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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Max King11.69aWest Valley (Yakima)
2.10Braydon Shields11.94aWest Valley (Yakima)
3.11Eduardo Salmeron12.01aSunnyside
4.12Ryan White12.02aSunnyside
5.9Bernaldo Madrigal12.15aSunnyside
6.12Oliver Devlin12.16aWest Valley (Yakima)
7.10Jesus Magallan12.23aSunnyside
8.11Sergio Lugo12.29aSunnyside
9.11Brandon Daley12.33aSunnyside
9.11James Swanson12.33a PRWest Valley (Yakima)
11.10Marcus Sanchez12.53aSunnyside
12.10Mark Bradley12.74aWest Valley (Yakima)
13.9Austin Palomarez13.29aSunnyside
14.10Jeremy Aguirre13.57aWest Valley (Yakima)
15.9Tristan Hauck13.80aWest Valley (Yakima)
16.9Ethan Ries13.84aWest Valley (Yakima)
17.9Eric Nordstrom14.34aWest Valley (Yakima)
18.10Alejandro Gutierrez14.38aWest Valley (Yakima)
19.9David Douglas18.55a SRWest Valley (Yakima)
20.11Ramon Hernandez18.80aSunnyside

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Max King23.94a PRWest Valley (Yakima)
2.9Bernaldo Madrigal24.34aSunnyside
3.12Marco Moreno24.43aWest Valley (Yakima)
4.10Braydon Shields24.75a PRWest Valley (Yakima)
5.11Sergio Lugo24.87a SRSunnyside
6.11Amjed Horieh25.13aWest Valley (Yakima)
7.11Eduardo Cuevas25.63a SRSunnyside
7.12Ryan White25.63aSunnyside
9.10Trace Cornelius26.04a SRWest Valley (Yakima)
10.9Austin Palomarez27.20aSunnyside
11.9Tristan Hauck28.59aWest Valley (Yakima)
12.9Eric Nordstrom30.60aWest Valley (Yakima)

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Marco Moreno53.55aWest Valley (Yakima)
2.11Amjed Horieh54.61aWest Valley (Yakima)
3.11Eduardo Cuevas54.63aSunnyside
4.12Reyes Cuevas54.73aSunnyside
5.11Zachary Boss54.92aWest Valley (Yakima)
6.10Mark Bradley55.90aWest Valley (Yakima)
7.9Tyler Hager56.34aWest Valley (Yakima)
8.11Audiel Sanchez57.17aSunnyside
9.9Shane Lemieux58.60a PRWest Valley (Yakima)

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Justin Irvine2:06.95a SRWest Valley (Yakima)
2.10Tucker Andis2:10.61aWest Valley (Yakima)
3.12Anthony Garcia2:22.43aSunnyside
4.10Jeremy Aguirre2:22.48aWest Valley (Yakima)
5.11Manuel Dimas2:26.12a SRSunnyside
6.9Christopher Martin2:42.16aSunnyside

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Justin Irvine4:42.76aWest Valley (Yakima)
2.9Richard Pryor4:49.05aWest Valley (Yakima)
3.12Benito Rodriguez4:50.53a PRWest Valley (Yakima)
4.9Rephayah Craft-Black4:51.38aWest Valley (Yakima)
5.12Dallin Olander4:54.64aWest Valley (Yakima)
6.11Manuel Dimas5:16.29aSunnyside
7.9Christopher Martin5:27.59aSunnyside
8.11Eric Schatz5:28.16aWest Valley (Yakima)
9.12Anthony Garcia5:28.27aSunnyside
10.9Keivan Swank5:37.47aWest Valley (Yakima)
11.10Connor Jones5:57.34aWest Valley (Yakima)

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Rephayah Craft-Black11:31.57aWest Valley (Yakima)
2.9Richard Pryor11:31.67aWest Valley (Yakima)
3.9J.D. Jamieson12:09.10aWest Valley (Yakima)

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Elijah Pena43.27aSunnyside
2.12Jeremy Oram43.70aWest Valley (Yakima)
3.10Braden Sunwold44.69aWest Valley (Yakima)
4.11Alvin Lopez45.40aSunnyside
5.11Lorenzo Carbajal47.38a SRSunnyside

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Braydon Shields
Mark Bradley
Oliver Devlin
Max King
45.45aWest Valley (Yakima)
2.-Reyes Cuevas
Ryan White
Bernaldo Madrigal
Jesus Magallan
3.-Eric Nordstrom
Dylan Whitaker
Tommy Clark
Jorge Mendoza
56.18aWest Valley (Yakima)

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Mark Bradley
Zachary Boss
Benito Rodriguez
Marco Moreno
3:40.37aWest Valley (Yakima)
2.-Jeremy Oram
Braden Sunwold
Tucker Andis
Justin Irvine
3:53.43aWest Valley (Yakima)

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Oliver Devlin45'08.00West Valley (Yakima)
2.12Valentin Trujillo39'11.00Sunnyside
3.12Miguel Guzman39'02.00Sunnyside
4.10Trace Cornelius38'07.00 PRWest Valley (Yakima)
5.11Dylan Whitaker38'06.00West Valley (Yakima)
6.11James Swanson37'04.00West Valley (Yakima)
7.11Juan Peralta37'01.00Sunnyside
7.12Tommy Clark37'01.00West Valley (Yakima)
9.10Xavier Cortez34'11.00Sunnyside
10.12Jose Fergoso32'04.00Sunnyside
11.10Jorge Mendoza32'00.00West Valley (Yakima)
12.9Tanner Borchardt30'11.00West Valley (Yakima)
13.9Conner Herrera25'04.00West Valley (Yakima)
14.10Alejandro Gutierrez25'03.00 SRWest Valley (Yakima)
15.9David Douglas23'10.00West Valley (Yakima)
16.9Ethan Ries21'01.00West Valley (Yakima)
17.9Brandon Lenzi14'08.00West Valley (Yakima)

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Oliver Devlin124'08.00West Valley (Yakima)
2.11James Swanson103'05.00 PRWest Valley (Yakima)
3.11EricLee Amaro101'10.00Sunnyside
4.11Jose Sanchez100'01.00Sunnyside
5.12Tommy Clark99'02.00 PRWest Valley (Yakima)
6.11Dylan Whitaker96'06.00West Valley (Yakima)
7.9Tanner Borchardt92'04.00West Valley (Yakima)
8.12Miguel Guzman83'10.00Sunnyside
9.10Xavier Cortez78'11.11Sunnyside
10.9Conner Herrera76'10.00West Valley (Yakima)
11.11Juan Peralta74'06.00Sunnyside
12.10Jorge Mendoza73'04.00West Valley (Yakima)
13.9David Douglas66'06.00 PRWest Valley (Yakima)
14.9Ethan Ries46'01.00West Valley (Yakima)
15.9Brandon Lenzi36'08.00West Valley (Yakima)

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.11EricLee Amaro157'07.00Sunnyside
2.11James Swanson154'08.00West Valley (Yakima)
3.12Miguel Guzman149'09.00Sunnyside
4.9Tanner Borchardt135'09.00 SRWest Valley (Yakima)
5.10Xavier Cortez135'02.00 PRSunnyside
6.11Dylan Whitaker132'05.00West Valley (Yakima)
7.11Sergio Lugo131'09.00 PRSunnyside
8.9Austin Palomarez131'07.00 PRSunnyside
9.9Conner Herrera110'05.00West Valley (Yakima)
10.12Jose Fergoso105'00.00 PRSunnyside
11.10Trace Cornelius95'02.00West Valley (Yakima)
12.9Tyler Hager94'02.00West Valley (Yakima)
13.12Tommy Clark89'05.00 PRWest Valley (Yakima)
14.10Jorge Mendoza88'06.00West Valley (Yakima)
15.11Jose Sanchez86'07.00Sunnyside
16.9David Douglas74'04.00West Valley (Yakima)

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Johnathon Swayne5'04.00West Valley (Yakima)
1.11Eduardo Salmeron5'04.00Sunnyside
3.12Pedro Zagrera5'00.00Sunnyside
4.10Braden Sunwold4'10.00West Valley (Yakima)
5.10Taylor Alexander4'08.00West Valley (Yakima)

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Zane Irvine12'00.00West Valley (Yakima)
2.12Pedro Zagrera10'00.00Sunnyside
3.10Ricardo Perez8'00.00Sunnyside
3.10Taylor Alexander8'00.00West Valley (Yakima)

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Braydon Shields19'06.00West Valley (Yakima)
2.11Eduardo Salmeron19'02.75Sunnyside
3.11EricLee Amaro18'09.00Sunnyside
4.12Zane Irvine18'08.00 PRWest Valley (Yakima)
5.11Amjed Horieh18'05.00West Valley (Yakima)
6.11Brandon Daley18'04.50Sunnyside
7.10Marcus Sanchez17'11.25 PRSunnyside
8.10Taylor Alexander17'09.00West Valley (Yakima)
9.12Johnathon Swayne17'06.25West Valley (Yakima)
10.12Ryan White17'04.50Sunnyside
11.10John Stewart15'04.00 PRWest Valley (Yakima)
11.9Tristan Hauck15'04.00West Valley (Yakima)
13.10Alejandro Gutierrez11'02.00West Valley (Yakima)

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Eduardo Salmeron39'00.00Sunnyside
2.11Sergio Lugo37'09.00Sunnyside
3.9Tyler Hager36'08.00West Valley (Yakima)
4.11Brandon Daley36'01.00Sunnyside
5.9Shane Lemieux35'02.00West Valley (Yakima)
6.9Jacob Stucki32'08.00West Valley (Yakima)


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