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7th & 8th Grade 5th & 6th Grade
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100 Meters  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Zack Arambula12.54aSt George Episcopal
2.7Noah Cardenas12.77a SRHoly Cross
3.8Anthony King12.85a PRThe Atonement Academy
4.8Jacob Rodrigue12.89a PRSt. Gregory the Great
5.8Conner Wright13.10aConcordia Lutheran
6.8Miguel Ramirez13.15a PRSt. Gregory the Great
7.8Marshall Knowles13.22a PRShepherd of the Hills
8.7Cade Galvan13.32aSan Antonio Christian
9.8Jose Pague13.57a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
10.8Zack Fix13.59aCornerstone Christia...
11.7Robert Adame13.69a SRHoly Cross
12.8Caleb Horton13.71aSan Antonio Christian
13.8Juan Ortiz13.86aHoly Cross
14.8Alex Kellum13.87aSan Antonio Christian
15.7Garrett Weaver14.04a PRLifegate Christian
16.8Michael Trevino14.35aThe Atonement Academy
17.8Yaw Dwamena14.45aSt George Episcopal
18.7Joesph Leos14.52a PRSt. Gregory the Great
19.8Andres Profenna14.74a PRThe Atonement Academy
20.8Breynt Passi14.75aCornerstone Christia...
21.7Garrett Knight14.99aSan Antonio Christian
22.8Scott Hockaday15.09a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
23.7Jeremy Robles15.57aSan Antonio Christian
24.6Ian Veches15.65aLifegate Christian
25.8Abraham Ybarra15.85aShepherd of the Hills
26.7Sean Murray15.89aSan Antonio Christian
27.7Matthew McKinney15.95a PRLifegate Christian
28.7Jamaree' Pannell16.17a SRSt. Monica Catholic,...
29.7Jalen Perez17.92a PRShepherd of the Hills
6Austin SmithNTSt George Episcopal

100 Meters  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Austin Castilleja14.09aSt. Gregory the Great
2.6DJ Peavy14.12aSt George Episcopal
3.6Alejandro Maldonado14.25aCornerstone Christia...
4.6Boluwarin Sanyaoyu14.85aCornerstone Christia...
5.6Aaron Mery15.15aShepherd of the Hills
6.5Micah Peavy15.23aSt George Episcopal
7.5Tyler Wehner15.63a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
8.6Richard Garcia15.89aCornerstone Christia...
9.6Gabe Laureles16.02aSt Luke's Episcopal
10.6Austin Rodriguez16.06aSt. Gregory the Great
11.6Keith Dukes16.31a PRShepherd of the Hills
12.6Devon Phillips16.37aConcordia Lutheran
13.5Cameron Thatcher16.48aCastle Hills First B...
14.6Tyler Gorentz16.73a PRHoly Cross
15.6Holden Hamilton16.79aSan Antonio Christian
16.5Andres Dzierwa16.81a SRCastle Hills First B...
17.5Zachary Ottmers17.00a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
18.5Josh Zakula17.03a PRCastle Hills First B...
19.6James Merritt17.68aSt. Gregory the Great
20.5Sebastian Donly17.72aSt George Episcopal
21.6Isaiah Vela18.55a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
22.6George Anderson18.75aTexas Military Insti...
23.6Joseph Koch22.79aThe Atonement Academy
6Adrian FloresNTHoly Cross
6John JordanNTHoly Cross
6Ethan HolguinNTShepherd of the Hills

200 Meters  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Zack Arambula26.10aSt George Episcopal
2.8Eric Ibarra26.15aShepherd of the Hills
3.8Conner Wright26.33aConcordia Lutheran
4.8Anthony King26.83a PRThe Atonement Academy
5.7Cade Galvan27.22aSan Antonio Christian
6.7Jose Perez27.80a PRSt. Gregory the Great
7.8Alex Kellum27.83aSan Antonio Christian
8.8Andres Profenna27.91a PRThe Atonement Academy
9.8Caleb Horton28.30aSan Antonio Christian
10.8Augusto De Las Casas28.38a PRSt Mary's Hall
11.7Stephen Smith28.57a SRSt. Gregory the Great
12.8Michael Trevino28.69aThe Atonement Academy
13.7Diego Nava28.93aSt Luke's Episcopal
14.7Garrett Knight30.07aSan Antonio Christian
15.8Chase Lane30.10a PRSt George Episcopal
16.8Jacob Reinhardt30.12a PRSt Luke's Episcopal
17.7Jay Nava30.24a PRSt. Gregory the Great
18.8Iyan Ali30.40aSt Luke's Episcopal
19.7Diego Salazar30.90a SRSt. Monica Catholic,...
20.7Jeremy Robles32.12aSan Antonio Christian
21.8Abraham Ybarra32.17aShepherd of the Hills
22.7Sean Murray32.27a PRSan Antonio Christian
23.8Sam Hawkins32.29aSt Mary's Hall
24.7Jamaree' Pannell32.62a SRSt. Monica Catholic,...
25.7Joel Patino35.31a PRHoly Cross
26.7Jalen Perez36.76a SRShepherd of the Hills
27.7Joshua Rodriguez36.81a PRHoly Cross
8Josh BippertNTConcordia Lutheran
8Eric BippertNTConcordia Lutheran

200 Meters  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Alejandro Maldonado27.95aCornerstone Christia...
2.6Austin Castilleja28.57a PRSt. Gregory the Great
3.6Boluwarin Sanyaoyu30.34a SRCornerstone Christia...
4.6DJ Peavy30.87a PRSt George Episcopal
5.6Alex Wolf31.15a PRSt. Gregory the Great
6.6Gabe Laureles32.49a PRSt Luke's Episcopal
7.6Aaron Mery32.69aShepherd of the Hills
8.5Tyler Wehner32.90a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
9.6Richard Garcia33.38aCornerstone Christia...
10.6Holden Hamilton33.46a PRSan Antonio Christian
11.5Brenden Murray34.27aThe Atonement Academy
12.6Thomas Anderson34.69aTexas Military Insti...
13.6Keith Dukes35.40aShepherd of the Hills
14.6Elijah Jabalie35.68a PRCastle Hills First B...
15.5Colton Townsend36.89a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
16.5Dayondre Williamson36.99a SRSt. Monica Catholic,...
17.6Alex Frost37.84a PRSt Luke's Episcopal
18.6Blake Tschoepe39.28a PRCastle Hills First B...
19.5Jacob Polanco39.67aCastle Hills First B...
6Adrian FloresNTHoly Cross
6Ethan HolguinNTShepherd of the Hills
6John JordanNTHoly Cross
6Joseph HansonNTSt. Gregory the Great
6Devon PhillipsNTConcordia Lutheran
5Matt SpanglerNTConcordia Lutheran

400 Meters  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Isaac Holguin57.33aShepherd of the Hills
2.8Conner Wright58.94aConcordia Lutheran
3.7Joel Gracia59.09a SRHoly Cross
4.8Mitchell White1:00.45aThe Atonement Academy
5.8Josh Waechter1:00.94aSan Antonio Christian
6.8Isaiah Medina1:01.69aCornerstone Christia...
7.7Shane Williams1:03.09a PRSt. Gregory the Great
8.8Luke Rodriguez1:03.33a PRSt. Gregory the Great
9.8Alex Kellum1:03.64aSan Antonio Christian
10.8Augusto De Las Casas1:03.67aSt Mary's Hall
11.8Carlos Uriegas1:04.34aThe Atonement Academy
12.7Cade Galvan1:04.41a PRSan Antonio Christian
13.7Josh Seesholtz1:04.96a PRSt. Gregory the Great
14.8Mason Riley1:05.30aIconOne Multisport
15.7Tomas Alvarez1:05.43aSt Mary's Hall
16.7Brandt Baldwin1:06.13aSt Mary's Hall
17.8Jose Pague1:06.27a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
18.8Austin Rabon1:06.37a PRLifegate Christian
19.8Santiago Trevino1:06.65a PRThe Atonement Academy
20.8Juan Ortiz1:07.16aHoly Cross
21.8Evan Tanner1:07.34aSt Luke's Episcopal
22.7Tanner Ligon1:08.71aSan Antonio Christian
23.8Ben Smith1:08.79a PRTexas Military Insti...
24.8Eric Bippert1:08.85aConcordia Lutheran
25.7Avery Davenport1:09.79a PRSt George Episcopal
26.7Matthew Zirkle1:11.99aSt George Episcopal
27.8Laren Spear1:12.88a PRSt Luke's Episcopal
28.7Samuel Carr1:13.85aShepherd of the Hills
29.8Josh Bippert1:16.71aConcordia Lutheran
30.7Jalen Perez1:29.75a SRShepherd of the Hills
7Jonathan HamiltonNTSan Antonio Christian
7Joseph LafuenteNTHoly Cross

400 Meters  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Alejandro Maldonado1:03.92a PRCornerstone Christia...
2.5Brenden Murray1:14.08a PRThe Atonement Academy
3.6Alex Homma1:17.99aSt George Episcopal
4.6Elliot Avigael1:18.17aTexas Military Insti...
5.5Ian Crossey1:18.54a PRThe Atonement Academy
6.6Elijah Jabalie1:19.66a SRCastle Hills First B...
7.6Thomas Anderson1:20.46aTexas Military Insti...
8.5Carson Price1:21.36aConcordia Lutheran
9.6Alex Frost1:24.41aSt Luke's Episcopal
10.5Sammy Ramirez1:26.32a SRCastle Hills First B...
11.6Blake Tschoepe1:27.65aCastle Hills First B...
12.6Joseph Hanson1:30.07aSt. Gregory the Great
13.6John Traxler1:32.47a SRSt. Monica Catholic,...
14.5Dyllon Dyer1:36.35a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
15.7Ian Rodarte1:56.57a PRSt. Gregory the Great
-David TejedaNTSt. Gregory the Great
6Ethan HolguinNTShepherd of the Hills
6John JordanNTHoly Cross

800 Meters  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.7Joel Gracia2:23.12a SRHoly Cross
8Mason Riley2:23.39aIconOne Multisport
2.8Ben Smith2:31.86aTexas Military Insti...
3.7Tomas Alvarez2:31.93a PRSt Mary's Hall
4.7Brandt Baldwin2:33.96aSt Mary's Hall
5.7Shane Williams2:35.30a SRSt. Gregory the Great
6.8Josh Montgomery2:37.23aSan Antonio Christian
7.8Garrett Lindemood2:41.21aTexas Military Insti...
8.8William Biediger2:41.47a PRSt. Gregory the Great
9.7Joseph Lafuente2:41.57aHoly Cross
10.7Jacob Hallenberger2:42.81aSan Antonio Christian
11.8Nicco Gomez2:44.31aSt George Episcopal
12.8Seamus Moreno2:44.37a PRSt. Gregory the Great
13.7Bradley Reyes2:45.61a PRHoly Cross
14.8Evan Tanner2:47.38aSt Luke's Episcopal
15.8Elmo Chavez2:49.68aConcordia Lutheran
16.7Samuel Carr2:50.05a SRShepherd of the Hills
17.7Avery Davenport2:50.28aSt George Episcopal
18.8Stevie Hernandez2:51.18aSan Antonio Christian
19.8Samuel Koch2:52.58aThe Atonement Academy
20.8Tristan Garza2:54.62a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
21.8Laren Spear2:58.69aSt Luke's Episcopal
22.7Max Gonzalez3:00.89aCornerstone Christia...
23.7Andrew Watson3:43.77aSt Luke's Episcopal
8Abraham YbarraNTShepherd of the Hills
7Juan DepazNTCornerstone Christia...

800 Meters  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.5Ezekiel Elizondo2:45.57a PRCastle Hills First B...
2.6Noah Vasconcellos2:45.70aCornerstone Christia...
3.6Jason Springborn2:51.57aCastle Hills First B...
4.6Tyler Gorentz2:55.34a SRHoly Cross
5.5Carson Price2:59.55aConcordia Lutheran
6.6Sam Wilstrop2:59.65aCornerstone Christia...
7.5Sammy Ramirez3:02.48aCastle Hills First B...
8.6Gabriel Murillo3:05.12aSt George Episcopal
9.5Ian Crossey3:07.02a PRThe Atonement Academy
10.6Keith Dukes3:17.43a PRShepherd of the Hills
11.6John Traxler3:40.35a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
12.5Kyle Crusius3:41.52aConcordia Lutheran
13.6George Anderson3:53.43aTexas Military Insti...
5Berni GomezNTSt George Episcopal

1600 Meters  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Joshua Im5:25.00aSt George Episcopal
2.8Isaac Holguin5:35.00aShepherd of the Hills
3.7Ben Johnson5:36.00aSan Antonio Christian
8Mason Riley5:42.00aIconOne Multisport
4.8Garrett Lindemood5:54.00aTexas Military Insti...
5.8Griffin Carter6:02.00a PRSan Antonio Christian
6.7Bradley Reyes6:05.00a SRHoly Cross
7.8Elmo Chavez6:06.00aConcordia Lutheran
8.8Tristan Garza6:08.00a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
9.7Max Gonzalez6:32.00aCornerstone Christia...
10.7Matthew Zirkle6:33.00a PRSt George Episcopal
11.8Ben Olson6:34.00aSan Antonio Christian
12.7Avery Davenport6:41.00aSt George Episcopal
13.8Samuel Koch6:54.00a PRThe Atonement Academy
14.7Andrew Watson8:32.00a SRSt Luke's Episcopal
7Juan DepazNTCornerstone Christia...
7Diego SalazarNTSt. Monica Catholic,...

1600 Meters  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Noah Vasconcellos6:12.00aCornerstone Christia...
2.6Alexander Zinn6:20.00a SRSt Mary's Hall
3.6Will Kass6:31.00aSan Antonio Christian
4.5Troy Marsh6:32.00aSt Luke's Episcopal
5.5John Powell6:35.00a PRThe Atonement Academy
6.6Sam Wilstrop6:46.00aCornerstone Christia...
7.6Gabriel Murillo6:53.00aSt George Episcopal
8.6Harrison Wilcox6:54.00a PRCastle Hills First B...
9.6Tyler Gorentz6:57.00a SRHoly Cross
10.6Patrick Denton7:20.00a PRSan Antonio Christian
11.6Ruben Vela7:35.00a SRSt. Monica Catholic,...
5Berni GomezNTSt George Episcopal
6Chris ZaragozaNTCastle Hills First B...
6Elliot AvigaelNTTexas Military Insti...

2400 Meters  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Joshua Im8:36.00aSt George Episcopal
2.7Ben Johnson8:51.00aSan Antonio Christian
3.8Garrett Lindemood9:13.00aTexas Military Insti...
4.8Elmo Chavez9:44.00aConcordia Lutheran
5.8Griffin Carter10:01.00aSan Antonio Christian
6.8Kaleb Cole10:05.00aSan Antonio Christian

2400 Meters  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Alex Wong10:05.00aSt George Episcopal
2.6Alexander Zinn10:06.00aSt Mary's Hall
3.5John Powell10:16.00aThe Atonement Academy
4.5Troy Marsh10:17.00a SRSt Luke's Episcopal
5.6Will Kass10:21.00aSan Antonio Christian
6.6Harrison Wilcox10:33.00a PRCastle Hills First B...
7.6Chris Zaragoza10:58.00aCastle Hills First B...
8.5Kelton Eason11:00.00aCastle Hills First B...
9.6Patrick Denton12:14.00aSan Antonio Christian
10.6Ruben Vela12:15.00a SRSt. Monica Catholic,...

110m Hurdles - 39"  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jason Villarreal18.72aShepherd of the Hills
2.8Andrew Pirog19.03aSt George Episcopal
3.7Landon Specia21.46aSan Antonio Christian
4.7Cooper Christian21.49aSan Antonio Christian
5.8Jesse Esquivel21.56a PRHoly Cross
6.8Josue Summers22.63aCornerstone Christia...
7.8Ben McCann23.23aSan Antonio Christian
8.7Darren Graham23.43aHoly Cross
9.8Scott Hockaday25.03a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
10.7Matthew Foster26.14a PRLifegate Christian
-David FajardoNTSt. Gregory the Great

110m Hurdles - 39"  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Thomas Anderson23.80aTexas Military Insti...
2.6Cody Ouellete24.27aCastle Hills First B...
3.5Dayondre Williamson26.77a SRSt. Monica Catholic,...
4.6David Turner27.10a PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
5.6Alex Frost28.21aSt Luke's Episcopal
6.6Isaiah Vela28.84a SRSt. Monica Catholic,...

300m Hurdles - 30"  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Andrew Pirog48.46aSt George Episcopal
2.7Landon Specia52.87aSan Antonio Christian
3.7Darren Graham54.78a SRHoly Cross
4.7Cooper Christian54.85aSan Antonio Christian
5.8Eric Bippert56.37a PRConcordia Lutheran
6.8Ben McCann58.05a PRSan Antonio Christian
7.8Josh Bippert1:02.04aConcordia Lutheran
8Jesse EsquivelNTHoly Cross

300m Hurdles - 30"  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Cody Ouellete1:01.35a PRCastle Hills First B...
2.5Troy Marsh1:06.04aSt Luke's Episcopal
3.5Kyle Crusius1:21.99aConcordia Lutheran
5Matt SpanglerNTConcordia Lutheran
6Aaron MeryNTShepherd of the Hills

4x100 Relay  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Matt Hamm
Josh Waechter
Zachary Wander
Alex Matalon
48.67aSan Antonio Christian
2.-Joel Gracia
Robert Adame
Juan Ortiz
Noah Cardenas
50.75aHoly Cross
3.-Jose Perez
Miguel Ramirez
Josh Seesholtz
Jacob Rodrigue
51.17aSt. Gregory the Great
4.8Zack Fix
Isaiah Medina
Josue Summers
Breynt Passi
52.56aCornerstone Christia...
5.8Anthony King
Andres Profenna
Michael Trevino
Mitchell White
53.72aThe Atonement Academy
6.-Ian Veches
Matthew Foster
Austin Rabon
Garrett Weaver
56.53aLifegate Christian
7.-Andrew Alfaro
David Fajardo
Josh Guizar
Carlos Alvarez
1:03.77aSt. Gregory the Great
8Andrew Pirog
Chase Lane
Yaw Dwamena
Zack Arambula
DQSt George Episcopal

4x100 Relay  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

-Relay Team 1:49.50aSt George Episcopal
1.6Austin Castilleja
Alex Wolf
James Merritt
Austin Rodriguez
1:51.04aSt. Gregory the Great
2.6Cody Kohutek
Holden Philippus
Caden Wilburn
Trevor Yetterberg
1:51.87aSan Antonio Christian
3.-Ezekiel Elizondo
Andres Dzierwa
Jason Springborn
Cameron Thatcher
1:55.71aCastle Hills First B...
-Kyle Crusius
Carson Price
Devon Phillips
Matt Spangler
1:56.88aConcordia Lutheran
4.-DJ Peavy
Micah Peavy
Alex Wong
Sebastian Donly
1:58.11aSt George Episcopal
5.-Colton Townsend
Isaiah Vela
Zachary Ottmers
Tyler Wehner
1:58.44aSt. Monica Catholic,...

4x200 Relay  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Matt Hamm
Josh Waechter
Alex Matalon
Zachary Wander
1:43.97aSan Antonio Christian
2.8Jason Villarreal
Isaac Holguin
Marshall Knowles
Eric Ibarra
1:44.34aShepherd of the Hills
3.7Joseph Lafuente
Darren Graham
Robert Adame
Noah Cardenas
1:50.98aHoly Cross
8Anthony King
Santiago Trevino
Michael Trevino
Carlos Uriegas
1:51.74aThe Atonement Academy
4.8Isaiah Medina
Zack Fix
Josue Summers
Breynt Passi
1:52.50aCornerstone Christia...
5.-Iyan Ali
Evan Tanner
Diego Nava
Jacob Reinhardt
1:56.87aSt Luke's Episcopal
-Joesph Leos
Steven Smith
Josh Guizar
Nathaniel O'Niell
2:00.72aSt. Gregory the Great
-Tomas Alvarez
Sam Hawkins
Augusto De Las Casas
Brandt Baldwin
2:03.75aSt Mary's Hall
6.-Relay Team 2:24.07aSt. Gregory the Great

4x200 Relay  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Cody Kohutek
Holden Philippus
Caden Wilburn
Trevor Yetterberg
2:10.48aSan Antonio Christian
2.-Alex Wolf
Joseph Hanson
James Merritt
David Tejeda
2:11.25aSt. Gregory the Great
3.-Relay Team 2:15.01aSt. Gregory the Great
4.-Andres Dzierwa
Ezekiel Elizondo
Cameron Thatcher
Jason Springborn
2:20.68aCastle Hills First B...
5.6Alex Homma
Jackson Jeffords
Gabriel Murillo
Austin Smith
2:22.66aSt George Episcopal
6.-Dyllon Dyer
David Turner
John Traxler
Dayondre Williamson
2:37.56aSt. Monica Catholic,...

4x400 Relay  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.-Matt Hamm
Zachary Wander
Alex Matalon
Ben Johnson
4:07.07aSan Antonio Christian
2.-Jason Villarreal
Samuel Carr
Marshall Knowles
Eric Ibarra
4:24.00aShepherd of the Hills
-Shane Williams
Josh Seesholtz
William Biediger
Seamus Moreno
4:25.37aSt. Gregory the Great
3.8Anthony King
Santiago Trevino
Mitchell White
Carlos Uriegas
4:26.21aThe Atonement Academy
4.-Tomas Alvarez
Brandt Baldwin
Augusto De Las Casas
Sam Hawkins
4:36.00aSt Mary's Hall
5.-Scott Hockaday
Tristan Garza
Diego Salazar
Jose Pague
4:49.00aSt. Monica Catholic,...
6.-Iyan Ali
Laren Spear
Jacob Reinhardt
Diego Nava
4:51.55aSt Luke's Episcopal
7.-Garrett Weaver
Austin Rabon
Matthew Foster
Ian Veches
5:04.00aLifegate Christian
8.-Patrick Urrutia
Roland Perez
Allen Diaz
Luke Rodriguez
5:28.00aSt. Gregory the Great
8Chase Lane
Andrew Pirog
Nicco Gomez
Zack Arambula
NTSt George Episcopal

4x400 Relay  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.-Alex Wong
Sebastian Donly
Micah Peavy
Alex Homma
4:52.00aSt George Episcopal
2.6Holden Philippus
Cody Kohutek
Trevor Yetterberg
Caden Wilburn
5:11.00aSan Antonio Christian
3.-Kelton Eason
Harrison Wilcox
Chris Zaragoza
Chase Gibson
5:57.00aCastle Hills First B...

Shot Put - 6lb  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jason Villarreal39-05.25Shepherd of the Hills
2.8Ethan Earl34-01.50San Antonio Christian
3.8Marshall Knowles33-11.25Shepherd of the Hills
4.7Jay Nava33-10.50 SRSt. Gregory the Great
5.7Joeseph Pena33-04.00Holy Cross
6.7Rene Medina31-05.50Holy Cross
7.7Joshua Delgado30-06.75 SRHoly Cross
8.8Isaac Holguin30-05.50Shepherd of the Hills
9.7Josh Snyder30-04.25San Antonio Christian
10.8Jacob Reinhardt29-01.75St Luke's Episcopal
11.8William Biediger26-08.50 PRSt. Gregory the Great
8Azhar KhanmohamedNDSt Mary's Hall
8Wyatt OakleyNDLifegate Christian
7Matthew McKinneyNDLifegate Christian
7David DefreesNDSan Antonio Christian
8Sam HawkinsNDSt Mary's Hall
8Carter BlaggNDSan Antonio Christian
7Andrew WatsonNDSt Luke's Episcopal
8Jonathan CissellNDCornerstone Christia...
8Reagan NaylorNDSt Mary's Hall
7Roel PradoNDSan Antonio Christian
7Diego NavaNDSt Luke's Episcopal
8Zach WilstropNDCornerstone Christia...
8Nick MunozNDSt. Gregory the Great

Shot Put - 6lb  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Aaron Mery35-00.00Shepherd of the Hills
2.6John Michael Lopez31-05.00St George Episcopal
3.5Noah Dorsett28-07.50 SRCastle Hills First B...
4.6DJ Peavy27-08.00St George Episcopal
5.6Francisco Sandoval26-09.00 SRSt. Monica Catholic,...
6.5Micah Peavy26-06.75St George Episcopal
7.6Trevor Yetterberg25-08.25San Antonio Christian
8.6Trey Osborne23-11.75 SRLifegate Christian
9.6Devon Phillips22-05.75Concordia Lutheran
10.7Ian Rodarte22-00.25 PRSt. Gregory the Great
11.6C. J. Johnson21-10.50Concordia Lutheran
6George AndersonNDTexas Military Insti...
6Elliot AvigaelNDTexas Military Insti...
6Zane NobleNDSan Antonio Christian
6Ben RebmannNDSan Antonio Christian
6Nathan BambacignoNDSan Antonio Christian
6Ethan HolguinNDShepherd of the Hills
5Dyllon DyerNDSt. Monica Catholic,...
5Colton TownsendNDSt. Monica Catholic,...
5Jacob PolancoNDCastle Hills First B...
5Stephen SepulvedaNDCastle Hills First B...

Discus - 1kg  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.7Jay Nava124-01 PRSt. Gregory the Great
2.8Marshall Knowles116-01 PRShepherd of the Hills
3.8Ethan Earl87-10San Antonio Christian
4.7Joshua Delgado86-05Holy Cross
5.8Michael Neathery80-10San Antonio Christian
6.8Jacob Reinhardt79-09St Luke's Episcopal
7.8Nathaniel O'Niell77-11 PRSt. Gregory the Great
8.8Ben Smith77-04Texas Military Insti...
9.7Diego Nava75-02St Luke's Episcopal
10.7Josh Martinez74-11San Antonio Christian
11.7John Reddell74-09 SRSan Antonio Christian
7Jared DodsonNDSan Antonio Christian
7Reyn EngelhardtNDSan Antonio Christian
8Nick MunozNDSt. Gregory the Great
8Josh BippertNDConcordia Lutheran
7Joeseph PenaNDHoly Cross
7Samuel CarrNDShepherd of the Hills
8Zach WilstropNDCornerstone Christia...
8Reagan NaylorNDSt Mary's Hall
8Jonathan CissellNDCornerstone Christia...
7Andrew WatsonNDSt Luke's Episcopal
8Sam HawkinsNDSt Mary's Hall
7Matthew McKinneyNDLifegate Christian
8Wyatt OakleyNDLifegate Christian
8Azhar KhanmohamedNDSt Mary's Hall
7Kenneth GonzalezNDHoly Cross

Discus - 1kg  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Aaron Mery72-01Shepherd of the Hills
2.6Trevor Yetterberg51-10San Antonio Christian
3.6Harrison Wilcox51-08Castle Hills First B...
4.6Ben Rebmann51-04 PRSan Antonio Christian
5.5Jacob Polanco46-03Castle Hills First B...
6.6C. J. Johnson44-08Concordia Lutheran
7.6Zane Noble44-03San Antonio Christian
8.5Colton Townsend44-02 PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
9.6Austin Smith42-07St George Episcopal
10.5Dayondre Williamson42-00 PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
11.5Josh Smetzer38-03Concordia Lutheran
6Trey OsborneNDLifegate Christian
6Ruben VelaNDSt. Monica Catholic,...
5Chase GibsonNDCastle Hills First B...
6Thomas AndersonNDTexas Military Insti...
6Joseph HansonNDSt. Gregory the Great
6James MerrittNDSt. Gregory the Great
7Ian RodarteNDSt. Gregory the Great

High Jump  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Alex Matalon5-06.00San Antonio Christian
2.8Augusto De Las Casas5-04.00 PRSt Mary's Hall
3.8Iyan Ali4-10.00St Luke's Episcopal
4.7Garrett Weaver4-08.25 PRLifegate Christian
5.8Zack Arambula4-08.00St George Episcopal
6.8Isaac Holguin4-04.00Shepherd of the Hills
8Ben McCannNHSan Antonio Christian
8Josh MontgomeryNHSan Antonio Christian

High Jump  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6DJ Peavy4-01.00St George Episcopal
2.6Gabe Laureles3-10.25 PRSt Luke's Episcopal
3.5Micah Peavy3-10.00St George Episcopal

Pole Vault  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Alex Matalon11-00.00San Antonio Christian

Long Jump  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jason Villarreal17-08.50Shepherd of the Hills
2.8Matt Hamm17-02.50San Antonio Christian
3.8Jacob Rodrigue16-09.25 PRSt. Gregory the Great
4.7Noah Cardenas16-01.75 SRHoly Cross
5.8Miguel Ramirez15-06.50 PRSt. Gregory the Great
6.8Eric Ibarra14-01.25Shepherd of the Hills
7.7Jose Perez14-01.00St. Gregory the Great
8.8Andrew Pirog13-08.00St George Episcopal
9.7Garrett Weaver13-05.75Lifegate Christian
10.7Garrett Knight13-05.00San Antonio Christian
11.8Evan Tanner13-03.50St Luke's Episcopal
12.7Robert Adame13-03.00Holy Cross
13.8Cole Norris12-11.75 PRSan Antonio Christian
14.8Conner Wright12-09.75Concordia Lutheran
15.7Sean Murray12-09.00San Antonio Christian
16.8Scott Hockaday12-06.00 PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
17.6Ian Veches12-01.00Lifegate Christian
18.7Jamaree' Pannell11-10.00 SRSt. Monica Catholic,...
19.7Jeremy Robles11-04.00San Antonio Christian
20.7Cade Galvan11-03.50San Antonio Christian
21.8Laren Spear11-02.00St Luke's Episcopal
22.8Josh Bippert10-02.50Concordia Lutheran
23.7Matthew Foster10-01.25 PRLifegate Christian
24.7Joshua Rodriguez8-01.50 PRHoly Cross
25.7Jalen Perez7-06.00Shepherd of the Hills
26.8Eric Bippert6-05.50Concordia Lutheran
8Jose PagueNDSt. Monica Catholic,...

Long Jump  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Austin Castilleja14-04.50 PRSt. Gregory the Great
2.6Alejandro Maldonado14-04.00 SRCornerstone Christia...
3.6Alex Wolf14-00.00St. Gregory the Great
4.6Boluwarin Sanyaoyu13-02.25 SRCornerstone Christia...
5.6Keith Dukes12-09.25 PRShepherd of the Hills
6.6Jason Springborn12-08.00 SRCastle Hills First B...
7.6Austin Rodriguez12-06.50 PRSt. Gregory the Great
8.6Cody Kohutek12-06.00 PRSan Antonio Christian
9.6Holden Hamilton12-03.00San Antonio Christian
9.6Tyler Gorentz12-03.00 SRHoly Cross
11.5Matt Spangler12-01.75Concordia Lutheran
12.6Gabe Laureles12-00.75 PRSt Luke's Episcopal
13.6Adrian Flores12-00.00 SRHoly Cross
14.6Patrick Denton11-06.25San Antonio Christian
15.6John Jordan11-05.00Holy Cross
16.6Alex Frost11-01.75 PRSt Luke's Episcopal
16.6Thomas Anderson11-01.75Texas Military Insti...
18.5Carson Price11-00.00Concordia Lutheran
19.5Cameron Thatcher10-10.50Castle Hills First B...
20.6Isaiah Vela10-02.00 SRSt. Monica Catholic,...
21.5Tyler Wehner10-00.50 PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
22.6Ruben Vela9-08.00 PRSt. Monica Catholic,...
23.5Kyle Crusius8-11.75Concordia Lutheran
6Ethan HolguinNDShepherd of the Hills
5Ezekiel ElizondoNDCastle Hills First B...

Triple Jump  7th & 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Conner Wright34-04.00Concordia Lutheran
2.8Zachary Wander33-00.25 PRSan Antonio Christian
3.8Caleb Horton33-00.00San Antonio Christian
4.7Joel Gracia32-10.50 SRHoly Cross
5.8Alex Kellum32-05.00San Antonio Christian
6.7Darren Graham29-06.00 SRHoly Cross
7.8Austin Rabon27-01.00Lifegate Christian
8.7Joseph Lafuente26-11.00Holy Cross
7Jonathan HamiltonNDSan Antonio Christian

Triple Jump  5th & 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Holden Philippus28-06.00San Antonio Christian
2.6Caden Wilburn27-09.50San Antonio Christian
3.5Matt Spangler26-01.00Concordia Lutheran
4.6Gabe Laureles25-09.00St Luke's Episcopal
5.5Carson Price25-07.00 PRConcordia Lutheran
6.5Troy Marsh24-04.00 SRSt Luke's Episcopal
7.6Jason Springborn23-05.00 PRCastle Hills First B...
8.6Alex Frost23-04.00St Luke's Episcopal
9.5Kyle Crusius22-01.00 PRConcordia Lutheran
10.6Cody Ouellete15-03.00Castle Hills First B...
5Ezekiel ElizondoNDCastle Hills First B...

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