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100 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Jordan Bacon11.7hSt. Pius X
2.-Daniel Perman13.1hSt. John the Apostle
3.-Josh Nehnevaj13.4hOur Lady of Lourdes
4.-Martin Gambill13.5h PRSt. Pius X
4.-Xavier Coleman13.5h SRSt. John the Apostle
6.-Dakota Bowerman13.7h SROur Lady of Lourdes
7.-Harrisen Stach13.9hSt. Anthony
8.-Sean Powell14.0h PRPacific Crest Academy
9.-Nathan Walker14.1hHoly Family
10.-Erik Powell14.2hPacific Crest Academy
11.-Gus Ireland14.5h PRSt. John the Apostle
12.-Chandeli Bon-Ami14.5hSt. Andrews Nativity
13.-Dominic Monterossi14.6h PRSt. Anthony
14.-Killian Farrell14.6h PROur Lady of Lourdes
15.-James Nguyen14.7hSt. Anthony
16.-Joseph Hungerford14.7hSt. John the Apostle
17.-Dongkuen Lee14.9h SROur Lady of Lourdes
18.12Christian Burkhartsmeyer15.3hSt. Anthony
19.-Kirk Dettmer15.4h PRHoly Family
20.-Nicholas Cross15.7hSt. Anthony
21.-David McNichol15.8hSt. John the Apostle
22.-Sean Caster15.9hFranciscan Montessor...
23.-Samuel Zinsli16.4h PRHoly Family
24.-Jacob Lessner16.5hSt. Anthony

100 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.-Tristan Welch13.4hSt. John the Apostle
3.-AJ Monterossi14.8hSt. Anthony
4.6Will Albright14.9hSt. Pius X
5.-Cameron Mitchell15.4h PRHoly Family
6.-Kyle Kahler15.4hFranciscan Montessor...
7.5Brian Stocks15.4h SRSt. Pius X
8.6Mitchell Powers15.5hSt. Pius X
9.-Devin Distant15.6hSt. Anthony
10.5Ian Hamel15.6hFranciscan Montessor...
11.-Cormac Connolly15.7hSt. Pius X
12.-Anthony Newman15.7hSt. John the Apostle
13.-Andrew Collier15.8hFranciscan Montessor...
14.-John Polen15.9hOur Lady of Lourdes
15.-Brett Moore16.0hSt. John the Apostle
16.-alejandro Martinez16.0h SRSt. Andrews Nativity
17.-Adam Ortiz16.3h PRHoly Family
18.-Cameron Hill16.3hSt. Pius X
18.-Noah Dir-Munoz16.3hFranciscan Montessor...
20.-Alex Compton16.5h PRSt. Anthony
21.-Brett Griffin16.5h SRSt. Andrews Nativity
22.5Daniel Byington16.5hFranciscan Montessor...
23.6Matthew Goodman16.8h SRSt. Pius X
24.-Filmon Teklay17.2h SRSt. Andrews Nativity
25.-Alexander Niebur17.9h PRSt. Pius X
26.-Luke O'Connor18.0hSt. John the Apostle
27.-Spencer Marcinko18.0h SRSt. John the Apostle
28.-James Cory18.4h SRFranciscan Montessor...
29.-Kevin Sisavic18.5hSt. Pius X
30.5Conner Williams18.5hSt. Pius X
31.5Jeffrey Williams18.7h SRSt. Pius X
32.-Dreyvon Stephens18.7h PRSt. Andrews Nativity
33.6Justin Reed19.0hSt. Pius X
34.-Gabriel Senn19.0h PRSt. John the Apostle

100 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.5Matthew Ferguson15.0h SRSt. Anthony
2.-Enzo Crysz15.6hHoly Family
3.-Parker Shaffer15.7hSt. John the Apostle
4.-Ryan Weiss15.7h SRSt. Anthony
5.4Grant Mathews15.8hSt. Pius X
6.3Jorge Casas16.0h SRSt. Pius X
7.4Evan Brehm16.1hSt. Pius X
8.-Blake Duhamel16.3hOur Lady of Lourdes
9.4Sean Richardson16.4hFranciscan Montessor...
10.3Sean Hamel16.5h SRFranciscan Montessor...
11.-Max Crysz16.6h PRHoly Family
12.-Kevin Casey16.6h PRSt. Anthony
13.-Andrew Lang16.7hSt. Pius X
14.-Tyler Persons16.8h SRSt. John the Apostle
15.4Donald Mathew16.8h SRFranciscan Montessor...
16.-Sam Anderson16.9h PRSt. John the Apostle
17.-Paul Powell16.9hPacific Crest Academy
18.3Ibrahim Youm16.9h SRSt. Pius X
19.-Jeremy Cansler17.0h PRSt. John the Apostle
20.-Patrick Clair17.1h SRSt. Pius X
20.-Jeremy Lenc17.1h SRSt. Pius X
20.-Jacob Wease17.1h SRSt. John the Apostle
24.-Nicholas Malone17.2h PRFranciscan Montessor...
25.-Alexander Osler17.3hOur Lady of Lourdes
26.4Stephen Fey17.3h PRSt. Pius X
27.4Anand Boucher-Colbert17.4hFranciscan Montessor...
28.-Nick Reed17.5hSt. Pius X
30.4Jacob Hillman17.6hSt. Pius X
30.10Patrick Kelly17.6hSt. Pius X
32.-Nicholas McGuire17.8hSt. Pius X
33.3Jared DeVore17.9hSt. Pius X
34.-Louis Williams18.0h PRSt. Pius X
35.-Quinton Paul18.0h SRFranciscan Montessor...
36.-Kristopher Alvarez18.0h PRSt. Anthony
37.-JT McComas18.1hSt. Anthony
38.-Spencer Curzon18.3h PRSt. Anthony
39.-Kyle Getsiv18.3hSt. Pius X
40.-Tristan Seyer18.7hSt. John the Apostle
41.-Nathaniel Nutter18.7h SROur Lady of Lourdes
42.-Alec Arlauskas18.8hSt. John the Apostle
43.5Nash Rauen18.9hSt. Anthony
44.-Magnus Yoshimura19.0hPacific Crest Academy
45.4Eric Enghold19.0h SRSt. Pius X
46.-cole Athens19.3hHoly Family
47.-Reilly Goddard19.8h PRSt. Pius X
48.-Tanner Rast19.8hHoly Family
49.-Justin Brooks21.1h SROur Lady of Lourdes
51.4Peter Bernard21.7hSt. Pius X
52.-William Ollenbrook22.0hFranciscan Montessor...

200 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Jordan Bacon24.8hSt. Pius X
2.-Martin Gambill28.2hSt. Pius X
3.-Dakota Bowerman28.3h SROur Lady of Lourdes
4.-Dominic Monterossi29.9h PRSt. Anthony
5.-Patrick Doherty30.4h PRSt. Pius X
6.-Karl Ficken30.9h SRSt. Pius X
7.-Dongkuen Lee31.1h PROur Lady of Lourdes
8.-Devon Olson31.7hSt. Pius X
9.-Mark Fleckenstein31.9h PRSt. Pius X
10.-Chandeli Bon-Ami33.2h PRSt. Andrews Nativity

200 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Luke McDougald31.5hSt. Pius X
2.5Nathan Lewis32.6hSt. Pius X
3.5Ryan Sussman32.9hSt. Pius X
4.-Kyle Kahler33.2hFranciscan Montessor...
5.5Isaac Youm33.9hSt. Pius X
6.-Noah Dir-Munoz34.1hFranciscan Montessor...
7.-Cormac Connolly34.2hSt. Pius X
8.-Christian Meader34.9h PRSt. Pius X
9.-Braden Esping35.5h PRSt. Pius X
10.-Collin Maclay35.6hSt. Pius X
11.-Alex Compton35.9h PRSt. Anthony
12.-Josiah Flaig36.5hSt. Pius X
13.-Alexander Niebur37.8h PRSt. Pius X
14.5Daniel Byington41.1hFranciscan Montessor...
15.5Jeffrey Williams41.2h PRSt. Pius X
16.-Jonathan Rast41.6h SRHoly Family
17.5Brent Jacobson Jr44.5h SRSt. Pius X
18.-Dreyvon Stephens45.1h PRSt. Andrews Nativity

200 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.5Matthew Ferguson33.5hSt. Anthony
2.4Evan Brehm34.7hSt. Pius X
3.3Austin Migchelbrink34.9h SRSt. Pius X
4.3Ibrahim Youm35.1h SRSt. Pius X
5.-Alexander Fouts35.2h PRSt. Pius X
6.-Max Crysz35.9hHoly Family
7.3Jared DeVore36.4hSt. Pius X
8.-Tanner Rast36.7h SRHoly Family
9.-Jacob Wease37.1hSt. John the Apostle
10.3Jason Waters42.5hFranciscan Montessor...
11.-Benjamin Dickson43.1h PRPacific Crest Academy
12.4Christopher Goodman53.6hSt. Pius X

400 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Josh Nehnevaj1:01.5hOur Lady of Lourdes
2.-Nick Anderson1:04.5hSt. John the Apostle
3.-Devon Olson1:07.5hSt. Pius X
4.-Harrisen Stach1:07.6h SRSt. Anthony
5.-Isaiah Davis1:08.5h PRSt. Andrews Nativity
6.12Christian Burkhartsmeyer1:10.3hSt. Anthony
7.-Karl Ficken1:10.8hSt. Pius X
8.-Nicholas Cross1:12.6hSt. Anthony
9.-Noah Conrad1:13.9hHoly Family
10.-Antonio Banta1:15.1h PRSt. Andrews Nativity
11.-Kirk Dettmer1:18.0h PRHoly Family
12.-James Nizich1:19.8h PRSt. John the Apostle
13.-Chandeli Bon-Ami1:24.5h PRSt. Andrews Nativity
14.-Samuel Aschalew1:33.3h PRSt. Andrews Nativity

400 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.-Tristan Welch1:05.5hSt. John the Apostle
2.6Luke McDougald1:10.9hSt. Pius X
3.-Alex Canchola1:11.5hSt. John the Apostle
4.-Jason Middleton1:15.5hSt. Pius X
5.-alejandro Martinez1:16.4h SRSt. Andrews Nativity
6.5Nathan Lewis1:16.6hSt. Pius X
7.-Carlos Coleman1:18.0h SRSt. John the Apostle
8.-Cameron Hill1:19.3hSt. Pius X
9.5Isaac Youm1:19.7hSt. Pius X
10.6Will Albright1:21.7h SRSt. Pius X
10.-Quinn Lonsway1:21.7hSt. Pius X
12.-Collin Maclay1:22.7hSt. Pius X
13.5Dan Nehnevaj1:23.2h SROur Lady of Lourdes
14.-Jonathan Rast1:26.2hHoly Family
15.-Christian Meader1:27.0hSt. Pius X
16.-Eduarado Palacios1:29.9h PRSt. Andrews Nativity
17.6Matthew Goodman1:30.6hSt. Pius X
18.-Filmon Teklay1:33.7h PRSt. Andrews Nativity
19.-Graham Smith1:38.9h PRHoly Family
20.5Brent Jacobson Jr1:45.7h SRSt. Pius X
21.5Conner Williams1:56.4hSt. Pius X

400 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Parker Shaffer1:15.8hSt. John the Apostle
2.4Logan Phillips1:16.6hSt. Anthony
3.-Blake Duhamel1:19.0hOur Lady of Lourdes
4.4David Bridges1:19.0hSt. Pius X
5.-Andrew Lang1:20.7h PRSt. Pius X
6.-Enzo Crysz1:22.5hHoly Family
7.-Alexander Osler1:23.1hOur Lady of Lourdes
8.3Austin Migchelbrink1:23.1hSt. Pius X
9.-Alexander Fouts1:24.6h PRSt. Pius X
10.-Evan Cross1:25.1h PRSt. Anthony
11.3Nick Wiley1:25.8h SRSt. Pius X
12.-Jeremy Lenc1:26.2h SRSt. Pius X
13.-Andrew Getty1:26.8h PRSt. Pius X
14.-Aidan Mellies1:29.0h SRHoly Family
15.-Magnus Yoshimura1:29.3hPacific Crest Academy
16.-Joshua Flaig1:30.6hSt. Pius X
17.4Keenan Robinson1:31.2h SRHoly Family
18.-Nathan Getty1:33.1h PRSt. Pius X
19.-Louis Williams1:40.3hSt. Pius X
20.4Christopher Goodman2:03.2h PRSt. Pius X

800 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.7Joshua Sealand2:31.8hSt. Pius X
2.-Devon Olson2:38.2hSt. Pius X
3.-Patrick Doherty2:38.7hSt. Pius X
4.-Jack Graham2:41.7hSt. Pius X
5.-Samuel Clyde2:41.8h PRSt. John the Apostle
6.-Killian Farrell2:43.9hOur Lady of Lourdes
7.-Evan Simms2:45.2hPacific Crest Academy
8.-Conor McDaid-O'Neill2:49.6hOur Lady of Lourdes
9.-Daniel Abdie2:55.4hSt. Pius X
10.-Kyle Hodge2:58.7hSt. Pius X
11.-Brian Brady3:03.9hOur Lady of Lourdes
12.-Brian McTernan3:04.8hOur Lady of Lourdes
13.-Christopher Kirn3:33.5hOur Lady of Lourdes

800 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Kyle Thompson2:39.0hSt. Pius X
2.6Luke McDougald2:39.5hSt. Pius X
3.-Marty Ramos2:44.5hSt. Anthony
4.6Matthew Lemmond2:46.3hSt. Pius X
5.-Jason Middleton2:46.6hSt. Pius X
6.6Mikey Fey2:46.9hSt. Pius X
7.-Roman Mori2:56.7h SRSt. Anthony
8.-Cameron Hill2:58.3hSt. Pius X
9.-David Sealand2:58.8hSt. Pius X
10.-Andrew Eickelberg2:58.9hSt. Pius X
11.-Brennan McDaid-O'Neill3:02.8h PROur Lady of Lourdes
12.-Devin Distant3:04.5h SRSt. Anthony
13.5Ian Hamel3:07.0h SRFranciscan Montessor...
14.-Braden Esping3:07.6h PRSt. Pius X
15.-alejandro Martinez3:08.5h PRSt. Andrews Nativity
16.-Daniel Thorpe3:16.9hSt. Anthony
17.-Quinn Lonsway3:25.9hSt. Pius X
18.-Ted Acton3:36.8hSt. John the Apostle
19.-Graham Smith4:10.6hHoly Family

800 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Daniel Thompson2:47.3hSt. Pius X
2.-Conor Egan3:00.0h SRSt. John the Apostle
3.4David Bridges3:01.5hSt. Pius X
4.4Logan Phillips3:04.2hSt. Anthony
5.-Andrew Getty3:19.5h PRSt. Pius X
6.4Jacob Hillman3:22.8hSt. Pius X
7.3Nick Wiley3:23.6h SRSt. Pius X
8.4Sean Richardson3:25.8hFranciscan Montessor...
9.-Nicholas McGuire3:31.9hSt. Pius X
10.-Jeremy Lenc3:32.1h PRSt. Pius X
11.4Josh Rickman3:39.7hSt. Pius X
12.-Aidan Mellies3:46.4hHoly Family
13.-John Wuest3:46.9h PROur Lady of Lourdes

1500 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.7Joshua Sealand5:02.8hSt. Pius X
2.-Jack Graham5:06.5hSt. Pius X
3.-Evan Simms5:11.0h PRPacific Crest Academy
4.-Samuel Clyde5:13.3h PRSt. John the Apostle
5.-Patrick Doherty5:24.3hSt. Pius X
6.-Killian Farrell5:35.7hOur Lady of Lourdes
7.-Conor McDaid-O'Neill5:52.3hOur Lady of Lourdes
8.-Colin Meisner5:52.9h PRFranciscan Montessor...
9.-Mark Fleckenstein5:53.6hSt. Pius X
10.-Alec Damm5:54.9h SRSt. Anthony
11.-Daniel Abdie5:58.2hSt. Pius X
12.-Jonathan Brodeur5:59.0hPacific Crest Academy
13.-Brian Brady6:16.7hOur Lady of Lourdes
14.-Brian McTernan6:26.9hOur Lady of Lourdes
15.-Hayden Corrado6:39.9h SRSt. Anthony
16.-Samuel Medica7:17.1h SRHoly Family

1500 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.-Cooper Roach5:06.0hSt. Pius X
2.5Mark Sussman5:13.9h SRSt. Pius X
3.6Mikey Fey5:18.6h SRSt. Pius X
4.-Marty Ramos5:20.2hSt. Anthony
5.6Matthew Lemmond5:25.3hSt. Pius X
6.-Kyle Baldes5:45.3h SRSt. Anthony
7.5Isaac Youm5:53.6h PRSt. Pius X
8.5Dan Nehnevaj5:59.2hOur Lady of Lourdes
9.-Brennan McDaid-O'Neill6:08.2hOur Lady of Lourdes
10.-Filmon Teklay6:09.6h PRSt. Andrews Nativity
11.-Ryan Linder6:50.2h PRSt. Anthony
12.-Riley Donahue7:32.4h PROur Lady of Lourdes

1500 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Daniel Thompson5:20.9hSt. Pius X
2.-Evan Cross5:37.7h SRSt. Anthony
3.4David Bridges5:38.3hSt. Pius X
4.-Daniel Sealand5:45.5hSt. Pius X
5.-Andrew Lang5:49.6h SRSt. Pius X
6.-Taylor Schwindt5:58.4h PRSt. John the Apostle

3000 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Patrick Walsh11:46.2h SRSt. John the Apostle
2.-Kennan DePinna11:53.1h PRSt. Pius X
3.-Kyle Hodge12:56.7hSt. Pius X
4.-Harrison Clair13:15.6hSt. Pius X
5.-Carl Sonnenschein13:22.6h SRHoly Family
6.-Payton Lawler13:36.1h PRSt. Andrews Nativity
7.-Patrick Storment13:36.4hSt. Anthony

3000 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Kyle Thompson10:51.0hSt. Pius X
2.-Andrew Eickelberg13:23.1hSt. Pius X
3.-Quinn Lonsway13:57.6h PRSt. Pius X

4x60 Relay  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Relay Team 42.1hSt. John the Apostle
2.-Relay Team 42.1hHoly Family
3.-Relay Team 42.3hSt. John the Apostle
4.-Relay Team 42.4hSt. Pius X
5.-Relay Team 42.6hSt. Pius X
6.-Relay Team 42.8hSt. Pius X
7.-Relay Team 43.3hOur Lady of Lourdes
8.-Relay Team 43.5hSt. Anthony
9.-Relay Team 43.6hFranciscan Montessor...
10.-Relay Team 44.4hSt. Pius X
11.-Relay Team 45.4hSt. Pius X
12.-Relay Team 46.0hOur Lady of Lourdes
13.-Relay Team 46.1hSt. John the Apostle
14.-Relay Team 48.3hFranciscan Montessor...

4x100 Relay  Cadets - Finals

1.-Relay Team 52.0hSt. Pius X
2.-Relay Team 56.9hHoly Family
3.-Relay Team 57.6hPacific Crest Academy
5.-Relay Team 1:00.1hSt. Andrews Nativity
6.-Relay Team 1:01.4hFranciscan Montessor...

4x100 Relay  Cubs - Finals

1.-Relay Team 58.0hSt. John the Apostle
2.-Relay Team 59.7hSt. Pius X
3.-Relay Team 1:01.2hSt. Anthony
4.-Relay Team 1:04.0hSt. Pius X
---Relay Team 1:07.2hHoly Family
5.-Relay Team 1:10.8hSt. Andrews Nativity

4x100 Relay  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:05.2hSt. Anthony
2.-Relay Team 1:11.0hSt. Pius X
3.-Relay Team 1:17.1hSt. Pius X

4x400 Relay  Cadets - Finals

1.-Joshua Sealand
Ryan Cope
Karl Ficken
Jack Graham
4:25.0hSt. Pius X
2.-Josh Nehnevaj
Killian Farrell
Conor McDaid-O'Neill
Brian McTernan
4:35.1hOur Lady of Lourdes
3.-Devon Olson
Harrison Clair
Kyle Hodge
Patrick Doherty
4:51.7hSt. Pius X
4.-Harrisen Stach
Nicholas Cross
Christian Burkhartsmeyer
Dominic Monterossi
4:54.2hSt. Anthony

4x400 Relay  Cubs - Finals

1.-Mikey Fey
Cooper Roach
Mark Sussman
Kyle Thompson
4:54.1hSt. Pius X
2.-Carlos Coleman
John Nizich
Tristan Welch
Alex Canchola
4:54.7hSt. John the Apostle
3.-Roman Mori
Marty Ramos
Kyle Baldes
AJ Monterossi
5:01.4hSt. Anthony
4.-Andrew Eickelberg
Jason Middleton
Matthew Lemmond
Isaac Youm
5:18.7hSt. Pius X
5.-Ian Hamel
Charlie Button
Daniel Byington
Kyle Kahler
5:53.2hFranciscan Montessor...

Shot Put - 6lb  Cubs - Finals

1.-Charlie Button33-04.75Franciscan Montessor...
2.-John Nizich27-11.00St. John the Apostle
3.-James Cory26-02.00Franciscan Montessor...
4.-Dominic Pham25-04.00St. Anthony
5.-Luke O'Connor24-06.25St. John the Apostle
6.-Eduarado Palacios24-02.00St. Andrews Nativity
7.-Roman Mori23-07.75St. Anthony
8.-Ted Acton22-04.75St. John the Apostle
9.-Josiah Flaig21-07.75 SRSt. Pius X
10.-Ryan Linder21-00.00St. Anthony
11.-Dreyvon Stephens19-06.00 PRSt. Andrews Nativity
12.5Conner Williams17-09.50St. Pius X
13.5Jeffrey Williams14-04.00St. Pius X

Shot Put - 6lb  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Eric Enghold23-10.75 SRSt. Pius X
2.-Jacob Wease20-01.75 PRSt. John the Apostle
3.-Kristopher Alvarez19-02.75St. Anthony
4.4Stephen Fey18-08.00 PRSt. Pius X
5.10Patrick Kelly18-04.75St. Pius X
6.-Taylor Schwindt18-04.25St. John the Apostle
7.-Jacob Senn17-07.00St. John the Apostle
8.-Quinton Paul17-05.50 SRFranciscan Montessor...
9.-JT McComas15-08.50 PRSt. Anthony
10.-Wade Coleman15-07.75 SRSt. John the Apostle
11.4Donald Mathew15-07.50Franciscan Montessor...
11.-Joshua Flaig15-07.50St. Pius X
13.-Reilly Goddard14-10.75 PRSt. Pius X
14.-Magnus Yoshimura13-03.75Pacific Crest Academy
15.-Benjamin Dickson11-05.50Pacific Crest Academy
16.-William Ollenbrook9-03.00Franciscan Montessor...

Shot Put - 8lb  Cadets - Finals

1.-Hunter Hauer31-10.00St. John the Apostle
2.-Dominic Mori29-03.75St. Anthony
3.-Joshua Ottenbacher29-01.50Franciscan Montessor...
4.-Tarek Wirfs28-00.00St. Anthony
5.-Noah Conrad27-01.75 PRHoly Family
6.-Chandeli Bon-Ami26-06.25St. Andrews Nativity
7.-Ned Hazlewood26-02.75Franciscan Montessor...
8.-Jonathan Brodeur25-06.25 PRPacific Crest Academy
9.-Erik Powell25-00.00 PRPacific Crest Academy
10.-Samuel Medica21-09.75 SRHoly Family

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cadets - Finals

1.-Noah Conrad126-00 PRHoly Family
2.-Daniel Perman118-05St. John the Apostle
3.-Evan Simms116-07Pacific Crest Academy
4.-Tarek Wirfs112-03St. Anthony
5.-Paul Bundy111-03Franciscan Montessor...
6.-Sean Powell107-07Pacific Crest Academy
7.-Josh Nehnevaj103-00 PROur Lady of Lourdes
8.-Mark Fleckenstein98-02 PRSt. Pius X
9.-Nicholas Cross97-09St. Anthony
10.-Colin Meisner96-06Franciscan Montessor...
11.-Dominic Mori91-09St. Anthony
12.-Joshua Ottenbacher91-08Franciscan Montessor...
13.-Alex Rodenbeck84-02St. John the Apostle
14.-Kirk Dettmer76-04Holy Family
15.-James Nizich76-01St. John the Apostle
16.-Charlie Button71-05Franciscan Montessor...
17.-Joseph Hungerford70-04St. John the Apostle
18.-Ned Hazlewood59-09Franciscan Montessor...
19.-Christopher Kirn44-11 PROur Lady of Lourdes
20.5Brent Jacobson Jr39-03 SRSt. Pius X

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cubs - Finals

1.-Zachary Wease118-01 SRSt. John the Apostle
2.-John Nizich106-01St. John the Apostle
3.-Carlos Coleman100-09St. John the Apostle
4.-John Polen87-08Our Lady of Lourdes
5.6Mitchell Powers83-08 PRSt. Pius X
6.-Braden Esping82-08St. Pius X
7.-Spencer Marcinko77-09 SRSt. John the Apostle
8.-Alex Compton76-00 PRSt. Anthony
9.-Ted Acton75-09St. John the Apostle
10.-Kyle Kahler73-04 PRFranciscan Montessor...
10.5Daniel Byington73-04Franciscan Montessor...
12.-Nolan Corrado72-04St. Anthony
13.-Riley Donahue63-00Our Lady of Lourdes
14.6Will Albright62-01St. Pius X
15.-Eduarado Palacios61-09St. Andrews Nativity
15.-James Cory61-09 SRFranciscan Montessor...
17.-Ryan Linder58-03 PRSt. Anthony
18.-Brett Griffin57-09St. Andrews Nativity
19.-Gabriel Senn57-08 SRSt. John the Apostle
20.-Kyle Baldes54-00St. Anthony
21.-Dreyvon Stephens50-09 PRSt. Andrews Nativity
22.-Kevin Sisavic45-02St. Pius X
23.-Tuck Wilcox43-06Our Lady of Lourdes
24.5Ryan Sussman42-08 PRSt. Pius X
25.-Daniel Thorpe40-02 PRSt. Anthony
26.-Philip Schlotfeldt31-10Our Lady of Lourdes
27.-Graham Smith23-00 PRHoly Family

Javelin - 300g TJ  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Paul Powell77-09 PRPacific Crest Academy
2.-Ryan Weiss69-01St. Anthony
3.-Tyler Persons67-00St. John the Apostle
4.3Sean Hamel66-03Franciscan Montessor...
5.-Patrick Clair65-06St. Pius X
6.4Stephen Fey65-05St. Pius X
7.-Jeremy Cansler62-04 PRSt. John the Apostle
8.-Tristan Seyer59-02St. John the Apostle
9.-Louis Williams58-06 PRSt. Pius X
10.-Jacob Senn53-05 PRSt. John the Apostle
11.10Patrick Kelly53-04St. Pius X
12.-Conor Egan49-00 PRSt. John the Apostle
13.-Kevin Casey48-08St. Anthony
14.-Wade Coleman48-00St. John the Apostle
15.-Justin Brooks47-11 SROur Lady of Lourdes
16.4Eric Enghold43-07 SRSt. Pius X
16.-Alec Arlauskas43-07 SRSt. John the Apostle
18.3Jorge Casas43-05St. Pius X
19.4Keenan Robinson42-01 SRHoly Family
20.5Nash Rauen41-07St. Anthony
21.-Kristopher Alvarez41-02St. Anthony
22.4Josh Rickman39-01 SRSt. Pius X
23.-Spencer Curzon38-06St. Anthony
24.4Peter Bernard38-04St. Pius X
25.-Nathaniel Nutter37-08 PROur Lady of Lourdes
26.-JT McComas37-03St. Anthony
27.-Nathan Nguyen37-00 PRSt. Pius X
28.3Jason Waters36-10Franciscan Montessor...
29.4Anand Boucher-Colbert35-06Franciscan Montessor...
29.-Andrew Getty35-06 PRSt. Pius X
31.-Nicholas Malone35-02Franciscan Montessor...
32.-Nicholas McGuire32-04 PRSt. Pius X
33.-Benjamin Dickson32-00Pacific Crest Academy
34.-Luke Tornblad27-07 PRSt. Pius X
35.-Evan Cross27-05St. Anthony
36.-Garret Evans27-02 PRHoly Family

High Jump  Cadets - Finals

1.-Jack Graham5-02.00 PRSt. Pius X
2.-Xavier Coleman4-10.00 SRSt. John the Apostle
3.-Jonathan Brodeur4-09.00 PRPacific Crest Academy
3.-Daniel Abdie4-09.00St. Pius X
5.-Sean Powell4-06.00 PRPacific Crest Academy
6.-Daniel Perman4-06.00 PRSt. John the Apostle
6.-Colin Meisner4-06.00Franciscan Montessor...
8.-Nick Anderson4-06.00 PRSt. John the Apostle
9.-Gus Ireland4-06.00 PRSt. John the Apostle
10.-Paul Bundy4-04.00 SRFranciscan Montessor...
11.-Joseph Hungerford4-02.00St. John the Apostle
---Patrick WalshNHSt. John the Apostle
---Hayden CorradoNHSt. Anthony
---Alec DammNHSt. Anthony
---Jordan BaconNHSt. Pius X
---Nathan WalkerNHHoly Family
---David McVittieNHSt. John the Apostle

High Jump  Cubs - Finals

1.-Zachary Wease4-10.00St. John the Apostle
2.-Marty Ramos4-02.00 PRSt. Anthony
3.6Mikey Fey4-01.00 SRSt. Pius X
3.-Roman Mori4-01.00 SRSt. Anthony
5.-Carlos Coleman4-01.00 SRSt. John the Apostle
6.-Dominic Pham4-00.00St. Anthony
7.-Cameron Mitchell3-10.00Holy Family
8.-Cooper Roach3-08.00St. Pius X
9.-Charlie Button3-08.00Franciscan Montessor...
9.5Brian Stocks3-08.00St. Pius X
11.10Parker Crosgrove3-06.00Holy Family
---Christian MeaderNHSt. Pius X
---Jonathan RastNHHoly Family
---Alexander NieburNHSt. Pius X

Long Jump  Cadets - Finals

1.-Ryan Cope16-05.00St. Pius X
2.-Nathan Walker14-09.75 PRHoly Family
3.-Martin Gambill14-07.25St. Pius X
4.-Harrisen Stach14-01.50St. Anthony
5.-Erik Powell13-06.00Pacific Crest Academy
6.-Karl Ficken13-02.50 SRSt. Pius X
7.-Harrison Clair12-06.00 PRSt. Pius X
8.-Sean Caster11-07.00Franciscan Montessor...
9.-Joshua Ottenbacher10-09.75 PRFranciscan Montessor...
10.-Samuel Medica9-10.75 PRHoly Family
11.-David McVittie9-05.00St. John the Apostle
12.-David McNichol9-03.75St. John the Apostle
13.-Samuel Zinsli8-07.25 PRHoly Family
14.-Ned Hazlewood8-01.75 PRFranciscan Montessor...
15.-Christopher Kirn7-00.75Our Lady of Lourdes

Long Jump  Cubs - Finals

1.5Ian Hamel13-02.50Franciscan Montessor...
2.5Ryan Sussman12-11.00 SRSt. Pius X
3.-Andrew Collier12-09.75 PRFranciscan Montessor...
4.5Nathan Lewis12-07.00St. Pius X
5.5Brian Stocks12-04.00St. Pius X
6.-Cooper Roach12-00.50 PRSt. Pius X
7.-Cameron Mitchell11-10.00 PRHoly Family
8.-AJ Monterossi11-09.25St. Anthony
9.-David Sealand11-07.50 SRSt. Pius X
9.-Anthony Newman11-07.50 PRSt. John the Apostle
11.-Brett Moore11-04.50 SRSt. John the Apostle
12.-Brennan McDaid-O'Neill11-03.50Our Lady of Lourdes
13.-Cormac Connolly11-03.00St. Pius X
14.-Noah Dir-Munoz11-02.50 SRFranciscan Montessor...
15.-Dominic Pham11-01.50 PRSt. Anthony
16.-Alex Canchola10-09.75St. John the Apostle
17.-Devin Distant10-06.50St. Anthony
17.5Mark Sussman10-06.50St. Pius X
19.-Josiah Flaig10-06.00 PRSt. Pius X
20.-Collin Maclay10-00.50 SRSt. Pius X
21.6Justin Reed9-09.00 PRSt. Pius X
22.-Adam Ortiz9-06.50 PRHoly Family
23.-Tuck Wilcox9-03.50 PROur Lady of Lourdes
24.-Spencer Marcinko9-00.00 SRSt. John the Apostle
25.-Kevin Sisavic7-10.50St. Pius X
26.-Philip Schlotfeldt6-04.50Our Lady of Lourdes

Long Jump  Roadrunners - Finals

1.3Jorge Casas11-03.00St. Pius X
2.-Paul Powell11-02.00Pacific Crest Academy
3.5Matthew Ferguson11-01.00St. Anthony
4.-Enzo Crysz11-00.00Holy Family
5.3Sean Hamel11-00.00 SRFranciscan Montessor...
6.-Patrick Clair10-11.00St. Pius X
7.3Austin Migchelbrink10-10.00 PRSt. Pius X
8.4Sean Richardson10-06.00Franciscan Montessor...
9.-Ryan Weiss10-06.00St. Anthony
9.-Alexander Osler10-06.00Our Lady of Lourdes
11.-Blake Duhamel10-04.00Our Lady of Lourdes
12.-Parker Shaffer10-03.00St. John the Apostle
12.4Evan Brehm10-03.00 SRSt. Pius X
14.4Anand Boucher-Colbert10-02.00 SRFranciscan Montessor...
15.5Nash Rauen10-00.00St. Anthony
16.-Daniel Sealand9-09.00St. Pius X
17.-Sam Anderson9-06.00St. John the Apostle
18.-Reilly Goddard9-04.00St. Pius X
19.4Logan Phillips9-00.00St. Anthony
19.-Aidan Mellies9-00.00Holy Family
19.4Donald Mathew9-00.00Franciscan Montessor...
22.-Kyle Getsiv8-09.00 PRSt. Pius X
23.-Garret Evans8-08.00Holy Family
24.3Ibrahim Youm8-07.00St. Pius X
24.-Quinton Paul8-07.00Franciscan Montessor...
24.-cole Athens8-07.00 PRHoly Family
27.3Nick Wiley8-04.00St. Pius X
29.3Jason Waters8-03.00 SRFranciscan Montessor...
29.3Jared DeVore8-03.00St. Pius X
31.4Keenan Robinson8-01.00Holy Family
32.-Nathan Getty7-10.00St. Pius X
33.4Josh Rickman7-08.00St. Pius X
34.-Justin Brooks7-07.00 PROur Lady of Lourdes
35.-Joshua Flaig7-06.00St. Pius X
36.-Nicholas Malone7-04.00 PRFranciscan Montessor...
37.4Peter Bernard6-08.00St. Pius X
38.-William Ollenbrook6-06.00Franciscan Montessor...
39.4Christopher Goodman5-09.00St. Pius X