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100 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Cameron Bremner12.5hHoly Trinity
2.-Nate Howard12.6hHoly Trinity
3.-Michael Joseph12.7hThe Madeleine
4.-Benjamin Colley13.2hValley Catholic
5.-Dong Lee13.2h PRSt. Pius X
6.-Delaney Quenton13.3hThe Madeleine
7.7Joseph Alfieri13.4hValley Catholic
8.-Grant Robertson13.4hHoly Trinity
9.-Nick Nguyen13.5hHoly Trinity
10.-Karl Ficken13.6hSt. Pius X
11.-Alex Jones13.7hHoly Trinity
12.-Scotty Williams II13.8hThe Madeleine
13.-Cooper McDonnell13.8hSt. Matthew
14.8Armand Rabii13.9hValley Catholic
15.-Derek Reed14.2hHoly Trinity
16.-Jake Mackie14.3hThe Madeleine
17.8Zachary Holden14.5hValley Catholic
18.7Tyler Nguyen14.9hValley Catholic
19.7Terrance Compton15.1h SRValley Catholic
20.-Jacob Finkelman15.2hThe Madeleine
21.7Will Albright15.3hSt. Pius X
22.-Ian Kennedy15.8hHoly Trinity
23.-Atticus Jones16.8h SRThe Madeleine
---Jack O'ReillySCRSt. Pius X

100 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.5Harrison Schrage14.0hThe Madeleine
2.6Nathan Lewis14.1hSt. Pius X
3.5Michael Alfieri14.5hValley Catholic
4.-Noah Terry14.7hThe Madeleine
5.6Alex Conradt14.8hHoly Trinity
5.-Jonathan Ho14.8hValley Catholic
7.-Kasin Pendergrass-Anders15.0h PRValley Catholic
8.5Matthew Gerrig15.1hHoly Trinity
9.6Brian Stocks15.1h SRSt. Pius X
10.5Grant Mathews15.2hSt. Pius X
10.5Cameron Isaac15.2hHoly Trinity
12.-Michael Armatage15.7hHoly Trinity
13.6JD Menkens15.8hValley Catholic
14.6David Carbonari15.8h SRValley Catholic
15.-Quinn McDonnell15.9hSt. Matthew
16.5Shankar Krishnakumar16.3hValley Catholic
17.-Jimmy Naughton16.3h PRSt. Pius X
18.-Christian Meader16.3h PRSt. Pius X
19.-Michael Droessler16.5h PRHoly Trinity
20.-Ethan Bergin16.6h PRHoly Trinity
21.5Zach Enriquez16.7h SRSt. Pius X
22.6Alexander Folino16.7hHoly Trinity
23.5Zachary Rabin16.8hHoly Trinity
24.-Patrick Clair16.8h SRSt. Pius X
25.-William Ataras16.9hThe Madeleine
26.-Daniel Kelley17.1hThe Madeleine
27.5Matthew Ruka17.1hSt. Pius X
28.-Sam Stringer17.1h PRThe Madeleine
29.-Robert Crouch17.1h PRThe Madeleine
30.-Patrick Connor17.2h SRSt. Matthew
31.-Jacob Halvorsen17.3hHoly Trinity
31.-Christian Goo17.3hValley Catholic
33.11Patrick Kelly17.3h SRSt. Pius X
34.6Ryan Orchard17.5hValley Catholic
35.-Jeff Sharp17.6hHoly Trinity
36.-Jacob Smith17.6hThe Madeleine
36.-Jeremy Lenc17.6hSt. Pius X
38.-Nicholas McGuire17.6h PRSt. Pius X
39.-Brodey Sajal17.7h SRHoly Trinity
40.-Louis Williams18.2h SRSt. Pius X
41.-Alexander Fouts18.3hSt. Pius X
42.-Thomas Nilan18.3h SRThe Madeleine
43.-Chris Palau18.8h PRHoly Trinity
44.6Jeffrey Williams19.1h SRSt. Pius X
45.-Sebastian Santos19.2hHoly Trinity
46.-Nicholas Domenico19.3hThe Madeleine
47.-Sean Laskowski19.4h SRThe Madeleine
48.-Marco Bigio19.5h SRSt. Pius X
49.5Josh Rickman19.7hSt. Pius X
50.-Kevin Laskowski21.7hThe Madeleine
51.-Peter Seger21.8h PRSt. Matthew
---David SealandSCRSt. Pius X

100 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Nicholas Timm15.3hSt. Pius X
2.4Jacob Leonard15.6hHoly Trinity
3.4Jorge Casas15.8hSt. Pius X
4.-Ryan Reents15.8hThe Madeleine
5.-Andrew Lang16.0hSt. Pius X
6.3Parker MacMillan16.2hSt. Pius X
7.4John Walsh16.3hSt. Matthew
7.-Jason DuMont16.3hHoly Trinity
9.2Michael Malone16.5h SRSt. Pius X
10.4Ibrahim Youm16.6hSt. Pius X
11.-Ben King-Hails16.7hThe Madeleine
12.-Brighton Mills16.8hThe Madeleine
13.4Nick Wiley16.9hSt. Pius X
14.-Luke Schoene17.0hPacific Crest Academy
15.3Anders Langhus17.2hThe Madeleine
16.-Mason Good17.2hSt. Matthew
17.-Alex Pullen17.3hSt. Pius X
18.-Henry Belliveau17.3hThe Madeleine
19.-Joshua Flaig17.4hSt. Pius X
20.4Alan Wild17.4h SRHoly Trinity
21.-Logan McIntyre17.6h PRValley Catholic
22.-David Rennie17.7hThe Madeleine
23.-Nicholas Loeffler17.7hThe Madeleine
24.4Owen Riley17.8h PRThe Madeleine
25.4Rob Merrick17.9hSt. Pius X
26.-Vineet Edupaganti17.9hSt. Pius X
27.4Victor Agostinelli18.0hValley Catholic
28.3Gabriel Leonard18.1hHoly Trinity
29.3Holden Ziels18.2hHoly Trinity
30.-David Connell18.2hPacific Crest Academy
31.-Jose Hernandez18.2hHoly Trinity
32.-Chris Clairmont18.2hHoly Trinity
33.3Cameron Thompson18.3h PRSt. Pius X
34.-Parker Reis18.3hHoly Trinity
35.-Mitchell Sears18.3hSt. Pius X
35.3Aaron Compton18.3h SRValley Catholic
37.10Chris Duval18.3h SRThe Madeleine
38.3Ryan Olson18.4hHoly Trinity
39.-Jacob Palin18.4hPacific Crest Academy
40.3Nico Enriquez18.6h SRSt. Pius X
41.-Noah Bautista18.6hHoly Trinity
41.-Chandler Rodarte18.6hThe Madeleine
43.3Luke Stream18.6hValley Catholic
44.3Stephen Powell18.8hPacific Crest Academy
45.-Mike McCausland18.8hHoly Trinity
46.-Michael Yazzolino18.9hSt. Pius X
47.-Benjamin Quiring19.2hValley Catholic
48.3Christian Richards19.2hValley Catholic
49.4Dylan Monaghan19.4hPacific Crest Academy
50.3Thomas Mooney19.9h SRPacific Crest Academy
51.-Patrick Marrs20.0hPacific Crest Academy
52.-Michael Blodgett20.1hHoly Trinity
53.-Andrew Swanson20.2hPacific Crest Academy
54.4Jared DeVore20.3hSt. Pius X
55.-Thomas Quiring20.7h SRValley Catholic
56.-Matt McCausland21.1hHoly Trinity
57.-Ethan Clark22.9h PRPacific Crest Academy
58.-Sam Wallace23.0hSt. Pius X

200 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Sean Justus26.8hThe Madeleine
2.-Nate Howard26.9h PRHoly Trinity
3.-Miguel Lowry27.1hThe Madeleine
4.-Cameron Bremner27.3hHoly Trinity
5.-Dong Lee27.7h PRSt. Pius X
6.-Karl Ficken27.8hSt. Pius X
7.-Benjamin Colley27.9hValley Catholic
8.-Richard Pfluger28.1h PRSt. Pius X
9.-Nick Nguyen28.2hHoly Trinity
10.-Luke Simmons28.3hThe Madeleine
11.-Paul Burton28.6h PRSt. Pius X
12.-Wils Jazilek29.2hThe Madeleine
13.-Jonathan Dunne29.3hValley Catholic
14.-Tyler Colson29.4h PRSt. Pius X
15.7Luke McDougald29.5hSt. Pius X
16.-Cooper McDonnell30.7hSt. Matthew
17.-Derek Reed31.1hHoly Trinity
18.-Luke Lozano31.2h PRSt. Pius X
19.7Will Albright32.1hSt. Pius X
20.-William Thompson32.2hThe Madeleine
21.7Joseph Alfieri32.8hValley Catholic
22.-Jack O'Reilly34.1hSt. Pius X
---Grant RobertsonSCRHoly Trinity

200 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.5Michael Alfieri30.9hValley Catholic
2.-Jonathan Ho31.4h PRValley Catholic
2.5Cameron Isaac31.4hHoly Trinity
4.6John DeRego31.4hSt. Pius X
5.-Kasin Pendergrass-Anders31.7h PRValley Catholic
6.5Grant Mathews32.1hSt. Pius X
7.6Brian Stocks32.5hSt. Pius X
8.5Patrick Maloney32.6hSt. Matthew
9.-Nick Winkler33.2hSt. Pius X
10.-Quinn McDonnell34.2hSt. Matthew
11.-Michael Droessler34.5h PRHoly Trinity
12.5Matthew Ruka35.0hSt. Pius X
13.-Ethan Bergin35.2h PRHoly Trinity
14.6Nathan Hartmeier35.4hSt. Pius X
15.-Michael DaSilva35.7h PRSt. Pius X
16.-William Ataras35.9hThe Madeleine
17.-Christian Meader36.6hSt. Pius X
18.-Jeff Sharp37.1h SRHoly Trinity
19.-Kyle Getsiv38.7h PRSt. Pius X
20.5Vijay Parthasarathy40.0hValley Catholic
21.-Sam Brunson44.0h PRSt. Pius X
22.-Sebastian Santos44.7hHoly Trinity

200 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Jason DuMont33.7h PRHoly Trinity
2.4Jacob Leonard33.8hHoly Trinity
3.3Parker MacMillan34.5hSt. Pius X
4.-Nick Leonard34.7hThe Madeleine
5.4Nick Wiley35.6hSt. Pius X
6.-Magnus Yoshimura37.5hPacific Crest Academy
7.4Rob Merrick38.0hSt. Pius X
8.3Stephen Powell38.3hPacific Crest Academy
9.-Jose Hernandez38.3h PRHoly Trinity
10.-Hunter Baldridge39.4hThe Madeleine
11.-Noah Bautista40.5hHoly Trinity
12.-Mitchell Sears40.6hSt. Pius X
13.4Ryan Forster40.9h SRSt. Pius X
14.3Luke Stream41.5hValley Catholic
15.-Jacob Palin42.4h PRPacific Crest Academy
16.-Matt McCausland43.7hHoly Trinity
17.3Aaron Compton44.1hValley Catholic
18.-Michael Yazzolino44.2h PRSt. Pius X
19.-Andrew Swanson44.6hPacific Crest Academy

400 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.7Jake Schmerber1:00.6hSt. Pius X
2.-Ben Hartmeier1:00.7hSt. Pius X
3.-Cordell Harris1:01.0h PRThe Madeleine
4.-Devon Olson1:01.3hHoly Trinity
5.-Karl Ficken1:01.4hSt. Pius X
6.7Joseph Alfieri1:01.9hValley Catholic
7.7Luke McDougald1:02.3hSt. Pius X
8.-Paul Burton1:02.5h PRSt. Pius X
9.-Jonathan Dunne1:02.6h PRValley Catholic
10.-Max Glicker1:02.9hThe Madeleine
11.-Scotty Williams II1:03.8hThe Madeleine
12.-Patrick Doherty1:04.1h SRSt. Pius X
13.-Joseph Blair1:04.6h PRSt. Matthew
14.-Drew Edmunds1:04.9h PRThe Madeleine
15.-Dong Lee1:05.9h PRSt. Pius X
16.-Dylan Tingley1:06.3hThe Madeleine
17.-Delaney Quenton1:07.2hThe Madeleine
18.-Richard Pfluger1:07.4hSt. Pius X
19.-Jason Middleton1:07.4h PRSt. Pius X
20.-Austin Peneyra1:08.5h PRValley Catholic
21.-Scott Hill1:08.7hSt. Matthew
22.-Quinn Lonsway1:09.1hSt. Pius X
23.8Armand Rabii1:09.8h PRValley Catholic
24.-Brian McDavitt1:10.4h PRHoly Trinity
25.-Blake Russ1:11.1h PRHoly Trinity
26.-Jason Smits1:11.9h PRHoly Trinity
27.-Luke Lozano1:12.7hSt. Pius X
28.-Jack O'Reilly1:15.0h PRSt. Pius X
29.-Tyler Colson1:15.0hSt. Pius X
30.-Andrew Pollard1:16.1hSt. Pius X
31.-Atticus Jones1:30.2hThe Madeleine
32.7Justin Reed1:34.7h SRSt. Pius X
--5Matthew RukaSCRSt. Pius X

400 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6John DeRego1:09.0hSt. Pius X
2.6Nathan Lewis1:09.7hSt. Pius X
3.5Cameron Isaac1:10.5h SRHoly Trinity
4.5Michael Alfieri1:10.7hValley Catholic
5.6JD Menkens1:11.3hValley Catholic
6.6Ryan Sussman1:13.4hSt. Pius X
7.5David Bridges1:14.5h SRSt. Pius X
8.-Ben College1:15.4hThe Madeleine
9.6Tom Murphy1:15.5h PRSt. Pius X
10.5Zachary Rabin1:15.8h PRHoly Trinity
11.-Nick Winkler1:16.0hSt. Pius X
12.5Matthew Ruka1:16.1hSt. Pius X
13.-Pieter Quinton1:16.5hThe Madeleine
14.12Chris Conradt1:16.8h PRHoly Trinity
15.-Michael DaSilva1:17.6hSt. Pius X
16.-David Sealand1:17.8h PRSt. Pius X
17.6Nathan Hartmeier1:19.0hSt. Pius X
18.-Pau Turina1:19.2h SRThe Madeleine
19.6David Carbonari1:19.6h SRValley Catholic
20.5Shankar Krishnakumar1:20.4hValley Catholic
21.6Nicholas Houtsager1:21.8h SRSt. Pius X
22.-Mason Axelson1:22.0h PRHoly Trinity
23.5Joseph Kiefer1:22.2hValley Catholic
24.5Zach Enriquez1:23.8hSt. Pius X
25.-Nicholas Smith1:25.9h SRHoly Trinity
26.-Louis Williams1:26.9h SRSt. Pius X
27.-Jake Wiley1:29.4hSt. Pius X
28.-Hans Krause1:29.4hThe Madeleine
29.5Vijay Parthasarathy1:29.7hValley Catholic
30.-Kyle Getsiv1:31.6hSt. Pius X
31.-Alex Noradki1:32.3h SRSt. Matthew
32.5Robert Marksthaler1:39.4hThe Madeleine
33.-Nicholas Domenico1:44.0hThe Madeleine
34.-Marco Bigio1:49.1h SRSt. Pius X

400 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Ben King-Hails1:17.0hThe Madeleine
2.4John Walsh1:17.5hSt. Matthew
3.4Jacob Leonard1:17.8hHoly Trinity
4.4Nick Wiley1:17.9h SRSt. Pius X
5.4Ibrahim Youm1:17.9hSt. Pius X
6.-Mason Good1:20.3hSt. Matthew
7.-John Ritchie1:21.2h PRThe Madeleine
8.-Nicholas Loeffler1:22.0h PRThe Madeleine
9.-Samual Johnson1:22.1hPacific Crest Academy
10.3Nathan Silenzi1:22.4hValley Catholic
11.-Magnus Yoshimura1:22.6hPacific Crest Academy
12.-Charlie Stockbridge1:22.7h SRThe Madeleine
13.-Henry Belliveau1:23.8hThe Madeleine
14.-Andrew Lang1:25.9h SRSt. Pius X
15.-William Tooley1:26.4hThe Madeleine
16.2Michael Malone1:26.4h SRSt. Pius X
17.-Luke Schoene1:27.2h SRPacific Crest Academy
18.4Jared DeVore1:28.9h SRSt. Pius X
19.3Holden Ziels1:29.7hHoly Trinity
20.3Gabriel Leonard1:30.1hHoly Trinity
21.-Chris Clairmont1:30.2h PRHoly Trinity
22.-Alex Pullen1:31.3hSt. Pius X
23.-Vineet Edupaganti1:32.1hSt. Pius X
24.-Isaac Gadberry1:33.7h PRThe Madeleine
25.4Ryan Forster1:34.6hSt. Pius X
26.-Chandler Rodarte1:36.1hThe Madeleine
27.-Mitchell Sears1:36.6hSt. Pius X
28.3Nico Enriquez1:38.3hSt. Pius X
29.-Hunter Baldridge1:39.0hThe Madeleine
30.-Lucas Greer1:39.2h PRThe Madeleine
31.-Matthew Levy1:40.2hThe Madeleine
31.-Mike McCausland1:40.2hHoly Trinity
33.-Peter Ataras1:40.3hThe Madeleine
34.-Logan McIntyre1:42.2h PRValley Catholic
35.-Isaac Sten1:46.1h PRThe Madeleine
36.-Ian Luer-Sele1:54.6hValley Catholic

800 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Ryan England2:15.2h SRSt. Matthew
2.-Nick Van Marter2:18.5hThe Madeleine
3.-Art O'Kelly2:26.2hThe Madeleine
4.-Ben Hartmeier2:26.4hSt. Pius X
5.7Kyle Thompson2:26.7hSt. Pius X
6.-Matthew Kim2:27.0hSt. Pius X
7.-Max Glicker2:27.5hThe Madeleine
8.-Garrett Bender2:28.9hSt. Pius X
9.-Karl Braun2:29.2hThe Madeleine
10.8Joshua Sealand2:29.3hSt. Pius X
11.7Mikey Fey2:32.4hSt. Pius X
12.-Jordan Hamada2:32.8h SRHoly Trinity
13.7Luke McDougald2:33.4hSt. Pius X
14.-Brendan Kelley2:33.6hThe Madeleine
15.7Jake Schmerber2:34.7hSt. Pius X
16.-Drew Edmunds2:34.9hThe Madeleine
17.-Collin Faunt2:35.5hThe Madeleine
18.-Mason Lundenberg2:35.7hThe Madeleine
19.-Connor Welty2:36.4hThe Madeleine
20.-Dylan Tingley2:36.7hThe Madeleine
21.-Daniel Abdie2:38.5hSt. Pius X
22.-Jaray Kindell2:38.7hThe Madeleine
23.-Luke Simmons2:38.9hThe Madeleine
24.-Sahil Doshi2:39.9hSt. Pius X
25.7Matthew Lemmond2:39.9hSt. Pius X
26.-Aidan Paulk2:40.9hThe Madeleine
27.-Schuler Rettig2:41.4hThe Madeleine
28.-Colin Jones2:41.6hHoly Trinity
29.-Alex Jones2:41.8h PRHoly Trinity
30.-Austin Shaff2:42.1h PRThe Madeleine
31.-William Thompson2:42.9h PRThe Madeleine
32.-Jerry Lux2:45.2h PRSt. Matthew
33.-Jason Middleton2:46.9h SRSt. Pius X
34.-Quinn Lonsway2:47.8hSt. Pius X
35.-Kevin Smith2:50.8hThe Madeleine
36.-Cody Rosebrook2:56.0h PRThe Madeleine
37.-Andrew Pearson2:56.2hThe Madeleine
38.7Matthew Goodman2:56.3hSt. Pius X
39.-Jason Smits2:58.2h PRHoly Trinity

800 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Jean Baptiste Tooley2:25.7h SRThe Madeleine
2.6Sam Truax2:31.3h SRHoly Trinity
3.6Mark Sussman2:36.2h SRSt. Pius X
4.5Daniel Thompson2:44.9hSt. Pius X
5.5Jacob Hillman3:00.6hSt. Pius X
6.5Stephen Fey3:04.0hSt. Pius X
7.-Collin Maclay3:08.2hSt. Pius X
8.-Addison Cartmell3:13.6h PRThe Madeleine
9.-Mason Axelson3:19.0hHoly Trinity
10.5Joseph Kiefer3:19.1hValley Catholic
11.6Alexander Folino3:19.2hHoly Trinity
12.-Nicholas Smith3:19.6h PRHoly Trinity
13.6Matt Oordt3:28.1h SRSt. Pius X
14.-Johannes Venegas-Baer3:35.0h PRThe Madeleine
15.-Jack Chimenti3:37.4h SRHoly Trinity
16.6Nicholas Houtsager3:38.5h PRSt. Pius X
17.5Josh Rickman3:46.7hSt. Pius X
18.5Christopher Goodman3:57.3hSt. Pius X
19.5Robert Marksthaler4:01.6h SRThe Madeleine
--6Eli BoudourisDQThe Madeleine

800 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Alan Wild2:53.0hHoly Trinity
2.-Daniel Sealand2:55.0hSt. Pius X
3.-Jason DuMont3:04.0h SRHoly Trinity
4.3Ryan Olson3:09.7hHoly Trinity
5.3Cameron Thompson3:09.9hSt. Pius X
6.-Brighton Mills3:19.3hThe Madeleine
7.3Nathan Silenzi3:19.7hValley Catholic
8.-Joshua Flaig3:20.0hSt. Pius X
9.-Samual Johnson3:23.8hPacific Crest Academy
10.3Eric Brecht3:25.5hSt. Pius X
11.-David Sullivan3:38.2hThe Madeleine
12.-Ryan Dooris3:45.3h PRThe Madeleine
13.-Peter Ataras3:55.6hThe Madeleine

1500 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Will Stevenson4:53.9hThe Madeleine
2.-Nick Van Marter4:58.6h SRThe Madeleine
3.7Mikey Fey4:59.1hSt. Pius X
4.-Garrett Bender5:01.2hSt. Pius X
5.-Sahil Doshi5:16.7hSt. Pius X
6.7Matthew Lemmond5:17.3hSt. Pius X
7.-Daniel Abdie5:26.4h PRSt. Pius X
8.-Andrew Pollard5:54.8hSt. Pius X
9.7Matthew Goodman5:58.9h SRSt. Pius X
10.-Colin Jones6:01.6hHoly Trinity
11.-David Levy6:16.0hThe Madeleine
12.-Johan Day6:24.0h PRThe Madeleine
13.-Jake Perry8:20.1hThe Madeleine

1500 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Jean Baptiste Tooley4:55.2hThe Madeleine
2.6Mark Sussman5:09.5hSt. Pius X
3.5Daniel Thompson5:12.3hSt. Pius X
4.6Eli Boudouris5:29.0hThe Madeleine
5.5Jacob Hillman5:55.8hSt. Pius X
6.-Collin Maclay6:10.8hSt. Pius X
7.-Addison Cartmell6:12.6h SRThe Madeleine
8.-Jacob Smith6:12.8h PRThe Madeleine
9.6Nathan Hartmeier6:15.6h SRSt. Pius X
10.5Stephen Fey6:16.6hSt. Pius X
11.6Matt Oordt6:21.5h SRSt. Pius X
12.-Alex Duval6:28.8h PRThe Madeleine
13.-Jake Wiley6:41.0h PRSt. Pius X
14.-Jeremy Lenc6:46.9hSt. Pius X
15.-Alexander Fouts6:56.2h PRSt. Pius X
16.-Nicholas McGuire7:13.7h PRSt. Pius X
17.-Christian Meader7:27.1hSt. Pius X
18.-Thomas Nilan7:39.5h SRThe Madeleine
19.5Christopher Goodman7:43.7hSt. Pius X
20.6Conner Williams10:04.5hSt. Pius X
21.6Jeffrey Williams10:22.7hSt. Pius X

1500 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Alan Wild5:39.6hHoly Trinity
2.-Andrew Lang5:43.3hSt. Pius X
3.3Cameron Thompson6:04.0hSt. Pius X
4.3Ryan Olson6:09.0hHoly Trinity
5.-David Connell6:23.0hPacific Crest Academy
6.4Jorge Casas6:25.2h SRSt. Pius X
7.-Joshua Flaig6:33.3hSt. Pius X
8.3Eric Brecht6:40.6h SRSt. Pius X
9.-Luke Schoene6:50.0hPacific Crest Academy
10.-Noah Bautista7:08.9h PRHoly Trinity
11.4Dylan Monaghan7:37.8h SRPacific Crest Academy
12.3Thomas Mooney7:47.0h SRPacific Crest Academy

3000 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.7Kyle Thompson10:10.1h SRSt. Pius X
2.8Joshua Sealand10:38.4hSt. Pius X
3.-Devon Olson11:07.6h PRHoly Trinity
4.-Patrick Doherty11:20.2h PRSt. Pius X
5.-Brian McDavitt11:30.2h PRHoly Trinity
6.-Andrew Folino13:00.7h PRHoly Trinity
7.7Alex Butz13:20.0hValley Catholic

3000 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Sam Truax10:57.2hHoly Trinity
2.5David Bridges11:24.3h SRSt. Pius X
3.6Tom Murphy11:47.9h SRSt. Pius X
4.-David Sealand12:33.8h PRSt. Pius X
5.-Jake Faha14:18.5hThe Madeleine

4x60 Relay  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Owen Riley
Henry Belliveau
Nicholas Loeffler
Brighton Mills
40.6hThe Madeleine
2.-Ben King-Hails
Ryan Dooris
Chandler Rodarte
John Ritchie
41.4hThe Madeleine
3.-Anders Langhus
Charlie Stockbridge
Matthew Levy
Chris Duval
43.0hThe Madeleine
4.-Jose Hernandez
Chris Clairmont
Gabriel Leonard
Mike McCausland
43.5hHoly Trinity
5.-Magnus Yoshimura
Andrew Swanson
Isaiah Pratt
Dylan Monaghan
44.9hPacific Crest Academy
6.-Ian Luer-Sele
Christian Richards
Thomas Quiring
Victor Agostinelli
45.7hValley Catholic

4x100 Relay  Cadets - Finals

1.-Relay Team 50.8hThe Madeleine
2.-Cameron Bremner
Nate Howard
Alex Jones
Nick Nguyen
53.9hHoly Trinity
3.-Dong Lee
Karl Ficken
Ben Hartmeier
Matthew Kim
54.4hSt. Pius X
4.-Joseph Blair
Jerry Lux
Cooper McDonnell
Ryan England
54.5hSt. Matthew
5.-Jason Middleton
Andrew Pollard
Luke Lozano
Will Albright
1:00.8hSt. Pius X
---Joseph Alfieri
Zachary Holden
Armand Rabii
Jonathan Dunne
DQValley Catholic

4x100 Relay  Cubs - Finals

1.-John DeRego
Nick Winkler
Brian Stocks
Nathan Lewis
59.4hSt. Pius X
2.-Shankar Krishnakumar
Kasin Pendergrass-
Jonathan Ho
Michael Alfieri
1:00.5hValley Catholic
3.-Alex Conradt
Matthew Gerrig
Michael Armatage
Cameron Isaac
1:01.5hHoly Trinity
4.-Vijay Parthasarathy
Dominick Felix
Christian Goo
David Carbonari
1:09.0hValley Catholic
5.-Patrick Connor
Peter Seger
Cooper McDonnell
Patrick Maloney
1:11.8hSt. Matthew
6.-Sam Brunson
Nicholas McGuire
Patrick Kelly
Jeremy Lenc
1:13.5hSt. Pius X

4x100 Relay  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-parker MacMillan
Michael Malone
Jorge Casas
Andrew Lang
1:05.5hSt. Pius X
2.-Nick Leonard
Brighton Mills
William Tooley
Ben King-Hails
1:07.1hThe Madeleine
3.-Jacob Leonard
Holden Ziels
Jason DuMont
Jose Hernandez
1:08.1hHoly Trinity
4.-Samual Johnson
David Connell
Stephen Powell
Luke Schoene
1:11.3hPacific Crest Academy
5.-Relay Team 1:11.9hThe Madeleine
6.-Anders Langhus
David Sullivan
Will Krause
Lucas Greer
1:16.0hThe Madeleine

4x400 Relay  Cadets - Finals

1.-Ryan England
Jerry Lux
Scott Hill
Joseph Blair
4:18.2hSt. Matthew
2.-Luke McDougald
Patrick Doherty
Garrett Bender
Jake Schmerber
4:27.2hSt. Pius X
3.-Joshua Sealand
Kyle Thompson
Sahil Doshi
Daniel Abdie
4:39.6hSt. Pius X

4x400 Relay  Cubs - Finals

1.-Alex Conradt
Cameron Isaac
Mason Axelson
Chris Conradt
4:31.4hHoly Trinity
2.-Ryan Sussman
Daniel Thompson
Tom Murphy
Mark Sussman
5:00.4hSt. Pius X
3.-Stephen Fey
Collin Maclay
Jacob Hillman
David Bridges
5:30.5hSt. Pius X

Shot Put - 6lb  Cubs - Finals

1.-Sean Laskowski7.39mThe Madeleine
2.-Louis Williams7.28mSt. Pius X
3.5Joseph Kiefer6.97mValley Catholic
4.-Jake Wiley6.88m PRSt. Pius X
5.-Kevin Laskowski6.78mThe Madeleine
6.-Sam Brunson6.60mSt. Pius X
7.-Quinn McDonnell6.48m PRSt. Matthew
8.11Patrick Kelly6.36m SRSt. Pius X
9.-Johannes Venegas-Baer6.34mThe Madeleine
10.-Pau Turina5.89m PRThe Madeleine
11.5Patrick Maloney5.84m PRSt. Matthew
12.5Michael Loeffler5.60mThe Madeleine
13.-Jacob Halvorsen5.39mHoly Trinity
14.-Kyle Getsiv5.37mSt. Pius X
15.-Peter Seger5.30mSt. Matthew
16.-Alex Noradki5.02mSt. Matthew

Shot Put - 6lb  Roadrunners - Finals

1.10Chris Duval5.90mThe Madeleine
2.-Alexander Del Togno Arma5.68m PRThe Madeleine
3.-John Ritchie5.46mThe Madeleine
4.4Victor Agostinelli5.07m PRValley Catholic
5.4Jared DeVore4.97m PRSt. Pius X
6.-Neo Holgado4.88m PRSt. Matthew
7.-Isaac Gadberry4.85m PRThe Madeleine
8.-Vineet Edupaganti4.62m PRSt. Pius X
9.3Nico Enriquez4.47mSt. Pius X
10.-Ryan Dooris4.31m SRThe Madeleine
11.3Nathan Silenzi4.27m PRValley Catholic
12.-Peter Ataras4.19mThe Madeleine
13.-Noah Bautista4.19mHoly Trinity
14.-David Sullivan4.00m SRThe Madeleine
15.-Ethan Clark4.00m SRPacific Crest Academy
16.-Magnus Yoshimura3.84m SRPacific Crest Academy
17.-Logan McIntyre3.45mValley Catholic

Shot Put - 8lb  Cadets - Finals

1.-Blaine Morgan12.70mHoly Trinity
2.-Delaney Quenton10.77mThe Madeleine
3.-Ben Hartmeier10.68mSt. Pius X
4.-Benjamin Colley9.67mValley Catholic
4.-Garrett Bender9.67m PRSt. Pius X
6.-Jake Mackie9.51m PRThe Madeleine
7.-Chris Usi8.93mHoly Trinity
8.-Tyler Colson7.11m PRSt. Pius X
9.7Terrance Compton7.11m PRValley Catholic
10.7Matthew Goodman6.97mSt. Pius X
11.-Patrick Combine6.29m PRHoly Trinity
12.-Emmerich Ehlert4.80m PRHoly Trinity
13.-Andrew Folino4.48mHoly Trinity

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cadets - Finals

1.-Blaine Morgan39.16mHoly Trinity
2.-Aidan Paulk37.46m PRThe Madeleine
3.-Matthias Gorman36.85mHoly Trinity
4.8Zachary Holden31.64mValley Catholic
5.-Ian McKallip30.53mThe Madeleine
6.-Paul Burton29.38m PRSt. Pius X
7.-Blake Russ24.73m PRHoly Trinity
8.-Ian Kennedy21.64m PRHoly Trinity
9.-Richard Pfluger21.36mSt. Pius X
10.-Chris Usi21.23mHoly Trinity
11.-Patrick Combine19.88mHoly Trinity
12.-Emmerich Ehlert16.89mHoly Trinity

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cubs - Finals

1.-Noah Terry28.42m SRThe Madeleine
2.-Patrick Clair26.18mSt. Pius X
3.-Mason Axelson25.90mHoly Trinity
4.6David Carbonari25.01m SRValley Catholic
5.5Evan Brehm22.17mSt. Pius X
6.-Dominick Felix21.18m PRValley Catholic
7.6Matt Oordt21.13mSt. Pius X
8.-Michael Armatage20.92mHoly Trinity
9.5Shankar Krishnakumar19.25mValley Catholic
10.6Nicholas Houtsager19.17m SRSt. Pius X
11.-Sam Brunson17.78m PRSt. Pius X
12.-William Ataras17.72m PRThe Madeleine
13.5Stephen Fey17.57mSt. Pius X
14.-Jacob Halvorsen16.99mHoly Trinity
15.5Josh Rickman16.43m SRSt. Pius X
16.5Zachary Rabin14.40m SRHoly Trinity
17.-Peter Seger14.30m PRSt. Matthew
18.-Sean Laskowski13.94m PRThe Madeleine
19.-Michael Droessler13.71m PRHoly Trinity
20.-Nicholas Smith13.08m PRHoly Trinity
21.-Sebastian Santos12.92mHoly Trinity
22.-Patrick Connor12.49m SRSt. Matthew
23.-Alex Noradki12.36mSt. Matthew
24.5Robert Marksthaler11.83m PRThe Madeleine
25.-Kevin Laskowski11.60mThe Madeleine
26.6Conner Williams11.12mSt. Pius X
27.-Brodey Sajal10.89mHoly Trinity
28.6Jeffrey Williams8.48m SRSt. Pius X
--6Nathan HartmeierNDSt. Pius X

Javelin - 300g TJ  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Nicholas Timm20.87m SRSt. Pius X
2.3Gabriel Leonard17.37m SRHoly Trinity
3.-Alexander Del Togno Arma16.51mThe Madeleine
4.-Matt McCausland13.48m PRHoly Trinity
5.-Ryan Dooris13.43m SRThe Madeleine
6.-Jose Hernandez12.09m PRHoly Trinity
7.3Christian Richards11.86mValley Catholic
8.-Neo Holgado11.35m PRSt. Matthew
9.3Holden Ziels11.09mHoly Trinity
10.-Andrew Swanson10.87mPacific Crest Academy
11.-Sergio Rivera10.31m PRPacific Crest Academy
12.-Patrick Marrs10.26mPacific Crest Academy
13.-Will Krause10.23mThe Madeleine
14.-Ethan Clark9.93mPacific Crest Academy
15.3Eric Brecht9.44mSt. Pius X
16.-Jacob Palin8.99mPacific Crest Academy
17.-Peter Ataras8.50mThe Madeleine
18.-Sam Wallace7.39mSt. Pius X
19.-Isaac Sten6.98mThe Madeleine
20.-Michael Blodgett5.91mHoly Trinity
---Charlie StockbridgeNDThe Madeleine
---William TooleyNDThe Madeleine

High Jump  Cadets - Finals

1.-Cordell Harris1.65m PRThe Madeleine
2.7Alex Butz1.52m SRValley Catholic
3.-Nate Howard1.49mHoly Trinity
4.-Daniel Abdie1.49mSt. Pius X
5.7Tyler Nguyen1.37mValley Catholic
6.-Cooper McDonnell1.37mSt. Matthew
7.-Austin Peneyra1.32mValley Catholic
8.7Mikey Fey1.27mSt. Pius X
---Jack O'ReillySCRSt. Pius X
---Michael JosephNHThe Madeleine

High Jump  Cubs - Finals

1.6Brian Stocks1.42m SRSt. Pius X
2.5Patrick Maloney1.27m SRSt. Matthew
3.5Michael Loeffler1.24mThe Madeleine
4.6Sam Truax1.16mHoly Trinity
4.5Grant Mathews1.16mSt. Pius X
---Patrick ConnorNHSt. Matthew
---Noah TerryNHThe Madeleine
---Christian GooNHValley Catholic
---Patrick ClairNHSt. Pius X
---Dominick FelixNHValley Catholic

Long Jump  Cadets - Finals

1.-Michael Joseph4.92mThe Madeleine
2.-Matthias Gorman4.74m PRHoly Trinity
3.-Matthew Kim4.73mSt. Pius X
4.-Cameron Bremner4.72mHoly Trinity
5.-Alex Jones4.32mHoly Trinity
6.-Nate Howard4.31mHoly Trinity
7.-Joseph Blair4.26mSt. Matthew
8.-Luke Simmons4.16mThe Madeleine
9.-Nick Nguyen3.98mHoly Trinity
10.-Brendan Kelley3.98m PRThe Madeleine
11.-Cody Rosebrook3.91m PRThe Madeleine
12.-Art O'Kelly3.84m PRThe Madeleine
13.-Derek Reed3.81mHoly Trinity
14.-Luke Lozano3.77mSt. Pius X
15.8Armand Rabii3.74mValley Catholic
16.8Zachary Holden3.67mValley Catholic
17.-Scott Hill3.67mSt. Matthew
18.-Jerry Lux3.55mSt. Matthew
19.7Will Albright3.52mSt. Pius X
20.-Ian Kennedy3.40mHoly Trinity
21.-Atticus Jones3.00mThe Madeleine
22.-Jason Smits2.92m PRHoly Trinity

Long Jump  Cubs - Finals

1.5Harrison Schrage4.67mThe Madeleine
2.6Nathan Lewis4.48m PRSt. Pius X
3.6Ryan Sussman4.17mSt. Pius X
4.6John DeRego4.06m SRSt. Pius X
5.-Jonathan Ho3.92m PRValley Catholic
6.-Noah Terry3.82m PRThe Madeleine
7.-Jimmy Naughton3.72m PRSt. Pius X
8.-David Sealand3.69mSt. Pius X
9.-Ben College3.68mThe Madeleine
10.6Mark Sussman3.65m SRSt. Pius X
11.5Matthew Gerrig3.62m SRHoly Trinity
12.-Nick Winkler3.52m PRSt. Pius X
13.-Pieter Quinton3.42mThe Madeleine
14.-Christian Goo3.40mValley Catholic
15.-Sam Stringer3.37m PRThe Madeleine
16.6JD Menkens3.35mValley Catholic
17.-Kasin Pendergrass-Anders3.34m PRValley Catholic
18.-Dominick Felix3.28mValley Catholic
19.-Michael Armatage3.21m PRHoly Trinity
20.-Nicholas McGuire3.14m PRSt. Pius X
21.-Thomas Nilan3.08m SRThe Madeleine
22.6Nicholas Houtsager3.04m SRSt. Pius X
23.-Daniel Kelley3.03m SRThe Madeleine
24.-Collin Maclay2.97mSt. Pius X
25.5Zach Enriquez2.91m SRSt. Pius X
26.-Mason Axelson2.89mHoly Trinity
27.-Ethan Bergin2.88mHoly Trinity
28.-Robert Crouch2.84mThe Madeleine
29.5Vijay Parthasarathy2.78m PRValley Catholic
30.-Jeremy Lenc2.74m SRSt. Pius X
31.-Brodey Sajal2.70mHoly Trinity
32.11Patrick Kelly2.69m SRSt. Pius X
33.-Jack Chimenti2.66m PRHoly Trinity
34.6Ryan Orchard2.47mValley Catholic
35.-Marco Bigio2.41m SRSt. Pius X
36.-Jake Faha2.37mThe Madeleine
37.-Nicholas Smith2.20mHoly Trinity

Long Jump  Roadrunners - Finals

1.3Ryan Olson3.75m PRHoly Trinity
2.4John Walsh3.53mSt. Matthew
3.-Nick Leonard3.41mThe Madeleine
3.-Benjamin Quiring3.41m PRValley Catholic
5.4Ibrahim Youm3.17mSt. Pius X
6.3Parker MacMillan3.14mSt. Pius X
7.4Rob Merrick3.13mSt. Pius X
8.-Chandler Rodarte3.07mThe Madeleine
8.-Sam Wallace3.07m PRSt. Pius X
10.-Samual Johnson3.02m SRPacific Crest Academy
11.3Stephen Powell2.99mPacific Crest Academy
12.-David Sullivan2.97m PRThe Madeleine
13.-Nicholas Loeffler2.81mThe Madeleine
14.-Ian Luer-Sele2.75mValley Catholic
15.10Chris Duval2.65mThe Madeleine
16.4Jorge Casas2.64mSt. Pius X
17.-Isaac Gadberry2.61mThe Madeleine
18.4Dylan Monaghan2.43m SRPacific Crest Academy
19.-Tanner Hillman2.23mSt. Pius X
20.-Isaac Sten2.18mThe Madeleine
21.3Luke Stream2.13mValley Catholic
21.3Thomas Mooney2.13mPacific Crest Academy
23.3Aaron Compton2.12mValley Catholic
23.-Michael Yazzolino2.12mSt. Pius X
25.-Thomas Quiring2.05mValley Catholic
26.-Andrew Swanson2.03mPacific Crest Academy
27.-Michael Blodgett1.76m PRHoly Trinity
28.4Ryan Forster1.75mSt. Pius X
--3Eric BrechtSCRSt. Pius X
--4Nicholas TimmSCRSt. Pius X
---Charlie StockbridgeSCRThe Madeleine
---Patrick MarrsSCRPacific Crest Academy
---Jacob PalinSCRPacific Crest Academy
---Ryan DoorisSCRThe Madeleine
---Will KrauseSCRThe Madeleine
--3Christian RichardsSCRValley Catholic
---Alexander Del Togno ArmaSCRThe Madeleine
--3Gabriel LeonardSCRHoly Trinity
---William TooleySCRThe Madeleine
---Matt McCauslandSCRHoly Trinity
---Mike McCauslandSCRHoly Trinity
---Peter AtarasSCRThe Madeleine
---Ethan ClarkSCRPacific Crest Academy
---Sergio RiveraSCRPacific Crest Academy
---Neo HolgadoSCRSt. Matthew
---Mason GoodNDSt. Matthew
---Jose HernandezSCRHoly Trinity


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