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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Charlie Yarbor11.83h PRBandon
2.12David Dill12.02hMyrtle Point
3.11Dallas Meeler12.13h PRBandon
4.10Tristan Dixon12.17h SRCoquille
5.12Tanner Canaday12.19hMyrtle Point
6.11Nate Compton12.20h SRCoquille
7.10Thomas Nathan12.35hMyrtle Point
8.9Roman Munoz12.85hBandon
9.9Chad Pogwizd13.13hPacific
10.9Pio Figueroa13.42hPacific
11.10Kyle Dahms13.80hPacific
12.12Jacob Skretting14.21hCoquille
9Greg VincentSCRMyrtle Point

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Mike Wagner23.22hPacific
2.12Tanner Canaday25.01hMyrtle Point
3.12Ben Taylor25.20hBandon
4.12Charlie Yarbor25.60hBandon
5.11Nate Compton26.02h SRCoquille
6.11Dallas Meeler26.26h PRBandon
7.9Pio Figueroa26.61hPacific
8.11Isiah Snead27.30hMyrtle Point
9.10James Wolfe29.55hCoquille
10Chance TophamNTGold Beach
10Thomas NathanNTMyrtle Point
11Brad LarsenNTMyrtle Point
12Marcelino RamosNTGold Beach

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Mike Wagner53.03hPacific
2.12Marcelino Ramos54.16h SRGold Beach
3.12Ben Taylor55.31hBandon
4.9Cole Kreutzer59.27hPacific
5.10James Wolfe1:07.12hCoquille
6.10Chance Topham1:10.90h PRGold Beach
7.10Tanner Flood1:10.94hCoquille
10Zach LaCasseNTMyrtle Point
12Tanner CanadaySCRMyrtle Point
11Isiah SneadNTMyrtle Point

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Manuel Finley2:12.39hPacific
2.10Kyle Dahms2:22.26h SRPacific
3.11Nick Scaffo2:49.85hPacific
4.10Tanner Flood2:58.60hCoquille
5.10Arseniy Khvorov3:35.60hGold Beach
10Zach LaCasseNTMyrtle Point
12Tanner CanadaySCRMyrtle Point
9Kyle HooverNTMyrtle Point

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Josh Carpenter4:42.47hMyrtle Point
2.12Aaron Wyatt4:52.65hPacific
3.11Nick Scaffo5:08.70hPacific
4.10Thomson Hallmark5:09.35hCoquille
5.9Acer Nye5:12.09hPacific
6.11Tanner Fritts5:13.01h PRGold Beach
7.11Cody Hagen5:52.45hCoquille
8.10Tanner Flood6:03.75hCoquille
9.10Arseniy Khvorov6:51.77hGold Beach

3000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Josh CarpenterNTMyrtle Point
2.9Acer NyeNTPacific
3.10Thomson HallmarkNTCoquille
4.11Cody HagenNTCoquille
5.11Jacob LaCasseNTMyrtle Point
6.9Michael ShephardNTPacific
7.9Robin WyattNTPacific

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Justin Angove15.27h SRBandon
2.12Travis Onlgey16.16hPacific
3.9Billy Strain21.24hMyrtle Point
4.9Jacob Taylor22.22hBandon
5.10Zach LaCasse24.88hMyrtle Point

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Justin Angove40.81hBandon
2.11Tim Hunter46.15h SRPacific
3.10Tristan Dixon46.78h SRCoquille
4.12Travis Onlgey48.04hPacific
5.12David Dill49.40hMyrtle Point
6.9Billy Strain50.17hMyrtle Point

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Justin Angove
Charlie Yarbor
Marcus Hardman
Jon Everest
2.-Tim Hunter
Manuel Finley
Travis Onlgey
Cole Kreutzer
3.-Tanner Canaday
Thomas Nathan
Josh Carpenter
David Dill
46.97hMyrtle Point
4.-Nate Compton
Jacob Skretting
James Wolfe
Chris Elmer

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Manuel Finley
Mike Wagner
Blake White
Aaron Wyatt
2.-Zach LaCasse
Zack Snead
Kyle Seals
Josh Carpenter
4:41.54hMyrtle Point

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Justin Angove43-00.00 PRBandon
2.11Wilson Hodge42-08.75Coquille
3.9Brandon Bowen40-11.50Coquille
4.11Kyle Seals36-10.00Myrtle Point
5.12Kyle Nemec36-02.00Bandon
6.12Jared Helms34-02.00 PRBandon
7.12Aaron Wyatt33-02.00 PRPacific
8.12Cody Hamilton32-08.75Pacific
9.12Jacob Skretting31-03.25 PRCoquille
10.9Warren Andy30-03.00Coquille
11.9Kenden Findley27-09.25Myrtle Point
12.12Evan Romele27-03.25Pacific
13.11Isiah Snead27-01.00 PRMyrtle Point
14.9Brandon Klope26-09.75Myrtle Point
15.10Zach LaCasse26-03.50Myrtle Point
16.11Jacob LaCasse26-02.50Myrtle Point
17.11Zack Snead24-00.75Myrtle Point
18.9Wyatt Ells23-08.25Pacific

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Wilson Hodge137-07Coquille
2.12Cody Hamilton126-04Pacific
3.9Brandon Bowen109-05Coquille
4.11Kyle Seals102-11Myrtle Point
5.12John Watkins100-00 SRBandon
6.9Kenden Findley85-08Myrtle Point
7.12Kyle Nemec83-11 PRBandon
8.9Wes Gandy79-09Bandon
9.9Chad Pogwizd77-03Pacific
9.12Evan Romele77-03Pacific
11.11Zack Snead64-08Myrtle Point
12.9Warren Andy63-08Coquille
13.10Tanner Flood63-06 PRCoquille
14.11Jacob LaCasse63-04 PRMyrtle Point
15.9Brandon Klope57-02Myrtle Point

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jon Everest157-02Bandon
2.11Kyle Seals138-00Myrtle Point
3.12Kenneth Gandy129-06 PRBandon
4.11Tim Hunter124-00 PRPacific
5.9Warren Andy110-02Coquille
6.9JJ England108-02Bandon
7.12Tyler Klein107-05Pacific
8.9Kenden Findley106-08Myrtle Point
9.10Chance Topham101-08Gold Beach
10.10Chris Elmer99-06Coquille
10.11Tanner Fritts99-06Gold Beach
12.12Jacob Skretting96-09 PRCoquille
13.11Isiah Snead95-00Myrtle Point
14.10Zach LaCasse90-06Myrtle Point
15.11Jacob LaCasse83-10Myrtle Point
16.11Zack Snead82-09Myrtle Point
17.9Brandon Klope73-00Myrtle Point
12Aaron WyattNDPacific
11Cameron KuykendallNDGold Beach

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Charlie Jensen5-08.00Pacific
2.12Aaron Wyatt5-04.00Pacific
3.12Travis Onlgey5-02.00Pacific
12Zach VerrastroNHBandon
9JJ EnglandNHBandon
9Billy StrainNHMyrtle Point
9Kyle HooverNHMyrtle Point
10Thaddeus MillerNHBandon

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Brad Larsen18-00.00Myrtle Point
2.11Tim Hunter17-09.00 PRPacific
3.11Kyle Seals17-01.50Myrtle Point
4.11Nate Compton16-01.00Coquille
5.9Cole Kreutzer15-06.00Pacific
6.10Chris Elmer15-02.00Coquille
7.9Kyle Hoover14-07.00 PRMyrtle Point
8.12Tyler Klein13-11.00 PRPacific
9Chad PogwizdNDPacific
9Greg VincentNDMyrtle Point

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Brad Larsen40-03.00Myrtle Point
2.12David Dill37-02.00 SRMyrtle Point
3.10Tristan Dixon36-02.00 PRCoquille
4.12Charlie Jensen35-03.00Pacific
5.9Cole Kreutzer34-03.00Pacific
6.9Billy Strain32-10.00Myrtle Point
7.9Kyle Hoover28-04.00Myrtle Point
9Greg VincentNDMyrtle Point


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