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100 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Shawn Punch11.98aTrinity Christian Ce...
2.8Clay Montgomery12.13a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
1.8Shawn Punch11.98hTrinity Christian Ce...
2.8Clay Montgomery12.13hTrinity Christian Ad...
3.8Jake McLaughlin12.47aAlcuin
4.8DJ McGee12.63a PRParish Episcopal
3.8Jake McLaughlin12.47hAlcuin
5.8Tavion Carter12.86aTrinity Christian Ce...
6.8Reggie Hicks12.90aTrinity Christian Ce...
4.8DJ McGee12.63hParish Episcopal
5.8Tavion Carter12.86hTrinity Christian Ce...
7.7Joseph Page13.18a PREpiscopal School of ...
8.7Rish Basu13.26aSt Mark's of Texas
9.8Donovan Mbroh13.37a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
10.7Bryce Jackson13.43a PRUniversal Academy (I...
7.7Joseph Page13.18hEpiscopal School of ...
11.7Jeremy Winston13.50a PRParish Episcopal
12.8Evan Delph13.54aCovenant Christian
13.8Kevin He13.55aSt Mark's of Texas
14.7Jacob Hutchison13.59a PROvilla Christian
15.7Derrick Thomas13.59a PRUniversal Academy (I...
16.8Nik Hermanovski13.62a SRAlcuin
9.8Donovan Mbroh13.37hTrinity Christian Ad...
10.7Bryce Jackson13.43hUniversal Academy (I...
17.7Corday Cruz13.74aSt Mark's of Texas
18.7Cole Forson13.75aGreenhill
19.7Conner McClellan13.76aLucas Christian
20.8Chase Brackens13.76a PRParish Episcopal
21.7Josh Turner13.82aCovenant Christian
22.8Jack Knowles13.83a PRAlcuin
12.8Evan Delph13.54hCovenant Christian
14.7Jacob Hutchison13.59hOvilla Christian
15.7Derrick Thomas13.59hUniversal Academy (I...
23.8Ryan Westmoreland13.85aCovenant Christian
24.7William Ingram13.86aSt Mark's of Texas
25.8Robert Zebe13.93aDallas HSAA
16.8Nik Hermanovski13.62hAlcuin
26.8Harrison Chen14.03aSt Mark's of Texas
18.7Cole Forson13.75hGreenhill
19.7Conner McClellan13.76hLucas Christian
20.8Chase Brackens13.76hParish Episcopal
27.7Dominic Lambert14.09aSt Mark's of Texas
28.8John Armes14.11a PRProvidence Christian
21.7Josh Turner13.82hCovenant Christian
22.8Jack Knowles13.83hAlcuin
23.8Ryan Westmoreland13.85hCovenant Christian
29.6Caleb Evans14.21aTrinity Christian Ce...
25.8Robert Zebe13.93hDallas HSAA
30.8PJ Voorheis14.24aSt Mark's of Texas
31.7Sam Gaubert14.26aOvilla Christian
32.8Dylan Davis14.34aBethesda Christian
28.8John Armes14.11hProvidence Christian
29.6Caleb Evans14.21hTrinity Christian Ce...
31.7Sam Gaubert14.26hOvilla Christian
33.7Cole Barba14.59aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
34.7Christian Barineau14.60aLucas Christian
35.8Nathan Lowes14.63aBethesda Christian
32.8Dylan Davis14.34hBethesda Christian
36.7Travis Bell14.70a SRTrinity Christian Ad...
37.8Micah Wolff14.73aDallas HSAA
38.8Matthieu Rogers14.76aDallas HSAA
33.7Cole Barba14.59hCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
39.6Matthew Dawson14.86aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
35.8Nathan Lowes14.63hBethesda Christian
37.8Micah Wolff14.73hDallas HSAA
38.8Matthieu Rogers14.76hDallas HSAA
40.7Keaton Kinnard15.11a PRParish Episcopal
39.6Matthew Dawson14.86hCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
41.8Maguire Knowles15.14a PRDallas Covenant
40.7Keaton Kinnard15.11hParish Episcopal
41.8Maguire Knowles15.14hDallas Covenant
42.7Krish Shetty15.82a PRGreenhill
43.8Thanasi Christ15.98a PRDallas Covenant
42.7Krish Shetty15.82hGreenhill
43.8Thanasi Christ15.98hDallas Covenant
44.7Hayden Parkhill16.48a PRAlcuin
45.7Ryan Hanger16.60aGreenhill
44.7Hayden Parkhill16.48hAlcuin
46.7Nathaniel Mann16.78a PREpiscopal School of ...
46.7Nathaniel Mann16.78hEpiscopal School of ...
47.8Ryan Lister17.13a PRDallas Covenant
48.7Joshua Buercklin17.16a PRLucas Christian
47.8Ryan Lister17.13hDallas Covenant
48.7Joshua Buercklin17.16hLucas Christian
49.7Nick Roman17.53a PRDallas Covenant
50.6Alex Weinzierl17.55aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
49.7Nick Roman17.53hDallas Covenant
50.6Alex Weinzierl17.55hCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
51.7Duke Trammell17.88a PREpiscopal School of ...
52.7Josh Williams17.91a PROvilla Christian
51.7Duke Trammell17.88hEpiscopal School of ...
52.7Josh Williams17.91hOvilla Christian
53.7Nathan Tomlinson18.96aDallas HSAA
53.7Nathan Tomlinson18.96hDallas HSAA
2.8Clay Montgomery25.57hTrinity Christian Ad...
2.7Jack Savage48.2h PRTrinity Christian Ad...
7.8Aaron Feldman2:27.26h PRTrinity Christian Ad...
4.8Ethan Howard5:28.22h PRTrinity Christian Ad...
4.8Addison Herritage7'0h PRTrinity Christian Ad...
5.7Andrew Willison7'0h PRTrinity Christian Ad...
1.8Aaron Feldman8'6hTrinity Christian Ad...
12.8James Hendrex29'1h PRTrinity Christian Ad...
1.8Cory McQuilkin39'9h PRTrinity Christian Ad...
8O'Bryant VinsonSCRGreenhill
7Ethan HylandSCRDallas HSAA
7Jonathan RubinSCROvilla Christian
8Ford BerrySCREpiscopal School of ...

200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Justin Estrada24.84a PRGreenhill
1.8Justin Estrada24.84hGreenhill
2.8Clay Montgomery25.57a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
2.8Clay Montgomery25.57hTrinity Christian Ad...
3.8Reggie Hicks25.87a PRTrinity Christian Ce...
4.8DJ McGee25.90a PRParish Episcopal
3.8Reggie Hicks25.87hTrinity Christian Ce...
5.8Joseph Goff26.44aCovenant Christian
6.8Chase Winchester26.63a PROvilla Christian
7.8Ty Bennett26.70a PRParish Episcopal
5.8Joseph Goff26.44hCovenant Christian
6.8Chase Winchester26.63hOvilla Christian
8.8Brett Fair26.96a PRProvidence Christian
9.8Isaiah McRae27.05aTrinity Christian Ce...
8.8Brett Fair26.96hProvidence Christian
9.8Isaiah McRae27.05hTrinity Christian Ce...
10.8Jordan Robinson27.39a PRGreenhill
11.7Rish Basu27.44aSt Mark's of Texas
12.8Cory McQuilkin27.60a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
10.8Jordan Robinson27.39hGreenhill
13.7Jeremy Winston27.77a PRParish Episcopal
14.7Bryce Jackson27.93a PRUniversal Academy (I...
13.7Jeremy Winston27.77hParish Episcopal
15.8David Chapelle28.14aTrinity Christian Ce...
14.7Bryce Jackson27.93hUniversal Academy (I...
16.7Conner McClellan28.26aLucas Christian
17.8Aaron Morales28.26a PROvilla Christian
18.7Grayson Scully28.27aDallas Covenant
15.8David Chapelle28.14hTrinity Christian Ce...
16.7Conner McClellan28.26hLucas Christian
17.8Aaron Morales28.26hOvilla Christian
18.7Grayson Scully28.27hDallas Covenant
19.7Derrick Thomas28.72a PRUniversal Academy (I...
20.7Niven Raj28.74aCovenant Christian
21.8John Armes28.90a PRProvidence Christian
19.7Derrick Thomas28.72hUniversal Academy (I...
20.7Niven Raj28.74hCovenant Christian
22.8Harrison Chen29.06a PRSt Mark's of Texas
23.8Sudarshana Kaenel29.19aAlcuin
24.7William Ingram29.24aSt Mark's of Texas
25.7Corday Cruz29.26aSt Mark's of Texas
26.8O'Bryant Vinson29.32a PRGreenhill
27.7Ade Adesanoye29.34a PRCovenant Christian
23.8Sudarshana Kaenel29.19hAlcuin
28.6Caleb Evans29.54aTrinity Christian Ce...
29.7Sam Gaubert29.56a SROvilla Christian
30.7Kyle McCulloch29.60a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
31.7Dominic Lambert29.60aSt Mark's of Texas
26.8O'Bryant Vinson29.32hGreenhill
27.7Ade Adesanoye29.34hCovenant Christian
32.8Barrett Scully29.73aDallas Covenant
33.8Pascal Reina29.75a PRAlcuin
34.8PJ Voorheis29.79aSt Mark's of Texas
35.7Logan Clements29.82a PRUniversal Academy (I...
28.6Caleb Evans29.54hTrinity Christian Ce...
29.7Sam Gaubert29.56hOvilla Christian
32.8Barrett Scully29.73hDallas Covenant
33.8Pascal Reina29.75hAlcuin
36.7Christian Barineau30.09a SRLucas Christian
35.7Logan Clements29.82hUniversal Academy (I...
36.7Christian Barineau30.09hLucas Christian
37.8Clay Curl30.64aDallas HSAA
38.8Robert Zebe30.91a SRDallas HSAA
37.8Clay Curl30.64hDallas HSAA
38.8Robert Zebe30.91hDallas HSAA
39.7Jeremy Kerber31.30a PRSt Mark's of Texas
40.8Dylan Davis31.69aBethesda Christian
40.8Dylan Davis31.69hBethesda Christian
41.7Nate Dix32.50a PRSt Mark's of Texas
42.8Thanasi Christ32.68a PRDallas Covenant
43.8Matthieu Rogers32.84aDallas HSAA
42.8Thanasi Christ32.68hDallas Covenant
43.8Matthieu Rogers32.84hDallas HSAA
44.7Bryce Blinn33.16a SRSt Mark's of Texas
45.7Keith Kadesky33.35a PRSt Mark's of Texas
46.7Krish Shetty33.42a PRGreenhill
46.7Krish Shetty33.42hGreenhill
47.7Hayden Parkhill33.90aAlcuin
48.7Shaheer Khan34.25aSt Mark's of Texas
49.7Jackson Carroll34.68a PRAlcuin
50.6Joshua Wallace34.72aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
49.7Jackson Carroll34.68hAlcuin
50.6Joshua Wallace34.72hCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
51.6Ryan Rogers35.39a SRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
51.6Ryan Rogers35.39hCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
52.7Joshua Buercklin36.56a PRLucas Christian
52.7Joshua Buercklin36.56hLucas Christian
53.7Ethan Hyland37.88aDallas HSAA
53.7Ethan Hyland37.88hDallas HSAA
54.7Josh Williams38.24a PROvilla Christian
54.7Josh Williams38.24hOvilla Christian
7Sam VenkerSCRTrinity Christian Ad...
8James PostonSCRProvidence Christian
7Kevin GathererSCRParish Episcopal
7Nick RomanSCRDallas Covenant
8Jaylon SpencerSCRUniversal Academy (I...
8Matthew FarrellSCRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...

400 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Vicente Juarez1:00.45aCovenant Christian
2.7Jack Karika1:00.60a SRCovenant Christian
3.8Brett Fair1:01.21aProvidence Christian
4.7Conner McClellan1:01.96a SRLucas Christian
5.8Cameron Lam1:02.46a PRSt Mark's of Texas
6.7Isaac Swift1:02.75a SREpiscopal School of ...
7.7Cole Forson1:03.66a PRGreenhill
8.6Camiron Smith1:03.84a SRTrinity Christian Ce...
9.7Bryce Jackson1:04.07a PRUniversal Academy (I...
10.8Spencer Jones1:05.17aDallas Covenant
11.8David Chapelle1:05.41aTrinity Christian Ce...
12.8Davis Marsh1:05.88aSt Mark's of Texas
13.8Clay Curl1:06.41a PRDallas HSAA
14.7Bryant Caballero1:06.79a SRGreenhill
15.8Pascal Reina1:06.88aAlcuin
16.7August Graue1:06.93a SRSt Mark's of Texas
17.7Derrick Thomas1:07.57a PRUniversal Academy (I...
18.8Landon Lloyd1:07.76a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
19.8Avery Powell1:08.21aSt Mark's of Texas
20.7Christian Barineau1:08.62a PRLucas Christian
21.7Michael Griffin1:08.68aParish Episcopal
22.7Jacob Hutchison1:09.30aOvilla Christian
23.7Tee Hill1:09.32aDallas Covenant
24.6Joshua Moran1:09.86aTrinity Christian Ce...
25.8Reed Bender1:09.92a PRDallas Covenant
26.7Cole Barba1:10.18aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
27.7Logan Clements1:10.32a PRUniversal Academy (I...
28.7John Newton1:10.60a PRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
29.6Spencer Saada1:10.98a SRAlcuin
30.7Vikrant Reddy1:12.16a PRSt Mark's of Texas
31.7Jeremy Kerber1:12.37a PRSt Mark's of Texas
32.8Bennett Sessa1:12.78a PREpiscopal School of ...
33.8Nathan Lowes1:12.80aBethesda Christian
34.8Nicholas Perovich1:13.19aDallas HSAA
35.7Nate Dix1:13.29a SRSt Mark's of Texas
36.7Fabian Reyher1:13.32a PRSt Mark's of Texas
37.7Bryce Blinn1:13.63aSt Mark's of Texas
38.7Keith Kadesky1:15.33aSt Mark's of Texas
39.7Andrew Badaioui1:15.46aTrinity Christian Ce...
40.7Chase Woods1:16.13a SREpiscopal School of ...
41.7Shaheer Khan1:16.50a PRSt Mark's of Texas
42.7Mark Narvaez1:18.13a PREpiscopal School of ...
43.7William Watson1:18.44aEpiscopal School of ...
44.7Hayden Parkhill1:18.57a PRAlcuin
45.7Duke Trammell1:26.09a PREpiscopal School of ...
7Jorgie SanchezSCRAlcuin
7Nathan `DavisSCRBethesda Christian
7Jonathan RubinSCROvilla Christian
8Jackson GlennSCROvilla Christian
8Austin HoltSCRTrinity Christian Ad...
8James PostonSCRProvidence Christian
8John ArmesSCRProvidence Christian
8Grayson BorregoSCRProvidence Christian
8Cameron MabeySCRCovenant Christian
8Jaylon SpencerSCRUniversal Academy (I...
8Luke BlackSCRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
8Kevin WeiSCRGreenhill
7Tex HigginbothamSCRDallas Covenant

800 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8JT Graass2:14.99aSt Mark's of Texas
2.8Kohl Swift2:17.44a PREpiscopal School of ...
3.8Rocky Khoshbin2:21.31a PRGreenhill
4.8Richard(Trey) McCalley2:21.61aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
5.8Andrew Yarborough2:21.68aLucas Christian
6.8Brett Fair2:26.10a PRProvidence Christian
7.8Aaron Feldman2:27.26a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
8.8Pedro Rivera2:30.41a PREpiscopal School of ...
9.7Victor Barton2:32.78aSt Mark's of Texas
10.8Spencer Jones2:33.49a PRDallas Covenant
11.8Nicolas Suarez2:35.34a PRGreenhill
12.8Joshua Choe2:35.71aSt Mark's of Texas
13.8Grayson Borrego2:37.61aProvidence Christian
14.8Alexander Velderman2:38.33aLucas Christian
15.7Caleb Jones2:38.74a SRDallas Covenant
16.8Nathan Henn2:38.76aBethesda Christian
17.7Patrick Schmidt2:39.02a SRDallas HSAA
18.8Kai Kiefer2:40.18aOvilla Christian
19.8Noah Wolff2:40.74a PRBethesda Christian
20.7Curt Popkin2:41.48aCovenant Christian
21.8Bennett Sessa2:42.21a PREpiscopal School of ...
22.8Sam Vincent2:44.09a PROvilla Christian
23.8Mitch Little2:45.70a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
24.6Dylan Rasbridge2:45.86aAlcuin
25.7Zach Fitch2:45.89a SROvilla Christian
26.7Chase Woods2:46.83a SREpiscopal School of ...
27.7Jackson Carroll2:47.48aAlcuin
28.7Jorgie Sanchez2:47.50a PRAlcuin
29.8Kevin Wei2:48.46a PRGreenhill
30.7Ryan Rogers2:49.04a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
31.8Fred Vincent2:50.64a PROvilla Christian
32.7Brian Buckenham2:52.94aSt Mark's of Texas
33.7Hudson Fernadez2:52.94a PRGreenhill
34.7Parker Kirby2:52.95a PRSt Mark's of Texas
35.7Ryan Jennings2:53.03aCovenant Christian
36.7Shane Boor2:53.16aDallas HSAA
37.7Patrick Magee2:57.24aSt Mark's of Texas
38.7Will Traweek2:58.14aSt Mark's of Texas
39.8Noah Koecher2:58.76aSt Mark's of Texas
40.7Zach Hidalgo2:59.40a SRBethesda Christian
41.7Johann Schwarz2:59.96aSt Mark's of Texas
42.8Andrew Nace3:01.59aProvidence Christian
43.8Aaron Southerland3:02.26aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
44.7Brackstin Moss3:02.59aCovenant Christian
45.6Hunter Benner3:03.82a SRTrinity Christian Ce...
46.7Jared Steinhart3:05.19aSt Mark's of Texas
47.7Ethan Shah3:07.64aSt Mark's of Texas
48.6Jacob Wallace3:07.85aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
49.8Phillip Kopita3:10.49aSt Mark's of Texas
50.6Brandon Benner3:10.58a SRTrinity Christian Ce...
51.8Jacob Sloan3:18.69a PRProvidence Christian
52.6Jarrick Hawkins3:36.74a PRTrinity Christian Ce...
7Paul RosarioSCRTrinity Christian Ad...
7Nathan `DavisSCRBethesda Christian

1600 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8JT Graass5:00.42aSt Mark's of Texas
2.8Andrew Yarborough5:24.57aLucas Christian
3.8Rocky Khoshbin5:26.85a PRGreenhill
4.8Aaron Feldman5:28.22a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
5.7Isaac Swift5:28.37a PREpiscopal School of ...
6.7Patrick Schmidt5:35.98aDallas HSAA
7.8Nathan Henn5:41.54a PRBethesda Christian
8.7Victor Barton5:42.14aSt Mark's of Texas
9.8Cameron Lam5:42.47a PRSt Mark's of Texas
10.8Joshua Choe5:42.57aSt Mark's of Texas
11.6Joshua Moran5:46.60aTrinity Christian Ce...
12.7Zach Fitch5:47.14a PROvilla Christian
13.8Alexander Velderman5:56.45aLucas Christian
14.7Curt Popkin5:56.92a SRCovenant Christian
15.8Grayson Borrego5:57.72aProvidence Christian
16.7Brian Buckenham5:58.98aSt Mark's of Texas
17.8Sam Vincent5:59.47aOvilla Christian
18.7Will Traweek6:00.17aSt Mark's of Texas
19.7Parker Kirby6:03.69a PRSt Mark's of Texas
20.6Preston Schwartz6:04.54a PRAlcuin
21.8Pascal Reina6:06.82a PRAlcuin
22.8Aaron Southerland6:07.79aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
23.7Andrew Willison6:09.70a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
24.8Fred Vincent6:10.09aOvilla Christian
25.8Noah Wolff6:10.13aBethesda Christian
26.7Hudson Fernadez6:12.15a PRGreenhill
27.7Brackstin Moss6:12.86a PRCovenant Christian
28.7Isaiah Ogren6:18.95aDallas HSAA
29.7Ryan Jennings6:21.32a PRCovenant Christian
30.8Kevin Wei6:21.36aGreenhill
31.7Patrick Magee6:21.74aSt Mark's of Texas
32.7Jared Steinhart6:21.97a PRSt Mark's of Texas
33.7Johann Schwarz6:26.92aSt Mark's of Texas
34.8Noah Koecher6:27.85aSt Mark's of Texas
35.7Shane Boor6:34.35aDallas HSAA
36.6Hunter Benner6:42.84a PRTrinity Christian Ce...
37.6Royce Allred6:44.34a PRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
38.7Joshua Harper6:46.64a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
39.7Luis(Max) Meade6:46.90a PRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
40.8Andrew Nace6:50.29aProvidence Christian
41.6Brandon Benner6:51.89a SRTrinity Christian Ce...
42.7Sam Olden6:52.80aAlcuin
43.7Zach Hidalgo7:02.49aBethesda Christian
44.8Phillip Kopita7:06.32aSt Mark's of Texas
45.8Jacob Sloan7:19.49a PRProvidence Christian
46.6Jarrick Hawkins7:48.88a PRTrinity Christian Ce...
8Jackson GlennSCROvilla Christian
8Tim HartSCRTrinity Christian Ad...

110m Hurdles - 33"  Middle School - Finals

8Niegel Stevens20.84aSt Mark's of Texas
7Rene Reeder22.42aSt Mark's of Texas

110m Hurdles - 39"  Middle School - Finals

1.8Jeremy Smith18.02aOvilla Christian
1.8Jeremy Smith18.02hOvilla Christian
2.8Nate Shelton19.18a PRParish Episcopal
3.7Myles Canonge19.21a PRParish Episcopal
2.8Nate Shelton19.18hParish Episcopal
3.7Myles Canonge19.21hParish Episcopal
4.8Mark Vdovychenko19.66a SRCovenant Christian
4.8Mark Vdovychenko19.66hCovenant Christian
6.8Kunmi Akinremi21.35a PRCovenant Christian
6.8Kunmi Akinremi21.35hCovenant Christian
7.8Graham Spencer21.86a SRDallas Covenant
7.8Graham Spencer21.86hDallas Covenant
9.7Michael Allen23.24a PRCovenant Christian
9.7Michael Allen23.24hCovenant Christian
10.7Nathaniel Mann24.46aEpiscopal School of ...
10.7Nathaniel Mann24.46hEpiscopal School of ...
8Tim HartSCRTrinity Christian Ad...

300m Hurdles - 30"  Middle School - Finals

1.8Grant Griffith47.71a PRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
2.7Jack Savage48.20a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
3.8Mark Vdovychenko48.32aCovenant Christian
4.8Niegel Stevens48.52a PRSt Mark's of Texas
5.8Kohl Swift51.26a PREpiscopal School of ...
6.8Jordan Robinson51.86a PRGreenhill
7.8Nate Shelton54.35a PRParish Episcopal
8.8Nathan Henn54.45aBethesda Christian
9.7Rene Reeder55.70aSt Mark's of Texas
10.8Kunmi Akinremi55.82a SRCovenant Christian
11.8Pedro Rivera56.29a PREpiscopal School of ...
12.8Micah Wolff57.34aDallas HSAA
13.7Michael Allen1:01.51aCovenant Christian
14.7Stuart Smith1:04.25a PRTrinity Christian Ad...
15.7Isaiah Ogren1:05.48a PRDallas HSAA
8Reed BenderSCRDallas Covenant
7Nathaniel MannSCREpiscopal School of ...
8Tim HartSCRTrinity Christian Ad...

300m Hurdles - 36"  Middle School - Finals

2.7Jack Savage48.2h PRTrinity Christian Ad...

4x100 Relay  Middle School - Finals

-Relay Team 48.59aTrinity Christian Ce...
1.8Donovan Mbroh
Addison Herritage
Cory McQuilkin
Clay Montgomery
49.48aTrinity Christian Ad...
-Relay Team 50.51aParish Episcopal
2.-Relay Team 50.88aCovenant Christian
3.-Relay Team 50.97aGreenhill
4.-Relay Team 51.21aOvilla Christian
5.-Relay Team 51.47aSt Mark's of Texas
6.-Relay Team 51.70aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
7.-Relay Team 51.73aAlcuin
8.-Relay Team 56.44aDallas Covenant
9.-Relay Team 57.13aEpiscopal School of ...

4x400 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:07.55aCovenant Christian
2.-Relay Team 4:09.25aGreenhill
3.-Relay Team 4:10.48aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
4.-Davis Marsh
August Graue
Cameron Lam
JT Graass
4:16.87aSt Mark's of Texas
5.-Relay Team 4:17.52aOvilla Christian
6.-Relay Team 4:19.86aTrinity Christian Ad...
7.-Relay Team 4:23.39aProvidence Christian
8.-Relay Team 4:32.11aTrinity Christian Ce...
9.-Relay Team 4:39.14aDallas Covenant
10.-Relay Team 4:43.64aParish Episcopal
11.-Relay Team 4:48.21aAlcuin

Shot Put - 6lb  Middle School - Finals

1.8Cory McQuilkin39-09.00 PRTrinity Christian Ad...
3.7Simon Swofford34-06.50 SRAlcuin
4.8Jacob Webb34-03.75Ovilla Christian
5.8Jake McLaughlin33-02.25 PRAlcuin
8.8Jared Smith32-08.00 PROvilla Christian
9.8Jacob Sloan32-02.75 PRProvidence Christian
10.8Brett Fair32-00.75 PRProvidence Christian
11.8Gerrit Choate31-02.00Parish Episcopal
12.8Andrew Lagerstrom29-01.50 PRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
14.8Andrew Nace25-07.25Providence Christian
17.7Michael Griffin24-09.00 PRParish Episcopal
18.8Coleman Blackmon23-02.25 PRBethesda Christian
19.8Dylan Davis23-01.50 PRBethesda Christian
20.7Austin Weber22-10.50Dallas Covenant
21.7Ben Fitzgerald22-06.75 SRCovenant Christian
22.7Noah Cook22-02.50 SRAlcuin
24.8Gilbert Livingston20-02.75Ovilla Christian
25.8Nicholas Snyder19-02.50 PRAlcuin
26.8Thomas Crowell17-07.75Ovilla Christian
27.7Duke Trammell17-04.25 PREpiscopal School of ...
28.8Bennett Sessa15-04.00 PREpiscopal School of ...
8Ty BennettSCRParish Episcopal
7Thomas HolmesSCRDallas Covenant
8Barrett ScullySCRDallas Covenant
7Nick BradleySCRCovenant Christian
8Reed BenderSCRDallas Covenant
8Tavion CarterSCRTrinity Christian Ce...
8Mark VdovychenkoSCRCovenant Christian

Shot Put - 4kg  Middle School - Finals

8Jalen Lynch38' 4" PRSt Mark's of Texas
8Mathew Dominguez32'10.25" PRSt Mark's of Texas
8Justin Berry32'9.50"St Mark's of Texas
8Phillip Eisner27'6.75"St Mark's of Texas
8Mahir Karim25'4.75"St Mark's of Texas
16.8Robert Zebe25'02.50Dallas HSAA
23.8Matthieu Rogers21'00.00Dallas HSAA
29.7Nathan Tomlinson14'02.00Dallas HSAA

Shot Put - 12lb  Middle School - Finals

1.8Cory McQuilkin39.9 PRTrinity Christian Ad...

Discus - 1kg  Middle School - Finals

1.8Jacob Webb113-08 PROvilla Christian
2.8Cory McQuilkin105-06Trinity Christian Ad...
3.8Jalen Lynch88-03St Mark's of Texas
4.8Coleman Blackmon86-00 PRBethesda Christian
5.8Clayton Keller84-11Coram Deo (Flower Mo...
6.8Jack Knowles81-04Alcuin
7.8Johnathon Berry78-09St Mark's of Texas
8.8Lukas Middleton77-09Ovilla Christian
9.8Mathew Dominguez74-03St Mark's of Texas
10.8Mark Vdovychenko72-06 PRCovenant Christian
11.8Mahir Karim72-05St Mark's of Texas
12.8Justin Berry71-04St Mark's of Texas
13.8Andrew Lagerstrom71-00Coram Deo (Flower Mo...
14.7Ben Fitzgerald70-11 SRCovenant Christian
15.8Nik Hermanovski65-05Alcuin
16.8Gerrit Choate62-07Parish Episcopal
17.8Phillip Eisner62-04 PRSt Mark's of Texas
18.7Austin Weber60-08Dallas Covenant
19.8Dylan Davis58-10Bethesda Christian
20.7Nathan Tomlinson57-01 PRDallas HSAA
21.8Parker Bell55-10 PRTrinity Christian Ad...
22.8Matthieu Rogers53-08Dallas HSAA
23.8Jacob Sloan49-11Providence Christian
24.7Ryan Hanger49-01 PRGreenhill
25.7Kevin Gatherer44-09Parish Episcopal
26.7Connor Redhair43-05Ovilla Christian
27.7Simon Swofford41-05 SRAlcuin
8Tavion CarterSCRTrinity Christian Ce...
8Jackson GlennSCROvilla Christian
8Nicholas SnyderSCRAlcuin
7Thomas HolmesSCRDallas Covenant
8Vicente JuarezSCRCovenant Christian

High Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.8Aaron Morales5-00.00 PROvilla Christian
2.8Niegel Stevens4-10.00St Mark's of Texas
3.8Evan Delph4-10.00 PRCovenant Christian
4.8Sudarshana Kaenel4-08.00Alcuin
4.8Donovan Mbroh4-08.00Trinity Christian Ad...
6.8Ford Berry4-06.00 PREpiscopal School of ...
6.7Conner McClellan4-06.00Lucas Christian
6.7Christian Cuellar4-06.00Trinity Christian Ce...
6.7Myles Canonge4-06.00 PRParish Episcopal
10.8Nicholas Perovich4-06.00Dallas HSAA
11.8Vicente Juarez4-04.00Covenant Christian
12.6Campbell Fearing4-02.00 SRAlcuin
12.7Jackson Carroll4-02.00 SRAlcuin
7Chase WoodsNHEpiscopal School of ...
8Micah WolffNHDallas HSAA
8Landon LloydSCRTrinity Christian Ad...
8Gerrit ChoateSCRParish Episcopal
8Barrett ScullySCRDallas Covenant
7Keaton KinnardNHParish Episcopal
8Kunmi AkinremiNHCovenant Christian
7Isaiah OgrenNHDallas HSAA

Pole Vault  Middle School - Finals

1.8Aaron Feldman8-06.00 PRTrinity Christian Ad...
2.8Justin Estrada8-00.00 PRGreenhill
3.8Nicolas Suarez7-06.00Greenhill
4.8Addison Herritage7-00.00Trinity Christian Ad...
5.7Andrew Willison7-00.00 SRTrinity Christian Ad...
6.8Matthew Farrell6-06.00Coram Deo (Flower Mo...

Long Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.8DJ McGee19-00.00 PRParish Episcopal
2.8Justin Estrada17-01.75 PRGreenhill
3.8Chase Winchester16-10.25 PROvilla Christian
4.8Ty Bennett16-07.00 PRParish Episcopal
5.7Jack Karika16-05.75Covenant Christian
6.7Derrick Thomas16-05.50 PRUniversal Academy (I...
7.8Jeremy Smith16-04.25Ovilla Christian
8.8Jake McLaughlin16-02.75 PRAlcuin
9.7Rish Basu16-01.50St Mark's of Texas
9.8Luke Black16-01.50Coram Deo (Flower Mo...
11.8Shawn Punch16-00.25Trinity Christian Ce...
12.8Niegel Stevens15-08.00St Mark's of Texas
12.8Brett Fair15-08.00 PRProvidence Christian
14.8Reggie Hicks15-02.75Trinity Christian Ce...
15.7Myles Canonge14-06.00 PRParish Episcopal
16.7Conner McClellan14-04.75 SRLucas Christian
17.8Valente May14-02.75Ovilla Christian
18.8Clay Curl14-01.00Dallas HSAA
18.8Jack Knowles14-01.00 PRAlcuin
20.8O'Bryant Vinson14-00.00 PRGreenhill
21.8Ethan Howard13-10.25 PRTrinity Christian Ad...
22.8Harrison Chen13-09.75St Mark's of Texas
23.8Nik Hermanovski13-03.50 PRAlcuin
24.7Christian Barineau13-03.00 SRLucas Christian
25.8John Armes13-01.25 PRProvidence Christian
26.8Robert Zebe13-00.50Dallas HSAA
27.8Kevin He13-00.25St Mark's of Texas
28.7Vikrant Reddy12-10.00St Mark's of Texas
29.8Grant Griffith12-08.75 SRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
30.7John Newton12-08.50Coram Deo (Flower Mo...
30.7Niven Raj12-08.50Covenant Christian
32.8Sudarshana Kaenel12-08.00 SRAlcuin
33.8Micah Wolff12-04.75Dallas HSAA
34.7Christian Cuellar11-05.75Trinity Christian Ce...
34.8Mitch Little11-05.75 PRTrinity Christian Ad...
36.7Logan Clements11-05.50 PRUniversal Academy (I...
37.7Scott Harris11-04.75 PRTrinity Christian Ce...
38.7Jacob Hutchison11-04.25 SROvilla Christian
39.7Kyle McCulloch11-02.75 PRTrinity Christian Ad...
40.8Grayson Borrego10-11.50 PRProvidence Christian
41.7Joshua Buercklin10-10.25 PRLucas Christian
42.7Keaton Kinnard1-02.00Parish Episcopal
8Chase BrackensSCRParish Episcopal
8Barrett ScullySCRDallas Covenant
8Maguire KnowlesSCRDallas Covenant
8Jaylon SpencerSCRUniversal Academy (I...
8Nicholas PerovichSCRDallas HSAA
7Cole BarbaSCRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
8Joseph GoffFOULCovenant Christian
8Aaron FeldmanSCRTrinity Christian Ad...

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