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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Matt Hadley11.40hConnell
2.11Colton Thornton11.58hConnell
3.11Jared Johnson11.76hRiver View
4.12Austin Huber11.83hConnell
5.11Christian Fernandez11.91h SRRoyal
6.10Chance Simpson11.95hRiver View
7.11Kody Bartlett11.99hRiver View
8.12Aaron McGaughey12.06h PRRiver View
9.9Braiden Whitby12.08hConnell
10.10Daniel Madrigal12.24hRiver View
11.10Brian Edeza12.25hRoyal
12.9Gary McGaughey12.48h SRRiver View
13.9Kolton Cobb12.53hColumbia (Burbank)
14.12John Mendez12.95h PRConnell
15.10Alfredo Ambriz12.98h SRRiver View
16.9Sean McGaughey13.03h SRRiver View
17.9Carlos Hernandez13.08hRoyal
18.10Blaine Fowler13.13hColumbia (Burbank)
18.10Tyler Garretson13.13h SRRoyal
20.9Nick Steagall13.50hRiver View
21.11Spencer Combs13.61hRiver View
22.11Kyle Hall13.77h PRRiver View
23.9Bryson Grow13.78hRiver View
24.11Justin Smith13.92hRiver View
25.9Hudson Picker14.24h SRRiver View
26.12Cody Picker15.14h PRRiver View

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jared Johnson23.99hRiver View
2.11Riley Lyle24.19hConnell
3.11Colton Thornton24.60hConnell
4.10Daniel Madrigal25.58h SRRiver View
5.11Myr Jones26.18hColumbia (Burbank)
6.11Carter Chase26.29hConnell
7.9Kolton Cobb27.41hColumbia (Burbank)
8.9Sean McGaughey27.57h SRRiver View
9.9Zac Morrison27.74hColumbia (Burbank)
10.9Nick Steagall29.27hRiver View
11.10Blaine Fowler30.64h PRColumbia (Burbank)

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Austin Huber55.24hConnell
2.10Brian Edeza56.36hRoyal
3.12Austin Fox57.41hConnell
4.9Adam Lascheid1:01.09hColumbia (Burbank)
5.11Kody Bartlett1:03.69hRiver View
6.9Sean McGaughey1:05.27hRiver View
7.9Nick Steagall1:07.44hRiver View

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Juan Jimenez2:14.93hRoyal
2.9Albert Smith2:16.66hColumbia (Burbank)
3.12Noe Garcia2:17.50hConnell
4.9Gary McGaughey2:24.01hRiver View
5.10Erik Guadarrama2:31.01h PRRoyal
6.9Austin Wholley2:34.43hConnell

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Juan Jimenez4:58.51hRoyal
2.11Jesus Peraza5:04.76hRoyal
3.10Roberto Orozco5:13.62hConnell
4.12Alejandro Mendez5:18hRiver View
4.12Alejandro Mendez5:18.72hRiver View
5.12Noe Garcia5:28.28hConnell
6.11Tony Torales5:34.28hConnell
7.9Austin Wholley5:39.81h PRConnell
8.9Kyle Wilder5:45.10hColumbia (Burbank)
9.9Juan Flores5:47.16hRoyal
10.10Erik Guadarrama5:52.92hRoyal

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Juan Jimenez11:16.08h PRRoyal
2.11Jesus Peraza11:17.71hRoyal
3.12Alejandro Mendez11:25h PRRiver View
3.12Alejandro Mendez11:25.25hRiver View
4.10Roberto Orozco11:36.52hConnell
5.9Sawyer Goodsel11:37.46hColumbia (Burbank)
6.10Erik Guadarrama13:13.87hRoyal

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tanner Casper15.58hConnell
2.12Derek Klindworth15.74h PRConnell

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tanner Casper41.02hConnell
2.11Laddie Goroski42.09hRoyal
3.12Derek Klindworth47.22hConnell
4.11Myr Jones48.27hColumbia (Burbank)
5.10Chance Simpson48.65hRiver View
6.12Aaron McGaughey51.11hRiver View
7.9Hudson Picker1:01.32h PRRiver View

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Matt Hadley
Austin Huber
Tanner Casper
Colton Thornton
2.-Kody Bartlett
Daniel Madrigal
Chance Simpson
Jared Johnson
1:01.00hRiver View
3.-Wesley Bolliger
Blaine Fowler
Kyle Wilder
Porter Romm
1:02.00hColumbia (Burbank)
4.9Adam Lascheid
Sawyer Goodsel
Zach Morrison
Kolton Cobb
1:03.00hColumbia (Burbank)

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Austin Huber
Matt Hadley
Colton Thornton
Tanner Casper
2.-Brieden Whitby
John Mendez
Austin Wholley
Noe Garcia
3.-Gary McGaughey
Alfredo Ambriz
Daniel Madrigal
Jared Johnson
4:14.57hRiver View
4.-Wesley Bolliger
Myr Jones
Albert Smith
Adam Lascheid
4:19.74hColumbia (Burbank)

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tyson Brook50'01.50Connell
2.11Kyle Hall43'08.00River View
3.9Braiden Whitby38'00.50Connell
4.11Spencer Combs36'07.00River View
5.11Justin Smith36'03.00River View
6.10Nathan White35'02.00Columbia (Burbank)
7.9Greg Scroggins34'06.50 SRRoyal
8.11Kyle Pruett34'00.00Connell
9.11Kyle Logan32'08.50Connell
10.11Lincoln Taylor31'02.00Connell
11.10Tyler Garretson29'01.00Royal
12.10Nathan Perdue28'05.00Royal
13.9Hudson Picker26'07.00River View
14.9Robert Homer25'08.00Columbia (Burbank)

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tyson Brook129'02.00Connell
2.11Kyle Hall116'08.00River View
3.9Braiden Whitby114'11.00Connell
4.11Justin Smith95'05.00River View
5.10Nathan White93'05.00Columbia (Burbank)
6.9Carlos Hernandez88'03.00 PRRoyal
7.10Nathan Perdue84'08.00Royal
8.9Greg Scroggins84'04.00 PRRoyal
9.11Spencer Combs84'00.00River View
10.9Hudson Picker77'08.00 SRRiver View
11.10Tyler Garretson77'02.00Royal
12.11Lincoln Taylor70'11.00 PRConnell
13.9Jessy Barrera69'00.00 PRRoyal
14.9Robert Homer68'07.00Columbia (Burbank)
15.12Cody Picker66'08.00River View

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.12Matt Hadley192'00.00Connell
2.11Kyle Pruett157'07.00Connell
3.9Kolton Cobb126'00.00Columbia (Burbank)
4.10Nathan Perdue117'00.00 SRRoyal
5.11Kyle Hall116'01.00River View
6.10Tyler Garretson111'07.00 PRRoyal
7.11Kyle Logan109'00.00Connell
8.11Spencer Combs107'03.00 SRRiver View
9.9Greg Scroggins99'10.00Royal
10.9Robert Homer96'11.00Columbia (Burbank)
11.11Myr Jones91'08.00Columbia (Burbank)
12.9Zac Morrison90'06.00Columbia (Burbank)
13.9Nick Steagall84'01.00 SRRiver View
14.12Cody Picker82'01.00River View
15.9Bryson Grow70'05.00River View

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kade Eppich5'08.00Connell
2.11Payton Brisby5'08.00River View
3.11Riley Lyle5'04.00Connell
4.9Porter Romm5'02.00Columbia (Burbank)
5.10Michael Valentine5'02.00Royal

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

11Laddie Goroski11' PRRoyal
1.10Michael Valentine9'00.00Royal
2.9Juan Flores8'06.00Royal

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Laddie Goroski19'10.00 PRRoyal
2.11Carter Chase19'06.00Connell
3.12Kade Eppich19'02.00Connell
4.10Chance Simpson18'02.50River View
5.11Kody Bartlett18'02.50River View
6.12Aaron McGaughey18'01.00 PRRiver View
7.11Riley Lyle18'00.50Connell
8.12Derek Klindworth17'03.50Connell
9.10Wesley Bolliger16'11.00 SRColumbia (Burbank)
10.11Christian Fernandez16'11.00 PRRoyal
11.10Alfredo Ambriz16'09.00 PRRiver View
12.9Albert Smith14'10.00Columbia (Burbank)
13.9Sean McGaughey14'03.00River View
14.11Justin Smith14'00.50 PRRiver View

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kade Eppich38'09.00Connell
2.11Riley Lyle37'00.50Connell
3.12Aaron McGaughey36'05.00River View
4.10Wesley Bolliger36'01.50Columbia (Burbank)
5.12Derek Klindworth35'00.50 SRConnell
6.9Gary McGaughey34'05.00 PRRiver View
7.9Porter Romm33'08.00 SRColumbia (Burbank)
8.9Sawyer Goodsel28'07.00Columbia (Burbank)


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