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100 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.8Will Albright13.1hSt. Pius X
2.8Armin Ghorashian13.1hSt. Pius X
3.-Devin Distant13.2hSt. Anthony
4.7Nathan Lewis14.1hSt. Pius X
5.7Isaac Youm14.2hSt. Pius X
6.7Ryan Sussman14.3h SRSt. Pius X
7.-Justin Heller14.3hCathedral
8.8Mitchell Powers14.4hSt. Pius X
9.7Brian Stocks14.7hSt. Pius X
10.-Tyler Snook15.2hSt. Anthony
11.-Paul Vickers15.2hSt. Anthony
12.7Cameron Smith15.4hSt. Pius X
13.-Christian Caufield15.9hSt. Anthony
14.-Nolan Corrado16.2h SRSt. Anthony
15.-Michael Paino16.2hSt. Anthony
16.8Jim Pfluger16.4h PRSt. Pius X
17.8Zechariah Brooke16.8hSt. Pius X
18.8Andrew Andersen16.8h PRSt. Pius X
19.8Justin Reed18.0hSt. Pius X
20.-Ryan Caufield18.5hSt. Anthony
21.7Jeffrey Williams18.8hSt. Pius X
22.7Conner Williams19.0hSt. Pius X

100 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Matthew Ferguson12.9hSt. Anthony
2.-Ryan Weiss13.7hSt. Anthony
3.6Grant Mathews14.5hSt. Pius X
4.5Nicholas Timm14.6hSt. Pius X
5.6Patrick Kelly14.6hSt. Pius X
6.6Andrew MacMillian14.7hSt. Pius X
7.5Nihar Doshi14.8h PRSt. Pius X
8.6Zach Jolie15.0h SRSt. Pius X
9.5Austin Migchelbrink15.0hSt. Pius X
10.-Sean Alexander15.2hCathedral
11.-Calvin Hood15.2hCathedral
12.6Matthew Ruka15.3hSt. Pius X
13.5Logan Phillips15.3h PRSt. Anthony
14.5Jared DeVore15.3hSt. Pius X
15.6Jake Lampe15.4hSt. Pius X
16.-Harrison Turlington15.4hCathedral
17.5Maxwell Morgan15.5hSt. Anthony
18.5Ibrahim Youm15.6h SRSt. Pius X
19.6Nicholas Reed15.7h PRSt. Pius X
20.6Matthew Henningsen15.8hSt. Pius X
20.-Devon Myers15.8hCathedral
22.-Colby Bullard15.9h PRCathedral
23.5Kyle Duitsman16.0hSt. Pius X
24.6Nash Rauen16.2hSt. Anthony
25.5Matthew Hotchkiss16.2h SRSt. Pius X
26.-Magnus Yoshimura16.3h PRPacific Crest Academy
27.-Michael Henderson16.8hSt. Anthony
28.5Carson Holley17.1hSt. Pius X
29.-Austin Shirazi17.2hSt. Anthony
30.5Rob Merrick17.3hSt. Pius X
31.5Nikolaus Jacobson17.7hSt. Pius X
32.6Eric Enghold17.9hSt. Pius X
33.5Ryan Forster18.0hSt. Pius X
34.-Benjamin Wiren18.4hSt. Anthony
35.5Jacob Small18.6hSt. Pius X
36.6Josh Rickman19.6h SRSt. Pius X

100 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Parker MacMillan15.4hSt. Pius X
2.3Michael Malone15.8hSt. Pius X
3.4Tyler Helms15.8hSt. Pius X
4.4Luke Schwartz15.8hSt. Pius X
5.-David Connell16.3h PRPacific Crest Academy
6.4Mitch Sears16.9h SRSt. Pius X
7.-Arthur Gorlorwulu16.9hSt. Anthony
8.3John Fey17.2h PRSt. Pius X
9.-William Duffy17.2h PRCathedral
10.3Marco Navarro17.5hSt. Pius X
11.-Patrick Marrs17.5h PRPacific Crest Academy
12.3Blake Deringer17.5hPacific Crest Academy
13.-Luke Nelson17.7h SRDamascus Christian CYO
14.-Luke Schoene17.9hPacific Crest Academy
15.-Carter Barrett18.2h PRSt. Anthony
16.-Joshua Mitchell18.4hDamascus Christian CYO
17.3David Bridgeman18.4h PRSt. Pius X
18.4Thomas Mooney19.2hPacific Crest Academy
19.-Noah Tucker19.2hDamascus Christian CYO
20.4Stephen Powell19.4hPacific Crest Academy
21.3Ian Urias19.4h SRPacific Crest Academy
22.3Ira Luquin19.7hSt. Pius X
23.-Michael Ulrich20.4hDamascus Christian CYO
24.4Chris Skufca21.1hSt. Pius X
25.4Matthew Bryan21.2hSt. Pius X

200 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Devin Distant27.1hSt. Anthony
2.8Luke McDougald27.2hSt. Pius X
3.8Armin Ghorashian27.4hSt. Pius X
4.8Will Albright28.9hSt. Pius X
5.8Timothy Brunson29.3h PRSt. Pius X
6.8Mitchell Powers30.1hSt. Pius X
7.-Daniel Maldonado30.2hSt. Anthony
8.7Isaac Youm30.4hSt. Pius X
9.7Ryan Sussman30.9hSt. Pius X
10.8Dakota McFadden31.1h SRSt. Pius X
11.-Paul Vickers31.6hSt. Anthony
12.7Brent Jacobson Jr40.8h PRSt. Pius X

200 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Evan Brehm29.5hSt. Pius X
2.-Simon Cooney30.0hCathedral
3.5Nicholas Timm30.7hSt. Pius X
4.6Andrew MacMillian30.8h SRSt. Pius X
5.-Calvin Hood30.9hCathedral
6.6Matthew Ruka31.0hSt. Pius X
7.5Ibrahim Youm31.5h SRSt. Pius X
8.5Gabe Coe31.6hDamascus Christian CYO
9.-Harrison Turlington32.7hCathedral
10.-Devon Myers32.8hCathedral
11.-Hunter Straub33.2h SRDamascus Christian CYO
12.5Maxwell Morgan33.6hSt. Anthony
13.-Sean Alexander33.9hCathedral
14.-Peter Wilmes34.3h PRSt. Anthony
15.-Magnus Yoshimura34.9h PRPacific Crest Academy
16.6Matthew Henningsen35.1hSt. Pius X
17.5Rob Merrick35.4h SRSt. Pius X
18.5Ryan Forster38.4h PRSt. Pius X
19.5Logan Seiffert39.8hSt. Pius X
---Luke DeWolfSCRDamascus Christian CYO

200 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Luke Schwartz33.0hSt. Pius X
2.4Tyler Helms34.7hSt. Pius X
3.3Paul McDougald34.8hSt. Pius X
4.3Jackson Jolie35.8hSt. Pius X
5.-Arthur Gorlorwulu36.6hSt. Anthony
6.4Stephen Powell38.2h SRPacific Crest Academy
7.3Marco Navarro39.2hSt. Pius X
8.-Carter Barrett41.5h PRSt. Anthony
9.3David Bridgeman44.1hSt. Pius X
10.3Ian Urias46.1hPacific Crest Academy
11.-Jack Rundle47.9hCathedral

400 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Devin Distant1:05.2hSt. Anthony
2.7Nathan Lewis1:06.2hSt. Pius X
3.7Isaac Youm1:07.9hSt. Pius X
5.-Jack Taylor1:09.6hCathedral
6.8Matthew Lemmond1:13.1hSt. Pius X
7.-Andrew Ratchen1:20.1h PRSt. Anthony

400 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Matthew Ruka1:07.4hSt. Pius X
2.5Nick Wiley1:09.9hSt. Pius X
3.6Zach Jolie1:11.1hSt. Pius X
4.5Gabe Coe1:13.2h SRDamascus Christian CYO
5.5Austin Migchelbrink1:14.6hSt. Pius X
6.5Jared DeVore1:16.0h SRSt. Pius X
7.-Mack Hisatomi1:16.4hCathedral
8.5Justin Gower1:26.3h PRSt. Pius X
9.5Logan Seiffert1:33.0h PRSt. Pius X

400 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Samual Johnson1:15.5hPacific Crest Academy
2.4Parker MacMillan1:15.9h SRSt. Pius X
3.4Luke Schwartz1:16.6h SRSt. Pius X
4.-Luke Schoene1:16.7hPacific Crest Academy
5.-Tommy Kallgren1:17.9hCathedral
6.3Paul McDougald1:18.0h PRSt. Pius X
7.3Jackson Jolie1:18.2hSt. Pius X
8.-Alex Brown1:18.5h PRCathedral
9.4Chris Skufca1:18.8h PRSt. Pius X
10.-Sean Tennant1:19.9hCathedral
11.3Matt Hotchkiss1:21.5hSt. Pius X
12.3Parker Wade1:25.7hSt. Anthony
13.3Michael Malone1:25.8h SRSt. Pius X
14.3Marco Navarro1:28.5hSt. Pius X
15.4Matthew Bryan1:53.5hSt. Pius X

800 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.8Mikey Fey2:16.3h PRSt. Pius X
2.8Kyle Thompson2:17.1h PRSt. Pius X
3.8Luke McDougald2:18.8h PRSt. Pius X
4.7Mark Sussman2:26.2h SRSt. Pius X
5.-Marty Ramos2:27.0h PRSt. Anthony
6.-John Caufield2:31.6h PRSt. Anthony
7.8Dakota McFadden2:36.5h PRSt. Pius X
8.7Tom Murphy2:36.7h SRSt. Pius X
9.-Justin Heller2:39.8h PRCathedral
10.-Mark Geisler2:52.2h PRSt. Anthony
11.-Jeremy Lambert3:05.3h PRSt. Anthony
12.-Hank Loennig3:11.0hCathedral

800 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Daniel Thompson2:27.2h SRSt. Pius X
2.6David Bridges2:38.0hSt. Pius X
3.-Simon Cooney2:38.2hCathedral
4.6Jacob Hillman2:46.2hSt. Pius X
5.6Luca Ostetag-Hill2:50.3hSt. Pius X
6.5Nick Wiley2:51.7h PRSt. Pius X
7.6Stephen Fey2:52.1h SRSt. Pius X
8.-Carson Cohn2:54.6hCathedral
9.-Mack Hisatomi2:54.8hCathedral
10.-Hunter Straub2:57.4h PRDamascus Christian CYO
11.5Nihar Doshi3:01.6hSt. Pius X
12.5Cody Grater3:14.3h SRSt. Pius X
13.5Nikolaus Jacobson3:21.6h PRSt. Pius X

800 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Cameron Thompson2:51.4hSt. Pius X
2.-Tommy Kallgren3:00.2hCathedral
3.4Eric Brecht3:02.2hSt. Pius X
4.-Dyer Healy3:06.7hCathedral
5.-Sean Tennant3:07.3hCathedral
6.3Blake Deringer3:10.6hPacific Crest Academy
7.3Paul McDougald3:17.9h PRSt. Pius X
8.4Skyler Gambill3:18.2h SRSt. Anthony
9.3Parker Wade3:18.7hSt. Anthony
10.3John Fey3:33.5h SRSt. Pius X
11.-Patrick Marrs3:35.6hPacific Crest Academy

1500 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.8Kyle Thompson4:35.9hSt. Pius X
2.7Mark Sussman4:52.5hSt. Pius X
3.-Marty Ramos4:54.8hSt. Anthony
4.8Matthew Lemmond5:03.5hSt. Pius X
5.-Jake Ryan5:13.9hCathedral
6.8Benjamin Lewis5:19.6hSt. Pius X
7.-Mark Geisler5:31.8hSt. Anthony
8.7Cameron Smith5:54.1hSt. Pius X
9.-Christian Caufield6:17.8hSt. Anthony
10.7Matt Oordt6:20.9hSt. Pius X
11.-Hank Loennig6:29.3hCathedral
12.8Justin Reed7:09.8hSt. Pius X

1500 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Daniel Thompson4:56.2h SRSt. Pius X
2.5Logan Phillips5:18.4hSt. Anthony
3.6David Bridges5:24.0hSt. Pius X
4.-Carson Cohn5:53.1hCathedral
5.-Colby Bullard6:25.4hCathedral
6.5Cody Grater6:26.5hSt. Pius X
7.6Nicholas Reed6:41.5hSt. Pius X
8.-Bobby Lazzara6:50.1hCathedral
9.5Matthew Hotchkiss6:53.4hSt. Pius X
10.6Patrick Kelly7:03.9h PRSt. Pius X
11.-Michael Henderson7:10.0hSt. Anthony
12.-Andrew Dunn7:10.2hSt. Anthony
13.6Christopher Goodman7:23.5hSt. Pius X
14.5Rahul Majmudar7:27.0h PRSt. Pius X
15.6Peter Bernard7:28.5hSt. Pius X
16.6Josh Rickman8:23.7hSt. Pius X

1500 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Cameron Thompson5:27.6hSt. Pius X
2.-Samual Johnson5:38.6hPacific Crest Academy
3.-Dyer Healy5:43.3h SRCathedral
4.4Eric Brecht6:04.9hSt. Pius X
5.3Michael Malone6:06.9h PRSt. Pius X
6.-David Connell6:08.1hPacific Crest Academy
7.4Skyler Gambill6:31.3hSt. Anthony
8.-William Duffy6:31.8h PRCathedral
9.3Parker Wade6:40.8hSt. Anthony
10.4Thomas Mooney7:24.0hPacific Crest Academy

3000 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.8Mikey Fey10:09.7hSt. Pius X
2.7Tom Murphy11:33.7hSt. Pius X
3.-Jack Vincent11:43.2hSt. Anthony
4.8Zechariah Brooke12:34.5hSt. Pius X
5.8Matthew Goodman14:37.7h SRSt. Pius X

3000 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.5Logan Phillips10:56.0hSt. Anthony
2.6Jacob Hillman11:08.6h SRSt. Pius X
3.6Luca Ostetag-Hill11:43.4hSt. Pius X
4.6Stephen Fey12:12.0hSt. Pius X
5.5Dylan Monaghan14:22.7h SRPacific Crest Academy

4x60 Relay  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Wyatt Lewis
Marco Navarro
Luke Schwartz
Mitch Sears
46.1hSt. Pius X
2.-Jackson Jolie
Chris Skufca
Matt Hotchkiss
Paul McDougald
46.7hSt. Pius X
3.-Eric Brecht
David Bridgeman
Matthew Bryan
John Fey
52.7hSt. Pius X

4x100 Relay  Cadets - Finals

1.8Armin Ghorashian
Will Albright
Timothy Brunson
Jake Schmerber
52.6hSt. Pius X
2.-Devin Distant
Tyler Snook
Daniel Maldonado
Christian Caufield
57.2hSt. Anthony
3.-Nathan Lewis
Isaac Youm
Ryan Sussman
Mitchell Powers
57.4hSt. Pius X

4x100 Relay  Cubs - Finals

1.-Grant Mathews
Nicholas Timm
Andrew MacMillian
Evan Brehm
57.5hSt. Pius X
2.-Matthew Ferguson
Ryan Weiss
Nash Rauen
Logan Phillips
1:01.0hSt. Anthony
3.-Relay Team 1:01.3hCathedral
4.-Maxwell Morgan
Michael Henderson
Austin Shirazi
Peter Wilmes
1:06.3hSt. Anthony
---Austin Migchelbrink
Jared DeVore
Nihar Doshi
Patrick Kelly
DQSt. Pius X

4x100 Relay  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Michael Malone
Chris Skufca
Tyler Helms
parker MacMillan
1:03.0hSt. Pius X
2.-Samual Johnson
David Connell
Stephen Powell
Luke Schoene
1:07.7hPacific Crest Academy
3.-Relay Team 1:10.5hCathedral
4.-Arthur Gorlorwulu
Skyler Gambill
Parker Wade
Carter Barrett
1:12.0hSt. Anthony
5.-Patrick Marrs
Ian Urias
Thomas Mooney
Blake Deringer
1:14.8hPacific Crest Academy
6.-Joshua Mitchell
Michael Ulrich
Jackson Hill
Jason Budey
1:14.9hDamascus Christian CYO

4x400 Relay  Cadets - Finals

1.8Luke McDougald
Kyle Thompson
Michael Fey
Jake Schmerber
4:26.3hSt. Pius X
2.-Marty Ramos
Mark Geisler
John Caufield
Alex Saunders
4:50.6hSt. Anthony
3.-Relay Team 5:00.0hCathedral

4x400 Relay  Cubs - Finals

1.6Matthew Ruka
Jacob Hillman
David Bridges
Daniel Thompson
4:44.6hSt. Pius X
2.-Nick Wiley
Luca Ostetag-Hill
Stephen Fey
Cody Grater
5:13.6hSt. Pius X

Shot Put - 6lb  Cadets - Finals

1.-Dom Pham10.24mSt. Anthony
2.8Mikey Fey9.26mSt. Pius X
3.-Paul Vickers9.04mSt. Anthony
4.-Nolan Corrado8.96mSt. Anthony
6.8Cole Thalmann8.43m PRSt. Pius X
7.-Eric Fellin8.01m SRSt. Anthony
8.8Matthew Goodman7.70mSt. Pius X
9.8Andrew Andersen7.63mSt. Pius X
10.-Michael Paino7.49m SRSt. Anthony
11.-Andrew Ratchen7.09m SRSt. Anthony
12.-Ryan Caufield5.56mSt. Anthony

Shot Put - 6lb  Cubs - Finals

1.6Eric Enghold8.02mSt. Pius X
2.6Christopher Goodman6.32mSt. Pius X
3.-Peter Wilmes5.93mSt. Anthony
4.-Magnus Yoshimura5.35mPacific Crest Academy
5.5Dylan Monaghan5.25m SRPacific Crest Academy
6.5Justin Gower5.14m PRSt. Pius X
7.-Caleb Pratt4.71mDamascus Christian CYO
8.-Benjamin Wiren4.67mSt. Anthony

Shot Put - 6lb  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Alex Brown6.65mCathedral
2.-Joshua Mitchell6.21m PRDamascus Christian CYO
3.-William Duffy5.87mCathedral
4.-Michael Ulrich5.52m PRDamascus Christian CYO
5.4Tyler Helms5.33mSt. Pius X
6.-Luke Nelson4.55m SRDamascus Christian CYO
7.4Mitch Sears4.51m PRSt. Pius X
8.4Jackson Hill4.15mDamascus Christian CYO
9.3David Bridgeman3.31mSt. Pius X
10.3Ira Luquin2.95mSt. Pius X

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cadets - Finals

1.-Jake Ryan43.48mCathedral
2.8Andrew Andersen33.90mSt. Pius X
3.-Nolan Corrado33.57mSt. Anthony
4.-Jack Vincent30.88mSt. Anthony
5.-Robert Tennant29.64mCathedral
6.-John Caufield25.95m PRSt. Anthony
7.-Michael Paino24.84mSt. Anthony
8.7Nicholas Houtsager23.79mSt. Pius X
9.8Mitchell Powers22.35m SRSt. Pius X
10.7Matt Oordt21.13mSt. Pius X
11.8Jim Pfluger20.87mSt. Pius X
12.-Andrew Ratchen20.21m SRSt. Anthony
13.-Eric Fellin19.96mSt. Anthony
14.7Brent Jacobson Jr18.99m PRSt. Pius X
15.-Ryan Caufield18.38m PRSt. Anthony
16.7Conner Williams16.89mSt. Pius X
17.7Jeffrey Williams12.31m SRSt. Pius X

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cubs - Finals

1.6Evan Brehm31.21m SRSt. Pius X
2.-Bobby Lazzara25.40m PRCathedral
3.6Patrick Kelly25.37mSt. Pius X
4.6Nash Rauen21.84mSt. Anthony
5.8Zechariah Brooke19.86mSt. Pius X
6.5Jacob Small18.33m PRSt. Pius X
7.5Nikolaus Jacobson18.28mSt. Pius X
8.6Stephen Fey17.72mSt. Pius X
9.-Jacob Atkins17.67mDamascus Christian CYO
10.-Caleb Pratt17.52m PRDamascus Christian CYO
11.-Michael Henderson17.14mSt. Anthony
12.6Matthew Henningsen16.53mSt. Pius X
13.6Peter Bernard14.80mSt. Pius X
14.-Peter Wilmes14.52mSt. Anthony
15.6Josh Rickman12.92mSt. Pius X

Javelin - 300g TJ  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Eric Brecht22.55m SRSt. Pius X
2.4Cameron Thompson19.68m SRSt. Pius X
3.-Luke Schoene18.74mPacific Crest Academy
4.4Jackson Hill18.71m SRDamascus Christian CYO
5.4Stephen Powell18.28mPacific Crest Academy
6.-Joshua Mitchell17.22mDamascus Christian CYO
7.-Michael Ulrich14.47m PRDamascus Christian CYO
8.4Mitch Sears13.15mSt. Pius X
9.-Noah Tucker13.00mDamascus Christian CYO
10.-Jason Budey11.93mDamascus Christian CYO
11.-Jack Rundle11.70mCathedral
12.-Luke Osborn11.50mDamascus Christian CYO
13.-Luke Nelson9.85mDamascus Christian CYO

High Jump  Cadets - Finals

1.8Timothy Brunson1.54m PRSt. Pius X
2.-Dom Pham1.32mSt. Anthony
3.7Brian Stocks1.32mSt. Pius X
5.-Justin Heller1.27m PRCathedral
5.-Jack Taylor1.27mCathedral
---Eric FellinNHSt. Anthony
---Jeremy LambertNHSt. Anthony

High Jump  Cubs - Finals

1.-Ryan Weiss1.44m SRSt. Anthony
2.6Evan Brehm1.34m SRSt. Pius X
3.6Matthew Ferguson1.32mSt. Anthony
4.5Kyle Duitsman1.21mSt. Pius X
5.6Jake Lampe1.06m PRSt. Pius X
--6Grant MathewsNHSt. Pius X
--6Nash RauenNHSt. Anthony
---Andrew DunnNHSt. Anthony
---Jacob AtkinsNHDamascus Christian CYO

Long Jump  Cadets - Finals

1.8Will Albright4.76m PRSt. Pius X
2.8Armin Ghorashian4.53mSt. Pius X
3.8Timothy Brunson4.12mSt. Pius X
4.-Marty Ramos4.07mSt. Anthony
5.7Cameron Smith4.04mSt. Pius X
6.8Dakota McFadden4.01m PRSt. Pius X
7.7Brian Stocks3.96m SRSt. Pius X
8.7Ryan Sussman3.94mSt. Pius X
9.-Jake Ryan3.86m PRCathedral
10.-Mark Geisler3.68m PRSt. Anthony
11.-Tyler Snook3.51m PRSt. Anthony
12.8Jim Pfluger3.48mSt. Pius X
12.7Nathan Lewis3.48mSt. Pius X
14.7Nicholas Houtsager3.41mSt. Pius X
15.-Jeremy Lambert3.11m SRSt. Anthony
16.7Matt Oordt2.94mSt. Pius X
17.7Brent Jacobson Jr1.90mSt. Pius X

Long Jump  Cubs - Finals

1.6Matthew Ferguson4.67mSt. Anthony
2.-Ryan Weiss4.43mSt. Anthony
3.5Nicholas Timm4.10mSt. Pius X
4.-Simon Cooney3.97mCathedral
5.5Ibrahim Youm3.91m SRSt. Pius X
6.6Jake Lampe3.86m PRSt. Pius X
7.-Harrison Turlington3.74mCathedral
8.-Hunter Straub3.70mDamascus Christian CYO
9.-Calvin Hood3.69mCathedral
9.6Andrew MacMillian3.69mSt. Pius X
11.-Devon Myers3.67mCathedral
12.6Zach Jolie3.52mSt. Pius X
13.5Jared DeVore3.49mSt. Pius X
14.5Justin Gower3.42m PRSt. Pius X
15.5Gabe Coe3.34m SRDamascus Christian CYO
16.6Nicholas Reed3.23mSt. Pius X
17.-Colby Bullard3.22mCathedral
18.5Rob Merrick3.21mSt. Pius X
18.5Kyle Duitsman3.21m SRSt. Pius X
20.5Maxwell Morgan3.07mSt. Anthony
21.5Matthew Hotchkiss2.90m SRSt. Pius X
22.-Benjamin Wiren2.83m PRSt. Anthony
23.-Sean Alexander2.80m SRCathedral
24.6Peter Bernard2.59m SRSt. Pius X
25.5Dylan Monaghan2.54m SRPacific Crest Academy
25.-Jacob Atkins2.54mDamascus Christian CYO
27.-Caleb Pratt2.51mDamascus Christian CYO
28.5Ryan Forster2.43m SRSt. Pius X
29.5Jacob Small2.40mSt. Pius X
--5Carson HolleyNDSt. Pius X

Long Jump  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Samual Johnson3.65m SRPacific Crest Academy
2.3Jackson Jolie3.35m SRSt. Pius X
3.4Parker MacMillan3.09mSt. Pius X
4.4Jackson Hill3.04mDamascus Christian CYO
5.-Arthur Gorlorwulu3.02mSt. Anthony
6.-David Connell2.94m PRPacific Crest Academy
7.3Ian Urias2.74mPacific Crest Academy
8.3Matt Hotchkiss2.74mSt. Pius X
9.-Tommy Kallgren2.69m SRCathedral
10.3Blake Deringer2.66mPacific Crest Academy
11.-Jason Budey2.64m SRDamascus Christian CYO
12.3John Fey2.59m PRSt. Pius X
13.-Carter Barrett2.56m PRSt. Anthony
14.3Ira Luquin2.51mSt. Pius X
15.-Jack Rundle2.39m SRCathedral
16.-Luke Osborn2.38mDamascus Christian CYO
17.4Thomas Mooney2.31m SRPacific Crest Academy
18.-Noah Tucker2.15mDamascus Christian CYO
19.4Matthew Bryan1.47mSt. Pius X


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