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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Zachary Smith11.07aOlympic
2.10Easton Temres11.62a PRPort Angeles
3.12Samuel Gesicki11.74a PROlympic
4.11Randy Grier11.84a SROlympic
5.11Lopaka Yasumura11.87aSequim
6.12Titus Pascua12.00aNeah Bay
7.11Justin Welever12.13aClallam Bay
7.11Howell Dakis12.13a PROlympic
9.11Joey Monje12.21aNeah Bay
10.10Nicholas Strayer12.23aOlympic
11.10Dylan Chatters12.24aSequim
12.10Tony Dalgardno12.28a SRPort Angeles
13.12Roel Abrigo12.33aOlympic
14.12Scott Mayberry12.50a PRClallam Bay
15.10Jesse Wonderly12.56a SRClallam Bay
16.10Samuel Lidstrom12.70a PRSequim
17.11Jeremy Rock12.71aClallam Bay
17.10Daniel Manwell12.71a PRPort Angeles
19.10Tommy Secrest12.78a SROlympic
20.10Harold Tyler12.98aNeah Bay
21.10John Doster13.17aPort Angeles
22.11Donald Hanson ll13.52aClallam Bay
23.9Tim Arnold13.54aSequim
24.12William Gordon13.77aPort Angeles
25.9Stephen Silliman13.79aSequim
26.9Andrew Harrelson13.94aPort Angeles
27.9Zac Woolcock14.10a PRClallam Bay
28.10Jace Burns14.27a PRPort Angeles

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Zachary Smith23.40aOlympic
2.12Emanuel Herrera23.45a SRSequim
3.11Randy Grier24.25aOlympic
4.10Easton Temres24.27aPort Angeles
5.12Titus Pascua24.65aNeah Bay
6.11Justin Welever25.19a SRClallam Bay
7.11Lopaka Yasumura25.22aSequim
8.12Scott Mayberry25.51a PRClallam Bay
9.10Jesse Wonderly25.56aClallam Bay
10.10Nicholas Strayer25.64a SROlympic
11.10Tommy Secrest26.48aOlympic
12.9Nick Fritschler26.51a SRPort Angeles
13.9Tim Arnold27.83a SRSequim
14.9Andrew Harrelson28.70aPort Angeles
15.11Donald Hanson ll28.75aClallam Bay
16.10Samuel Lidstrom29.52a PRSequim
17.10Jace Burns29.98a PRPort Angeles
18.9Zac Woolcock30.77aClallam Bay

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jayson Brocklesby54.29aSequim
10Jesse Wonderly56.28aClallam Bay
11Jeremy Rock56.73a PRClallam Bay
2.12Samuel Gesicki57.35aOlympic
3.10Tony Dalgardno57.61aPort Angeles
4.10Dylan Chatters57.86aSequim
5.11Randy Grier59.21aOlympic
6.10Edward Stevenson1:00.63aPort Angeles
7.9Nick Fritschler1:00.65aPort Angeles
8.9Michael Reive1:03.32aSequim
9.9Zac Woolcock1:06.10a PRClallam Bay
10.12Michael Ottele1:06.65aOlympic
11.8Jericho McGimpsey1:10.71a PRNeah Bay
12.12Cameron Dias1:13.23aNeah Bay

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ian Goldizen2:02.24aOlympic
2.12Matthew Lutz2:08.89aOlympic
3.11Adrian Clifford2:13.00aSequim
9Joshua Monette2:21.44a SRNeah Bay
4.9Peter Ohnstad2:22.66a SRSequim
5.9Alex Barry2:24.73a SRSequim
12Willy Parker2:43.86aNeah Bay
6.9Mikaele Baker2:46.45a PRSequim
9JaRickson Kanichy2:49.57aNeah Bay
7.10Austin Love2:58.18a PROlympic

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Matthew Lutz4:36.13aOlympic
2.12Ian Goldizen4:37.75aOlympic
3.12Nick Shindler4:38.19aPort Angeles
4.11Craig Boekenoogen4:48.01aOlympic
5.11Adrian Clifford4:51.07aSequim
6.11Kyle Tupper4:55.34aPort Angeles
7.9Joshua Monette5:14.10aNeah Bay
8.11Ryan Woodward5:17.07aOlympic
9.12Willy Parker5:53.16aNeah Bay
10.10Austin Love6:02.22a PROlympic
11.9Wesley Hanson6:05.17aClallam Bay
12.11Josh Basden6:11.04a SRPort Angeles
13.9JaRickson Kanichy6:11.05aNeah Bay

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nick Shindler10:16.58aPort Angeles
2.11Craig Boekenoogen10:29.89aOlympic
3.11Kyle Tupper10:42.63aPort Angeles
4.9Mikey Cobb10:52.33aSequim
5.11Ryan Woodward11:20.09aOlympic

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Howell Dakis15.96a SROlympic
2.12Emanuel Herrera15.97aSequim
3.11Asher Jay Arce18.79aOlympic

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Emanuel Herrera43.24aSequim
2.11Howell Dakis45.94aOlympic
3.12Philip Scott48.71aPort Angeles
4.11Asher Jay Arce51.51aOlympic
12Cameron Dias1:03.61aNeah Bay

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Lopaka Yasamura
Emanuel Herrera
Christian Miles
Jayson Brockelsby
2.-Zachary Smith
Samuel Gesicki
Randy Grier
Roel Abrigo
3.-Tony Dalgardno
Nick Fritschler
Daniel Manwell
Matt Robbins
47.89aPort Angeles
4.-Ryan Willis
Justin Welever
Jeremy Rock
Scott Mayberry
49.15aClallam Bay
5.-Titus Pascua
Harold Tyler
Joey Monje
Elisha Winck
51.71aNeah Bay
6.-William Gordon
Kyle Lafritz
Ryan Becker
Tyler Rixon
56.24aPort Angeles

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Zachary Smith
Samuel Gesicki
Matthew Lutz
Ian Goldizen
-Justin Welever
Ryan Willis
Jesse Wonderly
Jeremy Rock
3:56.79aClallam Bay
2.-Dylan Chatters
Peter Ohnstad
Bailey Albright
Adrian Clifford
3.-Tony Dalgardno
Kyle Tupper
Brendan Dennis
Nick Fritschler
4:00.50aPort Angeles
4.-JaRickson Kanichy
Jericho McGimpsey
Joshua Monette
Cameron Dias
4:21.30aNeah Bay

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.10Kyle Campbell44-07.00Olympic
2.11Lopaka Yasumura40-08.50Sequim
3.11Makiah McInnis40-02.00Olympic
4.11Tyler Rixon36-05.00Port Angeles
5.9Kyle Lafritz32-00.75Port Angeles
6.12Bryce Hatt29-07.00Clallam Bay
7.11Joshua Aurandt29-02.00Olympic
8.11Austin Ritter28-05.50Clallam Bay
9.11Calin Blanchard27-11.25Sequim
10.9Kelly Gregory27-11.00Clallam Bay
11.10Harold Tyler27-10.75Neah Bay
12.10Joe Maneval25-01.00Clallam Bay
13.10Daniel Manwell24-00.75 PRPort Angeles
14.9Felix Ojeda22-11.75Clallam Bay
15.11Kevin Knapp21-01.50 SROlympic

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Makiah McInnis115-09Olympic
2.10Kyle Campbell111-11Olympic
3.10Dylan Chatters95-04Sequim
4.12Jordan Norberg95-01Port Angeles
5.12Bryce Hatt88-04Clallam Bay
5.12William Gordon88-04Port Angeles
7.10Samuel Lidstrom86-08Sequim
8.11Tyler Rixon85-09Port Angeles
9.9Joshua Cibene80-05Sequim
10.9Kyle Lafritz78-09 PRPort Angeles
11.10Joe Maneval73-11Clallam Bay
12.10Ryan Becker68-03Port Angeles
13.9Kelly Gregory64-01Clallam Bay
14.9Felix Ojeda57-08 SRClallam Bay
15.11Kevin Knapp47-11Olympic
16.8Jericho McGimpsey47-10Neah Bay

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jordan Norberg173-00 PRPort Angeles
2.11Makiah McInnis157-02Olympic
3.12Cameron Braithwaite144-10Port Angeles
10Harold Tyler132-06Neah Bay
4.12Philip Scott131-06 PRPort Angeles
12Bryce Hatt124-04Clallam Bay
5.12Michael Ottele119-10Olympic
6.12Colton Fields119-05Port Angeles
7.11Hamish Peers110-07Sequim
8.9Alex Barry105-06Sequim
9.10Tyler Church102-08Olympic
10.12Nick Shindler99-08Port Angeles
11.9Kelly Gregory97-05Clallam Bay
12.12Sergio Menendez93-05Olympic
13.12William Gordon87-06Port Angeles
14.10Joe Maneval83-00Clallam Bay
15.11Calin Blanchard80-10Sequim
16.9Andrew Harrelson80-04Port Angeles
17.9Tim Arnold78-02Sequim
18.11Joshua Aurandt74-03Olympic
19.8Jericho McGimpsey73-06Neah Bay
20.10Ryan Becker62-06Port Angeles
21.10John Doster53-10Port Angeles
22.9Felix Ojeda38-04Clallam Bay

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jayson Brocklesby6-04.00Sequim
2.11Ryan Willis5-08.00Clallam Bay
2.11Jayson York5-06.00Olympic
3.12Jordan Norberg5-02.00 PRPort Angeles
4.12Sergio Menendez5-00.00 PROlympic
5.10Tyler Church5-00.00Olympic
11Kyle TupperNHPort Angeles
10Jace BurnsNHPort Angeles
9Joshua CibeneNHSequim

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mack Grinnell12-00.00Sequim
2.11Hamish Peers11-00.00 PRSequim
3.12Jordan Norberg10-06.00Port Angeles
4.9Joshua Cibene10-00.00Sequim
5.9Stephen Silliman8-06.00Sequim
6.10Edward Stevenson8-00.00Port Angeles
7.12Philip Scott8-00.00 PRPort Angeles
8.12Nick Shindler8-00.00Port Angeles
9.9Ricky Gross7-00.00Sequim
12Michael OtteleNHOlympic

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Cameron Braithwaite21-05.25Port Angeles
12Titus Pascua18-08.25Neah Bay
2.12Andrew Jones16-11.00Olympic
3.10Kevin Pool15-09.50Olympic
4.10Edward Stevenson15-05.75Port Angeles
9Elisha Winck14-05.00Neah Bay
5.10John Doster13-08.50Port Angeles
6.12Cameron Dias13-06.50 SRNeah Bay
7.10Jace Burns13-01.00Port Angeles

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Cameron Braithwaite42-04.00Port Angeles
2.11Jayson Brocklesby39-11.25 PRSequim
3.12Philip Scott36-00.00Port Angeles
11Ryan Willis35-10.50Clallam Bay
4.12Andrew Jones34-08.50Olympic
5.10Kevin Pool34-04.00Olympic
6.10John Doster31-01.00Port Angeles
7.12Sergio Menendez30-06.50 PROlympic

Hammer - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

10Tony Dalgardno128'0 PRPort Angeles


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