4Quinn Thygeson16.00m SRFranciscan Montessor...
16.-Eke Enemuo12.54m SRSt. John the Apostle
17.-Patrick Herbst12.49m SROur Lady of the Lake
18.-Jason Budey12.42mDamascus Christian CYO
19.4Shawn Eilersen11.78mSt. John the Apostle
20.-Michael Ulrich11.55mDamascus Christian CYO
21.3Devinder Sagoo11.48m SRFranciscan Montessor...
22.-Luke Osborn10.33mDamascus Christian CYO
23.-Luke Nelson9.85mDamascus Christian CYO
--4Zack NielsenSCRFranciscan Montessor...
--2Morpheus NithikhunSCRSt. John the Apostle

High Jump  Cadets - Finals

1.-Zachary Wease1.65m PRSt. John the Apostle
2.-Camden Coshow1.60mSt. John Fisher
3.-Carlos Coleman1.49mSt. John the Apostle
4.-Jacob Kreutzer1.42mSt. John the Apostle
4.8Eric Myers1.42mOur Lady of the Lake
6.-Cameron Mitchell1.37mChrist the King
7.7Francesco Fischer1.32mFranciscan Montessor...
8.7Daniel Byington1.27m PRFranciscan Montessor...
8.-Evan Palmer1.27mOur Lady of the Lake

High Jump  Cubs - Finals

1.-Taylor Stuart1.29mOur Lady of the Lake
2.-Devon Rainer1.24m PROur Lady of the Lake
3.6Donald Mathew1.21mFranciscan Montessor...
4.-Jack Cavenaugh1.16mFranciscan Montessor...
4.6Alex Ameripour1.16mSt. John the Apostle
6.-Jacob Trinchero1.06mSt. John Fisher
6.5Takumi Hebert1.06mFranciscan Montessor...
6.-Luke DeWolf1.06mDamascus Christian CYO
--5Jason WatersNHFranciscan Montessor...
---Gage NelsonNHOur Lady of the Lake
---Corwyn BradeenNHChrist the King
---Jacob AtkinsNHDamascus Christian CYO

Long Jump  Cadets - Finals

1.-Cameron McNulty5.42mSt. John the Apostle
2.-Evan Haberle4.52mSt. John Fisher
3.-Spencer Marcinko4.31m PRSt. John the Apostle
4.-Ben Jarrett4.13mFranciscan Montessor...
5.-Wilder Boyden4.10mSt. John Fisher
6.-Nello Hall3.94m PRSt. John Fisher
7.-Zach Collins3.91m PRSt. John Fisher
8.-Alex Wrenn3.79m PROur Lady of the Lake
9.-Riley Elmes3.75m PROur Lady of the Lake
10.-Cameron Mitchell3.74mChrist the King
11.-Andy Espinoza3.68m PRChrist the King
12.-Nick Potter3.63m PRFranciscan Montessor...
13.-Brett Moore3.60mSt. John the Apostle
14.-Ben Moon3.56mSt. John Fisher
15.-James Cory3.48mFranciscan Montessor...
16.-Ethan Beberness3.32mOur Lady of the Lake
17.-Daniel Berger3.23mChrist the King
18.7Nathan Tamashiro3.00mChrist the King
19.-William McLean2.97mOur Lady of the Lake
20.-Grant Hjelte2.69mOur Lady of the Lake
---Alex BurtonNDSt. Ignatius

Long Jump  Cubs - Finals

1.-Parker Shaffer4.26mSt. John the Apostle
2.-Ethan Agritelley4.20mOur Lady of the Lake
3.6Jonathan Edwards3.91m SROur Lady of the Lake
4.-Brent Smith3.70mSt. John the Apostle
5.6Donald Mathew3.67mFranciscan Montessor...
6.-Dylan Baluyut3.63mChrist the King
7.7-8Cameron Russell3.61m SROur Lady of the Lake
8.-Alex Fu3.49mOur Lady of the Lake
9.5Alex Harbert3.49mOur Lady of the Lake
10.-Dominick Moulton3.48mSt. Ignatius
11.-Charles Milton3.47mSt. John Fisher
12.6Jackson Mackley3.42mFranciscan Montessor...
13.-Taylor Stuart3.41mOur Lady of the Lake
14.-Sam Anderson3.37mChrist the King
15.-William Huyhn3.36mChrist the King
16.-Andrew Pieringer3.30mOur Lady of the Lake
17.-Michael Jarrett3.22m SRFranciscan Montessor...
17.-Gage Nelson3.22m PROur Lady of the Lake
19.5Gabe Coe3.20mDamascus Christian CYO
20.-Riley Broderick3.20m PROur Lady of the Lake
21.5Logan Schnoor3.18m SRSt. John the Apostle
22.-Kyle Marshall3.12mOur Lady of the Lake
23.-Nicholas Branlund3.04mFranciscan Montessor...
24.-Calvin Gall2.94mSt. John Fisher
25.5Patrick Dowhaniuk2.91mChrist the King
26.-Jackson Guettler2.87mOur Lady of the Lake
27.-Marcus Yost2.85m PROur Lady of the Lake
28.-William Miller2.83m PROur Lady of the Lake
29.6Mark Krigbaum2.79m SRSt. John the Apostle
30.-Kirk Dyer2.76mOur Lady of the Lake
30.5Anand Boucher-Colbert2.76mFranciscan Montessor...
32.-Brennan Watkins2.74mOur Lady of the Lake
33.-Drew Jackson2.73mOur Lady of the Lake
34.5Max Harbert2.61mOur Lady of the Lake
35.-Charlie McLean2.54mOur Lady of the Lake
35.-Ethan Schaezler2.54mOur Lady of the Lake
37.-Dominic Jauregui2.52m PRChrist the King
38.-Deric Lopez2.50m PROur Lady of the Lake
39.-Luke DeWolf2.50m PRDamascus Christian CYO
40.-Caleb Pratt2.48mDamascus Christian CYO
41.-Christian O'Connell2.42mChrist the King
42.-Corwyn Bradeen2.23mChrist the King
43.-Jacob Atkins2.17mDamascus Christian CYO
44.6Kevin Whitson1.90m PRChrist the King
45.5Parker Eggiman1.84mChrist the King
---Hunter StraubNDDamascus Christian CYO

Long Jump  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Cory Taylor3.81mOur Lady of the Lake
1.4Max O'Toole3.81m PRSt. John Fisher
3.9-10Peyton Allworth3.37mOur Lady of the Lake
4.2Austin Canchola3.32m SRSt. John the Apostle
5.3Christner Kurtz3.14mSt. Ignatius
6.-Carson Ogard3.12mChrist the King
7.4Calvin Bryant3.09mSt. John the Apostle
7.-Max Johanson3.09mSt. John Fisher
9.4Jackson Hill3.04mDamascus Christian CYO
9.-Luke Osborn3.04m PRDamascus Christian CYO
11.-Jadon Schmitt2.94m PROur Lady of the Lake
12.4Nicholas Richardson2.90m PRFranciscan Montessor...
13.3Jacob Petersen2.89m SRSt. John the Apostle
14.-AJ Brauer2.84mSt. John Fisher
15.-Jake Lopez2.76m SROur Lady of the Lake
16.2Jack Kelley2.74mOur Lady of the Lake
17.2Morpheus Nithikhun2.59mSt. John the Apostle
18.-Eke Enemuo2.48mSt. John the Apostle
18.3Benjamin Rabaud2.48mFranciscan Montessor...
20.-Sean Nisbet2.43mSt. John Fisher
21.3Mitchell Brost2.41mSt. John the Apostle
22.4Henry Polvorosa2.36m SRFranciscan Montessor...
23.-Blake Tarbell2.13m PROur Lady of the Lake
24.-Brendan Schaezler2.05m PROur Lady of the Lake
24.3Timothy Brewer2.05mSt. John the Apostle
26.-Sam Palmer1.95mOur Lady of the Lake
27.-Andrew Scott1.90mSt. John Fisher
---Seth SatalichSCRSt. John Fisher
---Charlie McLeanSCROur Lady of the Lake